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Ryan and Tricia were overjoyed when Nina filed for divorce. At the custody hearing, no one could find Brian when he was called to testify. The Newmans gathered for Thanksgiving dinner at the ranch.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, November 24, 1997

Reluctantly, Diane calls her husband and cancels dinner with him. She is working on a deadline and must finish. After she hangs up, she tells herself that now is no time for tears. Then she says that she would give anything to get even with Nikki.

Nikki visits Jack in his office. She announces to him that she is in a bad mood because of Thanksgiving. More specifically, she is upset because Victor will not be joining the family for Thanksgiving. But, she tells her friend, it is all Diane's doing; she would stake her life on that.

Jack attempts to calm Nikki down, but Nikki tells him the most "insulting" news: the couple will be coming out to the ranch the next day. "Twice the fun," Jack tells her.

How selfish of her! Nikki rants. This is Victor's favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving, but that woman will cheat him out of spending the day with his children. And it is little Noah's first Thanksgiving!

Ryan is looking over the papers the process server has delivered. He laughs and tells Jill that it is divorce papers. Nina is serving him with divorce! I know you aren't happy about this, Jill, but I am. It shows that Nina is moving on with her life. Wow! I'm shocked. This is totally out of the blue. Now I won't be the only one in Philips eyes that is tearing his family apart!

The phone rings and it is Tricia. Ryan tells her he has incredible news. He can't tell her on the phone, but he will be right there. Meanwhile, Jill leaves the office.

Neil is pacing the floor in his office. He refuses a business phone call even though there is a deadline involved. He takes out a bottle of Scotch and pours himself a large drink. As he takes his first sip, Victor tells him that than will not help. It will only make it harder to deal with whatever problem you have.

Neil sets down the drink. Victor is right. I take it that you are still trying to deal with your problem, Victor says. I had hoped that by now you and Drucilla would have gotten things ironed out.

"Victor, there is no way to straighten out the mess my wife has made of our marriage." Neil says.

Dru arrives home. She stands there in the middle of the room remembering the scene at the pharmacy. "What is going on? How did you find out, Neil?" she whispers.

The phone rings. It is Sid and he can tell by her voice that she is very down. What is wrong? he wants to know. She tells him that everything is wrong. He tells her that he will be there to see her in a few minutes.

Victor had hoped that everything would be out in the open by now so that the two of them could have talked about the problem. Neil laughs, bitterly. She just keeps on lying, he tells his boss. How in the world can she see the world around her falling apart and yet go on lying? Wouldn't you think the time had come to confess to the lie and beg forgiveness?

Victor is confused. Why would she go on lying if she knew she had been found out?

Neil goes on. Not only does she keep on lying, but now she thinks he is the one with the problem. She now figures that she knows what the story is: she thinks I have another woman!

"Don't you think you should confront her with what you know?" Victor asks Neil.

Neil says he will tell her nothing. He cannot forgive or forget.

As Jack tries to soothe Nikki's anger, she realizes that Diane has talked to him about this. Now she turns on Jack but Jack laughs away her anger. She tells Jack that he can give Diane a message from her: she can't get anything past me!

Nikki then reminds Jack that she has invited him for Thanksgiving. Since he mentioned before that he had a family of his own to spend Thanksgiving with, she was thinking of inviting the entire family. Except, she adds, Ashley wouldn't exactly be welcome. Jack says he will get back to her.

Tricia lets Ryan in the house and they kiss. She is dying to know his news. Excitedly he tells her that not more than 30 minutes ago, Nina had him served with divorce papers. They are both excited. Now they can have a future. And if Nina served the papers, then she must not be going to cause them problems. They will be free to be together soon. During a long and passionate kiss, Daddy Keith comes in.

Jill arrives at Nina's apartment and jumps on her with both feet. "How could you do it? What were you thinking of?" she shouts. "Just before the papers were served, Ryan was telling me how he didn't want to hurt you." But Nina tells Jill that she doesn't want his pity and that is all it is. He found another woman and wants a divorce to be with her. She is not going to try to hang on any longer to a man who doesn't want to be with her.

"I'm going on with my life; I've had it with Ryan," Nina tells Jill. I know it isn't going to be easy and it won't happen overnight, but for my sake and for Philip's sake, I will survive. I want to contribute something; to feel worthwhile. Somehow, i am going to be okay."

Sid arrives at Dru's apartment. What happened? he wants to know. Dru begins to haltingly tell him about the past few weeks. She reminds him how Neil wanted a family but she did not. She tell him about lying to Neil and about taking the birth control pills secretly. Sid is shocked for a few moments, but then reminds her that she isn't the only one at fault. She had tried everything to make Neil understand what her career meant to her.

Jack visits Diane's office. He tells her that Nikki just left him. "What poison was she spreading today?" wonders Diane. He tells her that she handled everything wrong. She shouldn't make Nikki her enemy.

"Do you want me to deal with that bitch or don't you?" she asks Jack. "I try to handle it one way and you say no. So I handle it another and you say I am wrong. And for your information, she is already my enemy."

Keith interrupts the big kiss. The two lovers turn and give him the exciting news. But Keith isn't that excited. He reminds them that this could spell bad news for his daughter. When Ryan tells him that their biggest obstacle is gone, he wonders if Nina feels like an "obstacle." What are the grounds? It could be adultery and then where would his daughter be? Ryan admits that he didn't read that far into the papers so he doesn't know the grounds. But the two of them plan on being careful and discreet. Besides, Nina wouldn't do ugly things.

Sid tells Dru that she doesn't need to feel like the biggest sinner in the world. Has her sister decided to give up her career and stay home and produce babies?

That is different, Dru says. She is a doctor.

Sid reminds her that her career is just as important to her as Olivia's and Neil's careers are to them.

Sid has an idea how Dru can handle things. It is a simple idea and one viewed from a different angle. She should get to working. He will line up her a very busy schedule. She can bring Lily and a nanny and she can work at a hectic schedule. It is the perfect time in her career. In the meantime, Neil will come to realize how much he misses and wants his beautiful wife. Sid predicts that he will come running after her. He will realize what a prize he has in Dru.

Neil doesn't forgive easily, Dru tells Sid.

"Where would he find another lady like yourself?" Sid wants to know.

Jack tells Diane that Nikki is not at fault here. She should be laying all this on the real guilty party: Victor. He is selfish; he is a control freak. No one could have forced him to do what he did. Diane can't take any more. She breaks down in sobs while Jack tries to comfort her.

Dru and Lily talk. Neil arrives home. Lily is happy to see him. As he holds her in his arms, he gives his wife a cold, mean look.

Tuesday, November 25, 1997

Dru sends Lily out of the room. She turns to Neil and tells him that she cannot go on like this much longer. Neither can I, responds Neil.

Ryan is frantically searching for the divorce papers on his desk. Jill walks in and hands him the papers. He becomes very angry and begins shouting at her. He tells her she had no right to take the papers. They were personal. He wants her to stop interfering in his life.

Jill agrees that she had no right; she shouldn't have taken them. She was just so worried about Nina and what she might be thinking about. She could have made it so hard for you, Jill tells him.

"You would have liked that, wouldn't you?" sneers Ryan. He knows she could have dragged him through the mud with her accusations, but what about Phillip? What about Tricia? They would have suffered also.

Diane looks distracted. Victor inters her office and reminds her that she left home before he even got up this morning; not to mention, he says, you couldn't have dinner with me last night. She tells him that she is having trouble focusing and she has so much to do so that she can enjoy the holidays. She wants to enjoy their holiday together.

Victor still would like to spend the day at the ranch. To have his family and his beautiful new wife at his side, is all he could ask for. She reminds him that they will be going there the next day but he says it isn't the same.

"If you want it so bad," Diane says after giving him a long look, "then go. It is your decision; just go."

Danny meets Chris in her office. She tells him that Paul is at the airport meeting Glenn Howzermann. Since Sasha isn't alive to testify, he is the next best thing to proving that Phyllis was lying; this should show her as an unfit mother.

Phyllis is reading a book about frogs to Daniel. Michael arrives and wants to take her to the courthouse early so they can talk. When she explains to Daniel where she has to go, Daniel exclaims: that place again!

The phone rings and it is Danny. "Put my son on. I want to talk with him," demands Danny.

"You cannot order me around like that," Phyllis says, but she puts Danny on the phone. He is happy to talk with his father and they make plans to go to "Winter Wonderland" later in the week to pet the reindeer. Daniel is happy, but he wishes that his mommy could come too. "Why don't you like Mommy any more?" he asks.

Danny tells his son that he loves him; he has to trust him to do the best thing for the boy. After he hangs up, Daniel goes into the kitchen to help Joanie with the cookies. Phyllis turns to Michael and tells him he had better get custody or her!

After Paul arrives with Glenn, Chris asks him to go back to the airport and pick up Brian. She is worried that Brian will get "cold feet," so she wants Paul to stay with him and hold his hand.

"No," Jill tells Ryan. "I am glad that Nina isn't causing trouble. At the same time, I see that you are using the fact that she filed first as something to relieve your guilt." She only wanted them to try again. She believes they could make it work.

But he is not just relieved; he sees it as a positive sign that Nina is getting stronger and going on with her life. This is the best thing for both of them.

Outside the door, Tricia is listening. She turns and walks away.

In the court room, Chris calls an employee of DMS Labs. She testifies that she saw Phyllis in Sasha's office on May 15, 1995. She also testifies that Phyllis was known as "Computer Whiz" by all the employees at DMS. She admits that everyone needs a password to get into the computer, but people do share their passwords or keep them in their desk drawer.

Dru tells Neil that Lily is confused. She also tells him that she is sorry for making the accusation about another woman. Well, sorry ain't good enough, he tells her coldly.

"What do you want from me?" Dru cries.

"How about nothing," answers Neil as he grabs for his coat and heads for the door.

"Don't you dare walk out on me again," Dru tells him. "Don't you walk out that door." When he pauses, Dru says that they really need to talk. She realizes that he found out about the . . . She finds it difficult to say the word, but he grabs her by the arms and shakes her. "Say the words!" he demands. "I want to hear the whole story!"

Dru tells him that she did take the BCP. I tried to tell you that I wasn't ready for another baby. I told you over and over, but you wouldn't listen.

"Oh, yes," sneers Neil. "All you wanted was your precious modeling career. You just wanted the fame and glory. You make me sick! You are a liar and your lies have destroyed us.

Nina rushes to answer the door expecting it to be her mother. It is Tricia. She wants to talk. She wants to thank Nina for the way she is handling the divorce.

"Oh you don't know how much that means to me," answers Nina, sweetly. "It means NOTHING to me what you think."

Her decision to have an amicable divorce had nothing to do with Tricia or Ryan. She did it for herself. But the more she listens to Tricia, it makes her wonder if she made the right decision. She then takes the first draft of the divorce papers and shows them to Tricia. Yes, she says, at first my lawyer said I should sue for everything I could. Adultery, pain and suffering; I could have dragged you through the mud; you are the reason my marriage came to this. Now get out; get the HELL OUT OF HERE and I hope never to see you again.

"But, Diane," Victor reasons with his wife, "I don't want to go to the ranch without you. Why are you so opposed to spending the holidays with my family."

Diane is quiet for a while but finally says that if it is so important, he can go and be with his family. Victor continues to insist that she tell him the reason she is so adamant not to go with him.

"Because they are not my family," Diane tells him quietly. "I will never have a family."

Please don't do this, he tells her. She tells him that she is sorry for saying that; just ignore what I said. "all right," she tells him. "If it means that much to you, I will go with you. I guess the only important thing is to be together."

Victor is happy! He is going to be with his family AND his beautiful wife. This means so much to me, he tells her. They embrace, but Diane is not happy.

Chris calls the manager of DMS Labs. He says that Sasha, with a level 2 security, could have changed the records. The computer shows that the records were changed on May 15, 1995 by Sasha Green's password. Phyllis had a level 5 clearance---the highest---and could also have changed the records if she knew the password.

Chris calls Glenn Howzermann as her next witness. Patrick objects. He says that any testimony Mr. Howzerman gives will only be hearsay. To allow his testimony would be prejudicial and could cause a mistrial.

Dru will do anything; they can work this out. But Neil tells her that he could never believe anything she ever says again. "I've got to go," he shouts.

Dru grabs him and begs him not to go. Don't leave me, Neil, she begs.

"Get your hands off me!" Neil yells.

Lily comes into the room. "Why are you yelling at Mommy?" she cries. "Why are you fighting?"

"Ask your mother," says Neil as he walks out the door.

Dru gathers her sobbing daughter into her arms.

Wednesday, November 26, 1997

Nikki opens the door to Victor. He complements her on the cozy atmosphere of her house then he tells her that he and his new wife will be there for Thanksgiving.

In her office, Diane is obviously upset. Jack enters and tells her that she looks upset. Diane tells him that there has been a change in the Thanksgiving Day plans; she and Victor will be going to the ranch after all. Jack is not surprised; after all, Victor is famous for getting his way. First he uses pleading; when that doesn't work, he uses manipulation, and if neither work, he throws himself on the floor, kicking and screaming.

That's not what happened, Diane objects. He just asked her to reconsider and she did. He is her husband and she wants to make him happy.

Neil yells at Lily and tells her if she wants to know what is wrong to ask her mother. Lily rushes to Dru in tears while Neil stalks out of the apartment. Malcolm enters, wondering what is going on; his brother almost threw him to the ground and walked on him. Tell me what is going on here, he demands.

In court, the judge admits that it seems the reporter's evidence is hearsay. Christine argues that this is an exception; since Sasha Green is no longer able to testify to the facts herself, they must depend on someone she told the facts to. The judge decides to hear the testimony then rule on whether it is admissible. Patrick warns in a whispered conference with the judge that this is very close to a mistrial. Once he hears the testimony, he can't un-hear it. The judge tells him that he will be very successful at not remembering what wasn't testified to.

"Just tell Victor you don't want to go," Jack tells Diane.

"I can't," she says. "I have to take his feelings into consideration. He loves his family and I don't want to come between them."

"He isn't taking your feelings into account," Jack reminds her.

"If I tell him I don't want to go, I will have to tell him why," Diane says. How can she tell him that she hates his ex for telling him to have a vasectomy? That Nikki is so busy being the Queen Bee---trying to be the mother of all Victor's children.

Jack reminds her that Hope had Victor's son, but Diane is sure that she must have lost many a nights sleep over that---must have driven her crazy!

Cassie is busy explaining to Tony how she is going to make a paper turkey. She is drawing an outline of her hand. When she finishes, she uses Grace's hand for the big turkey. She is taking them to the ranch for Sharon and Noah. "Get it? A big turkey and a baby turkey!" she explains. "I have so much fun with Sharon and Noah."

When Tony remarks that Cassie really likes going to the ranch to be with Sharon and Noah, Grace tells him to shut up.

The reporter for the World Inquisitor testifies that Sasha came to him with the story that Danny wasn't the true father to Daniel. She had written a manuscript and she could prove all her allegations. She had changed the first test to show Danny as the father and later, Phyllis had come to her to get the test changed again. She had refused. She had gotten sick and passed out. When she came to, the test had already been changed. On cross examination, he had to admit that his paper paid for stories and they were going to pay Sasha $50,000. He mentioned that Sasha had sent the manuscript to others free, but he was only saying this because Sasha told him so.

The judge decides that he needs a recess to look up the law on hearsay.

In a separate room, Paul and Brian are waiting for Christine. Brian is pacing; he says he hasn't slept in three days. He is a nervous wreck; but, Paul tells him, by testifying and getting it over with, he can go back to New York without worrying about Phyllis ever again.

Nikki is happy that Victor will be there for Thanksgiving but wonders why Diane made such an about face. Victor says that his wife was indulging him, but Nikki says that Diane is finally learning that when he puts his foot down, he gets his way. No, Victor tells his ex, I merely asked her to reconsider and she did. At this, Sharon and Nick arrive. After greeting his children, Victor tells them he has a surprise for them.

Malcolm is calming Lily down with a cookie. Lily wonders why her daddy was so mad. Malcolm explains that everyone, even him, gets mad once in a while, but it will be okay. He then takes her to her room so that he can talk with her mother.

Cassie is surprised; did Tony say something wrong? Grace explains that she knows that Cassie likes it at the ranch and she promises to take her there often. But, this is her home. "You're right, Grace," Cassie says as she brushes her face lightly with her hand. "This is my home and I love it here."

As Cassie goes back to her "turkey making," Grace turns and gives Tony a cold, hard stare.

Phyllis is worried about the reporter's testimony. He hurt us, didn't he? she asks Michael. Michael tells her not to worry. Right now, he needs to talk to her about the next witness: Brian Hamilton. Phyllis is surprised. Brian is actually going to testify? There is nothing we can do about it, Michael says. We'll see, Phyllis announces as she heads for the courtroom door.

"What is the surprise?" both Nick and Sharon wonder. Your father and Diane will be coming for dinner tomorrow after all, Nikki announces. They are overjoyed. As he stands to leave, Nikki gives him a kiss and hug, then says a special thank you. After Victor is gone, the kids wonder what was with that special thank-you. Nikki explains with a smug smile that she suspects that one person isn't happy---Diane.

Diane tells Jack that she doesn't know how she will get through the day. She hopes no one lets her near a carving knife. Jack says that all she has to do is set her mind to it and she will make it. "I'll be okay," Diane says as Jack leaves. "Just be sure and check your paper the next day. The headlines could read: 'Woman Runs Amok at Thanksgiving Celebration.'"

Chris is talking with Paul and Brian. She assures Brian that Phyllis doesn't have a video so her threat is an empty one. Brian hopes they aren't just sacrificing him at the alter of Danny Romalotti. Phyllis is walking by when she sees the trio. Smiling sweetly she welcomes Brian with a kiss on the lips. While in his embrace, she whispers in his ear: You know me, darling. You know what I am capable of doing. Hurt me and you will live to regret it!

The bailiff calls Christine back into the courtroom. She leaves Brian and Paul waiting in the hallway until they can be called.

Nick and Sharon are confused. Doesn't Diane want to come to the ranch? Nikki tells the two that Diane is finding out that family means more to Victor than anything else. But Diane is his family now, they say. It is only normal that Diane doesn't want Victor to recapture memories of his former marriage. By now, Nikki coos maliciously, Diane is realizing that if she doesn't accept the inevitable, she is the only one who will lose. Nick hopes his mother will not be unkind to their guest, but Nikki only smiles.

"Talk to me, Dru," Malcolm says. "What was up with my brother. What has put him out of his mind?"

Dru tells him that she did something wrong. She had her reasons but that is no excuse for keeping it from her husband. She has only tonight realized what Neil was mad about. She can't blame him for being mad.

Malcolm tells Dru that she couldn't have done something so bad that she deserves this treatment. All they have to do is sit down and talk about it. His brother loves her so much! He is mad now, but he will get over it.

He won't get over it, Dru tells him. There is nothing I can do; no one can help me. I love him so much.

"Give him some time," encourages Malcolm. "The two of you share a good life; he will remember that. He's no fool.

"He will never forgive me," Dru sobs.

The judge announces that the subject is too complicated for him to rule at this moment. However, he will put it on hold for now and get on with the case.

"Call Brian Hamilton," says Christine.

The bailiff goes to the door calling for Brian Hamilton. When no one comes immediately, Christine walks out of the courtroom. The hallway is empty. She comes back to the table with a worried Danny. "What's going on?" Danny asks. "I don't know," replies Christine.

Phyllis sits with a satisfied smile on her face.

Thursday, November 27, 1997

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and the Restless was not shown today.

Friday, November 28, 1997

Jack delivers Thanksgiving flowers to the Newmans, but Diane is home alone. He mentions that he knows a few good hiding places out at the ranch if she needs to escape for a while. Just keep your cool, he tells her. Don't let Nikki provoke you.

Nick is going to pick up Doris. He and Sharon are looking forward to the day. Nick mentions that Katherine Chancellor will be there for dinner.

Cassie is getting ready for dinner and she is all excited. She talks about how she loves going to the ranch; Sharon and Nick are great. You really like them, Tony mentions, but Grace warns him not to get ahead of himself.

Sara wonders if Nikki has anything for her to do. Just help Miguel, Nikki tells her housekeeper.

Will your husband be here for dinner? Sara wants to know. Oh, yes, replies Nikki. My husband promised he would be here in time for dinner. Nikki leaves the room while Sara fumes.

"Your husband, Nikki?" she whispers. "He is my husband. And you will know that soon."

Cole wakes up to find his wife at his bedside. He is feeling better and knows he has been a drag. He tells Vicki to go on up to the main house and have dinner with the rest of her family, but she refuses to leave him. Besides, she reminds him, she could be contagious. She has already talked with her mother and Nikki doesn't want her to come to the house in case she is contagious. Noah doesn't need to be infected. She will call Miguel for food to be brought to them.

Jack tells Diane to focus on the family; try to pretend that Nikki isn't even there. You are a class act, he tells her. You can play the game and win. Get lost in the crowd and ignore Nikki. It is just one day. Remember that YOU are Mrs. Victor Newman now.

Diane wonders if she will be able to keep her feelings inside.

After Jack has left, Victor comes home. He admires his beautiful wife in her beautiful gown. He notices the flowers and Diane tells him that Jack brought them. He said the ones with thorns is for you, Diane tells him, smiling. Victor laughs. He tells her that he feels so lucky to have her, but he also asks her to make an effort to get along with Nikki. Nikki is making an effort, Victor reminds her.

"Don't worry, Darling," Diane tells her husband. "I will be on my best behavior."

Jack is moping around the living room when Ashley comes down the stairs. She wonders where he was just a little while ago. He tells her that he was talking to Victor's wife. I hope you aren't planning something stupid, Ashley tells her brother.

Josh comes home and Sara brings him a cup of coffee. He tells her that he is really looking forward to today.

Vicki calls the house and talks with Nikki. Dinner isn't ready, so Vicki wants to know if she can talk to Miguel and persuade him to bring something to them. "You can try," Nikki tells her daughter. "You do have a way with Miguel."

"I have a way with ALL men," Vicki says. "Haven't you noticed that, Mother?"

All the Newman's are gathered in the living room. Dad's here, announces Nick. "Is he alone?" asks Nikki, hopefully.

"So, she decided to come," Nikki sighs, when Nick tells her that his dad isn't alone.

When Diane reaches for the doorbell, Victor stops her. You are part of the Newman family now, he tells her. You walk right in.

They walk into the living room to "Glad you are here's ringing out from everyone. Nikki approaches and gives him a hug and kiss and gushes out her welcome. Victor greets Doris Collins and introduces his new wife. Doris offers her congratulations.

While Cassie is out of the room, Grace tells Tony that she doesn't want to argue. She tells him that Cassie told her that she wants the 3 of them to shop for a Christmas tree as a family. Tony tells her that it is only just now Thanksgiving, but Grace says that Christmas is just around the corner. She tells him that it is too soon for her to think of sending Cassie to Sharon.

Cassie returns with the paper turkeys she made for Sharon and Noah. Aren't you guys ready yet? Hurry, please! she tells them.

Why are you in such a hurry, Tony asks her.

"I have never had a real Thanksgiving before," she tells him. "It has always just been Millie and me. This is my first time with a real family. I have so much to be thankful for."

"Please do not tell me you are messing around with Diane!" Ashley says. Jack tells her that he is just a friend; Diane is in love with her husband. Jack wonders if Cole will be with the Newman family; Ashley says that Vicki will but Cole won't be there. As a matter of fact, she is thinking of visiting him for a while. Jack wishes he could be a fly on the wall at the ranch today.

Nikki approaches Diane and welcomes her to the Newman family holiday. Just join right in; we are a rowdy bunch. It is all very informal, she assures Diane.

Tony is telling Cassie that the ranch is a cool place and he understands her excitement when the phone rings. It is Sharon calling for Cassie. Cassie apologizes for being late but she just can't get Tony and Grace to get ready. Sharon says she called to make sure Cassie brought some jeans and jacket so that she could go horseback riding later in the day.

"Could I Mo. . .Grace?" asks Cassie after she tells her why Sharon called. "You guys are the best!" Cassie exclaims when she is given permission. She runs into her room to pack extra clothes. Tony looks at Grace and tells her that the ranch, which Cassie loves so much, could be her home; the horses could be hers. "I'd say Cassie has a lot to be thankful for; more that even she knows."

The party is in full swing when Katherine arrives. Nick welcomes her then tells her that she just cost him a bundle. He is tongue-tied as he tries to explain. Sharon tells him to shut up and pay up. He had bet her $20 that the facial rejuvenation was all hype. Victor says Kay looks 10 years younger, but his wife says that he is wrong. She looks at least 15 years younger.

Victor is getting a drink when Sara places a platter on the sideboard. He introduces himself to her.

Tony, Grace and Cassie arrive. "I am sorry we are late. These guys are so slow," she tells the company. She gives the paper turkeys to Sharon who coos over them. Victor tells her that they are beautiful. While Cassie beams, Diane is enthralled with the little girl.

Tony and Grace greet those assembled. Sharon brings Noah down from his nap and Victor holds his grandson in his arms. There is just something very special about babies, he tells the crowd. "Especially during the holidays. Diane turns away, tears in her eyes. Nikki notices with glee.

After giving Cole his last dose of medicine, Vicki answers the door, expecting it to be Miguel with their dessert. It is Ashley. She has a large basket with all the traditional Thanksgiving goodies. Vicki begs Cole to do something, but he laughs and says he is going to kick back and enjoy being waited on by the two of them. "Let's eat, girls" he tells them to Victoria's chagrin.

Nikki seeks Victor's company. She is having a wonderful day, but wonders if everything is all right with him and Diane. "My heart went out to her when you were holding Noah," she says. "Did you see the tears in her eyes? She wants a baby, Victor, and she won't be happy until she has your child."

Victor walks over to Diane and kisses her. Are you all right? Of course, his wife answers and kisses him.

Josh knows that his wife is having a wonderful time. After all she is surrounded by people who love and adore her. Sara looks on. "She is making a fool of you, Joshua," she thinks to herself. "Why can't you see that?"

Even though Cole cannot partake of the wine, he suggests a toast anyway. Since he is the "wordmaster" they suggest he do the toast. He toasts to kindness and caring. Something they both have shown him. Vicki suggests they toast to gall---something they have a lot of in this room. Ash toasts to graciousness---of which there is none in this room. Cole in enjoying himself. He toasts to holiday warmth and all around good cheer.

Victor sits at the head of the table. Nikki is on his right; Diane sits beside Cassie on his left. Katherine gives thanks for the joy of families, good friends and this elegant dinner. To her lovely Nikki, to the children who are symbols of the future. For all these things, we give thanks.

Doris says that everyone there has one reason or another to give thanks.

"Me too," agrees Cassie. Diane is touched; she leans over and kisses her. "This is my first real Thanksgiving," Cassie tells her.

Victor toasts to his new wife.

Miguel asks if Cassie wants white meat or dark. Cassie doesn't know which she likes; she can't remember ever having dark meat. Diane explains that she will give her a little of each so she can try them both.

"Look at your wife, Victor," Nikki whispers. It is obvious that she wants a child."

"That is enough!" Victor tells her, sternly.

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