The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on Y&R

Nina went out to a bar, where she danced with a friendly stranger. Ryan confronted his wife and escorted her home. Sharon was taken to surgery as a distraught Nick begged the doctor to save his wife and baby.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 24, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, February 24, 1997

by Laura

Dru and Malcolm rehash. Olivia and Neil rehash.

Ashley quizzes Kurt about the man who stopped by the table. I don't understand why you won't tell me anything about your past. I care about you, that man cares about you....blah, blah, blah. If you don't tell me, I'm going to go over there and ask him myself. Ashley, whatever I say is never enough for you! Ashley, being the prying, nosey, b**ch that she is does go over to the man and asks him about Kurt. Of course Kurt follows. The man says, well, I think it is up to your date to fill you in. Sorry. Ashley says I don't get it, what were you, a hit man, part of the Mafia? Kurt laughs. Well, I don't believe it, Kurt Costner can actually laugh.

Victor and Cole discuss Victoria.

Nina delivers lunch to Ryan and sees Victoria's letter. She reads it (of course). Nothing new in the letter that we don't already know about Victoria. Nina rushes out after Ryan returns. Ryan reads the letter. Nina goes to deliver research material to Cole. She quizzes relentlessly about Victoria. How can you wait for someone who doesn't care? You really do love her don't you. Nina, why all the questions? Why did you really come? Later, Ryan shows up, I'm here to see my wife. Is she here?

Sharon is all spastic about the baby. Am I going to have a miscarriage? I'm having this bad feeling. The bleeding hasn't stopped, but not any worse. Wait and see. Nick calls Doris who comes to visit. Nick calls Miguel. Nick calls Victor. Later, Josh is filling in another doctor about Sharon. Hasn't it been long enough Josh? Let's wait another 30 minutes, then administer medication. Also, cross-match Sharon's blood in preparation for possible transfusion.

Tuesday, February 25, 1997

Nina tells Chris she feels suffocated. She wants to get out, party, live a little. Chris tells her to give it a day. Don't do anything till you talk to me tomorrow. Meanwhile, Ryan asking Cole about Nina. I think she went home Ryan. They then discuss Victoria. Ryan shows Cole the letter she wrote to him. Later, at the office, Jill tells Ryan to make Nina feel like the most desirable woman in the world. He arrives home with a big bouquet of flowers only to find a note. Ryan, I've gone out, don't know when I'll be home, Phillip is at mom's. And now we see Nina, dressed in a low-cut shirt and a leather jacket at some bar. She thinks maybe she made a mistake, until another leather jacket guy asks her to dance. They boogie on the dance floor.

Chris tells Paul about Nina. Ryan calls Chris looking for Nina. Later, Chris calls Ryan to see if Nina has returned. Frankly, I'm getting worried about her Chris. (Of course, we see Nina could care less about Ryan and how he feels.)

Sharon whines to Grace about the baby she gave up and the baby she might lose. Meanwhile, Nick is getting the straight goods from dr. josh. There is surgery if the medication doesn't work, but there is risk as we will have to do a c-section and deliver the baby *prematurely*. (GIVE ME A BREAK! This story has gone down the road to ridiculous! She was supposed to be almost ready to deliver and now it would be PREMATURE!? Just goes to show you how STUPID TPTB really think we are, and I guess they are right, as I keep watching this garbage. Well, I've been fast forwarding through most of the Sharon drivel these days. Anyway, I needed to vent. Thank you. Back to business.) Nikki summons Victor to the hospital.

Victor has been in the middle of a tirade with Jack, Jill, and Keith. The numbers from the new acquisition are bad. New products won't be ready for a year. Victor says, get your resume's ready, you might not be in business in a year.

Wednesday, February 26, 1997

I'll have to tell you all that I fast forwarding through a lot of today's show. They go over and over and over some stuff to death. You can see from my report just how much really happened in the 40 minutes of actual air time.

Jack, Jill and Keith rehash their meeting with Victor.

Ryan calls everywhere looking for Nina. Paul and Chris talk about Nina and Ryan then Paul leaves to try to find Nina. He finds her at the bar. Paul lurks in the background. Ryan arrives and presents himself to Nina as she is getting ready to leave. When they get home, Nina says I'm not going to apologize. I did nothing wrong. You need to give me some space, etc. Ryan can't believe her behavior.

Sharon seems to be doing a little better. Grace returns (she's been rehashing with Tony at the coffee slop) and talks to Nick in Sharon's room. Sharon is sleeping. All of a sudden, she pops up. Oh, it hurts, it hurts! Later, after much equipment is brought in and Josh and the tech. review the results, the news is bad. Sharon has lost a lot of blood, her blood pressure is low, thus her heart rate is fast, stress for the baby. Now, not only is the baby in danger, but Sharon's life is uncertain as well. No, Nick, she doesn't have a clue and I see no need to tell her, the good doctor says.

Thursday, February 27, 1997

Nina doesn't think that there is anything to talk about with Ryan. I think you need some counselling Nina. What, or you'll dump me Ryan? Would you care Nina? Later, Ryan goes to see Chris. Chris then goes to see Nina. Nina blows up at Chris and tells her to butt out of her life. She can't believe Chris would have Paul follow her. We were concerned, etc. Chris finally leaves telling Nina when she can talk and act like a grownup to give her a call. Nina wonders just what she is doing with her life.

A transfusion is ordered for Sharon. Later, after much waiting and discussion, Josh tells Nick that because of potential sudden changes, he may have to chose between the life of baby (which would be premature) or Sharon's life. (You know, all the medical stuff seems to be pretty realistic save one; the gestation of the baby. One day we see Sharon, ready to pop, "yes, it's anytime now!" and here we are saying every minute, hour, day makes a difference in lung development for this *premature* baby!) Anyway, after passing along that wonderful information, Josh leaves, and Nick is embraced by daddy.

Paul, Chris and Lynn conspire to fool Mary into thinking they all have forgotten her birthday. But the celebration and the conspiracy are revealed at Gina's.

Friday, February 28, 1997

John A. quizzes Jill about Keith and his daughters. Later, Keith stops by to see Jill. What did your daughters really think of me? The leave together.

Dru gets flowers and a nifty card from Neil. Malcolm is there. Sid calls. Got a big, big shoot, in PARIS! Dru wants to take Lily. Meanwhile, Neil is visiting Olivia. He tells her just how great things are going with Dru. Family is everything. So glad she sacrificed her career for me and Lily, blah, blah.

Mary continues to Pesther Paul and Chris about a baby.

Nick and Victor pray together in the chapel. Grace relives the moment with Sharon where they are discussing the *other* baby. Sharon awakens and demands to know what is wrong. Grace tells her about the surgery. Nick enters. Josh summons Nick to the hall. Blood count really bad, we've got to do surgery now. Do what you have to do doc. Sharon begins to whine and beg for them to stop. Save the baby, I don't care about me.........They wheel her away to OR. Doc, you've got to save them, save my wife and my baby!

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