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Ryan decided to marry Tricia. Grace told Nick how she really felt about him. Sharon and Tony campaigned to convince Grace that she didn't stand a chance with Nick. Ashley got confirmation of her suspicions about Victoria's pregnancy. Victor arranged a private dinner with Diane.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 6, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday July 6, 1998

The Fourth of July celebration continues in full swing. Vicki notices that Grace is watching Nick and Sharon as they dance. "They make a perfect couple, don't they?" she asks. Grace agrees and then she is shocked when Vicki tells her not to forget it. Tony drops by and wonders what the ladies are talking about. Holding out her left hand, Grace says that Vicki was just congratulating her on the engagement. Vicki agrees and offers her congratulations to Tony---by kissing him. Grace doesn't waste any time in jumping between them. She takes Tony out on the dance floor leaving Vicki alone. From the sidelines, however, Ashley is using her "X-ray" vision on Vicki.

PAUL and CHRIS stops by Nina's to wish her a happy fourth and tell her about Christine's trip. Phillip comes into the room and Paul invites him to the park with them. They can go ride the go-carts, he tempts. Phillip says that it just wouldn't be the same as it would be if his father took him. Chris tries to tell him that she sees children every day who are suffering because of divorce. She tells him that as bad as it feels right now, it will get better as time goes on. And, she tells him, you are lucky because you have a mom and dad who love you. Nina says that Ryan will never abandon him. Then why does it feel like he has already abandoned me? Phillip asks. Paul asks Phillip if he knows what a screwball is. Phillip knows what a curve ball is, but he has never heard of a screwball. Paul says it is the hardest ball to hit and if Phillip will get his ball and glove, he will take him to the school yard and teach it to him.

RYAN and TRICIA are happily making wedding plans when Alec and Megan arrive. They make their announcement and tell them that they are the first one to hear the good news.

JILL insists on going to the Chancellor mansion to get the feel of it, knowing that it is hers---all hers. John Silva tries to warn her that if she goes there and makes a slip of the tongue, she could be risking everything. But Jill is insistent and realizing that he can't tie her to a chair to keep her from going, John gives up. Just don't blow it! He says.

DIANE opens the door to a young lady who introduces herself as Marissa Barton. She is there in answer to the ad and she has already talked to Jack who filled her in on what Diane needs. She begins to recite her references, but Diane interrupts to tell her that she is mistaken; Diane says she doesn't need any help. While trying to explain that Jack is a good friend that is going overboard in wanting her to hire someone, the phone rings. She answers it and is immediately unable to find her calendar. She searches everywhere while trying to convince the person on the phone that she has everything under control. Then the second phone begins ringing. Before she can get to it, Marissa answers. She handles the phone efficiently. Afterward, she makes a deal with Diane; let her work for one week, then if Diane still doesn't need her, she will leave without pay. Diane agrees.

VERONICA calls the ranch and tells Miguel that she was called in to work so she can't come to the party. Barry watches from across the room. When she gets off the phone, Barry wants to know whom she was talking to. Veronica says that she was talking to her boyfriend. Barry tells her that waiting tables is only a part of her job here; the main part is keeping the manager happy. She begs him not to start anything; she really needs this job. If you need this job so much, you won't mind keeping the boss happy, Barry tells her.

NICK wants Vicki to take off her shirt and go for a swim, but Vicki ways that she is just getting over a cold and doesn't want to take a chance of a relapse. Ashley watches and listens.

MALCOLM is preparing a burger when Neil comes up. He tries to talk about Neil and Vicki, but Neil tells him flatly that it is none of his business. Malcolm approaches Vicki and asks her how it is going. She says, "You mean, how is it going with Neil and me, don't you?" Malcolm agrees but in a nice way, Vicki tells him to mind his own business.

TONY, GRACE, SHARON and NICK meet on the dance floor. Tony wants Nick to give Grace some time off for work and a honeymoon. When Nick doesn't answer right away, Grace accuses Tony of putting Nick on the spot with the request. Nick wonders what is the rush and Tony asks wouldn't he be in a rush to be married to someone as wonderful as Grace. Sharon wants to help Grace with planning the wedding. Cassie wants to be the flower girl and Tony tells her that she has the job.

PAUL and CHRISTINE arrive home with Paul rubbing his shoulder; it has been a long time since he has thrown so many screwballs. Chris says that she has to finish packing, as the car will be picking her up in about an hour. Paul offers to help her, but she wonders what he wants to help her do. Taking him by the hand, she tells him to come with her and she will "put him to work."

Later, the return to the living room. Chris checks her bag to be sure that she isn't forgetting anything. The doorman calls to announce that the limo is ready. They kiss goodbye and Chris is off to Romania.

ASHLEY and COLE say good bye to Vicki and thank her for letting them attend the party.

JILL arrives at the Chancellor mansion and tells Esther that when she packed her bags the other day, she forgot an expensive Italian scarf. While Esther goes in search of it, Jill wanders around the room, touching and caressing everything in the room. Katherine comes in, angry that Jill is there after being told not to return. She promises that if she comes again, she will call the police. After exchanging a few insults and a few veiled comments by Jill, Jill takes her leave. In the living room, Katherine wonders what Jill is up to and what she can do to find out.

The party is breaking up as everyone takes their leave. Nick and Victor talk. Nick offers to help Victor with Diane, but Victor says that he will handle it himself. Nick talks about Miguel and his girlfriend. He convinces Victor to give the idea of offering Veronica a job more thought.

VERONICA is clearing a table when Barry comes up behind her and pinches her on the butt. She tries to get away from him, but he is determined to have his way. As he is dragging her into the back, Miguel arrives. The two of them fight and it ends by Miguel throwing Barry down the counter. Barry picks himself up and grabs a water pitcher. He breaks the pitcher and, holding only the handle with the jagged edges, threatens Miguel. Veronica talks Miguel into leaving it alone and leaving. "You are fired!" Barry shouts to their backs.

Tuesday, July 7, 1998

DIANE is worried. She asks Michael why things are going so slow. She hasn't heard a word from Victor since their last meeting. Michael tells her not to worry about it; obviously Victor ahs tried to build a wall around himself, but very soon, that wall will come tumbling down. He has a few ideas and he will show her one of them today. He says that men have been killed for less than what he is about to pull off. Diane warns him about pushing Victor too far, but he tells her that caution is fine, but this is as much a psychological battle, as it is a legal one. Michael reminds Diane that Victor has made his "wife of preference," and he will want to make it legal as soon as possible. Therefore, he will be eager to settle this matter so he can legally marry Nikki. It won't be long, he promises as he leaves.

VICTOR asks John Silva why Michael and Diane haven't made their move yet. What could their strategy be? John says that they are waiting for another offer, but Victor says that they can just keep waiting; he will not give them another cent more. He tells John to do something to get this over with, but John says that unless they make another offer, there is nothing that they can do. Several times, John tells Victor that he needs to raise the offer, but Victor is adamant that he will not offer another cent. Victor orders John to come up with a solution as he angrily slams out of the office. "There is so much more, but you won't listen," John says after he has gone. "But you just won't listen!"

CASSIE is reading a book while Sharon straightens up the living room. When there is a knock at the door, Cassie runs to answer it. It is Tony and he wonders if he is interrupting something important. Sharon says that they do have plans but he can come in and visit until they have to leave. Cassie will be leaving soon to feed Seawind, one of the horses at the stable. As Sharon goes to check on Noah, Cassie and Tony cuddle up on the couch. She tells him that she misses him so much. He mentions that she has it made; she is living with her real birth mother at this big ranch with horses and a swimming pool. Cassie says that Sharon is nice, but Grace still feels like her real mother.

When Sharon comes back into the room, Cassie leaves to feed the horse. Tony tells Sharon that her little party worked it's magic. Now everyone knows that she and Nick are tight again. She wonders if Grace got the message and Tony says she got the message loud and clear. He advises Sharon to stop worrying about Nick and Grace and concentrate on her marriage and family. There is no use borrowing trouble; he isn't and she shouldn't either. Grace is aware of how much Nick loves Sharon and she knows that she can't change it. We have to appreciate what we have, Tony tells her.

ALEC and MEGAN once again are congratulating Tricia and Ryan on their upcoming marriage. Megan doesn't want to burst any balloons, but she wants to know how they will handle Nina and Phillip. Ryan says he has a plan. Just then, there is a knock at the door and he says that that must be Nina now.

NINA is surprised and none too pleased when she sees that she has an audience. Testily, she asks Ryan what was so important that she had to drop everything and rush right over here. Tricia suggests that everyone go into the bedroom and give Ryan and Nina some privacy. As soon as they are alone, Ryan tells Nina that he wants to marry Tricia as soon as possible. So, what else is new? Nina wonders. I have known about this for a long time. Ryan says that he wants Phillip to be at his wedding, but Nina explodes. No way is she allowing her son to go to the wedding the way that he feels. She reminds him of his "family dinner" not so long ago where Tricia showed up flashing her new diamond. Phillip was devastated and she isn't going to let that happen again. She and Phillip are just getting started with counseling and she doesn't want to make things any worse for Phillip. "If you want to marry Tricia, go ahead. But I won't be there and neither will Phillip," Nina tells Ryan as she slams out of the apartment.

Inside the bedroom, the others have been listening to the conversation. Alec tells Tricia that he was only Phillip's age when his parents were divorced. He advises her to be patient and don't push. The last thing that Phillip needs is someone pressuring him to accept his father's new wife. It will take some time, but he will thank her for it later.

When they hear the door slam, Tricia, Megan and Alec comes back into the living room. "Do you still want to go through with it?" Tricia asks Ryan. Ryan is surprised that she would ask; yes, he still wants to go through with it. He doesn't want to wait one second longer than necessary. He loves her. After Megan and Alec leaves to give them some privacy, Tricia tells Ryan what Alec has said to her. She has an idea; what if they had only a small private ceremony? They wouldn't have to tell Phillip about it until he was ready to hear about it. You wouldn't mind? Ryan asks. "Just being your wife is all I want," Tricia assures him.

ASHLEY goes to Neil's office. Outside, she hesitates, but finally she says to herself that she has to ask him. Entering the office, Ashley compliments Neil and Victoria on the work they did on the sales report. Neil thanks her and says that he will pass the compliment on to Victoria. Ashley wonders if Vicki is all right; divorce can be very traumatic. Neil speaks a little harshly at Ashley for coming to the ranch. Having her ex-husband and his girlfriend there wasn't good for Victoria. Ashley apologizes for the awkwardness, but wonders why Victoria would be so uncomfortable---unless she has a reason that she, Ashley, doesn't know about.

Ashley comes right out with it; she says that she thinks that Vicki is still pregnant. She wants an answer from Neil. Neil tries to circle all around the question without answering. Ashley reminds him that she can't go to Vicki for the answer; Vicki won't even give her the time of day. She can't ask Cole; he is as in the dark as she is. There is no one else she can ask. "Can you look me in the eyes and tell me that Victoria is not pregnant?" She asks. When Neil looks away and is unable to look Ashley in the eye, Ashley says that she has her answer and walks out of the office.

VICTORIA stops by Olivia's office at her request. Olivia assures her that this is a personal visit rather than a professional visit. She just wants to know how Vicki is doing with the pregnancy. She tells Vicki that Ashley was watching her closely at the party and noticed that she was gaining weight. Vicki is not thrilled that Ashley is making nasty little comments behind her back. She thinks that Ashley should mind her own business. This is her business, Olivia says. That is, if this baby is Cole's. Vicki tells Olivia that this is HER baby and she will deal with the pregnancy the way she sees fit. Olivia tells her that before long everyone will know about the pregnancy. She advises Vicki to tell her family. Vicki says that that is none of her business; she doesn't need this kind of pressure. Angrily, Vicki leaves the office.

NICK is on the phone with Jack talking about their latest project when Grace comes in with the figures he needs. He tells her that she is amazing. Grace says that she never wants to disappoint him; now that she is back on track, work wise, they make an incredible team.

As they continue working, Grace says that she would have had the work caught up if she hadn't taken off for the pool party. However, Nick tells her that they have to take time off for fun and family or they will experience burn out. He asks how the wedding plans are coming along, and she tells him that she can't concentrate on that until things get settled down at the office. He says that this place is always going to be a zoo as far as work goes. She should just sit down with Tony and pick a date. Then they can work around her plans. When Grace tries to put him off, Nick hopes that it isn't because of him. He is sorry that he tried to dissuade her from marrying Tony. You were just looking out after me, as always, Grace says. Nick promises that he will always look out after her. She begins to cry and Nick is shocked. He puts his arms around her and asks what she is crying about. "Don't you know?" She asks, looking him in the eye. "It's you! I love you! I've always loved you." She throws herself closer to him and puts her arms tightly around his neck and continues to sob. Nick is stunned by what he has heard.

Wednesday, July 8, 1998

JILL is sitting in her office with a huge "Cheshire cat" grin on her face when John Silva walks in and catches her. He reads her the riot act for going against his advice and going to see Katherine. As she goes on about how she has waited twenty years for this pleasure, he says that he doesn't like this vengeful side of her. He tells her that she is going up against one of the pillars of the community. Jill gets angry and says that this "pillar" is the one who stole her inheritance and she is damned if she will butter up to the old hag. John warns her that if she isn't careful, she could mess everything up. She tells him that she isn't stupid, crazy maybe, but she promises not to go out to the estate again.

VICKI has been called into Victor's office. He tells her that he watched her at the party and she wasn't happy. He thinks that it is because he brought Ashley and Cole, but she tells him that she was not feeling well that day, that is all; nothing is going on with her. Victor thinks that she is hiding things from him; the divorce has affected her more than she wants to admit. Otherwise, why would she be upset at her own party? She reminds him that it was Nick and Sharon's party, not hers, and maybe she is having a few problems with the divorce, but it is nothing she can't handle. He tells her that her mother and he will be there for her. She tells him that she knows that and appreciates it, but if she doesn't say anything, it is because he is handling things okay.

Vicki then asks Victor what is happening in his life. He says that Diane and her shyster lawyer is still trying to hold him up, but they won't get away with it. Vicki admits that she went to see Diane and now she understands where Diane is coming from. She was hurt and feels betrayed. Victor says that a part of him understands how Diane feels, but that is no reason for her to come after him like this. She has messed with the wrong man!

SHARON is visiting her mother. Doris says that Sharon's plan worked; she feels that Sharon sent the message to Grace that her marriage is solid. She wonders if it isn't time for Sharon to rekindle her old friendship with Grace. Sharon doesn't see how she could be a friend to a woman who would go after her husband. Doris says that there is a difference between love and fantasy; maybe a fantasy was all that Grace felt for Nick and now that her eyes are opened, she won't act on that fantasy. Sharon isn't worry; she says that Grace would be a fool to jeopardize her new promotion by openly going after Nick. Besides, she trusts her husband.

JILL is both surprised and angry when Katherine walks into her office unannounced. She is on the verge of calling security to have her tossed out when Katherine says that she is only there to deliver a message. Katherine wants to be sure that her message reaches Jill's demented brain. She clearly tells Jill that she is not to come to her home again otherwise she will suffer the consequences. She has made some new friends down at the police station; if she has to call them again, Jill will leave in chains with a member of the press there to take pictures for the newspaper depicting her humiliation in full detail. She has put up an electric fence and Esther is at the moment picking out some appropriate guard dogs.

Jill tells Kay that the guard dogs are a bad idea; they piddle all over the floor and they tear up the furniture, but the fence is a good idea; it will raise the property value. This confuses Katherine, but she lets it go and walks out of the office. Jill is left all alone, laughing to herself.

ASHLEY goes to see Olivia in her office; she only wants to confirm what she already believes: that Victoria is still pregnant. She thinks that Cole needs to know this now instead of being blindsided by it later. Olivia says that she can't help Ashley, but as Ashley is leaving, she tells her that she is doing the right thing.

Later, MALCOLM comes to Olivia's office and she tells him that Ashley is going to tell Cole that Vicki is still pregnant. He wonders what will happen when Cole finds out that the baby is Neil's.

ASHLEY arrives at the tack house, interrupting a working Cole. When he finishes putting his thoughts down, she tells him that she has something important to tell him. She tries to tell him about Vicki, but she has a hard time getting to the point. In face, she has such a hard time that Cole interrupts her to say that he will be free in just three weeks and five minutes after that, they can be married. He takes her by surprise when he shows her a ring that he has been carrying around for a long time. When he remembers that she wanted to tell him something important, she says that she will tell him later; she isn't going to let anything spoil this moment for her.

GRACE is crying when Nick tells her to tell him what is wrong. She cries out that she loves him; she has always loved him. Nick is shocked. As he tries to speak, she tells him to wait; she has more to say. She says that they get along so well and they are both on the same wavelength. She knows about his ambition to take over the company; she understands this more than anyone else could. His business love is his FIRST love, one that she can share with him. She reminds him of the terrific rush they both experience when they have completed a project. They both click! She also reminds him that his home life isn't very good. Finally, after several tries to interrupt her, Nick tells her that he has something to say. Yes, he loves his work and, yes, they do work well together, but that is all there is to it. It isn't love. He doesn't love her and he is sure that she doesn't love him. She tries to tell him that she does love him, but he won't let her. He tells her that he is going to forget that she said anything and he suggests that she forget it also. He picks up the report and tells her that he is going to take it to Jack. He walks out of the office without a backward look. Grace is left crying her eyes out.

MICHAEL arrives in response to Diane's call. She wants to know what he has done. He hands her a newspaper and tells her that at first she will hate it, but when she thinks about it, she will thank him. He opens the paper to the society section. There on the front page are pictures of Diane, Victor and Nikki with huge headlines asking, "Who is the real Mrs. Victor Newman." At first, Diane is horrified. How could he do this? Victor will be out for blood now. Michael says that he has tried everything short of tossing a brick through his window to get his attention and it hasn't worked. This is the only way he knew to do it. Besides, he isn't concerned about Victor's feelings. If she wanted a lawyer who thought more of Victor's feeling than hers, she hired the wrong lawyer. Diane wants to see the paper again. Looking at it, she smiles. When Nikki sees this, she will bust a gut! She only wishes she could be there to see Nikki's face when she reads the paper. On impulse, she grabs Michael and kisses him right on the lips. Thanks, Michael, that is for services rendered and a job well done. Michael is totally taken off balance but he does eventually let a small smile creep onto his face.

Thursday, July 9, 1998

Sorry everyone, but much thundering and lightening kept me from getting my recaps out in time today. But, here they are, so enjoy!

MICHAEL is dressing for the office when Phyllis begins asking all kinds of questions about the case against Victor Newman. He says he can't get into the specifics of the case, but he can tell her that he has "stirred the pot" so he should be hearing something from Mr. Newman at any time. Phyllis tells him that his confidence is a big turn on for her. She begins kissing him and undressing him. He tries to stop her; he has to get to work. She tells him that it won't matter if he is an hour late getting to work. As they get down hot and heavy, the phone rings and it is Diane wanting to know what to expect today. He tells her that he will be right there.

NICHOLAS nervously enters Victor's office. Victor tells him that he is going over some tedious financial reports, but he can stop for his son. Reluctantly, Nick hands the paper to Victor while telling him that he won't like this.

Victor is completely outraged at what he sees. "What the hell is this?" he shouts. When Nick says that some over-eager reporter was probably digging around for a story, Victor tells him that he is wrong. Only a hand full of people knew about this and he is sure he knows who provided the information.

Just at that moment Jack walks in. He is stopped in his tracks by the evil looks he is getting from Victor and Nick. Since he sees that he has come at a bad time, he excuses himself and starts to leave. However, Victor orders him to stay. Uncomfortable, Nick leaves the office.

Victor tells Jack that he knows how contemptible he is, but he didn't think that even he would stoop this low. When Jack only stands there looking confused, Victor shows him the paper. As Jack looks the paper over, Victor is blasting him for leaking the story to the press. Jack stops him. "When I toss a grenade, Victor, I want the people to know that it was me that threw it," Jack exclaims. He also tells Victor that this isn't Diane's style either, but he can guess where it came from. Besides, all Victor has to do is settle with Diane and there would be no story. Victor rants about how he has already offered Diane a very generous settlement; now he refuses to bow down to someone who is determined to drag him and his family through the mud. Once again he threatens Jack by saying he has ways of paying him back anyone who crosses him; ways that Jack could not even begin to imagine. Jack tells Victor that it is HIS business who he associates with during off hours is his business alone. Victor says he will not tolerate anyone who is disloyal and fraternizes with the enemy. He gives a message to Jack to give to Diane and that lawyer of hers. "You tell them that I am coming after them with everything I have. I will bury that son-of-a-gun. Now get out of here!" After Jack leaves the office, Victor declares, "You want to take me on? I'm ready!"

ASHLEY looks at her engagement ring and she is overcome with emotion. She can't believe that everything is happening so fast, she cries. However, if the wedding is going to happen in three weeks, they have a lot of plans to make. They get started making plans. Cole suggests that they make an announcement in the society section of the newspaper. But before they do, he says he needs to tell Victoria their plans. He wants to do it right away so that they can concentrate only on the wedding.

After speaking with Michael, DIANE shows Marissa the newspaper and tells her that things are going to be getting crazy around there. She says that Marissa may come to regret knocking on her door. After Marissa reads the paper, Diane tells her that if any newspaper reporters call, she should tell them "no comment." If they become insistent, she should refer them to her attorney. Marissa assures her that she can handle that.

TONY calls Sharon who has just put Noah down for a nap. He has changed his mind and now thinks that Sharon had a good idea about sending a message to Grace. As a matter of fact, he feels that they should keep the momentum going and he has a plan. Tell me, Sharon prompts.

OLIVIA comes to Victoria's office to tell her that she has seen Ashley. She warns her that Ashley was on her way to tell Cole that Vicki is still pregnant. She assures Vicki that she didn't say anything; Ashley is a smart girl and she figured it out all by herself. Olivia wonders why Vicki is lying about the pregnancy. Vicki says that she doesn't have to explain herself to anyone, but she does go on to say that she is only waiting until Cole and Ashley are married. She is sure that if she tells Cole before the marriage, he will want to "do the right thing," and she doesn't want him to feel obliged to her in any way. Once they are married, she will tell everyone about the baby. Just at that moment, there is a knock at the door and Cole enters. He tells a stunned Victoria that he has something important to discuss with her NOW. When he sees Olivia, he offers to wait outside until they are finished, but Olivia is ready to leave now. Victoria faces Cole in a panic telling him that she knows she should have come to him with this sooner.

GRACE is still crying as she relives the scene of the day before when she told Nick that she loved him. As the tears stream down her face, she remembers his rejection. Aloud she says that she will never forget what she said and she doubts that Nick will forget either. She is startled when she turns around and finds a solemn Sharon and Tony standing there. Overly serious, they tell her that they need to talk to both her and Nick. Grace looks guilty as she asks what this is all about. Sharon says that this has gone on long enough and they are there to let the two of them know how upset they really are. Just then, Nick comes in and asks what is up. Grace says that Sharon and Tony are upset at them for something. She is surprised and relieved when they announce that the two of them are spending too much time at work and not enough time with the people who love them. Tony has made reservations for them to have a long lunch at Yves; afterward, Sharon wants them to go walking by the lake for the afternoon. Nick says that he can spare the time for lunch, but not for the afternoon at the lake. Sharon is more than happy to settle for lunch.

JACK goes to Michael's office furious about the article in the newspaper. He blasts Michael with both barrels, telling him that he is only out for himself. He says that what Michael did was not in Diane's best interest and he isn't going to sit around and see him drag Diane down with him. He warns him that Victor Newman is going to bring him down because he has pushed too far. Nothing Jack says seems to faze Michael in the least.

AT YVES, Nick and Sharon, Grace and Tony are seated and enjoying drinks. When Tony comments on how quiet Grace is and asks if she is feeling okay, Sharon agrees that Grace is looking a little pale. Grace assures them that she is okay; her head is still back at the office with the load of work on her desk. Grace tells her that she should get with the program; this is pleasure and she will be back at work soon enough. Sharon makes a show of kissing Nicholas intimately; following her example, Grace begins to kiss Tony. When Nick sees it, he looks a little uncomfortable. Sharon asks about the wedding and tells Grace that Cassie is looking forward to being the flower girl; Nick agrees. Sharon begins to talk about how she appreciates how Nick has changed; he wants to spend all his spare time with her and the kids. This has meant so much to her; she gives Nick another passionate kiss. Nick responds by that he means to fulfill all the promises he made to her; he wants the marriage to work, so she is stuck with him for a lifetime. Tony says that there is still tension between the four of them; Sharon admits that she has let her close friendship with Grace suffer and that she was separated from her husband for a while. But that is all behind them now. Now it is time to get their four-way friendship back on track. Grace excuses her self to go to the ladies room. Sharon asks if anything is wrong, but Grace asks what could possibly be wrong.

COLE and Victoria talk. When Cole is speaking, he assumes that Vicki knows he is talking about the wedding. When Victoria speaks, she assumes that Cole es talking about the pregnancy. Eventually, before Vicki can dig herself in any deeper, she realizes that Cole doesn't know about the baby; he is talking about marrying Ashley. He explains that he didn't want her to read about it in the newspaper. Vicki thanks him for coming to her and telling her in person. She wishes him and Ashley a good marriage. Cole asks if she is okay and she tells him that she is; she is a big girl now and can take care of herself. After Cole leaves, Vicki gently rubs her stomach and says, "That was your daddy. I'm so sorry little one; I'm sorry that it has to be this way." Tears are streaming down her face as she realizes that she has said goodbye to Cole and their life together.

Friday, July 10, 1998

SHARON drops by Vicki's office after lunch and tells her that she hasn't seen her in such a long time; to rectify that, she invites Vicki to dinner. Vicki looks forward to getting with Sharon for some girl talk, but can't be sure when that will be. She mentions watching Sharon and Nick at the pool party and thinks that Sharon was going out of her way to show how close she and Nick are now. Is it true or was she trying to send a message to someone? When Sharon says that she was sending a message, Vicki learns that it was a message to Grace. She warns Sharon no to let down her guard where Grace Turner is concerned. Sharon assures her that she has it covered.

JACK is still laying into Michael about the article in the paper. Jack is not thrilled with Michael's strategy; he thinks he is going about this the wrong way. Michael says that just because Jack deals with business people on a daily basis doesn't mean that he knows how to handle a delicate legal situation. Jack accuses Michael of only trying to make a name for himself at Diane's expense; he doesn't give a damn if Diane loses. Michael asks how he could "make this name for himself" if he loses the case? He has Diane's best interest at heart all along the way. Michael says that Diane should be glad that he has an ego big enough to take on the great Victor Newman. Jack says that a lot of people have thought that they had Victor Newman right where they wanted him and the graveyards are filled with their tombstones.

VICTOR shows John Silva the article in the paper but John has already seen it. He says that there is no slander for libel involved in the article. He advises him, once again, to settle. When Victor says he could take Michael Baldwin apart with his bare hands, John tells him that he can't blame Michael here. Victor says that no matter how much Michael tries to humiliate or goad him, he is sticking by his guns. John advises Victor to see Diane without any lawyers present and try to settle this once and for all. "Don't bring this to the courtroom, PLEASE!" John says as he is leaving.

GRACE is having a drink at the bar at Yves and fuming about Nick. It wasn't smart to blurt out her feelings to Nick. She doesn't know how she is going to be able to go back to the office and face him. Michael sits down near her and orders a drink for himself and asks what the young lady is drinking. When the bartender tells him she is having the house white wine, Michael pushes it away and orders her the best Chardonnay. "Life is too short to drink the cheap stuff," he tells her. He asks if she is having a lousy day and she tells him that he is right. She wouldn't make good company, she tells him. He says that sometimes talking to a stranger helps to get an objective view of the situation. Grace tells him that she did something really dumb; she told her boss how she really feels about him and he didn't reciprocate. He told her to forget it ever happened, but she can't do that. Michael advises her to do some damage control and play it cool. Cut your loses, he tells her. You don't want to mess up your future with an office romance. You have to look out for yourself; nobody else will. She thinks that he is right and thanks him for the advice. As she is leaving, he gives her his business card.

PHYLLIS has just walked in and wonders who his "little friend" is. Laughing, Michael says that she is a potential client and he is so glad that Phyllis doesn't have a jealous bone in his body. Phyllis says that jealousy is a wasted emotion; it is only for people who can't protect their territory. Michael is in all his glory, bragging about the case for Diane. He thinks that any minute now, the phone will ring and it will be Victor or his attorney wanting to sit down at the table and offer the settlement of the century.

JOHN calls Victor's office and asks if he has given any thought to arranging a meeting with Diane sans lawyers. When Victor says that he thinks he is going to do that, John warns him to put aside his personal feelings for the meeting. "Just who do you think you are talking to?" Victor shouts into the phone. Of course he knows how to put his personal feelings aside; he does it every day in his business dealings. He slams down the phone.

TRICIA and MEGAN are talking; Tricia tells her that she and Ryan are going to elope tonight. Megan doesn't like it that they are eloping and tells her so. They argue and when Ryan arrives, she leaves. Tricia tells Ryan why Megan is so angry and Ryan understands. He promises her that they will have two weddings; they will make it legal today, then when Phillip accepts it, they will have the wedding of her dreams. This makes Tricia happy; all she wants is to be Mrs. Ryan McNeil. Ryan says that he is going to go and talk with her dad, but Tricia doesn't want him to do that. She begs him to just let it be; they can tell her dad after they are married. The doorbell sounds and when Ryan asks who is there, there is no answer. He opens the door and a contrite Megan is standing there. She apologizes to Tricia and tells her that what she did was an immature thing to do. If she will have her, she will be honored to attend her wedding---and she will bring the tissues. "That is what a Maid of Honor is supposed to do," Tricia tells her. Ryan goes to get ready so that they will have time to stop by and get their marriage license on the way to the Justice of the Peace.

NICK is busy at work when Grace comes in and wants to talk to him. He tries to discourage her; he tells her several times that everything is forgotten, but she won't give up. She has to get this off her chest, she says. She doesn't want him to be uncomfortable working with her. He was right, she tells him. She doesn't love him; she was getting her feelings for work confused with her feelings for him. After accepting her apology, Grace leaves the office with new work to do. Just as she leaves the office, Sharon is walking up. Unseen by Grace, Sharon listens as Grace congratulates her self on solving the problem.

MARISSA answers the phone when Victor calls and becomes "nervous" when he announces who he is. She hands the phone to Diane, but Diane tells her to say she isn't in. Marissa says it is too late for that. Diane takes the phone and says hello. Victor asks how she has been; Diane says that things have been rough around there. Victor says that they are rough for him also. He says he would like to have lunch with her and Diane asks if the attorneys will be there. Victor says that he wants to have dinner with her alone in the private dining room. Diane agrees to meet him there. After she hangs up, she starts to call Michael, but changes her mind. Looking into space, she wonders if the reason Victor called was because he wanted to get back together with her. "Could it be? Oh, dear God, could it possibly be?"

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