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January 6 to 10, 1997
Phyllis freaked out after she thought the police knew it had been her in the car that had run Paul and Christine down. Phyllis called off her wedding to Danny. After talking to Paul and Christine, Phyllis realized that nobody knew it had been her. Danny learned that Phyllis had called off their wedding and confronted her. Neil found out through a detective agency that his wife had signed a contract with a modeling agent. When he confronted Dru, she told him that it was his fault she had lied. Nina was still in a deep depression. Cole tried to help by putting her back to work. Hope learned that Kurt's wife and daughter had been killed in a car accident. Jill slept with Dennison, and he told her that the deal was hers. Jack, Jill, and Nick signed the deal with Dennison, even though Jack knew that Victor would not be pleased. Nick thought his dad would be proud of him.
January 13 to 17, 1997
Cole stopped by Nina's to pick up the research, and she made pasta for two. Kurt was ready to walk out the door, but something Ashley said made him open up to her about what had happened. Ashley booked two tickets to Cape Cod and convinced Kurt to face his past. Victor returned to the news of the Dennison deal and was not a happy man to find out Jack had gone behind his back after he had told Jack he didn't want the deal. Neil returned home to talk to Dru as she was leaving for Tahiti.
January 20 to 24, 1997
Dru and Malcolm took off for Tahiti after Neil asked her to stay. Olivia and Neil bonded. Victor blew a gasket when he found out about the Dennison deal. In the end, Victor told Jack and Jill that if they didn't make it work, they would be out of Newman Enterprises. Ryan returned home. Victoria and Cole were at a standstill. Kurt and Ashley arrived in Cape Cod, and Ashley found a letter to him from his dead wife. She read the letter; Kurt's wife had left him.
January 27 to 31, 1997
Nina and Ryan moved back in together, but Nina still worked for Cole. Nick was angry at Victor's reaction and decided to leave Newman Enterprises. Nick and Sharon planned to move away as soon as their baby was born. Christine thought she was pregnant, but later found she was not. She and Paul decided to wait a year to start a family. While Dru was away, Neil and Olivia became closer and even kissed. Josh became angry at Victor for spending so much time with Nikki at the ranch.
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February 3 to 7, 1997
Kurt returned to Katherine's home; he agreed to stay if no one knew he was there. Cole saw Victoria and Tony dancing. Nikki tried to convince Sharon to talk Nick out of leaving. Jack and Diane became engaged. Neil and Olivia continued to see each other. Jack offered Nick a position at the new company he had started with Jill and Dennison. Dru returned home to a cool reception from Neil.
February 10 to 14, 1997
Sharon was caught in the middle. Once again, Nikki confronted Sharon and tried to convince her to change Nick's mind. Walking home in a blizzard, Sharon slipped and fell, hitting her head and losing consciousness. Unknown to Dru, Neil called her agent and told him Dru wasn't interested in working. Dru found out what he had done, and they fought. After hours in the snow, Sharon was found.
February 17 to 21, 1997
Josh returned home and found Nikki in Victor's arms. Josh demanded that Victor stop showing up at the ranch. Katherine planned a dinner and invited Ashley -- without telling Kurt. Jill met Keith's daughters. Nick and Sharon celebrated their first wedding anniversary in the hospital. Victoria told her father and Cole goodbye; she was going away to "find" herself. Just as Sharon was ready to leave the hospital, she began bleeding and was ordered to bed.
February 24 to 28, 1997
It was a tense week for Sharon as she worried about the baby. Nina went out to a bar, where she found a friendly stranger to dance with. Separately, Ryan and Paul searched for Nina, and both ended up finding her at the bar. Paul watched from the shadows as Ryan confronted his wife and escorted her home. Sharon was taken to surgery as a distraught Nick begged the doctor to save his wife and baby.
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MARCH 1997
March 3 to 7, 1997
Nina continued to deteriorate. She again visited a bar alone. She met a man, and while they shared a drink, he slipped the "date-rape" drug into her drink. Luckily, an undercover policeman spotted it and rescued Nina. Dru was offered a dream job in Paris, but Neil turned it down. Dru's agent released Dru from her contract. An angry Dru packed her bags and went to Paris with Lily. To Josh's dismay, Victor called in all kinds of specialists for Victor's grandchild. Sharon was finally able to visit the baby in the nursery. A man showed up to look at Kurt's house and possibly buy it. Alone in the bedroom, the man searched the dresser drawers. Diane and Victor had dinner together.
March 10 to 14, 1997
Ryan left Nina and took Phillip with him. Ashley caught Grant stealing photos of himself and Linda from Kurt's house. Grant explained that he and Linda had had an affair, but he was once again back with his wife. Ashley kept quiet, but as she and Kurt were preparing to return to Genoa City, Kurt put a packet of photos in his bag. Grace and Tony went on a quest to find Sharon's first baby. Dru returned from Paris. Neil looked on as Dru gave an interview in which she talked about how much he had done for her. Sharon could leave the hospital, but she refused to go without the baby.
March 17 to 21, 1997
Kurt found the incriminating photos of Grant and Linda. Ashley reluctantly gave Kurt a letter Linda had written for him. Kurt returned to Cape Cod and confronted Grant with a gun, but he gave up when Grant's wife appeared. John Abbott was displeased to hear Ashley was with Kurt. Victor spent time with Victor Jr., and Hope told Victor that it meant the world to her that her son would grow up with his father in his life. Sharon and Nick had their son baptized and named him Noah. Malcolm assured Drucilla that she and Neil belonged together. Neil confessed to Olivia that his marriage to Drucilla had lost its magic. Danny planned a welcome home party for Phyllis, but she wasn't pleased. Nina and Cole talked about how they had made love at the cabin several months earlier. Grace and Tony tracked down a lead that they thought might lead them to Sharon's son or daughter, but the woman at the house they visited claimed not to know anyone by the name of Alice Johnson. Moments after they left, a young girl named Cassie exited a school bus and walked into that very same house.
March 24 to 28, 1997
Danny chastised Phyllis for being rude to "their" friend, and Phyllis sent her apologies to Christine. Grace and Tony discovered that Sharon's daughter was living with Mildred. They told Mildred about Sharon and the life that Cassie could have with her mother. Mildred promised to think about giving Cassie back to her mother. Neil and Dru had a heart-to-heart talk and agreed that they had to work on their marriage. Nina told Cole that their lovemaking had meant something to her, even though she realized it had meant nothing to him. Cole thought she should tell Ryan. Nick was in the nursery when Noah's heart stopped. He rushed to tell Sharon, and she demanded to be taken to the ranch. On the way there, she realized she needed to be with her baby. When they returned to the hospital, they were told the baby was alive.
March 31 to April 4, 1997
Little Noah's heart stopped because of a lung infection. By the end of the week, he was breathing on his own. Dru and Neil were finally on the right track again. Everyone seemed happy for them -- except Olivia. Kurt invited Katherine for an evening out. They joined Ashley and Hope. Hope choked on a piece of steak, and Kurt performed an emergency tracheotomy. Kurt revealed that he was a surgeon. Victoria returned to a cool reception in Genoa City. Nick and Sharon made plans to move to Seattle as soon as Noah was out of the hospital. Doris planned to go with them. Mildred agreed to allow Cassie to return to Genoa City with Grace and Tony.
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APRIL 1997
April 7 to 11, 1997
Cole moved out of the tack house, but by the end of the week, he and Victoria had reached an uneasy truce, and he moved back in. Victoria learned Ryan had her job, and Victor told her that if she wanted it back, she had to take it. Nick and Sharon held their baby, and Noah got stronger. Nick made travel plans for a job interview in Seattle, while Doris began to pack for the move. Grace and Tony arrived in town with Cassie. They took her shopping in preparation to meet her mother. Grace visited the hospital to tell Sharon about Cassie, expecting to find a grief-stricken new mother. Victor wished Nick luck with his interview. Phyllis turned down a trip to Los Angeles with Danny because she was worried about Sasha's return to Genoa City.
April 14 to 18, 1997
Victoria found Ryan running Brash & Sassy and was not happy when he would not step down and let her back into the position. Grace went to the hospital with the intention of telling Sharon about Cassie but was surprised to see Noah. She left without telling Sharon that she had taken Sharon's daughter back to her. Sasha returned to Genoa City and attempted to blackmail Phyllis. Phyllis convinced her that Danny didn't care for her. Sasha left after receiving a small check from Phyllis for the manuscript. At the airport, Sasha saw a newspaper with a picture of the happy couple. Victor invited Diane to dinner in his private dining room and offered her a big job -- renovating all the Newman Enterprises buildings.
April 21 to 25, 1997
Nick went to Seattle for his job interview. At first, it appeared that the company was interested in him, but he found that all they wanted was to get to Victor. Sasha demanded $20,000 from Phyllis, and she gave Phyllis four days to cough up the cash. Jack wondered why Diane was so happy. Grace couldn't force herself to tell Sharon about Cassie. Tony tried to convince Grace that Sharon would want to know about Cassie, even though Sharon had Noah. John found Jill and Keith kissing. Jill said she was tired of it and was moving out. John refused to let her take Billy. Later, Jill took Billy and left. John called the police, but they couldn't do anything. Phyllis was desperate to get money. Victoria met with Victor; she demanded that either Victor reinstate her, or she would follow Nick's lead and look elsewhere.
April 28 to May 2, 1997
Nick hid out all week, feeling sorry for himself about the Seattle job interview. Sharon finally told him that she was tired of lying to his parents. He agreed to go see them, but they visited him before he had a chance. Jill and Billy had a grand time at the hotel, while John ran all over town, trying to find them. John swore that Jill would not get custody of Billy. Victor looked at the plans that Diane had been working on; he liked them so much that he kissed her. Nina felt that she was making progress, but she fell apart when she saw Ryan talking with Tricia. Dru confronted Olivia about Olivia's feelings for Neil. Malcolm tried to tell Neil about Olivia's feelings, but he chickened out. Malcolm and Olivia appeared to get closer. Sasha discovered that the tabloids would pay twice what she had demanded from Phyllis.
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MAY 1997
May 5 to 9, 1997
Ryan was promoted to vice president of the men's line. Victoria got her old job back as head of Brash & Sassy. Jill visited Nina and was supportive of Nina's efforts to pull herself together. Jill told Nina about Ryan's promotion. Nina arranged a congratulatory dinner for Ryan, Phillip, and herself. After dinner, Ryan went to see Tricia. Sasha tightened the pressure on Phyllis to get the money. Meanwhile, Sasha offered Christine information on Phyllis. Christine was shocked to learn that Michael Baldwin was up for a parole hearing. Paul encouraged Christine to attend the hearing. Dru and Olivia had words about Olivia's feelings for Neil. Sharon told Nick that the college would allow him to graduate at the end of the summer session if he attended night classes and took a heavy course load. Sharon visited Grace and met Cassie, but Sharon was not aware that Cassie was her daughter.
May 12 to 16, 1997
Tricia fell in love with Ryan but didn't know that he was married. Jill and Keith tried to find the best way to tell Tricia the truth. Sasha collected $10,000 from Phyllis, then she offered Christine the information for $50,000. Christine and Paul attended Michael Baldwin's parole hearing. Many people testified regarding Michael's changed behavior. Christine insisted that Michael was still a threat to women and should not be released. Dru agreed to try to have another baby. Olivia took the announcement badly. Dru secretly continued to take her birth control pills. Phyllis pawned her engagement ring for $7,000.
May 19 to 23, 1997
Phyllis confronted Sasha and offered the $7,000 Phyllis had gotten for her engagement ring. Sasha let it slip that she had been negotiating with Christine. Phyllis slapped her, and Sasha fell onto the bed. Christine and Paul discovered the hotel where Sasha was staying and demanded Sasha's room number. In the meantime, Kurt had finished giving medical care to another resident. As he was leaving, he saw smoke under a doorway. He found someone who had been overcome by the smoke with a scrap of paper in her hand. He absently put the paper in his pocket while he began CPR. Christine and Paul followed the fire and rescued some folks, but they eventually discovered that Kurt's patient was Sasha. Phyllis began to tell Danny her secret, but Christine and Paul interrupted with the news of Sasha's death.
May 26 to 30, 1997
Tony continued to encourage Grace to tell Sharon about Cassie. Cassie visited the ranch for the Memorial Day party and impressed everyone. Grace suddenly realized she was out of money. She tried to get her job back, to no avail. Phyllis got her engagement ring back. She and Danny prepared to leave town for a vacation. She remembered visiting Sasha. As Phyllis had left, Sasha had been alive and lying on the bed. Christine and Paul tried to find out what Sasha had been holding over Phyllis' head. Christine got another letter from Michael. In prison, he had learned that his potential employer had withdrawn his offer of work, but another firm had offered him a job in Genoa City. He didn't want to return to the city where Christine lived without her consent. The parole board met to discuss Michael. Tricia had second thoughts about breaking up with Ryan, especially after she discovered that he had separated from his wife. Malcolm proposed to Olivia.
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JUNE 1997
June 2 to 6, 1997
Tricia told Ryan that she hadn't meant it when she had said she was in love with him. She told Megan that she would make him fall in love with her. Diane returned Jack's engagement ring. Jack and Victor discussed a business problem, and Jack went to Copenhagen to fix it, without telling Diane. When Diane confronted Victor, he denied sending Jack away. Grace began working at Crimson Lights. Tony dropped by with Cassie and reminded her that he had to go to work later that afternoon. Sharon and Nick offered to take care of Cassie until Grace got off work. Sharon felt an instant bond with Cassie. Danny and Phyllis returned from their vacation. Danny took a gift from Daniel to Christine, and she interrogated Danny about Phyllis' relationship with Sasha. Christine and Paul were convinced that the money found in Sasha's room was from Phyllis.
June 9 to 13, 1997
Dru received a call from her agent, who said she and Malcolm should be prepared for a big modeling job. Malcolm said he wasn't leaving. Victor blamed Kurt for Hope moving out of the penthouse. Kurt refused to let Victor bully him. Nikki threw a private birthday party for Josh, and they went to New York City. Phyllis was desperate to repay the money she had borrowed from Dr. Tim Reid. Phyllis told Danny that she had borrowed the money from Tim to give to Sasha, so Danny paid the loan back. Sharon had a cold, so Grace agreed to spend the night at the ranch. Nick was out celebrating the end of the semester, drinking with the guys. As a plastered Nick returned home, Grace prepared to sleep in the nursery -- where Sharon had told Nick she would be.
June 16 to 20, 1997
Nick arrived home and made love to Grace, thinking she was Sharon. Once upstairs, he realized that Sharon was in bed. Jack and Ashley arrived at the Colonnade Room and found Diane and Victor there, dining and dancing. Discovering that Sasha had worked at the same lab where Phyllis had gotten the paternity test done, Paul and Christine traveled to New York City, but they were unable to see the records. Phyllis received Sasha's manuscript in the mail, with a note promising that others would see it, too. Phyllis went to Christine's office, found the manuscript, and stole it. Michael was released from prison, and he started his new job. He wondered why Christine hadn't called. Phyllis had taken the letter informing Christine of his release when she had stolen the manuscript.
June 23 to 27, 1997
The reporter at the Inquisitor gave all his "Sasha" notes to Christine. Christine and Paul confronted Danny and Phyllis and told all. Danny didn't believe their story and ordered them out of the house. Diane finally admitted to Jack that Victor was her secret client. Jack was stunned and suspicious that Victor was planning a new headquarters and that Jack had known nothing about it. Phyllis talked Danny into moving away. Nina followed Ryan to the restaurant and discovered him with Tricia. Later, Nina followed as he took Tricia back to his place.
June 30 to July 4, 1997
Jack confronted Victor about Diane after seeing a picture of the two of them in the paper. Victor admitted he had become fond of Diane, but it had nothing to do with getting even with Jack. Christine ran into Michael at the courthouse and was surprised to learn that he was out of prison. Nick confronted Grace about their encounter. Once Grace admitted they had slept together, he said he had to tell Sharon. Danny told Phyllis that he wanted the paternity test repeated before they left town. Katherine advised Danny not to pursue the paternity question. Christine visited the law office where Michael worked, and she insisted that the office staff be told why Michael had been in prison. Victor gave Diane an expensive diamond bracelet. Veronica called the ranch and learned there was a new Mrs. Joshua Landers.
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JULY 1997
July 7 to 11, 1997
Victor took Diane to Nikki's barbecue. After telling Diane how he felt, Jack left with Ashley. As Josh was leaving, a woman called to speak to Dr. Landers. Nikki answered, and the woman asked who she was. "I am his wife," Nikki answered. Later, Veronica left the hospital and walked down a country road. As a car approached, she leaped in front of it, clasping a picture of Josh Landers in her fist. Katherine visited Christine and told her to stay out of Danny's life. Phyllis enticed Brian to visit Genoa City. She drugged him and took a sample of his blood. At the laboratory, she managed to slip the label from Danny's sample onto Brian's sample. Ryan told Tricia that he was going back to Nina. Grace told Nick that he had taken advantage of her the night he had mistaken her for Sharon. Victor gave Diane an engagement ring. Nina accompanied Ryan to Olivia and Malcolm's wedding.
July 14 to 18, 1997
Before going on a cruise, Phyllis visited a doctor, and he prescribed fertility pills. Victor gathered his children together and told them of his engagement to Diane. He then visited Nikki and told her. Nikki didn't take the news very well. She visited Diane and accused her of going after Victor because he had more money than Jack. Malcolm and Olivia honeymooned in Bermuda. Malcolm surprised Olivia by having Nate flown in to join them. Jill bought Nina a membership in a fitness club. Nina, Ryan, and Phillip had lunch at Gina's, where Megan was treating her sister Tricia to lunch.
July 21 to 25, 1997
Phyllis and Danny returned home, and they learned the paternity test would be ready the next day. Nikki disapproved of Victor's engagement to Diane. Victor and Diane chose October 4 as their wedding date. Nick behaved suspiciously. Sharon was sure he was hiding something from her, but he denied that anything was wrong. Tricia called Ryan on his cell phone, but Nina answered. Tricia remained silent, but Nina told her that Ryan was a married man. The paternity results were in: Danny was Daniel's father. Christine and Paul, who were there for the results, were stunned. Victor visited Diane's office and saw her passionate embrace with Jack.
July 28 to August 1, 1997
Ryan could not get Tricia off his mind. Nina followed Ryan and watched as he and Tricia had lunch. After Ryan left, Nina blasted Tricia for interfering with Nina's marriage. Ryan blasted Nina after Tricia told him of the run-in. Danny returned to the lab and wondered why he had gotten an incomplete report. He'd had three tests done but had only received results on one. Embarrassed lab workers informed him that he could not be Daniel's father. Danny and Phyllis had it out, and Phyllis admitted that she had lied. Danny moved out and wanted a divorce. Later, when Danny went to visit Daniel, Phyllis called the police. Cole visited Ashley's office and told her he wanted to pick her brain about the perfume business for his new novel. Cole warned Nick not to go along with Grace's idea to not tell Sharon that Nick had slept with Grace. Nick decided to return to Newman Enterprises after graduation. Grace also took a job at Newman. Victor demanded answers from Josh regarding the death of Josh's first wife. Meanwhile, Veronica had her bandages removed. When she looked at herself, she was delighted to see that she looked much different. Christine became Danny's attorney and suggested that he not move out of the apartment.
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August 4 to 8, 1997
Victor and Diane's relationship continued to deteriorate. Josh was furious about Victor's interference. Nina, Ryan, and Phillip shared a wonderful night out, and it looked like Nina and Ryan were getting closer as they shared a kiss. Cole continued to pursue Ashley's help with his character study. Michael did not want to represent Phyllis against Danny, but his boss told him Michael would help with the case or be fired. If he got fired, Michael would lose his parole. Grace wanted to start work immediately, and Victor agreed. Danny discovered he could sue for custody even if he was not the natural father. Tricia discovered where Ryan would be having lunch. She and Alex showed up and pretended to be lovers in an effort to make Ryan jealous. Victor asked Diane to accompany him on a trip.
August 11 to 15, 1997
Nikki visited Diane and, later, Victor, stirring up discord. Nina's personal trainer called Ryan to report how well Nina was doing. Sharon admitted to being suspicious of Grace. She went to confront Grace, but Grace was out of town, and Sharon found Tony and Cassie. She took Cassie back to the ranch. Later, Nick wanted to go out on the town, but Sharon declined because of the children. Nick got angry and stormed out. Sharon packed a bag and left. On the plane, Victor told Diane that they were headed to Nevada to be married. Jack left several messages for Diane. Michael agreed to help with Phyllis' case. Victor and Diane honeymooned in Greece. Nick searched for his wife. Grace was upset when she found that Tony had let Sharon take Cassie. Grace and Nick fought, and Sharon called and said she was on her way home. Christine was surprised to find Michael in her office, and he told her that he was working on Phyllis' case.
August 18 to 22, 1997
Tricia overheard Jill make a business date with Ryan. Tricia called Alex, and once again, they put on a show. Back at the apartment, Nina had a romantic evening planned. Ryan was unable to perform, and they quarreled. The next day, Nina visited Jill. When she saw Tricia eavesdropping, Nina described the romantic evening she had shared with Ryan. Tricia was brokenhearted. She visited Ryan and made guarded accusations, which he didn't understand. Paul was angry when Christine stood him up to be with Danny. Victor and Diane returned home and started spreading the news of their marriage. Hope became angry and decided to go back to Kansas. Kurt accompanied her back to her farm. Diane broke the wedding news to Jack. Sharon returned and confronted Nick. Sharon left to confront Grace.
August 25 to 29, 1997
The date for the custody hearing was set. Phyllis took off with Daniel for a vacation. Danny was furious, but there was nothing he could do. Nikki's housekeeper resigned. In the hospital, Veronica had a new roommate. Veronica looked up Dr. Josh Landers on the Internet. Veronica said she was going to Genoa City to "live with Nikki." Cole and Ashley shared a kiss. Victor planned a surprise party to announce to the world that he and Diane were married. Sharon confessed her fears to Nikki, who didn't think it was only Sharon's imagination. Ryan learned that Nina had talked about their "romantic night" when Tricia had been listening. Amid the tears of his wife and son, Ryan left.
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September 1 to 5, 1997
Victor and Diane announced their marriage at the big party Victor threw for his bride. Daniel's temporary custody hearing was underway. Danny testified regarding Phyllis' lack of character and morals. Phyllis was the last person to be called to the stand. Jill tried to talk sense to Ryan after she found out he had walked out on his family. Keith was determined that Ryan would not have anything to do with Tricia.
September 8 to 12, 1997
Much to Danny's dismay, Phyllis won temporary custody of Daniel. She demanded an audit of all Danny's assets. Jack entered the private dining room and joined the party. Jack called for a toast. To everyone's surprise, he had nothing but kind words for the newlyweds. Keith discovered that Ryan and Nina no longer lived together, and he was determined that Ryan would not get mixed up with Tricia. After a shouting match in Ryan's office, Keith threatened to have Ryan fired. Later, Victor refused Keith's request to fire Ryan. Neil asked Olivia for the name of a fertility doctor. Veronica was ready for laser surgery to get rid of her facial scars. Soon, she would be released from the hospital.
September 15 to 19, 1997
Grace invoked her plan to make everyone believe that she and Tony were an item. Nikki was not convinced. Diane asked Jack to help her plan dinner parties for Victor and his business associates. Jack refused and later implied to Victor that Diane still had feelings for Jack. Neil made an appointment with a fertility specialist. Michael and Phyllis had a romantic encounter. Tricia visited Nina to say that she would leave Ryan alone. Later, Tricia learned that Ryan had left Nina. Tricia called Nina and asked for his address. Ryan arrived at the Dennison home, pounded on the door, and demanded to see Tricia.
September 22 to 26, 1997
Christine and Paul checked Phyllis' phone logs. Michael warned Phyllis that she had better cover her tracks. Phyllis warned Brian that he had better not admit to knowing her. Ryan showed up at the Dennison home. Tricia left with Ryan. During a passionate moment, the phone rang. Nina had disappeared. Later, Phillip walked in on another passionate moment between Ryan and Tricia. Phillip yelled that Tricia was the reason his mom had left and that he hated them both. Veronica was hired as Nikki's new housekeeper. Dru booked a gig out of town after she learned that Neil had taken a fertility test. Later, she and Sid devised a plan to deal with the situation.
September 29 to October 3, 1997
Tony continued to pursue Grace. Sharon gave him some timely advice. After a nightmare about Mildred, Cassie convinced Grace to call Mildred. An ill Mildred told Grace that she hadn't heard a word from her daughter, Alice. Paul blasted Danny for being "in our faces" and demanded Danny stay in Genoa City while Paul and Christine went to New York City to investigate the case. Victoria returned home, but before she entered the house, she got an eyeful through the window: Cole with a new woman in his arms. Phyllis and Michael had an evening out, eating and drinking champagne. Danny and Gina observed them. While Ryan flew off to St. Louis to view a Jane Doe, Tricia remained in Nina's apartment. Nina returned and was surprised to find her apartment commandeered by the enemy. While Tricia bragged about Ryan loving her, Nina reached for the gun in her handbag.
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October 6 to 10, 1997
Ryan viewed the body in St. Louis, and it wasn't Nina. Meanwhile, Nina arrived home and found Tricia in her apartment. While Tricia blasted Nina for her behavior, Nina pulled a gun from her purse. Ryan arrived home and sent Tricia away. As Nina put the gun to her head, Ryan dove for the gun, and it went off. Neil's fertility doctor gave him some good news, while Dru worried about what she would do. Victoria returned. Tensions mounted between Victoria and Cole, while Victor learned that there was a new, but married, man in Ashley's life. Nick and Grace worked late into the night and shared an embrace.
October 13 to 17, 1997
The police suspected Ryan's affair with Tricia has been the reason behind Nina's shooting, especially when Ryan's fingerprints were found all over the gun. Ryan was arrested, and John Silva took on his defense. At Ryan's arraignment, the judge decided that Ryan would face the grand jury. Jill, Keith, Megan, and even John Silva tried to convince Tricia that she should stay away from Ryan, but Tricia didn't believe she was hurting Ryan by acknowledging the truth, and she left home. Victoria moved back to her old room at the ranch. She told Nikki that she was going to make Cole want her desperately, and then she was going to kick him to the curb. Meanwhile, Cole continued to pursue Ashley, while not telling her where he stood with Victoria. Dru saw her fertility doctor; after her exam, the doctor asked to see both Dru and Neil in her office. The police questioned Nina, but she could not remember any of the circumstances surrounding the shooting -- including buying the gun.
October 20 to 24, 1997
Ryan was out on bond, but he was warned not to see Nina. He didn't believe that Nina couldn't remember the shooting, so he visited her anyway and insisted that she try to remember.
October 27 to 31, 1997
Diane gathered up her courage and told Victor that she wanted to have his baby. Unfortunately, Victor told her that he had just had a vasectomy. Danny learned that Daniel had seen Michael and Phyllis kissing. Danny took Daniel from the apartment. Katherine convinced Danny to take Daniel home before he ruined his chances of custody. Danny arrived back at Phyllis' apartment just as she was calling the police to report her son being kidnapped. Nina told the police that she remembered what had happened the night of the shooting. However, the police found out about Ryan's visit to Nina -- against court orders -- and felt that her account was tainted. John Silva told Ryan that he didn't see how they could avoid the case going to trial. Sharon and Nick planned a surprise dinner party, which would hopefully reunite Cole and Victoria. However, the surprise was on them when Victoria invited a date. Victor told Ashley that he believed that Cole was seeing another woman. Ashley surprised Victor by admitting that she was the other woman.
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November 3 to 7, 1997
After one failed attempt at walking, Nina was finally able to walk to the conference room to talk with the district attorney and the police. When it was time for her to be discharged from the hospital, Ryan arrived, but Nina sent him away. She didn't need him any longer. In his attempt to find evidence on Phyllis, Danny searched her apartment. After Phyllis convinced Tim not to mention to Danny the tranquilizers he had once given her, Tim changed his mind and agreed to testify for Danny. The war between Ashley and Victoria for Cole's affections escalated. Neil discovered Dru's birth control pills. He was devastated that she had been lying to him.
November 10 to 14, 1997
Neil felt betrayed by Dru, so he shut everyone out. Dru was frantic to find out what was wrong with him. He told Victor that Dru had betrayed him with a lie, and he didn't believe he could stay married to her. Nikki invited Victor for Thanksgiving. Diane found out that Nikki had suggested that Victor get a vasectomy. The social worker handling Daniel's case interviewed Phyllis and Danny.
November 17 to 21, 1997
Diane learned that Nikki had suggested that Victor get a vasectomy. Diane persuaded Victor to have Thanksgiving at their penthouse apartment instead of out at the ranch. Phyllis, Tim, and a toxicologist were called to testify for Danny's side at the custody hearing. Miguel discovered Cole was sick, and he called a doctor. Victoria and Ashley fought over who would play nurse for Cole. John and Katherine had a luncheon date, which Ashley had arranged. Neil remained cold and distant with his family; Dru accused him of being in love with Olivia. While refilling her birth control pills, Dru discovered that Neil had refilled them just two weeks before -- at the time when he had first become cold and angry with her.
November 24 to 28, 1997
Ryan and Tricia were overjoyed when Nina filed for divorce, but Keith was worried that his daughter would be dragged through the mud. Upon learning that Nina was being conciliatory with the divorce, Tricia went and thanked her; Nina very quickly threw her out. The custody hearing was underway, but when Brian was called to testify, no one could find him. The Newmans gathered for Thanksgiving dinner at the ranch. Except for some coldness between Nikki and Diane, everything went well.
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December 1 to 5, 1997
Neil moved out of the apartment and into Ryan's apartment, leaving Dru and Lily devastated. The custody trial continued with Danny's testimony. Tricia again approached Ryan about moving in together, but Ryan told her that he already had a roommate. Jill and Keith decided to allow the girls to redecorate their bedrooms as Christmas gifts. Paul was assailed by doubts after seeing Christine and Danny in what looked like a tender moment. "Sarah" made Josh's favorite meal, and Nikki wondered how she had known it was his favorite.
December 8 to 12, 1997
Danny testified in Daniel's custody case, but he wasn't too happy with the treatment from Phyllis' attorney. Danny was not pleased when the social worker and child psychologist testified that Phyllis would make the better parent. Jack suggested that Diane feign illness in order to get out of Christmas at the ranch. Grace asked Tony to marry her after Cassie wrote a letter to Santa with that as her only Christmas wish. Cole found Victoria in his bed, dressed in only her birthday suit, but he declined her invitation. Veronica thought about revealing herself to Josh, but she decided that he wasn't the problem. She had to take care of Nikki first, and she intended to get started right away
December 15 to 19, 1997
Phyllis testified and lost control; she blamed Christine for the breakup of her marriage and for Danny's suspicions. Court was recessed for the holidays. Tricia delivered Ryan's Christmas present early and invited him on a ski trip to Aspen. Unknown to each other, Cole and Ashley traveled separately to New York. They met accidentally in Steve's office. Victoria decided to surprise her husband by going to New York, but she was the one surprised. Cole and Ashley started to make love for the first time, but Victoria stepped out of the bathroom, dressed in a sexy teddy. Victoria grabbed a coat and headed for the nearest bar, where Cole later found her with two guys. She told Cole she was not going back to Genoa City with him. Malcolm tried to get Dru and Neil together for Christmas Eve, but he wasn't successful. Dru was scheduled to leave for Hawaii to begin a shoot the day after Christmas. Grace wanted to move away from Genoa City with Tony and Cassie.
December 22 to 26, 1997
Tony gave Grace an engagement ring for Christmas and kept pushing her to tell Sharon about Cassie. Danny and Phyllis fought over who would have Daniel for Christmas. Ryan got the chance to visit Phillip and Nina the day after Christmas. Neil refused to attend the Christmas Eve party at Malcolm's, even after Lily begged him over the phone to go. He finally did show up after the party was long over and found that Dru and Lily had flown off to Hawaii. The news that Diane had been admitted to the hospital with a bleeding ulcer interrupted the Christmas party at the ranch. Nikki didn't believe Diane was really ill and said so. From the hospital, Victor called Nikki and told her she had been cruel to his wife.
December 29, 1997 to January 2, 1998
Victor demanded that Nikki go to the hospital and apologize to Diane. Nikki went to the hospital, but not to apologize. During an argument, Diane said that she hated Nikki for telling Victor to get a vasectomy. Diane told Nikki that, unlike Nikki, she didn't need a child to hold on to Victor. Cole spent New Year's Eve with Ashley, while Victoria went to Jack's party. Tony gave Grace an ultimatum: tell Sharon about Cassie within one day, or he would tell Sharon himself. Grace threatened to take Cassie and leave if he did. Dru got her hopes up when she arrived home and found Neil there. However, he was there only to give Lily a Christmas gift.
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