The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on Y&R

Nick made love to Grace, thinking she was Sharon. Paul and Christine discovered that Sasha had worked at the same lab where Phyllis had gotten the paternity test done. Phyllis stole Sasha's manuscript from Christine's office. Michael was released from prison.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, June 16, 1997

Nick returns drunk and babbles to Noah. He then notices who he thinks is Sharon in the bed in the nursery. He takes his clothes off and begins kissing Grace.......Later, he leaves, saying he'll give Sharon more room and go upstairs. We see him later in the bathtub.....Grace packs up and leaves, taking a photo of Nick with her. Tony questions why she has returned so late. Giving her grief about her crush on stud Newman. She goes to bed telling Tony he doesn't have a clue as to what she'll be dreaming about..... Nick finally climbs into bed and Sharon mumbles, good, you're home. He gets this real perplexed look on his face and shakes his head like, now I'm really confused. (Drunk or not, I can't believe he wouldn't know that it wasn't his wife he was having sex with.)

Jack breaks a date with Diane so that he can console a hurt Ashley (who was dumped by Kurt). Victor enters just after Diane hangs up the phone and gets her to go out with him. They end up at the Colonnade Room (his hair now all slicked back, by the way). Jack persuades Ashley to get dressed so that he can take her out and boost her spirits. We're going to kick it up at the Colonnade Room sis.

Danny tells Chris and Paul to stop meddling in his life and back off Phyllis. Meanwhile, Phyllis is repaying Tim the $20,000 and telling him goodbye. It's time we cut our ties Tim. Later, Danny returns and they go for round two of the baby making stuff. But wait, there is a man at the door with a messengered package for Phyllis....and it's from Sasha!

Paul and Chris vow to keep digging in hopes of finding the manuscript that Sasha had.

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

Chris (who has cut her hair) and Paul discover that Sasha worked at the same lab as Phyllis. They begin to wonder if they were right a couple of years ago when they suspected Phyllis changed the paternity test. They are flying to NY to question the guy at the lab about Sasha.

Phyllis answers the door and receives her package. She sees that it is from Sasha and lies to Danny, saying it's some book. They go off to the bedroom. The next morning, Phyllis opens the envelope and reads a letter from Sasha. It says that this is just one of many copies that are en route to numerous people, as something bad has obviously happened to me. Phyllis hides the manuscript when Danny comes out. He reminds her he is going to Milwaukee and asks if she is okay. She lies and says of course. He goes off about her lying and walks out. Phyllis wonders what she is going to do.

Diane and Victor dancing at the Colonnade room. Back at the table, she questions him about Hope and Nikki. Jack arrives and sees them and whisks Ashley out real fast. Victor and Diane dance again. Back at the Abbott's, Jack finally tells Ashley why they left. I saw Diane there....with Victor.

Victoria trying to entice Cole into bed. He's got to finish up something. He finally finishes........(Sorry I can't tell you more here, I just can't stand to listen to Victoria speak, but it was mostly bed stuff anyway.)

Nick thinks that maybe it was a dream, that maybe he didn't make love to anybody. He goes through the scene in his head, over and over. Meanwhile, Grace can't sleep either as she keeps thinking about Nick. Tony wonders what is her problem. Why don't we do something Gracie? I've got something on my mind Tony, it's personal. Cassie awakens they talk. Tony takes Cassie back to bed.....The next morning Grace is gazing at Nick's photo, will you ever know it was me Nick?......Nick is hung-over he tells Sharon. He finally learns that it was Grace sleeping in the nursery. Grace calls and talks with Sharon. Tell Nick I hope he enjoyed last night. Sharon hangs up and tells Nick that she thinks something is wrong with Grace. It was something in her voice.

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

Dru talking to Sid in Bermuda. He's telling her how much more work he could give her if she wanted. She says but I'm miss my family soooo much. Neil calls, nice chit chat. The baby issue comes up, Sid overhears and after she hangs up questions Dru on it. She tells him the truth, that she is letting Neil think she is trying but she really isn't. Meanwhile, Neil and Malcolm are talking about the wonderful women in their lives. Later, Malcolm presses Liv for a wedding date. How about when Dru gets three or four days. Liv says no way at first, then says as soon as humanly possible, they will get married.

Nick at the main house all warped out. Cole tries to get him to open up, Nick just can't. Victor comes over to ask Nick to rejoin Newman Enterprises when he is finished with school, but notices that Nick is distracted. What's the matter my boy? Nick says that he can handle it and tells Victor he'll have to give him time on the Newman Enterprises thing.

Sharon calls Grace and invites her to a picnic with Noah. Grace wonders if Nick will be there. No, he went out. Grace arrives and when in the nursery with Sharon and Noah, has flashbacks of her romp with Nick. Later, Sharon tells Grace that she thinks something is wrong with Nick. He always kisses me goodnight, even if I am sleeping (and how would she know if she was sleeping???) and he didn't last night. Grace asks if Sharon thinks that maybe some girls were with the guys on their night out? Sharon says not really, just her imagination working overtime.

Michael is being released from prison. He wonders if Christine has been notified. Yes, a letter has been sent which she'll probably get today........Christine's helper at Legal Aid is just placing her mail in the box and the letter from the prison is on top. Meanwhile, Chris and Paul are in NY and get nowhere with the guy at the lab. You're not getting anything from me. Chris tells him they will see him in court.

Phyllis is rereading the letter from Sasha with the manuscript and wondering where the other copies are going. She realizes that Chris might be receiving one of them and goes to Legal Aid to search for it. The helper tells Phyllis that Chris is out of town for the day. Phyllis convinces the lady to let her leave a note in Chris's office. Phyllis is pawing through stuff when the lady says she has to go out. Phyllis says okay, I'm almost finished, you go ahead. The lady leaves, and then a messenger arrives with an envelope (just like the one Phyllis received) for Christine Williams. (I'm so sick of Phyllis always getting away with stuff. She needs to get caught and soon, like NOW!!! Just MO.).....Meanwhile, Kurt finds the fax that he took from Sasha the night of the fire in the desk drawer and leaves a message for Chris, tell her it's Dr. Costner and it's urgent.

Thursday, June 19, 1997

Nikki visits Victor. It's the same old Nikki/Victor talk and he kisses her before she leaves.

Michael reports to work. His new boss is Kevin. Kevin has lots of work for Michael. Later, Michael asks if anyone has called for him. No. Michael wonders what Christine is thinking about his new job in GC.

Phyllis is about to sign for the package when Gail (the co-worker) returns, puts the package in Chris's "in" box and turns her back to Phyllis while she signs the delivery slip. This gives Phyllis all the time she needs to put 'all' of the mail from Chris's "in" box into her bag. They all leave together......Chris and Paul return. Gail enters and begins to ask about the package but sees that it is gone. She relates the whole story to Paul and Chris who just can't believe that Phyllis is being so sloppy in covering her tracks..........Phyllis returns to the apt. and begins stabbing the package with a letter opener saying "damn you, damn you, damn you." Joni interrupts her. Phyllis spews about 'that bitch Sasha from beyond the grave trying to destroy my life'. Phyllis ends up putting 'all' the mail in the fireplace and burning it. (Remember, the letter from the prison about Michael was also included in this mail.)...Back at Legal Aid, Chris returns Kurt's call and he comes right over. I found this paper that I must have taken from Sasha Green. Chris vows to get the information from the World Inquisitor. They must know what Sasha Green was selling and I'll find out..... Phyllis is watching the mail burn saying, "I'm one step ahead of you Christine, one step ahead."

Neil visits Liv at her office. Liv asks how Neil would feel if there were problems with Dru conceiving. Neil says they would deal with it, but he is confident that there will be a baby soon. Malcolm comes by, he and Liv kiss, kiss, kiss. Dru calls later and they want her to come back soon so that they can get married. She says she'll be wrapping up tomorrow. More kissing.

Ryan calls Tricia and they make a date to meet in an hour at Eve's. Nina stops by Ryan's office and overhears him making a reservation for 7pm. She takes a moment to compose herself and enters, asking him about what he thinks about Cole's job offer. She leaves, asking him to dinner. Sorry, I can't. Maybe some other time. Nina lurks and follows Ryan when he leaves. Tricia is being grilled by Keith about her date but she does well in avoiding giving him much information.

Friday, June 20, 1997

Malcolm sees the paper and realizes it's AIDS Day of Compasion. He flashes back to Keesha, which brings him to tears. Liv arrives and sees. She is compassionate also and comforts Malcolm. They are going to visit Keesha's grave.

Jack and Victor talk/argue about Diane.

Keith and Jill discuss Tricia, then start a little frolicking of their own.......Tricia and Ryan have a nice dinner at Eve's, while Nina lurks (thru the whole thing, I might add. What kind of a restaurant would let a person just stand around watching somone?)

Phyllis is just a bundle of nerves. Joni says, caffeine isn't really good for nervousness Mrs. Romalotti. What should I have Joni, a valium milkshake? Paul arrives and rattles Phyllis's cage.....Chris is on her way to NY to see the guy at the tabloid. She runs into Danny who wonders if maybe Chris's problem with Phyllis is that Chris is jealous of Phyllis having Danny's kid. Honestly Danny, no way. They part as friends.

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