The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 18, 1997 on Y&R

Nina made sure that Tricia overheard her lie about the romantic evening Ryan and Nina had shared. Paul was angry when Christine stood him up to be with Danny. Hope decided to go back to Kansas, and Kurt accompanied her. Sharon confronted Nick.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 18, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, August 18, 1997

Tricia overhears Jill call Ryan at the office and demand that they review some figures immediately. She tells him to meet her at the Lodge. Tricia then calls Alec and says that they should go there too so they can continue to make Ryan jealous.

Phyllis and Danny argue again, but this time she's even more irate about the fact that he's going for custody of Daniel. Pulling out the trump card, Phyllis tells Danny that Michael Baldwin is working on her case. Danny loses it, and storms out.

Nick and Grace argue about what happened and who's to blame. Grace tells him that if thought about it rationally, he'd realize that telling Sharon what happened is the stupidest idea on the face of the earth. Nick tells Grace that she's trying to protect herself and no one else. She refuses to leave until Sharon comes back and calls Tony to tell him that she'll be spending the night. Doris calls Nick and tells him that she has a message from Sharon. She says that she and the kids are all right but that she needs some time away from him. Nick begs Doris to give a message back to Sharon - that he loves her more than anything, and please, please come home. When he hangs up, Nick throws Grace out.

An old buddy from college drops by Paul's office but tells him that he's only in town a few hours. Paul is anxious for him to meet Chris so he calls her and says to meet them in half an hour at Gina's. Chris agrees, but as she's about to leave, Danny comes in. He tells her about the argument with Phyllis and that he knows about Michael. Christine makes it very clear that she will not back down from this case. "I'm not the innocent beginner that Michael took advantage of before," she says through gritted teeth, "Don't ask me to quit the case because I won't!" They discuss the case, and Chris tells how tough she is, then she looks at her watch and realizes she's an hour and a half late to meet Paul. "You can blame it on me," Danny offers as she rushes out the door.

Alec and Tricia settle in minutes before Jill and Ryan arrive at the Lodge. When they can't get Ryan's attention, they go to the dance floor and boogie down. Ryan spots them and can't get his eyes off of them. Jill notices and comments on how good it is that Tricia is getting on with her life and leaving her alone is the best thing he could do for her. They try to get back to work but Ryan snaps his pencil in half when he sees Tricia and Alec kissing on the dance floor. Their deed done, Tricia pays the bill and the triumphantly march out of the restaurant. Jill and Ryan finish their work, then he asks to leave as he's lost his appetite.

Paul and Eric go to Gina's and wait as long as they possibly can for Chris but Eric has a plane to catch. They finally go ahead and eat dinner without her as Paul raves about how lucky he is to be married to perfection. Minutes after they leave, Chris rushes in but Gina tells her that they've already left.

Nina calls Flo over and asks her to babysit Phillip so that she and Ryan can have their first real romantic evening at home. Flo wonders if Ryan is ready for that but Nina's pretty sure he is. She sets up candles all around the living room and puts on a black negligee. Ryan comes home but pauses outside the door as he remembers Tricia and Alec kissing. Sadly, he walks through the door and sighs as Nina slides up and welcomes him home...

Tuesday, August 19, 1997

Alec and Tricia are discussing whether or not they were successful at their attempt to upset Ryan when Jill comes home. She mentions that she saw them at the restaurant, and that she was with Ryan. When they spot the take-out in her hand, she explains that Ryan had to leave before they could have dinner. After Jill goes to the kitchen to eat, Alec and Tricia exclaim that their plan must've worked. Megan and Jeremy come home from their date, and they all chit chat about their evening. Tricia and Alec tell them about going to the Lodge, but lie when then mention that they "accidentally" ran into Ryan. Later, Megan gets on Tricia's case about being obsessed with Ryan, but she denies it.

Ryan comes in and Nina greets him in her negligee surrounded by candlelight. They chat for a moment, share a glass of wine, then dance in the living room (sorry girls, no John Travolta moves this time). Eventually, Nina leads him into the bedroom. As she starts to undress him and kiss him all over, Ryan's mind wanders back to the scene of Tricia and Alec kissing. Suddenly he pushes Nina away and says he can't do it. He tells Nina that it's not her, it's him, but she bursts into tears and accuses him of wanting Tricia instead. "Why are we playing this charade?!" she shrieks, "You don't want me, you want her -- so pack your bags and go to her then!!"

Christine comes home and finds Paul mixing himself a drink. She tries to apologize for standing him up, but he's not too impressed. He asks her if the delay had anything to do with Danny so she admits it did, but adds that it could just as easily been due to another client. "Yes, but it wasn't," Paul grumbles, "I can't help but wonder if this case is going to take over our lives." Chris insists that she's not giving up the case, and that it's a very important one. She reminds him that his work keeps him from her sometimes, and that he'll have to be more tolerant in the weeks to come.

Kurt comes by to visit Hope. They talk about Victor, and how one never quite gets over a man like him, etc. Hope mentions that she needs to make a decision about the farm -- and Victor -- but whatever she decides will affect Victor Jr as well. Hope confides that she worries what kind of life Junior will have if he knows he's the son of the great Victor Newman, and suggests that maybe he should never know. She asks Kurt for advice, so he tells her that he's not a big fan of keeping secrets, after all he's been through.

Diane and Victor remain in wedded bliss in Greece, but Victor is anxious to get home. Diane understands, and says she won't mind if they cut their vacation short. Victor calls Wally and tells him to fire up the jet, the newlyweds are going home.

Jack contacts Nikki to see if she knows anything about Victor's trip, but she admits that she is the last person he should be asking. They rehash how Victor caught Diane and Jack kissing, and Jack confides his theory that Victor doesn't really care about Diane. Nikki points out that he proposed to her, but Jack insists that Victor just did that to get revenge, and that he thinks Diane is finally starting to realize what she gave up with him. He feels reassured when Nikki tells him that she's never believed that Victor and Diane would actually get married one day. Later, Diane's secretary Trudy calls him and says that Diane wanted her to call and tell him that she'll be home tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Nina wakes up and is disturbed that Ryan isn't in bed beside her. She remembers telling him to pack his bags and go to Tricia the night before, and panics that he did just that. However, she finds him sleeping on the couch. He awakes but doesn't want to talk about their argument. In typical Ryan fashion, he blames everything on Nina's negative attitude and storms off to work.

Victor and Diane fly home, both anxious to spread the news of their marriage. They both acknowledge that there's some people who need to hear the news, and Diane is happy to hear that Victor will "handle" Hope, then come back to pick her up and take her to her new home. Victor drops Diane off at her office then goes directly to the ranch to tell Nikki of his news. She can't hide her shock or anger, but in the long run wishes him the best.

Diane is in the middle of calling Jack when he arrives at her office and plants a long kiss on her lips. She tells him that she's been in Greece - with Victor. Jack's about to lecture her about how Victor is only using her, but she adds that they got married. Jack scorns her, and Diane loses her temper, telling him that if he can't be happy for her, he should just leave. Jack calms down, but does leave.

Kurt drops by Hope's again and encourages her to tell Junior the truth about his parentage. He reminds her that no matter if he knows his father or not, Junior will become the man he's going to become anyway. Hope agrees. Connie calls and tells her that Victor is back in town but needs to make one stop before coming home. Hope gushes to Kurt about what a thoughtful man Victor is, and makes up her mind that she and Victor should tell Junior today that Victor is really his father.

Nikki goes to Nick's house to see if he's heard from Sharon yet. He says he hasn't, and refuses to tell her what they're arguing about. After Nikki leaves, Sharon finally calls him. Nick is going out of his mind, and begs her to just come home. Sharon says she's not sure if she should, and hangs up. However, she then says to herself that maybe it is time to go home, and that she should be there soon.

Nina goes to Jill's, very upset, but as she's about to tell her about her awful evening the night before, she spots Tricia lurking on the other side of the living room door. Nina quickly throws a smile on her face and insists that she and Ryan are closer than ever. Tricia eavesdrops and is stunned to hear that Nina and Ryan had a passionate night of lovemaking the night before. She runs out as Jill tells Nina how happy she is to hear that they're getting back on track.

Victor saunters in as Kurt says good-bye to Hope. "You've been gone a long time," Hope muses. Victor tells her that he was in Greece -- on his honeymoon. Hope freaks! She tells him that he's the most inconsiderate person she's ever met and can't believe he wouldn't tell her that he was getting married beforehand. "How do you think this makes me feel?!" she yells. She tells him how she wanted to tell Victor Jr about his paternity, but there's no way she wants him to ever find out now. Victor doesn't seem to understand why she's so angry. Hope blasts him again, but is interrupted when Junior comes into the room. After he leaves, Hope yells at Victor about calling him "son." "He is my son," Victor says, wide-eyed. "I'm warning you Victor Newman, don't you ever violate my wishes," Hope warns him sternly, "He is never, EVER to know who you really are. If you do tell him, mark my words -- there'll be hell to pay!"

Tricia goes to Ryan's office. One look at her, and he grabs her and kisses her. He finally pulls away, wondering what he's doing, but tells her how good she looks. She casually asks him how the trial month is going, and he is pretty nondescript. When he tries to escape her questions by claiming he has a meeting to attend, Tricia gets antsy. "Stop treating me like a child!" she snaps. Ryan seems stunned at her sudden outburst, but even more so when she slaps him across the face. "How could you do this to me?!" she wails before running out the door.

Thursday, August 21, 1997

Sharon goes to Grace's apartment and drops Cassie off with Tony. He tells her that Grace is at work, and Sharon grimly notes, "Oh, right, she wanted to start early." She thanks Cassie for being such a great companion, then tells Tony to give Grace a message. She says that she wants to meet Grace later, alone, and she doesn't look, pleased.

Jack goes to the lab and tells Ashley how Diane is back. She goes on about how awful Diane hurt him, and guesses that she was away with Victor. Jack admits that they were in Greece together, and that they eloped. Ashley is shocked, but Jack tells her that he's planning to confront Victor about it the minute he comes into the office.

Nikki goes to Nick's to see if he's heard from Sharon yet. She says to Nick that she needs to ask -- is the reason that Sharon left because he was unfaithful? Nick doesn't really answer, and Nikki apologizes for asking. Finally, Sharon comes home with Noah, and Nikki quickly offers to take him to the main house. Sharon and Nick talk for a minute, and she tells him that she was at the lake the whole time. Nick apologizes for the way he's been behaving but assures her that the problem he was having is solved and over with so they can go back to normal now. Sharon asks what the problem is, noting that if it's over with, there's no reason to explain things. Nick tells her that he can't really say, but it's over so who cares? Sharon cares, let me tell you. She gets upset and tells Nick that nothing has changed, he still has secrets. "I have to see somebody about something," she says and bolts for the door. "Where are you going?" Nick asks, "Who is it?" "I'm not going to tell you," Sharon sniffs, "See how it feels?!"

Kurt drops by Hope's to see how it went telling Junior about his paternity. Hope says that she didn't tell him and she never will, and she's moving back to the farm. They discuss Diane until Victor comes in and tells Kurt to butt out. Hope admonishes Victor and announces to him of her plans to return to Kansas. Victor says he'll help her move, but she doesn't want his help. Victor's eyes narrow when Kurt pipes up, offering to help Hope move and settle back in at the farm. He makes some comments about wanting to see Hope's "world", and she accepts his offer. After Kurt leaves, Victor wants to talk, but Hope tells him she's already packed and ready to go. Despite Victor's protests that there's no rush, Hope insists that he must want to bring his bride home as soon as possible so she'll be on her way. Victor tells her that he'll always be there for her, and hopes that she won't let her stubbornness ever get in the way of asking for his help. It's a tearful good-bye as Victor says good-bye to Hope and Victor Junior, and after they leave, Victor bursts into tears.

Sharon goes to a phone booth and calls Grace at work. She tells her to go home and get Tony to take out Cassie as they need to talk. Grace can tell she's upset, but Sharon won't tell her what they need to talk about. Grace goes to the apartment and welcomes home Cassie. Tony is suspicious when she asks him to take Cassie out and call before returning, but he does it anyway. Once alone, Grace worries about what's got Sharon so upset. She paces as she weighs out the options, but tries to act casual when Sharon arrives.

Katherine goes to the Romalotti apartment and tells Danny how sorry she is to hear of the mess he's in with Phyllis. They discuss the wicked redhead, and Katherine says Phyllis is beneath contempt and if she was there she'd tell it to her face. "This is your lucky day!" Phyllis calls out as she enters the apartment. She starts to tell off, but Katherine tells Phyllis off instead. She compares her to Jill when she stole Katherine's husband many years ago. "I never thought I'd ever come across anyone like that again," Katherine says, "But you are worse. You're just full of pure viciousness." "You're the vicious one, you old bat!" Phyllis snaps. She tells Katherine that for someone of such social standing, she sure has no manners coming into her apartment hurling insults like that. Katherine says she just calls them as she sees them. Danny leads Katherine out, but Phyllis asks where he's going. He grabs her by the shoulders and gives a quick shake and shove as he says, "As far as I can get from you!" After they leave, Phyllis promises herself that Danny will pay for every nasty thing he says about her.

Friday, August 22, 1997

Cole goes to Nick for an update. He fills him in about Sharon's return, and wonders if she's talking to Grace as they speak. They worry that Grace will spill the beans. Cole leaves for an appointment, so Nick debates calling Grace to look for Sharon but decides it's a bad idea.

As Olivia walks into her office, a flashbulb goes off. Malcolm explains that he wanted to take a picture of her so he can prove to his friends that she really does exist. They cuddle and tell each other how lucky they are to have found one another. Nate drops by and he and Malcolm ham it up. Alone again, Olivia tells Malcolm that they really seem like father and son. Malcolm assures her that he loves Nate as if he was his own. Olivia tells Malcolm that she would love to have his baby one day, and Malcolm couldn't be happier.

Jack confides his anger in John about Victor and Diane's wedding. John advises him to stay away from the Mustache, but Jack can't. He goes to Victor's office and confronts him, letting him know that effective immediately, he's put on notice. Victor suggests that he leave, but Jack tells him that if he ever hurts Diane, he'll answer to him.

Meanwhile, Diane goes to Nikki's and tries to assure her that the marriage was all Victor's idea, and she doesn't want her as an enemy. Nikki tells her that she's not going to be a problem for them, and will stay out of her way, but says not to ever think that they'll become friends. She also warns Diane not to meddle in family stuff, like Newman birthdays, etc.

Cole goes to Yves restaurant to meet Ashley. To his surprise, she's compiled tons of notes about the perfume industry for his book. They discuss the history of perfume, and Ashley makes some suggestive comments about how to attract the opposite sex. Cole seems intrigued by her words and they share a meaningful look.

Diane goes to Victor's office and finds him in a foul mood. He tells her about his visit from Jack, and she tells him about her visit to Nikki. Victor tells her that neither of their exes have the right to wreck this beautiful time for them. Victor suggests that she make some changes to her plans for his office by adding a love nest. She thinks it's a wonderful idea.

Sharon tells Grace that there's been some distance between them lately and she wants to know why. In addition, she tells her that something's been bothering Nick, and every time her name comes up, he changes the subject. Grace plays dumb and swears she doesn't know what's going on. Sharon tells her that it's odd that she's made her way so close to the Newmans, working for the family business and insisting on starting early. "You even had Mr. Newman help move you into your office," Sharon points out. She tells her that Nick is worried that she has a thing for his father. "He said that?!" Grace shrieks, "He's very wrong!" "Well, if that's not what it is, it must mean something else," Sharon says, "Grace.....are you in love with my husband?!"

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