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Nick learned the truth about Cassie, and he didn't take the news well. Jill told Keith that she didn't love him enough to marry him. Cole asked Ashley to marry him. Jill accepted Katherine's invitation to stay with her.
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Victor and Nikki could not deny their attraction
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Monday April 13, 1998

Grace was looking through a hatbox full of memories of Cassie when Tony arrived home from work. Tony gave her a shoulder to cry on. He wished he could make it hurt less, but she knew that it would take time. It was just that everywhere she looked, there were reminders of Cassie. Tony offered to take her out on the town, but she wasn't in the mood. She had a pile of work at the office to do.

At the office, Grace received a phone call from Cassie. Cassie was at the library with Mrs. Collins and Noah. She'd had to tell Mrs. Collins that she was going to the bathroom so she could call Grace. She told Grace that Sharon was going to take them out of town somewhere, and she didn't want to go. She asked Grace not to let Sharon do that. Grace told her not to worry because she would handle the situation. Cassie said; "I love you, Mommy," and Grace responded in kind. After she hung up, Grace started to make another call but changed her mind. She decided that it had to be handled in person, and she left the office.

Phyllis was visiting Daniel, and she showed him how to find the moon with his new telescope. He became very excited when he found it. Phyllis told him that they could go to the library and find books about the moon, the stars, and the planets. It would make sky-watching much more interesting. Phyllis stated that they couldn't go alone; Daddy would have to go with them. "And Chris, too!" Daniel shouted excitedly. Daniel told Phyllis that Christine might be staying with them. Phyllis was stunned. Danny looked like he'd been caught.

Looking directly at Danny, Phyllis asked if Christine was going to be staying with him and Daniel. Danny tried to make it appeared as if Daniel was confused. Danny asked Daniel to go into the kitchen so he could talk with Phyllis.

Phyllis told Danny she didn't know why it had surprised her. Phyllis claimed that Christine had abandoned her husband, so it was only a matter of time before he and Christine were back together. Phyllis claimed she'd been saying that would happen all along, and she accused Danny of doing whatever it took to break up Christine's marriage. Danny responded by asking Phyllis how that ex-con boyfriend of hers was.

Unperturbed, Phyllis told him that it wasn't the same thing, and he knew it. Phyllis wanted to tell Danny he could go his way, and she would go hers. She said that whatever happened between Danny and Christine, she would always be Daniel's mother. Without breaking eye contact, Danny shouted to Daniel that his mother was leaving, and he wanted Daniel to say goodbye.

As Daniel hugged his mother, he begged her to return soon. Phyllis told him she would, and she'd been planning on visiting more often. She was certain her daddy wouldn't mind.

Megan and Tricia were talking about college and Tricia's plans to attend graduate school. The conversation turned to Daddy and Jill. Jill had been holding off on giving their dad an answer to his proposal for over a month. They thought it was because of their reaction when they'd heard the news, and perhaps they'd been too hard on Jill. They decided they could do something about it later that evening.

Paul took dinner to the office for Christine. After he'd put the feast on the table, he invited Christine to ask when he wanted her to go back home. However, Christine evaded the question. Paul told her that he'd stopped by to see his mother, and she was very depressed; she'd been feeling guilty about Christine moving out. Christine didn't know why Mary was depressed because she was a heartbeat away from getting her dearest wish.

Christine told Paul that she needed more time to think about their marriage, and that it had been what she'd told Danny when he'd dropped by the apartment the previous evening. Paul was surprised that Christine had seen Danny the previous evening after Danny had stopped by his office and proposed that they leave Christine alone to make a decision. Christine commented, "So much for men keeping their word." Grace interrupted by them.

Grace was at the door and needed to talk to Christine about Cassie. She told Christine about the call she'd received from Cassie. She wanted Christine to stop Sharon from taking Cassie and leaving. Christine reminded her that she was Sharon's lawyer and shouldn't be talking to Grace, but Grace reminded her that she had stopped Grace from leaving town for Cassie's sake. Grace wanted the same thing. Christine suggested that Grace get a restraining order, but Grace stated that it wasn't in Cassie's best interest because of the foster care problem.

Christine said she would talk to Sharon and see what could be done. In the meantime, since Grace was there, Christine wanted to know how Grace and Tony had found Cassie. Grace told her that the adoptive mother had abandoned Cassie years before and had left the child in the care of an old and sick grandmother. The reason Millie had allowed them to take Cassie was because they'd promised they would take Cassie to her birth mother, who would give her a good life.

When Phyllis arrived at home, she whined to Michael about Danny. Phyllis told him that Danny was expecting Christine to move in with him and her son. Phyllis said she wouldn't be held responsible for her actions if Christine, her worst enemy, tried to raise her son.

Michael tried to talk sense into Phyllis, but he was unsuccessful. He accused her of muddying up the waters and ruining his chance of getting his law license back. Phyllis claimed that he'd never tried anything else. She couldn't understand why he keep kissing Christine's butt. It was time to move on and to conquer new worlds. There was so much he could do. Michael stated that there was only one problem: the law was his life and his passion, and he would never be a whole person until he got that back.

Keith opened the door and was surprised to find "the GC Meddler" standing there. He welcomed her like an old friend, and, like an old friend, she wanted to stick her nose into his business. She said that she was aware that he'd proposed to the lady, if she could call her that, and that, to date, Jill hadn't had the common decency to respond. She told Keith that if Jill was going to accept the proposal, she would have been running around town, bragging and flashing her engagement ring. Since she wasn't wearing the ring, she wasn't going to accept. Keith told her that it was all highly personal between him and Jill, but she said it was her duty, as a friend, to tell him those things. Keith asked her to leave, but before she left, he told her that he was confident that Jill would accept his proposal.

Megan and Tricia paid Jill a visit at the office. They wanted to talk to her about their dad's proposal. They apologized for the things they'd said when they'd first heard about the engagement. They admitted that they had been selfish. They should have been considering their dad's feelings. It was obvious that he loved her, and they would be proud to have her as their stepmother. They asked Jill to give their dad an answer.

When she was alone, Phyllis picked up the phone and called Christine's office. When she learned that Christine was in the office, Phyllis hung up and left her apartment with a self-satisfied look on her face.

Jill returned home and was surprised to find Keith at home. When Jill began to tell him about her day, Keith interrupted her and told her he wanted to talk about his marriage proposal. He said it was time she gave him an answer.

Nick asked Sharon why she was so hung up on Cassie. He wanted to know how she could give Cassie so much of her time and why she couldn't give him enough. Nick wanted to know why Sharon was so obsessed with someone else's kid.

Sharon told Nick that Cassie was her child, not Grace's cousin. Sharon said that Cassie was the child she'd told Nick about, the one she'd had to give up when she'd been 16 years old

Nick was astounded. Nick asked why Sharon hadn't told him and why she'd kept it from him. Sharon explained that she hadn't known herself until a couple of months earlier. She said she'd been overwhelmed at first, but it had been incredible news. Then she hadn't known how to handle the situation when things had become so tense between them. Nick said she should have told him, and he wanted to know why she'd kept it from him.

Sharon told Nick she hadn't known how he would react to the news. Sharon said that he'd made it clear that he didn't want another child. She said that it wasn't the end of the world. She said she wasn't being casual about it, but it was the most incredible thing.

Nick asked Sharon if finding Cassie was more incredible than their marriage or giving birth to their son. He asked how Sharon could have shut him out of her life and made Noah a second priority for a teenage sleaze who had dumped Sharon five minutes after he'd been through with her.

Sharon claimed it wasn't like that, and she said they could work it out. Sharon said that Nick hadn't given Cassie a chance. She was a wonderful little girl, and she was part of their family. Nick reminded Sharon that he'd made it clear that he didn't want more children, and he had no intention of making time for a child that wasn't his.

Sharon begged Nick to give it a chance, and she tried to put her arms around him. Nick pushed her away and said he had to get out of there. He said he was going back to the office to see if he could absorb the situation. Sharon tried to hold him, but he pushed her away and told her to get off of him. He rushed out the door, leaving Sharon alone and sobbing.

Victor continues to nurture Nikki Victor continues to nurture Nikki

Tuesday, April 14, 1998

by Nel

Nick was deep in thought when Grace walked into Nick's office with a report. She wondered what had happened to him because he looked like he'd been run over by a steamroller. Nick told her the steamroller's name was Sharon. Nick asked how Sharon could do that, and he wondered what kind of marriage they had. Nick told Grace that his marriage was in trouble and that in just a few weeks, it had gone "to hell." He said his life was changing, and he had no control over it.

Nick told Grace that he had discovered that Cassie was Sharon's child, and it had completely destroyed his plans. He said he'd had trouble making time for his son, and suddenly, he had a ready-made daughter. Grace told him that Cassie was a wonderful little girl, and she reminded Nick that he'd known years earlier that Sharon had had a child. Nick agreed, but he'd never thought that she would pop up and slap him in the face.

Nick and Grace made a pact that they wouldn't discuss any personal issues in the office. They would concentrate on business. Grace told Nick that anytime he needed to talk, she would always be there for him. She understood that he wanted to take a couple of years to get his feet firmly planted at Newman Enterprises. Nick found it interesting that Grace understood that, and Sharon couldn't. Grace told Nick that while she was interested in work, Sharon's life was devoted to her home and the children.

Phyllis arrived in Christine's office and asked for five minutes of her time. Christine thought Phyllis was there to harass her about Danny, but Phyllis claimed that wasn't the reason she was there. She knew Christine was living with Nina. Phyllis claimed that it hadn't been easy for her to see Christine. She was there about a man who desperately wanted a second chance at life and couldn't do it without Christine's help.

Phyllis admitted she hadn't known this man before, but he was sincere about his love of the law and his passion to pursue his career. Phyllis stated that he had a great gift, and Christine had the power to change things for him. Phyllis asked if Christine could look into her heart and forgive him. Phyllis said that the man was Michael, and he was dying inside.

Christine told Phyllis that if and when Michael proved to her that he'd changed, she would consider speaking on his behalf. Phyllis asked what he had to do -- sarcastically wondering if he had to walk on water. Phyllis called Christine a hypocrite. She stated that Christine worked at Legal Aid and had people believing that she had devoted her life to helping the unfortunate, but when it came to allowing someone get a little personal in their request for help, Christine couldn't step up to the plate. Christine didn't appreciate Phyllis questioning her compassion.

Phyllis told Christine that she'd made a mistake asking for Christine's help. She had thought Christine would listen, but once again, Christine had shown how uncaring and heartless she really was. Phyllis stormed out of the office, slamming the door behind her. She left Christine with an incredulous look on her face.

Victor arrived at home. He looked tired. He walked to the couch slowly and sat down. Diane entered the room and said she was delighted to see him. She sat down with him, and they kissed. She told Victor that the apartment was lonely without him. Victor apologized that he'd been neglecting her. Diane claimed she understood that Victor had to be away a lot.

Diane told Victor that Jack had told her Nikki was expected to make a full recovery. Victor stated that Nikki was still in critical condition, and she could have a relapse. He believed that marrying Nikki and pulling the family together had been what had given Nikki the strength to get through the extraordinary crisis. He told Diane that the doctors were more worried about Nikki's emotional recovery. He needed more time with Nikki because he couldn't just walk away.

Diane demanded that Victor tell her how long she was supposed to put her life on hold. Victor said they would be together as soon as he'd been assured that Nikki had fully recovered. Diane asked if Victor had been trying to tell her more, but Victor vehemently denied it and claimed they would be together. He kissed Diane.

A short time later, Jack stopped by for a visit with Diane, and he immediately noticed that she was upset. Diane informed him that Victor had said that he needed more time with Nikki because she wasn't out of the woods yet. He'd informed her that he didn't want to undermine her progress. Jack told Diane that he knew she wanted to believe the Black Knight, but Jack believed that things wouldn't turn out the way Victor had promised. Jack warned her that Victor couldn't always help himself where Nikki was concerned.

Diane told Jack she intended to be patient, and she would wait for her husband to return to her. She didn't believe that Victor would lie to her just to make her feel better. In her heart, she felt that they would be together. She said Victor had promised her that, and she had to believe him.

Michael spoke with an attractive businesswoman who stated she was impressed with his résumé. The interviewer reminded Michael that the job as ombudsman for the hospital was only part-time. The woman was shocked when Michael informed her that he'd done that kind of work while he'd been incarcerated. Michael explained that he'd been in prison and paid dearly for his mistakes, but while he'd been in prison, he'd had time to reassess his life and his values.

Michael told the woman that he'd been a successful lawyer with a brilliant career. He'd made lots of money, but he'd lacked common decency. Michael provided the woman with a business card with the name and phone number of his parole officer, as well as references from people who knew him. The woman was impressed with his honesty and his references. She was particularly impressed with the reference from the State Correction Facility.

Keith wanted to talk to Jill about his proposal and said he'd been happy to give her time to think about it. He said he'd expected her to take a few days, but it had been weeks. He felt that an answer was in order. Jill said they didn't want kids, and she suggested that they continue the way they had been.

Keith told Jill that he was an old-fashioned man who believed in marriage. He told Jill he'd known she wouldn't accept his proposal. He informed her that Katherine had stopped by and stated that Jill wouldn't. Jill became angry that Katherine had stuck her nose into Jill's business. Jill told Keith that she couldn't understand how he could have allowed that old crone to come between them.

Keith claimed he'd only wanted an answer. Jill admitted that when she looked at her future, she couldn't see the two of them together, and she apologized. Keith apologized, as well, and said he had to accept it, but there was one thing he wanted her to do. He told her to pack her things and leave immediately.

When Phyllis arrived at her home, Michael was there and waiting with Champagne. He told Phyllis that he'd taken her advice, and he told her that he was the new ombudsman at Memorial Hospital. Phyllis was thrilled for him. Michael told her that it didn't mean that he would stop fighting for his law license. Phyllis told Michael that she'd spoken to Christine about him. Michael exploded and yelled that Phyllis had made things worse for him. He stated that Phyllis had done more harm than good.

Michael told Phyllis to stay out of that part of his life. Phyllis claimed that she'd been trying to help and added that Christine wouldn't do anything to help him. Michael told her that regardless of what she'd done, he was going to prove himself to Christine. He said he had to.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther opened the door to an irate Jill. Jill yelled for Katherine to "get the hell downstairs." Jill started to go upstairs, but Esther blocked her way. Jill yelled for Esther to get out of her way. Katherine appeared and sent Esther to the kitchen. Alone with Katherine, Jill demanded to know why Katherine had gone to Keith and told him that Jill had no intention of marrying him. Katherine said that Keith deserved to know the truth, and it was obvious that Jill didn't have the heart to tell him.

Jill said that it hadn't been Katherine's place to tell Keith. Katherine retorted that Jill hadn't had the guts to do it herself, and she said that Jill should have been thanking her. Katherine said the marriage would have caused Jill nothing but distress. She also claimed she'd saved Jill a lot of time. When Jill told Katherine that she had no place to live, Katherine suggested that John might take in the mother of his child. Jill claimed she didn't want to impose any more than she already had. She said she'd left Billy in John's care.

Katherine suggested that Jill stay with her. She said the house was big enough that they wouldn't be bumping into each other in the hallways. At first, Jill refused, but then she decided that Katherine owed her that much, since Katherine was the reason she was homeless. Jill decided it was the perfect way to get back at Katherine. Jill told Esther to tell Robert to bring her bags in. Jill looked at Katherine and said that it looked like Katherine had a new roommate.

Victor told Nikki that she looked much better. The nurse told them that she would step out. She informed Victor that Nikki was being monitored at the nurses' station, and if he needed anything to simply ask. Nikki expressed her relief at being alone with Victor, and she said that it had been a long time. She thanked him for reuniting the family and said that Victor marrying her had given her the will to fight; he had saved her life. Nikki thanked him.

Nikki told Victor that he was her knight in shining armor, and that made her the damsel in distress. Victor claimed she wasn't a damsel in distress any longer but was on her way to recovery. Nikki wanted a mirror because she claimed she looked a mess. Victor provided her with a mirror. Nikki said she looked pale and washed out, and she needed some makeup.

Victor rose and said he'd be right back. He returned a short time later with a bag of makeup the nurse had helped him buy. Nikki claimed she was too tired to apply the makeup, and she asked Victor to do it. Victor applied the makeup with Nikki's guidance. She checked her image in the mirror and claimed she looked like a totally different person. She thanked Victor. He leaned over and kissed her forehead.

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Jack entered Victor's office and asked about Nikki. Victor told him that Nikki was holding her own. Jack asked what Victor was going to do about Diane, but Victor told him it is none of his business and declared the meeting over. Jack asked if Victor knew how many women would have done what Diane had done for him. Jack held up a finger and said, "One. Diane." Jack asked when Victor would be taking Diane back on their honeymoon. He said he was Victor's right-hand man and needed to know when he would be stepping in.

Victor assured Jack that when he left for his honeymoon, Jack would receive plenty of notice. Victor stated that he called the shots, and he told Jack to close the door on his way out. Jack refused to leave because he wanted to know when Victor was going to divorce Nikki and remarry Diane. Victor said someone was waiting for him, and their meeting was over. Victor walked out and left Jack dismayed.

Grace took Nick a cup of coffee after she found him asleep at this desk. She encouraged him to go home for a nap, stating that he couldn't be productive if he was asleep at his desk. Nick received a phone call from Victoria. He said he would meet her in the parking garage in half an hour.

Before going to shave, Nick moaned to Grace about what a mess his life was. Grace felt bad because it was her fault. Nick said that Grace had been like a mother to the kid. Nick said he felt bad for her. Grace began by telling Nick how she and Tony had gone in search of Sharon's first baby because they'd believed that Noah wouldn't make it. Grace said it was ironic because Nick would do anything to get rid of Cassie, and Grace would do anything to get Cassie back.

Grace broke down and cried. Nick got her a tissue and put his arms around her. He said he wished Grace had never found Cassie. As he left to get himself cleaned up, he told Grace that Sharon could leave town and take Cassie with her for all he cared, but there was "no way in hell" he would he allow her to take his son away.

After Nick left, Grace picked up the family picture Nick kept on his desk of him, Sharon, and Noah. She looked at it for a moment and hugged it to her breast. Tony walked in and told her he had planned a wonderful surprise for her. He said he had reservations for them at the Colonnade Room. Grace told him that she and Nick would be working all night. She said that Nick needed a lot of hand-holding because of all the trouble in his life at that moment. Before Tony left, he cautioned her about holding Newman's hand too tightly. He asked her to remember who her number one guy was. They kissed, and as he hugged Grace, she had a faraway look in her eyes.

Christine was busy in her office when Sharon arrived at Christine's request. Christine said that she'd expected to hear from Sharon much earlier. Sharon said that too much had happened, and she admitted that she hadn't been visiting her mother when Christine had called. Sharon said that she was staying with her mother for a while. Nick hadn't taken the news very well about Cassie being her daughter. She didn't know what was going to happen, but Nick had to know that if he wanted her and Noah in his life, then he had to accept Cassie. Sharon told Christine that she would remain in Genoa City. She had to consider what was best for both children, and uprooting Cassie again wouldn't be in the girl's best interest.

Paul arrived at the office as Sharon was leaving. Paul noticed how distracted Sharon was. Christine explained to Paul about Sharon's situation, but Christine didn't have the heart to tell Sharon that Grace could have as much claim to Cassie as Sharon did.

Ryan arrived unannounced at Nina's -- again. Nina was in a good mood and welcomed him. He hemmed and hawed until Nina finally made him tell her why he was there. Ryan told Nina that there was a great new guy at the office, and he wanted to fix her up with him. Nina stopped him and told him she was happy as she was. She had her work, and she had Phillip. She was the happiest she'd ever been. Nina escorted him out the door and told him that the longer they were divorced, the more she liked him.

After Ryan left, Nina walked to her computer. She stopped and thought for a minute then said, "No."

Ashley visited Cole at the tack room, and she brought him a large lily. They discussed the shooting. Cole wanted to write about the shooting, but he had too many questions left unanswered Ashley hoped he didn't put himself in danger while looking for answers.

Veronica sat in the café, reading the paper. She was disgusted that the "bitch" was still alive. She began to think about her situation and about all the trouble she was in already. She had to get out of Genoa City, but she wondered where she could she go. She knew they were looking for Sara, who wore glasses and had ugly hair; that wasn't Veronica, and they wouldn't recognize her. Miguel arrived and joined her. He wondered if she was in any trouble because, if she was, he would like to help her if he could. She said that it was nice of him to be concerned, and when she got to know him better, perhaps he could help her. She left.

Diane opened the door to Nick and Victoria, and she invited them in for some freshly brewed coffee. She asked about Nikki, and she was happy to hear that Nikki was so much better. Nick and Victoria told her that they were there to thank her for her graciousness in divorcing Victor so he could remarry Nikki. It had been an incredible thing to do because she had reunited their family, and Diane had saved their mother's life.

As Nick and Victoria continued to sing her praises, Diane realized that they had the wrong idea about the marriage. Diane stopped them, and she told them that they had it all wrong. She explained that it had been something Victor had wanted to do for a dying woman. Victor didn't want the marriage for itself. The marriage was only temporary, since they were going to get remarried. Nick said that their mother was going to live.

Victoria wondered what was going to happen if Victor wasn't going to stay with Nikki. Diane said she was happy for them and for Nikki, but she'd had no idea how to tell them except to say it. She asked them not to blame Victor because he'd been doing what he'd thought he'd had to do. Nick and Victoria stared at her, speechless.

Victor entered Nikki's room and watched her sleep. When she woke up, she was happy to see Victor. She told him that she'd been dreaming about him, but she couldn't remember the dream. Nikki told Victor that she couldn't wait to get out of the hospital. Nikki suddenly recalled her dream -- she'd been reliving memories of when Victor had married her. Nikki asked Victor if he believed in destiny. She said she did and that Victor was her destiny. They were meant to be together.

Victor kissed Nikki's hand as she drifted off to sleep again.

Thursday, April 16, 1998

Malcolm dropped by the hospital to see his wife, Olivia. He had a favor to ask of her. Malcolm wanted her to stop by and see how Neil was doing. He felt that he and Neil were on the outs at that moment, and Neil wouldn't tell him anything. Malcom asked if she would be there for his brother.

Diane was packing for her trip with Victor when Jack dropped by. Jack told Diane about the conversation between him and Victor. Jack claimed that he was only looking out for her best interests. Diane said that although she appreciated it, it wasn't necessary because everything was working out for them. Nikki would be out of the woods soon, so she and Victor could pick up where they had left off -- the wonderful honeymoon with her husband. Jack reminded her that Victor wasn't her husband. Jack said he didn't believe her when she claimed that things were moving along at a fast clip. Diane called the hospital.

Casey discussed Nikki's condition with her medical team. They informed her that they had upgraded Nikki's condition from critical to serious. Nikki's doctor also gave Victor the good news. He entered Nikki's room and told Casey that everything was going to be all right. He went to Nikki's bedside and sat watching Nikki sleep.

As Victor watched Nikki sleep, she suddenly woke up and turned toward Victor. She saw tears in Victor's eyes. Victor explained that their prayers had been answered, and she was going to live. Nikki believed that Victor hadn't always believed that she would survive. Victor said that he'd never given up on her, even after the doctors had told him that she wouldn't make it.

On the phone, Diane managed to get through to Nikki's room, and she asked for Victor. When Victor was on the phone, he told Diane that Nikki was much better. He said he would be home soon, but he had a couple of stops to make first. Diane told Victor that she was packing for their trip. She said that it wouldn't be long.

After Diane hung up from her call to Victor, Jack seemed more convinced, but he remained skeptical. Diane told him about the visit that Nick and Victoria had paid her earlier that day. She admitted that she'd had to set them straight as far as her marriage was concerned. It wasn't fair for Nick and Victoria to continue thinking that the marriage between Nikki and Victor had been real. Jack asked Diane if it had occurred to her that Nick and Victoria could be right. Diane claimed it hadn't occurred to her for even a moment.

Nick and Victoria entered Nick's office, and they wondered if what Diane had told them was true. Nick phoned Victor's office, and he instructed Connie to send his dad to Nick's office as soon as he arrived. It was important that Nick speak to his dad.

Nick was furious with his father, but Victoria wanted to hear the facts from Victor. She asked if it was possible that Diane had been mistaken. Nick believed what Diane had said, and he was angry that they'd discovered that their dad had only provided a temporary fix for the family. Nikki believed that the vows they had exchanged had been real, and in the end, Nikki was the one who would have to pay the price.

Miguel delivered Cole's tuxedo to the tack house. Cole told him that he was planning a fantastic evening. After Miguel left, Cole received a call from Ashley. She didn't have any idea where they were going that evening or what she should wear. He told her they were going to the private dining room. Ashley was impressed, and she told him she would meet him there.

Victoria went to Neil's office to drop off a report. She told him that Nikki was doing better, but she was still worried about her mother. Victoria was more concerned about Nikki after she returned home after being released from the hospital than while she was in the hospital. Neil said he missed his little girl. Victoria told him that his little girl was almost a free woman.

Jill was in the Dennison home when Megan and Trisha arrived. They were outraged that Jill was there after what she'd done to their father. Jill told them that she loved Keith, but she didn't love him enough to marry him. She wished that she did. Their father was a wonderful gift to her, and he'd also given her a wonderful gift---his two lovely daughters. She had been blessed in knowing them, even though she realized how they felt about her.

As Jill started to leave, Tricia told her to wait. She approached Jill and gave Jill a long hug. Megan followed suit; she gave Jill a hug and told her she was sorry things hadn't work out. As the three of them shared a group hug, Jill told them that if they ever needed anything, to remember that she was always there for them, the daughters she'd never had.

Olivia dropped by Neil's office, and she was surprised to see that he was doing so well. He said he was doing fine except for spending time in his lonely apartment. He claimed that he had to get back to his work and his life without distractions. Olivia told him that she was there for him whenever he needed her.

When Nikki woke up again, Victor was still at her bedside. She wondered what she would do without him. She wondered if she ever needed to worry about that again. Victor responded by kissing her hand. Nikki told him that she had always loved him. Until he'd put a ring on her finger, she'd never known how he felt about her. Since then, she knew that he still loved her. Victor kissed her forehead as Nikki drifted off to sleep.

Cole surveyed the private dining room, which was ablaze in candlelight and decorated with exotic flowers everywhere. The table was set with beautiful china and crystal. Ashley appeared, wearing a gorgeous black evening dress, and they embraced. After they danced, they went to the table, where the waiter poured Champagne. Cole toasted to a moment they would never forget. Cole nodded to the waiter, who brought a large package for Ashley.

Excited .Ashley opened the package and found a copy of Cole's finished novel, Hope in a Bottle, and a small envelope. He encouraged her to look inside. Ashley discovered that the book had been dedicated to her in glowing terms. Cole said that Ashley would always be his inspiration. After they kissed, she opened the envelope. It was a card with one small sentence written there. It was addressed, "To the future Mrs. Cole Howard," and the message was "Will you marry me?" Ashley answered with a kiss. Cole asked if that was a yes. Ashley said it was.

Victoria returned to Nick's office, and moments later, Victor followed. Victor said he'd been at the hospital with their mother, and she was doing very well. It appeared she was out of the woods. They were happy, but Victor felt that they should be ecstatic. Victor wanted to know what was wrong with Nick and Victoria. They told him that they'd gone to see Diane, and she had set them straight about the fake marriage. They said they knew the truth -- that Victor was going to drop the biggest bomb on their mother.

Nick and Victoria claimed that the marriage was just a stupid lie, and it had been a grand gesture to give their mother peace. Victoria said that she understood why he'd done it, but Nikki was going to be devastated. Victoria accused Victor of leading Nikki on. Victor told them it was far more complicated than they could understand. Nick and Victoria watched as Victor sank slowly into a chair, and they marched out of Nick's office.

Friday, April 17, 1998

In Jack's office, Jack apologized to Diane for being so negative about her relationship with Victor. He knew that Diane believed that Victor loved and wanted to be with her, but Jack couldn't help but wonder if there was something going on that Diane didn't know about. He admitted he wished that it could have been him that she'd chosen, but since she hadn't, he would be the one staying home and making all the money while Diane and Victor flew off to see the world.

Nikki called the penthouse, but she only got the answering machine.

Cole and Ashley were dancing and kissing. They returned to their table and had another glass of Champagne. Cole told Ashley that she was radiant. Ashley claimed that it was because she was so happy. She asked if it was a dream. Cole assured her it was real. Cole said that "Ashley Howard" had a lovely ring to it. They talked about Cole's life with Victoria. He admitted that he'd loved her for a long time, but during the past couple of years, they had been drifting apart. He said that he'd stayed with Victoria, and they had tried to recapture what they'd had, but they had finally realized that what they'd had was gone.

Cole said that he'd fallen in love with Ashley. Ashley stated that Victoria was a tough act to follow, but she believed she was up to the challenge. Cole wondered why they were talking about the past when they had so much in the present. Cole beckoned, and Ashley followed him to the dance floor, where they did a fancy number to the song "Isn't It Romantic."

Nick was in his office, staring into space. Grace walked in and gave Nick a report. Nick said the report was fine, but he claimed he hadn't read it. Nick admitted that he was very upset. Grace guessed that it was about his inability to deal with a new stepdaughter. Nick said he'd been presented with an unexpected baby, and suddenly he had a seven-year-old kid. Nick asked if he was supposed to go home and play daddy dearest.

Nick told Grace that it wasn't the life that he'd wanted. Grace began to massage all the knots out of Nick's shoulders. She thought that something else was bothering him. Nick claimed it was his father. He told Grace that Nikki was doing better. Grace said that was incredible news. She told Nick to look on the bright side. Nick looked at Grace and smiled. He said that Grace was right.

Nick thanked Grace for being the first person in a long time to put a smile on his face. Grace began rubbing his shoulders again, and she suggested that Nick needed to call his wife because they needed to talk. Then, if they couldn't work things out, he would know that he'd done his best. Nick told Grace that he would think about it, but Sharon was so obsessed with "this kid" that she didn't give a damn about anyone else. He said that he would fire Grace if she stopped doing what she was doing. Grace laughed and continued to massage his shoulders.

Olivia and Neil continued their discussion about the marriage breakup. Neil said things were very ironic because he knew people who were completely incompatible, but they'd managed to work things out. Then there were those that appeared to have everything, but deep down, they were unsuited for each other, like him and Dru. He said he loved her very much, but he couldn't give her what she wanted.

Olivia said that Neil and Dru had been happy before Dru had begun modeling. Olivia claimed that Neil wasn't the villain, and she suggested that Neil not allow his anger toward Dru to destroy him. Neil wondered if he was wrong to want a traditional marriage, but Olivia told him that he wasn't wrong. Looking deep into Olivia's eyes, Neil asked why Dru couldn't have been more like Olivia. Neil said that if Dru had been more like Olivia, they would still be together, and he would have remained the happiest man alive."

Doris noticed that Cassie was depressed. Cassie asked Doris if she could visit Grace. Doris explained that Doris couldn't take Cassie because of Doris' wheelchair. Doris reminded Cassie that Sharon loved her. Cassie said she knew that, and she went into her room.

When Sharon returned home, Doris whispered to Sharon the conversation she'd had with Cassie. Sharon said she knew that Cassie missed Grace. She was hoping that Cassie would grow to love her. Doris told her to give it time, and Sharon also needed to provide Cassie with a stable home, just as Grace had done. Sharon was afraid to talk to Nick; there was only so much unpleasantness a person could tolerate.

Cassie entered the room. Seeing her daughter so unhappy, Sharon asked Cassie if she would like to visit Grace. Cassie brightened up considerably and gave Sharon a hug. Sharon told Cassie to get dressed.

Nick called Sharon and asked her to stop by the office because they needed to talk. Sharon said she would be there soon. Sharon was hopeful that Nick was going to give Cassie a chance. Doris was also encouraged. Doris told Sharon that Nick loved her, and Cassie was an easy child to love. Sharon called Grace. At first, Grace acted like she was too busy to see Sharon, but when Sharon said she wanted to bring Cassie for a visit, Grace quickly changed her mind and said she would go home immediately. After Sharon hung up, she hoped she wasn't making a huge mistake.

Nikki called the Newman penthouse again, but once again, she only got the answering machine.

Jill was working when Malcolm walked into her office. He told her that he'd been going through the executives' promotional photos, and he'd found hers. He said that she could do better than that photo. He said that Jill was a lady full of pizzazz and sparks, but the photo he held had none of that. He wanted to do another headshot, and he guaranteed that it would be better.

Jill looked Malcolm up and down, and she said he would be perfect. She explained that she was searching for some fresh new faces for the men's line, and she was looking at one. Malcolm said absolutely not. He said he took pictures; he didn't pose for them. She claimed that it was a shame to waste his face behind the camera, but Malcolm told her that it wasn't his trip. Laughing, he left the office after telling Jill that he would call her about the headshot.

Outside the office, Malcolm saw his reflection and began to imagine himself posing in front of the camera. Malcolm imagined several poses in different outfits, and he wore less for each subsequent picture. When he returned to reality, he saw Jill standing in her doorway, smiling at him.

Grace was waiting in her apartment when Sharon and Cassie arrived. When Grace opened the door, Cassie threw herself into Grace's arms, shouting, "Mommy." Cassie corrected herself and called Grace by her name. Inside the apartment, Cassie went to her room to look for a book. Sharon told Grace that they had previously been very good friends, and she would like to get that back again. Grace didn't believe that would be possible. Grace didn't know how they could ever go back to the way they had been. Sharon said it depended on whether they wanted to or not. Sharon told Grace to think about it. Sharon said she would be back soon to pick up Cassie.

After Sharon left, Grace called Cassie out of her room. Cassie ran into Grace's arms crying, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy."

Jack asked Diane when Victor planned get his divorce, but Diane said she didn't care, because they were going on their fantastic trip with or without the divorce. Jack flippantly remarked that outside of Hollywood, Nikki and Victor's marriage was going to be the shortest on record. Diane said that she was glad that Nikki hadn't died, but since Nikki was getting better, Diane and Victor would be together again. Diane would never have to hear that woman's voice again. Jack said that the marriage seemed to have done the trick, but if he were standing at death's door and saw Victor's face looking down at him, he would knock the door down to get to the other side.

As Diane was about to leave, Jack answered the call. A nurse on the other end asked to speak to Diane Newman. Jack handed the phone to Diane. The nurse asked if she'd forgotten a doctor's appointment. Diane was surprised that it was Nikki on the other end. Diane asked how she was doing, and Nikki replied that she was getting better. Diane said that they had all been concerned for her.

Nikki asked Diane to stop by the hospital because Nikki wanted to talk to her. Diane said that she would be there shortly. When Diane ended the call, Jack said it was fascinating. Diane agreed that fascinating was the word.. Diane asked Jack why Nikki wanted to see her. Jack said that Diane would have her answer very soon.

Nick was staring into space when Sharon knocked on the door. She asked how he was doing, and Nick claimed he was fine. He asked about Noah. Sharon said she would have brought him, but she'd chosen not to, since they would be talking. Nick said that it was best that Sharon hadn't brought Noah. Sharon asked if Nick had given some thought to accepting Cassie. Sharon said that having Cassie in the family wasn't the end of the world. Nick stated that he didn't like having a seven-year-old kid sprung on him from out of nowhere.

Sharon asked Nick what she was supposed to do when Grace had brought Sharon's daughter to her. She wondered if Nick expected her to turn her back on Cassie. Nick claimed he didn't know, but he didn't see them living happily ever after. Nick apologized and said that the kid had changed everything for him. Sharon said that they didn't have much to talk about. Coldly, Nick told Sharon he wanted to make one thing clear: his family wasn't to know about Cassie. He also didn't want any conflict.

Nick told Sharon that Nikki would be on her way home from the hospital soon, and he didn't want Sharon creating any conflict by telling them about her child. Sharon said that Nikki going home was a reason to celebrate. She asked why they couldn't share the happiness. Sharon told Nick to take a good look at himself because he couldn't take joy from his mother going home. She was incredulous that he called her obsessed. Nick warned Sharon not to turn it around on him.

Sharon shook her head sadly and asked what had happened to the Nicholas she had known. When Nick didn't answer, she walked out the door with her head held high. Once she was outside, she leaned against the wall in tears.


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