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The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

by Nel

At Society, Lauren was surprised when Jack told her that he and Sally were giving their relationship another shot. He asked if Lauren thought it was a mistake. Lauren said she didn't have any issues about Jack and Sally giving it another try. She said she was happy she'd given Sally another shot at Fenmore's because Sally was shining in that position, and Lauren had been considering making Sally's position permanent as acting head of JCV.

Lauren noticed that Jack was wearing the cuff links containing the stones from the Teardrop of Love necklace. She claimed the stones were working for him. Jack said he and Sally were trying to find their footing again; however, the stones appeared to be working for Lauren and Michael. Lauren admitted that she and Michael had never been happier. Lauren suggested that perhaps the love Jack had was familial. She knew what a gift it was for Jack to have Harrison in his life. Jack admitted it was a joy to have his grandson in the house.

Jack told Lauren he wished Dina had gotten the chance to meet her great-grandson. Jack felt that Lauren might have been right; the stones had brought the next generation of family home. Jack said that to him, the necklace signified hope, something he had an abundance of recently. He said he had Harrison, and he got to spend time with a lovely and charming woman -- wherever that might go.

Jack told Lauren that each day presented a new opportunity, and he couldn't have been happier or more grateful than he was at that moment. He thanked Lauren for sharing the necklace with his family. Lauren said Jack deserved all the joy in life.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis apologized to Sally about the overcharges on Sally's bill and said she would reprimand the person responsible. After Phyllis has sent Tara the text message from Sally, she deleted it from Sally's phone. Phyllis told Sally that all the charges had been deleted from her account, and it wouldn't happen again. Phyllis offered Sally a free day at the spa for the inconvenience. Sally claimed the offer was a little too nice.

Phyllis offered Sally some training sessions instead. Phyllis said the super-hot trainer still had a crush on Sally. Sally thanked Phyllis, but she didn't think Jack would be too happy about that. Phyllis said that if Sally changed her mind about a facial or massage to let her know. Sally said that Phyllis owed her one, and she left.

Alone, Phyllis muttered that she definitely owed Sally one, and she would make good on that.

At the Abbotts', Tara read Sally's text message. It upset her. Kyle asked Tara to tell him what had happened with Ashland's visit. Tara said she'd pleaded with Ashland, but it had been futile. She said that when Jack had arrived, Ashland had eased off, but she'd seen the fury in Ashland's eyes. She felt the situation had turned into a ticking time bomb. Kyle asked if Tara was going to allow Ashland to talk to Harrison alone. Tara said Ashland would never be reasonable, and she'd decided that she wanted to tell Harrison with Kyle by her side. She wanted to be proactive because she didn't know what Ashland would do next.

Kyle told Tara that Sharon, as a professional therapist, had the right idea. Tara and Ashland needed to tell Harrison together, since it would be the most important conversation they would have with him. Tara agreed and said she was grateful she had Kyle to talk things through with. Kyle asked if there was something else bothering her because she seemed anxious.

Tara told Kyle her whole life had been turned upside down, and there was no end in sight. She said Ashland had found out about their affair, then the divorce, the custody arrangements, and discovering that Ashland was dying. She said she'd uprooted her and Harrison's lives, and she'd tried to deal the best she could with the situation. Kyle said he and Tara would make sure things would be good for Harrison. Tara claimed she needed some alone time, and she left.

When Jack returned home, he asked Kyle what was wrong when he noticed Kyle appeared unsettled. Kyle said he'd had a conversation with Phyllis, who believed Tara was somehow involved in Summer's abrupt decision to leave town. Phyllis was adamant that Tara had orchestrated Summer's exit. Jack said he didn't know why Phyllis had to stick her nose in other people's business.

Jack asked Kyle if he thought Phyllis was looking to blame someone and had picked Tara as her target. Jack said he'd asked Phyllis to back off, but she wouldn't drop it, not with Tara or Sally. Kyle said Phyllis had linked Tara with Sally, and she'd felt they were co-conspirators. Jack asked if Kyle was buying into Phyllis' theory. Kyle admitted Phyllis had him wondering if Tara was up to something, but with everything Tara had been dealing with, Kyle felt it was ridiculous. Kyle and Jack agreed that Tara wasn't capable of being that devious.

Kyle told Jack that Sally might have plotted something. He said Summer had suddenly left town, and Sally had gotten the job she'd coveted since her arrival in Genoa City. Jack asked if Phyllis had given Kyle any evidence to support her suspicions. Kyle said Phyllis was working on finding some. Jack reminded Kyle that Summer had recommended Sally for her job. Jack admitted that Sally had done some questionable things in the past, but he believed Sally was trying to change. Kyle stated that trying wasn't necessarily succeeding.

Kyle knew Jack didn't want to hear it, but he reminded Jack that Jack had been down that road with Sally before, and he didn't want to see Jack get hurt again. Jack assured Kyle he had his eyes wide open. He informed Kyle that he and Sally were going to have dinner later that evening. Kyle said Jack knew how he felt about Sally.

In the park, Nate told Elena he wanted to take her out for some very expensive Champagne. He suggested they go home and change, and he would meet her at Society and tell her his big news.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Devon that he'd been her rock and a really great friend. Abby said Mariah hadn't returned home and that she was as worried as she'd been previously. Abby said she'd received a couple of text messages from Mariah, and one had stated she would be home for her next doctor's appointment. Devon was surprised that Mariah hadn't returned yet. Abby felt the same, and she hoped Mariah meant it when she'd said she would return soon and that she would be in a good place.

Abby told Devon she wanted Mariah's homecoming to be everything Mariah needed it to be. She claimed there wouldn't be any hovering, nagging, or pressure on Mariah. Abby admitted that she'd planned to try to track Mariah through her cell phone; however, she'd stopped herself because it would have been an invasion of privacy, and privacy had been the very thing Mariah had been asking for.

Abby asked Devon to stop her if he saw that Abby was being overprotective. She didn't want to drive Mariah away again. Devon said that since they were all aware of that dynamic, he was certain that things would be fine. Abby wanted assurance from Devon that she hadn't been pressuring him. Devon said he hadn't been pressured, and he'd known what he'd been getting into when he'd started the journey with Abby. He was still happy to be on it, no matter how unpredictable it became. He was happy he could be there for Abby while Chance was away.

Abby told Devon she thought Chance would have been home at that point, helping to decorate the nursery and pick out names. Devon said it would happen soon enough and he was there to lean on if Abby needed someone. He reminded her that she had a lot of friends and family that would do anything for her.

Abby wanted Devon to update her on his life because she wanted to live vicariously through him. Devon said his life was pretty good. Work was great, and he loved that Moses was staying with him; however, his main source of happiness was from Amanda. He said Amanda was special, and they had become closer. Amanda's family had put her through a lot of emotional stress, but she'd stayed strong.

Abby told Devon that Amanda was exactly what Devon needed. He thought it had been crazy how Amanda had come into his life, with Colin using Amanda to try to steal his money. Abby claimed Devon and Amanda had needed to get past their animosity to realize they had something special. Abby asked how Amanda felt about him being involved with baby Chancellor. Devon stated that Amanda had been supportive since the beginning, and she'd given him her opinion about the contract.

Devon asked Abby if Stitch was supportive. Abby claimed Stitch was thrilled for her. They'd had a love for each other in the past, but they had moved on. She said she was happy Stitch was moving back to Genoa City. She explained that Stitch had been offered a job as chief of surgery at Memorial. She said she might remind Stitch of the good times they'd had, but there was nothing more than that between them.

Abby told Devon that Stitch had been a happy distraction for her, and he'd given her a lot more support than she'd expected. Abby said she and Stitch had had some painful moments in the past, but she was happy he was moving back to Genoa City. She felt it might be the start of a new chapter in his life.

In a room somewhere, Mariah woke with a start. She looked around to figure out where she was. She sat on the bed and did some breathing exercises as a stress reliever for her and the baby. She tried to convince herself she wasn't agitated or claustrophobic. Mariah tried the door, but it was locked. She yelled that she wanted to get out of the room immediately. There was no response. Mariah told baby they were still prisoners.

Mariah talked to the baby and said there were no windows in the room. She said they had to wait because she'd tried everything, like screaming, begging, praying, and threatening. Whoever was keeping her there had been giving her the silent treatment. She told the baby not to worry because she would find a way to get them out of there.

Mariah heard a noise, from the dumbwaiter in the room. When she opened the door, there was a tray of food with a bottle of her prenatal vitamins. She told the baby they were in that mess together. Frustrated Mariah banged on the dumbwaiter door and asked who they were and what they wanted from her.

At the Chancellor mansion, Tessa had been researching something on the computer but abruptly closed the laptop when Nina walked in and asked what Tessa had been looking at. Tessa admitted she'd been looking at the app that tracked people's locations through their cell phones. Tessa said she knew enough about Mariah's personal information and passwords to make it work. Tessa said she knew that Nina and Abby were against it, but Tessa claimed she couldn't just do nothing. She also wasn't going to argue about it.

Nina told Tessa she wasn't going to argue because Mariah was Tessa's partner, and Tessa had to do what she felt was right. Tessa said she didn't want to push Mariah further away, but she was worried sick and hadn't been reassured by Mariah's latest text messages. Tessa said she'd sent Mariah a text message asking Mariah to send her a clue if something was wrong, but Mariah hadn't responded. Tessa felt that something was actually wrong. In tears, Tessa said she couldn't stand not knowing if the woman she loved was all right.

Tessa told Nina that she wasn't comfortable waiting for Mariah to return home. She said she would turn on the app to track Mariah's phone. Nina asked how long it took to track Mariah's phone. Tessa had no idea. Nina said that Tessa and Mariah had a special bond. Everyone could see how much they loved each other. Tessa said she would give anything to hear Mariah's voice and see her beautiful face again. Tessa's phone beeped. Disappointed, she told Nina that the app stated that Mariah's phone location was blocked.

Nate arrived at Society and met Elena. Nate ordered Champagne, and once the Champagne had been poured, Nate told Elena that they were drinking to him because he'd been appointed chief of surgery at Memorial. Elena was thrilled.

At the hotel, Sally exited the elevator as Tara arrived. Sally asked why Tara was there. Tara said she was there about her shoe line and possibly collaborating with JCV. Tara suggested they go to Sally's suite to discuss things. Phyllis sat at the bar, and with her laptop open, she watched Sally and Tara from the security camera in the elevator.

In the elevator, Tara asked if Sally had been out of her mind, sending Tara that text message. Tara told Sally she wasn't about to allow Sally to risk her or her son's lives. Sally asked what Tara was talking about, because the only things she'd been focused on were her job and Jack. Tara added, "And Phyllis." Tara asked Sally what had prompted Sally to send an incriminating text message to her phone. Tara said anyone who saw the text message would have proof of their collusion.

Phyllis watched Tara and Sally on the elevator, and she commented that one was irritated and the other confused.

Sally told Tara she was confused because she hadn't sent any text message about Phyllis. Tara showed Sally the text message. Sally was shocked and said she hadn't sent it. She showed Tara there was no record of that message sent from her phone. Sally realized Phyllis had sent it. Sally told Tara to wait for her in Sally's suite. Sally said she was going to handle Phyllis.

Sally exited the elevator and asked Phyllis what was wrong with her. She accused Phyllis of not having any ethical boundaries. Phyllis said she was confused. She thought they had sorted out Sally's bill. Sally claimed that Phyllis had distracted her with the bogus bill so she could steal Sally's phone to send that crazy text message. Phyllis asked why she would send a text message from Sally's phone when her phone worked fine. Phyllis asked what was on the text message that had Sally so upset.

Sally said that Phyllis believed she was smarter and more devious that Sally, but Phyllis was making a big mistake underestimating her. Phyllis claimed she would never underestimate Sally; however, Phyllis was curious why Sally was so upset. Sally wanted Phyllis' phone, but Phyllis asked what would happen if she had sent a text message and why Sally was so scared. Sally claimed she wasn't scared.

Sally told Phyllis that what Phyllis had done had been an invasion of privacy, and Sally claimed she could press charges for theft. Phyllis asked what she'd stolen. Sally claimed Phyllis had impersonated her, and that was identity theft. Phyllis smiled and said that something on that text message really had Sally freaked out, and she was curious what it could have been that had made Sally so agitated. Phyllis said the way Sally was acting was on the next level. Sally claimed Phyllis knew nothing about Sally on any level.

Phyllis told Sally she believed she knew Sally. Phyllis claimed that someone had pushed Sally's buttons. She said Sally and Tara needed to come clean and tell her what they had done to Summer.

At home, Kyle and Jack simultaneously received a video from Phyllis. It was the video of Sally and Tara in the elevator and Tara showing Sally something on her phone. Jack and Kyle wondered what that had been about. Kyle said he hated having to question Tara. Jack said the video raised enough questions to warrant a conversation. Jack hoped they were jumping to conclusions, but whatever was going on, they needed answers.

Tara was in Sally's suite, pacing. She received a text from Kyle: "Please come home. We need to talk."

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