The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 17, 1998 on Y&R

John took Billy to New York to live with him. Cole and Malcolm proved that Veronica had masqueraded as 'Sarah.' Victor saved Nikki from a gun-wielding Veronica. Veronica died after she landed on a bale hook during a struggle with Victor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 17, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday August 17, 1998

VICTOR is taken aback when Nikki comes down the stairs in a revealing new bathing suit ready for a romantic moonlight swim with her sexy new husband. Nikki tells him that she is married to a wonderful man and she counts her blessings every day.

DIANE and MICHAEL are waiting for the show to begin. Diane is getting cold feet and wonders why she ever agreed to this. She has seen these shows and the interviewer usually wants to get a surprise reaction on air. Leanna hears this and comes over and assures Diane that this will not happen on her show! Besides, she says, she knows the kind of man Victor is. Diane is left wondering what this means as Leanna is called to her place on stage and they are ready to begin the broadcast. "I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be able to bring you today's guest," Leanna begins. "Hers is a story that will bring tears to your eyes while it stirs your soul to anger. And now, please welcome Diane Newman to the show." Diane resists walking on the stage, mouthing no, but Michael gives her a little push and she reluctantly walks on stage.

CHRISTINE stops by Nina's place to nag her a little more about getting out there and dating again. She has a couple of guys that she wants to talk to her about. Also, knowing how reluctant she is, Chris has a plan; they will go on a double date with her and Paul. After telling her about two of the guys, Jeff and Mark, Nina tells Chris that she is not ready. "Did you tell these guys about me?" She asks. "Did you tell them that I've been married and have a son? Did you tell them that I am not a perfect size six?" Chris says that she wishes that Nina would stop putting herself down but Nina reminds her that her husband did leave her for a blond bombshell. "As scary as it sounds," Chris begins. "You have to put yourself out there and take a chance." When she tries to firm up the plans for the next night, Nina tells her that she has to think it over before she gives her an answer.

MIGUEL admits Malcolm to the house with the pictures. Malcolm tells him that the pictures didn't turn out very good so he has already decided to reschedule the shoot. There is a knock at the door and Miguel is pleasantly surprised that Veronica has dropped by unexpectedly. She apologizes to Mal for running out of the previous photo session and agrees to the rescheduled shoot. Malcolm leaves the two lovebirds alone---he actually called them Romeo and Juliet. Miguel tells Veronica that Mrs. Newman has agreed that he can expand his quarters. He has even drawn up some preliminary plans and wants to take her there to show her his plans. Veronica asks where Nikki is; she would like to thank her. When Miguel says that she is out by the pool with her husband, Veronica says that she will talk to her later rather than intrude on their time together.

At the TV station, bedlam reigns during the commercial break. When they go back on the air, Leanna begins her interview by correcting her introduction. You are actually, Mrs. Victor Newman, are you not? She asks. When Diane says that she is, Leanna tells the audience just who Victor Newman is; she also puts up a picture of Victor. She asks Diane to tell her incredible love story to her and she does. Diane says that Victor was her Prince Charming, bringing her a magnificent dinner when she worked late, whisking her away to London for a buying trip, and the first time that he kissed her, she almost fainted. "No body has ever gotten into my heart or my soul the way Victor did," she says. "So it was a fairy tale romance?" Leanna asks. She turns to the audience and tells them that when they return, the will hear how the fairy tale romance turned into a horror story.

COLE studies the picture of Veronica again then tries to get back to work. However as he is opening his file, he sees the wanted poster for Sara. The two pictures lay side by side. He picks them both up and begins to study them together. He remembers what Nikki said about Veronica being vaguely familiar. "What is it about you, Veronica?" he asks. "Nikki is right, there is something about you, but what is it?" He goes to the phone and calls Malcolm's studio. He wants to come over and show something to him; he wants him to look at it with a photographer's eye. Malcolm says that he will be waiting.

NIKKI and VICTOR return to the house; Nikki says that the water was wonderful. As Victor kisses her, the phone begins to ring. Victor says that Miguel will get it, but Nikki thinks he may be in his quarters. Victor answers the phone. Nick is telling him that they are having problems with the McKnight acquisition and he is needed at the office. Victor tells Nikki that he has to go to the office to see about this. She tells him to hurry away so he can return home sooner. Victor starts upstairs. Neither he nor Nikki realize that Veronica is watching.

TRICIA is going on and on about Ryan and his reaction to her going to see Nina. Megan says that she could have been more diplomatic. How did she expect Nina to react when she storms in and accuses Nina of deliberately keeping Ryan and Phillip apart? Tricia wonders why she is saying this; she is supposed to be on her side in this. Megan says that she is more concerned with her own life than Tricia's right now. Why didn't you say so? Tricia asks. Megan tells her that she can't get a word in when Tricia starts talking about Ryan. She goes on to tell Tricia that she is bored with Alec these days. It was fun and excited for a while but now the excitement has gone. As they talk, Tony comes up and declares it his lucky day to find two beautiful angels to share his lunch with. Tricia has to leave, but Megan says she will stay for a while. Tony goes to get Meg a refill and a drink for himself. While he is at the counter, Tricia tells Megan that the next time she is having trouble with her love life, the guy at the counter is the one responsible. Megan can't figure out what Tricia is talking about. Tony returns and begins to eat his lunch, sharing his potato chips with Megan.

During the break, LEANNA tells Diane that she is doing very well. However, Michael comes over and begins to tell Leanna that she needs to be presenting Diane more as a victim. He has a box of tissue, which Leanna angrily grabs away from him. This is her show, she tells him, and she will not be a party any kind of performance that isn't the truth. She has been doing this for a long time and she knows her job. After Michael retreats in defeat, Leanna hands Diane a couple of tissues and asks candidly if she knows how to cry. Diane tells her that she has cried more tears than Leanna could imagine. Leanna says that as they delve deeper into the story, she doubts that Diane will have any trouble expressing her emotions. "I might even cry along with you," she says. "What happened between you and Victor?" Diane asks, but it is too late; it is time to get started again.

Diane tells her that the relationship between her and Victor continued to grow; sometimes she had to pinch herself to prove that she wasn't dreaming. So many times he told her that he loved her and they would always spend their life together. She then tells about the shooting of Victor's former wife and how she was still in love with Victor. To make her passing easier, Victor wanted her to leave this world married to him. That is when he asks her for the divorce, which was only supposed to be temporary. "Why would he do that to you?" Leanna asked. "I don't know," answers Diane, sadly. "I guess he didn't have enough regard for me as a human being or the woman who loved him."

Looking first at Diane and then at the audience, Leanna confess something that no one knows: she, too, was once married to Victor Newman. "My marriage also ended in heartbreak," She admits. "I know how it feels to be betrayed." As the two women begin to cry, Michael smiles and says, "Now we are getting somewhere."

VERONICA watches and listens as Nikki tells Victor goodbye. As Nikki wanders about the room alone, she sees one of Joshua's medical books. As she stands staring at it, Veronica comes into the room followed by Miguel with a tea tray. He thought that Nikki and Victor would enjoy some tea after their swim. Nikki tells him that she isn't in the mood for tea; she is in the mood for a horseback ride. As she leaves the room, she tells Miguel that it is time to pack up all of Dr. Landers' medical books. Perhaps someone at the hospital could use them? As Miguel returns the tea service to the kitchen, Veronica smiles. "So you are going for a ride alone. Perfect."

VICTOR is being Victor as only he can be. He is on the phone with someone and he is telling them that there will be no further problems or heads will roll! When he gets off the phone, he tells Nick that he did good tonight. "You are becoming a damn fine businessman," he compliments. Nick apologizes for interrupting his evening with Mom. He then wants to know if Diane is still being difficult. Victor tells him that every time they come close to an understanding, her unscrupulous lawyer does something to prevent a settlement. Nick wants to know if Diane has a case. When Victor admits that she does, he wonders if his mom knows the truth. Victor admits that he is trying to shield Nikki from the truth but he firmly feels like they are man and wife.

COLE shows Malcolm the two pictures and tells him that he thinks that they are one and the same woman. At first, Mal thinks that he is tripping but, studying the pictures, he seems to see that they are the same. He then says that it isn't possible. When Cole keeps saying that he doesn't want to believe it but he has to know for sure, Malcolm tells him that if he will wait, he has a trick or two that he can do in the darkroom to tell them one way or the other. As he heads off to the darkroom, Cole hopes and prays that he is wrong.

CHRIS goes to Paul's office and tells him that Nina isn't going for the double date but she has a better idea; she is going to give a little dinner party and invite Nina along with several of her single friends. While they are talking, Mary comes in. She has brought them some of her Key Lime pie; she gave some to Charlie last night after dinner. When Paul begins questioning her about seeing so much of Charlie, Mary tells him flat out that she is in love with Charlie. Charlie has asked her to marry him and she has said yes. In fact they are going to elope tonight. Paul picks his chin up off of the floor and says, "You are pulling my leg, aren't you?" After a few seconds, Mary tells him that she is only pulling his leg. She likes being with Charlie; he fills a void in her life that she didn't even know she had until he came along. But don't make it more than it is, she warns him. Before they can say anything else, Lynn comes in with sandwiches from the delicatessen. She says that she brought some extra sandwiches so Mary is invited to lunch. As Mary says she would like that, Chris says that she has to go to her office. Lynn hands her a tuna sandwich to take along with her but before she can get out of the office, Paul wants her to read a letter concerning a case she helped him with. As she reads the letter, someone asks for the mustard to be passed. This reminds Chris of the man in the airport when she asked for mustard.

VERONICA is on the verge of following Nikki out of the house but Miguel comes back into the room. "Out of sight, out of mind," Veronica says. Miguel tells her that she is being insensitive. Nikki loved Dr. Landers but it is time for her to move on. He goes to the attic to get the boxes needed for packing up the medical books. Alone, Veronica puts her hand to her pocket. "It is time to get rid of you Nikki," she says. "I'm going to get rid of you for good!"

Tuesday, August 18, 1998

LEANNA continues with the interview. Diane sounds on the edge as she tells the audience that when she and Victor exchanged vows, like a fool she believed him. "From one woman to another," Leanna asks. "Are you still in love with Victor Newman?" With pain in every word, Diane tells her that once you have loved Victor Newman, you never forget him. She begins to cry. Leanna says that she will be handsomely compensated for what was done to her, but Diane says that she has never wanted to hurt him; all she has ever wanted was for him to realize what he had done to her. Leanna shakes her head and mentions that Victor is now living in sin. She looks into the camera and says that she knows how it feels to see Victor in another woman's arms; she wrote the book on Victor Newman---literally. Looking into the camera, she admits that she wrote Ruthless!

NICK tells Victor that things are looking okay now. As Victor starts to leave, Nick tells him that he hopes Victor is able to work things out with Diane. Victor tells him that he loves Nikki and nothing Diane Jenkins does will change that. In every way, he and Nikki are husband and wife and that is the way it will remain.

TONY is finishing his meal and having coffee with Megan. She asks him what his story is since every time she sees him lately, he is alone. She mentions that she saw the blond girl he used to come in with but she was with another guy; that makes her think that they are not a couple. Tony describes Nick and Megan agrees that he was the man with his girl friend. Tony says that that was her boss; they are always together. About that time, Eric arrives and sits beside Megan, putting his arm proprietarily around her. Tony leaves and Alec goes for his coffee. Megan watches him walk to the counter with sadness in her eyes.

VERONICA follows Nikki to the stables and hides in the hay while Nikki saddles her horse, Seawind. "You are the only one who suspects, Nikki," she says. "You are the only one who could destroy me unless I destroy you first." Just as Nikki comes out into the main room, Veronica rises from her hiding place but quickly ducks back down when she hears a man's voice. He is one of the stable workers but he tells Nikki that he is leaving early for his anniversary party. Nikki leads Seawind out of the stable saying that she will rub down the horse when she gets back from her ride. Alone again, Veronica says that she can wait. Looking around she sees the phone. Almost paNikking Veronica calms herself down and finds some wire cutters. She cuts the line to the phone and says that now no one will disturb them.

NICK goes directly to Vicki's office. He stands in the doorway looking at Vicki, unawares, then as he comes in, he tells her that she is gaining weight. Vicki is incensed! She wants to know if he just came to insult her. Nick begins to tell her about his talk with their dad. Vicki tells him that Victor will handle his problems; he always does, but their problems are not at the forefront of her mind. Nick wonders what is wrong with her but she tells him that other people have problems besides their parents. Getting up and walking to the file cabinet, Nick gets another good look at her. "You are pregnant, aren't you?" he asks. Vicki begins to fall apart. She tells him that she is pregnant but only the family knows. Nick tells her that he will always stand by her no matter what. Before they can say any more, the door opens and Neil comes in. He invites Vicki to dinner, but she says that she has already eaten. Nick leaves, but once outside the door, he stops and looks back at the office. After sizing up the situation, he shakes his head and leaves.

LEANNA mentions that Victor is one of the richest men in the country but Diane says that she would sacrifice every penny that she might get in a settlement if it would assure her of having Victor back by her side. Diane tells her that she was very courageous to come here and tell everyone her story. She wishes Diane peace and love. As she closes her show, Leanna invites her audience to call and let her know how they feel about Diane.

While the crew is cleaning up the set, Michael gushes about how good Diane did. She was wonderful; there was so much emotion and pathos. Leanna quickly tells him that it was all true; this wasn't a presentation. Michael says that that is what made it so emotional. After Leanna leaves their side, Diane tells Michael that it wasn't as hard as she had thought. Now she is just waiting for Victor to come down on her with all of his wrath. Michael promises her that he will do everything in his power to protect her from Victor. Diane wishes she could just get out of town for a while until this whole thing blows over. Michael thinks that is a great idea! Just be sure to leave her itinerary with him before she leaves.

JACK calls Diane's home and Marissa tells him that Diane is out but she is not at liberty to say where she is. However, she assures Jack that wherever she is, she is surrounded by people who can comfort her. After asking her to let Diane know he called, Jack hangs up just as his father comes into the room. John tells him that he has an announcement to make that will affect the whole family. He says that he is going on an extended trip to New York and he is taking Billy with him. He is on his way to see Jill right now; he is going to see Jill now and offer her something that will insure that he can take Billy with him. Before he goes, Jack says that he is leaving because of what happened all those years ago when he took the company public and Victor snatched it up. John tells him that he forgave him for that a long time ago. "What is, is; there is nothing you can do to change the past," John tells him. Jack tells him that he would give his right hand if he could change things.

While MIGUEL packs the books, Victor returns home. When he learns that Nikki is horseback riding, he thinks he will join her. He knows which trail she will be riding. Before he can leave the phone rings and it is for him.

VERONICA wonders if she shouldn't go after Nikki. Maybe it would be better to do it in the woods where there is no one to see and hear. No, she decides, she wouldn't know where to find her in the dark.

NEIL sees that Vicki is upset and asks her about it. Holding her tummy, Vicki asks if it isn't obvious. Neil assures her that he is there for her. Once again, he asks her to give him an answer to his proposal. He knows that Dru was served with the divorce papers; before long he will be a free man. Vicki says that the two of them aren't very successful when it comes to marriage. However, she will have an answer for him within a week and he can be optimistic about what it will be.

ALEC and MEGAN arrive back at her house after going to the movie. He begins to kiss her. She tries to get into it but when she can't, she pulls back. He asks her what is the problem. She tells him that she knows there is a problem but she doesn't know what it is; she is so confused, she tells him. Alec tells her that if she ever figures it out, to let him know. He leaves, angry.

As VICTOR finishes up on the phone with Edward, Miguel continues to pack away the books. Later he tells Victor that he wants to do anything he can to help him and Nikki through this rough time. Victor says that he appreciates everything Miguel is already doing, especially keeping the media away from Nikki. That is his number one priority, to keep Nikki safe and out of the way of the media. As they talk, a picture falls out of one of the books that Miguel is holding. On the floor, unnoticed, is a photo of Veronica and two dogs.

Nikki returns from her ride talking to Seawind. She leads her back to the stable and unsaddles him. She comes out into the main room looking for a brush. Veronica stands up and startles Nikki. Nikki asks what she is doing there. Veronica is acting very strangely and Nikki tells her so. A little later, she asks if she has been drinking. Veronica says, "Funny. You asked me that once before." Nikki is confused. She starts to leave but Veronica stops her. She goes to the phone but Veronica laughingly says that the wires have been cut. "If only I had those big glasses and that terrible wig and the lousy skin, then you would know me. Figure it out yet, Nikki?" Nikki is frightened. "Sara?" she asks. "Why are you here?" "Isn't that obvious?" Veronica asks. "I came back to finish what I started." She pulls out the gun and holds it toward Nikki.

Wednesday, August 19, 1998

The coyotes are howling at the full moon in the distant hills as NICK arrives home from work. Calling out for Sharon, she comes into the room and shushes him. She has the kids asleep in their beds. Still, she is happy to see her husband home from work but notices that something is wrong. He tells her that he just came from seeing his sister and he got some news tonight that has him concerned. He tells her about Vicki's pregnancy. Sharon is shocked but happy for Victoria. Nick tells him that he thinks that Neil is the father. Sharon is shocked again but she doesn't see a problem. Neil is a wonderful man with a lot of class. It isn't that, Nick tells her, it is all the baggage that Vicki is carrying around right now.

VICTOR is still considering going riding with Nikki. He tells Miguel that as soon as he gets into his riding clothes, he is going to saddle up and head out looking for Nikki. Miguel says that he will prepare something special for when they return; the books can be packed later.

COLE is pacing the floor at Malcolm's studio when Mal arrives from a shopping spree. He finally found a photo supply house still open that had everything he will need. He warns Cole that this will take some time so get comfortable. While he is waiting, Cole goes to the phone and calls the ranch. He asks where Nikki is and Miguel tells him that she has gone for a horseback ride and Victor is planning to join her. Cole then asks him if Veronica is still at the ranch. Miguel says that she is lying down in his quarters; the flu is worse than she told them.

VICTOR is about to leave when Vicki comes home. They sit talking together for a while. He tells her how much he loves her mother---just as he told Nick earlier. Vicki hopes that someday someone will love her as much as he loves Nikki. Victor asks her what she is going to do about the baby. Is she planning on raising the baby at the ranch so that her parents will be able to help and support her? "That is one option," Vicki tells him. "But I am looking at another option, also." When Victor asks about the other option, she tells him that she will discuss it with him later if she decides to choose that. She has to go back to the office and finish up some work, so she leaves.

CHRIS stops by her husband's office and tells him that the dinner party is on for tonight. Paul wonders why so soon and she reminds him that he is the one that said she shouldn't let the idea get cold. Paul wants to know how she is so sure that Nina will even attend. Chris says that she will get Nina there if she has to drag her there kicking and screaming! As they are kissing, Lynn comes in. "It's not what you think," Chris and Paul assure her. "I wasn't thinking anything," Lynn answers. "You guys kiss at the drop of a hat. You kiss hello, you kiss goodbye, you kiss for luck . . ." Chris tells her that she gets the point. Now she tells Lynn about her dinner party. Paul says that they are setting up Nina with some single guys. Chris says that it is time that the both of them, Nina and Lynn, start dating---hopefully not the same man at the same time. Lynn tells them that she is already seeing a new man. They think that is wonderful and tell her to bring him to the party. Lynn goes to call Dean and tell him about the party; it is a good excuse to talk to him, anyway. Not long after Lynn leaves the room, someone stops by to talk to Chris. Turning to Paul, Chris smiles and says, "Baxter! Of course!"

NINA is reading the paper when she comes across an advertisement for a computer dating service. After reading the ad, she wonders if that is what her life has come to now---dating by computer. Ryan rings the doorbell and she lets him in. He is there to thank her for giving Phillip a nudge to write him a letter. He also sensed from her phone message that she is feeling a little angry with Tricia for coming over and making her accusations about Nina deliberately coming between him and Phillip. That was wrong of her and he told her so. They may have some problems but the one thing they agree on is Phillip. Nina allows her depression to show; she tells Ryan that his life is so perfect while hers is the pits. She sits at home alone night after night. Instead of getting on with her life, she feels like she is treading water. When she calls herself a misfit, Ryan says that it bothers him to see her putting herself down like that. She is an amazing woman; she is sharp and talented---one in a million and any guy would feel lucky to have her!

JOHN stops by to see Jill. He tells her that Billy is having a problem returning to school. Jill says that when he gets home from camp, she will sit him down and have a talk with him. John says that he wants to handle it; he doesn't want Billy to have to return to the school. When Jill says that the boy has to go to school, John says that he wants to move him to New York and enroll him in a special school where they will take their time with each student and their problems. At first Jill won't hear of it, but he finally brings her around to seeing his point of view. With tears streaming down her face, Jill asks if she will be able to see him. John assures her that she can have as much time with Billy as she wants---he will see that he comes back to see her at least two weekends each month.

Just after John leaves, JOHN SILVA arrives and wants to know what John A was doing there. Jill tearfully tells him that she doesn't want to discuss it now. She tells him that Beatrice is coming over to give him her deposition. Just then, Bea arrives and Jill introduces her to John. John begins to question her about all that transpired back when Phillip got Katherine's power of attorney and signed the house over to Jill. When Jill keeps butting into the questioning, John suggests that she wait in the anteroom. In the anteroom, Jill listens at the door as Bea tells John that Katherine knew what she was signing that day. Although she had been drinking, she had not drunk so much that she didn't know what was going on. They were arguing so loudly that everyone heard her say that he could have the house! After she leaves, John tells Jill that Bea will make a good witness for her case.

COLE comes back with two transparencies that he has made from the photo of Veronica and the wanted poster for Sara. He explains that if he slides one transparency over the other, if they match, they are the same person. He slips the transparencies together. "Perfect match!" Cole exclaims. "Good God!"

VICTOR is prevented from leaving once again by a business call. He tells the person on the phone that he hasn't seen the mail yet today; just hang on and I will check for it now, he tells them. Going around to the couch, he sits and goes through the mail. Finding the letter he expects, he begins to open it. He drops the envelope onto the floor. When he goes to pick it up, he sees the picture. He picks the picture up and looks at it. Turning it over, he sees the words, "Veronica Landers---1993," written there.

NIKKI can't understand what is going on. With the gun pointed at Nikki, Veronica tells her that she would know who she was if she could see her in the ratty wig and glasses. You've come back? Nikki asks. "No," Veronica tells her. "I never really left. I failed the first time, but I won't make that mistake again." Nikki pleads with Veronica for her life. I never did anything to you, she says. Veronica says that she took Joshua away from her and now she is taking Miguel away too. "I pronounce you guilty, Nikki, and unfortunately for you, I'm the judge!" With terror on her face, Nikki tells Veronica that she realized that Sara had a crush on Joshua. Veronica breaks in and tells her that her feelings for Josh started long before Nikki ever married him. "You are confused," Nikki tells her but Veronica says that Nikki is the one confused. Nikki begs her to tell her the whole story so that she won't be confused. Veronica wants to get this over with now. With the gun to her head, Nikki tells her that she can't die not knowing the reason why. Veronica agrees to tell her. She begins her tale. She tells her that she was married to Joshua but they were having some problems. She left to give her husband some breathing room. "But you are dead!" Nikki exclaims. "The police found your body." Veronica tells her how she gave the homeless woman her ring. "Did you . . . did you kill her too?" Nikki asks. Veronica laughs at her but she tells her that she had nothing to do with the woman's death. It was just a fortunate accident. Nikki wonders why she didn't tell her husband that she was still alive; Veronica tells he that she was in the "loony bin." When she saw his picture in a medical journal, she escaped from the crazy house and went looking for him; it was really easy from there. Since there was a job open at the ranch, she took it while she decided how to tell Joshua that she was alive. "But it turned ugly because of you, Nikki," Veronica says in her crazy voice. "You wove your web and trapped my husband. There, now you know it all so you can die in peace. Unlike my death, you won't be coming back; you will be dead for a long, long time." She pulls back the hammer and . . .

Thursday, August 20, 1998

CHRIS comes to Nina with her invitation to tonight's dinner party. Nina sees it for what it is---a chance to meet some new men. She isn't ready for this, not yet. However, since Chris won't take no for an answer, Nina gives in and says that she will be there.

Cole looks at the two pictures when they are overlaid and realizes that Veronica is Sara. Malcolm knows that the two are the same; the chance of two different people fitting like this is about one in a hundred million. This is one hell of a dangerous woman! When Cole says he has to call the ranch, Malcolm tells him to call the police first and get them working on this.

VERONICA is ready to pull the trigger when Nikki tells her that if Joshua had known she was alive, he would never have married her. Pushing her against the bales of hay, Veronica says the Nikki took him from her. "He thought you were dead," Nikki cries out to her. "You could have communicated with him!" Nikki tells her that she didn't remember at the time but HE LOVED ME! "You wormed your way into his heart. You bewitched him with your trashy ways---YOU ARE A SLUT, NIKKI!"

TRICIA visits Megan and asks how things are with her and Alec. Megan says that she doesn't feel that special way you are supposed to feel when you are with someone you love. Tricia tells her not to be too hasty; you don't find a guy like Alec every day. She accuses Megan of flirting with Tony and Megan vehemently denies that she flirts with anyone. "O you are a flirt," Tricia tells her. She goes on to tell her that Alec deserves better than being dumped. Megan agrees and calls Alec to come over.

NINA is going through her closet and finding something wrong with every dress she pulls out. It is too late to go buy something. She shouldn't have told Chris that she would go to the party; she is going to look like Hell!

VERONICA tells Nikki that she doesn't know what real love is. On the other hand, she says that she would do anything for her Joshua. She moved here and took this menial position jus to be near him. She knew the night would come when he would be ready for the wonderful news that he had not lost her forever. Suddenly, Veronica is reliving Joshua's rejection. Coming back to the present, she hears Nikki pleading for her life; she doesn't want to leave her children. "SUFFER, NIKKI," Veronica tells her once again pointing the gun at her. "Suffer as I have suffered."

ALEC arrives and apologizes for the last time. Meg apologizes and tells him that he has nothing to be sorry for. He asks if she has figured things out already, she tell him that she has. He takes that as a sign that she is ready to go to the next level but as they are kissing, she pulls away. She tells him that she isn't ready; he misunderstood what she said. She has figured out that she doesn't feel about him the same way that he feels for her. Alec is heartbroken but he thanks her for letting him down like this.

TRICIA is home thinking back on her fight with Nina. As she comes back to reality, Ryan walks in. She says that she was wondering where he was. Like a fool, Ryan tells that he has been to see Nina. As he begins to tell her about their talk, Tricia interrupts and tells him about visiting Megan. She says that she gave Megan some good advice about Alec. Ryan wishes that they could find another Alec for Nina. Tricia tells him that she would consider it a favor if he would not talk about Nina. They have a fight about her attitude towards Nina. Tricia still believes that she was right in her accusations against Nina. When Phillip says that he did get a letter from Phillip, Tricia says that was all due to her going to Nina and insisting that she encourage Phillip's relationship with Ryan. After they have exchanged a few angry words, Tricia says that she is sorry; she will handle herself better in the future but it isn't easy for her to have to listen to him talk about Nina all the time. He tells her that his heart is right there with her.

VICTOR is looking at the picture of Veronica Landers, 1993 when Miguel comes in with fresh flowers. He shows the photo to Miguel and asks what he thinks of this. Looking at the picture, he says that it is a younger version of Veronica. He wonders where Victor got it; Victor tells him that it must have fell out of one of the medical books. He tells Miguel to turn the picture over. Doing so, Miguel doesn't understand what this means. The phone rings and Miguel answers it. Cole is calling; he has some very disturbing news. In shock, Miguel gives the phone to Victor. Cole tells him that Veronica and Sara are one and the same. He tells Cole to send the police. Turning to Miguel, he says that he is going to the stables; he orders Miguel to call the gates and tell them not to let anyone off the ranch and to send the police to the stables when they arrive.

NIKKI tells Veronica that she is not well; she needs help. Veronica says that Nikki has ruined her life; she doesn't have anything left to lose. "I didn't know who you were," Nikki begs. As Victor comes up behind her, Veronica tells Nikki goodbye. "If you see Joshua, tell him I love him." Just as she pulls the trigger, Victor hits her hand, knocking the gun to the floor. It fires but it fires into the hay. Grabbing a bale hook, Veronica slashes at Nikki but once again, Victor pulls her back just in time. He throws her across the room. Hitting the bales of hay and the wall on the other side of the room, Veronica goes down. When she rolls over, the bale hook is embedded in her left chest. Nikki rushes into Victor's arms sobbing. Miguel sees that she is all right then sees Veronica. Going to her, he lays on the floor beside her. "Why?" he asks. Veronica looks at him. "Miguel," she says. "You were the most wonderful man I have ever known. No one has ever loved me like you have but I was never who you thought I was." She dies. NO! NO! Miguel screams. He buries his face in her chest and cries like a baby.

People begin arriving for CHRIS and PAUL'S party. Baxter is first there. Paul says that his punctuality is due to his being a lawyer. As Chris goes to answer the door, Paul asks if Baxter is still working on the Newman case. Lynn arrives and says that Dean is supposed to meet her there. The doorbell rings and Troy and Dean are there. Introductions are made all around as Paul and Chris hope that Nina will come. Everyone is busy getting drinks when the doorbell rings and Chris and Paul open it to find Nina looking lovely and wearing a happy face.

BAXTER and Nina go to pour her a glass of wine. Baxter tells her that he isn't really very comfortable; he is just recently divorced and he isn't able to cope very well. Nina says that he looks to be coping just fine but he tells her that it is only a front. He begins to tell her about his wife and how things have been for him since the divorce. When he tells her how much he hates being there and having to pretend to be having a good time, she tells him that if he really feels that way, he should just leave. No one will feel hard at him if he leaves. He thanks her and goes and says goodbye to everyone.

Chris comes over and asks if Nina is okay. "I'm better off than Baxter," Nina tells her with a smile. "I'm a real Rock of Gibraltar compared to him. Now, tell me about Troy." Chris is encouraged. "I see you are back on the prowl again," she says. Nina says that she will be able to have a good time now because she doesn't want to turn into a "Baxter." As Nina and Troy begin to dance, Paul turns up the music and they all begin to dance. Except Paul and Chris who stand with smiles on their face and talking about what a success the party is.

The Police arrive and ask Victor if he killed this woman. Victor says that he did not. "It was a cruel but just accident." He tells the police that if they will test the gun on the floor they will find it an exact match to the one that killed Dr. Landers and shot Nikki. He then says that the dead woman is Veronica Landers, the wife that Joshua thought was dead; she is also the maid, Sara Lindsey. When the police tell him that this is a pretty far-fetched story, Victor assures him that Cole Howard will also give him irrefutable proof when he arrives. The police tell him that they will continue to investigate.

"Thank God you came when you did," Nikki cries in his arms. "You have nothing more to fear, my darling," Victor assures her. "You will never have to see that woman again."

Friday, August 21, 1998

At the Newman ranch, the detective is telling Victor that the investigation should be complete by tomorrow afternoon. After that, they will be free to use the stables again. Cole comes in and Victor tells him that he owes him a big debt of gratitude for what he did for them; he may very well have saved Nikki's life. He goes to comfort Nikki as Cole fills the detectives in on how he figured out the puzzle. The detective says that this is the end to a series of bizarre events. Thank God it didn't have the outcome that Veronica had planed. Nikki begins to sob again and asks Victor to hold her.

COLE makes a call to Malcolm from the ranch to tell him what happened. Malcolm, still at the studio, is overwhelmed with the news. As he is finishing his conversation, a broadly smiling Neil walks in. After the call, Malcolm says that he just had the weirdest experience. Neil asks if he wants to talk about it, but Mal says that he may want to talk about it sometime in the future after he has had time to digest it, but right now, he wants to hear what Neil has on his mind. Neil says that he wants to talk about the only thing that seems to be on his mind these days is Victoria. He tells his brother that he will have his answer from Vicki very soon---within a week, she promised him. If the first of this year he had made a list of the next one thousand things that he expected to do within the year, marrying Vicki would have been number nine hundred and ninety nine. But now, he wants more than anything to make that girl his wife. If only she will say yes. Malcolm is excited for his brother, but wonders how he feels about Dru; does he have any regrets about how things worked out? Of course, Neil says, but he is ready to move on. Putting the past behind you is never easy but you have to let it go. Malcolm hopes that he gets what he is looking for from his girl. They hug goodbye.

Later, MALCOLM sits trying to work. Taking a break from his tedious cropping of the photos he is working with, he picks up the newspaper and sees the ad for the Crow's Nest with Callie Rogers as live entertainment. "So you are still in town?" he muses.

As CALLIE is getting ready for her performance, Rob is talking to her about her problems. She says that trouble has a way of finding her and that is the last thing she needs right now. Rob tells her that it is almost time to go on; she tells him to keep an eye out for her manager.

MALCOLM slips into the busy bar and looks around. "Do I stay or do I go?" Malcolm wonders. Just as he is about to leave, Rob announces that Callie Rogers, the pretty lady with the incredible voice, is about to perform. Hiding behind a pillar, Malcolm is held spellbound as Callie begins to sing, "Good Morning, Heartache." Rob smiles, enchanted by Callie's voice and the customers she is bringing in. He spies Malcolm watching from his spot and looks worried. He turns away for business for only a few seconds, but when he looks back, Malcolm is gone. Callie finishes her number and Rob buys her a mineral water before her next song. He asks for a description of her manager but Callie says that if he thought he saw her manager here, he was mistaken since if he were her, he'd be in her face; he wouldn't have slipped out quietly.

JACK is talking to a businessman in Japan when John comes in to say goodbye. Jack guesses the reason John is there and wishes that he weren't leaving so soon. John assures him that he never said he was leaving for forever; this is just something he needs to do for now. Jack tells him that he is the best dad any kid could have, certainly Billy. John tells Jack that he is his firstborn and he should never---never---doubt that he means the world to him. As they embrace, there are tears in both their eyes.

A little later, JILL comes to Jack's office. He tells her that that he called her for personal reasons; he wants to thank her for letting his dad take Billy to New York. Jill says that she is having second thoughts but he assures her that she did the right thing for both Billy and herself. As she is about to leave, she sees Katherine's party invitation on the desk. She explodes, wondering why she doesn't know about this. Jack says that maybe it is because she didn't get one. Jack seems skeptical when she begins to rant about how the Chancellor mansion was meant for her. Once she gets it, everyone in this town will know that Phillip loved her.

THE PARTY is in full swing. Chris and Paul are looking on thinking about how wonderful their party is. Lynn and Nina are apart, talking to each other. Lynn asks how it feels to be back in the swing of things, but Nina says that she is still pretty nervous. However, there are two very good-looking guys over there that make her think that it is worth it. Across the room Dean and Troy are finishing their lemon pie and coffee. Chris says she will go get more coffee for everyone and Paul goes with her. As Dean and Troy are looking around, they notice Lynn and Nina. "I get it now!" Dean says. "This was a set up. Lynn and Nina are looking at us a potential dates." Agreeing, Troy asks how they are going to handle it. Dean goes over and asks Lynn if he can speak to her privately. Going back to Troy, he tells Lynn that he needs to get something straightened out; he and Troy are together. Lynn never lets on that she is surprised. Dean asks if she will explain to Chris that they had another party to attend tonight. As they are leaving, Chris comes out and is wonders why they are leaving so early. Dean explains that they have a birthday party to attend.

After explaining the situation, everyone but Chris has a good hearty laugh. Even Chris sees the humor in the situation and acknowledges that this was not exactly the social event she had in mind. What an evening! They all agree. Baxter is no over his wife and the other two are . . . well, not available! As they are having fun with it, the doorbell rings. As Paul goes to answer it, Nina and Lynn decide it is time to be leaving. At the door, Paul is surprised to see his mother and Charlie. Nina introduces herself to Charlie as she and Lynn are on their way out. Chris talks Mary into a slice of lemon pie, but Paul and Charlie don't need any convincing. As she leaves to get the pie, Chris says that Paul has a sweet tooth the size of Texas.

MALCOLM returns home and says goodnight to the babysitter. Nate comes in all excited about the fall football league; his best friend has already signed up. Malcolm isn't all that enthusiastic about the idea of Nate playing football. When Olivia comes home, she is surprised that Malcolm is discouraging Nate. She sends Nate to his room while she talks to Malcolm. He explains that he played football when he was young. Then at the age of only 18, he busted his knee and it was all over for him. How do you think he felt having a doctor tell him that that he would never play football again in his life? All his dreams were just wiped out. For the next couple of years his world was turned up side down; he got in with the wrong crowd and he had a terrible falling out with his brother. It too a long time to come back from that lonely place where he had been. There were no women in his life; once he suffered the injury, he was no longer BMOC. Later, he hints, there was a girl but it didn't last for very long.

The CATERER is back at Katherine's and they are making further plans for THE PARTY when Esther comes in with her trusty tea service. She gives the man one look and then asks him where is Chuck? The man is confused; he has an assistant named David, which he describes. However, that isn't Chuck. She describes Chuck but the man doesn't recognize him as someone in his employ. Katherine goes ballistic! You let a stranger into this house? What got into you? You of all people should know better than to do that. Esther tries to give Katherine a reason for the strange man to come here, but Katherine continues to rant and rave. She vows that she will get to the bottom of this if it is the last thing she does.

CHRIS is asleep when she dreams of the man in the Norfolk airport. She dreams of the entire conversation and suddenly sits up in the bed. "I'm letting my imagination run away with me," she says as she lays back down and spoons up against her husband.

COLE explains to Nikki and Victor how he began to suspect Veronica. Victor thanks him again for calling; he saved Nikki's life. Cole asks didn't he already know the connection when he called but Victor says he only knew that Veronica was Joshua's former wife that everyone thought was dead. He had no idea that she was Sara. Nikki says that she sees the hand of God in this and Victor says that someone up there is looking out for them. Looking up, Nikki thanks God for giving her another chance to spend her life with Victor.

LEANNA is in her office watching the tape of her interview with Diane. Talking to herself, she says, "Oh, Victor, you have no idea what is looming for you on the horizon. No idea at all. This is going to shake up your world---when Diane's story hits the airwaves, you are in for a surprise. You have no idea!"

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