The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on Y&R

Nikki tried to convince Sharon to change Nick's mind about leaving town. During a blizzard, Sharon slipped, hit her head, and lost consciousness. Neil called Dru's agent and told him Dru wasn't interested in working.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, February 10, 1997

by Laura

Victoria visits Victor just after Nick has left. They talk about the situation with Victoria vowing to help even if Victor doesn't want her to. Later, Victoria goes to the coffee slop looking for Tony. Of course, she finds him. Grace arrives doesn't notice them but they see her. Victoria gets Tony to dance and they suck face. Grace can't believe them. She tells Tony if he is trying to get to her, it isn't working (oh really!). Victoria leaves, Grace protests more to Tony about how she doesn't want him, etc.

Phyllis and Danny wonder about Chris being pregnant. Danny goes to see Chris, saying he wants her to check some contract. Chris finally tells Danny that she isn't preggers. Danny returns to tell Phyllis, as Paul is telling Chris about his visit with Mary, who is still knitting booties. So disappointed about not becoming a grandmother, she even unraveles an unfinished bootie. Paul and Chris also talk about being disappointed.

Nikki plants a seed of doubt with Nick about how Sharon really feels. Nick returns to his place to find a distracted Sharon. She finally blurts that she can't tell Nick how she feels right now cuz she doesn't know! Just let me get through having the baby Nick. I can't wait till then Sharon, I need to know now! (Oh yes, Nikki is at the front door listening to some of this, always the busy body!)

Sasha, flailing around in the hospital bed, covered with sweat...Phyllis, Phyllis, caught, caught. Later a nurse enters. When am I going to get out of here? At least two weeks. The nurse leaves. Sasha says, Phyllis you're going to pay, going to pay.

Tuesday, February 11, 1997

Nick asks Sharon again how she feels about moving. She says she is scared. A new baby with no family to help. Nick tells her to worry about the baby and he will take care of everything else. Nikki summons Sharon to the main house. She again paints the bleak picture of Sharon and Nick's life if they move away. Sharon you have to stop him, you can't let him do this.......Sharon says she can't take it anymore and leaves. Meanwhile, Victoria is doing the same to Nick. Telling him that dad was crying after Nick left. How about a cooling off period until the baby is born. Let's be honest Nick, you really don't want to leave, you want to work in dad's company.........Victoria finally leaves, Nick flops on the couch. Sharon is on her way back through the snowy, freezing cold evening and, oh no!, she slips and falls, being knocked out apparently, snow falling on her, covering her up!

Keith calls Jill for dinner. He arrives just after Jill has been grilling Ryan on his marriage. Keith and Jill swap family stories. They leave for dinner.

Chris is frantic, she can't get Valentine reservations anywhere. Paul to the rescue. He's already done it at the Collonade Room, for four! Maybe Nina and Ryan want to come with us. Oh Paul, you are so wonderful. Chris goes to see Nina who isn't so thrilled about going. Chris tells her to wake up. Realize what you've got here! Cole doesn't love you, doesn't want you. Ryan loves you and wants you. You better get your head together before you lose everything. Later, Ryan calls Nina to tell her he is leaving the office, maybe we can spend some time together. Yes, that's a good idea Ryan.

Kurt telling Katherine again how he wants to earn his keep. It's the doorbell, remember, nobody is to know I'm here. Kurt rushes down the hallway. Katherine reminds Esther not to tell about Kurt. It's Ashley at the door. Esther acts strange, making Ashley stand in the doorway for far too long. Finally she let's her in. Katherine dismisses Esther immediately. Ashley tells the sad tale of how Kurt is gone again. Tears, hugs; yes, I'll let you know if I hear anything. Ashley leaves. Kurt tells Katherine thank you. Katherine can't figure out why he won't at least let Ashley know he is okay. Because she won't give me any space. Do you want me to leave? .......NO! I want you to stay, but I want to be able to help you too........(It's the never ending "I want to help you Kurt" saga. I say enough already!)

Wednesday, February 12, 1997

There is still a bad, bad storm in GC. Snow and bitterly cold temps. Nikki is searching for Sharon. She calls Victor. Grace calls looking for Sharon. Maybe at her moms? Nikki finally gets through to Doris. No, she isn't here. Just what is going on Nikki?.........After Nikki's call, both Hope and Victor are curious as to why Nikki would be calling there for Sharon. Victor leaves to go to the ranch to find out what is going on. Oh yes, this is after he has asked Hope, the boy, and Betty to go with him on a trip to Europe......Meanwhile, Sharon continues to be covered by snow.

Phillip is in a bad mood. He knows that things are't going so well with his mom and pop. Ryan overhears the kid. After Nina gets him to bed, Ryan and Nina argue about being intimate. Ryan storms out. Nina finds the valentine gift that Ryan has shoved in and out of his pocket numerous times before putting it in a drawer. She opens the card "to my valentine, now and always, Ryan." Tears...Ryan comes back, I'm sorry for storming out. I'm sorry too Ryan, for so many things.

Nick isn't worried about Sharon. In fact, he goes to see Cole; needs a sounding board. After a limited discussion, Nick thinks he's found the answer. Take Doris with them! Then Sharon won't have to worry any more.

Keith and Jill at Gina's. Jack and Diane at Gina's. Neither Jack nor Jill want to go and greet the other. But with Keith's help, they are pushed together for a little while. Typical verbal banter with Jack and Jill (funny). Both Keith and Diane wonder about the history between these two.

Thursday, February 13, 1997

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Valentine's Friday, February 14, 1997

by Laura

Another time warp in Genoa City. It's Valentines Day for Danny and Phyllis, but still the night before for everyone else.

Phyllis gets roses from Danny and is all excited about her gift for him. Then she thinks maybe she made a mistake. Danny sees the photos. So provocative. Kiss, kiss, off to the bedroom.

Malcolm visits Olivia questioning her take on Dru and Neil. Olivia tells him how Neil is sure Dru is ready to cut back on the modeling. Malcolm says no way, it seems that Dru and Neil aren't on the same page at all. Meanwhile, Sid calls Dru questioning the call he got from Neil. Dru tells him she'll have to get back to him, but that call wasn't on her request. She finds Neil at the office. Angry words exchanged with Dru leaving after saying to Neil, "Just where do you get off Neil Winters?!"

Victoria and Cole return to the tack room. All Victoria wants is sex. All Cole wants to do is talk. You've got me on a yo-yo Victoria. I don't know what you want. Well, sex is what she wants and he gives it to her. Cole wants to talk again after. Stop trying to get so serious Cole. Just kiss me.

Victor ends up going to the hospital, can't just stay here doing nothing. Nick finally finds out that for now it appears that Sharon and the baby are alright. Sharon hasn't come to, however. For some reason Tony shows up at the hospital, looking for Grace. Later, in Sharon's private room, Victor enters. There is nothing you can do here dad, please leave. Josh enters, checks on Sharon. In all honesty Victor, I can feel the tension in this room. I think it would be best if you leave. Of course, we get the standard "I'm Victor Newman" type of answer, but Nick says, did you hear what he said dad?!

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