Victoria asks Victor to sell Newman Media to her

The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, January 12, 2022
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Victoria asks Victor to sell Newman Media to her | Y&R Daily Recaps (Wednesday, January 12, 2022)
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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

by Nel

At Newman, Victoria told Ashland that Jill wanted to wrap up the sale of ChancComm to Newman Locke. Victoria said she was happy to have Newman's old division back. She'd spoken to Victor, who seemed okay with it, but she knew Adam would be furious. She said if she got her way, ChancComm would not be the only company Adam would lose.

Ashland assumed Victoria intended to go after Newman Media, and he said consolidating the media companies was a smart move. Victoria assured Ashland that a good business battle earned Victor's respect, not his ire. If they acquired those companies, they would dominate the media field. Ashland said Victoria knew how to handle Victor, but Adam was the wild card. Victoria claimed she knew exactly how to handle Adam.

Lily arrived at Newman Media. She asked Adam to explain his cryptic text message, "Best of luck at Chancellor," which he had sent right after Billy had declared a truce. Adam claimed it had been genuine. He wondered why it was difficult for Lily to believe he respected her and wanted her to do well in her new position. Lily said she didn't trust him. His text message had appeared like a veiled threat. Lily wanted to believe the feud between Adam and Billy was over, but Adam loved having the last word.

Adam told Lily that Billy had had a number of last words for him. Lily claimed Adam had sent the text message as a counterpunch. Billy had gotten the best of Adam, and Adam had taken a shot at her. Adam denied it and claimed Billy had had a temper tantrum and shot off his mouth. Lily reiterated that Billy had called a truce and had stepped away from ChancComm, even though he hadn't done anything wrong. Billy had proven he was the bigger man.

Adam told Lily he was tired of Billy's superior act -- like somehow his growth was bigger than anyone else's. Lily smiled and stated that Adam hadn't let go of the feud. Adam claimed he didn't want to alienate Chancellor because he wanted to acquire ChancComm. Adam asked if Jill had made a decision. He knew Newman Locke had also made a bid. Lily said she couldn't give him that information. She wished him the best of luck. As she was about to leave, Adam asked what she meant by that comment.

Lily asked why Adam couldn't take what she'd said at face value, since her intentions were sincere. Adam got the message. Lily informed Adam that Billy was going to work with her as COO at Chancellor. Billy had put all the negativity between him and Adam behind him. Victor entered the office as Lily told Adam to let things go and to move on. Victor asked why Lily was there. Adam explained that he'd wished Lily good luck at Chancellor and that Billy would be working for Lily as COO. Lily turned to Victor and asked him to tell his son that Billy had waved the white flag. Lily left.

Victor asked Adam what Lily had meant. Adam explained that Billy hadn't been spiraling into a carnival of binge drinking and gambling, and the videos had all been an act. It had been a setup for revenge. Billy had hoped Newman Media would put out a story about his downfall, and Billy would then sue and cripple Newman Media. Victor claimed Billy was pathetic because he hadn't carried out his own plan. Victor asked if Adam had gotten Billy to confess. Adam said Billy had volunteered the information. He said Billy had claimed he wanted to be a better person. Victor declared that Billy would never be a better person.

Victor told Adam that Jill was selling ChancComm to Newman Locke. Adam refused to accept that. He claimed Billy and Lily had persuaded Jill to do that. Adam wanted to call Jill, but Victor stopped him. Victor said he and Adam needed to go to the ranch and congratulate Victoria.

At Crimson Lights, Devon told Nate that Chance and Abby had refused his request for shared custody. Nate felt bad for having pushed Devon in that direction. Devon valued that Nate had told Devon that having a bigger part in Dominic's life was in Dominic's best interest. Devon said it had been a conversation he'd needed to have with Chance and Abby, even if he hadn't received the answer he'd wanted. It had pushed him into taking action.

Devon told Nate that he'd decided to officially file for shared custody, because Abby and Chance had refused to allow Devon a bigger role in Dominic's life. Devon said he was concerned about Chance's ability to be a parent. Devon claimed he had a positive role in Dominic's life, he wanted to protect that, and it was his only option. Devon didn't want things to get messy. He wanted things to push through as painlessly as possible.

At the coffeehouse, after Lily greeted Devon and Nate, Nate left. Devon told Lily he was going to legally pursue shared custody of Dominic. He immediately changed the subject and asked if Lily was excited about her new job. She said she was. She said Billy was going to be her COO. Devon asked how she'd convinced Billy to take the job. Lily claimed Billy was tired of the feud with Victor and Adam, and taking the job was part of that transition. He asked if Lily really believed the feud was over.

Lily thought Devon had gotten over his doubts about her relationship with Billy. Devon said Billy had made a big change in his personal life, but professionally, Billy still kept getting himself into trouble, like at ChancComm. Lily stated that hadn't been Billy's fault. Devon said Victor and Adam had provoked Billy, and Billy had done exactly what they'd known he would. Devon was concerned that Billy would be a liability to Lily.

Elsewhere in the coffeehouse, Ashland told Nate his test results showed the cancer had abated. Nate was overjoyed. Ashland hoped it meant years of building a life and a business with Victoria.

Lily finished her call with Billy. Ashland told Lily that Newman Locke would be involved in negotiations to wrap up the sale of ChancComm. Lily confirmed she would be intimately involved in those negotiations. Ashland hoped the negotiations would be pleasant and productive.

Lily told Ashland she didn't care if Ashland had been part of the conspiracy to knock Billy off his perch at ChancComm, and it didn't matter if Ashland had been guilty of his past crimes. It was all in the past, and Billy had turned over a new leaf and walked away from the fight. Lily asked if Ashland could do the same.

At Society, Sally recalled that Chloe had remarked that Sally and Chelsea were incredibly talented, intelligent, and ambitious women who had a lot to offer, and they all wanted the platform to be a success. Chloe had said she wanted them to work as a team, which would be impossible if Sally stayed on her current trajectory, and Chloe had told Sally to fix it. Sally also recalled Adam telling her that the spying was done, and there was to be no more trying to score extra points with the boss. He'd told her to focus on the job she was paid to do.

Sally called Chelsea and stated they needed to work out their working relationship. She asked Chelsea to meet her at Society. When Chelsea arrived, Sally admitted she'd forced herself to say she wanted to learn from Chelsea, and she knew Chelsea hadn't believed her. Chelsea claimed it didn't appear that Sally wanted to fix their working relationship, but Sally claimed she did.

Sally told Chelsea she'd put together a few pitches for Chelsea. She was prepared for Chelsea to hate them, but she wanted to know why Chelsea hated them. Sally asked if Chelsea could admit when Sally had a good idea. Chloe arrived and asked why they were there. Sally said she was trying to fix things with Chelsea.

Sally presented her pitches to Chelsea. Chelsea wasn't impressed. Sally claimed that out of all the ideas she'd presented, Chelsea had claimed to like only ten percent of them. Sally felt Chelsea was biased against her. Chelsea claimed she was biased against bad ideas. Chelsea said when she heard a terrible idea, she assumed the next one would be, as well, and Sally would lose all credibility.

Chloe told Sally and Chelsea it had been a great start, but they had to get through a mountain of work to become a well-oiled machine. Adam arrived. Chelsea immediately joined Adam at the bar and said she wanted to thank him for the talk they'd had with Connor. She said he'd calmed down about the sale of the penthouse, but it had become Connor's mission for them to move to the ranch. She was attempting to convince him it was a bad idea. She said she didn't want to live that close to Victor and Nikki. Adam didn't blame her.

Adam told Chelsea he was giving Victor a wide berth, that he was going to look for his own place. He'd moved out of the penthouse for the same reasons Chelsea had -- too many memories. Being at the ranch had been for Connor's sake, to be around family. Chelsea said Connor didn't need to be at the ranch any longer. Adam agreed and said they would figure things out. Chelsea told Adam they needed to talk. It was important. Adam suggested a drink after work. Chelsea commented that she'd noticed the change in Adam.

After she'd seen Sally staring intently at Adam and Chelsea, Chloe told Sally they needed to return to the office because Society wasn't a productive work environment. Sally claimed it was a bad idea because she had to convince Chelsea she wasn't interested in Adam or threatened by Chelsea's desire to reunite with Adam.

Chloe claimed it was driving Sally crazy not knowing what was going on between Adam and Chelsea because Sally was interested in Adam. Chloe told Sally not to deny it. Chloe said if she could see it, so would Chelsea. That wouldn't help Sally's bridge building with Chelsea. Sally accused Chloe of siding with Chelsea, but Chloe denied it. Chloe was worried because Sally saw things as a competition. She reminded Sally they were all on the same team.

Chloe told Sally that Chelsea was her best friend and business partner. Chloe had brought Sally on because Sally had a lot to offer. Chloe had known that working for Adam would be problematic, but she'd never thought it would be because of a misguided love triangle. Chloe said she was disappointed in Sally and Chelsea. Sally asked what she could do to prove she was a team player.

Chloe wanted Sally to go to New York and handle a series of interviews with designers who were preparing for their spring show. Sally claimed the timing was suspect. Chloe stated that Sally wasn't in a position to question her assignments. Sally felt Chloe was trying to get her out of town. Chloe stated that Sally and Chelsea needed space away from each other. Chloe told Sally to take the assignment to solidify her role in Chelsea's eyes, and then they could focus on the real work. Sally agreed to go.

Chelsea returned to the table. She told Chloe she and Adam had discussed a couple of issues with Connor. Adam approached and asked to speak to Sally. After Sally and Adam stepped away, Chloe told Chelsea that Sally had agreed to go to New York. Chelsea said they should have fired Sally, but sending her out of town was the next best thing. Chloe realized Chelsea was going full force after Adam. Chloe claimed that sending Sally to New York meant Chelsea had no competition for Adam's attention, and she saw things ending in disaster.

Chloe told Chelsea that Adam only existed to sign their checks. Chelsea said she wasn't delusional. Adam had said he didn't see a future for them, but Chelsea claimed they had to try. Even Connor had claimed they needed to try. Chelsea pointed out that Chloe had agreed to work with Adam because he'd changed. Chelsea felt things would be different "this time."

Outside, Adam apologized to Sally for having been brisk and dismissive the previous day. He'd had a run-in with Billy, and he hadn't been on his best behavior. Adam took off his coat and put it around her. Sally asked if he had any business in New York. She said she had an assignment in New York, and it would be great to have some company.

Victor arrived at the ranch. He told Victoria he'd given Adam the disappointing news about ChancComm. He said Victoria persuading Jill to sell to Newman Locke had been "one hell of an accomplishment." Victoria was sure Victor had hoped it would wind up with Newman Media. Victor said he was happy for her and disappointed for Adam.

Victoria told Victor she wanted to buy Newman Media. Victor asked why Victoria hadn't approached him and Adam together. Victoria doubted that Adam would entertain the offer. She doubted Adam's pride would allow him to sell. Victor wanted to know if her idea to buy Newman Media was a business consideration or if she wanted to avenge Billy. She denied it.

Victoria told Victor the numbers were on her side, and it wasn't a personal vendetta. Victor asked if it was personal for Ashland. Victoria stated that Newman Media had been Ashland's company, and it would be poetic justice if the company was returned to him. Victoria wanted to have a real stake in the media world. With ChancComm and Newman Media under Newman Locke's roof, they would be an unstoppable powerhouse in the media field.

Victor told Victoria he didn't see any advantage for him and Adam in selling Newman Media to Newman Locke. Victor felt Adam had done good things with Newman Media. They'd become a company to be reckoned with in a very short period of time. Victoria reminded him it had been based on a business Ashland had built. She hadn't seen any innovation. Victor claimed they'd added the fashion platform, but Victoria pointed out that any success had been because of Sally and Chloe. Victoria claimed she'd proven her business acumen.

Victor told Victoria he wasn't going to compare his children's business skills. She claimed that would be a mistake. Victor needed to sell Newman Media to her and Ashland before Adam did irreparable damage. She said that when Adam hadn't been looking, he'd almost allowed Billy to destroy Newman Media.

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