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Sharon ordered Grace to give up on Nick. Ryan and Tricia were married at City Hall. Cole confronted Victoria regarding her pregnancy. Jill hired an architect and a designer to renovate the Chancellor mansion. Carl asked Ruth to marry him.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 13, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday July 13, 1998

VICTOR tells John Silva that he has been thinking about what he said and he has decided to meet Diane for a late lunch. John tells him that this is a great opportunity for him keep this from turning into a court battle. He reminds Victor that Diane is still in love with him and he has to be sensitive to this fact; he has to handle this meeting very carefully. He realizes that Victor likes to always be in control, but in this case he has to tread very carefully. If the conversation turns bitter or it begins to shift to the "woman scorned," it could mean disaster. Victor listens to all this advice as if he is uninterested in what John is telling him. When he finally speaks, he tells John that he wants to take care of Diane---a woman he once loved. He wants to take care of Diane for the rest of her life; but, she has to get on with her life before he can go back to his. He wants to settle this once and for a all and without that lawyer of Diane's telling her what to do. He thanks John for his advice and says that he has to be on his way or he will be late.

JACK drops in on Diane because he is worried about her. He wonders if there was any serious fall-out from the newspaper article; he went to Michael and really let him have it for that stunt. Diane says that she thinks it was a stroke of genius. "Either that or suicide," Jack mutters. "Your suicide, that is." Noticing how she is dressed, Jack guesses that she is about to go out. She tries to make him believe she is on her way to a meeting, but he keeps on at her until she admits that she is having lunch with Victor. Jack thinks that she has been through enough; why not let her attorney handle Victor's meeting? From the look on her face, Jack surmises that she is meeting Victor alone; he begs her to call Michael but she won't. He warns her that this is one of Victor's tricks. After he saw the article in the paper, Victor threatened to bury both Diane and her lawyer. If she thinks anything else, she is deluding herself. Diane prefers to look at it as a good sign. Jack says that it is a set-up, but if she insists on going, be sure and keep her guard up; "and for God's sake, don't sign anything!"

SHARON watches Grace leave Nick's office and comment that the problem is solved. What was that all about? Sharon wonders as she enters the office. She greets her husband and begins to rub his shoulders. She says he works too hard; she wants him to spend a little less time at the office so he can spend a little more time with her. Pulling her into his lap, Nick says that if she keeps talking like that, he will be home before five. When Sharon leaves Nick's office, he is a happy man and she is pleased with herself. Outside the office she pauses. "Sorry, Grace," she whispers. "But, you don't stand a chance."

GRACE is busy with her work when Grace enters her office. She has to make a noise to get Grace's attention, saying that she hopes there is never a fire since she is in such a trance when she works. Grace tells her that she just loves her work. She wonders what Sharon is doing at the office. Sharon explains that she doesn't get into town very often, but she has a feeling that she may be "popping in" more often. Grace accuses her of being insecure where she and Nick are concerned. Sharon sets that straight at once. "You work too much too," Sharon tells her. "You need to learn how to put it on the shelf at night and spend more time with Tony. Tony deserves more of your attention. Just remember that here at the office, Nick is the boss and you are his subordinate. Nick thinks of you as a co-worker, nothing more. Don't screw up a good thing, Grace. Remember, the more you have to gain, the more you stand to lose. I love my husband too much to let anyone or anything come between us. So, you might as well give it up." She turns around and walks out of the door. Grace sits down at her desk. "I'm sorry, Sharon," Grace says. "I cannot do that. I love Nick too."

RYAN and TRICIA are getting ready for their wedding. He assures her that he has no second thoughts except where her father is concerned. She convinces him that she will handle her father after the wedding. Megan arrives with the bride's dress. Ryan leaves to pick up Alec and go by the courthouse for the license. He will meet them at city hall later. As he kisses Tricia, he says that the next time he does that, she will be his wife. After he leaves, Megan says that they have to hurry and get dressed. As they are doing Tricia's hair, there is a knock at the door. It is the florist delivery; Megan has ordered the bride's bouquet and boutonnières for the men. But the best is yet to come. Out of her purse, she removes a jewelry box. Inside is their mother's necklace. She reminds her sister that their mother left Tricia her ring and watch, but she left the necklace to Megan. She wants Tricia to wear it today; this will bring their mother closer to them. It is a beautiful necklace---tiny baby pearls, about 8 to 10 strands, clipped at intervals with diamonds. Megan puts it on Tricia; it is worn as a choker. Tricia can't hold back the tears. Megan tells her it is time to put on her wedding dress.

NINA calls Ryan's office and learns from his secretary that he has taken a personal day. Nina asks if he is getting married. The secretary hesitates, then tells her that she can't answer that. Nina says that that is okay; she just did. After she hangs up, Phillip comes in. He wants to call Ryan at work since Ryan has promised to take him to a ball game and it could be tonight. Nina tries her best to dissuade him, but when he insists, she has to tell him that his father isn't at the office; he is probably at the city hall getting married.

MICHAEL and PHYLLIS are still at the bar, drinking. Michael promises that life is going to be different once he has his share of this case. Michael thinks that Victor should have called already; he calls the office and when he finds that he hasn't any calls, he instructs the office to transfer any calls to his cell phone. Since he has the phone out, he decides to make one more call. He calls Diane's apartment and Marissa tells him that Diane is having lunch with Victor. He asks how long she has been gone and Marissa tell him she left at least an hour ago. Marissa doesn't know where they are to have lunch, but she promises to have Diane call him immediately when she gets home. Hanging up, Michael is visibly upset. Phyllis is alarmed, but Michael tells her that he is afraid that Diane is making an irreversible decision; she is blowing this thing wide open. He rushes out to find Diane.

DIANE approaches the private dining room and watches as Victor selects the wine. When she comes in, hoping she didn't keep him waiting too long, Victor stands and kisses her on the cheek. He tells her that she looks nice and she wonders how that can be with what she has been going through. Maybe misery becomes me, she says. Victor offers Diane wine, but she doesn't want anything to drink. He suggests that they each have just one glass and she agrees. When she asks what they will drink to, Victor suggests they drink to a productive luncheon. Victor asks if the wine is okay or would she like to order something different. When Diane admits that she wouldn't know what to order, Victor reminds her that she was once a wine connoisseur. "I'm not that woman any longer," Diane tells him. "Darling, please don't," Victor says. Diane tells him that she doesn't want his pity. Victor says that he is sorry about how things have turned out; not long ago they were married and planning a future together. Not in a million years would he have thought all of this could have happened. Diane tells him that she loved him more than any man in her life---more than she could ever have imagined loving anyone. He was her whole world---her whole reason for being. "How can I go on with my life as if nothing has happened? Tell me how, Victor."

Victor again says that he really is sorry; he didn't realize . . . "How could you not realize?" Diane demands. Victor says that he does not regret marrying Diane nor their time together, but there is no way he could have foreseen what was going to happen. "Are you trying to say that I was always you second choice?" Diane asks. "Was I the only one that felt the love?" Victor tries to assure her that he felt love for her also, but he doesn't get very far. Sensing that the meeting is fast deteriorating, Victor tries a different tactic. He tells her that he wants to settle things so that they can both move on with their lives. He hates the hostility between them and Diane agrees that that is true for her also. Victor wants to avoid any more pain for Diane; pain that she surely will have if they go through a long divorce battle. He wants the two of them to work things out without any outside interference. He wants her to have a secure future; he wants her to go on with her life. "We can work this out and come to an amicable solution without bitterness or lawyers," Victor says.

RYAN and ALEC are waiting for the girls to arrive and wondering why they are so late. Megan comes in and informs them that they are there; is anyone ready for a wedding? Tricia steps into the room. She is wearing a short white dress with the neckline low enough to set off her mother's pearls. Ryan tells her that he is speechless; she looks incredible and soon she will be all his! The judge arrives to perform the ceremony. He sets everyone up the way he wants then begins the ceremony. As he asks if anyone can show just cause as to why these two should not be married, the door to his chambers slowly opens and Phillip steps quietly inside.

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

VICTOR asks Diane if she likes the salmon and she tells him that the salmon was always good here. "You remembered," Victor says. Diane tells him that she remembers a lot of things.

NINA is working at her laptop when the phone rings. It is Phillip's tutor wondering if Phillip is going to keep his appointment today. This upsets Nina since she put him into a cab over an hour ago. Hanging up, she begins to pace the floor wondering where Phillip could be. She calls her mother and when he isn't there, she calls Jason's mom. When he isn't at either place, she becomes frantic with worry. [Wonder why she didn't call the cab company to find out where he was dropped of?]

At the WEDDING, Phillip slips into the room just as the wedding ceremony begins. He watches as Ryan and Tricia exchange vows. The judge announces that Ryan and Tricia wish to say something. Tricia turns to Ryan and, taking his hands, she tells him that all of her life she has dreamed of the man she would one day marry. From the moment she met him, she knew he was the one man for her. He is strong, yet sensitive; he is caring and attentive. Ryan tells Tricia that he loves her; their love has been tested countless times and she has never faltered. Her courage and patience is a testimony to how much they belong together---and now they will be together from now on. They exchange rings and the judge pronounces them man and wife.

As they kiss, Phillip has tears running down his face. His sniffing draws attention to him. Ryan rushes to him and asks why he is there. Phillip asks if he is mad, but Ryan assures him that his being there is the best present he could have given them. As the father and son hug, Tricia slips out of the room and finds a pay phone in the hallway.

NINA is pacing the floor wondering what to do when the phone rings. When she learns that it is Tricia, she says that she can't talk right now. Tricia interrupts and says all she wanted to do was thank her for allowing Phillip to attend the wedding. "He is there?" gasps a relieved Nina. After hanging up, Tricia has a joyful look on her face. "You came on your own, Phillip," she whispers.

Ashley is visiting Cole and kibitzing while he finishes his thoughts on the computer. Later he gives her the first few pages and has her read them. She seems distracted, but she says she was only wondering how Vicki took the news of their impending marriage. He tells her that the meeting went well; Vicki thanked him for telling her privately that they were going to get married. He then reminds Ashley that in less than 3 weeks, they will be husband and wife.

VICKI is working in her office when Olivia drops by asking about how things are going with Cole and the baby. Vicki is happy to tell her that obviously Ashley chickened out about telling Cole about the pregnancy; all Cole wanted that day was to tell her that he and Ashley would be married in three weeks. "The real question now is will Ashley go through with the wedding knowing that I am pregnant with Cole's child," Vicki says. Olivia thinks that Vicki wants Cole to find out about the baby; she just doesn't want the news to come from her. Vicki is shocked that she would say this. Olivia goes on to say that deep down, Vicki still has feelings for Cole; she isn't over Cole yet, Olivia says before she leaves.

MICHAEL is going crazy wondering where Diane is. He calls her house once again but Marissa still hasn't heard from her boss. He calls her office, but she hasn't called in all day. "How could you do this, Diane?" he asks. "Who knows what Victor is trying to pull?" As he thinks about it, he decides that he can find Diane by tracking down Victor. He gets no answers when he calls Victor's office, but when he hangs up the phone, he gets an idea who would know where Diane and Victor is. He grabs his jacket and rushes out the door.

VICTOR tells Diane that he also remembers a lot of things, and they were all good. He begins telling Diane about all the property he owns around the world; he tells her that she could go anywhere and make a fresh start. She asks if this in addition to the monetary payment. Victor says, "Maybe. Interested?" He tells her that he wants to concentrate on what she wants; he wants to help her to rebuild her future. He believes that they could sit down and negotiate a good package because he is concerned about her and doesn't want them to part as enemies. "You wouldn't be trying to pressure me, would you, Victor?" Diane asks. "No," Victor answers. "He just hopes that they can arrive at an agreement today." When Diane asks if he is using this dinner as an escape hatch because he is looking for a quick way out of this, Victor says that he just doesn't want them to part as enemies. Diane wonders if that will depend on whether or not she signs on the dotted line and leaves town. "It is all about burying the past and compensating me for time and service, isn't it?" She asks. When Victor asks her if she knows why he invited her here today, she admits that she thought he had finally realized the pain he put her through. Victor says that he invited her so that they could sit down without outside interference and work things out so they could come out of this as friends.

"I DON'T NEED A FRIEND," Diane shouts. "I need a husband, a lover. No man has ever betrayed me like you did. I can never completely love again as I have loved you."

"Can you not remember the circumstances that brought us to this?" Victor almost shouts. Diane tells him that she is tired of hearing about the circumstances. She tells him that since she is finding it difficult to retrain herself, maybe she should just leave. Victor says that he was hoping that they could arrive at a settlement today in an amicable fashion. How much do you want? He demands. Diane tells him that she has a lot to think about and she will need some time. She suggests that he take that time to think about it also. When she is ready, they will meet again. "Without our attorneys?" Victor asks and Diane agrees. "I'm glad we were able to have this discussion in a civilized manner," Victor says. "I would like to believe that we have made progress." Time will tell, Diane says as she leaves the room.

NEIL comes to Vicki's office and tells her that Jack has okayed the project and they will be working together a lot in the weeks to come. When she doesn't seem too excited, he asks her if anything is wrong. She tells him that she has been doing a lot of thinking. Everything has changed. It isn't just her any longer; it is her and her baby. She doesn't know how to deal with that; she doesn't know anything about being a mother. She isn't even sure that she ever wanted to be a mother in the first place. She has this little tiny baby growing inside her; it's heart is beating and everything she eats, the sleep she gets, the stress she is under, all of that she shares with this baby. There is only one thing she can't share with him and that is his father. Cole asks if she has changed her mind and wants to tell Cole. She replies that she doesn't know. All she does know is that she is going to be showing soon and a few months after that she will be a mother. She has been so busy focusing on Cole and how he will react that she hasn't given any thought to her own life. She thinks she is in over her head and needs help. Neil vows to be there to give her any help that she needs. He pulls her into his arms and comforts her.

JACK is on the phone when Michael bursts through his office door. After hanging up, Jack asks what he wants. Michael wants to kn