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Cole told Victoria that he wanted to be a father to the baby. Malcolm confronted Callie, and she told him that she was in trouble. Christine and Carl crossed paths in the Norfolk airport. Brad returned to Genoa City.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 27, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday July 27, 1998

COLE and VICTORIA stand face to face. He tells her that he has been doing a lot of thinking and he believes that she planned this pregnancy. He remembers the night when she got him drunk; he remembers the next day when he woke up with her in his bed. He says that this was her last ditch effort to keep him with her even though he had told her that their marriage was over. Vicki tells him to remember it his way and she will remember it her way. He may have been drunk, but he slept with her because he wanted to. Cole says that all of that is irrelevant now; he is going to be a father and he has made a decision. He wants to be a part of this baby's life; she knows that he has always wanted to have a baby. He asked her several times while they were married but she was too busy with her career. Despite the lousy timing, however, he wants to be there for his baby and be a part of his or her life. Victoria is overjoyed and begins to talk excitedly about this time in their lives; now that he knows, there is so much to do and so little time to do it. Cole stops her. He tells her that he will always be there for her and the baby, but he is still going to marry Ashley. With a sad face, Vicki tells him thanks for being honest and she asks him to leave. Alone, she begins to cry.

ASHLEY is pacing the living room when Jack returns home. She tells him that she went to Vicki and gave her a piece of her mind. She told her that she didn't approve of her tactics and she warned her not to mess with Cole's head. She tells him that Cole came into Vicki's office and asked her to leave; it was almost as if he didn't see her there. Jack gets angry and begins to make threats; he lets it slip that he say Cole earlier. Ashley becomes very angry and hopes he didn't make things more difficult. She begs him to stay out of this. Jack reluctantly promises, but when Cole arrives at the house, he tells him that he had better not hurt his sister, or else.

MALCOLM sets up the studio to continue a fashion shoot with three young models. As he is looking through his desk for some music, he finds the picture blow-up that he made. Looking at the girl, he wonders if it could be her. The girls come in and begin to tease Malcolm but he tells them that they can strut their stuff all they want, but he is a happily married man. While he is doing the shoot, Olivia comes into the studio showing off her new short hairstyle. When the shoot is over, Olivia and Malcolm plan a romantic evening at home for the night. He says he will be finished in just a couple of hours and she only has two more patients to see. She gives him one last kiss and tells him that will have to do until later. After she leaves, Malcolm studies the picture again before tossing it into the trash.

MEGAN is looking a little down when Tony joins her at her table. She tells him that there is nothing wrong, but he thinks that she has something on her mind. Could it be the boyfriend that has left her waiting? He has noticed her looking at her watch. When she sees Tony's brown paper bag, he tells her that it is his breakfast. She asks what he does and he proudly tells her that he is a mechanic. Megan says that that makes sense because she can't picture him in a suit and tie behind a desk. Alec arrives and is introduced to Tony. Tony sees this as an opportunity to leave, but not before he suggests that Alec take Megan out on the dance floor. After Tony leaves, Alec notices that Megan looks down also, but she tells him that she is fine. They leave for the movies; Alec will buy the tickets and she will buy the popcorn.

JILL has another meeting with the architect and goes over the changes that he has made; Jill is delighted with the changes. Finally she will be able to turn that house into a home. The architect wants a date when they can get to work, but she is still unable to give him one. Don't worry, she will see about getting him a date as soon as she can. Later, John Silva comes by her office and tells her not to get into such a hurry. If they don't play this right, it could all backfire on them. They make plans to go see Beatrice Tucker tomorrow.

KATHERINE yells for Esther until she finally comes into the room. Katherine tells her that she will have to cancel her vacation plans for the end of August as she is planning the party of all parties and can't do without her. Esther isn't happy, but she agrees to change her plans. She wonders what the party is for and Katherine says that everyone who is someone in Genoa City will be there except Jill. She says that she has been thinking about her estate and now it is time to share it with friends and fill it with parties. She feels so liberated since Jill has left.

MALCOLM returns home early and finds Olivia just getting out of the shower. When he thought about what was waiting for him at home, he decided to do the proofs tomorrow. As they begin their night of romance, the phone rings. He doesn't want to answer it, but Olivia does anyway. It is only a hang up call, but it reminds her of a message she retrieved from the machine earlier. She looks for it and finally remembers that it is in the bedroom. When she goes to get it, Malcolm begins to wonder what the message could be all about since Olivia said that it was from a woman. Olivia comes back and much to Malcolm's relief, it is a message from Neil's former secretary who wants to talk to Malcolm about a family photograph.

In a room somewhere, probably the Genoa City Hotel, a woman looks through the phone book. "What would you say if I did call you, Malcolm?" She asks. "What would you say after all these years?"

COLE apologizes for being so short with Ashley earlier but he needed to let Victoria know that he had made a decision. As he tells Ashley that he told Vicki that he wanted to be a father to their baby and as he tells her that he promised to be there for Vicki and the baby always, Ashley turns away expecting the worse. "I also told her that I still plan to marry the woman that I love," Cole says. Ashley turns back to him with wonder on her face. "Oh, Cole. Thank God; I love you so much," Ashley says. Cole tells her that nothing and no one is ever going to come between them.

VICTORIA is just laying in bed staring into space when Nikki knocks at the door. Grabbing a report and pretending to be reading it, Vicki opens the door to her mother. Nikki is concerned about Vicki, but Vicki tries to put a brave face on it. As Nikki rambles on about her situation and as he tries to pump her for information, Vicki breaks down. She tells Nikki that Cole is the father of the baby and he wants to be a part of the baby's life. But, she says, he doesn't want to be a part of her life and that hurts. She says that she didn't really know how much she cared until now. She wishes she could be a little girl again so Nikki could make it all right. She cries and Nikki comforts her.

Tuesday, July 28, 1998

JACK is surprised to see Victor walk into his office. As Jack begins to talk business with him, Victor tells him to handle it himself. Jack asks if he is okay and Victor wonders how he can be okay with all the sleaze being written about him in the tabloids. He tells Jack that he and Nikki were attacked by the paparazzi in the lobby of the building. Jack is sympathetic and says that Nikki doesn't deserve to go through that. "And I do?" Victor demands. As usual, Victor gives Diane's "sleazy lawyer" credit for his discomfort. As he leaves the office, he reminds Jack that he is his right hand man and should take care of all the business for him.

Vicki is at her desk when Neil comes in. He has heard that she is looking for him. Vicki says that she owes him an apology for the way she reacted to his offer of help the other day. Neil says that he was the one in the wrong for pressuring her when she was already under enough pressure.

NIKKI stops by Ashley's office spoiling for a fight! Immediately she asks if Ashley has a vendetta against all of her family. First you went after Victor and stole him away from me, then you go after my daughter's husband. Ashley doesn't take it lying down. She comes back with both barrels blazing. She tells Nikki that Cole's marriage was all but over, thanks to Vicki, before she ever entered the picture. Nikki says that things have changed now; there is a baby involved and she doesn't see even Ashley as the kind of person who would want to keep a father away from his child. Ashley assures Nikki that Cole will be a wonderful father after the baby is born. She then tells Nikki that Vicki planned this pregnancy as away to hold on to Cole. Nikki doesn't believe her and accuses her of being self-serving and selfish. Ashley asks Nikki to leave so that she can get to work, but first she gives her a piece of advice: GET A LIFE AND STAY THE HELL OUT OF YOUR CHILDREN'S LIVES. Before leaving, Nikki promises that this isn't over and if Ashley thinks she can be happy with this baby hanging over her marriage, she should think again, because everything will come crashing down on her pretty soon.

COLE visits Jack in his office and tries to make family peace. He wants Jack to know that he loves Ashley and he wants to make her happy. The marriage is still on and they are going to be one big happy family. Jack agrees that they are going to be a family so it is time that they all began acting like one. After Jack tells Cole to keep Ashley happy and he would have no problems with him, they part on friendly, if shaky, terms.

JOHN and JILL arrive at the senior apartments and ask for Beatrice Tucker. However, they are told that she has been gone for some time; she was four months behind on her rent when she left. The manager has no clue as to where Beatrice is as she had no family that he knows of. When they are alone, Jill says to John that they need to find her or she will lose the dream of her dear Phillip.

PAUL is planning a business trip with Lynn. Lynn asks when Chris will be coming home and Paul says that she should be home any day now. He can hardly wait; it is hard enough spending one day away from her, but two weeks was really bad.

MICHAEL is reliving his last encounter with Victor and it isn't any more pleasant for him now as it was then. Phyllis sees him going through torment and again offers him very sound advice. She says that he must go to Diane and tell her before anyone else does. Michael has a counter argument for every point that she makes.

COLE joins Veronica in a small diner. She gives him most of the assignment that he gave her; the rest will be ready in a matter of hours. Looking over the research, Cole is amazed at the work; it is wonderful! He says that he has just hired himself an assistant. Veronica is practically glowing at the praise he gives her, especially when Miguel joins them and Cole repeats his praise. Before he leaves, Cole asks her to bring the rest of the research to him at the tack room and asks her if she remembers how to get there. When she rattles off the directions to the tack room like she had been there countless times before, both Cole and Miguel look at her in amazement. She says it is just her photographic memory. As he leaves, Cole invites the two of them to his wedding. After Cole leaves, Miguel again asks her if she has been thinking about his proposal. Veronica says that she needs a little more time.

DIANE is delighted to see Jack at her door and she guesses that she can guess why he is there and the words he will use. Using Jack's voice, she begins to say the very things that Jack always says when he visits. However, Jack has a surprise for her. He has changed his mind about Michael Baldwin; he is starting to like him and thinks he is doing a good job. He made that change in attitude after seeing the effects of their latest campaign on Victor. He relates that Victor is even giving him work to do that he would normally oversee himself. Diane is happy that he has changed his mind, but she thinks that he has a personal stake in her case against Victor---what is your ulterior motive? Jack doesn't give anything away; he merely says that when she figures it out, she should let him in on it.

VICTOR goes to see Paul. He needs information and he thinks that Paul can give it to him. He needs to know everything that Paul knows about an obnoxious, sleaze bag of a lawyer called Michael Baldwin. Paul says that he doesn't think he can be trusted and he never will trust him. He tells Victor that he has done time and this is really a surprise for Victor. Why? He wants to know. Sexual harassment isn't a prison offense. And if he was in prison, why is he allowed to practice law? Paul tells him that many people testified for him before the Law review board and Chris was the main witness. It was she that made the difference in him getting his license back. Chris thinks he is a changed man but Paul will never believe that he has changed. "So Diane put her future in the hands of a sleaze ball ex convict!" Victor muses. "Well, well, well. I wonder what Diane will say when she learns about this. She will give Mr. Baldwin the boot."

DIANE opens the door thinking that Jack has returned but it is Michael. He needs to talk to her about something important. Before he can say anything else, Diane delightedly tells him about Jack's change of opinion. Diane tells him that she is very pleased that she hired him as her lawyer. Michael says that before she hears this from someone else, she needs to hear something about himself that he hasn't told her. He goes on to tell her about his past and his time in jail. Diane is furious. How could you keep something like this from me? She demands. When he tells her that it was a dark part of his past that he never wanted to talk about, she tells him that they aren't talking about HIM; they are talking about her life here! Michael admits that he should have told her but Diane doesn't hear him. How could you do this to me? She raves. What makes you believe that I still want you for my attorney? Michael is stunned, but he stands there and takes her ranting like a man.

JACK is just coming into his office when someone puts his feet upon his desk. As he lowers a paper that he is reading, Jack sees that it is Brad Carlton. "Hello Jack," Brad smiles. "Surprised to see me?"

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

TONY enters Grace's office to wait for her return. As he is examining all the office equipment, Nick comes in with Grace's glasses and a report that she needs. Nick wonders how the wedding plans are coming along and Tony says that they aren't. Tony wonders if Nick is intentionally holding up his wedding since Grace can't seem to find any time off. Even though Nick laughs it off, he still flashes back to the day that Grace told him that she couldn't marry Tony because she loved Nick. Nick tells Tony to plan his wedding and honeymoon and when the plans are finalized, just let him know and he will see that Grace gets all the time off that she wants. Just as Nick is leaving, Grace comes in. Nick leaves and Tony tells her what Nick said about their honeymoon. Grace is still reluctant to set a date; she says that there is too much going on that she wants to be a part of. Tony begins to outline his plans for the honeymoon. First this is the time when they can get the most from the race track circuit. However, if she isn't as interested in diesel engines as he is, how about a city tour? He has brochures for New York; then they could go out to Santa Fe and discover all the ancient ruins. If not New York, they could go to the California wine country. He is open to anything but she tells him that she still needs a little more time.

MICHAEL wants Diane to understand that he isn't the same man he was back then. He paid his debt; he got the rehabilitation that he needed while in prison. He looked into himself and all the dark areas of himself and he knows that he isn't that man any longer. Diane won't listen; she is very angry with him for keeping his past from her. When asked directly if she would have hired him if she had known in the beginning, she proclaims a resounding NO. Even though Michael insists that he is the one and only lawyer who would work as hard as he has worked, Diane throws him out and slams the door in his face.

CHRIS calls Paul's office from the airport in Norfolk, Virginia. Her flight has been rerouted and delayed but she hopes to get home sometimes tonight. She asks Lynn to let it be a surprise for Paul. Just as she hangs up her phone, Carl Williams walks up behind her and takes a seat at the next table with his back to Christine's back.

TRICIA meets Megan in Crimson Lights and tells her about the wonderful thing Ryan did for her and her father. Noticing that Megan is distracted every time the door opens and someone comes into the café, Tricia asks her what is going on. Eventually, Megan admits that she met a guy here the other day and they got to know each other pretty well. Of course, Alec is her man and Tony isn't her type, but he is interesting.

MICHAEL is in his office resting on the sofa. He is as low as the ocean's floor. He berates himself for putting himself in such a position. "Who am I kidding, anyway?" he asks himself. "It is never going to happen; it was just a dream---a fantasy. I was a fool to see myself rising from my own ashes." Phyllis comes in and asks how it went. He really unloads on her; he even tells her that it was her fault. He shouldn't have told her; if he had let someone else tell her, he would have missed the look of utter contempt on her face. He tells her that Victor is probably there right now filling his former client in on his sordid past. Even though Victor didn't see him, he saw Victor arrive just as he was leaving the building.

DIANE thinks that it is Michael when the doorbell rings but when she opens it, she finds a stern and solemn Victor. He has something that he wants to tell her about her shyster lawyer; when he tells her, she will thank him. "It is important that you listen to me," Victor continues. "I just talked to a detective friend of mine and he filled me in on some things about Michael Baldwin. When you hear this, you will rethink your position about the divorce." Diane wonders if this information has any bearing on the kind of lawyer Michael is. When Victor insists, Diane tells him to go ahead with his story if it is so important. Victor announces that Michael Baldwin has been in prison for sexually harassing a friend of his who had just graduated and joined Michael's firm. It was so hideous that he was fired and lost his license to practice law; later he committed crimes for which he went to prison. He is surprised and rattled when all Diane does is ask if Michael is an attorney now or not. "What difference does that make?" Victor shouts at her. "I wasn't hiring him as my personal religious instructor or as the babysitter for my teenage daughter, Victor," Diane responds. "So, I ask again, is he licensed to practice law now or not?" When Victor begins attacking Michael with words again, Diane stops him. She tells him that Michael has been more honest with her than Victor ever was. "You knew all about this?" Victor asks, appalled. "You knew this and you still hired the man?" Diane says that she wasn't interested in Michael's life history when she hired him. Besides, she adds, being rehabilitated has given Michael extra motivation to do well by her. "Protecting my interest is the most important thing on the face of this earth to Michael Baldwin."

Victor can't believe that Diane would let this shyster con her, but Diane says that Michael is obviously doing a good job or why else would Victor react this way? "You are the best argument for keeping Michael Baldwin on the case," Diane says. "As someone who loved you once, I want to tell you that you are making a mistake if you are putting your trust in that poor excuse for a man," Victor says. "No," Diane tells him. "My biggest mistake was in putting my faith and trust in you." Victor turns and walks out of the office. Diane stands there. "Can I trust you, Michael?" she asks.

CHRIS is looking for something amid the clutter on her table. In doing so, she knocks her tickets to the floor just as Carl is getting up. As she reaches for her tickets, Carl picks them up for her. She briefly gets a glance at his face before he stands up. He notices the departure point on her tickets and she explains (to his chest, since she never looks up to his face) that she has been on a business trip to Romania. He asks the time and Chris tells him that since she hasn't reset her watch, she can only tell him that it is a quarter after something.

CHARLIE drops by Mary's with some flowers that he has picked from someone's garden---but he promises that he left enough for the owner of the garden. Mary invites him to dinner and he can't help but accept when he notices the aroma coming from the kitchen. He asks why she has been hesitant to get together with him and she explains that she is just now getting over Carl and she isn't ready for any commitment. He tells her that he isn't looking for a commitment, either; he just wants a friend he can talk to and spend time with. Hearing that, Mary is much relieved and even agrees to a movie later in the week.

CARL and RUTH are walking behind Chris just as she beginning to eat her sandwich. Carl tells Ruth that the next time she leaves, he is going with her and she asks if that is a promise.

JACK walks in to find Bradley at his desk. Bradley wonders what is going on in that "fevered, demented little brain" of Jack's. Jack has been calling him in Europe and beating around the bush about something and he isn't leaving this office until Jack tells him what is going on. After a little double talk on both their parts with plenty of insults thrown in, jack admits that he has had something in mind that could use someone like Brad, but now he isn't so sure it would work. Brad wonders if this has anything to do with Victor's life being in chaos but Jack only tells him that it looks like he made a wasted trip all across the Atlantic. "Hope you have a nice flight back!" Jack says. Brad walks out but in the foyer he stops and says, "Like Hell I'll get on a flight! You are up to something, Jack, and I mean to find out what it is." Back in the office, Jack has a self-satisfied look on his face as he says, "He's taken the bait! Yes!"

PAUL mentions that he has a meeting in Milwaukee and has to get a rush on. Lynn realizes that if he goes on the business trip, he will miss Christine's home coming. When Paul asks for his tickets, she looks up at him with innocent eyes and lies through her teeth. She tells him that she forgot to buy the tickets. Paul flips! He begins to tell her just how important this trip was. He wants her to call the airport and get him booked on another flight. He then decides to go on to the airport and see if he can get a flight out himself. Going into the office, he grabs his luggage while Lynn apologizes over and over.

"Well, it looks like I got here just in time." Chris says from the doorway. "Surprise!" Paul rushes to her and they embrace.

Thursday, July 30, 1998

PAUL and CHRIS are in a clench so tight and hot that Lynn has to threaten to hose them down f they don't take the reunion home.

VICTORIA stops by Daddy's office to tell him that she has called off her trip to LA for the time being. Victor is insistent to know why she suddenly called it off when she just begged him to let her go. It takes all she could do to evade the questions and assure Victor that she knows what she is doing. Victor suddenly notices her outfit and asks her about it. When she asks if he likes it, he answers that he does, but he looks puzzled. He returns to the same subject when he asks, "What is going on? Something isn't right here. Are you hiding something from me, my darling daughter?" Vicki laughs and tells him that he is treating her like a child and she has work to do. He understands that to mean that she has to get out of her before she gets any more of his third degree. With a kiss, she leaves the office but as she leaves, Victor goes to his desk and thinks. "Could it possibly be?" He asks. "I'm damn well going to find out." He reaches for his phone.

VERONICA knocks at Cole's door, but no one is home. Hesitantly, she opens the door and lets herself in. While looking for a pen and paper to leave a note for him, she sees a picture of Nikki and Joshua. She flashes back to the night when she told Joshua that she was Veronica and not the maid, Sara. She relives his disgust of her and his telling her that he doesn't love her. "I loved you so much but you wanted Nikki," she thinks to herself. "Nikki is the one who ruined everything; she was the one who was supposed to pay, not you! You weren't supposed to die." She puts the picture down and walks around the room. "And now here I am back at the ranch. Will anyone recognize me? No, it has been months and no one has recognized me." Just then, she is awakened from her reverie by the sound of Nikki knocking and coming into the tack house. At first Nikki didn't recognize Veronica but Veronica reminded her that they have met. She explains that she is there because she is now Cole's research assistant. Nikki isn't happy to hear about that until Veronica tells her that most of her work will be done in the library; she won't be here that often. That is pleasant news for Nikki. Since they understand each other, Nikki is happy that on the rare occasion that Veronica is there to see Cole, she can see Miguel also.

COLE finds Ashley in the boardroom preparing for a report. They both have good news for each other. Cole goes first; he has been to see Jack and everything is fine between them. Ashley appears to think about telling Cole about Nikki's visit, but changes her mind. Instead she tells him that she has found a house that would be perfect for them. The only bad thing is that the house is under renovation so they can't move in right away. Cole suggests that they stay at the tack house until the house is ready, but Ashley is able to make him see reason. However, if she doesn't mind,

At the apartment, PAUL carries CHRIS over the threshold, saying that she has been gone so long that it seems like the first time. They sit and talk about whom missed the other the most. They celebrate the homecoming with white wine until they can't stand it any longer. Then they head for the bedroom.

COLE comes in just as Veronica is leaving. She gives him the research she has finished and leaves. Nikki rudely asks why Cole can't do his own research; why did he have to hire someone like Veronica to do it for him? Cole explains that he is under the gun with deadlines as well as the upcoming marriage. Nikki says that she hasn't time to listen to his problems; she wants to talk to Cole about Vicki's pregnancy. Cole assures her that he intends to be a good father to the child and he will help Vicki in anyway that he can both before and after the baby is born. "That is a lot of garbage!" Nikki tells him. She accuses him of leaving Vicki behind while he gets on with his life with Ashley. Cole tells her that there are things that she knows nothing about but it is between him and Vicki. He says that they have an understanding. He then wants to know if he can asks a favor. He wants to keep the tack room as an office. Nikki explodes, saying that he has a lot of gall! She isn't the one to ask. When he says he will talk to Vicki, she tells him to stay away from her daughter; she will talk to Vicki and get back to him. As she leaves, she slams the door behind her.

KATHERINE pays a visit to Gina's Place. She and Gina put their heads together and begin to plan the party. When Gina asks how many guests she is expected to feed, Katherine tells her everybody who is anybody in Genoa City---except Jill, the most aggravating and infuriating woman God put on this earth. After looking at the picture once more and deciding he is "tripping" again, MALCOLM goes to Gina's. While he is enjoying his iced tea, he sees the mystery lady again. This time he goes after her and catches her. "So it is you!" He exclaims when he looks her in the face. He calls her Callie. He has a lot of questions for her but she is reluctant to tell him anything. When he walks away, she stops him. "I am in a little bit of trouble here, Malcolm," She says. "I need a little help."

JOHN SILVA tells Jill that without Beatrice Tucker, they don't have a very strong case. The papers were not even notarized! Jill can't believe that she is about to lose before she even got started. John says that he will see what he can do and be in touch with her. Jill is so upset that she tells her secretary that she can't be bothered by any calls. As she walks around the office, bemoaning her fate, the phone rings. She shouts at the secretary, but quickly becomes calm and says that she will take the call. It is Beatrice Tucker calling from a pay phone somewhere on the highway. Jill tells her that she has been looking for her. Why? Beatrice wants to know. Jill answers that she was concerned about her. "Is that all?" Beatrice asks, slyly. Finally, Jill admits that she needs some more help from her. When she offers to go see Beatrice, Beatrice says she will come to Jill's office right away.

VICTOR has called Neil to his office. Victor stands with his back to the room looking out the window. He tells Neil to come in and close the door. Neil raises his eyebrows as if he knows what he is in for. Continuing to look out the window and acting like the Grand Inquisitor, Victor says that he wants to talk about his daughter. He asks if Neil knows that she canceled her trip and Neil answers that he knows this. Victor goes to his desk and sits. Are you still seeing Victoria? He asks. How do you think she is doing? Neil tries to say that he thinks that Victoria is doing fine considering all the work stress she is under. Victor cuts him off before he can finish by asking if they are still dating. Neil wipes his brow and tries to answer but Victor cuts in again with another question. "You once told me that you were falling in live with my daughter, is that still the case?" "Yes," answers Neil. "But why are you giving me the third degree?" Loudly, Victor says, "I will tell you exactly why I am giving you the third degree. I think that Victoria is pregnant and just by the look on your face, I can see that I am right!" Neil tells him that it isn't his place to talk about his daughter; this is personal and he should not be involved. "YOU ARE ALREADY INVOLVED!" Victor tells Neil in a shout. "HOW THE HELL COULD YOU DO THIS TO MY DAUGHTER? HOW COULD YOU PUT MY DAUGHTER IN THIS KIND OF SITUATION? AND WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?"

Neil tries to speak but every time he opens his mouth, Victor jumps back in with another accusation. He reminds Neil that he isn't even divorced from his wife. He has respected him. He thought Neil was trustworthy and dependable and now he finds Neil has done this to his daughter. "WAIT A MINUTE!" Neil shouts. He says that he isn't the father of Vicki's baby. Victor is even more indignant. "Are you suggesting that this was an Immaculate Conception? Or, are you saying my daughter is promiscuous?"

"With all due respect, sir, I can't continue this conversation," Neil says as he pulls himself even more erect than he was. "If you will excuse me . . . " He walks out of the office. After he is gone, Victor gives the matter a little more thought. "If there is another possible father for Vicki's child, other than Neil, it could only be one person and that is Cole."

Friday, July 31, 1998

NICK is reading the paper when Grace comes in to work. She has the file that he needs, but she insists on "personal" talk. She wants to know what he was reading about that had him so engrossed. He tells her that the Smashing Pumpkins are giving a concert next Thursday. She is all excited that the Pumpkins are coming to town and asks if he is planning on going. Nick tells her shortly that he can't make it and tries to get back to business, but Grace won't let it go. He asks for the file she is holding and begins to go over it. Suddenly the door bursts open and Cassie comes in shouting, "Surprise!" Sharon follows, apologizing for the interruption, but Nick is happy to see his girls. Cassie has his favorite cookies for him; Sharon told her that Nick was addicted to chocolate chip cookies. As Nick and Cassie start on the cookies, Grace asks if she can take Cassie for milk and a little visit. After they are gone, Nick asks Sharon for his "real" treats. Nick and Sharon kiss as Grace looks back from the doorway.

In the cafeteria, Cassie tells Grace about her fun summer. She has really been happy. She has learned to ride horses, she has been swimming nearly every day and she is going to camp two days a week. Grace asks her what she does at camp and Cassie begins to tell her all of the things they do. "Next Thursday there will be a Mother-Daughter dinner," Cassie tells her. "Sharon is going with me." When is that? Grace wants to know. When Cassie repeats the date, Grace's eyes light up and suddenly she tells Cassie that break time is over and she has to get back to work.

JOHN thinks that it was mighty convenient that Beatrice called Jill so soon after they had visited the retirement center, too convenient for his likes, he says. Jill thinks that it is just a stroke of good luck. John wants to stay and see Beatrice with Jill but he is due in court. He tries to get Jill to delay the meeting until tomorrow, but Jill insists that she can handle Beatrice. Telling her to be careful, John rushes out just before Beatrice arrives.

Beatrice begins to tell Jill how beautiful her office and all of her things are. Jill wants to get to the point. She reminds Bea that she was the one who told her about storing away Phillip's documents. Now she needs for her to go and tell this to someone else under oath so that she can get the things that Phillip left for her. Bea begins to talk about how long ago that was and how poor her memory is. She talks about getting old and having no income. It is all that an old person can think about, not those things that happened so very long ago. Jill understands her situation and knows how it is when one doesn't have enough money to get by. Now that she has money, she likes to help people when she can. Would it be all right if she gave Bea a little something to help her out? Oh that would be lovely, Bea agrees. Then she would have the time to think about those old memories. Jill reminds her that she also needs to tell about Katherine's demeanor back then when she signed the papers. "Do you mean how much she was drinking?" Bea wants to know. Jill says that she was under the impression that Katherine knew what she was signing at the time. That is right, Bea says. When she takes the check that Jill hands to her, her eyes grow big at the amount.

A sultry OLIVIA visits Neil in his office. Her first question is "How is your love life?" Neil tells her to go to the next question, but Olivia says that she wants to be there for him; she knows he is going through a rough time right now. He tells her that people are beginning to find out about the pregnancy. He tells her that even Victor knows; he guessed the secret and called Neil on the carpet about it. Since Cole and Ashley are still getting married next week, Vicki wants to be free from Cole in all respects. And you intend to be there for her, don't you? Olivia asks. He says that he will do anything to help Vicki; he wants to be there for her and her child. Olivia assures him that she and Malcolm are on his side. Neil says that he is so thankful for them in his life; her little family is an inspiration to him.

CALLIE tells Malcolm that she is in real trouble and needs help. Malcolm asks what kind of trouble, but in a voice that says that he doesn't believe her. She tells him that he has changed; the Malcolm she used to know would have believed a friend when they told him that they were in trouble. Malcolm says that he is older and wiser now. Callie tells him to just forget it then. She turns to go but Malcolm pulls her back. He wants to know how she found him. She tells him that he is a big time photographer now; word gets around. She goes on to tell him that people do change; she isn't the same person that he knew all those years ago. Malcolm says that she doesn't change and this seems to hurt her. "That's cool!" She says as she walks off. After a few steps she stops. She tells him that she has a gig in town. She is singing and maybe he will come by and see her---bring your wife, she adds, she just might get off on it. Malcolm demands to know how she knew about his wife and she points to his wedding ring. She turns and leaves and so does Malcolm. When she is out of sight, she leans against the wall and looks worried. "That didn't go very well," she says. "Now what am I going to do?"

RYAN and TRICIA are making out at the office. She tells him that she owes so much for bringing her and her father together. Now, she says, she is going to do the same for him. She thinks that they should plan a get away for the three of them, her, Ryan and Phillip. A little time away might work wonders for all of them. Ryan thinks that she is a genius for thinking of this incredible plan. He says that he will talk to Nina about it right away.

KATHERINE pays a visit to the ranch. She thinks that she has some news that will boost Nikki's morale. She tells her about the party she is planning, the social even of the year. She just hasn't decided on a theme yet but it has to be something unique, spectacular! And of course, Nikki and Victor are at the top of her list of guests. Seeing that Nikki's attention is slipping, she asks her what is wrong in her life. Nikki tells her that Vicki is so heartbroken and Cole and Ashley are still going ahead with their marriage plans. "Can you imagine Ashley marrying her stepdaughter's husband?" Nikki shouts. Kay reminds her that John Abbott and his family is very dear friends of hers, so don't go there. She also tells Nikki that Vicki is a grown woman and can fight her own battles. Nikki goes on to tell her that she has remembered what happened the night she was shot.

RYAN goes to see Nina and tells her that his incredible wife has come up with an amazing plan for the three of them. They are going on a short vacation and they want to take Phillip with them. Isn't it wonderful of her to think of this after all she has been through? After he finishes singing the praises of his new wife, Nina drops her bombshell. "Phillip isn't going anywhere with you for a while," she announces. "Phillip will be out of town for the next month."

"Gone?" Ryan shouts. "Where?" Nina explains that Phillip asked to go to camp and she let him go. "You sent my son away for a month without consulting me? How could you do this? Don't I have a say in my son's life?" Nina tells him to calm down; he has a new life now with new priorities. She isn't going to come to him with every decision she needs to make in Phillip's life. She tells him that he is being unfair! Ryan says that she did this to get back at him; she hates Tricia. Ryan says that he expected more from her. He suggests that she examine her motives for this decision. When he stops his ranting, she tells him it is time for him to leave. First, however, she has something for him. Going to her desk she writes something on a pad. As she hands it to him, she tills him that this is Phillip's address if he wishes to write his son a letter at camp. "Don't you EVER---Never ever accuse me again of trying to shut you out of my son's life!" She tells him coldly.

GRACE calls a ticket agency and asks for two tickets to next Thursday's concert. The girl on the other end of the line warns her that if she can find two tickets to the concert, they will be very expensive. Grace doesn't mind; she will wait while the girl checks.

ALICE tells her mother that she has found a way to find her little Cassie. She is going to find someone from her past that will lead her straight to her little girl. Millie tells her that she abandoned her Cassie three years ago; she doesn't believe that Alice was thinking of Cassie all the time that she was running around with one man after another. And the worse one of the lot was that lawyer she lived with when she got Cassie. He was old enough to be her father; it served him right by ending up in prison. Alice says that she is going to find all the records from the lawyer's office. There has to be some records of Cassie's birth and adoption. This will give her names, dates, and places---some way to track down the birth mother. Yes, she says, she is going to find her Cassie.

NICK and SHARON are lying close together on the couch when Hurricane Cassie breezes back in and jumps into the middle of them. Nick begins to tickle her while both Nick and Sharon hold her in their arms. They are the perfect picture of a happy little family.

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