The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 17, 1997 on Y&R

Phyllis, Tim, and a toxicologist testified at the custody hearing. Victoria and Ashley fought over who would play nurse for a sick Cole. Dru discovered that Neil had refilled her birth control prescription just two weeks before.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 17, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, November 17, 1997

Nina opened the door to Ryan, who couldn't believe the doorman had given him such a hard time about going up. "Well, you don't live here anymore," Nina told him, adding, "What do you want, anyway?" Ryan told her that he had stopped by for some of his things that he'd left there. However, he also wanted to see how she was doing. "Thank goodness, Philip wasn't here," Nina said, but her husband said he had waited in the car until Philip had taken the bus for school.

Nina told Ryan that she was doing just fine and didn't need any help from him. It had been a bad year for her -- like a nightmare -- but she was awake, and she was going on with her life. "What are you doing for yourself?" Ryan asked. "I am keeping busy," she told him. She asked, "Why do you ask? What difference does it make to you?"

Danny made a frantic call to Christine's apartment; Paul answered and said that Chris was not there. "We are due in court! Where is she?" Paul replied that Chris was still in New York; JFK had been fogged in the night before, but he was sure she would be home momentarily. After Paul hung up, Chris walked in the door.

Phyllis was a nervous wreck; her hands were shaking. Michael called and asked how she was doing. After she told him, he said that was good. Nothing was worse than going into court with an overconfident client. Phyllis said she would be at the courtroom soon; first she had to go see a friend. Michael asked who the friend was. Phyllis replied she was going to see Dr. Reed.

Phyllis said she had to find out if it was true that Dr. Reed had ratted on her. She had been thinking about the toxicology report. "So have I," Michael said. "Chris and Paul have probably compared the drug as being in the blood sample. Don't worry about it; I will neutralize the test." He then cautioned her not to do anything stupid and to hurry to the courthouse.

Jack visited Diane at her apartment. He found out she wasn't going in to work, and he was concerned. She thanked him for being a thoughtful person, but she just wanted to stay home for the day. "Aren't you feeling well? Why are you playing hooky?" Jack asked. She told him that she had felt better, but nothing was wrong that he could fix.

Jack guessed that Diane was concerned about going to Nikki's for Thanksgiving. Diane told him that she would rather walk barefooted over hot coals than go to Nikki's house. Jack reminded her that she was doing it for Victor, and it was only a few hours out of one day. It was nothing to get crazy about unless there was more going on than Jack knew about.

"Got time for an old friend?" Phyllis asked as she walked into Dr. Reed's office. He tried to tell her he was too busy for her, but she told him that they needed to talk. "I have a feeling that you are upset with me," Phyllis told her old friend.

"Upset is too mild a word," Dr. Tim told Phyllis. He reminded her that she had gone to him the previous summer, needing sleep -- at least that was what she had said. So, against his better judgment, he had given her a couple of his prescriptions. "How could you do it?" he asked, and continued, "How could you take the pills I gave you and use them to drug someone so you could take their blood? How could you switch that blood with your husband's specimen just so he would believe he was Daniel's father?"

Phyllis told Tim that he only had Paul's word, and Paul had lied to him. They had no proof, but they would take his testimony and make it look like she had done that. Tim told her that he was ready to testify only to what he had done, not to what Phyllis had done.

Ryan told Nina that he didn't want to interfere with her; he was just interested in what she was doing. After all, they had shared some wonderful years. He wanted to be her friend, and he wanted to be a father to Phillip. Nina told him that it would take some time for Phillip to be strong enough to have a relationship with Ryan. Phillip was hurting too much at that moment. As for herself, she said that she was starting over on her own without anybody's help.

Paul greeted his wife and told her it was getting to be a habit. She apologized for having to go back to New York, but said it had been worth it. She had gotten the reporter to testify for Danny. "The thought of that little boy being raised by that devious woman is too much to bear," she told her husband.

"I cannot believe you would do this," Phyllis exclaimed. "You know that Christine and Paul would do anything to me. With the testimony you are giving, they will crucify me. They will paint such a dark picture of me that I'll never get over it." "And is that picture false?" questioned Dr. Tim.

Phyllis was crying. "I love my son. You know I love Daniel. I love him with all my heart. He is my entire world. Please, Tim, please don't do this. Please don't help them to take him away from me!" She begged Tim to call the courthouse and tell Chris that he had changed his mind. "No," answered Dr. Tim, adding, "If you are innocent, as you say you are, then my testimony won't hurt you."

Phyllis accused Tim of turning his back just when she and her son needed him the most. Then she reminded him that he was the one who had given her the pills. She asked what would happen to his career. She asked what his peers would think of him when they heard what he had done. She begged him not to do that to himself and asked him not to get dragged into the mess. She said he still had time to change his mind, and added that it wasn't his fight. Dr. Tim asked her to leave. His next patient was there.

Nina told Ryan that she felt like she had been living a nightmare but was finally awake and taking control of her life. She didn't need his or anyone's shoulder to cry on. She had done enough crying. Ryan told her that he was happy for her, but asked if she had to cut him out of her life completely. Nina told Ryan that she didn't know his plans, nor did she want to know about him and Tricia. She wasn't going to cause them any problems. "Now, I have a busy day ahead of me, so please get your things and leave," Nina told him with a determined look on her face.

"That's it. There is more going on here, isn't there?" Jack questioned his friend. "It's more than just 'turkey day' jitters. I know you resent Nikki, but remember, she is the ex-wife. You are the new wife. Don't let her get to you. Is it more? Has Nikki done something? Tell me, what has Nikki done now?"

Ryan was busy at work when Tricia slipped in and sat herself on his desk, her skirt pulled up to "there." Ryan was happy to see her and said she was a "sight for sore eyes." She was excited about the future; she couldn't sleep because of thinking about him. He said he thought about her at night before going to sleep. "You tell me your fantasies, and I'll tell you mine," he said as he bent to kiss her. The light kiss turned to something more passionate. When they came up for air, Tricia asked if he had thought more about them living together.

Christine was finally ready to leave for the courthouse. There was a lot at stake, she told her husband. He reminded her that she was a good lawyer and Phyllis didn't stand a chance against her. As she left, she handed him some travel brochures to look at while she was gone. "Bali," he said excitedly, then tried to sing the line of the song. Are you pregnant?" he asked. She turned from the door, surprised.

"Pregnant?" Christine quizzed. "You know; belly high," Paul said with a laugh. "No," she answered, adding, "I'm not pregnant yet, but I hope to be soon." Paul told her goodbye. "Give Phyllis and Baldwin the fight of their lives," he ordered. "I just hope it is a clean fight," she told him as she walked out the door.

Tricia was very excited about the kind of apartment they could get, and suggested one near the university. Ryan interrupted her enthusiasm and reminded her of what he had told her the last time. They agreed that it was too soon. He did have a divorce to get through and a young son to get reacquainted with. Also, Tricia agreed that she had fences to mend. She was thinking of moving back home, where maybe she could get her dad adjusted to the idea of them being together before they actually moved in together. But, regardless, when the time was right, she would move in with Ryan no matter what her father thought.

Danny was pacing outside the courtroom, wondering where Chris could be. There was less than an hour before court began. Just then, Chris arrived and took him into an anteroom where they could have privacy. She told him that the reporter, Glenn Housermann, would be testifying for him.

Outside, Phyllis rushed up to Michael and, hysterically, told him that she hadn't been able to get Tim to change his mind. "Calm down!" he commanded, to no avail. She was crying and telling him she couldn't calm down as he guided her into an anteroom away from public display. "How can you tell me to calm down when my life is coming apart?" she asked through her sobs. Just at that moment, they both saw Chris and Danny in the room.

Michael apologized for intruding, but Chris and Danny said they were just leaving. Danny gave Phyllis a satisfied grin as he walked past her. She slumped against the wall as she realized what she had done.

Jill was just leaving the house. As she opened the door, Tricia was reaching for the door handle. Jill told her that Megan was out. Jill explained that her father had left for the office at dawn. "I would rather talk to you anyway," Tricia explained to Jill. Even though she was on her way to work, Jill took a few minutes to talk with the girl.

Tricia explained that Jill had been right all along; it was too early to move in with Ryan. She finally realized that Ryan needed time to straighten his life out. She was sure they would eventually live together. In the meantime, she wanted to return home. Jill was overjoyed and told Trish that her father would be very happy.

"I cannot believe that I let Danny see me like this," exclaimed Phyllis. Michael told her to calm down, take a deep breath, and get it together. When she was calmer, she told him what had happened with Dr. Reed.

"Then let him testify. We can handle him," Michael assured Phyllis, reminding her, "You know I am a reformed man, don't you? But every now and then, I feel a rush of the old me -- and that bothers me." "Don't go soft on me now, Michael," Phyllis begged, adding, "My child, my life depends on you."

On the outside of the door, Danny was wondering what was going on. "I smell fear coming from that room," Christine proclaimed. "Do we really have them beat?" asked an excited Danny. "Nothing is over until it is over," warned Christine, and told him, "Come on, we have a case to win."

"Talk to me!" demanded a worried Jack. "You are right. Nikki ruined my life!" Diane admitted through sobs. She continued, "Remember my telling you that I was trying my best to get along with Nikki? Well, Nikki was doing the very opposite. That woman! She just will not stop meddling!"

"Are you talking about her going to Victor about the vasectomy? She just said that in jest. Probably just trying to get a rise out of him," Jack said. "It is more than that. He got the vasectomy. Now it is not possible for me to have the family I so much want. I'll never be able to have Victor's child," Diane said.

While Jill and Tricia were talking, Megan and Alec arrived home. They got the good news that Tricia was moving back. Megan kept glancing at Alec as if she was wondering how it would change things between them. But her sister also announced that when Ryan got his divorce, she would move in with him. Megan went to her sister and hugged her, saying that home was where she belonged. She had been missed.

"I'm not going soft," Michael reassured his client. Phyllis wished he could be beside her in the courtroom. She trusted him. But Michael assured her that Patrick was a good attorney and would win for them. Michael would help all that he was allowed to help. Phyllis was calm and reassured, so Michael suggested that they go into the courtroom.

"Are you sure Victor has had a vasectomy?" Jack wanted to know. She was definitely sure, and he had never talked to her about it. She hadn't known anything about it until after it had been done. "That woman! How could she be so arrogant? How could she interfere in so personal a decision?" Diane asked. Jack reminded her that Nikki might have suggested it, but she hadn't performed the surgery. She wasn't solely to blame, he told her in Nikki's defense.

Diane didn't want words in Nikki's defense. Diane argued that if Nikki had kept her nose out of it, maybe Victor wouldn't have had the vasectomy. Jack knew how much Diane wanted a child. She sobbed as Jack went to her and comforted her.

In the courtroom, the judge was ready to begin. Patrick asked and was granted permission to move Michael to the counsel table with him and Phyllis. The judge outlined his expectations:

1. Mr. Romalotti had to prove that the marriage was irretrievably broken. They would not get into any financial matters until after that was proven.

2. The custody issue was still before the court. He didn't want a rehash of things that had been testified to before.

Christine told the court that they had new evidence to present. She began to explain what it was, but the judge told her to explain it in her opening statement.

Christine began. The marriage had only occurred, she explained, because Phyllis had lied about being pregnant. In order to convince Danny that he was the father, Phyllis had falsified the paternity test. Phyllis had lied -- perjured herself -- when she said someone else had falsified the test. They could finally prove that Phyllis had not only falsified the original test but had later changed the computer records to show Danny as the father.

"We intend to prove that Phyllis is a woman who would lie, cheat, and steal to get her way. She is not to be trusted to raise a child. Evidence will show that Phyllis is not fit to undertake a responsibility of such magnitude." Christine ended her statement, standing face-to-face with Phyllis.

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

"You do not mean that!" Jack said to Diane. However, she did. She told Jack that she blamed Nikki and would never forgive her. "If I live to be a hundred, I will never forgive her. That woman is more devious than I gave her credit for being. I hate that witch!" Diane said. Jack told Diane that attacking Nikki was not the wise thing to do. If Diane acted on the information that she had, it would backfire on her. "She robbed me of my family!" proclaimed a distraught Diane. Jack told her that Victor was not a pushover. If she thought he was, she had no right to be married to him. He told her that he knew Nikki, and she was neither cruel nor conniving. When she'd said something about a vasectomy, it was totally "off the cuff" and not meant to undermine Diane's relationship with her husband.

"Nikki did not want me to have a baby. She took away my dream; it is gone forever. I will always, always hate her for that," Diane told Jack. "You don't know that," Jack reasoned, explaining, "She may have put the idea in his head, but she didn't perform the surgery." Diane thought there had to be some way to prove her suspicions. After thinking about it for a few seconds, she walked to the phone and began to dial. "Wait a minute," Jack protested and demanded, "What are you doing? Who are you calling? What are you up to?"

"Diane, What are you doing?" Jack questioned. Diane called Dr. Riley, the urologist. She explained that she was filling out insurance papers and needed to know the exact date the vasectomy had been performed. After looking at the computer records, the receptionist told her that it had taken place on October 24th. Diane thanked her and hung up. Diane opened her appointment journal and looked up the 24th. "Damn you Nikki," she cried.

Diane explained to Jack that on the 24th, she'd had a client cancel an appointment. Having extra time on her hands, she had gone to Victor's office to ask him to lunch. He hadn't been there, but before she had been able to leave, Nikki had walked in. There had ensued an unpleasant conversation.

Diane continued with her story, saying that Nikki had been even more snide and obnoxious than usual. She had made several remarks about Diane's "biological clock" ticking away. Finally, when Diane had needed to leave, Nikki had said she would wait for Victor. "The next thing I know, my husband has been sterilized" Diane concluded, and spitefully added, "Thanks to Nikki!"

Jack still could not believe that Diane was accusing Nikki of such a terrible thing. Diane didn't want to hear him continually defend Nikki. "She hit me where it hurt, Jack," Diane told her friend, and said, "She is going to pay. Damn her, she is going to pay for this!"

Christine was still addressing the judge. She told him that she intended to prove that Phyllis, not some other person as testified to earlier, was the one who had changed the computer records. Plus, later, she had been involved in a second cover-up. The entire test, Christine told the judge, had been based on a bald-faced lie. A woman who would lie, steal, cheat, and not respect the sanctity of her oath was not the kind of person who should be entrusted with the care of an impressionable young child. Christine then told the judge that they had proof that Phyllis' former testimony was so filled with fabrication and deception that they needed to be allowed to reopen the former testimony concerning the paternity test.

At Phyllis' request, Patrick Baker objected because the judge had already ruled that the former testimony would not be gone over again. The judge asked Ms. Williams if she had new evidence, to which Christine answered in the affirmative. "l'll hear it," the judge said.

Christine continued. They would present numerous witnesses who had no stake in the outcome of the trial. One of their witnesses would testify even though it could hurt him professionally. At the end of the testimony, the judge would clearly see that he would need to:
1. Dissolve the marriage,
2. Declare that Phyllis Romalotti was unfit to raise a child, and
3. Rule that to give over the care of the child would represent a serious threat of emotional injury to him.

At Phyllis' table, she was visibly upset and whispered to her attorneys that it was all talk. Christine could not prove any of it. At Danny's table, he congratulated Chris on a brilliant opening statement. "I have a huge surprise for Phyllis -- one she won't like at all. I am going to call her as my first witness," Christine told her client. Patrick Baker rose from the table and announced that he could not allow the statements that he had just heard to stand. The statements likened his client to Satan.

"I find it strange that Counselor did not say one word about what social services had to say about my client. They didn't see her as a demon. Ms. Romalotti was interviewed and judged by an expert as a fit parent, not as some demonic character. This case is being brought out of a spiteful and vindictive nature," Patrick said

At that point, Danny became upset. He asked how Patrick dared to call him spiteful and vindictive. Danny was making so much noise that Chris began to hurriedly try to calm him down. All eyes, especially those of the judge, were upon Danny.

Chris tried desperately to get Danny to get himself in control. The judge rapped his gavel and demanded that there be order in the court. He would not tolerate disorderly conduct.

Patrick continued with his remarks. It was a clear case of spite that had prompted the divorce action. He condemned the unwarranted accusations against his client's character. Ms. Romalotti deserved custody. He asked why they should dwell on a changed paternity test, which Phyllis had already explained to the court's satisfaction. It had already been ruled on. He believed the answers could be found in Mr. Romalotti's flawed character.

Patrick said that he would present evidence of Danny's lifestyle, a lifestyle that was inappropriate for a young child. Danny made long trips often to every corner of the world. Patrick asked if that was the life that a small child should have -- living in hotel rooms, eating in restaurants or from brown paper bags. That was the lifestyle that Danny Romalotti relished and had not indicated that he was willing to give up. Patrick asked what the emotional damage would be to a child living that kind of life. Instead of overcoming the conflict in his life, Danny would advocate that it was better for the child than to allow him to remain under the care of a loving mother.

Patrick proceeded with his statement, saying that it was Danny's spiteful character that would keep Phyllis from performing the duties that she had been fulfilling since Daniel's birth and which she continued to perform to that very day. "What is best for the child? The lifestyle described above or the one he has enjoyed all his life?" Patrick continued. He requested that the judge ignore the theory in favor of fact, and consider what had been in contrast with what would be. He implored the judge to please leave the child in the loving hands of its mother. He then announced that he was ready to proceed.

Chris announced that the Petitioner called Phyllis Romalotti. Slowly, Phyllis rose and walked to the witness stand, where she was sworn in.

With her enemy on the stand and under oath, Christine wasted no time in going after Phyllis. Christine questioned Phyllis about visiting New York at the same time that Danny had been there. She presented a sign-in log from DMS Labs, where someone had signed in as Phyllis Summers. Phyllis finally admitted that she could have been there to visit her old friend, Sasha. Chris wanted to know if Phyllis was aware that it had been the day that Sasha had needed to be sent home after being drugged. Phyllis knew nothing about that at all. Chris wanted to know if Phyllis had ever drugged anyone.

When Christine continued to try to elicit a confession of drugging from Phyllis, Michael suddenly jumped up and objected. He suddenly realized what he had done and apologized profusely to the court. The judge said that he understood and accepted Michael's apology.

Christine began to question Phyllis about tranquilizers. She wondered if Phyllis had any or if someone had given her some. Phyllis didn't know what the counselor was talking about.

Christine went on to question Phyllis about Brian, the baby's father. Phyllis told the court that she had told Brian what was going on in her life and he had agreed to go to Genoa City to help her out. She hadn't needed to pay him for doing that; he had agreed to help and he had. There were still good people in the world like that, Phyllis said. Christine reminded Phyllis that she was under oath, but Phyllis restated her facts.

Esther opened the door and greeted Ashley with a wide smile. Ashley said that it had been some time since she had seen Katherine. When Katherine entered the room, Ashley's mouth dropped open in surprise.

"What happened to you?" Ashley asked her friend. When Esther began to tell Ashley about the facial treatment, Katherine reminded her she had work to do in the kitchen. Once alone, the ladies discussed the facial rejuvenation and how wonderful Katherine looked. Katherine told Ashley she had a whole new outlook on life -- all she needed was someone to share it with. Ashley felt Katherine should get out and show her new self off. Katherine jested that first she needed to find the right man. Ashley wasn't put off; she told her friend that when she least expected it, she would turn around and there he would be.

Ashley entered John's office, and they talked business for a while. Ashley told her father that she had a beautiful woman she would like him to meet. "Oh, no! not again," protested John, explaining, "I finally got Jack off my back and now here you are trying to set me up!" "You will like her," Ashley reassured her father, adding, "You have a lot in common." "Don't tell me that she works here!" exclaimed John.

Ashley denied that her "friend" worked there; actually Ashley hadn't said she worked anywhere. To John, that spelled "stay-at-home society matron." Laughing, Ashley told her father that it was only lunch, and not much could happen over lunch. Besides, it was at the Colonnade Room, and it was all on her. When John agreed, Ashley told him to go, and she would make all the arrangements.

Ashley called Katherine and invited her to lunch.

At the Colonnade Room, Katherine awaited her luncheon partner. John arrived and walked over to her table. They greeted each other and spoke for a few moments. He said that he had been set up; she told him that her lunch guest was late. When John asked the maître d' if his guest had arrived, he was told that he was talking with his luncheon date. That little "devil" Ashley had set them up. They couldn't be happier.

Katherine and John had a pleasant conversation during lunch. They reminisced about their college days; the infamous "skinny dip" was even mentioned and laughed about. At the end of the luncheon, the two decided to do it again. Nick walked down the stairs and kissed his wife. He wondered what she had been doing in the kitchen. Sharon told him she had been experimenting. She had never made a pumpkin pie, but wanted to contribute to the Thanksgiving dinner by providing desert. She wanted Nick to do her a big favor and taste her first efforts. "So, you want me to be your guinea pig, do you?" her adoring husband asked with a laugh.

"So now I am a world-famous food critic," Nick said with a laugh. Sharon persuaded Nick to taste her pie even though he kept assuring her that if she made it, it would be good. When he took a big forkful and began chewing, he attempted not to make a face. "How awful is it?" Sharon asked worriedly, then said, "Here, let me try it." Taking a bite, she began to chew. "Oh, how awful!" she exclaimed.

Nick tried to make Sharon feel better and suggested that maybe she had just left something out. He said she should try again. Next time, it would be better. Sharon told him that she had a renewed respect for the Pilgrims, or whoever had invented pumpkin pie.

Nick suggested that she go out and buy a couple of pumpkin pies, slide them on a serving plate, and present them as her own. He reminded Sharon of when he had invited her to dinner before they were married, and said she couldn't really believe he had made all those dinners. "Nicholas Newman!" Sharon cried, aghast. Just then, there was a knock at the door. It was Nikki, and Nick offered a profuse welcome. "What did I do to deserve such a welcome?" questioned Nikki.

Nikki wondered if she had walked in on something. Nick was delighted to tell his mother about Sharon's disaster. He admitted that he had suggested she buy the pies, but Nikki understood that Sharon just wanted to do something for the family. She suggested that they get Miguel involved.

Over coffee, Nikki told the kids about her plans for Thanksgiving. She had even invited Victor and Diane. She had only invited Diane for one reason -- because she wanted Victor to be there. She would behave herself, she promised. She would swallow her distaste for the woman along with her turkey.

Wednesday, November 19, 1997

"I cannot do it," Diane told herself as she stood staring out the window of the penthouse. "I cannot spend time in that woman's presence." Victor entered, and she told him that they needed to talk about Thanksgiving. She reminded him that it was their first Thanksgiving together and, although she understood his wanting to be with his other family, that was not how she envisioned their first Thanksgiving.

When Nick walked in, Grace was gazing at the picture of Cassie that was on her desk. He wanted to talk about their new project. Grace told him that she was ready when he was. They made plans to do as much as possible before Christmas. They did not want to be working too much during the holidays.

Nick told Grace that even though Noah wouldn't be old enough to know what was going on, he intended to make the Christmas holidays as real as possible. He couldn't wait until Noah was a little older. He said the saying that Christmas was for children wasn't so; Christmas was really for parents. Grace was also thinking about Christmas for Cassie.

In the courtroom, Christine went after Phyllis relentlessly. She wanted to know all about Brian -- when he had arrived in Genoa City, where he had stayed, why a hotel, who had rented the room, and more. She then went over the testimony about Sasha again.

Sara is in her room, preparing for her work day. She took her pills, and as she was putting them away, she noticed some photographs. She sat and remembered her past with Josh. "Soon," she said. "We will be together soon, my darling. Maybe by Christmas, maybe sooner, but not just yet. I know you are going to be so happy when you know that I am alive."

Nikki was planning the Thanksgiving celebration with Sharon and Miguel. Sara arrived late, and she was given her assignment. She would be passing the drinks and canapés. Outside help had been obtained to do cleanup. Sharon said that Grace and Tony would be there with Cassie. Her mother wanted to help, but Nikki said all she had to do was bring herself.

Phyllis was in tears; the judge wanted to know if she needed some time, but she said she would carry on. Christine asked if Phyllis knew a Dr. Tim Reed. She then wanted to know if Dr. Reed had ever given Phyllis tranquilizers. Naturally, Phyllis denied receiving tranquilizers from the doctor.

Christine finished with Phyllis, and the judge told her to call her next witness. Christine asked for a short recess while they awaited the next witness. The judge gave them ten minutes. "It took all I could do not to stand up and give that bobbed bug a big slap," Phyllis said when she was alone with Michael. He told her she was wonderful. Christine told Danny that the reason she had called Phyllis right off the top was to get her on record so she couldn't deny anything later on.

Sharon wondered if Victor would be there. Nikki said that she hadn't heard from him yet, but she was sure he would be there. She would put up with his horrible wife for the family's sake. She then explained to Sara that Victor was her ex-husband with whom she had a good relationship. However, she couldn't stand his new wife.

Diane continued to state her case for a private Thanksgiving. She told Victor that his children had never been anything but kind to her, but his ex was something else altogether. Victor finally agreed and said that they would spend Thanksgiving in the penthouse if she would go to the ranch with him the next day. Happily, Diane agreed.

"But you will have to call and tell Nikki that we won't be there," Victor told his wife. "Me?" cried Diane, aghast. "Just kidding, my darling," Victor said with a laugh. "I will do the deed," he said as he headed for the phone.

Danny was alone in the courtroom when Phyllis entered. She went to the table and began to talk with him. She reminded him that they had once loved each other. She still loved him. She asked why they couldn't get that back again. Danny answered her in harsh, sarcastic tones.

Phyllis wasn't put off. She continued to remind Danny of times they had spent together. "I am a wonderful cook, a wonderful and devoted mother -- you even told me I was a wonderful lover. So why can't we try to get that magic back? It would be best for Danny. The two of us together can make that little boy happy," Phyllis pleaded.

Danny rose and told her that there was "no way in hell" that he would even consider going back to her. "And maybe, just maybe, sometimes when I have my son away from you, I just might feel some pity for you." "I don't want pity; I want your love," Phyllis told Danny as he walked out.

Cassie was staring out the window. Grace returned home and wondered what Cassie was looking for. She replied that she was on the lookout for Santa. She asked Grace about her time as a child. They were talking about Santa when Tony entered. He told Cassie that when he was young, he wrote a letter to Santa every November and mailed it to the North Pole. He said he would help Cassie do the same. Cassie went into her room to get started on her letter.

Tony and Grace talked about Christmas. Tony said it would be the perfect time to take Cassie back to her mother. Grace was unhappy. She loved the little girl. Tony recognized that, but told her that she would always be in Cassie's life. "Cassie Newman," he said, then added, "It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"

Cassie returned with her half-finished letter. Tony told her she needed to ask Santa for something, but Cassie said she had all that she needed. She noticed that Grace had been crying and asked what was wrong. Grace said that she had been thinking of Cassie and how much she loved her. Cassie gave a big hug and told Grace that she loved her also.

Christine called Dr. Timothy Reed to the stand. Everyone turned to watch a reluctant Dr. Reed enter the courtroom. Slowly, he walked toward the stand. "You have nothing to worry about, Phyllis," Michael whispered to Phyllis. Ever so slowly, Dr Reed approached the witness stand. Christine was concerned, went up to him, and asked if everything was okay. She returned to the table as Dr. Reed was sworn in.

Victor went to the phone and called the ranch. An excited Nikki answered and wanted to know when she could expect him at the ranch. She said he could "come early, come late, it doesn't matter." Her motto was "Come early and stay late."

Finally, Victor was able to get a word in edgewise. He told Nikki that as newlyweds, he and Diane wanted to stay home alone. Nikki wanted to know what she could let his children know about when they would see him again, and asked if it might be Christmas or the new year. Victor told her they would be at the ranch on the following day if that was okay with her.

"If that is what you want, then it will have to be okay," Nikki told him and hung up. "Oh, Victor, when will you wake up?" she said aloud. "You let that woman manipulate you. I know she did. Marrying that woman was the worst thing you could have done. When are you going to wake up and realize that?" Behind the door that was slightly ajar, Sara watched and listened.

Thursday, November 20, 1997

Ashley arrived in the boardroom for a meeting with Victoria, who was waiting for her. Victoria began at once to chastise Ashley for not having a new perfume ready for Christmas. Ashley said that as head of the Brash and Sassy line, it was her responsibility to know what B&S needed and make sure that it was done. Victoria said not to lay the blame on her, since Ashley was head of Research and Development.

Miguel went to the tack room and found it quiet and in darkness. He called out for Cole but got no answer. He found Cole in bed and only semi-conscious.

Christine began her questioning of Dr. Tim Reid. He told the court that he had gone from a professional to a personal relationship with Phyllis. When Phyllis had approached him in need of tranquilizers, he had given her some of his as a friend. The drug he had given her was diazepam -- Valium.

On cross-examination, Patrick asked if Tim was a friend or a former suitor with a grudge. Tim Reid denied that he had become personal with Phyllis; it was Phyllis that had made all the advances. "It was all her doing," he accused. Yes, he admitted, he had thought of sex; he was, after all, a man, and Phyllis was a desirable woman. After getting Tim Reid very rattled, Patrick finished questioning him, and the judge allowed Christine a ten-minute recess.

Dru and Malcolm were talking. Dru apologized for her behavior a few days prior, and Malcolm forgave her. She said things were no better at home. When Neil was in the apartment, the loudest sound was the silence. There was zero communication. She was half crazy with worry. Even Lily was noticing the tension and making remarks about her parents.

Suddenly, the light dawned, and Dru told Malcolm that she knew what was wrong. It was Neil's health, He had nobody to confide in. Then she remembered her sister. Olivia was the one he would confide in if he were sick.

Ashley told Victoria that she should have put in the requisition over a year before. Victoria would not accept that excuse. "Here is how you get a new product," Ashley explained patiently. "Decide what you need, write up a requisition asking for what you need, and include the justification for the product, and send it to my department. That is how you get the products you need," Ashley said

"So if I send you a requisition, I will get the new perfume?" asked Victoria. "Yes, for next Christmas, if you get it in to me ASAP," Ashley answered. Victoria began to say something else but was interrupted by the phone. It was Miguel. He told her that her husband was very sick; Miguel had called the doctor. Victoria told him that she would be right there. As Victoria left, Ashley asked if anything was wrong and if she could help, but Victoria told her no.

In the hallway outside the courtroom, Danny told Christine that Tim was in the bathroom, throwing up. Tim joined the two and thanked God that his ordeal was over. Christine had some bad news; she had to ask further questions of him. He refused to go back into the courtroom, but finally agreed after Christine told him that he didn't want to be the one responsible for Daniel growing up with Phyllis as a role model.

Paul was worried about his wife, but he thought they had the perfect plan. He told Lynn about the trip they would take as soon as the case was over. He was afraid Chris was close to burnout.

Malcolm assured Dru that his wife had not mentioned Neil being sick, but Dru reminded him that she would keep that information secret. However, Dru was going to see Olivia, and she would get the truth out of her sister.

Back in the courtroom, Christine elicited more information out of Dr. Reid. He admitted that he was disappointed in his lack of relationship with Phyllis. He was very hurt and suffered from a lack of self-esteem. However, he wouldn't lie about the tranquilizers. He admitted that during the first divorce trial, Phyllis had manipulated him to lie on the witness stand. However, he had gone to the judge and confessed his crime. The judge saw no reason to censure him.

"Phyllis is not my friend," Tim stated, then added, "She is the most evil person I have ever known. I wish I had never met her."

"Do you have a little time for a sister in a lot of trouble?" Dru asked as she entered her sister's office. "Why me?" asked Olivia, probing further, "What do you think I can do for you?"

A toxicologist testified that the blood sample he had analyzed contained 20 to 30 milligrams of diazepam -- an amount that would render a person either unconscious or "out of it." However, on cross-examination, he admitted that he could not tell when the medication had been taken, whether it was all taken at the same time, or where the person had been when they had taken the medicine.

A radiant Katherine and a relaxed John arrived in the boardroom. They thanked Ashley for getting them together for lunch. They then announced that they were married. As Ashley's eyes bugged out, they say they were teasing -- "but you never know." She said she wouldn't be unhappy so long as it weren't in secret. She wanted to be the flower girl.

Dru told Olivia that she had figured out what was wrong with her husband. He was sick. She wanted Olivia to tell her what was wrong. Dru wanted to be there for him, no matter what. She begged Olivia to tell her what was wrong with her husband. However, all Olivia could say to her sister was, "Ask your husband, not me."

The doctor told Victoria that her husband had bronchial pneumonia. It was good that it had been caught early. He needed rest and constant care. He gave her a prescription and warned her that the disease was also contagious. Victoria assured him that she would be there for her husband.

As Victoria sponged Cole's forehead for the fever, she whispered softly to him. She would take care of him; she would be there for him. Cole rolled toward Victoria and opened his eyes. "Why are you here," he murmured. "So glad to see you, Ash."

Phyllis told Michael that she was panicking. Michael laughed at her. "Don't you know how the game is played?" he wondered, and explained, "They get a laugh; we get a laugh. All that matters is who gets the last laugh."

As Danny was telling Christine that she was brilliant, Daniel ran up to his daddy and threw himself into Danny's arms. Christine moved away to give them privacy. Daniel was happy to see his daddy but wondered when he and mommy were getting back together. Just at that moment, Phyllis walked up to them and wondered what Daniel was doing there. "Answer your son, Danny," Phyllis advised. Danny wanted to tell his son only that he loved him.

"Your daddy can't answer you because he doesn't want to come home," Phyllis told her son. Daniel turned to his father with a gasp. Danny was angry, but Phyllis took her son's hand and walked away with him. When they were gone, Danny turned to Christine and said, "What if we don't win? What if I lose my son forever?"

Friday, November 21, 1997

Victoria stood in the doorway, barring entrance to Ashley. Ashley wanted to know what was wrong. Victoria finally told Ashley that Cole had bronchial pneumonia. Ashley announced that she was going to enter the home even if she had to walk over Victoria. Victoria stepped aside and said that if Ashley caught the pneumonia, she shouldn't blame Victoria.

Christine visited Nina and was surprised that Nina looked so well. After telling Nina how the court case was going, Chris asked what Nina was doing for herself to look so good. Nina replied that she was finally standing on her own two feet and moving forward with her life. When Chris mentioned that it was a lot for Nina to ask of herself, Nina wondered if Chris was saying that Nina couldn't do it. "I can do this," Nina stated emphatically.

Malcolm and Olivia were dining out. They were trying to have a festive meal, but neither could keep their mind off their respective brother and sister for long. Malcolm just could not figure out what was wrong in that marriage. He said that he had stayed single for a long time because he just hadn't been able to make a commitment. But once he had seen the kind of marriage Dru and Neil had, he'd wanted the same thing. Olivia's mind drifted away. "What are you doing?" she thought. "How can you treat your husband this way?"

Neil dragged himself into the apartment from work. Dru waited, but he didn't say anything. He removed his coat as Dru wondered if he was going to say anything. He finally told her hello, but that was all. Dru wouldn't take it any longer. She told him that she wanted some answers, and she wanted them immediately.

Jack entered Nick's office with a proposal that Nick had submitted. He said that there was some good work there, but not good enough. He said that a lot of key points had been overlooked; also, Nick's projection over the next ten years was way off -- at least he hoped it was off, because if it wasn't, they didn't need to get involved with the company. Grace entered and Jack updated her.

Nina told her friend that she had to change. It was "now or never." She told Chris that she had once loved Ryan but she had lost sight of her own self. She had lived only for her husband and her marriage. She hadn't kept up intellectually with her husband. She had lost her self-esteem and become a clingy, whining woman. She had loved Ryan so much that when he was going to leave her for a younger woman, she had tried to kill herself. That would never happen to her again.

Jill and Ryan were finishing up their business meeting, but before she could leave the office, Ryan told her he needed to talk to her about something personal. "It is about Nina and me," Ryan told Jill, explaining, "I am thinking of getting a divorce." Jill thought that was a pretty drastic action. She didn't think it was the time to be making that kind of decision. After all, Nina hadn't been out of the hospital for long; she and Philip needed more time.

Ryan said that Nina was strong; she was stronger than she had ever been. As for Philip, he didn't want to have anything to do with Ryan. Jill thought that if he filed for divorce, it would be a setback for Nina. She was just pulling herself up out of a deep, dark hole of depression; he couldn't push her back in again.

"You want answers?" Neil asked with a bitter laugh. Dru told him that he had been moping around too long. They didn't have a marriage -- they had once had such a perfect marriage. They had made vows to love, honor and obey through sickness and in health, through the good and the bad times, for as long as they lived. But he seemed to have forgotten all that. She told him that she knew what the problem was.

"So you think you know what the problem is," taunted Neil, coldly, continuing, "Let me in on this problem." Dru said that at first she had thought he was ill -- that he had some terrible disease that he hadn't wanted her to worry about. Everything had happened suddenly two weeks before. However, she had begun to think differently. She thought that there was another woman. Neil laughed at Dru's suggestion and wondered who the other woman could be. Dru told him that she thought it was her sister.

"I think you are in love with Olivia," Dru told her husband. Neil strode to the sofa, picked up his jacket, and walked out the door. Dru sat there with tears streaming down her face. In a few minutes, she remembered that she hadn't taken her pill for the day. She went to her purse and as she took out her pill, she realized that she needed a refill. After taking the pill, she grabbed her coat and purse and walked out the door.

Jill thought that it was Tricia that was pushing Ryan to get the divorce, but Ryan told her that wasn't so. Tricia had been nothing but patient and understanding. He was tired of putting her through hell. "Listen to yourself, Ryan," Jill told him, pointing out, "You are willing to turn your back on your wife and child to keep this young girl from 'going through hell.' What do you think your wife has been going through for months now?"

Ryan said he would never turn his back on his family completely, but they were getting along just fine. Nina was strong; she had let him know in many ways that she didn't need him. As Jill pursued her argument, there was a knock at the door. A man entered and handed Ryan some papers. Ryan was dumbfounded when he read the papers. He told Jill that it was divorce papers. Nina had served him with divorce papers.

Jack told his two young charges that they needed to do some clever, creative thinking. They were sorry for letting him down with their "shoddy" work, but he told them that it wasn't "shoddy." The work was good as far as it went. "This is the way to learn," he told them, explaining, "You learn from your mistakes." As Jack was leaving, Nick said that it would never happen again and thanked Jack for the "beating."

Ashley was taking care of Cole while Victoria looked on. Victoria told Ashley that she wasn't needed or wanted there; it was her house and her husband. But in name only, reminded Ashley, stating, "You abandoned your husband and your home. You were gone for months without one phone call." Vicki said that she was not going to just walk away. "That doesn't mean he wants you back, though," Ashley said.

Chris said that she was very proud of Nina; she couldn't believe she was the same Nina McNeil. Nina said that she wasn't Nina McNeil; she was Nina Webster. Never again would she let a man hurt her.

"Has Cole asked you to move back?" Ashley asked Victoria, and further probed, "How is your sex life? When is the last time Cole touched you? Face it, Victoria, you blew it."

"Get out!" Vicki told her adversary. "Get out of my house!"

"No!" said Ashley. "I am staying right here and take care of Cole."

Dru arrived at the pharmacy and requested a refill for her birth control pills. The pharmacist looked it up, but told her that there were no more refills on the prescription. Dru showed him on the package where she had one more refill. He insisted that she didn't have a refill; the prescription had just been refilled two weeks ago. Dru said she wasn't the one who had filled it.

The pharmacist went to find the sign-out log for two weeks prior. He returned and agreed that she hadn't refilled the prescription. It had been someone else -- someone named Neil Winters. Dru turned away in shock. "My God," she whispered. "He knows. Neil knows!"

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