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Diane told Nikki about Victor's vasectomy. Grace finally told Sharon that Cassie was Sharon's first child. Dru returned to the dance studio. Phyllis retrieved Sasha's manuscript, but Danny took it from her.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 5, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday January 5, 1998

Paul and Chris are home kissing. It is time to go back to work. "Where did the time go?" Paul asks. He reminds her that they still have 17 minutes of their vacation and he intends to make the most of those 17 minutes. However, the phone rings.

After Chris completes her business call, Paul wonders when the custody trial will begin again. Soon, Chris replies. She is going to take Phyllis down! She has to do this for their Godson.

Tony is sitting at Grace's desk leaving her a note. "Dear Grace," he writes. "I had hoped to tell you this in person, but you weren't at home and you're not in your office. So, I guess this letter will just have to do. I'm leaving, Grace. I can't take it anymore. I have huge problems with what you want to do. I can only hope that my leaving will somehow convince you to do the right thing. ---Tony."

He folds the note and leaves it on her desk in plain sight. Nick comes in looking for Grace. He can hardly believe it when Tony tells him that he doesn't know where Grace is or what is going on with her. Eventually, Tony tells Nick that he is leaving town. He has no other choice, he says. Grace is having serious problems and won't listen to a word he says. Nick wants to know what the problems are all about, but Tony tells him he is better off not knowing.

"Say goodbye to Sharon for me," Tony says as he heads for the door. "It was great knowing you two. I hope you will be hearing about it soon."

Nick doesn't understand this, but Tony leaves. Nick sees the note on the desk. He picks it up and reads it. Still confused, he calls Sharon and reads the note to her. Sharon doesn't know what to make of what Tony has written. All she knows is her friend needs the support of her friends.

Grace is praying for help. She wants to do the right thing for Cassie, but she doesn't know what that is. She has waited too long; now she loves that precious angel as if she were her mother. "Part of me says to give her back; the other part doesn't want to let her go. I want to do what is right for Cassie. Please, God, tell me what to do."

As Vic enters Neil's office, he wonders how the holidays went. Neil explains that Dru and Lily were out of town for the holidays, but they arrived home today. Vic tells him that he should just go home and spend some time with his family. Neil doesn't want to go home; he doesn't want to spend time with his wife.

"You know, yours is the only home your daughter has ever known. Can't you put aside your differences with your wife for your daughter's sake? Or is it that you don't want to work things out with your wife? Are you contemplating a divorce?"

When Neil tells him that he hasn't thought that far into the future, Victor continues to advise him. "You need to either file or try to work things out." He tells him. "Think about your daughter and how confused she must be, not knowing if she is going to lose her daddy. I know you feel there has been a fundamental breech of trust and you hold your wife responsible, but you can't keep sitting on the fence. If you can't work it out between the two of you, seek professional help."

Dru is on the phone telling Sid that she is ready for work. She wants lots of work and the sooner the better. Malcolm arrives in the apartment and wonders what is up with her; she is looking mighty chipper. She tells him that she is tired of walking around with her lower lip dragging the floor.

When she tells him that she has gotten them both a gig, he says it wasn't work he was asking about. He knows from the doorman that Neil was there when she returned home. He is a little confused, because she looks like they worked things out, but if they did, why would she be making plans to go on a modeling gig so soon, especially since that is what got them in this mess in the first place. On the other hand, if they didn't work it out, why would she look so happy.

Dru explains that she now realizes that Neil has no intention of working things out. So she has to get on with her life. Malcolm asks why she wants to make him mad by running off to model. Dru says that she is moving on and that is all there is to it. She asks, nicely, if Malcolm will leave. You aren't helping so I don't need you here. Malcolm agrees and leaves.

When she is alone, Dru goes to the phone and makes a call. She tells someone that it has been a long time since they were together. Could she come over now?

Cassie arrives home from school, and tells Grace about a book her teacher read to them. It was about horses; it had pictures, and one of the pictures looked just like Sharon's horse. She notices that Grace is crying and asks her what is wrong. Grace tells her that she just has a headache. She explains that she has to go out, but she will be staying with Mrs.. Kramer. After Cassie leaves for the Kramer residence, Grace breaks down and sobs. "I love you Cassie!" she repeats over and over.

When she has gotten herself in control, she goes to the phone and calls Sharon. She wants to come to the ranch and talk with Sharon. Can they be alone? Sharon says that she will take Noah up to Nikki and they will be alone.

Paul is about to head out the door when the doorbell rings. It is Katherine. She wants to talk about her annual charity ball. She wants Paul to head up the security plus be honorary chairman for the event.

Katherine remarks that she knows he will be happy when the trial is over. Paul agrees, but for his wife, not himself. Katherine can't believe that Phyllis got up in court and accused Christine of still being in love with Danny! This is news to Paul. He knew that Phyllis questioned Christine's professionalism, but didn't know she had made that accusation. He wonders why she didn't tell him.

Danny gives Chris a homemade Christmas card from Daniel. He wants to talk about the case. He wants custody badly. He wonders what to expect when he and Phyllis "square off again." Chris assures him that she believes they will win. Danny apologizes for Phyllis' behavior in court, but she knows he had nothing to do with it. She says that Phyllis is a loose cannon and she is digging her own grave. He thanks her for all that she has done and they embrace.

Dru visits Madame and they embrace. It has been a long time. Dru wonders where the other Madame is and is told that she is in France. She will be back soon. You don't look so well, she observes. Tell me what is wrong.

Dru gives her an update about what has been happening in her life. She then tells Madame that she didn't come to cry on her shoulder but to dance.

Dressed in dance costume, Dru returns to the studio. She begins by slowly dancing in a slow circuit of the room, touching familiar objects. As she reaches the bar, she begins her warm-up. She begins dancing around the room. With each leap and spin, she becomes more content and happy. At the end of the dance, Madame tells her that she still has the gift.

"Thank you, Madame," Dru smiles. "This is the best therapy I could have had. You have been a big help to me."

Neil sits in his office staring at the phone. Finally, he picks it up and dials Dru's number. But, he gets the answering machine instead. When the time comes to leave a message, his mouth drops open as if he is going to say something, but he changes his mind. He hangs up without saying anything. "What do I say to you, Dru?" he asks. "What in the world do I say?

Sharon is pacing the floor when she hears Grace's knock. Before she can get to the door, Grace turns and begins to hurry away. Sharon catches up with her. Putting her arm around her shoulder, she helps her friend into the house.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

Ryan and Tricia arrive home from their vacation. Tricia tells him that in Aspen, she felt like she had grown up at last. Now, back home, she feels like she is regressing. Now she has to come back to earth.

"Being with you for the first time made me feel like a real woman," Tricia tells Ryan between kisses. "Now we are closer than ever."

"I am so used to having you all to myself," she tells him as he prepares to leave. "I hate to think of going up to my room and sleeping all alone."

Vicki is surprised to find her mother dusting when she comes downstairs. Nikki is just helping since both Miguel and Sara are out shopping. Vicki comments on her chipper attitude. Nikki explains that she just visited Diane. Vicki is surprised since she thought that Diane rubbed her the wrong way.

"She doesn't rub me the wrong way any more," Nikki explains. "We despise each other. Everyone told me I was wrong about your father's new wife, but I was right all alone!"

Nikki goes on. "I felt the two of us needed to clear the air. Am I ever glad I did. Now I realize that is hardly the romance of the century. Also, I think your father is now realizing what a colossal mistake he has made by marrying that woman."

"How do you know that?" Vicki asks, perplexed by all her mother is saying.

"Oh, just instinct," Nikki answers mysteriously. "And to do what he did . . ." She smiles a satisfied smile.

"What did he do?" Vicki asks. "Mother you aren't making any sense."

"I am sorry, but I can't tell you that," Nikki answers. "But suffice it to say that Diane's days with Victor are numbered. She wants something from Victor that he will never be able to give her."

MY SISTER/MY FRIEND: Tricia is daydreaming when Megan arrives home. At first, Megan is self-conscious about how to treat her sister, but they begin to talk about all the new emotions Tricia is feeling. She is so glad that her first time was with Ryan. He was a wonderful, tender lover. But, now, things are different somehow. It wasn't what she expected at all. She expected fireworks----explosions of lights----but it wasn't like that. Instead, it was natural---almost ordinary.

"Ryan said I had read too many romance novels---that it is unrealistic to expect sex to be all those things---especially the first time. He says it is about two people learning together. That is what the difference between making love and having sex. I feel like a woman now---the happiest I have ever been. When it is your first time, make sure it is with someone you love and can trust---someone you will want to spend the rest of your life with."

Tony is packing when Cassie comes home. When he hears her come in, he hides his suitcase and joins her. She tells him that she was at the Kramer's when she saw he was home. He wonders where Grace is, but Cassie only knows she had to go see someone. After they talk for a while, Tony tries to send her to her room, but she begs to stay with him. It gets lonely all by herself. Tony looks longingly at where his suitcase is resting (he wants to get on with it) but allows her to stay.

Tony explains to Cassie that he is going away. It isn't forever, he hopes, and it isn't her fault. It is just something he has to do. It is no big deal.

Gathering her in his arms, Tony tells her that he loves her. "Don't ever forget that!" he tells her. She responds by telling him that she loves him and he is the only man who ever felt like a dad to her.

Sharon is sure that Grace's problem is Tony; she wonders how she can help her. As she ushers her friend in, she asks her what is wrong; she is walking around like she is in a trance.

"I don't know if I can go through with this," Grace mumbles.

"You can and you will," Sharon tells her. "You are not leaving until you tell me what is going on."

Grace tells her that she has had trouble sleeping. When Sharon asks if it is Tony, is he the problem, Grace acts like she doesn't know what Sharon is talking about. Sharon explains that she was supposed to marry Tony, but changed her mind.

"No, it isn't the wedding" Grace says, rambling. "I was confused . . . thought if I married him, it would be the answer . . . it was a way to hold on . . . I can't do this; I have to leave."

Grace rushes toward the door, but Sharon stops her. She reminds her that she is in no shape to drive. "Tell me the problem; let me help you."

"I want to do the right thing . . . for everyone . . . but how can I choose?"

There is a knock at the door and Grace is alarmed. Who is that? Don't worry, Sharon tells her. I will get rid of whoever it is.

Chris visits Nina and they discuss the holidays and Chris' vacation. Nina tells her that she has been writing. She doesn't know how good it is, but it has been coming easier and easier. She reads a part of her latest short story to Chris. It is about a lonely little boy at Christmas. He gets a phone call from his dad and he brightens up. His dad invites him on a ski trip, just the three of them. He seems excited until his dad tells him who the three of them will be. It is with "her;" it is not for him, it is all for her. The boy declines the invitation and goes back to his book, an added sadness to his demeanor.

Chris tells Nina that the story is beautiful and moving. But it has to be fiction; Ryan wouldn't do that, would he?

Nina admits that it did happen. "I couldn't believe he would do that! What was he thinking? Well, one thing is for sure, he didn't score any brownie points with Phillip.

One thing for sure, I now know that my future is with my son. I know I have to do something for myself is what my writing is---it is a type of therapy. I don't know what these stories are, but they are like looking in a mirror. The writing is painful, but rewarding. It gives me peace. Why are you smiling?"

"Welcome back," Chris tells her friend. "Welcome to the world of the living again."

Jack finds Diane looking pensively out the window. She tells him that she is getting out of the hospital later that day. If that is so, Jack wonders, why is she in such a "stir-crazy" mood. Diane tells him that she had a visitor---Nikki.

"Don't tell me you two got into it?" Jack asks. "She was only trying to find out if you were really sick. After all, you were contemplating pretending."

"I could have been on life support and she wouldn't have believed me! I got so sick of her smug little smile . . . her cheap jabs . . . So I threw it in her face! I told her what she had done to me. She was thrilled! Now her sacred place, as mother to Victor's children is secure. You know the problem? She still loves my husband! What I don't understand is, she professes to be such a wonderful mother. If she is, why doesn't she understand my need to be a mother? How could she do that to me? But, I promise you this. I am going to stop her!"

"What do you intend to do?" Jack asks.

Diane tells him that she is still accessing her options. But for sure, Nikki is going to pay. "You can only push me so far and then I start to fight back. From this moment on, Nikki and I are at war!"

Ryan arrives home and is welcomed by Neil. Neil wonders how the vacation was and Ryan tells him it was great. Neil wonders why he looks so thoughtful if it was so great. Ryan tells him about it being the first time for Tricia. It was really intense! Ryan says that he really cares for Tricia; she has been a big help for him these past months while things were going so badly for him. But it is a big responsibility being someone's first lover. What he does or doesn't do can shape how she feels about sex for years to come.

"Oh, boy, she is in love with you, right?" Neil asks. "Are you having second thoughts?"

It is Victoria at the door. She bounces in feeling good, but immediately feel the tension in the room. Grace moves to the other side of the room and turns her back. Sharon explains that she and Grace are really into something. Could she get back with her later? Victoria leaves hoping they get things sorted out. Call me if you need me, she tells Sharon.

Grace begins to ramble and stall. Sharon keeps asking her what she is talking about; what she is saying doesn't make sense. It makes sense to me, Grace tells her. She tells Sharon to just listen. Sharon tries, but not anything Grace says makes sense.

When Grace says that she is just digging her own grave, Sharon gets more worried. She goes to the phone and calls Dr. Saloman. She tells the receptionist that she has a friend who needs help immediately. Grace rushes over and disconnects the phone. She doesn't need a psychiatrist!

"You need help!" Sharon insists.

"I need you to listen!" Cries Grace. "You aren't listening to me! You don't understand!"

"Thank back," Grace tells Sharon. "Back when you were waiting for Noah to be born. You were having problems . . . Nick didn't think you would make it . . . he thought he would lose you . . . born early . . . so tiny . . . nobody thought he would live . . . I was torn apart . . . I left . . ."

"You just took off. I never could understand why you left without a word."

"Tony and I were searching for something. We met a lot of people . . . some helped us . . . some were dead ends. We met a lawyer . . . "

"Grace, I am really lost. I don't know where we are going with this."

"It will. It will make all the sense in the world," Grace says.

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

Nikki slinks into Jack's office with a satisfied look on her face. She accuses him of having a juicy secret. She tells him that she recently learned something interesting and he knew it all the time.

"About Victor's vasectomy?" questions Jack.

"Of course, Diane blames me," continues Nikki. "But I don't give a damn how she feels. I am just glad Victor took my advice. He needs another child like he needs a hole in the head."

"But, that marriage is doomed," she continues in a purr. "Things will change now that Victor cannot give her a child. I saw her at the ranch on Thanksgiving. She had that hungry look on her face every time Victor played with Noah."

Jack tries to convince her not to write Diane off just yet; she is or thinks she is in love with Victor. There are worse things than living without children. However, Nikki just announces that she changing her tactics. She advises Jack not to give up. Keep the lines of communication open; be her friend. "I don't know why you would want it, but soon you will be having a second chance. You will be around to pick up the pieces."

Jack tells her that Victor has taken the entire day off to take Diane home. This gives Nikki an idea, so she rushes out of the office.

While Paul paces the floor, Christine works on her case. He feels he is in the way, so he starts to leave. He changes his mind and comes back into the room. He asks Christine why she didn't tell him all the accusations Phyllis made in the courtroom. Chris explains that they were just ugly ridiculous words that weren't worth repeating. Don't let that lunatic get to you, she says as she comes around the desk and kisses him. "You are the only man I love and I would gladly put that in writing."

Danny enters and clears his throat, conspicuously. They head for the courthouse.

Diane lays in bed remembering the scene with Nikki. Tears well up in her eyes. Victor enters the room and asks what is wrong. You aren't having a relapse, are you? He inquires. She assures him that she is just homesick. He tells her that he spoke with the nurse and that little problem is going to be remedied as soon as the doctor signs her discharge papers. Both are happy about this. Victor tells her to wait right there while he goes to check her out.

"So, we went searching," Grace is telling a confused Sharon. "Tony tried to talk me out of it, but I wouldn't listen. We didn't have a prayer of finding . . . Until we found the lawyer."

"Grace, I am so lost," Sharon interrupts. "You were looking for a child? This doesn't make any sense."

"It will make sense," Grace insists. "Just listen. I have to tell you everything from the beginning so you will understand. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do."

"Okay, Grace," Sharon says in an attempt to calm her friend. "Let's take it step by step."

"When we returned," Grace finally continues. "I saw you in the hospital. You with your precious little son. I will never forget that!"

"But, what is the connection," Sharon asks.

"Just as we were giving up hope, we met the lawyer. It was like the hand of God guiding us. He gave us some information and that is how we found the child. We were able to track her down. She was living with her elderly grandmother. She was doing her best, but she wasn't well. We asked her if we could have the child and she did it for the good of the little girl. The adopted mother had left years before."

"Wait!" Sharon exclaims. "Are you telling me that the child is Cassie? Cassie isn't your cousin's child?"

Tony drops by to tell Victoria good bye. He is leaving town, probably for good. Vicki thinks this is a little drastic, but he says he is being pushed by outside forces. He and Grace cannot reach an understanding. Vicki thinks she will be heartbroken when he leaves; she knows she is upset because she just saw her with Sharon and something heavy was going down.

"She was with Sharon?" Tony asks. He hurriedly leaves the office.

"Listen to me and listen good!" Michael tells Phyllis. "When you get back on that stand, you have to remain in control of yourself. If you start adlibbing again, you are going to blow your case. Keep your cool in front of the judge; all he knows about you is the presence you present. You lose your reliability when you lose it!"

Phyllis says she is in control. She doesn't need a lecture, she tells him, and she needs his help.

"I am trying to help you," Michael returns. "You have to let me help you! Now, don't let Christine draw you in by your hatred. When you do that, it shows you at your worse. You have a good chance of winning if you behave yourself. Remember, no more surprises!"

Danny, Paul and Christine arrive and everyone enters the courtroom. Just as Michael is about to go through the doorway, Paul grabs him by the shoulder.

"Listen, Baldwin," he threatens. "If your client slanders my wife again, you will answer to me!"

"Sure, Paul," Michael says as he lifts Paul's hand from his shoulder, "for my own reasons, I wish it hadn't happened in the first place. She really got to you, didn't she?" he adds as he turns into the courtroom.

Sylvia is about to go out leaving Peter at work at his desk. He realizes that he needs more material and goes to the closet. He finds the manuscript and wonders where it came from. It has Sasha's name and address on the envelope. He figures out that Sylvia is still jealous and hid the manuscript. He opens it and begins to read.

Phyllis returns to the stand. She holds it together much better this time. She starts to lose it at one point, but a coughing fit by Michael gives her a chance to get it together. Once the cross-examination is over, Patrick redirects with a few questions then calls it quits. He asks the judge if he has decided about the testimony of Mr. Houzerman. The judge says that he will give his decision when court reconvenes for closing arguments.

Victor and Diane arrive home. They are both happy that she is back home. Diane catches sight of a beautiful arrangement of flowers and thanks Victor for them. He said that he can't take credit for them as he reaches for the card. It is well wishes to the nth degree from none other than Nikki.

"Well, isn't this nice?" Victor says, surprised but pleased. "She must realize she made a mistake and this is her attempt to make amends. I'm glad she did that, aren't you?" He then thinks it is time they went to bed.

"No, Sharon, Cassie isn't a blood relative." Grace admits.

"But, why did you do it in the first place?" Sharon asks. Confusion reigns in all her facial expressions.

"Haven't you figured that out yet?" Grace asks. "We were doing it for you."

"For me? This makes no sense. Grace what are you trying to tell me?"

"Cassie is your child, Sharon. She is the one you gave up all those years ago. Cassie is your daughter."

Thursday, January 8, 1998

Danny is sitting with Gina while across the room, Paul and Christine are having lunch. The last day of court is the topic of everyone's conversation. Danny tells his sister that it could go either way. Phyllis behaved herself in court. He hopes the judge didn't buy her act, but she is like a cat with nine lives and one to spare. God, how I wish I had never been offered that show on Broadway!

Paul tells Chris that she was incredible in court. Chris only hopes that she was good enough, especially for Daniel's sake.

Tony rushes into the apartment calling out Grace's name. She must still be at Sharon's, he decides. Cassie comes into the apartment happy to see him. She hopes he changed his mind and isn't leaving. He hopes he can stay also. While waiting for Grace to come home, he offers to read her a book. Before they can get started, Cassie asks if she is the problem between him and Grace. She hears them arguing and when she comes into the room, they stop and look at her real funny. Tony assures her that this is an adult thing; it has nothing to do with her.

"What did you say?" Sharon gasps. "Cassie is my child? I don't believe you. How is that possible?"

Grace tells her that it is true; why can't she believe it?

"I never saw my child," Sharon says. "I never held it. I didn't even know if it was a boy or girl. I knew that if I saw or held it, I could never let them take it away. Now you tell me that I have a daughter? I can't believe it."

Jack interrupts a busy Ashley. He wants to know how things are going with Cole. Is she making any progress? Has he made a commitment to her yet?

Ashley tells him that things are going fine as far as she is concerned. They now have a time frame to work with. Within ninety days, Cole will give her an answer. They will know if it is in the cards for them.

Jack is shocked. Why is she putting up with this treatment? Who does Cole think he is, God's gift to women? Why should he make a decision? He has the best of both worlds----two women hot for him.

Ashley tell Jack that she knows what she is doing and she would appreciate it if he stayed out of it.

Peter is reading the manuscript. He is appalled by what he is reading. This is what Danny was after, he thinks. This is the ammunition he needed against Phyllis. Sylvia returns home and is confronted by an angry Peter. "Look at what I found!" He says. "I have no idea how long it has been here, but it was addressed to me. How could you hide it away and not tell me about it?"

Sylvia tries to justify herself. She is tired of all the other women in his life. He tells her he is tired of her constant jealousy.

When Sylvia storms into the bedroom, Peter says that he has to tell Phyllis about this.

Michael tells a worried Phyllis that she did well in court today and that is because she followed his advice. When Phyllis wants assurances, Michael tells her that he can give her assurance but no guarantee.

Phyllis is in a better mood when the phone rings. She is surprised to hear from Peter after all this time. He tells her about finding the manuscript. Phyllis covers the mouthpiece of the phone and curses. Michael wants to know what is going on, but she tells him to be quiet---she is thinking. She goes back to the phone and asks Peter about the manuscript. Did he read it? Peter tells her that he only read part of it, but it was a real smear job. Does she want him to send it to her? Phyllis tells him to put it back into the envelope and don't let it out of her sight. She is coming to get it! Peter hangs up, not knowing that Sylvia has been listening on the extension.

"Don't tell me I heard the word "manuscript," Michael demands. "You swore that they were all destroyed!"

"By tonight they will be!" Phyllis answers.

Sharon wonders if Grace is having a mental breakdown. Maybe she is confused and having delusions. "Cassie is a wonderful girl, but she isn't mine. She can't be! I never thought there would be a chance to see my first child, now you come . . . I want to believe you, but it seems too impossible. If you are wrong, how would I deal with that? How do you know Cassie is my child?"

"I never should have said anything," Grace says. "I should have left everything as it was. This was a mistake."

Jack walks into Vicki's office and asks her how she is handling it. "It?" Vicki asks. "If you came here to needle me, you can just go away."

"Boy, do I have egg on my face," Jack says. "I thought you were in on the ninety day plan."

Vicki demands to know what he is talking about. He tells her that Cole will decide between the two women in his life within the next ninety days. He will decide whom he wants to commit to. "But don't worry, you are still in the competition. You have ninety days to hold onto Mr. Wonderful."

Sharon wonders why Grace was so obsessed with finding her first child. Grace explains again how she felt when everyone thought that Noah wouldn't live. She didn't want to be there to see her best friend's face when she lost her second child. She was hoping that she and Tony would be able to bring her a wonderful gift.

"Believing is such a big step," Sharon says. "For seven years, I have wondered about my child. Now you tell me you have found her. How do you know she is the right child?"

"So Phyllis is coming to see you?" Sylvia accuses Peter. They argue about her jealousy. Peter grabs his jacket and heads for the door. I need some air, he says.

After he is gone, Sylvia says she won't put up with this kind of treatment. Two can play at this game.

Paul kisses Chris goodbye and leaves. Chris goes to the ladies room. At the bar, Gina is trying to uplift Danny's spirits. She tells him he has an excellent chance at winning. The phone rings. It is a woman for Danny; she won't give her name.

When Danny gets on the phone, he discovers that it is Sylvia; he remembers meeting her in New York. She tells him about the manuscript, but if he wants it, he had better hurry. Phyllis knows about it and is on her way to New York.

Chris hears the end of the conversation and tells Danny that the two of them must go to New York right away. They rush out of the restaurant leaving Gina to make the travel arrangements.

Cole arrives with a bottle of champagne. He is in the mood to celebrate; he just got his editor's reaction to his latest chapters. Ashley thinks that it is too early for champagne, so he suggests they open the bottle tonight. Ashley wonders if they shouldn't wait ninety days to open it when they really have something to celebrate. Cole is embarrassed at his pomposity the other night and is surprised that she didn't kick his butt. Ashley says that she also has to make up her mind and is looking forward to these ninety days to do so. She doesn't make commitments lightly and this time, she wants to get it right. So, she is expecting Cole to use the next ninety days to sweep her off her feet.

Grace explains how they started with Frank in Madison. At first he wouldn't help them, but finally he came to them with the documents that he had to sign giving up his rights. There was the name of the attorney on the paper. That eventually lead them to the lawyer and to the child.

"So it is all true!" Sharon says. "Cassie is my daughter!"

Vicki rushes into the tack room. "Cole. Where are you? I want to talk to you!" She sees that he is out. "I want to know what kind of game you are playing," she declares. "You owe me an explanation and it better be good!"

Phyllis stops by the pay phone and calls Peter. She is about to board the plane; she will see him soon. She wants him to take care of the manuscript until she gets there. He can't wait to see her.

"I have a daughter!" Sharon says. Her face is full of amazement and happiness. "How can I ever thank you? A beautiful little girl! I want to see her. I have to be with her!"

"NO!" Grace snaps. "It is too soon. Cassie is not ready for that. I won't let you!"

Friday, January 9, 1998

Danny returns to his seat beside Christine after searching the plane for Phyllis. Coast is clear, he tells her, no sign of Phyllis anywhere. She reminds him that there are two planes following this one, not to mention the plane that took off a half-hour prior to them. They have to get to New York before Phyllis! They have to have that manuscript. With it, they win. Also, Christine explains, they need either Peter or Sylvia to testify on their behalf to prove that the manuscript hasn't been out of their sight or hasn't been altered.

Vicki is drinking coffee and waiting for Cole. It is obvious that she is angry. When he comes in, she jumps right into it.

"What the hell is this about a ninety-day plan?" She wants to know.

Paul drops in on Phyllis to see if she is home. He finds Michael instead. He demands to know where Phyllis, but Michael plays a little "cat-and-mouse" with him. When Paul doesn't believe Michael that Phyllis isn't home, he pushes his way in to check it out himself. Paul wonders why Michael is there if Phyllis is out, but Michael tells him he is there a lot---he has even been known to babysit. Anyway, where is Christine? Paul won't tell; instead he stalls. Eventually, they agree that if one tells, the other will also. Michael says that Phyllis is with one of Daniel's teachers; Paul says that Chris is in the gym. Neither believes the other.

Cole wonders where Vicki heard about the ninety days, but Vicki assures him that it wasn't his precious Ashley that told him. Cole tries to explain. Since their marriage has been in trouble for a long time, he feels that he needs time to sort everything out. Both he and Ashley have to sort a lot of things out, he tells her.

Vicki changes tactics. She tells him the idea is starting to grow on her. Having ninety days to convince him that she is the one will be a challenge, but then, she is always up for a challenge. Perhaps, she coos softly, I should move back in. After all, a wife's place is with her husband. They can share the same home and bed---maybe they would be able to make that decision ahead of schedule.

Sharon wonders why Grace doesn't want her to go see Cassie. She makes a lot of excuses about why they shouldn't go now, but Grace won't buy any of them. Grace breaks down and tells her best friend that she is so in love with Cassie. She feels about her like she was her own daughter. She wants time to get used to being without her. Also, she doesn't want Cassie to be overwhelmed by the news. Sharon has to agree to her being in control of what and when Cassie learns the truth. Another thing, she thinks it should be between the two of them for now. Not even Nick can know the truth yet.

Sharon agrees to Grace's terms for the time being, but insists on seeing her daughter as her daughter tonight. Grace calls Mrs. Kramer and finds out that Cassie is home with Tony. They head out to town.

Phyllis arrives at Peter's apartment and he lets her in. He takes a lot of time apologizing for Sylvia's behavior. Phyllis is impatient and wants the manuscript now. It's right here, Peter tells her as he goes to his desk. But, the manuscript isn't there.

Phyllis totally freaks out! She has to have that manuscript. Peter thinks Sylvia has put it someplace else, but they can't ask her---she is in the shower. Phyllis threatens to go into the shower and ask where the manuscript is, but Peter thinks they can find it themselves. They start tearing the place apart.

Peter remembers that Sylvia has a special hiding place. He goes to the closet and finds the manuscript. Phyllis is overjoyed and gives Peter a big kiss. Sylvia chooses this time to walk into the room.

When Grace and Sharon arrive, Tony tells them that Cassie is putting on her pj's. Grace tells him that Sharon knows about Cassie. Cassie comes out and runs into Grace's arms. She was so worried about her. She greets Sharon and wonders why she is there, but turns immediately to Grace and asks if anything is wrong. Sharon's face registers wonder and love, while tears run down her face.

Before Sharon can visit with her daughter, Grace rushes her to bed. She tells Sharon it would be best if she left.

After Cassie is in bed, Tony tells Grace that he is proud of her. Grace says he is only happy that he won. This is killing her; it is tearing her soul out piece by piece. Tony tells her that she did the right thing.

Tony then tells her about the letter she will find in her office. He was leaving, but now that she has told Sharon, he is staying to see her through this. The only way he will leave is if she throws him out.

Cole thinks they should leave things just as they are. It could be too confusing if Vicki moved back into the tack room.

Vicki thinks it would be clarifying instead of confusing. She begins to come-on to him. She talks in a sultry, sexy voice. She reminds him of what they had together---how how they were. She moves in on him and begins to unbutton his shirt. Her hands are all over him as she talks about their sex life.

Just as Cole is beginning to enjoy himself, Vicki delivers her coup-de-grace. In her most sexy voice, she tells Cole: I want you to take your ninety-day-plan and SHOVE IT! She slaps him in the chest and marches out of the tack room.

Sharon is walking around in a fog; she is on cloud nine when Nick comes home. He notices right away that there is something different about her. She looks like a kid waking up on Christmas morning. Only, he tells her, Christmas is over and you aren't a kid. She tells him life is full of surprises; you never know what will happen or what will be right around the corner.

Sylvia is very hostile to Phyllis. When there is a knock at the door, she brightens as she wonders, mischievously, who could be at the door. She waltzes over and opens the door to Christine and Danny. Unobserved, Phyllis shoves the manuscript down the back of her pants. Danny and Christine come in shouting at Phyllis. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? WHERE IS THAT MANUSCRIPT?

As Phyllis calmly picks up her coat and purse and starts to leave, both Danny and Chris tackle her. They are sure the manuscript is on her and as they search her, they find it. Peter comes apart. He tells them they can't come into his house and act like this. Phyllis is grabbing for the envelope with the manuscript, but Danny runs away from her. As Peter goes after Danny, Danny tosses the manuscript in Christine's direction and then he swings around and punches Peter in the face. Chris and Phyllis struggle for the manuscript, but Sylvia comes between them and pushes Phyllis out of the way. Sylvia and Chris race out into the hallway and in the direction of the elevators. Phyllis, Danny, and Peter are right behind them. The doors of the elevator open and the girls rush into it. Just as the doors begin to close, Danny steps into the doorway. He turns and once again punches Peter out. The doors close and they are headed downward, the manuscript in Christine's hands.

The camera flashes between scenes of Grace and Sharon. Sharon is looking out the window into the night. Her eyes show the thankfulness for finding her first child. Grace is shown pacing the apartment with tears streaming down her face. "Cassie, I love you," she keeps repeating.

The show ends with a split screen of the two women; one a dreamy picture of the one who has found her child; the other a woman in anguish at the loss of a child.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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