Summer and Kyle are vexed about Jack and Diane's romance

The Young and the Restless Recap for Thursday, January 26, 2023
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Thursday, January 26, 2023)
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Thursday, January 26, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Tucker told Daniel he'd heard great things from Phyllis about Daniel's gaming project. Tucker said he understood that Daniel was looking for a new backer. He offered to hear Daniel's pitch about why he should be Daniel's backer.

Daniel asked if Tucker was serious. Tucker assured Daniel he wouldn't be wasting anyone's time if he wasn't serious. He asked what Daniel was looking for. Daniel said deep pockets and creative freedom. He said Tucker had obviously heard enough from Phyllis to be interested, and he asked Tucker to dazzle him.

Tucker said he was aware Daniel had set things up at Chancellor-Winters, and he wondered why Phyllis had pitched Daniel's project to Newman. Tucker claimed that if Daniel was after control, neither company would be a good investment because he would never have complete autonomy at either company.

Tucker told Daniel he knew what it was like to build something from nothing and the sense of ownership. Daniel said his platform wasn't just a game because its mission was to transform people's lives. Tucker stated he could get behind any platform that was life-affirming, entertaining, and lucrative.

Tucker admitted he knew Daniel's partner and daughter were living in Portugal. Daniel stated he was looking for a corporate partner who didn't pry into something that wasn't his business. Tucker said it was important to understand the whole person, their state of mind, and the people he might be doing business with.

Tucker told Daniel it was nearly impossible to separate the personal from the professional. He said Daniel's circumstances might affect his decision-making. Tucker said his own actions had alienated him from family. He said Daniel's pain from the past was a good motivator to set things right.

Phyllis arrived at Newman Media. Nate asked if they should wait for Daniel. Phyllis said she was there as the advance team to gauge the interest. She said if they showed interest, she would set up a meeting with Daniel. Phyllis told Nate that Daniel had created a gaming platform that was innovative and creative and had the potential to be incredibly lucrative. She said it appealed to the young and old, and it was emotionally and psychologically productive. Phyllis reminded Nate that she was a gamer, and she knew when something worked.

Nate said he loved what he'd heard. Audra guessed that other corporations were interested if it was as good as Phyllis claimed. She asked if they'd been the first company Phyllis had approached or if she was trying to start a bidding war. Phyllis said when there was a lot of interest about a project, people talked, and it became a hot commodity. She said she'd approached them to see if they wanted in on the ground floor.

Nate informed Phyllis that before he made a move on an investment of that magnitude, he had to meet with Daniel. Audra agreed. Phyllis said she would set up a meeting with Daniel if there was a real interest in his project. Phyllis left.

Nate told Audra he'd liked what he'd heard. Audra said Daniel already had his project set up at Chancellor-Winters, but she didn't have any details. She said Lily and Devon had made plans to build an entire gaming division around Daniel's idea. Nate asked why Phyllis had approached them. Audra said it didn't make sense unless Phyllis and Daniel were about to double-cross Lily and Devon or they were trying to inflate their offer with a counteroffer. Nate wondered if things at Chancellor-Winters might be in flux. He said he'd heard enough to be interested, but he wouldn't be used as a pawn in a chess match. Audra said Phyllis struck her as a loose cannon.

At Society, Billy asked Lily how things had gone with Devon. Lily said she missed talking shop with Billy, but she'd already shared more with Billy than she should have. Lily asked if Billy had figured out his next life move. Billy admitted he had a few ideas, but he missed running them by Lily. He invited Lily for coffee, but Lily said she had a very busy day ahead.

Lily said she hoped Billy understood that nothing she did at Chancellor-Winters was because of him. Billy thanked her and added he was sorry about everything Lily was going through, but he knew she would figure it out. Lily left.

In Los Angeles, Sally told Chloe she couldn't believe Jill had canceled on her. Sally said she wanted to stay in L.A. in case Jill changed her mind. After Sally ended her call, she recalled the conversation she'd had with Nick about her pregnancy when Nick had asked if there was a chance Sally had morning sickness. Sally had said she hadn't wanted to tell Nick until she'd been certain, and she'd told Nick she was pregnant.

Sally received a call from Nick. He said he'd wanted to hear her voice and let her know he'd been thinking about her. Nick asked how Sally felt. Sally assured him she was better but a little shaky. Nick suggested she might be nervous because of her meeting with Jill. Sally claimed she was a little distracted. Nick admitted he was, as well.

Sally apologized to Nick for dropping such huge news on him and immediately boarding a flight to California. He said Sally shouldn't be concerned about it because she had a lot on her plate. He suggested that Sally take care of herself, the baby, and her meeting with Jill.

Sally told Nick that if she and Chloe made a deal with Chancellor-Winters, she might have to move to L.A. She asked how Nick felt about that. Nick asked if Sally could live there again. Sally said it might be the best thing for her professionally. Nick said if that was the best thing for Sally, they would make it work. Nick said no matter what happened, he would support Sally's decision.

Sally told Nick she wouldn't move back to L.A. because she felt Genoa City was her home, and she belonged there with Nick. Nick assured Sally that she and Chloe would dazzle Jill. He said Sally had a great idea, and Jill wanted to work with her. She said she was lucky to have him in her life, and so was the baby.

After Sally ended the call, she had a momentary flashback to the last time she and Adam had had sex.

At the Abbott home, Diane smiled as she recalled the previous night, making love with Jack, and Jack saying everything felt "so right."

Jack entered the room and asked Diane about her smile. He guessed it was probably the same reason he had a smile on his face. Jack was about to kiss Diane, but she stopped him. Kyle and Summer were on the stairway, staring at them. Summer commented that Diane was there awfully early. Jack said Diane had spent the night. Kyle asked if Jack was still worried about Diane's safety and if Harrison was in any danger.

Jack assured Kyle that Stark was being held without bail, and they were safe. Jack told Kyle and Summer that his relationship with Diane had taken a romantic turn. Diane asked how they felt about it. Kyle said they'd wondered if that might happen because they'd seen the signs of Jack and Diane getting closer, but they'd never believed it would happen.

Diane told Kyle that when she'd returned to town, it had been solely for the purpose of connecting with Kyle. She said she'd never expected Jack to forgive her for the past. She said she was beyond grateful that he'd been able to appreciate the changes she'd made in her life. Summer and Kyle didn't look happy. Jack said it might be premature to analyze everything at that moment, but he felt it was important for Kyle and Summer to know Diane was family and welcome in the Abbott home.

Kyle told Jack and Diane he didn't know how he felt about everything and was not fully embracing the idea of Jack and Diane reuniting. He said they seemed happy. Jack said he wanted Kyle and Summer to be pleased for him and Diane. Summer reminded Kyle they had to get to their breakfast meeting. They left.

Diane told Jack she didn't think Kyle was happy. She said she'd lost a lot of ground with Kyle, and he was wary of her motives after the Stark mess. She said she felt Kyle was afraid she would hurt Jack again. Jack wished Kyle would believe there wasn't any chance of that happening. Diane told Jack she would never do anything to drive him away again. She said after being alone all those years, she knew what it was like losing Jack and Kyle, and she'd never put herself through that again. They kissed.

After a little afternoon delight, Jack assured Diane that once Kyle had time to process things, he would come around. Jack told Diane he would be by her side to make sure Kyle knew how happy they were.

At Society, Kyle told Summer he'd been more thrown about his parents than he'd let on. Summer said Phyllis had been right; Diane had had her sights on Jack all along. Kyle asked if Summer thought Diane had returned for Jack. Summer stated that Diane had returned for Kyle. She said Diane's love for Kyle and Harrison wasn't in question, but Kyle had to admit that reuniting with Jack was a perk. Kyle said given their history, he could root for that.

Kyle told Summer he was worried that if things fell apart between Jack and Diane, Jack would be devastated. He wished they'd kept things platonic. Summer agreed that would have been a lot simpler for everyone. Kyle said perhaps it had been inevitable because they'd bonded over being parents and grandparents, and they'd worked together to get rid of Stark. He said he'd seen the signs, but he felt it had been too fast. Summer said the adrenaline from the Stark caper had escalated things, and there was nothing more intoxicating than a little danger.

Billy arrived and greeted Summer and Kyle. He asked Kyle how Stark's arrest had happened. Kyle said Stark had stolen a necklace from Nikki and Victor's apartment in Chicago; the police had found his prints there, and since he'd already been in the database, it had been easy to locate him and incarcerate him. Billy said it seemed odd that a high-stakes money launderer had gotten busted for stealing jewelry. Kyle suggested that Stark's time in prison had made him a more diversified criminal. Billy left.

Kyle told Summer that Billy hadn't bought the story nor had Nikki and Chance. Summer reminded him that she'd said it was a bad plan from the start. Kyle said he'd known how Summer had felt, but if she hadn't insisted that he stay out of it, he might have helped his parents come up with a better solution.

Summer told Kyle she wanted to return to a normal life, lead Marchetti, and enjoy married life with their wonderful son. Summer asked if Kyle had made a decision about helping Victor force Adam to fail at Jabot. Kyle said Victor only wanted Adam to receive a little push out of Jabot. Summer warned him about allowing Victor to manipulate him.

Kyle told Summer he'd agreed to help only if no one would find out about it and for those textile mills for Marchetti. Summer suggested there were other ways to gain control of them. She asked if Kyle's motivation was his hatred of Adam, and she would hate it if Kyle damaged his relationship with Jack over it. Kyle said he would only do it if he was sure Jack wouldn't find out. Summer said no one, including Victor, could guarantee that. Kyle agreed. At that moment, he received a text message from Victor: "Let's meet to discuss next steps."

At the coffeehouse, Lily stopped in the doorway to eavesdrop on Tucker and Daniel's conversation.

Tucker said he knew that Daniel's adventure wasn't about money or subscriptions because Daniel wanted to do something meaningful and important, and he wanted to show his family he could learn from his mistakes. Tucker said he would like to help Daniel achieve that goal.

When Lily had heard enough, she approached and told Tucker that Daniel was under contract with her. Tucker admitted he was aware, but apparently, Chancellor-Winters had hit a snag, and the IPO was holding up any up-and-coming projects. He said they would sit around in limbo while Lily fixed her company's problem. Lily reminded Tucker that he'd been responsible for those snags and problems.

Lily accused Tucker of planting Audra in their office. She said Devon had figured out that Tucker had planned to take over Chancellor-Winters. Lily told Daniel he couldn't trust Tucker. She said Tucker had been willing to betray his own son, and he wouldn't have a problem betraying Daniel. Tucker asked Daniel to think about what he'd said. Tucker left.

Lily asked if Daniel was thinking about breaking their contract. She said she wanted to make Omega Sphere feel real. Daniel assured Lily he didn't want to back out of their deal, but the hold because of the IPO had made him nervous. Daniel told Lily that Tucker had approached him because Phyllis had put a bug in his ear.

Lily wanted Daniel's assurance that he hadn't bought anything Tucker had said. She said she understood that Daniel wanted to get things moving, but she couldn't move forward with any projects until she'd figured out the IPO. Daniel said he wanted nothing more than to move forward with Lily. She asked Daniel to give her a week to make it happen, and if she didn't, she would let him out of his contract.

Nate and Audra walked in, and Lily sarcastically acknowledged how amazing it was that they'd both landed on their feet. She said it was obvious the company they worked for had questionable business ethics. Nate ignored Lily and told Daniel he liked what he'd heard from Phyllis about Daniel's gaming venture. Nate said he was eager to hear from Daniel directly. Lily interrupted. She asked if Daniel had had Phyllis talk to Nate while he'd talked to Tucker. Angry, Daniel said he'd had nothing to do with any meeting at Newman Media and that Phyllis had acted prematurely and on her own. He said he would make sure Phyllis was better informed about his goals. Daniel stormed out.

Later, Billy arrived at the coffeehouse. Billy approached Nate and said he'd believed Nate had really cared about his family, but he'd been wrong. He said Nate had fully embraced the cruelest cliché of the sleezy executive. He said Nate had stabbed his family in the back, jumped into Newman Enterprises, and hired Audra. Billy said he'd given Nate far too much credit, and he left.

At the Grand Phoenix, Tucker told Phyllis he'd seen the wisdom of bringing Daniel on board after he'd had an interesting conversation with him. Phyllis accused Tucker of going behind her back after being warned to stay away from Daniel. Tucker asked if Phyllis hadn't gone behind Daniel's back to pitch the business to Newman Media. Phyllis told Tucker she and Daniel wanted nothing to do with him. Tucker said it was Daniel's project, and Phyllis was along for the ride.

In Phyllis' suite, Daniel said he knew what Phyllis had done, and he needed to set her straight. He said he appreciated that she'd tried to help him, but he wouldn't risk what he potentially had with Lily and Chancellor-Winters. He said they weren't partners. He said Phyllis worked for him, and he was once again questioning why he'd hired Phyllis.

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