Chelsea and Chloe butt heads over Marchetti

The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Chelsea and Chloe butt heads over Marchetti | Y&R Daily Recaps (Wednesday, June 29, 2022)
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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

by Nel

Elena exited the elevator at Chancellor Winters and bumped into Imani. Elena asked Imani how Naya was doing, and she offered to help Imani navigate Naya's treatment plan. Imani said that was the reason why having Nate around was so helpful. Imani told Elena that Nate was having lunch with Devon at Society. On the elevator, Imani commented that it was strange how she knew more about Nate's comings and goings than Elena did.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis told Amanda that she'd ruined things with Jack. Phyllis said she'd taken responsibility for her past deeds, and she'd told Jack she was sorry for what she'd done and that she'd allowed all her old insecurities and past demons to take over. Jack had claimed she was insincere even after she'd told him she'd offered Diane an olive branch. Phyllis told Amanda that Summer had begged her to do it, and Phyllis had agreed, even though it went against every fiber of Phyllis' being to make nice with "that bitch."

Amanda was proud of Phyllis for putting Summer's feelings first. Phyllis admitted there was nothing she wouldn't do for Summer because that was what mothers did. Amanda woefully said it was a mother/daughter bond. Phyllis asked what was going on with Amanda.

Amanda told Phyllis that Naya had had a stroke, and she'd lost movement in half her body. Amanda said she'd gone to see Naya with the intention of staying for a while, but Naya was only permitted one visitor; Imani's dad had stayed with her. Amanda said Naya would have in-home care and in-home rehab; it would be a long process, and she and Imani would have to juggle work in order to see Naya.

Amanda told Phyllis that Imani had wanted her to see Naya first because she'd lost so much time with her, and every moment really mattered. Amanda said she felt Imani was scared, and she would have to prepare Imani before she saw Naya. Amanda said she didn't know what she would do without Devon's support.

Phyllis said Amanda was lucky having a supportive man by her side. Phyllis claimed she wished she'd done more to promote that in her life. Amanda stated that Phyllis was saying she loved Jack. Phyllis said it didn't matter because it was over, and she and Jack weren't meant for each other, especially with Diane living in town.

Phyllis told Amanda that Diane had arrived in Genoa City, thinking everyone owed her something, and Phyllis admitted that Diane infuriated her. Amanda told Phyllis to rein it in because if Phyllis did anything out of revenge, Jack wouldn't like it. Amanda suggested that Phyllis keep the peace for Summer and Jack's sakes. Phyllis said Jack had claimed she couldn't control her destructive tendencies and that she was only happy when she was chasing happiness. She confirmed it was too late for her and Jack.

Amanda said Phyllis needed to do the impossible: be patient because Phyllis couldn't take what Jack had said in a moment of hurt and allow it to determine their fate. Amanda said to give it time, and perhaps they would recapture what they'd been so close to having.

When Imani arrived, Phyllis left. Imani asked Amanda what it had been like seeing Naya in the hospital. Amanda admitted that it had almost broken her seeing Naya attached to all the machines and lying so still. Imani said Naya had to have been happy to see Amanda, but Amanda said it had been hard to tell because Naya wasn't communicating at that moment; however, Naya was receiving excellent care.

Amanda said that Imani's dad had taken care of everything Naya needed. Imani said she hadn't done anything for Naya, but Amanda said she would take care of work so that Imani could go and see her mother. Amanda said Naya wouldn't rest easy until she knew Imani was okay. Amanda said that Naya had been the strongest woman Imani had ever known. Imani worried she wouldn't be able to spend as much time with her mother as she wanted to. Amanda said she was sorry she couldn't provide Imani with the answers she wanted.

Imani asked if Amanda had been afraid to see Naya. Amanda admitted she had been; however, she'd been happy to see how stable Naya was and to see her excellent medical team in action. Amanda said Imani had to go and see Naya for herself. Amanda said Imani would never forgive herself if anything happened to Naya and Imani had never had the chance to talk to her mother.

At home, Diane told Jack that when she'd had Kyle, she'd never dreamed she would spend so much time away from him. She said she had a lot of leftover love to give, and she was lucky she could give it to Harrison. Diane told Jack she'd seen Allie and Noah at the park. Jack claimed the more friends Allie had in town, the more likely she would put down roots, and nothing would make him happier. Diane told Jack it had all happened thanks to her. She commented that Jack had smiled.

Jack told Diane not to read too much into his smile because his needle had barely moved from deeply suspicious and full of misgivings to cautiously trusting where Diane was concerned. Diane said she would take that as a win.

Diane told Jack it had been a promising day with Phyllis vowing to be on her best behavior and that Jack was cautiously ready to trust her. Jack claimed Diane was tenacious in her drive to turn things around. Diane reminded him that when she wanted something, she pursued it relentlessly.

Diane told Jack she might have overstepped with Kyle, and she wanted Jack's advice on how to fix it. Diane told Jack that she'd asked Kyle to help her find a job in Genoa City because she couldn't keep relying on Kyle's financial support, and she wanted him to know she intended to pay her own way. Jack asked about her life in Los Angeles if Diane was putting down roots in Genoa City. Diane claimed there was nothing she couldn't walk away from. She stated that she wanted a career in public relations.

Diane told Jack she'd suggested that Kyle could help her find that job, but as soon as the words had left her mouth, she'd regretted asking. She said Kyle had looked uncomfortable, and she'd put him on the spot. Diane said Kyle had enough to deal with without helping her find a job. She asked Jack if Kyle had mentioned anything to him. Jack said even if Kyle had, he wouldn't share it with Diane because he refused to intervene, especially on Diane's behalf.

Jack told Diane he'd supported Kyle taking on Marchetti because Kyle needed something to run on his own, and he wasn't about to tell Kyle what to do. Diane said it was probably for the best because Jack would probably tell Kyle not to consider helping her. Jack said that was between Diane and Kyle.

At Society, Devon chastised Nate for discussing the podcasts at the launch party without making sure they had 50 podcasts produced and ready to be released. Nate claimed he'd spoken to the team, and they had assured him they had 50 in the pipeline. Devon asked if Nate understood what a pipeline was. Devon explained that it went from projects they were interested in buying, to showing what was in development, to series that were being produced and ready to air. Devon said they didn't have 50 podcasts ready to go, and they were scrambling.

Devon told Nate that his job was to make sure Nate could do his job. Devon was aware that the COO's position was very different from anything Nate had done in the past. He urged Nate to get up to speed on how things ran. Nate said he'd met with department heads and sat in on planning meetings. Nate apologized for jumping the gun at the launch party. Devon said if Nate had any crowd-pleasing podcast ideas, Devon would love to hear them.

Elena arrived and told Devon she had an idea about a podcast. She suggested a medical podcast, proactive with significant measures and medical mysteries. Devon liked the idea. Nate said he didn't see how they could do it because she was the face of "Ask MD Now" and under contract with Newman Media. Elena said that was an obstacle, but it wasn't insurmountable.

Elena told Devon and Nate that there had been so much going on at Newman Media that they'd been putting "Ask MD Now" off, and it was on hiatus; however, a podcast was a more efficient way of reaching people. Elena said she'd thought of another segment for caregivers, where friends and family members could ask questions about the diagnosis, how to talk to doctors, and how to navigate the healthcare system. Devon said he was all in.

Nate asked Devon about Elena's contract. Devon was certain that Amanda or Imani could take care of it. Nate asked if Elena had the time to commit to the podcast. Devon left to take a call. Elena told Nate they'd both been very busy and barely saw each other, and she'd missed him; however, if she did the podcast, she would join Nate in his adventure, and she would be willing to step back from the clinic. Nate said it was everything he'd wanted. Elena said she loved the idea of being part of the family venture and supporting him in his new role. She said it would be a bonus if it meant they could spend more time together.

Devon returned, and Elena said she was excited to be part of the team. Devon welcomed her aboard.

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Chelsea they wanted her to design a new line for Marchetti. Chelsea said she'd signed a contract to sell her designs exclusively to Fenmore's. Kyle said Lauren didn't mind Chelsea working on both lines. Summer said they would call it Chelsea Lawson for Marchetti.

Summer told Chelsea they believed she was the right person to lead Marchetti into a new era. Chelsea said she had to talk to Chloe, her partner, but as far as she was concerned, she told them to start chilling the Champagne.

When Chloe arrived, Chelsea reported she'd been asked to design for Marchetti. Chloe was less than receptive. Chelsea asked if Chloe was undercutting her business judgment. Chloe stated she was being realistic about how time-consuming it would be and that Chelsea was spreading herself very thin. Chelsea claimed she knew what she was capable of, and she couldn't understand why Chloe disapproved when Lauren supported it. Chelsea claimed it was an amazing opportunity for everyone involved.

Chelsea told Chloe she was tired of Chloe looking for problems where none existed, and creativity required Chloe to say yes. Chloe claimed she was a realist, and her work began when Chelsea finished a sketch. Chloe said they had to make sure their existing obligations were fulfilled and that their line succeeded. Chelsea asked why Chloe would turn down the chance of having greater visibility and really being able to make an impact. Chloe said the only way to make an impact was when the work was done and the clothes were made.

Chelsea asked why Chloe always tried to manage her and why Chloe handled her by keeping her quiet in a tiny box as if everyone knew Chelsea didn't know what was good for her. Chelsea told Chloe to stop going into baby Zen mode every time they disagreed. Chloe said she'd been trying to look out for her best friend, but Chelsea accused Chloe of micromanaging her.

Chelsea claimed she was the creative engine, and Chloe was the brake that kept them from moving forward. Chloe said it kept Chelsea from crashing and burning, and she wasn't going to allow Chelsea to insult and disparage her for trying to keep their business on time, on budget, and on track. Chloe left.

Kyle and Summer returned home. Kyle told Diane he'd spoken to Summer about Diane's job request, and they wanted to offer her a job in the PR department at Marchetti. Summer said the reason that position had opened up was because not everyone wanted to leave Italy. Kyle said Diane would be an asset to the employees relocating from Italy because she spoke Italian. Summer said it wasn't a high-level job, but they wanted her to get her footing. Diane was grateful and promised she wouldn't let them down. Jack appeared concerned.

Diane told Kyle it meant "so much" to her to be working with him and Summer in her first job in town, and she invited everyone to celebrate. Jack said he would hang out with Harrison. Diane asked if Jack didn't want to raise a glass to the new CEO of Marchetti. Jack caved in, and he agreed to join them.

At a table at Society, Summer told everyone that she was very excited to sit down with Chelsea and map out their vision for Marchetti. Jack asked if Chelsea was locked in. Summer said Chelsea needed to discuss it with Chloe. Kyle said they were reinventing the PR division because they were working with a well-known luxury brand, and they wanted to make it accessible to the US market. Jack said it promised to be a profitable venture. Phyllis arrived, and when she saw the group, she didn't look happy.

Phyllis declined Diane's offer to join them, and she asked what was going on. Diane said they were celebrating her being hired at Marchetti. Phyllis stated she was there to see Abby. Jack said they hadn't seen her. Summer said she was happy to see Phyllis because she wanted to discuss hosting fashion shows at the hotel. Summer and Phyllis stepped away to discuss Summer's idea. Diane told Jack that a week earlier, she would have expected Phyllis to pour Champagne over her head. Jack appeared to chafe at Diane's comments.

Elsewhere, Phyllis asked Summer if the job they'd hired Diane for was the same job Summer had offered her. Summer said no and that she'd wanted Phyllis to be the head of marketing. She said what they'd offered Diane was a junior level PR gig. Summer explained it had been Kyle's idea, and she'd wanted to support him.

At Chancellor-Winters, Nate asked Imani how long it would take to get Elena out of a contract with Newman Media. Imani asked why she would want to do that. Nate said so that Elena could host medical podcasts for them. Imani said she'd heard Elena would be out of town. Nate confirmed that Elena would be attending a conference in Hawaii. He said he wanted Elena free of any Newman obligations, and he wanted her to sign their contract when she returned. Imani claimed their legal team was really swamped.

Nate told Imani it would be a personal favor. He said Devon had been giving him a hard time about jumping the gun on the podcast announcement at the launch party, and Elena's idea might help him regain himself. Imani said she would find a way. Nate asked Imani to confirm it would be done by the time Elena returned from Hawaii. Imani asked how long Elena would be out of town.

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