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Genoa City gathered for an elaborate masquerade ball. While most were there to have a good time, David Kimble had something much more sinister in mind. He donned the same wolf costume as Danny Romalotti -- and shot him.
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David Kimble dressed as a wolf and shot Danny Romalotti at the masquerade ball
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The glamorous masquerade ball takes a tragic twist

The glamorous masquerade ball takes a tragic twist

Wednesday, October 2, 1991

by Nel

The Colonnade Room was decked out for the masquerade ball, and the guests, dressed in their various costumes, began to arrive. The first were Katherine Chancellor as the Queen of Hearts, and her escort, Rex Sterling, as the Mad Hatter. Entering behind them were John Abbott as George Washington, and Leanna Love as Cupid. Next was Olivia Barber as Diana Ross, and Neil Winters as Dionysus. Next was Gina Roma as Carmen Miranda, and Brock Reynolds as Teddy Roosevelt. Esther Valentine as Fifi the French maid, Cricket Blair as Holly Hollywood, and Danny Romalotti as the Wolf.

David Kimble lurked behind a curtain on the balcony, dressed in the same wolf costume as Danny Romalotti.

Next to arrive was Jill Abbott as Cleopatra. Rex asked Katherine if Cleopatra had brought her asp. Jack Abbott as Prince Charming was next, followed by Lauren Fenmore as Marie Antoinette, and her escort, Paul Williams, as a superhero. Traci Abbott arrived as Mae West, with her escort, Brad Carlton, as Zorro.

In the shadows were Victoria Newman and Ryan MacNeil as Romeo and Juliet. Ryan wanted to know about all the cloak and dagger stuff. Ryan said that he had wanted to be introduced, and he'd wanted to walk down the stairs like everyone else. She asked him to go along with her and to trust that it wouldn't be a good idea. Ryan asked if she knew what Victor's costume would be, but she said she had no idea. Ryan said Victo would probably be dressed as someone powerful.

At that moment, Victor Newman arrived as a Roman conqueror with Ashley Abbott on his arm, as Scheherazade. Jack caustically told Jill that Victor's costume was something that suited Victor and that he probably wore something like that to bed.

After Ryan saw Victor's costume, he laughed and told Victoria that he hadn't been far off the mark. He wanted them to go and say hello, but Victoria stopped him by asking him to dance.

Next to arrive were Scott Grainger as the ringmaster, with Sheila Carter on his arm as a black panther. Lauren wasn't happy to see Scott with Sheila. Lauren told Paul she didn't want to be catty, but that was exactly what she would have picked for Sheila to wear. Paul told Lauren they were at a party, and she needed to hide her claws.

Neil watched jealously as Drucilla Barber, dressed as a ballerina, arrive with Nathan Hastings as an Arabian sultan. Neil asked Olivia to dance when he saw Nathan and Dru arrive.

Next to arrive were Nina Webster, dressed as Little Bo Peep, and John Silva as Valentino, the world-renowned matador. Cricket and Danny were both happy that Nina had decided to attend the ball with John.

In the meantime, David Kimble lurked in the shadows and watched as Danny danced with Cricket. One of the servers noticed David and said he didn't think David had been introduced. He offered to have the maître d' introduce him, but David refused, informing him that he was very shy, and it had taken his girlfriend everything she had to get him to the party.

Katherine and Rex had been dancing until Katherine saw Jill. She and Rex joined Jack and Jill, and Katherine commented that Jill had made quite an entrance. Jill picked up on the sarcasm and said she didn't want to be ostentatious, but Cleopatra would have been carried in on a litter with a dozen men fawning and fanning her. Katherine laughed and said Jill had been really lucky to get two men. Katherine hoped Jill had paid them well.

Trying to lighten the mood, Rex asked if Jack realized how lucky they both were to be with royalty. Jack said they were -- the Queen of Hearts and the Queen of the Nile. Katherine said she was surprised that Jack was with Jill and asked about Nikki. Jack explained that Nikki was on a little holiday. Katherine asked if John had begged Jack to take Jill off his hands. Jack told Katherine not to read anything into it. Jill told Jack to save his breath because Katherine would, anyway, and Jill walked away.

Olivia told Neil that it wasn't like Nathan to be that late, but Neil claimed that Dru had probably hung him up while they were getting ready. Neil handed Olivia a rose. At that moment, Neil spotted Nathan and Dru, and, not wanting Olivia to see them, he suggested that they mingle.

Douglas Austin, dressed as Henry VIII, introduced himself to Madam Chauvin, the ballet instructor. Douglas was overwhelmed meeting her. He asked if she was the famous prima ballerina. She replied that she wasn't aware there was any other.

John told Leanna that he'd felt foolish getting into that costume, but he confessed that he'd become quite comfortable in it. Leanna gushed that John being the president became him. John asked her to dance. Jill wasn't happy to see John and Leanna headed for the dance floor.

Cricket asked where Nina had left her sheep. Nina claimed she'd left them in the parking lot. Danny asked if anyone was hungry for lamb chops. Everyone laughed.

David Kimble remained in the shadows on the terrace, and he watched Danny and Cricket in a conversation with Nina and John. David growled when Douglas called him Danny and complimented him on his costume. As Douglas and Madam Chauvin walked away, David muttered under his breath that Douglas was a stupid old fool.

On stage, Katherine and Rex were introduced as the two people responsible for the charity ball. As Katherine took the microphone to speak, Esther stood up and applauded. Rex took the mic and introduced Katherine and Douglas, who sang their rendition of "Put on a Happy Face." Mamie, dressed as a flapper, grinned.

Lauren and Paul were on the balcony, flirting, while Paul's secretary, Lynn Bassett, dressed like a cigarette girl, dejectedly watched them. Mary Williams, Paul's mother, dressed as a suffragette, told Lynn not to get discouraged and that it would all work out. Lynn asked if Mary was having a good time. Mary said it would be perfect if Lynn and Paul were together.

Scott and Sheila joined Paul and Lauren on the terrace. Scott said he wanted to put aside all the tension. He asked what Paul and Lauren thought about the four of them getting together. He stated that he and Sheila were willing to give it a try, and he asked if Paul and Lauren were game. Paul said that Lauren had tried to reach out to Sheila and her mother, and there hadn't been a response.

Paul didn't understand why Sheila suddenly wanted to be close friends. Lauren said she was amazed at Sheila's change in attitude. Sheila said people changed, and she really wanted to be friends, not enemies, with Lauren. Lauren invited them for dinner. After Sheila and Scott left, Lauren said there was something weird about that.

David Kimble hid behind a curtain on stage, not far from Nina, Cricket, Danny, and John, and he muttered, "Enjoy yourselves. It won't be long."

Elsewhere, Brad brought Traci a drink and said that he'd been thinking about the baby as much as she had. Traci said she knew that. However, they were at the ball, and she didn't want them to think about anything else but enjoying themselves. Brad agreed, and he asked Traci to dance.

John invited Ashley to dance. John and Ashley saw Brad and Traci dancing, and they both hoped for good things to happen for them.

Dru commented to Nathan that Olivia appeared to be having a great time with Neil. Nathan claimed that Olivia was supposed to be at the hospital. At that moment, Olivia spotted Dru and Nathan, and she and Neil joined them. Olivia wondered where they'd been. Nathan asked if Olivia hadn't heard them being introduced when they'd arrived. Olivia and Neil said they hadn't. Nathan said it didn't matter, and he wanted to borrow his wife. He and Olivia walked onto dance floor and began to dance.

Dru accused Neil of dancing with Olivia while her husband had been present the entire time. Neil said that they hadn't known that Nathan had arrived. Dru accused Neil of carrying a torch for Olivia. Neil chastised Dru for her comments. He said it was an elegant costume party, and he suggested that she maintain a level of dignity.

Victor joined Dru and Neil. Dru turned on the charm and told Victor that the ball was a stupendous affair, and she walked away. Neil apologized to Victor and stated that he'd been trying to help Dru with her English. Victor said Dru was a breath of fresh air, and he didn't want Neil to change her. Victor spotted John and Ashley dancing, and he cut in. John happily stepped away.

As part of the entertainment, Katherine introduced Esther, who performed a naughty little number to "Everybody Ought to Have a Maid." Jill watched and rolled her eyes.

On the balcony, Ryan wanted Victoria to tell him what was going on with her and her Victor. Victoria admitted that Victor had arranged a date for her. She told Ryan she wanted to avoid Victor, but Ryan wanted everyone to know they were a couple. Victor spotted Victoria and Ryan on the balcony.

David watched from the shadows as Cricket and Danny flirted on the dance floor while Danny held Cricket very close.

At a nearby table, Carol Evans asked John and Ashley whether Brad and Traci would remarry. They all hoped they would.

On the dance floor, Ryan left Victoria to get them something to drink. Victor approached Victoria and asked about her escort, Tyler. Victoria said Victor couldn't do that to her as she'd already made plans. Victor asked about the dress he'd bought for her. Victoria said she'd returned it in favor of the one she was wearing. Victor wanted her to assure him that Ryan wasn't Romeo to her Juliet, and he admitted that he'd already seen her with Ryan.

Victor approached Jack and asked him where his date was. Jack said he had no idea, and confessed that he'd offered to be Jill's date so she wouldn't have to be alone at the ball. Victor asked if Jack had heard from Nikki since she'd left. Jack said he hadn't but he also didn't expect to hear from her. Victor said he had a lot of questions about Nikki's trip.

Jill encountered Katherine in the powder room. With disdain, Katherine said that Jill had a nerve showing up with Jack given their history, but Jill countered that she had every confidence that after the ball, John would be over that twit, Leanna, and he would realize what they had shared together. Katherine informed Jill that John and Leanna would be performing together later and she left.

Danny told Cricket he wanted to go and chat with a friend and he wouldn't be long.

In the meantime, Katherine introduced Gina Roma, who sang "Lost in This Masquerade." Cricket watched Nina and John dancing while Danny went onto the terrace looking for his friend, but he came face to face with David Kimble's wolf. David shot Danny and called him a bastard. David said "One down, two to go" and he laughed.

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