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Neil felt betrayed by Dru, so he shut everyone out. Nikki invited Victor for Thanksgiving. Diane found out that Nikki had suggested that Victor get a vasectomy. The social worker handling Daniel's case interviewed Phyllis and Danny.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 10, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, November 10, 1997

Ryan comes to see Tricia, so she tells him about her phone call from Nina and how she said she's set him free. To her surprise, Ryan says that he wants to go to Nina's to see that she got home okay.

Neil is summoned to Victor's office and is stunned when he suggests that he needs a vacation. Neil quickly realizes that Dru paid a visit to Victor, and apologizes for his wife's actions. Neil assures Victor that he doesn't need a holiday and says it's a personal problem that he'll work out on his own, and won't let it affect his work.

Meanwhile, Olivia goes back to the hospital long enough to review an x-ray and get a visit from Dru. She tells her how she can't figure out what's bothering Neil and how she went to see Victor about it. After Dru leaves, Olivia returns to Neil's office demanding to know what's going on. Olivia can't believe it when Neil finally tells her what's wrong. He explains how he found her pills, and how he confirmed at the pharmacy that she recently refilled the prescription. Neil angrily adds that he can't believe that Dru deceived him like, pointing out that her pelvic inflammatory disease makes it difficult enough for her to conceive. "She must really not want another child if she had to protect herself from even the slightest possibility of getting pregnant," Neil hollers. At his request, Olivia promises not breathe a word of this to anyone.

Nina is surprised when Aaron the doorman calls to say that Ryan is there to see her. She says to send him up, then tells Phillip that Ryan's on his way. Phillip says he doesn't want to see him and goes to his room. Ryan comes in but Nina tells him he shouldn't have come. Ryan tells her that he doesn't want to end things this way but Nina doesn't really care. She explains that she used to need him but won't ever again. Ryan says this new attitude of hers is just her way of trying to come between him and Phillip. Phillip himself comes out and tells Ryan to just go to his new girlfriend and stay out of their lives. Nina tells Ryan to leave, it's over and there's no need to come back. Ryan looks almost hopeful when she calls him as he heads out the door. "I think I should get my key back from you," Nina says. Ryan reluctantly hands it over. He tells her that it's not fair of her to be acting as though he's the one ending the marriage. "I tried, but you didn't want me," he points out. "I made a lot of mistakes too," Nina agrees, "But I never left you. You walked out on us."

Nikki visits Sharon and Nick and they discuss the holidays. Sharon says she'd like to invite Grace, Tony and Cassie. Nikki says she'll invite Victor and Diane. Meanwhile, Grace and Cassie discuss the holidays. "This is going to be the best Christmas ever, Mommy," Cassie says to Grace.........

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

Sarah tells Nikki that she has no place to go for the holidays. This is my home now, she tells her employer.

Miguel wants to plan for the Thanksgiving holidays but Nikki doesn't have the time right now. She is in a rush to see Victor. She will talk with him about Thanksgiving later, she says.

Tony enters the apartment just in time to hear Cassie call Grace "mommy." She knows she has made a mistake and wonders why Tony doesn't want her to call Grace "mommy." Tony explains that Grace is not really her mother. But Cassie says she doesn't know her real mommy and loves Grace like a mother. She even wants to call Tony "daddy." Grace enters the room and knows that something serious is going on. She sends Cassie for her bath. She wants to know what is going on and Tony tells her that she is getting in deeper and deeper. She just can't give up that "precious little girl."

Sharon tells Nick that she wants to invite Grace, Tony and Cassie to the ranch for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nick thinks it is a good idea and encourages her to call Grace right away with the invitation.

Grace and Tony are interrupted by the phone. Sharon extends the invitation for Thanksgiving but Grace says she will have to check with Tony. I'm going to count you in, Sharon says and hangs up. Tony wonders what she needs to ask him. After Grace tells him of the invitation, he tells her it will be a good idea. It will also be the perfect time to tell Sharon about Cassie.

Josh comes home tired. He tells Sara that he has just performed a difficult C-Section but both mother and baby are fine. When Sara asks if he needs anything he begins to ask for something but changes his mind. Sara insists that he tell her and he says he would like a martini but he is particular about how his is mixed. Sara says she will try anyway. Soon she returns with his martini with two olives. He tastes it and proclaims it is perfect! Sara tells him that that is how she used to make them for her uncle.

Ryan and Trish discuss the future. Ryan isn't sure what his future holds. He is upset because Philip was so cold with him; he is also concerned about Nina, even though their marriage hasn't worked out. When Trish asks where he will be living, he tells her that he has a small apartment, but will look for something larger. I am looking for an apartment also, Trish tells Ryan. She thinks it would be nice if they shared an apartment. But Ryan tells her that they should take it slow. Now is not the right time. Trish tells him that she understands, but it won't be long and they can be together.

Victor is on the phone yelling at someone. Nikki enters the office and smiles. When he is finished, she tells him that she is glad she wasn't on the other end of the phone. She flirts with him a little then she tells him why she is there. She wants to invite Victor to the Ranch for Thanksgiving. He tells her that if she really means it, he will ask Diane. Nikki says that they will all celebrate under a white flag. He then kisses Nikki.

Trish goes to Jill. She tells her that she and Ryan are going slow but also thinking of moving in together. Jill is shocked. It is too soon after Ryan and Nina's breakup. He needs time to sort everything out. Then Trish asks Jill if she will talk to her Dad about it---make him understand. But Jill says she will not talk to Keith. You have to go more slowly, she says. This is an important decision. Your Dad will never understand. Trish tells Jill that if her Dad makes her choose between him and Ryan, Ryan will win. Well, I cannot help you, Jill tells her.

Jack tells Diane that he is sorry for upsetting her. She almost tells him the reason she is upset but the moment passes and she remains silent. Just hang in there, Jack tells her. Vic will come around. A man with an ego his size will want lots of little Victors running around.

Later in the day, Nikki visits Jack. She starts in on Diane. She's only been back in GC for a year and look what has happened. She tells Jack that he is lucky. Diane showed her true colors when she went after Victor and got him to marry her. She just hopes she doesn't get Victor in any deeper because this marriage is doomed. Jack wonders if she is referring to kids. Yes, Nikki admits. She is sure that Diane will be wanting kids with Victor. She tells Jack that she even spoke to Victor about getting a vasectomy. "You didn't!" Jack is shocked. She then asks Jack if he will come for Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

Vicki is shouting at someone on the phone. Nick hope that she doesn't have some of that saved for him! She tells her brother that she is upset because they haven't developed a new fragrance for Brash and Sassy for Christmas. I know what this is about, states Nick. You are mad at Ashley, right?

Diane is busy at work when Victor comes in. They kiss. He tells her that he has something to talk with her about. He was going to talk to her last night, he tells her. Before we got so deliciously side-tracked? Diane asks. He tells her about the invitation to the ranch for Thanksgiving. Diane tells him that she had planned to make Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings since it was their first Thanksgiving together. He tells her how nice it is at the ranch this time of the year. We have never even gone horseback riding together, he tells her. The trails are lovely with the colors changing. He wants her to get to know his family and his family to get to know her. Diane tells her husband that she will think it over and get back with him. He is pleased that she didn't refuse outright. I wouldn't do that to you, she tells Victor.

Paul looks at the wedding photo of himself and Chris. He wonders why Chris went to Atlanta. When you come home, I will find out why, he mummers. Just then the door opens and Chris enters. She tells him that she would have been home three hours earlier but was fogged in in Atlanta. Paul wants them to play hooky and stay home all day, but she is running late. She has the pretrial conference today. Did Danny call? she asks. She needs to meet him at Legal Aid to discuss a few things.

Josh and Nikki are cuddling on the couch. He has taken the day off just to spend with her. Sara brings in a pot of coffee. Josh mentions the martini that Sara made the night before. When Sara offers to make one for Nikki, Nikki tells her that she doesn't drink. Never, asks Sara. Not for many years, answers Nikki. Sara wants to discuss Thanksgiving dinner but Nikki isn't in the mood. Sara leaves and Nikki begins teasing Josh about his "perfect bartender." Sara lurks in the hallway, watching and listening. Nikki tells Josh about inviting Victor and Diane for Thanksgiving. She hopes he isn't upset. Josh says that if he is upset, it is for Diane. It can't be easy to come into the Newman household as the new wife. Nikki remarks that she has "saved Victor" since Diane's idea of Thanksgiving is to have turkey in bed! Meow, says Josh, but Nikki is unfazed. That is how Diane operates, she says. "You aren't upset that Victor is coming?" asks Nikki. Josh tells her that either he woke up in an incredibly good mood or he is getting used to the "dysfunctional" holidays at the ranch. Nikki is shocked, but Josh laughs it off. There is never a dull moment when the Newman clan gets together, she agrees. Josh tells her that he thrives on unpredictability. The he tells her that he would like to do something unpredictable right now. They kiss then head up to the bedroom. Watching from the sidelines, Sara wonders how Josh can put up with Nikki. How can you stand to be with her, Joshua.

"Is this business or is it personal?" asks Nick of his sister. She tells him that it has been 18 months since they had a new perfume for the teen line. Vicki tells her brother that she wants to know what is going on in the lab but she thinks she may be the wrong person to find out. She suggests that Nicholas go talk to Ashley. She will not allow her line to be ignored! She will not allow this oversight to happen again! Nick remarks that his sister has changed since she returned home. I learned a lot on my trip, she tells him. I learned how to handle myself. She is even looking forward to the day when she fights her little brother for control of the company. I'm looking forward to it, Nick tells her.

Danny arrives at Legal Aid and watches Christine through the window. He enters the office and begins to apologize for what happened in New York. I got carried away, he tells her. Chris cuts him off. They have a lot of work to do. She tells him that even though they will have surprises for the other side, they will also have surprises for them. She doesn't want him to show any emotion while they are in the meeting.

When they finally come up for air, Phyllis and Michael begin to discuss the meeting. This is critical, Michael warns her. We will know who they are calling as witnesses, but the other side will know about their witnesses. Are you sure all our bases are covered, Michael asks Phyllis. Phyllis thinks Michael worries too much, but Michael tells her that whichever side is better prepared will win. He tells her that she must remain unemotional during the meeting. If she needs to vent, she must wait until they are alone. Of course, answers Phyllis.

Diane goes to see Jack. Jack comments on her good mood. Diane tells Jack that she and Victor have been invited to the ranch for Thanksgiving. Jack doesn't understand why she would go to the ranch. She tells him that he wants to be with his family and he enjoys being at the ranch. It is also time she gets to know the kids and the new grand baby. She is going to make every effort to get along with Nikki. She hopes that Jack will also attend the dinner at the ranch, but he wants none of that. Don't worry about me, he tells her. We Abbots put on quite a spread. You're doing the right thing getting out there, getting to know the tribe. But when he suggests that both she and Nikki are amazing ladies and some day will be friends, Diane tells him that they will NEVER be friends. Nikki doesn't like her and it goes the same for her. She will just play the game. Oh yes, play the game, Jack says. Victor likes all his women in his harem to get along. Jack then remembers his conversation with Nikki and mentions to Diane that she said something funny. He almost doesn't tell her, but goes ahead. Nikki was visiting Victor and did something very presumptive. She suggested to Victor that he get a vasectomy! Jack doesn't see Diane's face but she is totally devastated.

Patrick Baker introduces himself to Christine and Danny. Chris hands over their discovery list. Phyllis and Michael join Patrick and hand their list to Christine. Phyllis tells Christine that Danny came into her home and searched it while she was out. Chris takes Danny and the list to one corner of the room and begin to look it over. At the other side of the list, Patrick, Michael and Phyllis begin to do the same. There is one witness that Michael and Phyllis don't know: Jed Atherton. Phyllis doesn't know why they will be presenting a toxicology report. She has no idea why the report should be positive for tranquilizers. Then they see that Dr. Tim Reed will be testifying. Phyllis says he promised he would keep his mouth shut. Another witness: Brian Hamilton. But I took care of him, cried Phyllis.

As Chris and Danny are leaving, Phyllis remarks that they are pretty cocky. We have reason to be, Danny says smugly. He tells Phyllis that she will never get custody of his son.

Ryan is hard at work when Vicki brings orange juice in champagne glasses to celebrate his freedom. He tells her where he is at as far as his marriage is concerned. She wonders if it would be over if he didn't have the sweet young thing to play with. He tells her that she asks too many questions. That is the only way to get answers, she responds. If Cole and I don't work out, I will be free, she teases her former husband. I can be cute and fun when I want to, she adds.

Thursday, November 13, 1997

Jack has told Diane that Nikki went to Victor and "stuck her nose in" by suggested that he have a vasectomy. Jack is laughing at her "presumption beyond belief;" unaware that Diane's face is registering both pain and disbelief. "It is a preposterous notion," he laughs. But, he tells her, I admire you for your determination to do the right thing as far as the family is concerned. He knows how Victor likes being with his family. "Like I told you; marrying the Mustache comes with more baggage than any Skycap can handle. He invites Diane to lunch, but she turns him down. She tells him that she values his friendship and can count on him to tell her where she stands. She leaves for her office.

Chris and Danny return to Legal Aid. What do you think about the witness list, wonders Danny. Chris isn't concerned; she will look up the psychologist and see what her contribution could be. Knowing what her theories are will tell her how to predict Michael's use of her. What do you think Phyllis and Michael think of our witnesses? Danny wants to know. Chris tells him that she thinks Phyllis had more surprises than she gave. She bets they are busy at this moment trying to figure out how to do damage control.

Phyllis is in an uproar. She cannot believe that the "Bug" got to Tim and Brian. Somehow she conned them into testifying against her. Never underestimate Christine. I tried to warn you, Michael tells her. But now is not the time to lose control. She must maintain a level head and concentrate on her goal: full custody of Daniel.

In her office, Diane is thinking about what she learned from Jack. How could Nikki do this to her. With just a few words Nikki has wiped out all her dreams of a child and a family. The vasectomy was all Nikki's idea. But this time, you have gone too far. As she picks up the phone and begins dialing, she murmurs that she is tired of the meddling and she is going to deal with Nikki once and for all. She suddenly hangs up the phone. First I have to talk with Victor. I have to find out if this is true.

Jack enters Victor's office with a preliminary report for the year 1997. But, we have 6 more weeks to go, he reminds Victor. Victor thinks Jack is setting him up for a disappointment and he does not like to be disappointed!

Dru storms into Olivia's apartment and encounters Malcolm who wonders if his big brother is still tripping. Dru says that everything was fine---no, perfect until that day he came home late. She thought it was work related, but she went to Victor and found out that work couldn't be better. His job is secure, so it had to be something else. Now she thinks she knows what it is. It is that damn article Malcolm gave to her husband. It is obvious that he was disappointed that she was less than enthusiastic at the notion of having surgery, being poked with needles and taking hormones. He has been acting strange ever since then. It is Malcolm's fault. Did I ask for your help? she wants to know. Why did you have to stick your nose into our business?

Phyllis can't believe that Brian will testify for Danny. Don't worry about it, Michael tells her. He will be a challenge for me. I like challenges; I can handle him. Even Tim turned against me. He knows how much I love Daniel. But Michael isn't concerned about the witnesses. He tells her she has to get control of herself. The social worker is coming today and she has to pull herself together and present a good case as the person who deserves custody.

Chris wonders if Danny remembers anything more about the musician the other side is calling. Danny says that he just barely remembers him; he was a jerk. Danny had to fire him because he was stoned all the time. Maybe he is holding a grudge and wants to get even, suggests Chris. Why would he get up in court and slander me? Danny wants to know. Chris says she will do a background check on him and see what she can come up with. Maybe that will help her understand how he is to be used by the other side.

"Do I have a chance to get my son?" Danny wants to know. Christine tells him that they have a strong case but there are no guarantees. Danny suggests that she contact the tabloid reporter but Christine wonders if he seriously wants to bring the tabloids into this. Let one in and the rest are sure to follow; they can expect serious repercussions if they go this way. Nothing is as important to Danny as his son so Chris agrees to see the man. Once again Danny tries to apologize for New York, but Chris only wants to concentrate on the case.

Michael tells Phyllis that the clock is ticking and they cannot afford to get hysterical. She has to forget everything---Danny, Tim, Brian, Chris---and be the supportive and loving mother that she is for the social worker. You have a show to put on. You have to convince that social worker that Daniel belongs to you!

Malcolm is open-mouthed! My brother wants a baby. I only tried to help! Dru tells him that it is "our" problem and we will deal with it ourselves. Malcolm wonders if she has lost her mind, but Dru tells him that he has crossed the line. She wants him to mind his own business from now on. She then sashays out of the apartment leaving Malcolm open-mouthed.

Chris returns home. Paul is eager to hear how Phyllis and her lawyers took the curves she threw at them. Chris reports that they tried to hide it, but Phyllis' eyes were popping out of her head. She wants to go out to eat but Paul tells her there is no need to go out when she has Chef Paul Williams, chef extraordinaire. He tells her that he would be happy to make her three square meals a day if she would share them with him.

Jack tells Victor to go to the last page of the report and take a look at the bottom line, but Victor tells him he already intended to do just that. Once he reads the report, he states that this is not a disaster. "Who said it was?" wonders Jack. Victor tells him that he led him to believe it was a disaster, but Jack is happy to tell the Black Knight that he jumped to that conclusion all on his own. He tells Jack to keep a close eye on things. Jack wonders how things are going with his personal life---specifically with him and Diane. Victor tells him he is "off base," but Jack just wants to be sure that Diane is happy. He hopes things will work out for them if that is what will make Diane happy. "Why are you asking now?" asks Victor. When Jack tells him he is just curious, Victor tells him that it doesn't pay to be curious.

Dru returns home and is surprised to see Neil there. He has only come home for some papers; he is ready to leave now. She wants to fix him some lunch but he wants to get back to the office. Something is going on and we need to talk about it, asserts Dru.

Joanie wonders if they should pick up Daniel's toys before the social worker arrives, but Phyllis tells her to leave them. Joanie is surprised to see Phyllis dressed so sedately. Phyllis just wants to make a good impression. Just relax and be yourself, advises Joanie. You are a wonderful mother and she is bound to see that. When the doorbell rings, Phyllis answers to find Jean Paige, the social worker. Phyllis introduces her to Joanie, the nanny, and asks Joanie to bring Daniel out.

Olivia arrives home and is happy to see her man there. He tells her he has canceled his shoots for the day. Olivia makes romantic overtures, but Malcolm is too angry to respond. He tells her about Dru's visit. Now she has found a new target----ME! She blames me for Neil's behavior. Said I shouldn't have given Neil that article. I think she has lost her mind, he tells his wife. As Malcolm is talking, Olivia is remembering Neil telling her about Dru taking the birth control pills for months.

Dru tells Neil that it is killing her seeing her man go through something that hurts so much. He can count on her to help. Remember that perfect night we shared? We were so close, but now we are just strangers. Are you sad? angry? disappointed? Tell me what you are feeling. What am I supposed to tell our baby girl? What is wrong? Tell me. No matter how painful, you can tell me.

Phyllis offers tea just as Daniel enters the room and climbs upon his mother's lap. After Daniel leaves to play with his toys, the social worker wonders if she lets him play in the living room. I don't mind, Phyllis says. I like to make it fun here; after all, this is all part of his little world. Does his father spend time with him? Oh yes! Daniel adores his daddy. They go to exciting places together: out to dinner where he can eat anything he wants, to practice with the band, etc. How is he when he comes home from being with his father? He is a little wound up, but I soon settle him down. How is he adjusting to the divorce? It was hard on Daniel at first, but I try to let him know it isn't his fault.

Paul is ready to serve Chris dinner. It is something his mother taught him years ago and has served him will ever since. "Not sauerkraut and spare ribs?" Chris questions. No, but that would have been almost as good, he tells her as he set a plate down in front of her. Oh, PB&J, Chris exclaims over her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She turns to her husband and says that she is glad she is home; she missed him.

Victor and Diane are dining before the log fire at the Lodge. He tells her that this was a wonderful idea. She is just glad he could get away from the office.

Christine has been thinking they work too much and Paul agrees that they are very dedicated to their careers. "Remember not long ago we talked about getting away?" I think it is time we did it. As soon as the trial is over, let us get away to ourselves, Chris asks her husband. He will be happy to get her alone, all to himself. He hopes the trial is a quick one so that they can escape. That is just what I need, Chris tells him.

It was painful when Danny left us, Phyllis continues. At first, Daniel thought his father did not love him, but now he is sure of both our love. He goes out with his dad and has lots of fun. It is up to me to keep him on schedule. I'm just a typical Mom---and I love it! After all, why be a parent if you aren't going to make parenthood your #1 priority. I take my role seriously. I offer support, guidance and most of all love.

Diane tries to talk to Victor about the vasectomy but she is finding it difficult. She wants to know the real reason he had the vasectomy. He tells her that he is sorry now that he did it without talking to her first. He didn't know she would be upset because she had never mentioned having children when they were seeing each other. He just took it upon himself to take care of it himself rather than putting the responsibility of birth control her. She wonders if he had this idea all by himself or did someone put the idea into his head. Victor thinks she is looking for someone to blame, but she denies this. She mentions that there are some members of his family who aren't exactly thrilled that he married her. Maybe they wouldn't want her to give him another child. She wouldn't be surprised if they gave him their opinion on the subject. No, he tells her, I cannot be influenced by anyone. The decision was mine and mine alone. I really am sorry to cause you this pain; I should have talked to you before. Diane tells him that she is at peace with the event now although it did hurt when she first heard. He tells her that they are now free; they have no obligation to anyone. They can live any romantic lifestyle they wish. He intends to make all her dreams come true. Come here, he commands. She gets up and walks over to him. He pulls her down on his lap and nuzzles her neck. He tells her he doesn't care what any of the other customers think. She smiles and snuggles up to him.

Dru tells Neil that she wants to know what is wrong. They have to keep the lines of communication open. Don't do this to us, Neil! We are a team; we can do anything together. I want to help you.

Dru then tells Neil that she thinks she knows what is wrong. He is upset because she wasn't enthusiastic about trying other things to have the baby. But if that is what he wants, she is willing to go to the doctor. Just make the appointment and she will go. He tells her that she has no idea what he wants. She begs him not to shut her out. Neil is leaving. She rushes to the door. This is so unfair, she cries as he closes the door behind him.

Friday, November 14, 1997

Nick is busy at work when Jack enters his office. He has wonderful news: he is giving Nick a new project to work on. It is a very important project and he will be in charge of the hardware, software, and getting it out on the Internet. Am I in this alone? asks Nick. No, Jack tells him. He will have a partner, one that he has worked with before; this person has talent and moxie. Just then, Gracie walks in. Hi, Jack, hope I'm not late, she says.

Phyllis shows the social worker some of Daniel's drawings. She has saved all his drawings since he first picked up a crayon. The social worker finds some kiddy books. Do you read to Daniel? Oh, yes, especially at bedtime. When he is all bathed and sweet smelling, all tucked into his bed amid all his little stuffed toys. It is my favorite time. I believe it gives a child a sense of security to be read to at bedtime. Sounds like you have been reading books, says the social worker. Phyllis answers that she has read a lot of books, yes, but she doesn't think you get all the answers from a book. Being a mother means following your instincts. It is a huge responsibility having the care of a young child, one she takes very seriously. The social worker prepares to leave. Phyllis invites her back anytime. After the social worker is gone, Phyllis leans against the door and says: Gosh, I am good!

The phone at Gina's rings and Danny answers. It is Chris calling from New York. She is going to interview the reporter from the tabloid. Danny wishes her good luck. She wants to know when the social worker will be there to interview him. He answers that he is expecting her any time now and he is panic stricken. He sure wishes she were there to help him through the interview. Chris tells him that she wouldn't be allowed with him during that interview. She wishes him luck; he will make a better impression than Phyllis. He isn't so sure he will; not after Phyllis gets finished with her "Mother of the Year" performance. After he hangs up, he wonders when this is going to end. When will I get my life back?

Dru is busy in the kitchen and Lily is coloring a picture when the phone rings. Her mother asks her to answer the phone and she proudly picks up the phone and says: Winter's residence. It is her daddy. He just wanted to say hello to his baby girl since he left early and didn't get to kiss her good-bye. " I love you, daddy," she tells him and he answers: me too. When he makes good-bye sounds, Lily asks if he wants to speak to her mommy. "No sweetheart, that is all right." He tells her and hangs up. Dru comes into the room just as Lily hangs up. Who was that, honey? she asks. Lily tells her it was Daddy, but he didn't want to speak with Mommy.

"Your timing is perfect," Jack says as he welcomes Grace to the room. He tells Nick that she is his new partner. Nick is taken aback but soon recovers and welcomes Grace aboard. Jack says that they did such a good job before that they should do well on this one. It is a big one! Any advice? Nick asks as he leaves. Jack turns back and tells them to "Make it fast and make it good!"

The social worker enters Gina's office. She wonders why Gina is there. Danny explains that Gina is part of Daniel's extended family --- something his ex-wife cannot give to his son. Gina says that Danny and Daniel often visit her there. The social worker wonders if they believe that a restaurant is a proper place for an impressionable child, but Danny says that Daniel loves Gina's spaghetti. Gina says she takes him other places when the weather is good: the zoo, the park. The social worker wonders what they can offer Daniel.

Dru is cleaning. Lily mentions that daddy is busy at work. He hasn't time to talk with us any more, she says. Dru holds her daughter and tries to reassure her that Daddy loves them. He is just busy at work is all. "But isn't family more important than work?" asks a naive Lily. He doesn't kiss you any more, Mommy. Why is Daddy mad at you? With tears running down her face, Dru tells her daughter that everything is going to be just fine.

Malcolm waltzes into Neil's office with big plans for the two of them. Neil is cold with his brother, but that doesn't deter the jubilant Mal. He does a dizzying basketball dance and shows his brother the tickets he has to the game in Chicago.

Phyllis serves Michael coffee. He can't get over her attire. you look like June Cleaver, he laughs. It is a good thing you already know the "real me." she tells her attorney. She fills him in on the social worker's visit. Everything went well. She played the part of a loving, caring, protective mother. But don't worry. She was not the angry vindictive ex-wife. However, she wouldn't mind if Danny had a few angry things to say about HER. Then she tells Michael that she is still worried about Brian.

Neil wants to know what Malcolm is talking about. Mal whips out two tickets and tells his brother that he is talking about the Bulls' game. A customer gave him the tickets; tenth row seats! Neil has a lot of work to do; he can't keep Victor Newman waiting. It isn't about work, declares Malcolm. Yes it is, insists Neil. Malcolm tells him he is just trying to help. You gotta talk about it, Big Brother, Malcolm says. I don't gotta do anything, insists Neil. Now, if you don't mind, I need to get to work. No, I don't mind, Malcolm says quietly. I'll see you when I see you, he tells Neil and leaves.

Chris meets with the tabloid reporter. He was surprised to get her call but he remembers her from the last time they met. Chris tells the man that Danny may be ready to tell his side of the story now.

Victor tells Neil that he agrees with almost all the recommendations he has made in a report concerning salary increases and stock options. "Almost?" questions Neil. Victor doesn't agree as far as one of the employees is concerned. As Neil is preparing to leave the office, Victor wants to talk on a personal level. He wants to know if Neil has handled the personal problems he was having. No, answers Neil. "Are things more encouraging?" asks Victor. No, answers Neil. But, adds Neil, I have taken your advice and not made a decision as yet.

Malcolm arrives home in a distracted mood. Olivia asks if Neil is going with him to the game. Malcolm tells her how his brother acted when he visited. And when I brought up his wife, things really got tense. He asks Olivia if she knows more than she is saying about Neil's situation.

This project sounds exciting, Grace tells Nick. Nick tells her that the project they worked on before was just the tip of the iceberg. This project IS the iceberg. She had better alert Tony that he will be doing a lot more babysitting. We will be spending a lot of time on this; our butts are on the platter. I thought it was "head on a platter," smiles Grace. Well, if we drop the ball on this one both ends will be on the platter, Nick tells her.

Victor wonders if Neil has considered whether he can bend a little, but Neil asks him what he thinks is the most important thing in a marriage. Love, of course, answers Victor. Respect, communication, but I think the most important thing is trust. "Exactly!" answers Neil.

Even though Michael tells Phyllis that it is possible that Chris only put Brian's name on the list to rattle her, they really should make sure he is "towing the line," as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Chris tells the reporter, Glenn, how Phyllis falsified the paternity test. She even drugged the natural father and drew his blood. She then switched the samples so that it would look like Danny was the father. But Danny found her out and now he is suing for custody of Daniel. "Well, I wish him luck," Glenn says. That is up to you, Chris tells him. She wants him to go to GC and testify for Danny. Oh, no, Glenn says. He always protects his sources. It doesn't matter that his source is now deceased. Chris begins to tell him how important his testimony could be. It could be the difference in a little boy being raised by an immoral woman or a loving father. He could give this story a happy ending. Sometimes you have better copy if the bad guy wins, Glenn tells her. But she believes that his readers will like it more if he does the right side for an innocent child. Please come to GC, she pleads.

The social worker notes that the record shows that Danny is not Daniel's biological father. He tells her that for a long time he thought he was. He loves the boy as if he were his and when he gets custody, he plans to adopt Daniel. Where do you plan to live? she asks. Danny doesn't have a place yet. He is not looking just yet; he is waiting until he gets custody, but she can be sure it will be the best place available for his son. He will have all the best of everything --- clothes, private schools goes without saying, the best food, everything he will want or need. It isn't about money, she reminds him. He knows that. His child will be stable and secure; he will want for nothing. His son will be the center of his life; not like his mother. Phyllis is the center of her own universe, he avows. But not for him. He promises --- no, he guarantees it. In answer to another question, Danny assures the social worker that he isn't on the road touring as much now as he used to be. She asks about who will care for Daniel while he is touring and Danny tells her that he is planning on asking Joanie to work for him. I'll make her an offer she can't refuse, he says.

Sharon interrupts her busy husband with a picnic lunch. He tells her about the new project and she tells him how proud she is of him. She is sitting on his lap giving him a congratulatory kiss when Grace walks in with sandwiches. Whoops, she says when she sees Sharon.

Dru has broken trust with me, Neil tells Victor. He makes it clear that it isn't another man, but it is something very serious. What Dru did was cold and heartless and I don't believe I can stay married to her. Victor tells him that he can empathize. He tells Neil that he once divorced a woman for the same reason. Something she did was a complete breach of trust. Then you do understand, nods Neil. Yes, I understand, but I still care for this woman. I love her and always will. But now there is no going back. I have burned too many bridges. It was a mistake, but what's done is done. It sounds like there is a serious message there, states Neil. If there is, it is to be patient, to go slow. Do not let reason become overwhelmed by emotion. But Neil tells Victor that he is being ripped apart.

Phyllis calls and Brian answers. She renews her threat and Brian acknowledges his fear. I'm not stupid, he tells her. I'm towing the line. But when he hangs up he says: you are going to get yours, Phyllis. And I cannot wait to see the look on your face when I testify.

Glenn tells Christine that he will testify for her. You won't regret this, she assures him.

Sharon tells Grace that she doesn't have to leave and Nick assures Grace that their project can wait another half hour. Sharon is delighted that her friend is also working on the project. It is a good opportunity for her. Grace tells Nick that he is right; the project can wait a little while. She will be back later. Nick turns to his wife and asks for one more kiss before they eat.

Olivia insists that she doesn't know any more than Malcolm does, but he isn't buying that. He is glad that his brother has someone to talk to and he encourages her to help any way she can.

Victor wonders if Neil knows the circumstances that lead up to the lie. Do you know what motivated her? Nothing justifies her lie. I cannot forgive her, Neil tells his boss. Sometimes you need to step back and get a look at the big picture, Victor tells Neil. If we act just to react, we may not like the consequences. He suggests that Neil take a long hard look at things before he makes a decision he may later regret. We are all human; we all make mistakes. However, he tells Neil that he is always there for him.

Dru is pacing the apartment; she is moody. Okay, this has gone on long enough, she says and heads for the phone. She calls the office and is told that Neil is unavailable. "Unavailable to everyone or just to me?" she asks. Tell him he can't keep on avoiding me. He had better call me or I am coming down there. I don't think he will like that so he had better call. She hangs up breathing hard and staring determinedly into space.

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