Devon threatens to take Lily and Jill to court

The Young and the Restless Recap for Tuesday, January 24, 2023
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Devon threatens to take Lily and Jill to court | The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps ()
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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Abby dropped off Dominic's vitamins at Devon's penthouse. Devon groaned that the tot hated them, and Abby offered to teach Devon a special song to sing while administering them -- after he told her what was on his mind. Devon referred to Chancellor-Winters stuff that was nothing for her to worry about, but Abby reminded him that he didn't have to go through any of it alone. She wondered if he had decided whether to stick with Lily and Jill to take the company public. Devon revealed that he had reached a decision and that Lily was on her way over.

A short time later, Devon invited Lily in, and she was surprised to see Abby there. Abby prepared to leave, but Devon welcomed her to stay. Abby told Lily that the situation had taken a toll on Devon, and Lily was glad her brother had had someone to talk to, since it had been hard on all of them. Lily was determined to find a solution they could all live with, but Devon believed it should be a solution they could all feel good about. He flatly stated that Jill and Lily's offer to buy him out hadn't made him feel good, but Lily protested that he hadn't heard the specifics. Devon announced that it didn't matter, since he'd made up his mind, and his answer was no.

Devon insisted that his decision was personal, not business. Lily argued that she and Jill had found a solution that satisfied both their personal and business issues, but Devon questioned what he'd get out of it. Lily cited money and the company name. Devon spat that he had money and could find a new name, but what mattered to him was what the name represented -- the company he and Neil had built. Devon continued that he had no interest in starting from scratch, and he wanted his company back in its entirety, without any strings.

Devon griped that the problem was that Lily didn't see anything but her own perspective, and Lily recalled that it had been exactly what Nate had said about Devon. Devon pointed out that Nate had left Chancellor-Winters, which was what Devon was trying to do, but Jill and Lily wouldn't let him leave without walking away from the company he'd poured his heart and soul into. Devon cried that it was hurtful, and Lily swore that she was trying to be fair. Devon suggested that Lily and Jill name a reasonable price for whatever they thought they would lose by giving up Hamilton-Winters. Lily reminded him that Jill had made it very clear that she wouldn't break up the companies before Chancellor-Winters went public. Devon threatened to go to court.

Lily was taken aback that Devon wanted to let their lawyers sort it out. Devon admonished Lily and Jill for trying to force the IPO after he'd expressed how he felt about it. Lily pointed out that he'd signed a contract, and she accused him of wanting to back out because he was making it all about him. She demanded to know where he'd learned that he didn't have to keep his word, since it hadn't been from Neil.

Devon insisted that he was simply honoring Katherine and Neil's legacies, but Lily cautioned that his backing out would cause damage to both companies. Devon reiterated that he was keeping the company out of hands they didn't know or trust. Lily declared that there was nothing more to be said, and she sauntered out.

Devon apologized for putting Abby in the middle of things. Abby questioned whether he was prepared to enter a legal battle with his sister and Jill, and she recalled him saying he was worried that things could get ugly. Devon swore that it was the last thing he wanted to happen, but he didn't feel he had a choice. Abby compared the situation to when Devon had decided he wanted to share custody of Dominic and had threatened to take her and Chance to court.

Abby recounted that she, Chance, and Devon had gotten through the tense time because she and Chance had eventually decided it was best for all of them to raise Dominic together, but she hoped Devon didn't think every disagreement would result in his opponent suddenly realizing he was right. Devon reflected on one of the valuable lessons Neil had taught him -- to defend the things he believed in and not back down. Abby advised him to brace himself for what it would probably do to his relationship with Lily. Devon hoped that Lily would eventually realize that it was about honoring their father and preserving the work Devon and Neil had put into the company.

Abby figured that if things didn't work out, Devon could spend family holidays with her and Dominic. Devon inquired whether she really thought Lily wouldn't get past it. Abby pointed out that Adam hadn't been able to get over any of his grievances with his siblings, but Devon countered that Lily was a kind, reasonable person. Abby urged Devon to consider how things would be if Lily never forgave him for dismantling the merger or if he didn't win in court. Devon refused to lose everything he'd worked for his entire life.

At Society, Daniel lectured that Phyllis' unhealthy obsession with Diane was keeping her from focusing on his project. He added that he loved the idea of working with his mother, but he needed to know she could let go of her vendetta. Daniel recognized that no one worked harder or was more creative than Phyllis, but he didn't want her job to be an afterthought. She promised he'd get 97 percent of her, but he insisted that it be all or nothing. Daniel explained that he wanted to work with her not just because of her gaming skills but also because of the way they made her feel, noting that she lit up like a little kid when she played.

Phyllis said she understood it was more than just a business to Daniel. He recalled that he'd created Princess Louisa to take control of his life and figure out a way to move in a positive direction after everything had gone sideways. Daniel reiterated that he wanted to go on that journey together, but he worried that their ship might be dead in the water if the wind didn't start blowing in their direction. Phyllis asked if there was a problem with Chancellor-Winters, since he had previously insinuated that Omega Sphere was in jeopardy.

Daniel assured Phyllis that Lily was still interested in launching the platform and that he had a contract in place. Daniel opted to have faith, but Phyllis thought cold, hard cash and job security would be better. She worried that Chancellor-Winters considered it too much of a risk, and she refused to let that happen to him. Daniel pointed out that it wasn't in her hands, but Phyllis contended that he underestimated her. She added that she fought for her children and listened to them, and she swore she'd taken what he'd said about Diane to heart.

Phyllis agreed that she needed to move on, forget about the past, and focus on what Daniel wanted Omega Sphere to be. Phyllis added that she also didn't want his project to be in corporate limbo, and she suggested that they have a backup plan if Chancellor-Winters didn't get on it. Phyllis proclaimed that they needed a company that saw Omega Sphere for the money-making endeavor it was and would make his vision a reality. Phyllis suggested that they take his project to Newman Media.

Daniel preferred to move ahead under the assumption he and Phyllis would be working under the Chancellor-Winters umbrella. Phyllis argued that they also had to be prepared for the worst, and it was common sense to look into other companies. Daniel stood by his contract with Chancellor-Winters and had faith Lily would do everything she could to keep the project on track. Lily passed by, and Daniel invited her to join them. Daniel sensed something was wrong, and Lily confided that she'd just had a meeting that hadn't gone well.

Daniel guessed the meeting had been with Devon, and Phyllis assumed Lily's issues with her brother had to do with the company. Phyllis flatly asked if Omega Sphere was dead in the water at Chancellor-Winters. Lily regretted that everything was up in the air, and she hoped she could rely on Daniel and Phyllis' patience while Lily worked everything out. Phyllis scowled at the thought of Daniel waiting and wondering, but Lily noted that Daniel had a contract. Daniel figured he could use the time to refine his design.

Lily promised that she wanted to see the project reach fruition. Phyllis pointed out that Daniel had worked hard on it, and he snapped that she wasn't helping. Phyllis implored Lily to understand the effort Daniel had put into the world he'd built, and Lily wished she could tell them more. Phyllis complained about corporate secrets and abruptly left. Daniel anticipated what Lily was about to say, but she told him not to apologize for his mom worrying about him. Lily lamented that it made her miss her own parents.

Daniel offered to fetch Lily something to drink that was stronger than coffee, and she replied that she could use some bourbon after her meeting with Devon. Daniel assumed the negotiations had gone south, but Lily informed him that there had been no negotiation because Devon had firmly rejected the offer to buy him out. Lily expected things to get nasty because she knew Jill wouldn't let Devon take Hamilton-Winters without a fight.

Daniel sympathized that it wasn't easy for Lily to go to war with her own brother. She recounted that Devon had talked about preserving Neil's legacy, but she thought their dad would be horrified by what Devon was doing. Daniel stressed that a lot of people were counting on her to make the right decision, and Lily apologized for keeping him in limbo while she figured things out. She thanked him for being positive when he had every right to be disappointed. Her phone rang, and she stepped away to take a call from Jill. Daniel gazed worriedly out the window.

In his hotel room, Tucker flashed back to canoodling in bed with Ashley after making love, only to have her storm out later after she'd discovered that he'd betrayed both her and Devon. Tucker chugged a drink and smashed the glass against the wall.

Later, at Crimson Lights, Tucker remarked to Victoria that it was a beautiful day. She realized it was dinnertime in Paris, and she envisioned Ashley glancing out at the Eiffel Tower, basking in the fact that she'd escaped him. Victoria imagined Tucker was crushed his plan had failed, and he replied that he was flattered that she'd been thinking of him that much. Victoria quipped that she thought about him as much as anyone thought about an invasive species that was difficult to eradicate, leaving everyone blissfully satisfied when it was gone. Tucker queried whether she was trying to tell him he should leave town.

Victoria reasoned that Ashley was out of reach, and Tucker was out of reasons to stay. Tucker contemplated why he'd leave and deprive himself of the pleasure of one-upping his enemies. Victoria doubted that he'd one-upped anyone that time around, and he told her to give it time. Victoria commented that time was the last thing Tucker needed, since he'd had other people do his dirty work for him. She revealed that she knew he'd had Audra working behind the scenes to worm her way into Chancellor-Winters and report back to him.

Victoria wondered if it had been Tucker's attempt at a coup, but Tucker joked that he was just a lowly species. Billy overheard and demanded to know what Tucker was doing. Tucker assumed Billy was swooping in to protect a damsel. Billy asserted that Victoria could protect herself, but he warned Tucker not to do anything else to mess with Billy's family. Tucker claimed he was just there for the coffee, and he stepped away. Billy pressed to know what the exchange had been about. Victoria replied that it always paid to know what was going on with Tucker McCall, who was a man searching for a battle.

Victoria pondered what Tucker was still doing in Genoa City after he'd struck out both personally and professionally. Victoria suspected that Tucker wanted something, and she couldn't afford to let him fall off her radar. Billy inquired whether she was spreading herself thin by spending energy on Johnny and Chelsea, and he crowed that their pizza night had been a big hit that wouldn't have happened without her. Billy shared that Johnny was planning something else fun for everyone to do together, but Victoria balked at spending more time as a family.

Victoria implored Billy to show her the same compassion he'd given to Chelsea, since the new dynamic was hard on Victoria, too. Billy praised Victoria's parenting as the reason Johnny was adjusting to the new landscape so well, but she acknowledged that she hadn't done it alone. Billy recognized that while they'd tried to teach their kids to share, it wasn't an easy thing to do. Billy sympathized that Victoria was being asked to share part of Johnny's heart with someone else, and he considered it a gift she was giving Chelsea, Connor, and Johnny.

Victoria hoped Johnny hadn't seen how the situation had been affecting her, and Billy applauded her for doing an amazing job keeping it from their son. He pledged to always be there to help with the kids, and he headed out. Tucker rejoined Victoria, and she called him a glutton for punishment. Tucker admitted that he hadn't yet decided who his next victim would be, but he assured her that she'd be the last to know if it was a Newman.

Later, Phyllis entered the coffeehouse as she left a voicemail for Nate, gushing about the glowing things she'd heard since he'd taken over Newman Media. She mentioned that her son had an idea that she thought Nate would find fascinating, and she hoped to pitch it to Nate. After she hung up, she jumped when she saw Tucker sitting at a table, staring at her. She told him not to sneak up on people like that, and he noted that her son's venture at Chancellor-Winters didn't seem to be going very well. Phyllis barked that it was none of Tucker's business, but he replied that it could be -- and definitely should be.

Tucker called Phyllis an astute businesswoman, and he recalled that she'd originally partnered with Abby to run the Grand Phoenix, even though the women hadn't been friends. Tucker was certain that Phyllis was able to separate her personal feelings from business, and he requested that she set aside her personal feelings for him and see the big picture. She invited him to paint it for her. Tucker proclaimed that he wanted Daniel's project to reach fruition, and he advised her not to shop it around when she was right where the universe wanted her. "Right here with me. Let's talk," he said.

In her apartment, Chelsea listened intently to something streaming over her earbuds. She took out her earbuds and smiled. She sent a text message to Billy, asking if he could stop by because she had an idea.

Billy arrived at Chelsea's door, and she enthusiastically invited him in. She rambled that she'd been inspired after listening to a podcast by a person who'd had experience with depression and suicide attempts, and she thought she and Billy could use their own experience with podcasts and mental health crises to create a support system for people. Billy understood the impulse, but he wondered if she was ready to open herself up that way. Chelsea conceded that she had to make sure her therapist approved the idea, but the thought of it excited her. Chelsea couldn't imagine doing anything more important and life-affirming.

Billy agreed to support Chelsea if her therapist thought developing a new podcast was a good idea, but he cautioned that there were some things to consider. Chelsea said she intended to hire a mental health consultant, and she contemplated using pseudonyms. Billy thought staying anonymous might help avoid questions from the parents at Walnut Grove. Chelsea wanted to ensure Johnny and Connor didn't suffer any unwanted attention or bullying, but she fretted that using aliases would reinforce the stigmas around mental illness.

Chelsea thought those stigmas stopped people from getting help and made them feel like they had to hide things. Billy suggested that she talk to Dr. Malone about it. Chelsea urged him to be honest about whether he really thought it was okay to pursue the idea. Billy related to Chelsea's desire to make lemonade out of lemons by helping people who had gone through experiences similar to hers.

Chelsea explained that it felt like suicide and depression were cloaked in shame, keeping people from talking about it and leaving them in a lonely, desolate place. Chelsea was confident that sharing their own stories would help, and she was determined to make sure she did it right. Billy trusted her to figure out what it would entail, and he thought it would be fun to work on something together again. Chelsea chirped that she believed that, too.

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