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Ryan arrived to take Nina home from the hospital, but she sent him away. Danny searched Phyllis' apartment. Tim agreed to testify for Danny. The war between Ashley and Victoria for Cole's affections grew. Neil discovered Dru's birth control pills.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 3, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday November 3, 1997

Olivia and Dru continue to argue about her predicament with Neil. Meanwhile, upstairs, Neil doesn't know what to make of the birth control pills in Dru's purse. Malcolm interrupts his thoughts when he drops by to announce that he thinks Neil and Dru need a vacation, and says that he's reserved tickets and a hotel in Hawaii. After Malcolm leaves, Neil gets back out the pills and wonders if Dru is capable of deceiving him like that.

Over at the hospital, Nina again tries to get out of bed. This time, she can walk so she marches over to the room in which Ryan is being interrogated by the police and D.A. Nina comes in and dramatically tells them that she knows Ryan didn't try to hurt her and says she'll testify to that in court. Once her grand speech is over, Ryan tries walking her back to her room as he thanks her profusely, but Nina shrugs him off and says that she doesn't want his help.

Jack goes to the tack room and tells Cole he'd better not hurt his sister or else. Cole gets all defensive and tells Jack to leave, adding that he won't be telling Ashley about this, or she'd be real mad at him. Jack tells Cole that he'll just tell Ashley about it himself and says that Cole's made one thing perfectly clear -- that he's the wrong guy for his sister. From there, Jack goes to Diane's office. She tells him about her conversation with Victor about having children. Jack lends a supportive ear and a shoulder to cry on.

Victor is flabbergasted when Ashley admits that she's the other woman in Cole's life. He blasts her but she snaps right back about him stealing Diane away from Jack. As they're arguing, Victoria comes in with a report for her dad. Victor and Ashley don't let on what they were talking about and Ashley quickly talks business with Victoria. They both put on a good front for Victor's sake but once Ashley leaves, Victoria asks her father what she really walked in on. Victor tells her that Cole has been seeing someone and he knows who. Victoria tells him she does too -- it's Ashley. Victor warns her to either stay in or leave her marriage before the decision is made for her.

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Ashley peeks around the door of Victor's office and asks if the coast is clear. Victor is very cold to her and wonder what that question means. She mentions that it was very tense before when Victoria arrived. Is she gone? Victor tells her that she would be uncomfortable too if it were her husband and mistress they were talking about. Ashley acknowledges the truth in that statement and wonders what Victor's take on the situation is. Come on in and I will help you strategize, Victor tells her. He then tells her that his daughter is not ready to give up on her husband. I realize that, Ashley tells him. But she won't talk to Cole about the marriage either. She has to come to some kind of decision. Ashley then tells Victor that while the two of them are working things out, her involvement with Cole is nobody's business but mine, Cole's, and Victoria's. "Are you telling me to keep my nose out of it? The mustache asks.

Miguel wheels in Doris Collins. Nikki warmly greets her. It has been a long time since we have seen you, she tells Doris. Nikki then turns to Sara and asks her to make some Earl Gray and bring it in to them. "Some what?" asks Sara. Nikki explains that Earl Gray is a tea. She can find it in the pantry where Miguel keeps it. Also, bring in some cookies. As Nikki turns back to her guest, Sara stares at her in an unfriendly manner. Of course, Mrs. Landers, she says sarcastically to herself. Anything you want, Mrs. Landers. Your wish is my command, Mrs. Landers.

Nikki and Doris make small talk. It has been a while since she visited with Sharon. They had a really good visit. Noah is really growing. Our lives get so busy, Nikki tells her. Christmas is right around the corner. Doris looks pained. What is wrong, asks Nikki. Is something bothering you? You know you can talk to me. Doris tells Nikki that the holiday season can be very emotional for her and Sharon. I know you know about Sharon's first baby---the one that was given up for adoption. Every year, we can't help but wonder where he or she is and what he or she is doing.

Cassie is showing Grace her spelling test. Only she and one other person got 100%. It is because you helped me study, Mom. When Grace corrects her, Cassie says she doesn't understand why she can't call her Mom. She is never going to have a real mom. Cassie knows that Tony doesn't want her to call Grace Mom, but she kinda thinks Grace likes it. Cassie proposes that she only call Grace "Mom" when Tony isn't around. It can be just our secret. "He's not here now, MOM" Cassie smiles winningly. Just then Tony comes in and both Cassie and Grace look at him guiltily. What is going on? he asks. Cassie tells him that she and Grace are sharing a secret. Tony tells Cassie that Mrs. Kramer from down the hall has her granddaughter visiting. She wants to include Cassie in a trip to the movies. Do you want to go. Cassie is all excited. "Can I go, Mo---Grace?" she asks. As she puts on her coat and leaves Tony asks what the big secret is. Grace reminds him that it is only between the two girls. Tony tells her that she is doing a big head trip on herself and the little kid, too.

Jack and John are just finishing up a business meeting. They both wish that Ashley had attended the meeting. John wonders if something is going on with her. Jack does his best to avoid the subject, but John insists. He wants to know if Ashley is seeing someone new. She seems to be walking around on Cloud 9. He hopes she isn't headed for more heartbreak. He reminds Jack that his kids happiness is important to him. Jack assures his father that he is looking out for Ashley.

Ashley tells Victor that she didn't mean to say that he had to keep his "nose out of it." She would just rather that no one else know about the situation. "I don't indulge in gossip!" Victor tells his ex-wife. But you must suffer the consequences of your conduct. Ashley then tells Victor that she has things to do and leaves.

Doris tells Nikki that Christmas is a sad time. We cannot help thinking about the baby. It was a decision that had to be made and there were no easy solution. Now, we wonder what happened to the child. Did it get loving parents the way we wanted? Is it happy? Does it have a good life? Nikki understands that it has to be difficult for them, especially when the question can never be answered.

Why are you on my case again? shouts Grace. Tony knows that Grace is planning a future as Cassie's mother. Grace tries to convince Tony that she is just taking it day by day. Tony reminds her that the time will come when she has to give that child back to it's mother. She is growing too attached; it is going to be more painful the longer it takes for her to give Cassie up.

Sara questions Miguel about Nikki. Wasn't she once married to Victor Newman? What is he like? Miguel tells her that Victor is an amazing man, the head of an international company. Sara wonders why they were divorced. Miguel answers that sometimes even Mrs. Landers wonders the same thing. But, he tells her, Mr. and Mrs. Landers are very happy. So she has no regrets? asks Sara. Miguel tells her it is best not to discuss their employers. He leaves the room and Sara looks into the distance. Hmmm---Victor Newman.

Nikki visits Victor. She wants to know what he knows about Vicki's marriage. She is worried. Victor tells her that he is staying out of it. He has learned his lesson. Nikki won't give up. She suddenly gets the idea that Vicki has met someone while on her trip. They have to do something. She could leave and be on the road all the time! They might not see their daughter but a couple of days each year. Help me, Victor. Tell me please!

Nick tells Grace that Sharon and Cassie belong together. He knows it will be hard to give her up, but she will be able to visit Sharon and see Cassie as much as she wants. He then tells her that Christmas is coming and what better gift to give her best friend than her long lost daughter. I love her and she loves me, Grace cries. But you are not her mother. Sharon is, Tony tells her. Grace decides to go to the office. You mean well, Tony, but I am tired of hearing all that I am doing wrong.

Sara is arranging flowers. She looks down at Nikki and Josh's wedding picture. She begins to remember when she was with Josh. Josh was telling her that their marriage was not working. Veronica tells Josh that she loves him. The only problem in their marriage is his schedule. If he could just spend more time at home with her! Josh tells her that he is a doctor; his time isn't his own. Veronica says that after he finishes his residency things will be better. No, he tells her. I will have to work very hard for years building up my practice. It will be years before I can give you the time you need. You are a wonderful person. I think it is best if we ended the marriage while you can still find the right person for you; someone who will fulfill all your needs. As he leaves for the hospital, he tells her to think about it. She is alone, sobbing. I won't let you divorce me, Josh. It will never happen----never!

She is brought back to reality by Josh. I think I have caught you daydreaming, he says.

Nick and Grace are working together. He says Jack was well pleased with the proposal they worked on before. That late night felt like years, Grace tells him. Nick says he could not have done it without her and asks if she wants to continue working together. She can be his right hand. She leans over his shoulder and asks what they will work on next.

Nikki tells Victor that she is not going to leave until she gets an answer. Victor gives in and tells her that there is another woman. It is Ashley Abbott. Well, whaddya know! Nikki says. Thank you Victor.

Jack tells his father that his sister is an intelligent woman---a grown woman. They can't tell her who she can and cannot see. But don't worry, I am looking out for her. If I need your help, I'll come to you.

Ashley is working in the lab when Nikki arrives. She wonders if Ashley has no scruples at all. My daughter was barely out of town when you set your sights on her husband, accuses Ms. Landers. Ashley tells her visitor to be careful. I do not need this right now. You broke up my marriage, Nikki accuses. Now you have set your sights on my daughter's husband

Nick says their next project will have to do with holiday advertising. Grace reminds him that this year will be Noah's first Christmas. Are you excited. We want you to bring Cassie over to share the season with us. Nick says he isn't into it yet, but Sharon is. Maybe in another year or two, there will be a new addition to your Christmas card, Grace suggests. Another addition? asks Nick. Grace wonders if there will be another baby. Nick is surprised but answers that their cup is full. He doesn't see a new child for a while. Sharon is ready for another baby, he confides, but he doesn't think he wants another. Nick admits that he hasn't given much thought to another baby, as he promised Sharon he would, but now that he has voiced his reservations, he knows what he doesn't want. So now it is time he shared this with his wife.

Josh tells Sara that she is doing a great job. Does she still like it out at the ranch? Sara tells him that the ranch feels just like home to her. Josh leaves, telling Sara to let Mrs. Landers know that he will be late getting home. Yes, I'll be sure and tell her, Sara says. After Josh is gone, Sara says: I am still your wife, Josh. The divorce you wanted so much never happened. I am still your wife.

Jack brings Nick's report to Victor. He did a fine job, Jack says. I am proud of that kid. Victor is also proud of the work his son has done. I'd like to speak to you about my sister, Jack tells Victor. Jack believes Ashley belongs in the boardroom. She is smart and experienced, he tells Victor. Let's not waste it. She spends too much time in the lab. Victor agrees that it is a good idea. Who should bring the subject up? It is decided that it would come best from Victor. About your sister, begins Victor. As Jack hesitates, Victor tells him to never mind.

Ashley reminds Nikki that Cole and Vicki were having problems before she came on the scene, but Nikki says that it was she who brought them to the point they are at today. Ashley explains that she was only helping Cole with his book. They enjoyed each other's company and that turned into a wonderful friendship. We are very close, she tells Nikki. I am sure you are, agrees Nikki.

Wait a minute, Ashley tells Nikki. We have not slept together---not yet anyway. Nikki says she will not stand by and allow Ashley to ruin her daughter's life. I warn you, Ashley. Stay away for Cole. And if I don't? wonders Ashley. Don't test me, threatens Nikki. And don't say you weren't warned!

Nick arrives home. Noah has just been put down to rest. He wore himself out at Mom's today. We need to talk, Nick tells his wife. You ask me to think about a baby. I know it is what you want, he tells her. But it is not what I want.

Nikki walks into her house and slams the door behind herself. Damn that woman! she exclaims. Sara is startled. Are you all right. Nikki apologizes for her abruptness. Can I get you anything? a drink, perhaps? asks Sara. Talk about temptation! Nikki says. I don't need anything unless . . . How are you with poison, Sara? Nikki wonders. What? asks Sara. Never mind, Nikki laughs. I am going for a hot shower.

Cole is busy on his novel when there is a knock at the door. It is Ashley. Should I have called? she asks. No, he tells her. If you had called, I would have told you not to come. But now that I look at your beautiful face, how could I have given up this pleasure? She wonders if he has talked with Victoria. He tells her about the dinner party the night before. Sharon and Nick were trying a little family matchmaking---a little food, a little wine, and things would be right back where they left off. He laughs at the fiasco the night turned into.

Cole admits that he had a good time at the dinner. Vicki was witty and funny. It reminded him of what she was like before they began to have problems. Ashley tells him that she had a chat with Victor and now he knows. How did he take it? wonders Cole. Better than Nikki did, Ashley assures him. Nikki came into my lab on a broomstick and read me the riot act, she tells him. She is just a mother protecting her young, Cole says. Not exactly, Ashley says. She is good about taking the moral indignation high ground when it suits her but she has her moments. Tomorrow it will be in the tabloids, laughs Cole and they kiss.

You don't want another child? asks Sharon. Not right now, answers Nick. I don't want to plan on having another child for a few years. We both have to want this. I'm sorry, but you need to know how I feel. Sharon is in tears. He apologizes for upsetting her. When he sees just how upset she is, he says maybe he should change his mind. He didn't realize she wanted it so much. But she tells him that he is right. They both have to want it for it to work. Thank you for offering, but I can wait until you are ready. I love you, Sharon, Nick tells her as he pulls him into his arms. I love you so much, Nick, a tearful Sharon tells her husband.

Wednesday, October 5, 1997

Sharon drops by Grace's apartment but she's still at work so she chats it up with Tony. They discuss his progress with Grace, or lack of it. Sharon gives him a pep talk, and assures him that she'll do her best to continue to convince Grace to go for him.

Cole calls Ashley at the lab and invites her over for dinner. She accepts, but is delayed by Jack dropping by. Jack angers Ashley when he admits that he went to see Cole. She tells him to back off and stay out of it but he says he can't. He pleads with her to let Cole and Victoria have a fighting chance and to just back off for a while.

Meanwhile at the tack house, Cole has dinner cooking and gets into the shower. Victoria drops by and lets herself in. Deducing that he has a dinner guest coming, she waits to talk to him. To her surprise, Ashley calls and leaves a message with her that she needs to cancel their dinner plans. When Cole gets out of the shower, Victoria gives him the message then asks if she can stay for dinner instead. He reluctantly agrees. They have a cordial dinner, and Victoria tells him that he's fair game, and she's going to try to win him back.

Neil thinks back to the night that Dru dropped her birth control pills into a glass of water and announced that she was ready to have another child. He realizes that they weren't the same type of pills that he found in her purse, and decides to take them to a pharmacist and find out for sure what they are. Neil is devastated when the pharmacist reveals that not only are they birth control pills, but that Dru had the prescription refilled just two weeks ago. Overcome with shock, Neil heads for a bar and has a stiff drink.

Back at home, Dru can't track down Neil. He's late, and hasn't called, so she fears the worst. Panic stricken, she calls Olivia and Malcolm over, rambling that she thinks Neil is missing and hurt somewhere. They tell her to calm down, but to no avail. Finally, Neil walks in the door. Dru races to hug him and say how much she was worried about him but how glad she's home. Neil mutters through gritted teeth that he has a lot on his mind, but says it's work related. He goes off to bed, so Olivia and Malcolm leave. Alone, Dru is happy that her man is home, and thinks that all he needs is some good ol' lovin' from her to cheer him up.

Thursday, November 6, 1997

Dru talks with Malcolm and tells him how out of it Neil seems to be. After briefly speaking with him, Malcolm agrees that something heavy is weighing on his brother's mind. Malcolm tells Olivia about it, and they both presume that there's more on his mind that just business, like he claims. Olivia goes to Neil's office to find out what's going on, but Neil denies anything is wrong. "I can't believe that you'd lie to me," Olivia challenges.

Tricia comes home to talk to Megan but she's not there so she reluctantly talks to Jill. They discuss Ryan and Nina and before Jill can lecture, Tricia tells her that she plans to stay away from the situation for awhile. Jill says she wishes she could believe her. Tricia is on her way out the door when Ryan shows up. He tells her that Nina is being released from the hospital and he plans to pick her up and take her home. He also announces that he plans to stay with her for awhile until she's back up on her feet. He makes it clear that he's doing this only out of responsibility and a sense of obligation. Jill asks to speak to him alone, and lays into him about staying away from Tricia.

Phyllis discusses the custody battle with Joani and while thinking aloud, discovers that she's left one stone unturned. She realizes that there's someone out there that could testify against her if Christine got to him first -- Dr. Reid. Phyllis rushes to his office and reminds him that he gave her the pills that she used to knock out Brian. She explains about the custody battle and says that she needs his help.

Meanwhile, Paul discusses the case with Lynne, and while thinking aloud, wonders where Phyllis got the tranquilizers that knocked out Brian. He calls Danny and tells him to bring the credit card receipts from when he and Phyllis were together. Danny goes to the apartment but finds Joani alone. She explains that Phyllis had to go out and she's on her way to pick up Daniel. Danny doesn't give her much choice but to leave him alone in the apartment. Phyllis returns and finds him there, and immediately demands an explanation. Danny lies and says that he was simply picking up some sheet music that he left behind. Phyllis freaks out, and accuses him of harassment.

Ryan goes to the hospital and cheerfully greets Nina, congratulating her on doing so well that she can go home. He explains that her doctor called him and told him of her release so that he could drive her home. Ryan is shocked when she tells him that she doesn't need a ride from him. She calls Flo and says she's ready to be picked up. When Ryan adds that he wants to live with her until she's better, Nina puts her foot down. She tells him that since he's only doing this because he feels obligated, she doesn't need his pity and doesn't want his help. She tells him not to feel any obligation to her anymore. "But I'm your husband," Ryan pouts. Nina tells him that their only married by legal definition, but their marriage has been over for a while. "For a long time, I held onto every crumb of attention I could get from you," Nina explains, "But I deserve better than that." Ryan tries to fight it for some reason, but Nina tells him not to pretend anymore and cuts him loose.

Megan is surprised when Tricia tells her of Ryan's plans to move in with Nina. She starts to lecture her, but the phone rings and interrupts. It's Nina, and she tells Tricia that not only is Ryan not driving her home, but she's also released him of all responsibility where she's concerned. "If you want him, he's yours," Nina announces, "You two deserve each other."

Friday, November 7, 1997

Jack questions Ashley about her evening with Cole, but she tells him that she cancelled their dinner plans. Jack is pleased to know that what he said got through to her.

Danny makes up some excuse as to why he has a bottle of Phyllis' medicine in his hand but she doesn't believe him and takes it back. After he leaves, she wonders what he was really up to. Michael comes over and she tells him about it but he says he has good news for her. He explains that he's got some witnesses to testify against Danny that will make him look really bad in court. Phyllis tells him about her trip to see Tim and says she's sure he'll be keeping his mouth shut.

Meanwhile, Danny goes to Paul's office and tells him that he found a bottle of pills in the medicine cabinet that he thought might be the ones that Phyllis used to knock out Brian, but Phyllis took back the bottle. However, he smugly explains how he memorized the name of the drug on the bottle, and even wrote it down when he got to his car so he wouldn't forget it. Paul checks it out, but it's not the same as the drug they found traces of in Brian's blood. Paul wonders if a doctor would've given Phyllis the pills, and Danny says the only doctor of Phyllis' that he knows was Dr. Reid. Paul says he'll go talk to him.

Olivia tells Neil that she's not leaving his office until he tells the truth about what's got him so upset. Neil is obviously distraught, but all he reveals is that no one can help him with his problem.

Dru talks to Malcolm about Neil. Since Neil will only say that it's his work that's got him so upset, she assumes that someone is pressuring him too much at work. She goes to Victor's office looking for answers. Victor is surprised when Dru demands to know who is stressing out her husband. However, he tells her that it's highly doubtful that it's work that's got him so upset. Dru is pleased when Victor offers to talk to Neil and find out what's going on.

Paul goes to Tim's office and quickly lays a huge guilt trip on him about being indirectly involved in a fraud case for giving Phyllis the pills. When he tells Tim what Phyllis used them for, Tim buckles and says he'll testify in court that he gave Phyllis some pills from his own prescription.

Victoria tracks down Ashley in the board room and rubs it in about what a good time she and Cole had at dinner the night before. She finally gets on Ashley's nerves, and she lashes back. Ashley reminds Victoria that she was a bad wife for going out of town for months and never calling, and says it serves her right to lose her husband now. Victoria reminds Ashley that she and Cole have a history, and she plans to use that to her advantage to win and keep him. Ashley tells Victoria that she doesn't really want Cole, she doesn't want anyone else to have him.

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