The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 6, 1997 on Y&R

Nina put the gun to her head, but Ryan dove for the gun, and it went off. Neil's fertility doctor gave him some good news. Victor learned that there was a new man in Ashley's life. Nick and Grace shared an embrace.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 6, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, October 6, 1997

Gina and Danny lose their appetite after seeing Phyllis with Michael and go back home. Danny soon forgets about them, however, and goes back to complaining that Paul wouldn't let him come to New York. Gina points out that Paul might have reason to be insecure, but Danny insists that he should be there. Back at the restaurant, Phyllis and Michael continue their evening of dining, dancing and smooching.

Meanwhile in New York, Chris is still lamenting that Paul told Danny to stay in Genoa City. She reminds him again of the trouble she had trying to get information from the lab last time without Danny. Paul says they'll worry about it if and when they have to.

Victor drops by the ranch to tell Nikki that Victoria is home. Nikki is concerned when she realizes that Victoria went to tell Victor that she was home before she talked to her own husband. Victor agrees it was strange, and they both wonder what's going on.

Down at the tack room, Victoria and Cole suffer an uneasy silence as they both seem to feel uncomfortable. Cole reminds her that she was gone for months without even calling, but she points out he didn't call her either. Eventually, Cole suggests they start over and they kiss.

Neil visits Malcolm and they rehash how he went to the fertility specialist and his feelings about it. Meanwhile in Cleveland, Dru discusses the situation with Sid again. She calls the doctor's office and finds out that the test results will be ready tomorrow.

Tricia begins pleading for her life as Nina points the gun at her. Nina screams at her how it's all her fault that she lost her husband, but Tricia says she has to go as her daddy is expecting her home soon. Just then, Ryan comes through the door and yells for her to drop the gun. Nina hysterically hollers at him for bringing his girlfriend to her apartment. Ryan tells Tricia to leave, but she says she wants to stay with him. She finally does go when Ryan insists that he and Nina need to talk. Once alone, Ryan begs Nina to put down the gun and swears he wants to help her become the old Nina again. Nina puts the gun down, but loses it on him when she asks if he loves her and he doesn't answer. She grabs the gun back as Ryan thinks that she's going to shoot him. "This gun isn't for you," Nina sighs, "I have nothing to live for anymore." She holds the gun up to her head as Ryan screams at her not to pull the trigger. He lunges for her and they struggle as the gun goes off.

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

After the gun goes off, Ryan screams in horror as Nina's limp body sinks into his arms. He screams for help and almost immediately, the police arrive, followed by the paramedics. The same policeman that Ryan had called about Nina's disappearance is there and questions Ryan about what happened. He explains, insisting that he didn't touch the gun as they pick it up and seal it for evidence. After Ryan admits that there was animosity between he and Nina, and that she didn't want the divorce, the police wonder if they should take him in to the station but later decide against it until they've analyzed the gun.

Grace is delighted when Nick asks her to work late on a project that's needed in the morning. She's even more delighted when she has the opportunity to massage his shoulders, and manages to get a hug out of him before the night is through.

Meanwhile, Sharon visits with her mother and tells her that her marriage is back on track. Doris is suspicious when Sharon mentions that she had her doubts about Grace during their little crisis. Doris advises her that although Grace is her best friend, she has a lot to be jealous of and should stay wary.

Victoria goes to the main house and is welcomed home by Nikki. They chit chat about her trip, Victor's marriage, and Cole. Nikki tries to pry, but finds out nothing.

Jack goes to see Ashley at the lab and lays into her about Cole again. To his surprise, she doesn't deny it when he accuses her of having fallen in love with him.

Tony entertains Cassie with his guitar and singing while they wait for Grace to come home from work. When she does, Cassie keeps her secret that Tony has written a love song for her. Before going to bed, Cassie stuns Tony and Grace by suggesting that since they get along so well they should get married and have a baby.

Ryan follows the ambulance to the hospital, where he's soon joined by Tricia after they take Nina away for surgery. Tricia explains that she was so upset about leaving him alone with Nina that she called the police. When she didn't hear back from him, she called the doorman who said a gunshot had been heard and that the paramedics had been called. "So that's how the police arrived so quickly," Ryan muses. The police watch them as they discuss what happened, and comfort each other affectionately. Ryan is horrified when the doctor comes to explain the surgery. He says that they think the bullet is lodged in her spine and they don't know yet if she's paralyzed or not..

Wednesday, October 8, 1997

Ashley goes to see Victor in his office, but her good mood tells him that she has a man in her life. Ashley admits that there is, but says there's complications. Victor catches onto the fact that the man is married and asks about it but Ashley doesn't really say. Victor decides to let up on her and changes the subject by telling her that Victoria is finally home. On that note, Ashley leaves, but outside Victor's office she wonders what'll happen now that Vicki is back.

Keith is going out of his mind knowing how close Tricia came to being shot. He rants and raves about her being at the hospital with Ryan and threatens to go get her and bring her home. Jill stops him by saying that he'd just make a scene and that would be too hard on Phillip. Keith calms down when he realizes how insensitive he's being about Jill's worries about her grandson.

At the hospital, Tricia naps on Ryan's chest for a while, then wakes up to ask about Nina. There's still no word, but they figure they would've been told by now if she had died. Tricia comforts and listens as Ryan tells her of his fears for Nina and she promises to stay with him.

Phyllis wakes up in a great mood and continues to snuggle up with Michael in the living room. They discuss the case and how anxious Phyllis is to beat Danny in court. After Michael leaves for work, Danny drops by to visit Daniel but is seemingly disturbed to find him playing with toy soldiers. He tells Phyllis that he doesn't want Michael near his son, but Phyllis tells him the same of Christine. They argue, with each trying to convince the other that they'll lose in court.

Meanwhile in New York, Christine's secretary tells her that Nina is in the hospital and that police are involved, but that's all she knows. Christine is concerned, but Paul tells her she can race back to Nina after she's done her work there. Christine gets focused and heads off for the lab.

As Victoria is remembering seeing Cole and Ashley kissing when she came home, Cole wakes up. They get up, but the tension is still there as Vicki heads off for work.

Nikki goes to Victor's office and finds him reading in the paper about what happened to Nina. Nikki reads it too and they're both stunned by the news. They talk about the effect on Phillip and since the article is unclear, wonder if perhaps Ryan shot Nina. Changing the topic, Nikki tells Victor that she's concerned about Victoria and Cole but he tells her to let them work out their own problems and not to interfere.

Jill shows up at the hospital and finds out that Flo and Phillip are due any minute. She tells Tricia that it's time for her to leave, but Tricia refuses to leave Ryan alone. Jill blasts her, telling her that Phillip is distraught enough that his mother may die, the last thing he needs to is to see her here. Tricia still refuses to go, and bats her puppy dog eyes at Ryan as she sobs that she doesn't wanna leave. Ryan comforts her and tells her she doesn't have to leave. This continues until a nurse tells them not to be so loud in ICU. Jill tries again, this time adding that Keith was going to come himself and drag her home, but she talked him out of it. Tricia says good-bye.

Christine goes to DMS Labs and demands some information to nail Phyllis with. However, the man she talks to tells her to leave before he calls security and warns her that she can get all the court orders she wants, but he'll retaliate with his own lawyers. Across town, Paul goes to Brian's apartment and introduces himself. He tells him that he told him before on the phone that he didn't know Phyllis, but he knows that's a lie. "You know her very well," Paul says.

Tricia goes down to the blood bank and offers to give some blood for Nina, figuring she can help in some small way. Back up in ICU, Flo shows up with Phillip. Ryan is stunned when Phillip screams that he hates and blames Ryan for his mom's condition. Jill tries to console Phillip, but the nurse comes back and tells him the rules about being loud in ICU, so Phillip runs away, leaving Ryan in tears. He cries to Jill then goes to see Nina. As he's begging her to live, she says his name, then takes his hand...

Thursday, October 9, 1997
Erin Goldsby

Victoria has a meeting with Victor to review her trip and all that was accomplished. Victor tells her about the raving letters that have poured in from their associates that were impressed with her. He hands her one from a certain man that seemed to have taken quite a liking to her. "Is that all he said?" Victoria asks nervously. Victor explains he didn't read the whole letter because he realized it was addressed to her instead. Victor thanks her for a job well done, but suggests that she now turn her attention to her marriage and get it back on track. Victoria tells him there's nothing to worry about.

Christine hashes it out again with the director of DMS Labs but gets nowhere, even after showing him that Phyllis admitted to the test altering in court. After he kicks her out of the building, she wanders across the street to a coffee shop. She asks the guy at the bar to point out DMS employees so he does. After asking several people, she finds a woman who claims to have known Phyllis and Sasha very well.

Over at Brian's apartment, Paul grills him about his relationship with Phyllis. At first Brian gets mad and tries to kick him out but after Paul tells him that he's got proof of their involvement, he buckles and admits they're friends. Paul tells him that he knows how Phyllis operates and correctly guesses that she's got blackmail of some kind on him. Paul guarantees that he and Chris can and will protect him if he tells him everything he knows. "Will you help us or not?" Paul asks. Brian hesitates to answer as his phone begins to ring. On the other end of the phone, Phyllis is anxiously waiting for him to answer so she can threaten him again to keep his mouth shut.

Megan tries to tell Tricia that she should just back off for a while and let Ryan handle this crisis, pointing out that it's not helping Phillip any to see her right now. Tricia, however, insists that being in love means that you are there for that person no matter what and decides to go be with Ryan anyway. She finds him at his office, getting ready to go back to the hospital. He tells her that there's been no change in Nina's condition, but adds how happy he is to see her. They coo and cuddle for a few minutes until the police come in. When they try to question Tricia, Ryan intervenes and says she wasn't involved in any way with the shooting. After Tricia leaves, they get Ryan to explain again about the struggle with the gun. He tells the story, but this time it comes out that he's been seeing Tricia, and that she was the one who called the police about the gun. The police seem to be getting quite suspicious of Ryan now so he gives them a speech about how he never meant to hurt her or cause her to hurt herself. "I didn't want to be married to her anymore, but I still cared about her," he insists.

Victoria goes to Nick's office to check it out and say hello. He welcomes her home, and notes how happy Cole must be that she's back. She casually asks him if he noticed anything with Cole while he was gone but when Nick starts asking questions, she denies any problems and leaves.

Down at the lab, Cole comes to tell Ashley that Victoria has returned but she tells him that she already knew that. She asks if they made love the night before and is relieved when Cole tells her that they didn't. He adds that they also didn't discuss where their marriage stands. Ashley warns him that even though Victoria is back, she won't be staying away from him and Cole tells her that he feels the same way, then they kiss........

Friday, October 10, 1997

Christine asks Ms. Roberts for everything she knows about Sasha and Phyllis. Chris finds out that she remembers seeing Phyllis is Sasha's office in May of 1995 but unfortunately she doesn't remember the exact date or if the computer was on at the time. She adds that although she was good friends with both women and ate lunch with them frequently, she wasn't quite sure what Phyllis' job at DMS was. However, she does note that Phyllis was a computer whiz, while Sasha was less than competent. They exchange business cards, then Chris waits for Paul.

Meanwhile, Phyllis' call interrupts Paul's plea for help at Brian's. She can tell by the way that Brian is speaking that someone is there and guesses that it's Paul. When Brian hints that it is, she sternly reminds him about the video she claims to have made of the two of them and how she'll show it to his wife if he blabs to Paul. When he hangs up, Paul guesses that it was Phyllis threatening him on the phone but Brian denies it. Paul tries to get him to rat out Phyllis, but when he won't he threatens him with having to give a deposition and assures him it would just be easier to confide in him now. Brian tells him to forget it and sees him to the door.

Back in Genoa City, Phyllis thinks to herself that she needs to have Paul and Chris disappear, then notes what a great idea it really is. Michael drops by and sees that she needs to let off a little steam, and does his best to help her the bedroom.

Neil drops by Olivia's office to anticipate the results of his fertility test. They hum and hah about it, wondering what the results will be. Finally, Neil goes to get the results. He's overjoyed when the doctor tells him that he passed every test.

Meanwhile, Dru goes to see a doctor too. She tells her that she's having trouble conceiving and wants to know why. The doctor promises to run some tests, then Dru goes to see Olivia. Her sister tells her about her visit from Neil, and reminds her of her predicament, wondering what she's going to do when Neil tells her the results. Dru tells her that she's got everything under control and plans to tell Neil the truth. Sure, he'll be disappointed when he finds out that she might not be able to conceive, but he'll get over it, Dru assures Olivia. Olivia glares at her and demands to know what part of the "truth" she'll be keeping from Neil.

Paul and Chris meet up and tell each other of their discoveries, or lack of them. They decide to go back to Genoa City and check in with Danny as Chris feels the information they've accumulated so far is too big to tell him over the phone. Paul finds that a little questionable, so Chris quickly adds that she'd like to check in on Nina, too. They plan to fly home, but their flight doesn't leave for another few hours so they make the most of their hotel room, instead.

Victoria finds out from Nick that Ryan is at the hospital, so she rushes over to see him. He's in Nina's room wondering how everything got so screwed up when the doctor comes in and tells him that they still don't know if Nina is paralyzed. After the doctor leaves, Nina wakes up and tells him that she doesn't remember anything. Ryan promises to explain everything later and assures her that Phillip is okay. He comforts her for a moment, then goes outside to find Vicki waiting for him. He explains the situation with Nina, then she admits that she and Cole might be having some problems. They promise to be there for one another.

Jill is shocked when she opens the door and recognizes Det. Wylie. She's even more shocked when the Detective and her new partner tell her that they're there to see Tricia. Tricia comes downstairs and they ask her about her involvement in the shooting. Tricia starts rambling freely about the whole situation, explaining how Ryan is trying to leave Nina and how much they care about each other but Nina wouldn't let him go, etc, etc. When Det. Bates asks flat out if he was leaving Nina for her, Jill intervenes and tells Tricia to quit talking. However, she doesn't and makes it look pretty bad for Ryan. Jill gets upset, and gets the detectives to leave, then explains to Tricia what just happened. Tricia is shocked when Jill tells her that the police think this was attempted murder.....and Ryan is a suspect.

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