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Neil moved out. The custody trial continued with Danny's testimony. Tricia approached Ryan about moving in together, but he was hesitant. 'Sarah' made Josh's favorite meal, and Nikki wondered how she had known it was his favorite.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, December 1, 1997

In the courtroom, Brian Hamilton is called to the stand, but he cannot be found. The judge orders Christine to call another witness even though he will be out of order. She calls Chad Atherton, the hotel clerk, who testifies that he rented the room to a gorgeous redhead who signed in as Mrs. Brian Hamilton. He also states that when Brian checked into the hotel, he was not drunk or drugged. However, under cross examination, he admits that he only saw the stranger once and for only a few seconds.

Nick and Sharon reminisce about Thanksgiving and the wonderful time everyone had. Nick is especially happy that his Mom and step-mom got along so well especially since the holidays are so important to his Dad. Victor was wonderful with Noah, Nick says, while Sharon tells him that Diane had the look of a woman ready to have a child of her own. Nick is surprised. Remember, you heard it here first, Sharon tells her husband.

Jack visits Diane in the office and asks how the Thanksgiving celebration went. I survived, Diane tells him bitterly. It was the worse Thanksgiving of my life!

Nikki arrives in Victor's office and brings his share of the leftovers. Sweetly, she comments on how smoothly things went, especially since Diane really didn't want to be there.

Why do you say that? Victor wants to know.

Back in the courthouse, Danny leaves the courtroom and goes outside looking for Brian and Paul. He finds them in an anteroom, Paul trying desperately to talk Brian into testifying. Brian wants nothing to do with going against Phyllis. She could make my life miserable, he tells Paul. Paul says he cannot guarantee anything, but Phyllis is making empty threats. Just my coming here is enough to ruin my life and marriage, Brian tells him.

Danny joins in trying to persuade Brian to testify. "I hope you aren't thinking of leaving!" he tells Brian. Your testimony is critical. Remember, there is a child involved here.

Brian leaves the room with Danny in hot pursuit behind him.

Tricia pays Ryan a visit in his office. She didn't hear from him all weekend and wonders if he was avoiding her. Ryan tells her that he had a bad time over Thanksgiving and didn't want to spoil her holiday time.

Nina and Phillip visit Jill's office. Jill is excited to see her grandson and gives him a catalog to look through for selection of something for Santa to bring to him. Nina sends him to the commissary for a snack; she needs to talk to Grandma Jill for a while. After Phillip leaves, Nina tells Jill that she has to do something about Tricia.

Diane tells Jack that seeing Nikki all sweetness and grace made her want to throw up. Jack seems surprised at Diane's reaction, but tells her that she did a good thing by giving it a shot. At least you made your husband and the kids happy. But Diane can't forget that it is thanks to Nikki's meddling that she won't be having Victor's child. Seeing Victor hold Noah was like twisting a knife in his chest. And to sit across the table from Nikki was all she could do; she doubts she could ever do it again. When Jack wonders if she will try it again for Christmas, she says she will do all she can to avoid that!

Nikki tells Victor that she knows their coming to the ranch was his idea and not Diane's; they were there only because he put his food down.

"Why are you looking for trouble?" Victor shouts. "I told you that Diane and I had private plans. But we gave up our plans to be at the ranch. I think that was a very generous gesture for Diane to make. Why can't you just accept that and thank her for her gesture?"

"Don't be so defensive!" exclaims a wide-eyed Nikki.

"You have to accept the fact that I am married," Victor warns.

Nina tells Jill of Tricia's visit. Why is she tormenting me? Did she just want to twist the knife? Does she want us to be "best friends?" Jill is horrified at Tricia's nerve, but she assures Nina that it wasn't malicious, just stupid. She will see that it doesn't happen again.

Phillip returns and when Jill accidentally calls him "Phillip McNeil," he tells her that he is Phillip Chancellor. He never wants to be called "McNeil" again. He hates his "father."

Jill is called to a meeting, but before she goes, she makes amends with Phillip and also makes plans for a day of shopping and lunch. Nina holds Phillip close.

As Brian, Danny and Paul enter the hallway at the courthouse, they see Joani and Daniel sitting there. Danny introduces Daniel to Brian. This is the most important person in my life, he tells Brian. I want him raised with morals and values. Help us!

Once again, Christine calls Brian Hamilton to the stand. When he doesn't answer the call, she calls Danny Romalotti. Danny enters the courtroom and is followed by Brian. Glad you could join us, the judge says.

Nikki laughs. "You think I am jealous? Don't be absurd. I have a loving and wonderful husband. I am certainly not jealous of Diane."

"Then leave my wife alone." Victor yells. "Go home and dote on your wonderful husband and leave my wife and me alone."

Just at this point, Diane enters the office. She is warmly greeted by Victor. Nikki turns and smiles sweetly at Diane. "How wonderful that you could join us Thanksgiving," she says. "You are family now and welcome at the ranch anytime. It is time we got to know each other better."

Jill returns home and confronts Tricia. Why did you go to Nina's? Tricia tells Jill that it was "no big deal."

"You have no idea what you have done?" Jill exclaims. "You are the other woman! You have helped to cause horrible pain and suffering to a woman and her child. You have helped to break apart a commitment that should have lasted a lifetime. Of course they were having problems! They were married. All marriages have problems; without outside influence, they can work them out. But you didn't stay out of it. You made yourself available every chance you had. No matter what your intentions, you are a part of this. That little boy will have scars for the rest of his life."

Tricia begins to cry as she realizes that Jill is telling her the truth.

"You went to Nina in order to absolve yourself of your guilt, but you cannot do that. No matter what, you are guilty. You cannot be absolved of that responsibility just by going to see Nina. This is what your father and I have been warning you about. This is why we didn't want you involved with a married man." She pulls a crying Tricia into her arms and tries to soothe her. "We know you didn't mean to hurt anyone," she says as she tries to comfort her.

In Jill's office, Ryan walks in on his wife giving comfort to his son. He speaks to Phillip but Phillip just walks out of the office.

Victor tells Nikki thanks for stopping by, but she isn't ready to leave just yet. She comments on Diane's handling of the children at the party and tells her that she "must be a natural with children." She then issues an invitation for the Christmas holidays.

"We'll consider it," promises Victor. "Now let me show you out." As Nikki walks toward the door, Victor gives his wife a kiss and says he will be right back.

As Diane considers the Christmas invitation, she says, "Christmas at the ranch? NO...WAY...IN...HELL!"

In court, Brian gives testimony. He has known Phyllis for a few years. They were intimate until she "dumped" him for Danny Romalotti. Passing through GC a couple of years ago, he stopped by and Phyllis told him to "get lost." That was when he learned that Phyllis was a mother. Later, Phyllis called him, just a few months ago, and tells him that she misses him. He comes to GC for sex, although she didn't promise that in so many words. After checking into the hotel, he and Phyllis talked for a while then shared some wine. He only had one drink, but suddenly he blacked out.

"Do something, Michael. NOW!" whispers Phyllis.

Tuesday, December 2, 1997

Brian is on the witness stand testifying to the fact that he and Phyllis met in the hotel room, drank a glass of wine, talked some more then everything blacked out. Later, he woke up in the bed, nude, with Phyllis nude in the bed beside him. When asked what he thought happened, he objected, saying that he thought his testimony was about being drugged, not all the lurid details of what did or did not happen.

In the tack room, Cole finishes dressing. Vicki is surprised to see him dressed and wonders if he is well enough to be out of bed. He tells her that he is feeling strong and he is going out to visit a friend. Vicki is sure she knows who that friend is, but when she suggests it is Ashley, he tells her that she is wrong.

Ryan and Neil are discussing business when Neil gets a phone call. He mentions "how many rooms?" and "how much is the rent?" so that Ryan becomes curious. Don't tell me you are doing what I think you are doing? asks Ryan. Are you getting a new apartment?

Neil tells him that he and Dru are having problems and he cannot stay in the same apartment with her any longer. Ryan is sorry to hear this, but offers his own apartment to Neil. Better to spend the time with me---even in your own room, if you feel like it---than to worry about signing long-term leases when you don't know what will happen in the future, Ryan suggests. Neil says that if Ryan is sure about the offer, he would be glad to accept it. He would like to move in today.

Dru is out to dinner with Sid. Her marriage is over and there is nothing she can do about it.

"If you aren't going to see Ashley, when who are you going to see?" Vicki wants to know. However, Cole tells her only that he is going to see an old friend with whom he hasn't touched base with lately. As long as that is all you touch, says Vicki.

Cole thanks her for taking such good care of him these past few days. I owe you, he says.

"So, to pay me back, you will dump Ashley? Right?" she queries.

"I'll pay you back with this," he answers, as he kisses her. It turns into a long kiss, but when he draws back, she tells him that it is only a down payment.

Sid tries to tell Dru that her marriage is not over; it is just going through a rough spot right now. But Dru tells him that he didn't see Neil's face, his eyes. Neil was angry; she has never seen him so angry. And when he looked at her, there was hatred in his eyes.

"But we had to talk. Those weeks of not speaking were tearing me up. I could have handled it if he had tore into me about taking the BCP; but he never said a thing, he just waited in silence for me to bring it up. And when I did, when I admitted that was what I was doing, he just blew up. All those weeks of keeping his anger bottled up just spewed out at me. Then he just turned and walked out."

"I know you are going through a difficult time in your marriage," admits Sid. "But, you have to pull yourself together and stay strong for your and Lily's sake. That is why this tour is the best thing for you. I am talking about the A-list of clients in the most exciting cities all over the world: New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo. While on the road, Neil will miss you; he will realize what he has in you. We will bring along a nanny for Lily. You will leave all this stress behind."

Christine tells the court that she isn't trying to embarrass the witness but she is eager to get to the truth about what Phyllis is capable of. The judge wonders if she is going to amend the charges to include adultery. No, Chris tells the judge; on the contrary, she wants to prove that adultery didn't occur, only the illusion of adultery. She wants to prove how devious Phyllis is capable of being. Brian says that he didn't have sex with Phyllis; he couldn't have had sex. He was in no condition to have had sex. However, he admits that he thought he had for a very long time.

Nina admits Cole to her apartment. He tells her that he has heard about what she has been through. She tells him that she is better and going on with her life. Cole is surprised to find out that she sent Ryan packing. Ryan thought he had a duty to stay with her, but she didn't want anyone out of duty. Now she is fighting for a new life for her and her son.

"So what are you doing?" questions Cole. "Are you writing?"

Nina isn't ready to make plans, but Cole thinks there is another reason for her to postpone her future. Finally, Nina wonders if she will succeed or fail again. She can't stand to have another failure racked up against her.

Cole tells her to use her experiences. Write them down. Nina couldn't bear to open herself up and write about all these feelings. It hurt too much. But it will be good therapy for you, Cole tells her. Now I want you in front of that computer. Do not tell me you can't do it. You are a strong, creative person. Failure is not trying; you have strength, but no one else can do it for you. Trust me; you can do it.

Brian does not remember Phyllis taking his blood. He awoke with a headache, they got dressed and left. It was all he could do to get himself back to the airport. He denies that he knew he was Daniel's father. He didn't know this until Chris told him months later.

On cross examination, Patrick gets him to admit that he was coming all the way to GC for one evening of sex with an old girlfriend. He admits he didn't tell his wife where he was going now who he would be with. When Patrick asks when he was going to tell his wife about that he was having an adulterous affair with an old girlfriend, Chris objects to this character assignation and the judge sustains the objection.

From his apartment, Neil calls Malcolm to come up. Malcolm enters and wonders what was going on earlier; he almost knocked him down on his way out earlier. Then I came inside, Malcolm says, and your wife and child were a mess. What is going on?

Neil tells his brother that he is leaving and he wants Malcolm to tell Dru. Malcolm can't believe this! "It is your responsibility to tell her, not mine," he says. "You two have to talk."

Neil picks up his bags and starts out the door. He refuses to tell his brother where he will be staying other than to say he will be with a friend from work. If anyone needs to get in touch with him, they should call the office.

Later, Sid escorts Dru to her apartment door. She thanks him for taking her out tonight; she invites him in, but he says she and Neil need to be alone to talk. After Sid leaves, Dru enters the apartment. She calls out for her husband but gets no answer. The phone rings and it is Malcolm. He wants to come up and talk with her.

Brian admits that he didn't report his "drugging" to anyone. He did see a red spot on his arm, but Phyllis told him it was a "bug bite." Patrick laughs; a bug bite from the GC hotel? Well, he believed Phyllis, Brian admits. It was only when Ms. Williams approached him that he realized that the "bug bite" was a needle mark. "So you believed Phyllis until Ms. Williams offered you another theory?" asks Patrick. "Or did she confront you about the blood test and you realized you had to dream up this whole "bug bite" theory?"

"What is so important?" Dru asks Malcolm. Malcolm tries to gently tell her about her husband. But when he tells her that her husband has left her, she is devastated.

At the witness table, Phyllis is in shock. "I am going to lose, aren't I? I can feel Daniel slipping away from me. After all the horrible things Brian said about me, I will lose my boy."

Michael tells her that Patrick got in some very effective cross examination. When he sees that Phyllis isn't listening but is trying to get to Danny, he physically holds her back. He suggests they go out, but she isn't listening. She gets up and walks to the table where Danny and Christine are sitting.

"I hear you introduced Daniel to his real father," she says sweetly. "I am glad you did that. I am glad that Brian had a chance to get to meet his son and I am looking forward to letting Daniel get to know his real father better. When I get custody of Daniel, I plan on spending a lot of time with Brian."

"I hate that woman!" Danny says after Phyllis and Michael leave.

"She is just trying to get to you." warns Christine.

Out in the hallway, Paul approaches. Phyllis asks if he is there for his wife.

"She is still in the courtroom with her client," Phyllis tells Paul. "But I suggest you clear your throat before entering. Or better yet, don't. You might be interested in entering unaware and listening to what they have to say."

Paul sneers at her but when he enters the courtroom, he sees Christine rubbing Danny's shoulder. Even though Chris is only trying to calm Danny down, she and Danny look to be in an intimate conversation with intimate touching. Instead of interrupting, Paul turns away with doubt on his face.

Wednesday, December 3, 1997

In a business meeting, Jack compliments Neil's work, but Neil realizes it isn't enough. He has been distracted of late, but he will have more time in the future to handle business. Jack tells him not to neglect his family. When Neil becomes evasive, Jack asks what is going on. Malcolm arrives at Dru's apartment. Here to check me out; to see if I have gone totally bonkers? asks Dru. Dru tells him that she cannot believe her husband left him to tell her he was leaving. He was weak; why couldn't he have been a man and tell me himself? she wonders. Chris visits Nina and asks if she has given any more thought to the divorce. Nina informs her friend that it is a done-deal; she has already filed for the divorce. It's over; there is no going back now. Chris tells her that she is proud of her for turning her life around. She has a wonderful idea! Why don't they have a "girl's night out?" Sharon arrives in Grace's office and finds only Tony there. He tells her that Grace is in a meeting. Sharon is there to talk about a Christmas present for Cassie. Since she has Tony cornered, she wonders what he thinks she should give her best friend. He replies that he can hardly tell her what to get for Grace when he can't think of what he should give her---except for a sports car, and his job doesn't make that possible. In Nick's office, he and Grace are going over their report. Just as they are about to call it a day and go home, Nick finds the problem. Grace tells him that he is so smart; she is learning so much from him. Nick tells Grace that if she has the time before going home, he would like to talk to her about something personal. Sara is going through Nikki's closet looking for dry-cleaning. She finds what she is looking for, then spies a white jacket. She begins to have a flashback. She hears screaming; she sees people coming toward her while she screams. Then she sees herself in a straight jacket. She comes to herself and turns to leave the closet, but, once again, she fixates on the white jacket. She sees herself running down a corridor. She is at an elevator trying to open it's doors. Someone is coming after her. She leaves the elevator and runs down the other corridor. Two men catch up to her. One holds her while the other puts the jacket on her. All the while, she is screaming and fighting. "Is everything okay, Sara?" Nikki asks, and brings Sara back to reality. Sara tells her that she is okay, just lost in thought. When Nikki mentions that she is flushed and maybe coming down with something, Sara tells her she never gets sick. Sara changes the subject asking if Dr. Landers will be home for dinner. What would you like for dinner? she asks. Sharon thinks Tony should get Grace an engagement ring for Christmas, but Tony isn't sure that Grace is ready for that. Sharon thinks that with the romance of the holidays, he just might catch Grace in a "yes" mood. They are interrupted by someone leaving some papers for Grace. She happens to mention that the meeting is in Nicks office. So after she leaves, the two decide to go up to Nick's office. But before they leave the office, the conversation turns to Cassie. Sharon tells Tony that the three of them are already a family. Grace loves that little girl like a mother, Sharon observes. Yes she does, Tony admits. But she isn't Cassie's real mother. "I really need your help," Nick tells Grace. Grace seems eager to know what she can do for him. He begins telling her that he has been thinking and thinking and can't come up with what to get Sharon for Christmas. So he has marked some things in a catalog and wonders what Grace thinks about them. Grace seems disappointed that this is all Nick wants from her. He wonders about a music box just as Sharon and Tony enter the office. Nick greets his wife with a long kiss, while Tony waits by the door and watches Grace slip the catalog into a file drawer. She finally notices him and wonders what he is doing there. He wants to take her to dinner since Cassie is having dinner with friends. Sharon tells Grace that she wants to run an idea by Grace and Tony as to what she wants to get Cassie for Christmas. Grace tells her friend coolly that she will provide Cassie with plenty of presents for Christmas. It is not necessary for Sharon to shower her with gifts. Sara mentions to Nikki that Dr. Landers likes veal. "I didn't know that," says Nikki. "How did you know?" Sara tells her employer that Dr. Landers mentioned it to her once. "Well, then, we should have veal." Nikki tells her. Neil tells Jack that he will have a lot more time to get his work done now, but Jack wants him not to neglect his personal life. When Neil says that he doesn't have a personal life, Jack encourages him to talk. Neil, however, doesn't want to get into any specifics; he merely tells Jack that he will be staying at Ryan's apartment but he doesn't want that to become common knowledge. "Is it really that bad?" Jack asks, incredulously. "The one thing I cannot live with is dishonesty." Neil tells Jack. "How is your little girl taking it?" Jack asks. "She will be heartbroken," Neil admits. "I do not know how I am going to tell her." Dru suspects that Neil went straight to Olivia to talk, but Malcolm tells her that Olivia is in Chicago this week. Dru has decided to to wait for Neil to come to her; when he does, he will be ready to hear her side. They may never get it all back but she has to be hopeful. She is encouraged because Neil didn't say good bye to Lily. Sharon is puzzled; did she say something wrong? She wasn't intending to shower Cassie with gifts. Grace tells her friend that she wants Cassie to know the real meaning of Christmas; not just think about presents. All Sharon wanted to do was take Cassie shopping and let her pick out a Christmas dress. Tony thinks she would like that; he and Grace will talk about it and let her know. Dru is alone when Neil lets himself into the apartment. He had not expected her to be home. Dru is glad to see him; she wants to tell him something---he owes her that much. This angers Neil and he begins shouting at her. Dru tells him that she loves him; she made a mistake, she admits, but they need to talk. Neil explodes. A mistake! is that what she calls it? She is a liar and only interested in what she wants. "This is tearing me apart," Dru tells her husband. I still love you." "You have a funny way of showing it," accuses Neil. "I never meant to betray you," insists Dru. "I wasn't ready to have a baby. I was trying to handle the situation the best I knew how." "Oh, right!" Neil counters. "You were trying to handle it so it didn't upset your precious career. You didn't want to put your glorious career on hold to have another baby." "What if it were you? What if you were told to put your career on hold while you had a family?" Dru asks. "It's not the same thing." Neil says. He admits that he doesn't know how to answer the question, but he is sure that he would have talked it over with her. "You are going to punish me forever, aren't you?" Dru asks.

Nikki and Josh are doing a little post-dinner necking. He is so full! Maybe he shouldn't have had that second helping of veal. But it was so delicious. Veal is his favorite. He will just have to work it off in bed tonight.

Nikki mentions that Sara knew it was his favorite meal. How did she know? he wonders. Nikki tells him what Sara had said: that he had told her. He doesn't remember ever saying anything to her about it.

Sara interrupts to say good night. As she is leaving, Josh wonders when he told her he liked veal. She can't remember, but he must have told her; else, how would she have known? As she leaves, Nikki has a "wonder what that's all about" look on her face.

After a wonderful night out at Gena's, Chris and Nina return to the apartment. Nina thanks her for rescuing her but Chris wants something in return. She wants Nina to promise to spend at least four hours at the computer writing tonight and every day. Just write about anything, Chris tells her. All that matters is that you write. If you don't get started, you will never do it. Chris even has the perfect title for her work tonight: A Night on the Town with a Best Friend. Nina finally agrees. As Chris lets herself out, Nina walks over and turns on the computer.

"I know you felt betrayed," Dru tells Neil. "I felt betrayed when you just walked out on us and left your brother to break the news to me."

It was all she deserved, Neil said. When she wants to know when he plans to tell Lily, he says he will tell her right now.

She isn't home, Dru tells him. Then he will get his things and talk with Lily tomorrow, Neil says.

"Why don't you just tell Lily that I am working late. Then tell her I left early in the morning for work. If you don't like that, make up another lie. That is what you do best." Neil shouts as he slams the door behind him.

Thursday, December 4, 1997

Victor walks into Neil's office; he has something to discuss with him. He needs someone he can trust and who has good people skills to go to Hong Kong for a few weeks. Neil gets the feeling that there is more to this invitation than business.

Nick compliments Grace on her report on "Millennium Madness." They discuss Sharon and Tony's visit of the day before. Grace feels that Sharon is a woman on a mission; the mission is to get her and Tony married. But, she tells Nick, she doesn't see that in the cards, no matter how sweet he is. Nick thinks that this will be the best Christmas he has ever had. Having Sharon and Noah in his life is all he could ever dream of.

Ryan is giving Jill a good report on the men's line. He wants some advice on what to get for Phillip for Christmas. It has to be a really special present. He has been thinking about one of those home video systems. Jill explodes; that would be the worse thing you could give him!

Tricia and Megan are sharing some hot chocolate. Tricia is wrapping Christmas presents, a surprise to Megan since she is usually the very last one doing that. Last Christmas, she was still tying bows at three AM on Christmas Eve. Tricia explains that she wants to get it out of the way in case she isn't here at Christmas. What's going on, Megan asks. "I am thinking of moving out," Tricia tells her sister.

But you just got back home, protests Megan.

I just can't live here any longer, Tricia tells her. Things are better with her dad, but still it is tense. She is going to move in with Ryan. He has two bedrooms; she will just move into the spare room. They will be roommates, not living together. She will just let her dad think she has found a place of her own.

"This is crazy!" exclaims Megan. "What if Dad calls and Ryan answers? Or, what if he decides to visit you? He is going to find out one way or another and when he does, all hell will break loose!"

Olivia calls Malcolm. She is back from Chicago. He needs to talk with her; she needs to clear some time for him right after her next patient.

Victor tells Neil that this isn't about anything other than business except that having some time away from home might give him a better perspective on his personal situation. Neil tells him that he has already taken that step; he has left his wife.

Malcolm arrives at Olivia's office. They play kissy-kissy until Olivia tells him to hold on; this is her office, after all. He tells her the reason he is there: Neil has moved out on Dru. He doesn't know any of the details; Neil won't talk to him. But Dru is a mess. They have to do something for her. Olivia turns away. She thinks they should just leave it alone, but Malcolm is adamant. This is family and Dru is in bad shape. She needs her big sister. We cannot turn our backs on her, he tells his wife.

Jill tells Ryan that aside from the fact that video games are too violent, it is too much for Phillip right now. With the way things stand between him and Phillip, it will be like buying his love. Ryan thinks Jill is overreacting. Okay, she tells him, when you see Phillip start manipulating you to get whatever he wants, don't blame me!

Malcolm tells Olivia that he doesn't believe her hesitation. "Is it because of your conversation with Neil? If it is, I won't ask what that was about, but that doesn't mean you can't help your sister. We just can't stand by while their marriage falls apart." Olivia finally tells him that she will try to talk with Dru.

As Nick goes on and on about his Christmas plans, he finally notices that Grace is uncomfortable. He wonders what is wrong. Has he said something? Isn't she into the Christmas spirit? Grace tells him that it isn't anything like that; she is just thinking about work. Nick invites her to lunch with him and his wife, but she has some work to do and refuses.

Dru is surprised at the shape Dru is in when she opens the door. She gives her sister a hug. Dru tells her she is in such a mess; she doesn't know if she is going or coming. It is like a bad dream. "Tell me what to do," she pleads with her sister.

Olivia wants to know what the problem was. Hesitantly she tells her sister that Neil found out she was taking BCPs.

Nick comes home and tells his wife that he is there for a "nooner." "Shame on you, Nick Newman," Sharon tells her husband. He sees all the Christmas decorations sitting around in boxes and tells her that the house is going to look great. There cannot be too many decorations to please him.

After lunch, Nick tells Sharon that Grace doesn't seem to be in much of a Christmas mood. She also got that idea from their conversation yesterday. As they wonder what is going on with her, Sharon suddenly has the answer. Grace and Tony are worried about money! Here they are going on and on about Christmas and they have so much more than those two who have to struggle. Well! they will just have to include that little family in all their Christmas plans. Sharon tells her husband that he is wonderful.

"I am so sorry that you felt you had to leave your home, your child and your wife." Victor tells Neil.

"It is more than just her telling me a lie," Neil says. "I look at this woman that I loved---the woman I believed was my true soulmate---and I don't know what is real and what isn't. It isn't about that one lie; it is about our entire marriage."

"Well some time away will give you a different perspective," Victor tells Neil. "I would like to see you take this opportunity, but if you feel you can't, there are many others lining up to go."

Neil tells Victor that he is worried about his daughter and how she will cope. But he will let Victor know by tomorrow what his decision will be.

"You were taking BCPs!" exclaims Olivia. "Dru, how could you? You were taking birth control pills behind his back! You have been deceiving this man you claim to love all this time? How can I help you when I don't understand how you could have done this. This is serious! You betrayed this man."

"Please talk to him, Olivia," pleads Dru. "Neil will listen to you. Tell him I never meant to hurt him. Explain it to him."

"How can I explain it to him when I don't understand it myself?" Olivia asks.

Tricia says that if she can't keep it from Dad, she will just tell him. She will explain that they will only be roommates. She wants to live with Ryan more than anything she has ever wanted.

Keith enters Jill's office and is cordial with Ryan. Ryan leaves and Jill compliments him on his handling of the situation. He ways that he is feeling better about his daughter these days. She is seeing less and less of Ryan and that makes him happy. Also she is dealing with the situation better. And it is all thanks to Jill; she has been a positive influence on his daughter. He then states that he wishes he could show her how much he likes having her back home.

Jill has this great idea. Tricia once made mention of her room looking like a little girl's room. But now she is a young lady. So, why don't they allow her to redecorate her room any way she wants to as a Christmas present? Keith thinks this is a great idea, and, except for knocking out walls, he gives carte blanche to the plan.

Alec arrives just as Tricia is going out to find Ryan. They invite her to go out with them, but she declines. After she is gone, Megan apologizes for her sister since Alec has been so good to her in the past. But Alec says he came to see her, not Tricia.

Megan and Alec are enjoying a hot chocolate and playfully arguing about movies when Jill and Keith come home. They want to see Tricia, but Megan tell her that she is out. It will wait, Jill smiles. They tell Megan that they have a surprise that will make her glad that she came back home. It will make her want to stay. Megan looks troubled but says nothing.

"So you won't help me?" questions Dru.

"I'm not sure I can," Olivia admits. "We are talking about a man who poured out his heart to you; he begged you to have another baby. What you did to him is cruel and heartless. It is unforgivable. And why did you do these things? Because you wanted to put your "pretty little face" on the covers of magazines; because you didn't want to spoil that "pretty little figure" by having another baby."

"Well, thank you Miss Perfect," sneers Dru. "Miss Perfect Daughter, Miss Perfect Student, Miss Perfect Teacher, Miss Perfect Doctor, Miss Perfect Wife, Miss I put everyone ahead of myself.

Well it wouldn't hurt you to put someone else ahead of yourself for once, Olivia tells her. Look what you've done to your husband; look what you've done to your precious little girl.

"I should have known you wouldn't help me," Dru says. "All right, don't help. Just take your Perfect little butt out of my apartment right now. Go! Get out of here."

"All right," Olivia signs. "I will talk to him for you. How can I not help when I think of Lily.

Neil is interrupted by the phone. He tells his secretary that he doesn't want to speak with his wife, but she tells him that it is Dr. Winters. He speaks to Olivia. She wants to come and see him, but he won't have it. "Make time," she tells him, firmly. "I am on my way over. This is important."

Friday, December 5, 1997

Olivia arrives at Neil's office, but she isn't exactly welcomed. Neil continues with his work, ignoring her; when he does speak it is only in answer to a question and then in a cool manner.

"Put down that pen, Neil," Olivia commands. "We need to talk."

Lily comes into the room and sees her mother studying pictures of her father. "Why are you looking at Daddy's pictures?" she asks.

"Daddy works a lot," Lily observes. "Did Daddy come home last night?" Dru gathers her child into her arms, tears in her eyes.

Danny is pacing the floor of Chris' office. He is nervous about testifying in court, but Chris tells him that by the time she is finished with him, he will be a seasoned veteran in the witness box. Danny tells her that he isn't so much worried about answering her questions; he doesn't like Patrick and he is expecting some "low blows" from him. They are going to make him look like a "low life." He wonders if they are winning. Chris tells him that both sides have made some good points, but she feels that they are ahead. What they really need is a blockbuster. Danny looks at her and tells her that she looks sweet, but she sure is tough. "You oughta know." Chris answers.

Phyllis is also nervous. Michael tries to settle her down before court convenes. She wonders when things are going to get better. Right now, it looks like everything is going Danny's way. Christine is tearing them apart. Michael reminds her that they knew Christine was good. You were supposed to be better, she reminds Michael.

Michael tells her that it doesn't matter what is happening right now. The payoff will come at the end of the trial when the judge gives her custody of her son. Then she can feel as victorious as she wants to.

"I like you, Michael," Phyllis tells him. "But, I can't stand not getting what I want. You won't like it if I lose. See to it I don't lose."

Ryan opens the door, his shirt completely unbuttoned. Tricia takes him all in with her big eyes. He tells her that he was expecting the maintenance man for a leaky faucet. They kiss passionately. I missed you, he tells her. I missed you, too, she answers.

When they break apart, he gives her her first look at his apartment. How do you like it? he wants to know. She thinks it is okay, but could certainly use a woman's touch. Ryan tells her she can decorate it any way she likes; he will even give her his credit card. But it isn't the decorating she is talking about; she thinks he needs a roommate.

Jill and Keith are all excited about the surprise they have for Tricia. They have just come from the Design Center; they are going to give Tricia a gift that she will really love: a new bedroom. Oh boy! says Megan.

Keith explains that having Tricia move back in means a lot to him and Jill; they want to get her involved with the redecorating so that it will be something she has done. They think this will show her how much they appreciate her being there. Jill notices that Megan is less than enthusiastic and asks if something is wrong. No, answers Megan, everything is fine. She is sure her sister will be surprised and touched.

Alec reminds her that if they want to see the movie from the beginning, they had better hurry.

"So, you must have spoken to Dru," Neil says. "Are you here to tell me you disapprove?"

"I'm horrified!" Olivia tells him.

"Well, how about what she did?" responds Neil. "Don't tell me that was okay?"

Olivia tells him that it was wrong of Dru to do what she did, but she felt she had no choice. Neil asks what kind of woman would tell her husband that she wants a baby as much as he does then take BCP behind his back. How can Olivia justify that?

When Olivia tries to tell him that her sister is desperate, Neil doesn't care. Olivia will not get him to change his mind. Dru rationalized what she did by saying it was his fault. What garbage! He then tells his sister-in-law that he was feeling calm before she came. He needs to get some work done and he would like her to leave.

"I can't just walk away," Olivia tells him.

After Megan and Alec leaves, Jill and Keith wonder why she wasn't more enthusiastic. Keith knows that she adores her sister and loves having her back home. She should have been thrilled. Then it occurs to him that Megan has been ignored for weeks now while they gave all their attention and worry to Tricia. Of course! cries Jill. So it's back to the Design Center, laughs Keith. We'll give them both new rooms.

You are such a good father, Jill tells Keith as they embrace.

Tricia tells Ryan that they are on the brink of an incredible future but they can't have that while she is still living at home. But living with him opens up all kinds of possibilities. It will be great! She really wants to start her life with Ryan now---not later; life is too short to wait. Ryan tells her that she can spend the night there occasionally. No, Tricia tells him. She is not going to just spend the night. As long as she is living at home, she will live by her father's rules.

"I want you, Ryan," she tells him. "I want you so much, and I know you want me. Other girls I have known, have given themselves to many guys, but I didn't. I waited for the right guy. And now that I have found him, I don't want to wait any longer." Ryan takes her into his arms and they fall on the couch, kissing.

Paul is having a bad day. He just stares out the window. He can't get his mind on work. Even his mother's visit to the office can't get his mind back to the here and now. He finally sends Lynn and his mother to Fenmore's to scout out some good ideas for a Christmas gift for his wife.

Court finally convenes and Danny Romalotti is sworn in. He gives an accounting of meeting Phyllis backstage when he was doing the Broadway play. He went home with her one night and they talked over a drink. The next thing he knew, he awoke in bed with her. She told me we had sex, but I didn't remember it.

"You loved me, Danny," Phyllis cries. "You made love to me, you know you did, and it was beautiful!"

The judge warns that outbursts will have a negative effect on him, but Michael tells her that she made some points, but don't try it again.

Danny continues. He never saw her socially again until she told him that she was pregnant. He didn't believe it; he didn't even believe that he had had sex with her, because he had been in no condition to have sex. Only when the paternity test proved that he was the father did he accept his responsibility. He married Phyllis only to give his child a name. He did not love Phyllis.

Later, after they were divorced, he saw a new side to Phyllis. It happened when their son was deathly ill. He saw how she loved her son with all her heart; she was totally devoted to Daniel. He came to see her as a wonderful person; he thought she had changed, so he remarried her. For a while things were good---until she admitted that she had tampered with the paternity test.

His career has provided him with enough money to give Daniel anything he wants and needs. He wants to hire his present nanny to take care of him. He will not disrupt his schooling or religious training. He wants to make the transition as smooth as possible for Daniel. He will even do less touring if he gets custody of Daniel.

Neil tells Olivia that her motives are good. She is a doctor---a caring person. It is in her to take care of people and their problems. But she cannot do that for him.

"You are forgetting someone," Olivia tells him. "Your daughter. She has lots of questions. She doesn't know what is going on; her world is falling down around her. It is your responsibility to protect that child."

"You didn't answer me, Mommy," Lily tells Dru. "Did Daddy come home last night?"

Dru tells her daughter that daddy didn't come home last night. She tries to answer her daughter's questions as best she can. When Lily wants to know if Daddy is ever coming back, she tells her that she hopes so.

Ryan comes up for air. I love you, he tells Tricia. And I do want us to be together. He just isn't sure they are ready. Tricia tells him that she won't make love for the first time and then go home. You have two bedrooms, she reminds him. I could stay in one and you in the other; some nights we could stay in the same one.

"There is just one problem," Ryan tells her. "It is a big problem. I already have a roommate."

"How do you plan to handle visitation?" Chris asks.

Danny is taken by surprise. There is an objection from Phyllis' table, but the judge tells them that if Ms. Williams had not asked the question, he surely would have. "Please answer the question, Mr. Romalotti."

"There is no question that a lot of animosity exists between us," Danny begins. "I don't like her. I don't respect her. I don't even want her anywhere near my son. I think she is an evil woman. But she is his mother and he loves her. I would never interfere in their relationship. If the court decided that she should be in his life, I would honor any arrangements, for my son's sake. I would hope that the court would protect Daniel.

When Neil enters the apartment, Lily jumps down from her mother's lap and rushes to him. He catches her in his arms and hugs her tightly. Lily notices that he doesn't have his briefcase and hopes that he won't have to go back to the office.

Neil tells her that he can't stay. He explains that he loves her, but he and Mommy are having some problems. Lily wants to help him fix the problems, but he says it isn't something she can fix.

"Can't you see what you are doing to her?" begs Dru.

Neil gives her a cold stare and tells her he is talking to his daughter. He turns away. Lily is begging him to come home to her and her Mommy. He tells her that he can't, but he is still her Daddy and he will spend a lot of time with her.

"Did I do something wrong?" asks Lily.

"No, you are the most beautiful, the most wonderful daughter. It isn't your fault. You didn't do anything wrong."

He turns on Dru, cruelly. "Thank you very much!" he snarls at her. "See what you have done. I hope you are happy."

Neil walks out the door. Lily runs after him, all the time begging him not to go. She falls against the closed door saying she wants her Daddy. Dru gathers her up in her arms and is crying along with her daughter. "It will be okay, baby."

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