The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps for the week of December 23, 1996

Tony crashed Nick and Sharon's party and introduced himself as Grace's boyfriend. Jill canceled her holiday plans with John Silva to spend time with Billy. Phyllis tried to seduce Danny with a dance. Nina suffered from severe depression. Kurt decided to stay and watch over Hope.
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Tony crashed Nick and Sharon's party, Phyllis tried to seduce Danny, and Nina suffered from severe depression
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Monday, December 23, 1996

Ashley arrives at Victors home with a Christmas gift for him. She asks Victor if he had spoken with Kurt. He tells her that he did what she asked him to do.

At the Newman ranch the party is going strong. Grace gives Sharon a present and she tells her that she has one for her husband as well. She spots Nick. Victoria spots Grace. Victoria is talking with Neil and Olivia. Dru is home with Lily. Malcolm arrives. Everyone is having a good time. Tony shows up looking through the window. He says to himself "how did you fall into such a rich crowd Gracie."

Ryan and Nina are arguing about the business trip. Nina is crying. Nina tells Ryan that the only reason that he is being sent is to keep him away from Victoria. Ryan tells her that he asked Mr. Newman about that and he said that wasn't the reason. "You think he'd admit that to you!" she yells. She realized that she hurt him with that statement and apologizes to him. "Your not even interested in saving this marriage!"

Phyllis is wrapping A present singing Christmas carols out of tune when her phone rings. Its Tim. He asks her how its going. She tells him that she and Danny are living together. He tells her to be happy and a Merry Christmas to her. He hangs up and takes the picture he has of them and puts it away.

Danny stops to see his sister. He invites her to a Christmas dinner party that he decided he should have at his house with Phyllis. She excepts.

Tony walks right into the house as if he belonged there. He looks for Grace, she is still with Nick. (Victoria is still watching every move that Grace makes) Neil spots him and introduces himself. He tells Tony that he looks a little lost. He tells him that this is the first time he has been here. Neil points out Sharon and Nick. He is surprised that Sharon is pregnant.

Phyllis stops by to visit Gina. She asks her if she can give her any clue as to Danny's feelings about her. The only thing Gina tells her is that Danny wants to take things slow. Not to rush things, see how it goes.

Danny invites Chris, Paul and Lynne to the dinner party. They talk about his life. She asks him if he is planning to try to build a life together with her. He tells her that she has changed. Things were good.

Nina tells Ryan that a trip won't save their marriage. That taking a trip will not solve their problems. She is to messed up to go anywhere. He tells her that he has to go. He goes to pack.

Danny stops by Legal Aide to invite Chris to his dinner party. She excepts. She asks Danny if he is planning on building a life with her. "Possibly" he tells her. She asks if Phyllis has tried to climb in bed with him yet. He tells her "amazingly no." He tells her that she has changed. They have a lot to build on though. She wishes him good luck.

Tony walks over to grace. She is shocked that he followed her there. Nick remembers him. He tells Nick that he is not just a friend of hers that he is her boyfriend. Grace looks as though she would like to climb under a rock. Nick introduces everyone to Tony and announces that he is Grace's boyfriend.

Ryan comes out with his bag and tells Nina that this is not the way he had expected to leave. He tells her that this is probably a relief to her. She cries. She tells him that " I am too messed up to think about anyone but myself right now and if that is being selfish, I'm sorry!" "It is selfish!" he yells at her.

Nick tells Victoria that her theory about Grace having a crush on him is way off base since she has a boyfriend. Meanwhile Grace is telling Tony to leave. That he had no right to introduce himself as her boyfriend. He goes to get something to eat. Victoria approaches him and asks him who he is. He asks her who she is , she tells him "I am Victoria Newman, I live at this Ranch. So you and Grace are a hot item, funny she's never mentioned you to me before." "She never mentioned you to me either." he replies. He tells her that their personal lives are personal. " It must be nice being rich" he says. "It's better than being poor" she answers. "What are you doing here?" she asks him. "Are you saying that I don't belong here?" he asks. "I didn't say that, but your not on my guest list" she tells him. "I am here with Grace" he said. "Funny I didn't see you arrive together." With that she turns and leaves.

Sharon approaches Grace and asks her about Tony. She feels a little put out that Grace never mentioned him to her being that they are best friends. She apologizes and tells her that there is a reason that they broke up, and he is apart of her past . She asks Sharon not to get personal with him about herself . She assures her that she won't.

Chris tells Paul about the invitation to the dinner party. She tells him about Danny and Phyllis's living arrangements. He tells her that he thinks it is strange, interesting. He tells her that he will go.

Tony and Grace are talking. He gives her the same old lines, and she seams to be falling under his spell. He kisses her and she lets him. She pulls back and asks him to give her some peace. Please leave. He kisses her again. She Gives him this, what am I going to do with you look.

Ryan hands Nina a bag and asks her to deliver it to Philip. He tells her that he will stop at Flo's house to say goodbye to Philip. He hands her a Christmas present and tells her that this is not how he expected to give it to her. He walks out the door leaving Nina in tears.

Tuesday, December 24, 1996

A really boring day in GC (even though we are seeing this almost everyday). Nick and Sharon getting mushy after their wonderful party. Victoria and Cole discussing Tony and what a clod he is and they getting mushy. Grace telling Tony *again* to get lost and how she can't believe he crashed the party and said he was her boyfriend. He questions her on cutting Sharon, her best, pregnant, friend out of the photo she used to carry of Nick, then he leaves.

A wonderful party at the Romalotti place. They all have great toasts to make with the eggnog and are in awe of the food that Danny fixed (with Phyllis helping me, I couldn't have done it without her, spews Danny). Lynn kisses Paul under the mistletoe as they are leaving and Danny does the same to Phyllis as they are saying their goodbyes to their guests. Later, Danny puts LD to bed and he and Phyllis share a nice kiss after Phyllis gushes to Danny on how this was the best Christmas she has ever had in her life, all because of him.

Meanwhile, Chris and Paul can't believe the changes in Phyllis and Danny. Do you think it will last? asks Paul. It's their life and we have ours, says Chris. They get mushy on the sofa. Chris enters later in a new nighty just for Paul and they continue to make out on the sofa.

Christmas at the Hastings apartment isn't as jolly. Nate is so depressed. Wonders if Daddy celebrates Christmas in heaven. The tears are rolling for Olivia (here we go again) as they try to comfort and cheer up Nate. Of course Malcolm, Dru, Neil and Lily are all there too.

Jill is heartbroken seeing Billy's reaction to her leaving for Christmas. She tells John S. upon his arrival that she just can't go. He is so understanding, maybe next time. He leaves. Jill calls Billy and John A. back downstairs and tells Billy she changed her mind. He is so happy, he loves her so much. I love you too, you are the most important person in the world to me Billy. Hugs, tears; it looks like John A. is also pleased.

Victor goes to see Kurt, looking for an answer to his offer. Kurt is unsure. How do you know you can trust me? Katherine said...........Here is my address, upon your release, come by and give me your answer.

Christmas Wednesday, December 25, 1996

Nick and Sharon are sitting in front of their tree, next to a roaring fire. They talk about the incredible gift a new born baby is. The birth of a baby that changed mankind. They also talk about their own personal miracle.

Nikki looks around her living room reflecting on Christmas pasts. When Nick and Victoria were small children waiting for their father to come home. She hears their voices all full of holiday cheer and fun. She hears Victor tell her merry Christmas. Josh walks into the room and he tells her Merry Christmas but all she hears is Victors voice. He calls out to her. He apologizes for startling her and asks her if she was thinking about Victor. She tells him "no, don't be silly. I was thinking about or first Christmas together and how perfect it is going to be." He tells her that it is okay for her to think about Victor. That it must be hard that he is not going to be there like he usually is. She tells him that she plans on making their first holiday together memorable. Victor comes downstairs and calls out for Hope. She doesn't answer. He looks around and calls out for her again. He opens the front door to get the paper. He realizes that Hope's cane is gone. He sits down to read the paper when Hope walks in. He tells her that he was just starting to get worried about her and asks where she had been. She tells him that she went to an early church service. That she spent her time with Cliff. she asks if he can understand that. He say's yes he can..

Paul is under his tree trying to sneak a peak at his Christmas presents. Chris catches him red handed and tells him he must wait until after they come home from Mary's house. He tells his wife that this is the happiest Christmas's he has ever had. She agrees with him, she too feels that way. They kiss. She tell him that it must be pretty difficult for Nina today. Here she is so happy and she knows that Nina is just sitting at that apartment all alone. She asks if Paul would mind having her meet him over at Mary's so she can check up on her.

Ashley calls the hospital looking for Kurt. She just missed him he checked out already. John walks in and tells his daughter Merry Christmas. Jack walks into the room with a very sad Merry Christmas. Ashley tells her dad that she thinks she knows why he is in a bad mood and that she is going to do something about it.

Hope asks Victor about their schedule for the day. He tells her that he is waiting for the boy to get up. She thanks Victor for being here for them. Victor Jr. comes into the room, excited to see if Santa Claus had come the night before. Victor asks him to close his eyes. He turns off the lights and turns on the tree lights. He tells Victor Jr. that he can open up his eye's. He tells hope that the tree is so beautiful. "I wish you could see the tree, Mommy," She tells him that she can tell the tree is beautiful by the tone in his voice. Victor takes him to the tree.

Nick and Sharon talk about the reconciliation between Victoria and Cole. Sharon asks if he would like to stop and see them before they go to the main house for the day. He thinks its a good idea. They get their coats on. Nick stops and looks at the tree. He tells Sharon that it would be a perfect day if his dad was going to be there. Sharon comforts Nick.

Cole and Victoria are still in bed. Cole hands Victoria a present. Its a beautiful diamond necklace. He tells her its a new beginning, a new commitment. She is about to show her appreciation to him when Sharon and Nick show up knocking at their door.

Victor wonders if this Kurt fellow really is a man of his word since he has yet to show up. Victor jr. is playing with his toys when he tells Victor that his that "daddy is in heaven with God taking care of him" like he is taking care of them. The phone rings . It is Ashley, she tells him that Kurt was released from the hospital and she wants to know if he heard from him yet? He tells her know but he will keep her informed.

Ashley gets off the phone and tells Jack that he has a really good scrooge act going on. She asks him if he had seen Diane, and didn't he invite her over? He tells her to back off. Ash tries to continue the conversation but he doesn't want to hear it. Jill and Billy walk in with an armful of gifts and put them under the Christmas tree. Jack ignores Ashley and watches them.

Nick tells them that he will be sure to call them next time they come over. Victoria shows them the necklace. She gets everyone hot chocolate and they toast to a Merry Christmas. Meanwhile up at the main house Doris thanks Nikki for including them in their family celebration. Nikki reminds her that she is family and once that baby is born the tie will be a lot stronger. Nick and Sharon arrive and Nikki asks where Cole and Victoria are. Nick tells her that they shouldn't be rushed today. he gives her a sheepish grin.

Ashley phones Katherine to wish her a Merry Christmas. She also wants to know if she has heard from Kurt. Katherine tells her that wherever he is she prays that he is all right. She blesses Kurt wherever he may be.

Chris arrives at Nina's. Nina reluctantly answers the door. She is a mess. Still in her robe her hair mussed and she looks like she has been crying all night. She asks her if she would like to come to Mary's with her . She tells her know that she is miserable, Philip is at grandma's and he is miserable too. She doesn't want to go anywhere or see anyone. She asks Nina what she can do to help? Nina tells her to go have a Merry Christmas. "Besides I have no one to blame but myself" she tells her.

Ashley calls again to see if Victor has heard from Kurt. She tells him that she is afraid that they have lost him that she wants to help him so much. Hope tells him that she wasn't thrilled about this stranger coming to stay with her anyway. He tells her that it looks like she won't have to worry about it anyway. It seems that this fellow was not a man of his word anyway. He asks her if she would mind if he goes out to the ranch. He hasn't told them that he is going out of town and he would like to wish them a Merry Christmas. She tells him that he should go spend some time with his other family.

Mary is upset that Chris isn't there yet. Its a family day she tells Paul. The phone rings and it is Chris. She asks Chris "where are you, we've been expecting you." She tells a distant Mary that she won't be making it. a friend needs her fight now. She tells Chris that her husband needs her now. doesn't he count? She tells her that she thinks her timing is very poor. She asks to speak with Paul. She hands him the phone, Paul gives her a do you mind look when she doesn't walk away. when she tells him that she

Jack walks up to Ashley and apologizes for blowing her off and he is ready to hear what she wanted to say to him. She tells him that she is going to respect his relationship with Diane. He is stunned. The doorbell rings and Diane is let in. Ashley called her and asked her to come celebrate the holidays with them. That put a smile on Jacks face. The Abbotts have a good time with Billy. John tells her that he is glad that she stayed home. Billy is glad too. Jack asks Diane if she is having a good time? Ashley makes a comment and they all make an excuse to leave the room. Jack and Diane kiss under the mistletoe.

At the Ranch, Nick is quite. he is looking at the tree. Nikki walks up to him and tells him that she misses his fathers being with them too. Cole and Victoria show up all full of Christmas cheer. Nick and Sharon share a knowing look. Victor shows up and everyone is so happy he could stop by. Now it feels like Christmas. Nikki's eyes fill with tears.

Chris tells Paul that she just can't leave Nina it the condition she is in and she's not up to going there. She tells him that she wanted to be with him . Paul tells her not to worry about it and that she will be missed. Paul hangs up and tells Mary that Chris won't be making it. Mary blows a cork. She says " Your going to allow this? How can a women abandon her husband and her family on Christmas day. Paul tells her " because you don't know the problem and if you keep it up I'll go over to Nina's myself." Lynne reassures Mary that it must be important for Chris to stay away.

Betty walks up to hope and asks her if she is okay "It's like your waiting for someone." She tells him about the man that Victor wants to keep an eye on. "Like I am a Baby or something." She tells Betty. The door rings and it is Kurt. Betty tells him that Victor is not home. He introduces himself to Hope, and asks her if she would mind if he waited. She tells him to do as he likes.

Nikki tells Victor that she is glad that he came. he tells his family about his trip and that he is leaving in a few hours. He will be gone about a week. They begin talking about the birth of a child, their grandchild then of Jesus. Victor tells them that he prayed today. That the togetherness and happiness that he sees in the family today will only be strengthen by the birth of Sharon and Nick's child. Victor tells them all Bless us all and before I forget A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE................

Thursday, December 26, 1996

Another weird GC time warp today. Chris is still at Nina's all wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Kurt is just arriving at the Newman penthouse and Victor isn't there, like yesterday. But Victoria and Jill are at Jabot. Dru is at the studio and Neil seeing Olivia at the hospital for some medication!

Anyway, Kurt gets the cool reception from Hope. Victor arrives. Kurt tells him that he will stay. Victor tells Hope goodbye. Kurt checks out his room and talks some to Hope and tells her to remember that anything he says to her will be the truth because there is nothing more important to him than trust.

Sid tells Dru about a shoot in Tahiti the second week in January. Tells her that Neil and the kid can come too. Dru confesses about not telling Neil about signing. Sid agrees to keep a low profile on the shoot. Later, Malcolm and Dru discuss the shoot and about how Dru has got to tell Neil.

Meanwhile, Neil is telling Olivia how he is going to tell Dru *again* not to model anymore, and will tell her this on a trip to Hawaii, the second week in January. Olivia isn't too sure that the trip will smooth things with Dru. She wants to work....etc. Later, Olivia summons Dru, asking her what she sees for the new year. She doesn't tell Dru about Neil's plans, but Dru senses something, tells her not to worry and leaves.

Jill tells Victoria about how Ryan is in the Far East. Victoria can't believe that her father has interfered in her life. Victoria realizes that things aren't going so well for Ryan and Nina if Nina stayed in GC. Jill points out that now Ryan might be open for Victoria.

Nina is a total basket case. Unresponsive, goes wacko at the mention of Ryans name. Paul comes and tries to help. Chris and Paul discuss Nina over and over and over .......He leaves. Cole shows up on the request of Flo, who visited him earlier at the tack house.

Friday, December 27, 1996

Nina is in the outer stratousphere (wacko, wacko, wacko). Cole tries to get her to talk. She tells him to leave. He realizes he is late and cancels his dinner plans with Victoria, telling her something very important is up, he'll explain later at home. Cole finally gets Nina to respond. Nina asks Chris to give them some time; Chris runs to the store for dinner fixins. Nina gushes to Cole, she is so glad he has come back. She loves him so much, don't ever leave me again Cole. Hugs, Cole's look says that he realizes Nina is *really* bad off, delusional even.

Victoria tells Nikki about how Nina didn't go with Ryan to the Far East. Nikki tells her to let it go. Don't look for trouble where it doesn't exist. Cole is committed to you. Don't worry about Nina. (Of course, this all happens before Cole calls and breaks their date.)

Kurt recites bible verses with Hope. She tells him that he is the Good Samaritan. He says he doesn't see himself that way and goes to get some fresh air. Ashley stops by for a visit. She still doesn't know that Kurt showed up at Victors, as her and her father rehashed earlier. Ashley is telling Hope that she will help her in any way she can while Victor is gone and Hope is alone. Hope says we are not alone, just as Kurt is walking in the door. Ashley is stunned, (and happy too by the looks of it).

Dru at home looking over the Tahiti brochure, so happy. Neil arrives with his Hawaii brochure, telling Dru he has the solution to all their problems, the trip to Hawaii. She tells him that her surprise conflicts with his, he says we look them over and pick the best one. She says, we can't cancel the Tahiti trip cuz I'll be working *some* of the time. Neil gets really mad, tells her he thought she had this modeling stuff out of her system. Neil tells her he won't go to be a tag-along and storms out.

Nick finds Sharon laying on the floor on pillows. What are you doing? I'm practicing for child birth classes. What is that? Sharon continues to explain to Nick how he is going to be her coach. He doesn't know anything about anything when it comes to this stuff. But says if it is what Sharon wants, he'll do it. (Kinda cute scenes here, for Nick and Sharon that is.)

Phyllis sends LD off with Joni for the evening. Tonite is the night Joni, I'm not holding back any more. Later, the neighbor drops off some misdelivered mail and in it is a card from Sasha. Nothing threatening, just catch-up stuff, telling about her and Peter's upcoming nuptuals. Phyllis begins to get all worked up but stops herself. She gets into this skin tight dress and comes on to Danny as soon as he arrives. He submits for a while then goes to shower. Later, Phyllis does this Arabian like scarf/belly dance ending up across Dannys lap. He tells her just how incredible she is, but no thanks. Phyllis, kind of pouting, goes to go to her room; Danny stops her and they begin to suck face.

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