The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on Y&R

An undercover policeman rescued Nina after a stranger tried to drug her at a bar. Dru learned that Neil had turned down a job offer on her behalf, and she angrily left for Paris with Lily. A man searched the dresser drawers in Kurt's house.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, March 3, 1997

by Laura

Dru says no to the Paris job. Neil calls Sid to growl at him about offering Dru more modeling jobs. Sid says that Neil should talk to his wife; she turned the job down. Neil is real pleased with himself. Sid then calls Dru and tells her that they are releasing her from the contract. Too many jobs turned down, an interfering husband, etc. Dru is really upset. Later, she calls Sid and says she has changed her mind. Reluctantly he accepts her yes. Be ready at 4. Neil arrives home all chipper until the driver arrives for the luggage. He stalks back to the office after saying goodbye to Lillie.

Cole visits a very *different* Nina. No, the research isn't done yet. Sorry about the mess, not up on my housework. Please go now. Cole then goes to see Ryan. Just what are you doing to help your wife Ryan? This is also after Ryan confided in Jill about Nina's behavior and of course, Jill wants to go give Nina some advice. Ryan says best to leave things alone.

Everyone is anxiously awaiting news on Sharon and the baby. Josh arrives. We got to her in time. Surgery looks to be a success. Yes, the baby is alive. In an incubator. The next 24 hours will tell. Later, Victor tells Josh he is going to get all the medical specialists available. Josh says go ahead, get doctors from all over the world if it will make you feel better Victor. But know that I am the doctor of record and all specialists have to work through me unless Nick and Sharon say otherwise. Josh leaves. Victor says to no one, "Well, we'll just see about that won't we." Sharon awakens. Oh Nicholas, the baby! The baby is in the nursery. Have you seen him yet? Not yet. Take me to see him Nicholas! When Dr. Josh says its okay. Oh Nicholas, we're parents. We have a baby!

Grace takes Doris home to *freshen up*. She snoops for Sharon's first baby's father's address/phone number. She finds it (amazing!) in the closet. Scratches it on a piece of paper and proceeds to take Doris back to the hospital.

Tuesday, March 4, 1997

Grace visits Sharon who wants to know about the baby. Nick visits the baby. Jack stops by. Be positive Nick. Nick and Grace talk about Sharon and how Nick needs to tell her everything about the baby. Grace tells Sharon she has to go out of town for a few days. Nick finally tells Sharon that they have to be positive. The next 24 hours will tell. My baby's going to die isn't he Nicholas. That's what everyone thinks, isn't it?! Grace gets into her car as Tony slips in beside her. Maybe you should come along with me. I don't know what is going to happen and I might need your help.

Chris and Paul go to see Nina who isn't at home. Cole shows up. Ryan shows up. Where is Nina? Nina is at another bar. Orders a sandwich. Some guy ogles her from another table, comes over, buys her a beer. Nina goes to the 'ladies room' and he slips her a mickey (some kind of powder [drug?] in her beer).

Kurt visits Ashley at the lab. Ashley then goes to visit Hope to fill her in. They talk about 'the letter'. Kurt gets a call from Mrs. Miller. Somebody is interested in your house Kurt. I'll fly out tonight. I was glad to see that you found the letter Kurt. Letter? What letter?

Wednesday, March 5, 1997

A policeman sees that something is wrong when Les tries to take Nina out of the bar. The policeman drops her with the doorman (?). Paul, (being the great PI that he is) sees that there is more than too much to drink involved. They call the officer who tells them that he thinks she was drugged. Ryan leaves, can't take any more 'liberation'. Chris stays with Nina.

Victor and Jack are into it again over the Dennison/Vanguard deal. Jack tells Victor that Nicholas needs his father. Victor says you've got some nerve telling me what to do.......Diane overhears some of the conversation and tells Jack he should get out now. Jack says I can handle Victor.

Kurt returns to the house. Has more flashbacks. Mrs. Miller again asks Kurt if he found the letter. Ashley is on her way to Cape Cod, with the letter.

Doris tries to reassure Sharon about the baby. Nick goes home. Nikki tells him that Victoria is gone. Nick tells Nikki just how scared he is for Sharon and the baby. Meanwhile, Sharon is trying to go see the baby herself. She makes it outside her door where Victor is there to catch her before she falls to the floor. Back in bed Sharon is saying over and over, I want to see my baby, my baby, my baby.

Thursday, March 6, 1997

Ashley arrives at the house in Cape Cod and she and Kurt rehash.

John A. visits Jack and whines about how Ashley is obsessed with Kurt. Jack says she's a grown-up now. I'm too busy planning my wedding. Meanwhile, Diane is visiting Victor who admires her loyalty and wants to discuss this more over dinner. Now.

Previously, Victor calls Nicholas at the ranch telling him to get to the hospital. Sharon fell trying to see the baby and after she wakes up, the doctors say that she can go see the baby. Victor arrives at the ranch to fill in Nikki. He wonders if Nikki blames him for the baby she lost with Jack. Of course not Victor, I could never blame you. (Of course, Victor is immediately beamed to his office as the NEXT scene is of him and Diane.)

Nina wakes up and wonders why Chris is there and where is Ryan. Chris tells her what happened with 'that guy' and the police. Nina doesn't believe until she hears it from the policeman herself. What am I doing Chris?! We all care about you Nina, and want to help. Hugs and tears.

Nick and Sharon visit the baby. They return to their room, trying to be positive but end up hugging and praying for their child.

Friday, March 7, 1997

Grace gets Frank to a diner and tries for information. He says he doesn't know anything about any baby and leaves.

The guy shows up to see Kurt's house. He looks through it on his own. It seems that his only real interest is a dresser in the master bedroom. He paws through the drawers, finally finds an envelope with photos, but doesn't get a chance to look inside as Ashley comes to find him. He says he'll be back. (I think whoever said it was right, this is the guy that Kurt's wife was going to leave him for.)

Victor and Diane get to know each other better over dinner. Meanwhile, Hope, Nikki and Victor Jr. are planning a birthday celebration for Victor. He arrives home and is surprised. He has forgotten that it is his birthday. They eat cake and Jr. gives 'Mr. Newman' a baseball glove for a gift.

All the specialists that Victor called in agree that Sharon and the baby have gotten the best treatments available. There is nothing any of them would have done different. Josh is pleased, but it will get through to Victor if the reports come from you directly, says Josh.

Ryan tells Chris that he is fed up and he is leaving Nina. He's got to give Phillip some stability.

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