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Ashley and Victor celebrated their love, and Victor gifted Ashley a yacht named ''Forever Ashley.'' Matt escorted Nikki to the Colonnade Room. Farren Conner agreed to see a doctor to help get her memory back. Joanna Manning suggested John consult a surgeon about eye surgery.
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Victor and Nikki's first wedding, April 1984
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Ashley and Victor celebrate their love

Ashley and Victor celebrate their love

Friday, July 18, 1986

From the Newman ranch, Victor phoned Ashley Abbott and told her he'd send his driver in a limousine to pick her up. Ashley seemed intrigued when Victor kept the meeting destination a secret, adding that he wanted their time together to be perfectly perfect. Victor's younger brother, Matt Miller, overheard Victor talking to his driver and asked where Victor would be taking Ashley. Victor said he was about to ask his brother the same question about Matt and Nikki. Matt, wearing a tuxedo, as was Victor, laughed and replied, "Afraid we might run into each other?"

Matt told Victor he would be escorting Nikki to the Colonnade Room. Victor recalled that Nikki had always loved the Colonnade Room. Matt mentioned that Nikki and Victor had held their wedding at the venue. Victor expressed doubt that his and Nikki's wedding would be on her mind. Matt mentioned that he'd seen Ashley at her office, explaining that he'd wanted to touch base with her after having heard that Jack's situation had been resolved. Victor asked Matt how Ashley had appeared. Matt said Ashley had looked radiant, which, he explained, had convinced him Ashley was in love with Victor. Victor agreed that he and Ashley belonged together. Victor told Matt it meant a lot to entrust Nikki and their child to him.

As Victor and Matt conversed, Nikki entered and asked if she was interrupting. Matt was impressed by Nikki's beauty and her striking ensemble. Victor agreed with Matt that Nikki looked lovely. Nikki acknowledged that Victor was also dressed for a formal occasion and instructed him not to wait up for her and Matt to return because it might either be quite late or not at all. After Matt and Nikki left, Victor appeared pensive after his interaction with Nikki.

On a dark highway, Farren Conner negotiated curves and recalled an earlier conversation with her boyfriend, Andy Richards. Farren had expressed concern that she didn't know her true identity. Andy had tried to convince Farren that she was the most important person in his life. Farren remained distraught, but Andy said he thought it was unwise to subject her to additional stress by attempting to recall her forgotten memories. Farren had told Andy that she could handle anything as long as he was with her. Tears welled in Farren's eyes as she remembered begging Andy not to leave her. Farren remembered that Andy had promised not to.

At their home, Paul complimented Lauren on her table setting. Lauren noted that it was the first time they'd entertained guests since they'd gotten back together. Lauren mentioned that her friend Andy Richards had phoned and expressed concern about his girlfriend, Farren Conner, who'd perhaps left town. Paul said he doubted Farren had left town. Lauren said she believed Farren was hesitant about allowing her friends to help her. Farren suffered from amnesia and couldn't remember her past or her true identity.

The doorbell interrupted Lauren and Paul's conversation just as Lauren asked Paul to explain his theory about Farren's sudden disappearance. As soon as Andy entered, Lauren inquired about Farren. Andy replied that he'd left a number of messages on Farren's answering machine and hadn't received a return call. Lauren tried to reassure her friend and said she was sure Farren would show up soon. Andy wasn't as confident and recalled that Farren had been in good spirits before Paul had paid her a visit. Andy added that Paul had suggested Farren see a doctor. Lauren sided with Paul and said a doctor might help Farren get her memory back.

Andy cried that the idea of regaining her memory frightened Farren, and he blamed Paul for Farren's decision to leave. Lauren told Andy that Paul had tried to help Farren. Andy angrily told Paul and Lauren to stay away from Farren. Lauren assured Andy that Farren had been just fine after Paul's visit. Paul agreed. Lauren told Andy that although he was hesitant to face the truth, Farren likely didn't want to know her true identity, nor did she want any of them to discover the truth.

Andy grew agitated and reminded Lauren and Paul that a trip to Minneapolis hadn't revealed any clues for Farren. Paul calmly explained that a doctor could at least determine Farren's prognosis. Andy cried that perhaps Farren had long planned to take off. Paul assured Andy that Farren was in love with him and would never leave town without talking to him first. Andy picked up the phone and said he'd summon the police. Before Andy could dial, the doorbell rang.

Lauren answered the door and said, "Oh, Farren! Thank God!" Andy embraced Farren, and she apologized for scaring her friends, explaining that she wasn't certain where she'd been. Farren said she guessed they'd all assumed she'd run away. Farren explained that she'd driven aimlessly to give herself time to think before she'd suddenly realized that she had a home with people who cared about her. Farren announced her plans to consult a doctor to determine her chances of recovering her memory. Farren admitted she was a little scared, though she was comforted knowing she wouldn't be alone.

At the Colonnade Room, Matt ordered a bottle of the restaurant's best Champagne and offered to let Nikki taste it for approval. Nikki sipped the pricey bubbly and expressed her approval. The couple had joked that Champagne was similar to rocket fuel for Nikki. After the waiter poured the last glass, Matt said that one bottle had only been enough fuel to propel Nikki halfway to Venus, also known as the goddess of love. Nikki responded that she'd moved closer than Matt might have thought. Matt laughed nervously and joked that he'd ask the restaurateur to stock an extra case of the French wine.

Nikki held Matt's hand and wondered aloud how long it would be before she fell in love. Matt escorted Nikki to the dance floor, where they were surrounded by other couples. Nikki said she hadn't danced so much since her wedding day. Matt replied, "Well, then, by all means, let's dance longer." Nikki briefly mentioned having run into Ashley earlier in the day and said it had been strange facing her competition, though she and Ashley were no longer competing. Matt consoled Nikki and acknowledged that she was working through her pain. Nikki looked dreamily into Matt's eyes and said, "I'm also falling for another man. A man I want to trust with my love." Matt promised to show Nikki a side of love that would make her forget about every other man she'd ever been with. Matt drew Nikki close and said, "Let me take you there." Matt kissed Nikki on the lips.

Ashley greeted Victor at the ranch, embraced him, and said she had a feeling that their evening would be one like no other. Ashley's jewelry sparkled in the glow of an elaborate crystal chandelier. Victor kissed Ashley's hand and noted she was wearing the watch he'd given her. Victor gazed at a large teardrop-shaped diamond pendant suspended on a gold chain at Ashley's cleavage and said the jewel was a symbol of his commitment to her. Victor told Ashley that he'd met the woman of his dreams. Victor held Ashley in his arms and kissed her on the lips.

Victor and Ashley lifted their glasses of Champagne, and Ashley proposed a toast to the unexpected, explaining that she'd never expected to fall in love with him and would have never known how much it would change her life. Victor presented Ashley with a large gift-wrapped box tied with a glittery bow. Ashley lifted the lid and was surprised to find a scale model of a yacht enclosed in a clear case. Victor explained that it was a model of the yacht he'd purchased, which, he added, he'd named Forever Ashley. Victor went on to describe the yacht's luxury amenities, including a sizable staff and a four-star chef.

Ashley was shocked when Victor announced that the real yacht was her wedding gift from him. Ashley gasped in disbelief and covered her mouth with her hands. Victor explained that he'd been planning their honeymoon, alluding to a lengthy private cruise. Ashley noted that they hadn't yet planned their wedding. Victor said he'd leave the plans to Ashley. Ashley replied, "Are you telling me to go ahead and make wedding plans?" Victor suggested Ashley proceed discreetly until after his divorce was final. Victor said he believed Nikki wanted out of the marriage as much as he did.

Ashley seemed uncertain and expressed concern about how Nikki truly felt. Victor asked Ashley why she questioned Nikki's feelings. Ashley explained that she'd put herself in Nikki's position and considered how she'd feel if she were losing Victor. Victor held Ashley in his arms and explained that his relationship with her wasn't the same as his relationship with Nikki because he and Ashley communicated on an entirely different level. Victor assured Ashley that he'd never felt as close to a human being as he did to her. Ashley gushed with happiness as Victor promised his "Forever Ashley" that they'd live out a fantasy of love. Ashley embraced Victor and replied, "Forever. Forever and ever."

Ashley proposed another toast to dreams she hoped would come true. Ashley recalled that Victor had never broken a promise he'd made to her. Victor insisted he never would. Victor picked a rose from a bouquet and tugged each petal away, alternating the phrases, "She loves me. She loves me not." Ashley took the rose, began plucking petals and said, "She loves you. She always loves you. Always."

Victor offered his hand, lifted Ashley to her feet, and led her in ballroom dance in the candlelit room. Victor asked Ashley if she was happy. Ashley cried that she'd never been happier. Ashley took a deep breath and described her feelings as ecstasy. Victor and Ashley confessed their love to each other. Victor told Ashley she was his life and his destiny. Victor drew Ashley close and kissed her on the lips.

John Abbott arrived at Joanna Manning's home for their date. John complimented Joanna's glitzy jacket. Joanna noted that she'd designed her frock herself. John accepted a drink Joanna poured, sat on the sofa, and told Joanna she made him feel "so young." John had mentioned that the stress he'd recently endured had aged him. Joanna suggested that John consider cosmetic surgery. John scoffed that he wouldn't possibly consider the idea. Joanna explained that roughly half the patients undergoing cosmetic surgery were men, so it wasn't only women who underwent procedures.

Joanna suggested John consult a surgeon about eye surgery. Joanna critiqued John's eyes and noted that the eyes were the first area of the face to show aging. John said he'd rather accept nature's course rather than change it. Joanna lifted John's brow with her fingers, marveled at the difference, and encouraged John not to rule out surgery. Joanna stepped out briefly and quietly watched as John stood before a mirror and tugged on the skin around his eyes, seemingly imagining how surgery might improve his appearance.

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