The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps for the week of March 17, 1997

Kurt found the incriminating photos of Grant and Linda. Ashley reluctantly gave Kurt a letter Linda had written for him. Kurt returned to Cape Cod and confronted Grant with a gun, but he gave up when Grant's wife appeared. John Abbott was displeased to hear Ashley was with Kurt. Victor spent time with Victor Jr., and Hope told Victor that it meant the world to her that her son would grow up with his father in his life. Sharon and Nick had their son baptized and named him Noah. Malcolm assured Drucilla that she and Neil belonged together. Neil confessed to Olivia that his marriage to Drucilla had lost its magic. Danny planned a welcome home party for Phyllis, but she wasn't pleased. Nina and Cole talked about how they had made love at the cabin several months earlier. Grace and Tony tracked down a lead that they thought might lead them to Sharon's son or daughter, but the woman at the house they visited claimed not to know anyone by the name of Alice Johnson. Moments after they left, a young girl named Cassie exited a school bus and walked into that very same house.
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Victor made a fresh start with Hope and Adam
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Monday, March 17, 1997

by Laura

Ryan asked Cole to help Nina, while Jill was telling Nina that she was going to get Nina help, namely a doctor, whether she wanted it or not.

Kurt began to look at the photos. Ashley asked Katherine to get Kurt out of the room. Ashley got the photos, which she had seen, of Linda and Grant and threw them into the fireplace, just as Kurt reentered. He demanded to know, "Ashley, what are you doing with my photographs?"

Grace found out that the lawyer whose name was on the paper Frank had given her was in prison. She went and pleaded with the sick old man for information. He said he couldn't help her because he didn't know anything. The guards wheeled him back to the infirmary as he had a coughing jag.

Sharon and Nick baptized the baby. His name was Noah, Noah Newman.

Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Kurt got the photos out of the fireplace. He demanded to know what Ashley knew. He was ready to leave to go to Cape Cod when Ashley finally gave him the letter.

Jack and Neil, and Olivia and Malcolm all watched Dru's interview on television in different locations. Jack told Neil just how special Dru was. Malcolm told Olivia that he hoped that Neil was watching.

Nikki, Sharon, and Nick drew hope from knowing that each minute, hour, and day that passed was that much more time that Noah had for development. Nikki and Sharon embraced.

Grace was summoned back the prison. Unfortunately, Mr. Becker died before she got there. However, the prison matron had a note for Grace that Mr. Becker had given to her before he'd died. He'd said it was very important.

Victor bonds with Victor Jr.

Victor bonds with Victor Jr.

Wednesday, March 19, 1997

At the Chancellor mansion, Ashley reluctantly caved in to Kurt's demand that she tell him the truth. She took an envelope out of her purse, handed it to him, and revealed that it was a letter Linda had left for him on the day she'd been killed. Ashley added that she'd found it at his house, and she confessed that she'd read it, even though she'd had no right to do so. Kurt took the letter with shaking hands and confirmed that it was Linda's handwriting. Ashley offered to read it to him, but he preferred to read it after she left. She refused to go.

Linda had written about it being the hardest letter she'd ever had to write, and she'd known it would be a terrible shock to Kurt. Kurt read Linda's words about how she'd done everything possible to keep him from learning how much her feelings had changed, but she hadn't been able to keep quiet any longer. Linda had admitted that she had been desperately in love with someone else, but it hadn't been Kurt's fault. She had claimed that she'd changed, and she'd tried to keep her feelings for him alive, but she hadn't been able to deny it any longer. Linda had felt that she'd had no alternative but to end their marriage by filing for divorce.

A tear ran down Ashley's cheek as Kurt learned that Linda had planned to tell their daughter about her intentions by the time he read the letter. Linda had asked him to try to understand and find it in his heart to forgive her. Ashley said she'd hoped he'd never find out about the letter. Kurt was appalled that Ashley had let him go on believing that he'd had the love of a lifetime when his marriage had really been a sham.

Ashley believed that Kurt and Linda had shared that kind of love for years, but Kurt doubted that Linda had loved him. He guessed that Ashley had found the letter the first time they'd gone to Cape Cod, and she'd kept it from him. Ashley cried that she'd been trying to help him. She defended that she'd agonized about what to do with the letter, and she'd eventually concluded that God had put it in her hands to keep Kurt from being hurt. Kurt spat that Ashley had kept it for months and hadn't told him, and he accused her of playing God.

Ashley wished that she'd never found the letter, since she'd been torn up inside ever since she had. Kurt questioned whether it had ever occurred to her to tell him about it. She encouraged him to be angry and scream at her, but she begged him to believe that she hadn't shown him the letter because she cared about him and hadn't wanted him to feel hurt. She understood if he hated her for it, but she argued that it wouldn't change what had happened -- and that was something he couldn't blame her for.

Kurt asked Ashley to forgive him for lashing out at her. He felt like a fool, but she countered that loving and trusting his wife didn't make him a fool. He found it surreal, like it was happening to someone else. He contemplated how long it had been going on, and she imagined that Linda had hated the thought of hurting him. Kurt barked that Linda hadn't hated it enough to not get involved with someone else, and he wondered what she'd seen in another man that had made her walk away after 15 years of marriage. Ashley implored him not to blame himself, and she wished she could answer his questions and ease his pain.

Kurt thanked Ashley for everything she'd done, and he told her she could leave. She hesitated to leave him alone and promised that she wouldn't intrude. He understood that she was trying to help, but he was adamant about dealing with it on his own. He requested that she respect his wishes. Ashley mentioned that she'd be at home if he needed her, and she departed. Kurt examined the letter again and glowered. He considered tossing it into the burning fireplace, but he simply crumpled the pages into a ball instead.

Katherine arrived at the Abbott mansion to visit John. He called it a nice surprise, and she mentioned that she'd called his office and learned he was working from home that day. She reported that she had very good news -- Ashley was back home and at the Chancellor estate with Kurt. John was clearly displeased to hear Ashley was with Kurt, and Katherine wished John would get over his reservations about Kurt. John stressed that his reservations were serious.

John complained that Kurt had been around for months, yet they knew almost nothing about him. John couldn't help feeling that there was a reason Kurt had erected a wall of secrecy around himself. Katherine reasoned that Kurt had been through the terrible tragedy of losing his wife and child. Katherine believed that a devastated Kurt had shut out everything and everyone, but, with Ashley's help, he was finally confronting what had happened.

John conceded that he'd always be grateful to Kurt for saving Ashley's life, but Kurt's reluctance to talk about his past made John wonder what Kurt was hiding. Katherine considered Kurt to be a fine human being, and she saw a glimmer of something very personal happening between Ashley and Kurt. Katherine hoped John wouldn't stand in the way of the two getting closer. John admitted that he didn't know how he felt about Ashley and Kurt's romantic involvement.

At home, Victor was charmed when he saw Victor Jr. drawing a picture with crayons in the living room. Victor Jr. greeted "Mr. Newman," and Victor smiled and admired the picture. Victor called it very expressive, and he agreed to explain what that meant after the boy opened a gift. Victor pulled out a wrapped present, and Victor Jr. asked what it was. Victor remarked that there was only one way to find out. Victor helped Victor Jr. open a new set of boxing gloves and put them on.

Victor coached the tot on how to defend himself as Hope walked in and asked what was going on. Victor Jr. chirped that Mr. Newman was teaching him how to box. Hope nervously reached for her son's hands and remarked that they felt like real boxing gloves. She jokingly encouraged Victor to pick on someone his own size, but Victor thought Victor Jr. was tough and could take it. Hope protested that the boy was too young, but Victor countered that one was never too young to learn self-defense.

Hope prompted Victor Jr. to say thank you, and he hugged Victor. Victor Jr. added that he really liked Victor, and Victor replied that he liked Victor Jr., too. Victor instructed the boy to call him Victor, and he sent the lad to practice his boxing moves in front of a mirror. After Victor Jr. ran off, Hope noted that Victor was being quite the attentive father, even with everything going on at the hospital. Victor asserted that the boy was his son, and he swore that he would never allow Victor Jr. to grow up without a father.

Hope asked if Victor had any idea how much it meant to her to know that her son would grow up with his father in his life. Hope sensed a deep, personal relationship developing between father and son. Victor recognized that he might have lost one son, but he didn't intend to lose another. Hope believed that Nick would always need his family, but Victor understood that Nick wanted to be independent of Victor's interference. Victor had mixed feelings, since he wanted Nick to be strong and fight for himself, but he was also saddened that he and Nick were no longer close.

Victor changed the subject to Victor Jr.'s right cross, and he expected the boy to be a "damn good boxer." Hope hoped Victor realized that since he'd gotten Victor Jr. interested in boxing, Victor had to be his trainer. Victor considered it a challenge to stay fit so his son didn't knock him out, but Hope noted that Victor had already raised one family. Victor accepted that he'd made some mistakes, and he considered it a second chance at something very important. He hoped to give the benefits of what he'd learned to their son. A touched Hope thanked him, and he pulled her into his arms. He leaned in and tenderly kissed her lips.

At home, Dru paced and stared out the window. She struggled to find something to take her mind off things, and she crossed over to a shelf of videotapes. She pulled out one of her honeymoon with Neil in Antigua, and she smiled sadly as she watched the footage of the happy times they'd shared on the trip. The doorbell interrupted her thoughts, and she let Malcolm in. He saw her expression and had a feeling it was a bad time. He spotted the video, and she explained that it was from her honeymoon, when everything had been perfect. "If only it were that way now," she lamented.

Dru recalled that she and Neil had made the video so they'd never forget how much they loved one another, but she doubted that things would ever be like that again. Malcolm urged her to stop talking like that, since he expected Dru and Neil to work things out. Dru groaned that they'd been trying for months, and if something didn't change, they wouldn't make it. Dru fretted that she was in a no-win situation, since she didn't see a way to keep both her husband and her career. Malcolm assured her that she and Neil belonged together.

Dru fretted that she and Neil couldn't get past their differences, no matter how they tried. She pointed out that Malcolm had never said why he'd stopped by, and he complimented the fabulous job she'd done in her interview. Malcolm wondered if Neil had seen it. Dru responded that she hadn't heard from Neil since he'd left for court that morning, and she doubted that Neil would have the same reaction Malcolm had had. Malcolm observed that it seemed like she was at the end of her rope, and she whimpered that everything was out of control. She referred to something her little girl had said to her that morning.

Dru thought she and Neil had been careful to protect Lily. Dru had assumed that the girl didn't have any idea about what had been going on between them, but Lily had questioned why her parents were always so sad and why they didn't hug anymore. Dru tearfully wondered what she was supposed to do, since she kept praying things would get better, but it never happened. She felt Neil putting more distance between them and pulling away, and it was affecting their daughter. Dru worried that her husband was ready to call it quits.

Neil tracked down Olivia at the hospital and hoped to bend her ear. She wanted to talk about something, too, and she informed him that she'd seen a television interview with Dru, who had been wonderful, personable, and warm. Olivia divulged that Dru had told Malcolm not to tell Neil about it, since Neil despised everything about Dru's career. Neil realized that Dru hadn't wanted him to see it because she'd been afraid of his reaction. Olivia explained that Malcolm had tried to persuade Dru to tell Neil, but Dru had considered it to be one more thing for Neil to get upset about.

Neil insisted that he was "damn proud" of his wife, and Olivia realized that he had seen the interview. Neil revealed that Jack had clued him in, and they'd watched it together. Neil was moved that his wife had said some beautiful things about him and their marriage, and it was an image of Dru that he hadn't seen in a long time. He regretted that they'd lost that beauty and magic in their marriage. Olivia questioned whether Neil felt it was too late to get that feeling back.

Neil acknowledged that Dru had really gotten to him in the interview, but it hadn't changed anything. He questioned what kind of life they could have when they wanted such different things. Olivia pointed out that they both loved Lily and wanted a happy family. Neil countered that Dru also loved her career, and he didn't think she was ready to give it up. Neil recognized that maybe Dru shouldn't have to, and he grappled with what the answer was. Olivia advised him to think about what kind of life they'd have apart.

At the state penitentiary, Grace asked the prison nurse about a note that Mr. Becker had left before he'd died. The nurse recounted that Becker had been ill for some time, and Grace begged to see the message because it might be very important. The nurse exited to retrieve it, and Grace turned to Tony and excitedly speculated that Becker had changed his mind and decided to give them the information they needed. Tony warned that they wouldn't know anything until they read the note. Grace willed it not to be another dead end, since she needed the information for Sharon's sake.

The nurse returned, and Grace grabbed the note and asked if it was all there was. The nurse figured that it was all Becker had had the strength to write before he'd died. Grace tried to make out the single word scrawled on the piece of paper, and she thought it was a name, like Alice or Alicia. Grace questioned whether Becker had ever mentioned one of those names, but the nurse said no. Grace pressed her to consider people who'd visited Becker, but a guard reported that Becker hadn't had any visitors until Grace and Tony had shown up.

In a motel room, Grace worried that time was running out, and she had no idea what the name meant -- if it was even a name. Tony mentioned the woman who had taken over Becker's law practice, and he contemplated whether she had more to tell them. Grace figured that it was the only chance they had, and she looked up the address of the law office. Grace insisted on talking to the woman in person.

Grace and Tony entered the law office of Ann Koerner, who directed them to make an appointment. Grace introduced herself and reminded Ann that they'd spoken earlier about Becker. Grace hoped that Ann could provide information about an adoption Becker had arranged five years earlier. Ann contended that she and Becker hadn't been working together back then and that she'd had nothing to do with his illegal adoption scam. Ann ordered them to leave and swore that she had nothing more to tell. Grace and Tony exchanged a knowing look.

Grace insisted that she and Tony weren't there about Becker's scam. She mentioned that they'd just visited the penitentiary and learned that Becker had passed away, but he'd written down a name before he'd died. Grace showed Ann the slip of paper, and Ann agreed that it looked like Alice or Alicia. Ann wrote it off as the incoherent scribbling of a dying man, but Grace pushed to know if Ann knew who it was.

Ann cautioned that it had nothing to do with the adoption, but Becker had lived with a woman named Alice, and they'd been quite close. Tony asked if Alice's address was in Becker's files, and Grace argued that Becker had given them the information because he'd wanted to help them. Ann retrieved Becker's personal phone book and provided an address for Alice Johnson. Grace and Tony left to find Alice.

Grace and Tony knocked on the door of the address Ann had given them. A woman answered the door and coolly told them that she didn't want any of what they were selling. Grace informed her that they were looking for Alice, but the woman claimed that she didn't know anything about Alice. The woman shut the door, and Grace looked defeated.

Grace and Tony returned to their car, and he pointed out that it had been a long shot from the start. Grace wailed that she'd wanted to do it for her best friend to give Sharon peace of mind. Grace believed that finding Sharon's son or daughter might have made what Sharon was going through more bearable. They drove away.

A few moments later, a school bus pulled up in front of the house. The bus doors opened, and the bus driver cheerfully said goodbye to Cassie, a kindergarten-aged redhead who made her way toward the house. Cassie stopped to pick up a penny on the ground, and she exclaimed, "A lucky penny!" She headed up the stairs and into the house.

Thursday, March 20, 1997

Jill and Ryan discussed Nina and why Ryan had left with Phillip. At the same time, Cole was visiting Nina to see what he could do to help her. She couldn't believe that he was asking. Nina spewed, "Ever since that night at that cabin you rented, where you were waiting for your wife, but I misunderstood the note you left, and I came; and we made love." Nina continued, "I was an easy lay for you, and you just tossed me aside. You still being in love with a woman who has abandoned you, gone God knows where, and coming back? Who knows? Maybe you are the one who needs help. Think about that on your way out."

Danny was back, and he, Christine, Paul, and Lynn made a lunch date. Paul never showed because he got mugged. The muggers took his wallet and extra set of keys. Christine thought maybe it was someone out for revenge. Paul got 20 stitches in his side as a result of the mugging.

Diane asked Victor to lunch. He wondered why and kept asking her.

Kurt visited Ashley before disappearing. Ashley called looking for him. She eventually called Grant, telling him that Kurt knew everything and was probably on his way to Cape Cod as they spoke. Kurt was indeed on his way. He arrived at his house, found a gun, and was sitting on a desk as Grant arrived.

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Friday, March 21, 1997

Danny invited everyone over for Phyllis' homecoming. Paul, Christine, Lynn, Joni, and Danny were waiting. Phyllis arrived and asked, "What are you all doing here?" Little Daniel was tired and went to bed. Phyllis said she was not up to that and went to lie down. Everyone thought they should leave. Danny asked, "Are you sure?"

Diane finally told Victor she wanted to talk about Jack. Victor said, "What a way to ruin a good lunch." Later, after visiting Sharon, Jack visited Victor, wanting to know how he felt about Jack asking Nick to work on the Dennison/Vanguard stuff. Victor said it just might be a good idea, "even though I hate to agree with you, Jack Abbott." Much later, Jack and Diane made out in Jack's office.

Nick received news in the mail. He'd been offered a job in Seattle. He gushed to Doris about it at the hospital. He decided he would wait to tell Sharon until they were able to take Noah home, but he wanted Doris to think about moving out to Seattle with them.

Kurt and Grant went around and around. Kurt wanted to call Grant's wife and fill her in. But then, the doorbell rang, and it was Rachel Long, Grant's wife. She'd been concerned about Grant and followed him. After chit-chat, Kurt bellowed for Grant to take his wife home, declaring, "We're finished here." Kurt burned the letter.

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