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Victoria's family threw her a surprise birthday party, and Victor named her president of Brash & Sassy. Diane confronted Victor about his vasectomy. Christine failed to tell Paul about her visits with Danny.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 19, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday, January 19, 2008

VICTOR'S OFFICE: Victor tells Nikki that it is hard to believe his daughter will be twenty-two years old tomorrow. Where does all the time go? Nikki reminds him that he still hasn't told her what he is giving their daughter for her birthday. "Why so secret?" She asks.

Victor tells her that it will be a big, big surprise. He is glad that she followed his suggestion and moved the party from the ranch to the private dining room. The first part of the evening will take place in the company boardroom where he will present Victoria with his gift. Then they will move to the Colonnade room for the toast.

What about the guests? Nikki wonders. Victor tells her that there will be company people, some friends, and of course, family. Nikki thinks they shouldn't invite Cole since Vicki will be much more comfortable without him there. Victor will hear nothing of that; as long as they are married, he is family. Maybe this will help them to get back together.

Nikki thinks that it would be easier if Ashley wasn't always there to come between them---they way she once came between her and Victor.

JACK'S OFFICE: Jill enters Jacks office for business but wishes to postpone the business until tomorrow. Right now, she is worried about Nina and Phillip. She wants Nina to have some focus in life so that she doesn't slip back into her depression. Jack thinks her idea of offering Nina a position at Jabot is a good one and tells her to tell Nina that she is welcome.

PAUL AND CHRISTINE: Paul is pouring the champagne. He offers a toast: To a well-deserved victory by a brilliant attorney who just happens to be my wife!

They wonder how Danny and Daniel are getting along. The phone interrupts them; they decide not to answer it. However, it is Lynn and she sounds desperate. Paul answers and is told that one of their clients is having a problem. Jerry can't handle it because he is out of town. Paul is sorry but he has to go in to work for a little while; he will be home as soon as possible.

After Paul leaves, the phone rings again. Danny is having trouble settling Daniel down. Will she come over? Christine tries to get out of it, but Danny is insistent. Okay, she tells him, I will be right over.

JACK'S OFFICE: Victoria brings Jack a report which, if she does say so herself, is very good. When he tells her how proud he is of her, she wishes her father were also. She tells him that she has laid it all out for her father, but he refuses to promote her. She thinks that if he doesn't appreciate her, maybe some of the competition will see her potential. After all she has worked damn hard to succeed and never has she used the Newman name to do so. Jack tells her not to be in such a hurry to give Victor an ultimatum; he has a habit of coming around in his own good time.

PAUL'S OFFICE: The problem wasn't as serious as the client made out it to be, so Paul is just about ready to go home and pick up where he left off. All he needs to do is a little paperwork.

DANNY'S PLACE: Dan tries to talk to Daniel, but all he wants is his mommy. "Where is she? Will she come tonight?"

Christine arrives. Danny explains that he has tried to explain to Daniel what is happening, but he doesn't understand. Chris says that he just needs a little time to adjust. "Let me give it a shot," she says as she heads into the bedroom.

Daniel looks so sad and forlorn when Chris approaches him. "I hear you need a friend," she says to him. He turns and puts his arms around her.

Chris suggests that he start painting pictures of everything he does so that he can make it into a book for his mother. She has brought some paper and neon crayons. Shall we start now?

After reading a story to Daniel, he falls asleep. Danny puts him to bed and offers Christine a cup of hot chocolate. Once again, saved by Christine, he says. Chris tells him that she is happy to be of help, but she needs to get home. Danny wonders if everything is okay with her and Paul; Chris assures him that everything is just fine.

NINA'S: As she approaches Nina's door, Jill tells herself to stay calm so Nina will listen.

Nina admits Jill warmly and they sit down to tea. Jill tells her that she is worried about her; she thinks that she needs a focus in life. Nina agrees with Jill, but when Jill offers her a job, she turns it down.

"What I went through has changed me," she tells Jill. "I have made two commitments to myself. First, to be the best mother I can be to Phillip, and next, to turn my life around. I have begun writing. I have sent a short story to a magazine and hopefully, it will be published. I have enough to keep me busy."

Jill tells her that she is really impressed.

PAUL'S OFFICE: As Paul is about to leave for home, his mother stops by. She is surprised to see him there; she thought he would be with his wife. When Paul explains and says he is just leaving for home, she shoos him out the door.

DIANE'S OFFICE: Jack visits Diane to see how she is doing since getting out of the hospital. He has been reading up on ulcers and most of them are caused by stress. He hopes she will avoid stress AT ALL COSTS, but seeing to whom she is married, that could be impossible. Diane tells him that she is making a serious effort to avoid stress; since Nikki was the reason she was under so much stress, she is doing all she can not to think of her. "I allowed Nikki to push my buttons. That just gave her the upper hand. Now I am just going to concentrate on the wonderful things in my life. I have a husband that I love, so I will just concentrate on him.

Jack tries to talk about how their life could have been, but Diane stops him. Victor is standing in the doorway listening.

"What are you doing here with my wife, Jack?"

"It's nice to see you too, Victor," Jack responds. "I was just checking on Diane's health."

"I will take care of my wife's health," Victor tells him. "Diane is my wife, thank you."

Jack leaves, admonishing Diane to watch that stress!

Diane thinks that Victor is overreacting, but Victor says that he is tired of finding Jack in her office every time he comes here. He came here to surprise her, to take her out for dinner and dancing, but instead he finds Jack. Jack Abbott bothers me!

Diane assures him that Jack is only a friend. He is her husband and she loves him. Jack is only a friend; if he should ever cross the line, she would boot him out right away.

Victor tells her that he won't interfere, but she had better never cross the line.

PAUL AND CHRISTINE'S HOME: Chris returns home. The note she left for Paul is still where she left it. She picks it up and thinks for few seconds. She then crumbles it up and tosses it into the trash just as Paul comes home. He has everything squared away and they have the rest of the night to do whatever . . .

DANNY'S PLACE: Danny is gazing at the wedding picture of him and Christine. "I've never stopped loving you, Chris," he tells the picture. "I will never stop loving you."

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

VIC'S OFFICE: Victor is on the phone giving orders. There better be enough champagne at the party tomorrow! There better not be any slip-ups; this party is very important.

Jack gets in a few jibes. He enters and wonders if the party is potluck or will Victor spring for the food and drinks. Victor tells him that if he keeps this up, he will not be there to find out.

Jack tells Victor that Vicki was in his office yesterday complaining about not being promoted. Victor demands to know what Jack told her; Jack says that he played along by telling her that this is the way Victor treated all his employees. Vic was not amused. He gave total responsibility to Jack to see that his daughter doesn't find out from ANYONE about the party.

VICKI'S ROOM: Vicki is brushing her hair and daydreaming about her birthday. "Twenty-two and restless," she thinks. She wonders what the plans are; a party at the ranch, probably. Will Cole be there? If so, he better not bring Ashley. She guesses she will have to invite Ryan herself, as she knows her family won't. She can't wait to find out what is going on---but how?

SHARON'S: Sharon calls Grace to find out if the plan is still on to have Cassie spend the day with her. There is no school today and she is really eager to spend the day with her daughter. Grace tries to get out of it, but Sharon is persistent.

Cassie and Tony join Grace. Grace tells Cassie that she is invited to the ranch for the day, but she doesn't have to go if she doesn't want to. Cassie tells her that she loves to go visit Sharon.

MEGAN AND ALEC: The two teens are studying literature and poetry. Alec thinks that he is more romantic than poetry. He proves it by putting his arms around her and kissing her. They are engrossed in the kiss and miss Tricia entering until she clears her throat. She is on her way to take Ryan some lunch.

SHARON'S: Grace and Cassie arrive and Sharon gives her a big welcome. Cassie can't wait to see Noah. Sharon tells Grace to go ahead to work; they will be okay. Reluctantly, she leaves, but not before Cassie hugs her and calls her "mommy."

"So, what do you want to do today," Cassie asks her daughter. Cassie wants to see the horses.

THE RANCH HOUSE: Nick is trying to get Nikki to tell him the plans for Vicki's birthday, but Nikki only tells him that everything is a total surprise. Don't say a word! She warns, just as Vicki comes up behind her.

"Oh, don't stop on my account," Vicki says. "What are you to up to?"

Nikki tries to change the subject, but Nick tells her she might as well tell Vicki; she will find out soon enough anyway. Nikki stares daggers at her son. Nick goes on to tell an excited Vicki that his Mom has a huge surprise for her husband. They are going south to a warm paradise. When? In a few days, dear, if that isn't a problem, Nikki sweetly tells her.

Nick asks his mother if she can baby sit tomorrow night; he wants to take his wife out to dinner. When Nikki agrees, Vicki leaves for work with a disappointed look on her face.

"Do you think she fell for it?" Nikki asks, when Vicki is out of the house. "She fell for it BIG TIME!" Nick laughs.

SHARON'S: Sharon and Cassie are coloring when Cassie tells her how good Grace and Tony is to her. Better than Millie, she says. Millie is her grandmother. She is old and sick a lot. She didn't have anyone else; it was just Millie and her.

VICTOR'S OFFICE: Vicki finds her father busy with papers. She gives him another report and he tells her how proud he is of her. She wants to get with him tomorrow to talk more about the report, but he tells her that he is flying out of town for a few days; he won't be there tomorrow.

A disappointed Vicki leaves the office. When she is outside, Victor smiles to himself.

RYAN'S OFFICE: Tricia arrives with her bagged lunch. She made her very own special chicken sandwich. It has a slice of avocado and a sprinkle of cayenne. Ryan thinks she is his very own personal angel of mercy.

After he has eaten, they are kissing when Nina stops by. Even though Tricia says hello, Nina acts like she isn't there. She tells Ryan that her lawyer still hasn't received the signed papers for their divorce. She hopes he will get them to her as soon as possible.

As she starts to leave, Tricia says good-bye. Nina ignores her until she gets to the door. She then turns back and wonders if Ryan thinks it is wise to do this. What? He wants to know.

"Ryan," Nina says, "you are a business executive with important responsibilities. Is it wise having your lover drop in at any time to play kissie face? At least you could lock your door."

"Oh, why do I bother," she says, shaking her head. "You two deserve each other."

NICK'S OFFICE: When Grace is quiet, Nick thinks she is worried about Cassie. He tells her not to worry; his wife is a born mother. Just talking about Cassie's visit today brought back that special glow to her face.

SHARON'S: As Sharon places Noah in Cassie's arms, Cassie wishes that she had a baby brother just like him. "He is your brother," Sharon says. "Some day soon your wish will come true."

BRASH AND SASSY: Tony stops by to see Vicki and finds her in a rotten mood. She cheers up, however, when Tony begins talking to her. She tells him that she wanted to go out tomorrow night, but can find no one to take her out. She invites Tony to take her to the Colonnade room for an extraordinary night---all on her. Tony agrees, but says he will have to get a tux. Vicki predicts that they are going to have a blast.

SHARON'S: Grace arrives to pick up Cassie. She is a little early, Sharon notices. Sharon thanks her profusely for allowing her to have this day with . . .

Grace interrupts before hearing her say "daughter." She calls Cassie and tells her it is time to go. Sharon kneels down and tells Cassie how much she enjoyed her visit and hopes she will come back again soon. "We don't want to overdo it," Grace says as she takes Cassie's hand and drags her out of the house.

"I've just spent my very first day with my daughter," Sharon says, dreamily.

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

At THE RANCH, Nick and Nikki talk about the surprise in store for Victoria today like excited children. Nick wonders what the special gift from his Dad will be, but Nikki hasn't a clue---thanks to Victor.

GRACE is getting Cassie ready for school when Tony comes in for coffee. He asks for a rain check when Cassie tells him that she and Grace will be making something special for dinner tonight. Grace wonders why he needs a rain check and he tells her he is going out with a friend. He admits that his friend is Vicki, which upsets Grace. He explains that it is her birthday and she is having a bad time of it; everyone has forgotten it is her birthday and she would be spending it alone if not for him. Grace tells him that her heart is bleeding! She wonders if he is trying to tell her something. No, he tells her, I just didn't want her to have to be alone.

VICTORIA has coffee with her mother. Nikki is cheerful but Vicki's spirits are down. She talks about how she loves January, hoping that it will remind her mother of the special day. Nikki has a lot of things to do, so she wishes Vicki a lovely day and leaves. "Yeah! Swell!" Nikki replies.

In THE BOARDROOM, Jack tells a nervous Victor to relax; he has taken care of everything. Victor knows that Victoria will be thrilled; he guarantees it!

In the doorway of RYAN'S OFFICE, Tricia remembers making love to Ryan. She wonders if it is safe to come in, but Ryan assures her that Nina isn't hiding in his office. But, to be safe, why don't they take her advice and lock the door? Afterward, they kiss. She says she is so lucky to have a perfect man like him. She then wants him to quit work and go out for lunch with her.

Ryan tells her that he has to be somewhere---business. She wants him to get out of it, but he tells her he can't; actually, he has to go to Victoria's birthday party.

Would you rather go to a party with your ex-wife than be with me? Tricia asks. Ryan says that he has to be there; he wants to be there. Can she understand? Tricia tells him to have a good time, but try to miss her just a little.

JACK tells Victor that everybody is on his or her way. He then calls Vicki in her office and tells her she must come to the boardroom to discuss the latest sales figures. When she tries to get out of it, he is very stern with her and tells her he isn't asking.

One by one, all the others join Jack and Victor in the boardroom wondering why they were summoned here so unexpectedly. Nikki arrives wondering the same thing; Cole follows her in. Everyone wonders why Nikki and Cole are there. Once everyone is there and waiting, the phone rings and Jack is warned that Victoria is just getting off the elevator.

Everyone is told to hide. They do so, but amid a lot of grumbling about what is going on. Jack then sits at the table ready for Victoria when she enters. She wonders why everyone is so excited about those sales figures now when she submitted them weeks ago. She tosses the reports on the desk and starts to leave.

Jack orders her to stay; there is more they need to talk about. "What?" demands Vicki.

One by one, everyone comes into the boardroom. A puzzled Vicki demands to know what is going on. "Then you should ask your father," Victor says, as he enters last.

"I thought you were on a business trip," Vicki says.

"That is what I wanted you to think," Victor tells her. "Happy twenty-second birthday, my darling!" He says as he kisses her.

After everyone has wished her a happy birthday, Victor tells them that he has an important announcement to make.

KATHERINE visits Danny. He tells her that things are going fine. Daniel is out with his regular playgroup; he wants to keep everything as normal for him as possible. Katherine thinks he deserves and needs a short breather. Danny tells her how difficult it has been dealing with Daniel. He misses his mother and does not understand why he can't see her.

Danny tells her that he is thinking about hiring Joanie to take care of Daniel. He doesn't know if she will work for him; she is so loyal to Phyllis. But, one thing is for sure, he needs help.

Katherine tells him he needs to think about how he wants to spend the rest of his life and with whom he wants to spend his life. Danny tells her that she knows whom he wants to be with. But Christine is married, Katherine reminds him. Danny tells her that Christine feels more for him than she is willing to admit---even to herself. Katherine tells him that he has to take charge of his life, but Christine is not for him; she is not free. Daniel has to be his number one priority.

VICTOR announces that from this day forward Victoria is president of Bold and Sassy. Also, she will, from this day forward, be a member of the board of directors of Newman Enterprises! She is the youngest employee to ever achieve this recognition. This is not because she is a Newman or because it is her birthday; she has earned it. He then presents her with a plaque engraved with her name as president of Brash and Sassy. He tells her she is brilliant beyond her years. He is proud of her and proud to call her his daughter.

A surprised and almost speechless Victoria says she doesn't know what to say. She is surprised and honored. She promises to do the most she can with his opportunity.

Victor then adjourns the meeting, reminding everyone that they will reconvene at seven tonight at the Colonnade Room. Everyone leaves except Victor and his daughter. At the door, Cole holds back watching Victor and Victoria.

Victoria tells her father that she had made plans already; would it be okay if she brings her date to the party?

Victor calls DIANE and lets her in on the party plans. He wants her to go home and put on her most beautiful dress and meet him at the Colonnade Room. He warns her that Nikki will be there, but so will her friend, Jack.

Diane tells her that she will be there with bells on. "So, I am going to celebrate with Nikki. This must be my lucky day!" she says as she hangs up the phone.

VICKI wonders if it is smart to bring Tony to the party; maybe she is going too far. She calls Tony and asks if they can make the party for another night.

"No way!" Tony tells her. "I just paid $89.95 to rent this tux and I won't let it go to waste."

Vicki tells him okay; he can come to her party. Her ex-husband and present husband will be there, so why not Tony? "You sure keep life interesting," she laughs.

Later, in the COLONNADE ROOM, the party is in full swing and everyone is having a good time. Nikki is talking to Victor. She tells him that his surprise was sensational. But his wife entering the room catches Victor's attention. He rushes over there and gives her a long kiss while Nikki looks on disapprovingly.

Josh tells Nikki that she was staring. Nikki says that that woman is as healthy as a horse; she couldn't have been sick. Josh warns her that this is not the time to square off with Victor's wife. Nikki agrees and wonders where Victoria is.

Just then, Victoria comes in on Tony's arm. Everyone is shocked. Vicki introduces Tony around. Nikki tells him that she though he was with Grace.

Everyone comes around offering Vicki congratulations while Sharon and Nick gang up on Tony. Tony tells them that Grace knows where he is and with whom.

DANNY calls Joanie and finds that she is alone. He wants to talk to her privately; he doesn't want Phyllis to know that they are talking. Reluctantly, Joanie agrees to come to his apartment.

When she arrives, she wonders where Danny is. She misses him, she says. Danny offers her the job, but she isn't sure it is a good idea. Phyllis would go ballistic.

While they are talking, Danny is notified that Daniel is coming up on the elevator. Daniel runs into the room to Joanie and hugs her. He asks her about his mommy. Is she all right? Does she miss me?

Danny breaks in and answers the question, telling Daniel that his mother is just fine. Daniel still wants to know if his mommy misses him, so Joanie tells him that they both miss him. Danny tells Daniel that he has asked Joanie to come work for him. As Joanie leaves, she hugs Daniel one more time and tells him that she loves him. I love you too, Daniel says.

Joanie agrees to think about Danny's job offer.

At the PARTY, Vicki joins Tony and Nick. Ashley comes up and congratulates Vicki; she is proud of her. Cole also congratulates his wife. Vicki and Tony hit the dance floor. Watching, Nikki is wide-eyed with her mouth hanging open. She turns to Josh and wonders if Vicki's strategy is working; she tells him that at times, it helps to make your husband jealous.

Ashley and Cole join the others on the dance floor.

Jill approaches Ryan and says she is surprised he didn't bring Tricia. However, she is glad he is being discrete.

After the dance, Ryan tells Cole that his wife has accomplished a lot. "She is a real pistol, alright," Cole blandly replies. Ryan makes a comment about Cole having Ashley as his date, but Cole quickly corrects him by saying Ash isn't his date. Ryan tells Cole that Vicki is only trying to figure out if she matters to Cole at all anymore.

Vicki and Tony join Ryan and Cole. Cole gives her a birthday peck.

"Are you that much out of practice?" Vicki asks him in a seductive manner. "If you are going to kiss me, then really kiss me. Stop fooling around." She steps up to him and they begin to kiss deeply while Ashley watches from the sidelines.

Victor calls for attention. He wants to make a toast. He calls Nikki to his side and makes the toast. He tells her what a wonderful day this has been for her father and mother. She has exceeded all their hopes for her.

Vicki says that she knows people can't choose their parents, but if she could, she would choose them. They are the greatest parents in the world.

Nick comes up and joins the family hug, leaving Diane on the sidelines in pain. Victor tells the group to dance the night away. Jack watches Diane as Victor and Nikki begin to dance.

Thursday, January 22, 1998

CHRIS AND PAUL are busy preparing dinner. Paul tells her the steaks will be ready to grill soon; they are marinating now in his secret sauce. "Since when do we keep secrets from each other?" Chris wants to know.

The phone rings and it is Danny. He needs to ask a favor from her.

At DANNYS PLACE, Daniel sits quietly on the couch playing. Could she come over again? Danny wonders. He is having problems with Daniel again, he tells her. He is upset tonight because the phone calls from Phyllis isnt enough for him. He misses his mommy, but a visit from his Godmother would do just as well.

Chris looks toward the kitchen with indecision on her face, but she tells Danny that she really cant come tonight; she is having dinner with Paul.

As PAUL brings in the dinner, he asks who was on the phone. Chris tells him it was only someone wanting a favor. Its nothing that cant wait.

COLE AND ASHLEY are having drinks after the party. "It is about time Vicki got the recognition she deserves," Cole says.

"Spoken like a proud husband," comments Ashley.

"Are you mad at me?" Cole asks.

"Now why would I be mad at you?" Ashley asks. "Tonight I got some additional insight into Mr. and Mrs. Cole Howard. There is a lot more going on there than I would have guessed."

Ash tells him that she saw the way he kissed Vicki. Cole tries to pass it off as only a birthday kiss, but Ash tells him that she saw how jealous he was when Vicki walked in with Tony. Now she knows he doesn't know how he fells about Vicki or her. She knows he cares for her; they have chemistry together. But, he also cares for Vicki. She is not about to invest any more than she already has into this relationship if he is still in love with his wife. She tells him that he needs to think long and hard about what his feelings really are. She gets up and walks out of the bar.

AT THE COLONNADE ROOM, Vicki and Tony are finishing off the remainder of the champagne. Tony admits that he told Grace with whom he was spending the evening and it annoyed her. Vicki also enjoyed seeing the look on Cole's face when she came in with Tony. Sometimes a healthy jolt can be a good thing, they agree, especially when the other person is taking you for granted.

CHRIS AND PAUL have finished dinner and are getting ready to wash the dishes when Lynn calls. There is an emergency with one of their clients; it is imperative that he takes care of it tonight.

Paul tells Chris that he has no choice but to leave. She tells him that she will be waiting up for him.

After finishing the dishes, she just wanders around the apartment for a while. She then picks up the phone and calls Danny. Is Daniel still awake? She asks Danny.

"He sure is," Danny tells her.

"Then I will come over for a little while," Christine tells him.

Danny looks at the couch where Daniel lays sound asleep. "I hate lying to you, Chris." Danny says. "But, it is for a good cause. God! How I love you."

GRACE is preparing Cassie for bed. Cassie asks if Grace is sad because Tony is out with that other girl. "I think you like Tony more than you say you do," she says.

As Cassie is getting permission to stay after school the next day for the "Library Lady," Tony arrives home. Running to him, Cassie tells him he is so handsome in his tuxedo.

After Cassie is put to bed, Grace asks why Vicki would invite him to be her date. She is a married woman. Tony says that she may not be a married woman for long. "That is the thing about relationships," Tony tells her. "One day you are in love; the next day everything is falling apart."

"Why do I get the impression you aren't talking about Vicki any longer?" Grace asks.

"I don't know, Grace; why do you feel like that?"

DIANE walks around her dark office. She is frightened when Jack walks in. They turn on the lights. Jack asks if she is here to lick her wounds.

Diane says that she couldn't take it any longer. She just wanted to come to her office and calm down. The way Nikki flaunts her children gets to her. She is Victors wife and she should be his #1 priority. She has to figure out a way to live with the situation.

"Yes, you do," answers Jack. "That is if you want to stay married to Old Money Bags. Of course, I can think of another alternative if you cant hack it."

"How I hated seeing my husband and his children with Nikki!" Diane goes on. "The look she gave to me was like I was this unwelcome outsider. Thanks for letting me talk like this; it helps a lot."

"Well, well, well. Isn't this cozy? Are we having a late night business meeting?" Victor asks sarcastically from the door.

CHRIS arrives at Danny's place and asks if Daniel is still awake. Danny tells her that he fell asleep right after she called. But he has fresh coffee, so will she stay for a while?

Danny tells Chris that Daniel has good days and not so good days. He cannot understand what is going on. He has asked Joanie to work for him, and he thinks she is weakening.

Danny begins to talk about the past. He cannot but help thinking about what would and could have been. Chris tries to get him to stop, but he goes on. He remembers the good times and they reminisce about some of those times.

Chris tells him that it is too late to go back. Dan says he cannot forget the past and what might have been. Don't you think about it, Chris?

Chris says that of course she does. But she is confused. It is best if she leaves now. Before going, she asks for a truth from him. Was Daniel already asleep when she called? Yes, answers Danny, but I just had to see you.

Chris arrives home only seconds before Paul. As they cuddle, Paul remarks that her hands are cold as ice. He hopes she isn't coming down with something. As he warms up her hands, he tells her that he thinks it is time for them to have a baby. Chris says she will have to think about it.

JACK makes his exit after Victor tells him that he will drive his wife home.

"Where is this attitude coming from?" Diane asks her husband.

Victor wonders if she honestly believes Jack was here to give her a ride home? He wants to know what is really going on. Every time he blinks, Jack is at her side. Why? Why is he always at your side?

Diane tries to convince Victor that nothing is going on. Jack is a friend; a friend she can talk to about things she cant talk to her husband about.

"You can talk to Jack Abbott but you cant talk to your husband?" Victor responds, coldly. "Whatever it is, get it out in the open NOW!"

Diane tells him that it is Nikki. What about Nikki! Victor shouts. Diane tells him that it is unbearable for her to spend one hour in her presence. The hates this situation where she is forced to associate with his ex-wife.

"When will you understand that I was once married to Nikki?" Victor again shouts. "She is the mother of my children. Why does this upset you so much?"

"What do you expect?" Diane asks. "Do you know how it hurts me to stand there and watch you and Nikki with your arms around your children? This is something Nikki can do, but I never will never be able to share this kind of moment with you. And she knows that. She never misses a chance to rub it in. Jack Abbott is the only person who understands. He listens to me and comforts me. This is the way I feel. I can't help it. It hurts, Victor, it hurts so very, very much."

Diane begins to cry. Slowly, Victor walks over and takes her in his arms while she weeps on his shoulder.

Friday, January 23, 1998

THE RANCH: Nick is about ready to leave for work, but he still wants to know what Sharon's secret is. However, he doesn't need to know the details because he loves her this way. He leaves for work, promising to show her how much he loves her when he returns tonight.

After Nick leaves, Sharon calls her mother and asks if she can stop by later. She isn't sure she can arrange it, but she is going to try. Doris will make it a point to be home.

"Do I tell Grace I want to take Cassie to my Mom's, or just do it?" she asks herself when she hangs up.

Sharon then calls Grace and tells her that she wants to spend time with Cassie. Grace tells her that Cassie has plans for after school, but Sharon insists that she needs to see her daughter. Grace tries to throw up roadblocks, but Sharon has an answer for each of them. She will pick up Cassie after the Story Hour at school and have her home by the time Grace and Tony are home from work. Finally, there is nothing Grace can say.

GRACE'S OFFICE: As Grace hangs up the phone, Nick is there. "I can tell that whoever was on the phone really ticked you off," he says to her.

THE WILLIAMS' APARTMENT: Nina visits Chris, bring with her a large manila envelop. Chris observes that Nina is looking very pleased with herself. Waving the envelope at her, Nina tells Chris that she brought the short story she has just completed and submitted to a magazine.

Whether they decide to publish it or not, Chris tells her, you at least set a goal and met it.

Nina wonders why Chris is home and not at work. When she called the office and learned she was home, Nina thought she was sick. Chris tells her that she just has a lot to deal with and all the phones at the office weren't helping.

Maybe you are a little letdown after all the work you were doing on Danny's trial, Nina suggests. You spend a lot of time together; you have a lot of old feelings left over from the time when you were so happy together.

Chris admits that she still has some feelings for Danny, but she loves Paul now. Also, she admits, she is getting some pressure now. Not from Danny, she hastens to add, but from Paul. He wants a baby and she doesn't know what she wants to tell him. It is an important step.

THE DENNISON HOUSEHOLD: Tricia is about to leave for Ryan's office, but she has a few minutes to talk to Jill. She tells Jill that Nina stopped by the other day and asked Ryan to have his lawyer answer the divorce petition. Things are perfect for her and Ryan except for the divorce, and she is sure that Ryan will get that started soon.

GINA'S PLACE: Gina and Danny are working on a new song: "I'll Always Be There For You." After making the necessary changes to the music, Danny spaces out. He tells Gina about asking Chris over for a visit. But she is a married woman! Gina tells him. Danny tells her that he feels that Chris still loves him. She came to visit him of her own free will, even though it was under the guise of visiting her Godson. He admits that when he told her that he had lied about Daniel being awake (when he was really asleep), Chris understood and didn't get upset with him. "She knows I am still in love with her. I believe she has feelings for me, but she can't admit it right now."

"You find yourself in a hard place, don't you?" Gina asks. "You want her back but you don't want to be a home wrecker."

"I can't let her feelings for me slip away," Danny tells his sister.

PAUL'S OFFICE: Mary visits Paul in his office. He tells her that he is so thankful that his life is so great---especially now that the custody case is over and he and Chris can get on with their life. He tells his mother that he and Chris are talking about a baby. An excited Mary tells him to stop talking and get on with it. Paul warns her that it is only at the discussion stage right now, but his marriage is so good. Mary tells him that it will be even better with a child.

RYAN'S OFFICE: Tricia arrives at Ryan's office with breakfast. She tells him that she likes taking care of him. She brings up the divorce. She can't help but wonder why he hasn't contacted his lawyer. It was just an oversight, wasn't it?

Ryan admits that it was not an oversight. He wants feelings to cool down before going to court; he doesn't want the divorce to get ugly as so many do. It doesn't seem like something to get in a hurry about.

Tricia tells him that it is a chapter of his life that he needs to close so that he can move on. She can't see why he doesn't get the divorce taken care of. Ryan tells her that she will just have to leave it up to him at this point.

GRACE'S OFFICE: "That phone call really got under your skin, didn't it?" Nick asks Grace. She tells him that it is nothing for him to worry about. All she wants to do is talk business.

As Nick begins to go over her latest report, she hangs over his shoulder and several times, she puts her face right up into his face. She walks around to his other side, giving him covert glances from time to time. As Nick finishes and turns toward her, she practically pushes her breasts into his face. She then apologizes for getting so close to him.

Going back to her desk, Grace asks about Sharon. Nick tells her that she is still on cloud 9. Grace innocently mentions that she was noticing Sharon the other day dressed in a close-fitting dress. Are you sure she isn't pregnant?

A startled Nick denies any pregnancy, but Grace acts unconvinced. Nick tells her that he is happy with the size of their family for the time being.

Sharon arrives at her mother's apartment with Noah and Cassie. "You remember Cassie, don't you, Mom?" she asks.

DORIS' APARTMENT: Doris graciously greets Cassie. "You are the little girl living with Grace, aren't you?"

"Hello, Mrs. Collins," Cassie tells her. "We brought Noah to visit you. Did you want to hold him?"

RYAN'S OFFICE: Jill marches into Ryan's office. She needs to talk to him, no matter how busy he is. She tells him that she has stood on the sidelines long enough. Now she is telling him to get off the dime and get on with his life.

"What business is it of yours, anyway," Ryan asks.

"Tricia and Nina make it my business," Jill replies. "Tricia is in love with you and wants a commitment from you. Nina wants to go on with her life; she has made that plain. You are the one who wanted to end your marriage. Now, call your lawyer and respond to this divorce, or shove Tricia out of your life. It isn't fair to have everybody put their lives on hold while you waver back and forth."

Ryan begins to lose his temper, ordering Jill to leave. He is tired of her butting into his affairs.

Jill wonders if he is just using Tricia, but Ryan says he cares about her. "Enough to make a commitment?" questions Jill. "Stop stringing her along. She deserves better than that."

DORIS' APARTMENT: While holding Noah, Cassie says he is so beautiful. She wonders if he wishes he could say something. She also notes that he gets tired a lot. Doris explains that he is still growing and growing is hard work. Cassie didn't know that.

Cassie tells Doris that she is in the first grade at school. Doris asks how she is doing and Sharon says that her teacher says she is very smart. Maybe you will teach Noah a thing or two when he gets a little older, Doris suggests. Cassie tells Doris that she spends a lot of time with Sharon; she loves it at the ranch, especially the horses.

Noah begins to fuss a little, so Sharon says it is time to put Noah to bed. She asks Cassie if she would like to help her. Cassie says she loves to help put Noah down. You two make a good team, Doris remarks.

"Yes, we do, Mother," Sharon quietly agrees.

"Oh, Dear Lord!" Doris gasps, as the realization dawns upon her.

In a few moments, Sharon and Cassie return to the living room. Cassie says that Noah fell asleep right away. She begins telling Doris that they are studying frogs at school. The teacher has some polliwogs and one day, one of them had grown legs. The next day, the others had legs. Soon they would have front legs and they would be frogs. She notices that Sharon is crying and asks her why. Sharon tells her that it is because her story is so lovely.

Just then, Noah begins to cry again. Sharon sends Cassie in to talk him back to sleep.

"She is the one, isn't she?" Doris says.

"Yes, she is my daughter. She doesn't know yet, but she will in time." Sharon continues to tell her that so far, only Grace, Tony, and herself---and now Doris---know the truth.

Doris promises not to say a word. "It is a miracle!" she says. "Thank you God." The two women look at each other with tears streaming down their faces.

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