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The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, July 10, 2024
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Wednesday, July 10, 2024)
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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

In her living room, Sharon thought of Cassie, and she got out an old scrapbook of pictures. Sharon answered a knock on the door and greeted Lucy, who had stopped by to see Faith. Sharon said that Faith was off with friends, and Lucy said that she had brought Faith a bracelet. Lucy noticed the scrapbook Sharon had been looking at, and she asked if the pictures were of Mariah.

Sharon told Faith about Cassie, who Lucy didn't know about. Sharon recounted that Cassie had died in a car crash when she had been 14. Lucy asked what Cassie had been like, and Sharon gushed about how wonderful her daughter had been.

Faith returned, and Lucy gave her the bracelet. Lucy told Faith that Sharon had been telling her about Cassie. Lucy asked if Faith wanted to "hang out," and Faith suggested that they "meet up later." Lucy left and Faith asked why Sharon had been looking at the scrapbook. Faith wondered if it was her fault, since she had asked Sharon and Nick a lot of questions about their past.

Faith apologized, and Sharon assured her daughter that Cassie was always in her thoughts. Sharon said that "every once in a while" she needed to "have a good cry" over Cassie. After Faith left, Sharon looked at the scrapbook again. Sharon took one of the photos out, and she put it in her purse before leaving the house.

In Chancellor Park, Heather and Daniel discussed Heather's lack of job offers. Heather suggested that it might be time for her to return to Portugal. Daniel said that he'd thought their relationship had been going well, and Heather clarified that she had meant it would be a good time to visit her father, since she wasn't working. Heather assured Daniel that she had no intention of leaving him or Genoa City.

Daniel asked how Paul was, and Heather said that her dad had seemed pretty lonely. Daniel suggested that he and Lucy go along to visit Paul. Heather said that Lucy would need to weigh in on the decision. Daniel said that it might be "tough to pull [Lucy] from town and away from fan-girling over Faith Newman." Heather remembered when she had been young and had wanted to be friends with "older girls."

At Society, Audra brought Nate up to speed on her work at Glissade. Audra asked what Nate thought of the article about the takeover. Nate noted that Audra had "failed to mention" to him that Kyle would be working there, as well. Nate compared Audra working with Kyle to working with Tucker. Audra said that she had learned a lot from working with Tucker, and she insisted that Kyle was very different. Nate said that both men were "rich, cocky, entitled."

Audra said that she had hired Kyle because he had previously run a cosmetics company. Nate questioned if it was worth it to hire someone who Audra had had "such a complicated history with." Audra accused Nate of being jealous. Nate denied his concern was out of jealously, and he said that he didn't want Audra to "repeat" what had had happened with Tucker. Audra assured Nate that she had "learned [her] lesson."

Nate asked why Audra seemed to be down after their conversation. Audra confessed that things weren't as wonderful as she had made them out to be, and she had been feeling attacked. Audra told Nate the story of Kyle trying to persuade Victor to let Kyle run Glissade without Audra. Audra asked Nate for advice, and he replied, "Fire his ass before he takes you down."

Audra told Nate the truth that Kyle had been "hand-picked" by the secret investor. Nate was surprised, and he suggested that Kyle was working with the investor to "use" Audra for their own gain. Audra said that the investor was the one who had actually told her the truth about Kyle. Nate said that the venture with Glissade could end up being more trouble than it was worth.

At the Abbott Mansion, Kyle was fielding publicity calls when Summer walked in. Summer demanded to know if Kyle was planning to move, and she said that if Kyle thought he was taking Harrison somewhere, Kyle was "delusional." Kyle asked how Summer had heard about his plans to move out, and Summer told him that Diane had filled her in. Summer said that Kyle could not make "unilateral decisions" and move Harrison to France. Kyle told Summer to "relax" and that he was only moving out of the mansion. Summer was still not happy, and she questioned why Kyle would want to uproot Harrison from his home.

Summer and Kyle continued to argue about Kyle's plan. Summer asked why Kyle couldn't put his son first and keep Harrison where he was happy and loved. Kyle argued that kids moved all the time, but Summer reminded Kyle that Harrison had had a tremendous amount of "upheaval in his life already." Kyle said that Harrison had been excited about the move, and hearing that Harrison had known about it before she had set Summer over the edge even further.

Kyle accused Summer of "hurling accusations and creating a problem where there isn't." Kyle grew angrier and said that Summer's "whole personality" had become refusing to agree with him about anything. Summer yelled that Harrison needed "stability," and she accused Kyle of not caring. Summer said that Kyle cared more about spending time with the "babysitter" or his "ex-bed buddy" than he cared about Harrison. Summer vowed to "do something about it."

Kyle told Summer that he had spoken to Daniel, and her brother had asked Kyle to try to see things from Summer's point of view. Kyle suggested that Summer was being difficult because she felt like she was "being squeezed out of Harrison's life." Summer reiterated that her concerns were about Kyle's recent bad choices. Summer said that Kyle was giving her "ammunition to win primary custody."

Growing irate, Kyle told Summer to "bring it" if she wanted to fight Kyle for custody. Kyle reminded Summer that she was not Harrison's biological mother, and he said that her attempt would fail. Claire entered the living room, and Summer and Kyle continued bickering until Summer said, "This conversation is not over," and she left.

Claire told Kyle about the vegetable garden that she and Harrison had planted. Kyle suggested that Claire join him for walk. Kyle and Claire walked around Chancellor Park, and Kyle said that he felt like "a bit of an ass" for the argument with Summer that had occurred earlier. Kyle vented about the issues that he and Summer had been having. Kyle confessed to having been "hardheaded," and he said that he had really been trying to see things from Summer's "perspective." Claire seemed to blame herself for "walking into the middle of things."

Kyle said that Claire was "one of the most amazing things to happen to Harrison's life." Claire was touched by Kyle's "kindness," and Kyle said that Claire had become a great friend.

At Crimson Lights, Summer approached Heather and Daniel. Heather excused herself to meet Lucy. Summer laid into Daniel for talking to Kyle about her. Daniel expressed his concern for Summer, and he said that he "was just trying to help." Summer accused Daniel of making it seem like she was being "irrational." Summer asked if that was what Daniel truly thought.

Daniel cautioned Summer against "jumping straight to a raging custody battle." Summer recounted that Phyllis and Nick had told her the same thing. Daniel suggested that Summer "take a step back." Summer told Daniel that she was simply "looking out for [her] son's well-being." Daniel reminded Summer how Phyllis' custody battle over him as a kid had adversely affected him. Daniel said that he knew that Summer would not want that for Harrison. Summer agreed, but she insisted that she would "fight" for Harrison if she had to.

Summer asked how she could try to work things out with Kyle, when he kept trying to "weaponize" the fact that Summer wasn't Harrison's biological mother. Daniel accused Summer and Kyle of being "emotional" and not "putting Harrison first." Summer replied, "Says the guy that practically bailed on his own daughter." Daniel was angry at Summer's comment.

Sharon approached and asked what was going on. Summer yelled for Daniel to "stop it," and she stormed off. Sharon said that she hoped everything was okay, and she wanted to warn Daniel about Lucy's visit. Sharon assured Daniel that she had not told Lucy the full details about the car crash that had killed Cassie. Daniel said that he was still haunted by the night of Cassie's death. Daniel appreciated that Sharon hadn't told Lucy the full story of Cassie's death, since he wasn't sure if Lucy could handle knowing what he had done.

Heather and Lucy met up at the Athletic Club, and Lucy told her mother about visiting with Sharon and talking about Cassie. Heather said that Cassie's death had been terrible and that it had taken Daniel "a long time to get past what happened." Lucy was perplexed.

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