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Danny learned that he could not be Daniel's father. Danny moved out and wanted a divorce. Victor demanded to know about the death of Josh's first wife. Veronica had her bandages removed, and she looked much different.
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Monday, July 28, 1997

Victor manages to lose his memory over the weekend so when Nick drops by his office and tells him that he's going to graduate soon, Victor acts astonished by the revelation. They discuss the possibility of Nick returning to Newman Enterprises, but Victor makes it clear that he'll have to work hard and prove his way to the top. Nick agrees he wouldn't have it any other way, and they settle their past differences. Although Victor lets him know that he'd like him to run the company one day, Nick still hasn't made a decision.

Jennifer, Jack's secretary, tells him that she heard some office gossip that Victor and Diane had a big blow up. He high-tails it over to Diane's office and says that he heard they had a knock-down-drag-out fight in the executive office. Diane tries to laugh it off, but admits that Victor saw them kissing. Jack advises her to let Victor calm down, and says he'll respect her more if she lets him call her, not the other way around. Diane's a little unsure to take his advise, though, noting that Jack would like nothing more to see her engagement blow up in her face. "That's already happened," Jack reminds her. Diane agrees that he's probably right, and heads off for the gym to take her mind off of things. Moments after she leaves, the phone rings. Jack debates on answering it but doesn't. It was Victor, and since he tried reaching her once and she wasn't there, he decides that the ball is now in her court.

Ryan has flashbacks in slow motion about all the time he's spent with Tricia. His thoughts are interrupted when she calls to tell him that she called his cell the night before and Nina answered. "Did it get ugly?" Ryan worries. Tricia assures him that although Nina blasted her, she could handle it and even justifies Nina's actions for her. Later at lunchtime, Tricia and Ryan run into each other at a diner. They talk, and Tricia goes on about how much she loves him, and pumps his ego about his animal magnetism. She really ropes him in when she insists that she will step aside for the sake of his marriage. Ryan leaves, seemingly pleased with his latest ego-boost, and doesn't notice Nina hiding in the phone booth outside. Nina joins Tricia at her table, and reminds her that she was ordered to stay away from Ryan. Tricia get snitty and asks if she doesn't have anything better to do that follow Ryan around. Nina puts her in her place, however, by threatening that if she doesn't stay away, she'll be sure to regret it.

Gina is surprised to find Danny on her couch and asks what is wrong. Emotionally, Danny explains what happened and how Daniel isn't his son after all. "For the first time in my life, I really feel like killing somebody," he says, and means it. After a while he starts to scare Gina with all of his talk about killing Phyllis for what she's done.

Meanwhile, Phyllis finds Michael Baldwin's card and goes to meet him at his office. She admits that the story she told him was really happening to her, not a friend like she had said before. Michael wants some details, but Phyllis isn't ready to get into it too much yet. Michael promises that his firm will take care of her should she need a lawyer. She gives him a long kiss and says, "That's your retainer."

Nina comes home very distraught, and Jill walks in behind her demanding to know what's happened now. Nina admits that she followed Ryan, and tells how she threatened Tricia. Jill says she shouldn't panic yet because Tricia might not tell Ryan about it, so everything's still okay until they figure out how to handle the situation.

Meanwhile, Tricia calls Ryan at his office and tells him about her words with Nina. Ryan apologizes for Nina's behaviour and asks if poor Tricia is okay. Tricia assures him that she's a little shook up, but she'll manage, all the while trying to be so considerate of Nina. Ryan swears he'll take care of the problem and as he hangs up the phone, he looks furious...

Tuesday, July 29th1997, 1997

Nick goes to Nikki and confides that he's seriously considering returning to Newman Enterprises and wants her opinion. Nikki of course couldn't be more pleased, and encourages him to do it. However, she also notes that he seems to have a lot on his mind lately which makes Nick clam up and leave.

Jack drops by Olivia's apartment with a bottle of champagne as a gift for the honeymooners, hoping it'll help to keep the honeymoon going. Neil happens to be there, preparing for their return. Neil tells him that he heard some office gossip about a big blow-up in Victor's office and wonders what happened. Jack tells him it was a fight between Diane and Victor, and he couldn't be happier about it. He hints that he plans to keep the feud going and promises that Ol' Smilin' Jack will have one big grin on his face by the end of it. Malcolm calls from the plane and is a little surprised to find Jack answering his phone. Regardless, he tells him that they're on their way and should be home shortly. Sure enough, they arrive and Jack and Neil welcome them all home. Malcolm and Neil giggle privately about the physical details of the honeymoon. Later, Olivia and Malcolm start to steam up the apartment and ask Nate to go play upstairs with Lily until they're done.

Jill calls Nina to see how things are going and they rehash the incident at the diner. Meanwhile, Keith comes to Jill's office and tells her that he just met Alec and says that he's sure Tricia is getting on with her life without Ryan after all. Jill is happy to hear it, but doesn't seem as convinced as Keith.

Ryan comes home and asks Nina if there's anything she'd like to tell him. Eventually, the subject of Tricia comes up and Ryan admits that he knows how Nina followed him, made threats to Tricia, and about the phone call the other night. Nina tries to defend herself, but Ryan blasts her about being suspicious and immature. He says that he's so angry with her, he needs to leave for awhile. Nina wonders if he's really trying in this trial period, or if he's just trying to ease his conscience in some way. Ryan tells her that he's giving it his all, he couldn't try any harder, but she's ruining everything with this behaviour. With that, he storms out.

Nikki excitedly goes to Victor's office and tells him about her conversation with Nick. Victor isn't in a very good mood and doesn't share her optimism. When asked, Victor admits that he and Diane are having troubles. Nikki reminds him that Diane can't be trusted as it wasn't too long ago that she was engaged to Jack. Victor explains that she simply made a mistake by being with Jack, but realized her error and went with the best. "You are jealous of Diane," Victor sniffs. Nikki denies it, but Victor doesn't believe her so she leaves.

Phyllis is shocked when Danny marches into the apartment and demands to see Daniel. She tells him that unless he is willing to accept Daniel as his son, he can't have anything to with him. They argue, but Phyllis stands her ground. She tells him that if he turns his back on Daniel as his father, then he forfeits all parental rights. Danny ignores her so as a last resort she threatens to call the cops. While Danny is visiting with Daniel in the next room, Phyllis calls the police and they rush right over. However, when they learn that Danny didn't threaten or harm her in any way, they chalk it up to a domestic dispute and tell them that unless one of them files for divorce, they both have rights to the apartment and to Daniel. After the police leave, Phyllis repeats her speech to Danny. She warns him that she and Daniel are a package, and if he wants a relationship with his son, he'll have to have one with her as well. In disgust, Danny storms back out.

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

Nina has a nightmare about Ryan and Tricia, then calls Jill and asks her to come over. She tells her how Ryan came home and confronted her about talking to Tricia and how mad he is at her. Jill tells her that she's her own worst enemy and urges her to quit screwing up and start acting the like the woman Ryan fell in love with years ago.

Cole surprises Ashley when he comes by the lab and asks if he could use her in a character study for a new book that he's writing. Ashley says no as she's way too busy but he says it would only take an hour a week. Ashley tells him she'll need to think about it.

Nikki goes to Victor's office again to argue some more about Diane. Victor admits that he saw her kissing Jack, which really gets Nikki going. Victor decides to throw himself into her personal life, and asks about Josh's past. Nikki tells him how his first wife died, but Victor's suspicions are raised when she adds that she didn't learn the details until after they were married. She's horrified when Victor suggests that Josh had something to do with Veronica's death.

Cole asks Nick to come to the tack house and asks if he told Sharon the truth. Nick admits he didn't, adding it was a stupid idea to come clean. "Who convinced you it was stupid idea......Grace?!" Cole asks. Nick jumps to her defence, and blasts Cole for not liking her so much. When he tells him that he's thinking about returning to Newman Enterprises, Cole is glad but warns him that it could be difficult should Grace accept Victor's job offer as well. "I haven't made any decisions yet," Nick says.

Jill goes to Ryan's office and after quizzing him about the fall line, asks about his marriage. Ryan is instantly aGityated, but gets outright angry when he realizes that Nina has told Jill everything that's going on already. Jill tries to plead Nina's case, but Ryan doesn't want to hear it and warns her that between the pressure from her and Nina, this whole trial marriage thing might not work out. Jill decides to tell him that Tricia has moved on. "She's seeing a guy named Alec," she says, adding that she knows it's true because Keith told her about it after he met him. Ryan pretends not to care but after Jill leaves, he calls Tricia. Megan answers the phone and tells him that she's not home, she's gone to the campus to hang out with some college friends. "If this is Ryan," Megan starts to say but suddenly, Ryan hung up!

Veronica is plagued with questions again by Dr. Gallagher, who smugly shows her that he made photocopies of her picture of Josh. She still doesn't provide any information. Dr. Archer comes in and says it's time to remove the bandages but warns her that since they didn't know what she looked like before the accident, she could be in for a shock.

Nick goes to Grace's and says that he's made a decision -- he's going to return to Newman Enterprises after graduation. He tells her that it would make things much easier for him if she didn't accept Victor's job offer so they wouldn't have to see each other on a daily basis. To his surprise, Grace isn't amused. She tells him that she needs the money and she wouldn't find a better paying job anywhere else. After reminding him that he caused this whole mess, she tells him it's very unfair of him to ask such a big "favour."

Tricia meets Alec at the Crimson Lights for coffee. He gives her another pep talk, then cheers her up with a funny story about his brother. Neither of them notice Ryan come in. Ryan sees them laughing together, then leaves, looking mighty concerned.

Thursday, July 31, 1997
Erin Goldsby

Gina doesn't know what to do with Danny. They discuss Phyllis and the episode at her house earlier. Danny's so angry, and lashes out that he hates that "conniving bitch." She suggests that they call Christine to handle the situation, but Danny can't face her and says not to bother.

Victor can't believe it when Nick shows up at his office and tells him that he's made the decision to return to Newman Enterprises. He tells him how thrilled he is, especially when Nick tells him, he's "the master" and he won't question his authority and/or expect preferential treatment. Victor asks about Grace and wonders if she plans to accept his job offer. Nick tells him he'll look into it for him.

Meanwhile, Grace admits to Tony that she's almost out of money. He tells her he'll help her with the bills, but his money is tight too since he took so much time off of work to help babysit Cassie. He points out that the dry spell could be over soon if she'd take Victor up on his offer and accept the position at Newman Enterprises. Cassie comes in and asks if she's enrolled in school or not. Tony tells Grace that she must think of Cassie, and advises her to go talk to Victor. Grace does go see Victor, and accepts the position. He's glad to hear it, but notes that Nick seemed reluctant to work with her and wonders if she knows why. Grace tells him she has no idea since she and Nick hardly ever talk, and she's never picked up any negative vibes from him. Victor brushes it off and thinks he must've been mistaken.

Chris and Paul return from their trip, very much relaxed. They no sooner get in the door but the phone rings. Paul knows better than to answer it, but Chris insists. It's Gina, and she needs to talk to Chris immediately. She tells her that Danny is in a big mess and needs her desperately. She adds that he didn't want her to call her, but she doesn't know how to help him. She begs Chris to come right over and help him. "Please don't turn your back on him," Gina begs. Chris says she'll see what she can do, then gets off the phone to break the news to Paul. He's annoyed that they just returned from a trip where they tried to forget about these people, and now they're right back in their face again. Christine does her hair and puts on a pretty dress, then skips out the door to see Danny.

Victor tries unsuccessfully to reach Josh by phone then goes to his office. He tells him that Nikki told him all about Veronica, and demands some explanations. Josh tells him it's none of his business, but, well, as if Victor cares what he thinks. He demands to know what happened to his first wife, since he's now married to Nikki. Josh realizes what he's getting at and tells him this whole thing is ridiculous then kicks him out of his office. Victor gives him a threatening glare to "warn" him that he's on his back before leaving.

Meanwhile, Veronica has her bandages removed as the doctors again explain that they didn't know what she looked like before the accident, so basically had to guess while reconstructing her face. They admire their handiwork then tell her that there's still some scarring, but they can fix it. After fixing her hair for her, they hand her the mirror and await her reaction. Veronica quickly notices that she looks much different, and almost doesn't recognize herself. To the doctor's surprise, she quickly notes that change can be good and says the bright side is that it's like she's a whole new woman. The doctors are amazed at her positive attitude.

Chris goes to Gina's office and finds Danny mulling over Daniel's picture. She asks what happened, and he tells her the whole sad paternity test story. He freaks out, throws stuff around and screams out his anger at the top of his lungs. Chris is moved to tears to see him in so much pain. Danny tells her that he's never felt such a feeling of loss in his life, and worries that he could feel this way forever.

Phyllis tells Joani that Danny will come home once he realizes that he wants to keep a relationship with Daniel. She tells her about her lawyer friend, Michael Baldwin, then gives him a call. Phyllis asks Michael if he's still available if she needs him. She fills him in about the police incident with Danny, and says she needs to know that he'll help her. Michael asks for her last name, but she says she'll give it to him the next time they talk, if there is a next time. After they hang up, Michael notes to himself that he's sure there'll be a next time..

Friday, August 1, 1997

Ryan has flashbacks about Tricia, but his thoughts are interrupted when Nina comes into his office. She apologizes for following him and threatening Tricia, noting that she's pushed him away with her actions. He tells her that he's put it in the past and she should too.

Meanwhile, Jill comes home from work and finds Tricia deep in thought. She gives her some unwarranted advice about love, noting that she can still remember what it's like to be that age and head over heels for someone. Tricia doesn't want her advice, but Jill tells it anyway, reminding her that Nina and Ryan have a lot of history. "if you're waiting for the month to run out thinking that Ryan will come back to you, you could be waiting an awfully long time," Jill says, "Don't waste your time, life is too short." Tricia blows her off, but once alone, she mutters to herself that Jill doesn't understand, and Ryan will come back to her. "I'll wait my whole life if I have to," she adds. Later, Alec drops by Tricia's and gives her another encouraging talk about getting on in life after having your heart broken.

Danny and Chris continue to discuss the whole situation at Gina's. Danny asks that Christine represent him in court as he plans to divorce Phyllis ASAP. Chris can see why he'd want to hire her, but says she'll need to think about it before committing. She advises him not to move out yet, as it will show the court how committed he is to Daniel. Before leaving, she dramatically reminds him that no matter what, she'll ALWAYS be there for him.

Joani is surprised to find Phyllis painting her toe nails casually in the living room. Phyllis explains that she's sure Danny will return so she can't let herself go. She gets a bright idea and has Daniel call Danny to beg him to come home. Danny is infuriated that she'd use her child that way and tells her so. Danny does come home, though, and says that he's staying - in a separate room, however.

Jill remembers that she forgot to do something at the office, and rushes back. She calls Nina and reminds her that today is her wedding anniversary so she'd better make the most of it. Then she calls Jabot's in-house fumigators and asks for their help in getting Ryan home early. They cook up a plan to tell Ryan that the office is being fumigated and he'll have to leave immediately. It works.

After reviewing the situation with Cole, Nick comes up with an idea as to how to handle Grace, and rushes off to Newman Enterprises. He has a meeting with Grace and Victor, and manages to make a fool out of himself by carrying on about relocating Grace to another division, thereby giving her a job with better pay and a chance of advancement. He's speechless when they tell him that Grace has already accepted Victor's job offer. After Victor leaves, Nick lays into Grace about going behind his back and letting him make a fool out of himself in front of Victor. Grace gets all wide-eyed and acts innocent as she reminds Nick that everything is his own fault, and she owes him nothing. She notes that they have a truce, but she's the only one keeping her end of the bargain.

Christine goes home and tells Paul everything. She finishes by telling him that Danny wants her to represent him in court, but notes that she hasn't given him an answer yet. Paul advises her to go for it, since they both want to see Phyllis pay for what she has done, and he thinks that Christine is the perfect candidate for the job.

Ryan is shocked when he walks in the door and finds Nina and Phillip waiting for him with a cake. Phillip says happy anniversary to them both, then has them blow out the candles together.

Meanwhile, Jill goes home and is happy to see that Alec is over. Once alone with Tricia, though, she tells her that Ryan and Nina are celebrating their anniversary tonight. Tricia is moved to tears.

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