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Danny and Cricket marry in Hawaii

Danny and Cricket marry in Hawaii

Friday, November 16, 1990

At the ranch, Jack asked how he could help Nikki. She lamented that she had a horrible decision to make after speaking with her doctor. Nikki explained that her pain level wasn't always the same, but she couldn't seem to rise above it. Jack questioned whether the doctor thought the only option was surgery. Nikki confirmed that the only way to alleviate the pain was to eliminate the cause, but she couldn't ignore the risks.

Nikki cited the loss of sensation and control and possible paralysis, and it destroyed her to think that she might be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Jack pulled her into his arms and figured that she was too emotional to make a decision, so he suggested that they take some time to consider her options. Nikki pointed out that there were only two choices -- she had to either live with the pain or risk paralysis, and neither sounded very attractive. The doorbell rang, and Jack found Victor there. Victor asked to speak with Nikki. Jack attempted to put it off until another time, but Nikki called out that she would talk to Victor.

Nikki invited Victor in. She answered the phone and told Jack that it was a call from Australia. Jack instructed her to tell them he'd call back, but she implored him to take the call upstairs. Jack reluctantly obliged, and Nikki asked why Victor was there. Victor softly asked if she was all right, since it looked like she'd been crying. She denied it and pointed out that he still hadn't told her why he'd stopped by.

Victor claimed that he wanted to confirm their holiday plans with the children, but Nikki balked at doing it then. Victor observed that she seemed very upset, and she chalked it up to it being a hectic week and having a lot on her mind. He pushed to know if it was about her marriage, and she blasted him for automatically assuming something was wrong. She added that she and Jack had never been closer. Victor wished she would tell him what was bothering her.

Nikki chided Victor for looking for something when nothing was there. Victor was adamant about creating a feeling of normalcy for the kids, who belonged with family during the holidays. He suggested that he and Nikki spend time together with the children for a day or two over Christmas, and she clarified that Jack and Ashley would be included, too. Jack eavesdropped as Nikki agreed to think about it, and she offered to call Victor later to make plans. Victor told Nikki to take care of herself, and he headed out. Jack studied Nikki carefully.

Jack noted that Victor's visit had upset Nikki, and he surmised that Victor had assumed they'd been having problems with their marriage. Nikki shared that she'd refused to argue with Victor, but Jack was sure that Victor had seen that she hadn't been herself. Jack wondered what she'd told Victor about her physical situation, and Nikki replied that she didn't want Victor to know. She added that it was her decision to make with her husband and not her former husband, and she didn't want Victor to be involved in it at all. Pleased, Jack kissed and hugged her.

Jack hoped Victor hadn't stopped by just to give Nikki a hard time about her marriage. Nikki mentioned that Victor had wanted to discuss how to handle the holidays with the children, and Jack looked forward to having a wonderful first Christmas together with the biggest tree they'd ever seen, carols on the stereo, and cookies in the oven. Nikki imagined that they were in for a special holiday season if he had his way.

Nikki said she was starting to look forward to the holidays for the first time, but she wished she could be sure what the season would hold for her. Jack pledged to be right there with her, no matter what she decided. They kissed.

Victor returned home, where Ashley greeted him with a kiss. He asked if she'd missed him, and she cooed that of course she had. She inquired whether he'd made arrangements with Nikki for the holidays, and he replied, "Not really." She pointed out that it had been the reason for his visit, and he informed her that it hadn't been successful.

Ashley assumed that Victor had gotten into an argument with Jack, but Victor indicated that Jack hadn't been a problem. Victor revealed that Nikki had been in a strange mood. He'd suspected that she'd been crying, but she'd denied it. Ashley reminded him that his former wife was married to Jack, so it wasn't up to Victor to solve Nikki's problems. Ashley recognized that Nikki and Victor would always share a special bond, but she lectured that he had to cut the cord, since he wasn't responsible for Nikki's life anymore.

Ashley wondered if Victor was upset with her for speaking frankly with him. He reasoned that if they couldn't be frank with one another, then their marriage wasn't what he'd hoped it would be. She could tell that he was still very preoccupied and concerned. Ashley questioned whether he intended to spend the rest of the evening thinking about his ex-wife and Ashley's brother or if she and Victor could have a little time to themselves. She wrapped her arms around him, and he praised that she was not only very beautiful but also very wise. He proposed that they go upstairs and take a shower together. She thought it was a wonderful idea, and they kissed.

In Hawaii, Danny and Rex took in the view. Danny mused that it was the most important day of his life, and Rex remarked that Danny couldn't have picked a more magnificent site for a wedding. Danny wanted it to be something really special that he and Cricket would always remember. Rex thought that there were a few fatherly things he should say, but he felt inept because he'd never had a son get married before. Rex had a feeling that Danny had a better idea of what constituted a relationship than his old man did, but Danny insisted that he'd learned a lot from his dad, like never to give up or stop believing in his hopes and dreams.

Danny believed that Rex was living proof that people could turn their lives around, and he was proud of what Rex had done with himself. Rex proclaimed that the best thing he'd ever done had been to help create two wonderful human beings -- Danny and Gina. Danny wished that his mom could have been there, and Rex suspected that she was. Rex imagined that Danny's mother would have adored Cricket, and he envisioned Danny's mom looking down on them with a big, happy smile. They headed off to prepare for the wedding.

Nina and Gina helped Cricket get ready in a hotel room. Cricket asked how they were doing on time, and Nina urged her to stop worrying. Gina inquired whether Scott was going to pick Cricket up, and Cricket replied that he wanted to spend some time with her beforehand. Nina imagined that he would give his sister advice about what to expect from marriage. Cricket blissfully murmured that she already knew what to expect, since her life wouldn't be anything but perfect once she was married to Danny.

In another hotel room, Rex got dressed as Leanna fretted that she had nothing to wear to the wedding. He asked if she'd heard from the airline, and she called airport baggage services again to inquire whether they'd found her lost bag yet. The attendant recognized her name because she'd called earlier, and she snapped that she wasn't interested in a long-standing relationship with him. He reported that they hadn't located her suitcase yet, and she testily informed him that she had a wedding to attend.

The attendant pointed out that Leanna had discarded her plane ticket and provided only a vague description of her bag, so they were doing their best. Leanna whined that she just wanted her clothes, and he asked her to hold while he checked. There was a knock at the door, and two men carried in a long, slender package. Leanna instructed them to put it in the corner, and Rex wondered what it was. Leanna said she'd tell him later, since she was in the middle of a crisis. She berated the baggage attendant and slammed down the phone.

Later, Leanna impatiently flipped through a magazine and complained that she hadn't heard from the airline. Rex said he had an idea, but she cut him off and refused to buy another dress because she wanted to wear the one she'd bought for the occasion. He offered to pay for a new one, but she didn't want to be obligated to him. Rex requested her help with his bow tie, and she responded by positioning it vertically. He urged her to go to the boutique in the lobby, and she hoped the shop had more than grass skirts. She promised that she would make it to the ceremony -- and hopefully not in a sarong.

After Rex left, Leanna paced anxiously and accepted that she had to go buy something to wear. There was a knock at the door, and a man called out her name and identified himself as "Jumbo Man." She assumed it was Rex and ordered him to go to the wedding. There was more pounding, and a man yelled her name again. She realized that it didn't sound like Rex, and she opened the door and found a burly, muscular man there.

Leanna surmised that the man had the wrong room, but he asked if she was the Leanna Love who'd taken his suitcase. She recognized her bag in his hand, and he griped that he only had it because it had been the last one left at the baggage counter after she'd made off with his. She questioned what she'd want with his bag, since he was hardly her size. He retorted that her stuff hadn't fit him, either, and she suggested that they swap luggage. He insisted on making sure nothing was missing.

The man was relieved when he opened his suitcase and recovered his satin robe with "Jumbo Man" elaborately stitched on the back. He contended that some of his fans would kill for one of his robes, and Leanna assured him that she wasn't one of them. He wrapped the robe around his shoulders and happily declared it safe and sound. Leanna feigned admiration for the robe and requested that he excuse her, since she had a wedding to go to. He congratulated her and offered to leave tickets to his match at the door of the venue as a wedding present. After he left, Leanna threw open her suitcase and was thrilled to see her own clothes.

In front of a church, Scott helped Cricket out of a limousine. Cricket, clad in an exquisite wedding gown, gushed that Danny had picked the perfect church in the perfect setting. Scott declared that it was her wedding day and that she'd never looked more beautiful. Cricket replied that she'd never felt more beautiful. "Let's do it!" he exclaimed.

Inside the church, Scott joked that there was still time for Cricket to back out. She told him to bite his tongue, and he recognized how much she loved Danny. Cricket marveled that she'd never fantasized in her wildest dreams that she'd be marrying the man she'd been crazy about since she'd been a little girl. She recalled that Danny had always been there for her and had helped her through every crisis. She continued that Danny had gone from being her schoolgirl crush to her first love and eventually something more beautiful, and she believed their marriage would be forever.

Scott thought that if there was ever a couple that was meant to be, it was Cricket and Danny. Cricket forlornly noted that there was just one thing missing, and Scott guessed that she meant her mom. Cricket knew what it would have meant to her mom to be there, and she recounted that Jessica had described Cricket's wedding day when they'd talked in the hospital before Jessica had died. Cricket felt her mother's presence, and she pulled out a picture of Jessica to feel closer to her mom. Scott suggested that an emotional Cricket take a minute alone while he did some sightseeing, and he stepped out.

Cricket gazed down lovingly at the photo and told her mom that it was the day Jessica had hoped to live to see. Cricket sensed that her mother would somehow be there when she walked down the aisle, took Danny's hands, and said her vows. Cricket swore that Danny was the right man that her mother had always told her that she would find, and they'd start their lives together that day. Cricket called it the happiest day of life, and she knew that her mom would be sharing it with her.

Cricket held the photo close as Nina burst in and quickly apologized for interrupting. Cricket mentioned that she'd just been talking to her mom, and she asked if Nina had the ring. Nina confirmed that she did, and she inquired whether Cricket was ready. Cricket brightly stated that she couldn't be more ready.

The guests gathered on the grounds outside the church. Gina couldn't believe her baby brother was getting married, and she said she couldn't be happier for him. She hoped that what he was feeling continued to grow, and she reminded him how lucky he and Cricket were to have one another. He kissed her cheek and asked if Rex had the ring. Rex encouraged Danny to relax, and Gina teased Danny for being nervous.

The priest approached and called it a glorious day for a Hawaiian wedding. The band members arrived, and Gina led them over to the spot to set up. The priest remarked that all they needed was the bride. Leanna rushed over with apologizes for being late. Danny prompted the priest to begin. Scott walked Cricket across the grass toward Danny, and the couple beamed at one another. The guests smiled as Cricket and Danny joined hands and locked eyes.

The priest announced that they were in a special place to celebrate the joyous union of Daniel and Christine, and he began the ceremony with a prayer and a scripture reading. He led Danny and Cricket through their vows and the exchanging of rings, and he pronounced them husband and wife. Danny and Cricket kissed as the church bells rang.

The wedding party congregated on the beach for the reception. Rex said he was proud of Danny, and he hugged Cricket. Gina happily embraced Danny and was glad that Cricket had been the one to take him out of circulation. Cricket shared that it had been her plan since she'd been 14. Cricket told Scott that the day was even more special with him being there. Leanna called it a beautiful wedding that might have restored her faith in romance, which had been sorely tested. Cricket suggested that Leanna might be next, but Leanna hesitated to go that far.

Nina hugged the newlyweds, and David shook Danny's hand. Cricket credited Nina with getting her through the ceremony without any disasters, and David hoped the couple was as happy as he and Nina were. Rex toasted to the bride and groom, noting that they'd struggled hard to share a life together. Rex advised Danny and Cricket to treasure each moment, and he hoped that everything about their marriage got stronger. Rex urged them to remember the magic time when they'd become one, and everyone clinked glasses. Rex declared a start to the luau celebration, and dancers appeared as the band began to play.

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