The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on Y&R

Phyllis called off her wedding to Danny. Neil and Dru fought about her modeling career. Cole tried to help a depressed Nina. Hope learned that Kurt's wife and daughter had been killed in a car accident. Jill slept with Dennison to seal their business deal.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 6, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, January 6, 1997

Paul and Christine entered Paul's office. Lynne sensed something was wrong. They told her that the police had no evidence in the hit-and-run, so they were dropping the case. Christine admitted how disappointed she was that the monster who had done it would never pay. The subject changed to Phyllis and Danny's marriage. Lynne couldn't believe what she was hearing.

Phyllis was completely panicked. She decided that the only thing she could do was to run. She told Joni that she would have to call and have Joni send Phyllis' son to her. Phyllis began to pack. When she emerged with her suitcase, someone knocked at the door. Phyllis flipped out. She was convinced that it was the police, and she slipped out the back way.

Cole and Victoria had an afternoon delight. Before she left, Cole told her that he had something she should know. He was not asking her permission, but he wanted her to know before instead of after. He was going to put Nina back to work because she needed a diversion to keep her mind working. Victoria was not happy at all with the news. She told Cole that as long as it didn't involve him taking his clothes off, she understood. She asked him to be careful and went back to work.

Dru and Malcolm were in his studio, discussing damage control. Meanwhile, Neil went to tell Jack that he wouldn't be taking any time off. He dumped his marital problems on Jack. He told Jack that he needed some answers immediately. He was slowly putting two and two together, and the whole thing just didn't add up.

Dru went to the hospital to talk to Olivia. Olivia said the same thing she had been saying for months. Dru said that she was going to track down Neil that day and tell him everything before someone else told him. She was convinced that Neil wouldn't be mad.

Jill and Jack rehashed the proposal for acquiring the new company and what it would mean to Newman Enterprises. Jill told Jack that she wished they had an "ace in the hole." Jack got a grin on his face and called Nick to his office.

Phyllis was at a pay phone and called Tim. She needed to see him immediately. She asked him if the police were there, looking for her. He didn't know what she was talking about. She told him not to go anywhere; she would be right over.

Nina was home and looked a little better. She was showered and dressed. She picked up a book called Possession, by Cole Howard. The front of the book had a tall, dark-haired man holding a light-haired woman, with a brown-haired man in the background, looking at them. She threw it as hard as she could into the garbage and lay down on the couch.

Joni asked who was at the door. It was Danny. She let him in. He asked where his "lady" was. Joni got nervous and told him that she didn't know. "Really, I don't know," Joni said when he pushed for information on her location. He thought she was buying a wedding dress. He smiled broadly.

Phyllis crashed into Tim's office, all out of breath and paranoid. She locked the doors and demanded that Tim leave town with her. He tried to calm her down and get her to the point. She told him everything but what she had done. He told her that she would have no future if she didn't face her past. He said that she wouldn't be alone and that he would help her in any way that he could.

Cole was at Nina's door, and she was not thrilled to see him. He carried in a box, and he told her that she needed to do some work for him because she "owed" him. "I owe you? Where do you get that?" she asked him. He told her that he had trained her and that she owed him the work. "I taught you a skill, and I am here to collect," he told her.

"I know why you're doing this, and it's sweet. But I don't need your charity or your pity," Nina said. Cole told her that it was not charity, and he went over everything that he needed her to do and a timeline of when it was due to him. She told him that she just couldn't do it, and he told her that she could and would do it. Without an answer from her, he left.

Nick showed up, and Jack spelled out a plan for him. Jack told Nick not to talk to Victor about it and explained why. Jack told Nick that he felt in that case he was right and Victor was wrong. Jack said that he would like Nick to go over the prospectus and see how it fit into his view of the company. Jill reminded Nick that he was the future, and that was why they wanted his opinion. Nick agreed to read it over.

Neil was in his office, and the phone rang. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. His wife had signed with Keleman & Rogers in October. He asked if Alan was sure the facts were straight. Neil was furious as Alan confirmed what he'd said. Neil hung up. "How could you do this, Dru, to us, to our family?" Neil asked.

Tuesday, January 7, 1997

Phyllis was still losing it in Tim's office. While talking with him, she decided the best way to handle the whole thing was to go to Paul and Christine and beg for forgiveness. She asked Tim if he would go with her. He agreed.

Nick realized that once the baby was born, he and Sharon were going to lose their freedom. He was completely overwhelmed. Sharon told him not to worry because he would be an amazing father.

Dru walked into a dark house. Neil startled her when he turned on the light. He looked angry and hurt. Dru didn't notice and jumped into his arms. He pushed her away. When she asked him what was wrong, he yelled at her.

Nick went to talk to his mom and confessed how nervous and unprepared he was to be a father. It was finally sinking in. Nick told her how underqualified he was for the position of being a father. She told him it was on-the-job training, and everyone made mistakes in raising children. He wanted perfection. She told him to just be the best that he could be. She also told him that she thought that he would be a wonderful father and would be as proud of his child as she was of him.

Joni tried to stay out of a conversation with Danny. He asked what was wrong with her. She told him that she was just tired and didn't reveal that she was preoccupied with Phyllis and where she was.

Tim and Phyllis arrived at Paul's office and learned that Paul and Christine were out. She asked Lynne if they were talking to the police. Lynne thought that was a weird question and replied that she was not aware of any such conversation. Tim introduced himself to Lynne. Tim and Phyllis asked if they could wait. Lynne asked if she could take a message.

Phyllis stammered and told Lynne that there was not going to be a wedding. Lynne said that she was sorry and went into Paul's office to do some filing. Phyllis was anxious to leave. Paul and Christine arrived at the same time Tim and Phyllis were leaving. "What are you doing here?' Christine asked. Tim introduced himself and said that after the divorce, he had run into Phyllis, and they had become friends.

Phyllis stood waiting for Christine to throw accusations out at her, but nothing was said. Phyllis asked Christine, "Is there anything that you would like to say to me?" Christine said no. Paul told Phyllis, "You're in my office. I would think that you came here to tell us something." She realized that they didn't know it was Phyllis behind the wheel of the car the night that they had been run down, and she didn't have to tell them anything.

Phyllis replied, "Yes, I should. I could. I'm sorry. I'm a little out of it. I'm not myself. I'm fine. Everything is fine, fine. Let's go, Tim." They left a very puzzled and confused Paul and Christine. "What was that all about?" Christine asked.

Dru wanted to know what Neil was talking about. She told him to stop it and that he was scaring her. He told her that she should be scared. He told her, "I have had it! Fancy modeling -- real lucky -- fell from the sky -- behind my back, you signed on with those hot-shot agents, didn't you? Didn't you, Dru? What's wrong? Cat got your tongue, or are you busy trying to come up with another lie?"

Dru replied, "What do you want me to say? That I was wrong? That I am a horrible mother and wife? Well, I am not going to say it!" She told Neil that she had done what she had needed to do. It was 1997, and it was his fault that she'd had to go behind his back, and they would both pay for it.

Malcolm and Olivia were out playing pool. He wondered if maybe they should go over to Neil and Dru's. Olivia reminded him that they had been a part of "this thing," and Neil wasn't going to be happy to see any of them. He told her that he had to try. She grabbed him by the shirt to stop him and told him, "No, don't go there."

Malcolm and Olivia were really close, and Olivia planted a hot, juicy kiss on him. She pulled back and apologized. He told her no, that he was sorry. They continued to talk about why going to Neil's was a bad idea as they stared at each other, trying to figure out what had just happened between them without talking about it. They agreed not to go over there.

Josh arrived home early, and Nikki was happy to see him. She told him of Nick's visit. She told him it was just too soon. He could tell by her mood that there was more. She told him that Sharon had told her something in confidence that she had sworn that she wouldn't repeat. She told him anyway. "Sharon got pregnant on purpose. She told me in confidence, and I am trying to respect that, but it really bothers me."

Josh asked Nikki if she was sure. She told him that at one point, Sharon had been feeling insecure about her marriage to Nick and had forgotten to take her pills a few times. Josh jumped to Sharon's defense and told Nikki that the girl was under a lot of emotional stress, and that didn't mean that she had done it on purpose. She told him that she wished that she didn't know that information. He told her that the baby was on its way and to be happy about it.

"Was that bizarre or what? It was walking into the Twilight Zone," Paul said as he and Christine walked into his office and found Lynne in there. He asked what she knew about the situation with Phyllis. She told them that the wedding was off. They were all dumbfounded. Paul decided to call Danny.

"They didn't know! My God, Tim! Somehow what I was afraid of is okay. It's amazing! It's wonderful! My dream is going to happen. Thank you for believing in me!" She threw her arms around a very confused Tim.

Paul told Danny that he was sorry to hear that the wedding had been called off. Danny asked where Paul had heard that. Paul explained Phyllis and her bizarre behavior. Danny thanked Paul for calling and slammed down the phone. Phyllis walked in smiling and beaming with joy. Danny demanded to know if she had canceled the wedding. She tap-danced around the issue and told him that she wanted nothing more than to be his wife.

"My fault? You lied to me and signed with those agents, and it's my fault! The fact that you lied to me, you looked me in the eye and told me that we were most important," Neil said. Dru argued her point, and he told her not to minimize what she had done. He wondered if they even had a marriage anymore.

Wednesday, January 8, 1997

Malcolm and Olivia were back at her place. They talked about the kiss, then about Neil and Dru. Meanwhile, Neil and Dru continued to argue. Neil ended up leaving, saying he couldn't stay there. He just couldn't believe Dru could deceive him like that. Lily walked out just as he was leaving, wondering where he was going. Dru couldn't believe he was really going. He left, and she said, "Why can't he understand how important this is to me?"

Keith visited Jack, Jill, and Nick with his counteroffer. It still wasn't acceptable. Keith couldn't believe that Jack wanted more concessions. Jill walked him out, giving him her business card. "Keith, I want this deal badly. Please call me if there is anything I can do to help," Jill said, intrigued after learning Keith was a widower.

Sharon bawled to Grace about the baby she had given up, wondering where it was and what kind of family it had. Grace told her not to dwell on it. Grace argued that Sharon had done what she had to do, it had been a long time before, Sharon had been just a kid, and Sharon had the perfect life. Grace said any woman would give anything to have what Sharon had.

Danny went to see Christine, trying to get more information about Phyllis' visit to Paul and Christine. Christine couldn't tell him much more than he already knew, except for the fact that Tim had been with Phyllis. Meanwhile, Paul was trying to get information from Tim. Tim didn't reveal much other than that Danny was lucky to have Phyllis because she was the most wonderful woman in the world.

"Are you in love with her, Dr. Reid?" Paul asked. "Yes, I am," Tim said, sadly adding, "But she is in love with Danny." Danny returned to Phyllis and questioned her some more. Phyllis gave a good speech about how she still was having problems grasping that Danny really did want her, loved her, and wanted to marry her. They ended up kissing.

Thursday, January 9, 1997

Danny and Christine relived past memories. Meanwhile, Gina arrived with a lady from Fenmore's with gowns for Phyllis to try on. They were all nice, but nothing was really Phyllis. The lady went back for one more. Danny returned home. Everyone left except Phyllis. Danny and Phyllis engaged in some sentimentality.

Dru was crying in her apartment about Neil. Malcolm called from Olivia's apartment and said he'd be right down. Dru told Malcolm about what Neil had said before he left. Malcolm gave his support then left. Meanwhile, Neil was at work. Malcolm called him and said, "I want to come over and talk." Neil claimed he was too wiped out to do it at that moment. Malcolm accepted that but said he'd be over in the morning. Neil hung up and gazed at a photo of himself and Dru.

Keith called for Jill and said he needed to see her. She arrived at his place. He had Champagne open. They drank it then ended up in bed. Keith told Jill the deal was done. Later, Jill called Jack and asked what he was doing the next morning at 9:00 a.m. She told him to cancel it because they had a meeting with Keith and Nick -- and he shouldn't forget his pen.

Ashley visited Hope and asked, "What information did you get?" Hope said she'd gotten nothing. Kurt arrived back and asked what Ashley was doing there. Ashley said she was there to invite him to dinner. "Just dinner, or an inquisition?" he asked. Ashley assured him it was social only then she left. Kurt wondered how long Hope had been Ashley's friend. He told Hope he was tired of all her questions. He couldn't wait for Victor to return so he could get out.

Friday, January 10, 1997

Phyllis had a dream that Danny said no to the wedding. Danny rushed to her bedside and said she had been calling him. He assured her it was only a dream. She told him, "I love you," and smothered him with hugs and kisses. Later, there were more kisses on the sofa. Tim called Phyllis to wish her well.

Katherine arrived at the chapel early to wish Danny well. The guests arrived, the service began, and Danny and Phyllis were married, just as Sasha was calling the apartment. She started to leave a message then said she'd pack. She hung up.

Dru pleaded with Olivia to help her. Meanwhile, Malcolm visited Neil, who found out that Malcolm had known about Dru's deception all along. "We're family, man. You're supposed to back up your brother," Neil said. Malcolm told Neil how pig-headed he was and how Neil was partly to blame. Neil told Malcolm to get out.

Meanwhile, Olivia was telling Dru to back off her modeling and apologize to Neil. Dru said, "I've got my life to live. Who knows how long Neil will stay away?" Malcolm showed up and broke the bad news.

The deal was done. Keith and Jack signed the papers, and a check for five million dollars was handed over. Jack, Jill, and Nick decided not to tell Victor until he returned, which was supposed to be in a couple days.

Kurt and Hope talked about Hope's past. She told him how Cliff had gotten killed in a car wreck. Kurt had a flashback again. He said that was how his wife and daughter had been killed then he ran from the room.

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