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Dru returned to Genoa City, and she and Neil parted amicably. The judge ruled that Jill's claim to the Chancellor estate was valid. Tony broke off his engagement to Grace. Christine made plans to go to Norfolk. Jack made reservations for a flight to Rome.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday September 21, 1998

by Soap Central

Due to CBS News coverage of the release of the President's grand jury tapes, The Young and the Restless did not air today. Monday's show will air on Tuesday so that no episodes are missed.

Tuesday, September 22, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Rosser</i>

Victoria and NEIL are back at his apartment. She's really miffed at her parents for being no-shows and not calling. Victoria makes it plain to Neil that she wants to tell her parents when they're together. Neil is looking for his keys, thinking he's left them in the car, but Victoria picked them up. She makes him "pay" for the keys with a kiss. They enter the apartment to find an ecstatic Lily -- who is ecstatic because her mother is there. DRU seems surprised, and Victoria is shocked as well. Neil politely "re-introduces" Dru and Victoria.

Dru suggests that Lily go play in her room. When Lily is out of earshot, Neil makes it quite clear to Dru that he's not happy by her presence there. He tells her a phone call would have been nice. Victoria offers to leave and go to the office. Neil tells Victoria that they'll go together and tells Dru he'll catch her later, since she'll be in town a couple of days. He pointedly asks at which hotel Dru will be staying. Victoria feels the tension and tells Neil that she'll see him later. It's obvious that he and Dru have a lot to talk over.

Neil is more hostile than he's been in a long while. Dru tells Neil that he's "fiddling around" with the boss' daughter." She says it's the first time she's seen Neil in months and he comes in with "Miss Thing." Neil remind Dru that she's been gone a long time and he doesn't know what she expected when she came back to Genoa City. He advises her, "Next time you plan to surprise somebody, you may just get a little surprise yourself."

Dru says for two people who were married as long as they were they're sure finding it hard to talk to each other. Neil tells her he's listening and asks her why she's there. She says she wanted to touch base and asks if there's something he wants to tell her. "Not at the moment," he states. Dru tells him she wants to see Olivia and asks Neil to watch Lily. Neil says he will -- gladly, since he's not sure when Dru's going to "rip her away from him."

At Legal Aid, NINA tells CHRIS that she's probably there so Chris can find out about her computer date. Nina tells Chris it's more proof that computers will not take over the world. Chris wants to tell Nina something she's found out about Carl.

Nina is surprised by all the research Chris has been doing. She tells Chris that they just had the man declared legally dead and now this. Chris says that things were fine until she ran into Carl's look alike. Then Paul told her some things about the investigation -- the anonymous letters. She asks Nina if she can trust with what she's found out.

Chris shows Nina the envelope postmarked "Cape Charles, VA." It's a small town near Norfolk. Nina says this is near the airport where Chris met the man who resembles Paul's dad and her skepticism is apparent. Chris tells Nina that she just can't ignore it. Nina asks if Paul knows any of this and Chris tells her that she doesn't want to give anyone false hopes. She wants to go to Norfolk and see if she can find this man.

Nina thinks that Chris is just a little over the edge. Chris tells her that she has to follow through on this or it will gnaw at her forever. She has to do it for her own peace of mind. She swears Nina to secrecy. Nina tells her that she will not go running to Paul with this and wishes her luck.

PAUL and LYNNE discuss Mary's change in attitude. Lynne remarks that love affects people like that. Paul doesn't want to admit that his mother may be in love. Lynne disagrees with him. "If she's not, she's not far from it," Lynne surmises. At any rate, something inspired the change Mary's made.

Paul tells Lynne that his mother "in love" is a new experience. He admits he hardly knows Charlie. Lynne suggests that he get to know him -- give Charlie a call. Paul tells her that wanting to "check up" on his mom by asking Charlie what his intentions are is a little sick. Lynne says that he loves his mother and she thinks it's sweet.

Paul invites CHARLIE into his office. Charlie was surprised to get Paul's call. Charlie sits and the two share awkward silence for several moments. Paul tells him that what he and his mother do is none of his business, but he wants to know what Charlie's intentions towards Mary are.

Charlie tells Paul that under any other circumstances, he would tell Paul that it is none of his business, but he realizes that they've just gone through a lot, having Paul's father declared legally dead after all these years. Charlie goes on to tell Paul that Mary is a remarkable woman. He extols all of Mary's virtues and tells Paul when his wife, Barbara, died he thought that part of his life was over. But now, if Mary is ready to move on, like he is, then he hopes that they will have a future together. Paul thanks Charlie for his honesty and tells him that his mother deserves a man like him. Charlie excuses himself and tells Paul he has dinner plans with a special lady.

MARISSA can't get up with Michael. DIANE overhears Marissa working and asks if there's a problem. She tells Diane that was her fourth call with no response. She's left messages everywhere. Marissa suggests that maybe Michael was called off on some important case. Diane smugly tells her that to Michael, the only important case is hers. The doorbell ring and Diane is sure that it's Michael. What a surprise to find that instead of Michael, it's VICTOR on her doorstep!

Marissa asks if Diane will be all right and Diane assures her she'll be fine. Diane says that she want's expecting Victor. Victor tells her there's something he wants to say to her. Diane reminds him that anything he has to say can be said through her attorney. He tells Diane that this is between the two of them. "I see we're in full intimidation mode today," she says snidely. Victor ignores her and tells her that she and Michael Baldwin have gone too far; that she and Michael Baldwin will have to pay dearly for what they've done to him and his family.

Diane asks if Victor is threatening her. He tells her he's putting her on notice. He blames Diane for letting herself be used. He insists that he's tried to be conciliatory with her in the settlement agreement, but she wants to play rough. Well, he reminds her, he came from nothing and he knows how to fight. He knows how to play dirty. He can deal with scum like Michael Baldwin. Diane tries several times during Victor's spiel to get in a word or two, but Victor ignores her and continues his tirade by telling her that when she and Michael attacked his family, they crossed the line. Diane tells him she's not sure what he's saying. He makes it very plain for her -- he will not rest until she and Michael get what they unmista.k.ably deserve. He tells her to have a nice day and leaves.

Later, Diane descends the stairs in the apartment. Victor has upset her. She tries to call Michael to no avail. She is exasperated with Michael's secretary. "Cynthia," she declares. "You are his secretary. How can you NOT know where he is?" She hangs up and goes to lean against one of the columns near the staircase. "Michael, where are you?" she murmurs. "Why aren't you here when I need you the most?"

SHARON and NIKKI are talking. Sharon tells Nikki that this is going to be such a perfect trip for her and Nicholas. She thanks Nikki for all the advice she gave her. Nikki tells Sharon that she's pleased that Nicholas asked her to go. Sharon tells her they need this vacation. As they talk, Nikki gets a far away look. Sharon reminds Nikki that she can talk to her -- that's what family is for. Nikki confides that the whole divorce thing -including Diane's television debut -- is really getting to her and especially Victor. The backlash just keeps growing. She tells Sharon that she overheard John Silva suggest to Victor that they are "living in sin" and that he should move out. She tells her that this is what that "witch" Diane has managed to reduce her and Victor's marriage to.

Nikki assures Sharon that Victor is NOT moving out and Sharon is relieved. She tells Sharon that she appreciates her listening. Sharon asks if Diane has a case. Nikki tells Sharon that Diane and Michael have somehow managed to get the upper hand. Victor is consumed with rage. Diane and her lawyer have created a situation where a judge might rule Victor and Nikki's marriage invalid. Nikki tells Sharon she's not worried about that because she and Victor are committed. Nikki admits she's never seen Victor like this and she wouldn't want to be Michael Baldwin right now.

NICHOLAS stops by VICTORIA'S office. They talk about his trip and how excited he is. He tells her that Sharon's meeting him in Colorado. He tells Victoria that he's really psyched that Sharon will be there to share in the biggest moment of his career. Victoria zones out and Nick asks what's wrong. Victoria tells Nick that she and Neil are going to be married. He congratulates her, although he says he's not surprised -- he's kind of seen it coming. She tells him that she hopes their parents feel the same way. Then she tells them that she and Neil were supposed to have an early dinner with them, but they stood her and Neil up. Nick says he's sure that something came up at the last minute.

Then Victoria tells him when they got back to Neil's Dru was there. Nick remembers that Lily is visiting Neil and says he's sure that Dru's just here to pick Lily up. Victoria thinks it's more than that. Nick doesn't think Dru's presence in Genoa City will affect things between Victoria and Neil. He assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Nick leaves.

She sits at her desk and start to call Neil. She puts the receiver down, saying that when Neil wants to call her he will. Just then the phone rings. Hopefully, Victoria answers, "Neil?" But it's her mother. Nikki explains that something came up and they couldn't make dinner and she'll give Victoria the details later. However, she'd like to re-schedule for later this evening. Victoria tells her that she doesn't know Neil's schedule. Nikki says that it's still early. Then she tries to get Victoria to tell her what's going on. Victoria tells her that the purpose of the dinner was for them all to be together when the news was discussed. Victoria says she'll check with Neil and let her know.

After they hang up, Nikki caresses the edge of a framed photograph of Nicholas and Victoria that sits beside the phone.

Back at her office, Victoria looks out the window. She recalls the conversations she and Neil had the night of Katherine's party when Lily had the nightmare. She remembers Neil saying that he would always be there for her and that they were going to make the perfect little family. A tear slips down Victoria's check.

DRUCILLA surprises OLIVIA at her office. They talk and Dru tells Olivia that she probably won't be in Genoa City long. Olivia asks her how much Neil has to do with whether she stays or goes. Dru tells her she was planning on sticking around, but she didn't get the reunion she expected. Olivia reminds Dru that she's been away for a long time. Dru tells her that she went to their old apartment and Lily was with Lucy. Thinking Neil was at work, she sent Lucy home. When Neil came home, whom did he have but Victoria Newman blasting in on his heels?

Olivia reminds Dru that Neil and Victoria work together. Dru doesn't buy that. Neil came home all happy until he saw Dru. Dru says there's a lot going on there and wonders what Neil is thinking -- isn't Victoria married to Cole Howard? Olivia tells her that Neil thinks he's in love with Victoria. Dru goes ballistic. Olivia also tells her that Victoria and Cole aren't married anymore. Dru says then Neil is just next on Victoria's list and that it will last for about five minutes. Olivia asks Dru why she cares. Dru says she hates to see Neil make a fool of himself. Olivia tells Drucilla that she really believes that Victoria is in love with Neil.

Dru thinks that's a laugh. She goes on this tirade about having had her fair share of offers while she's been away, but she always used discretion. Before Dru gets anymore worked up, she tells her that Neil has asked Victoria to marry him. Dru can't believe it. "The minute he's a free man, they plan to be husband and wife," Olivia tells her. You can see the thoughts flying through Drucilla's mind, and her eyes show her utter astonishment.

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Rosser

At Legal Aid, CHRIS is getting travel arrangements to go to Norfolk. She questioning her reasons for searching for Carl, but she knows she must find this man for Paul and Mary's sake. PAUL stops by and she tells me she needs to go out of town. She lies and tells him that she has to take a deposition. He offers to go with her, but she tells him that she'll have little time. Besides, she'll only be gone one day.

Paul asks her if she's going to accept Victor Newman's offer. She tells him that she's still considering it. There are still some issues that have to be settled. They discuss Mary becoming emotionally involved with Charlie. It's difficult for Paul. He never expected to react this way. It's hard to watch another man take his father's place in his mother's life and in her heart.

NIKKI comes to VICTOR'S office. She asks if he having a rough day. She suggests that they go on a trip until things blow over. He tells her that it's not going to blow over. He also tells her that Diane is not in as much control as she thinks she is. He's taken step to correct this problem and he can take more. Nikki says she trusts what he knows what he's doing. Then she reminds Victor that they completely forgot about having dinner with Neil and Victoria.

Victoria wonders why Victor wanted them to meet all together. Nikki tells him that Victoria is really upset that Victor and she stood them up. Victor calls Victoria's secretary and Victoria isn't there. He tells Allison to have Victoria call him when she gets back in. He still cannot understand why Victoria wanted them all together.

CHRIS stops by Victor's office. She tells him that she wants to clear some things up first. She's not a "Yes Man" and she will not do anything that is unethical. Victor tells her he's glad to have her on his legal team. Chris also advises Victor to move out of the ranch. Victor tells her that the point is moot -- he's not moving out.

Chris tells him that she and John can only advise him -- the final decision is his. He asks her to tell Connie that she can come in when Chris leaves. Connie enters and he asks if she'll try to reach Victoria. He wonders where Victoria is. He says if he can't speak with her directly, he'll find out from someone else what he wants to know.

NEIL and VICTORIA run into each other. Victoria is surprised because Dru is at his apartment. They each start to say something and Neil tells her to go first. Victoria tells him that Dru is still his wife. He maintains that's a technicality. She tells Neil that seeing Drucilla tonight affected Neil. Neil tells her that ending a marriage is always hard, especially when there's a child involved. He reminds Victoria that she should know this. Victoria says she understands. Neil asks her if she understands that he love her -Victoria. She says she knows. Jack interrupts them. Neil tells her he'll talk to her later and leaves. Jack says he gets the feeling his timing is off -- way off.

NEIL is in his office and he can't concentrate. MALCOLM comes by and Neil tells him Dru is in town. He tells Malcolm that Dru came to surprise him, but he thinks that Dru got the bigger surprise -- Victoria was with him when they went to the apartment. Malcolm asks him how he felt seeing Drucilla. Neil tells him he's not made of stone -- Dru's a beautiful woman and they share a history together. Their conversation is interrupted by a phone call. He has to leave immediately for a meeting. Malcolm asks if he can stay until Neil gets back. Neil tells him yes, but he has no idea how long he'll be.

DRU can't believe that Neil and Victoria are engaged. She's mad at OLIVIA for not telling her. Olivia tells her it wasn't her place. Dru says she'd like to have had some warning before she had the wind kicked out of her after not seeing Neil for months. Olivia asks if Dru was coming back to ask Neil for a second chance, maybe hoping to try again.

Dru says she didn't know what she expected. Olivia asks her what she wanted, NOT what she expected. Dru admits she'll always have feelings for Neil. She can't understand why he would hook up with some spoiled little rich girl. Olivia tells her that Victoria is a very remarkable woman. Dru wants to know whose side she's on. Olivia tells Dru that if Neil wants to marry Victoria, then she supports him. She also supports whatever Dru wants too. Dru says if she WAS trying to get Neil back and she's not saying she was, she would never go toe-to-toe with Victoria Newman -- ever. Olivia asks if she's afraid she'd lose Neil. "Not on her best day," states Dru confidently. They disagree about several other points and Olivia says that there was a time that she and Dru could talk about anything. Dru tells her that things change. They embrace. She asks Dru to touch base with her before Dru takes off again. Dru tells her she'll try.

MEG and TRICIA are talking. Tricia asks too many questions about Meg's life, with Tony being the particular topic. Tricia tells her that she's looking out for her little sister. Meg disagrees and says that she thinks Tricia is making a big deal out of things. Tricia is afraid that Meg is a lot more into Tony than he is into her.

Meg tells Tricia that she's drawing conclusions. Tricia asks if Tony calls her. She tells Meg she goes to the Crimson Lights and waits to see Tony. Last time, Meg got lucky and they went to the movies. Tricia is worried about Meg. She says Tony is a nice guy who seems to be going through something tough -- Meg doesn't even know where Tony works. Meg and Tricia argue and Tricia suggests that she, Tony, Meg, and Ryan all eat out together. Meg tells her no way. Tricia would just put Tony under a microscope and give him the third degree. "Why would I want to do that to Tony?" asks Megan. Tricia tells Megan she's afraid of the truth. Meg wants to know whose truth Tricia is referring to. Then she tells her she's not afraid of anything. "You are not my mother. I can take care of myself," Meg growls. She stalks out and slams the door behind her.

GRACE is trying to get up with Tony. She tells herself that she and Nick will never be, so she's got to concentrate on the man who loves her. She's got to make sure that it not too late. TONY walks in and Grace tells him she's missed him. They talk about his work. She tells him she never sees him anymore and that's no way to live. Tony tells her he's made a decision -- he's moving out.

Grace reminds Tony that they are engaged. "Well, we're DISENGAGING," says Tony bluntly. Grace asks if they can talk about this. Tony has said all he 's going to say. Grace apologizes for the distance between them. Then she tells him she saw him with the girl at the coffeehouse. She saw them leave and later when she asked Tony about it, he lied. He told her he didn't want to argue with her about it. Grace tells him he used to care enough to argue with her. Then she says if he's trying to teach her a lesson, she's learned it. She tries to hug him and he pulls away. He tells her a guy can only wait to hear what he wants to hear and time is up. Tony leaves and Grace falls apart.

DRU comes into Neil's office and finds MALCOLM. They have a joyful reunion. Dru goes into an immediate discussion about Neil and Victoria's engagement. Malcolm asks her if she's here to pick up Lily and drop off divorce papers or did she have something more in mind. Dru says it doesn't matter now. Malcolm tells her that nothing is etched in stone.

Dru tells him she's not going toe-to-toe with Victoria. Malcolm tells her that Neil and Victoria are both on the rebound. Victoria is about to have her ex-husband's baby, which is news to Drucilla. Malcolm tells Dru that she has to decide if she wants to fight for Neil because she loves him or because she doesn't want Victoria Newman to have him.

MEG is at the Crimson Lights thinking about what Tricia said when TONY joins her. She tells him Tricia is sticking her nose where it doesn't belong and Tony guesses that it's about him. She tells him Tricia did get her to thinking -- why hasn't Tony every asked for her phone number? Why hasn't he ever called? He tells her he's been in a relationship that's been in rough shape.

Meg can't believe this. She tells him he's been spending an awful lot of time with her and he never mentioned having a serious girlfriend. Meg tells him she thinks he should have told her. Tony says that he was a chicken, but now things haven't worked out with the girlfriend. He tells her it took him a long time to figure it out. She tells him that any girl who didn't appreciate him, didn't deserve him. He says that it's like he's taken his blinders off. He always thought that Meg was cute, but now he sees that she 's a lot more than cute. He leans over and gives her a passionate kiss. When it's over, they both quietly say, "Wow!" Meg is amazed. She tells Tony she has to go. He asks where. She answers, "Anywhere." She's so overwhelmed by what's just happened.

Megan passes TRICIA and RYAN on her way out. Tricia calls to her and Meg turns. Tricia asks if she's okay. Ryan goes to find a table outside. Tricia and Meg sit in a booth inside. Ryan sees Tony and sits down with him. He congratulates him on his taste in women. Tony is confused. Ryan goes on to say that he say Grace picking out lingerie for their honeymoon the other day and Tony is going to be very pleased. Tony is even more confused and his mind is in gear.

JACK asks VICTORIA if she's all right. Jack wants to know if he can help. Victoria tells him Drucilla showed up today. She's afraid that Neil has changed his mind now that he's seen her again. Jack tells her that Neil is one person you can count on. Victoria says she really wants to.

Jack starts to leave and tells Victoria that he'll talk to her later. He tries to calm her fears by telling her that he watched her and Neil at Katherine Chancellor's party the other night. They were a good-looking, strong couple, who seemed like they could handle anything. "Even Drucilla Winters?" Victoria asks. He tells her that he can't say, but he just wishes everybody in this situation could happy. He wishes her the best.

NEIL comes back to his office and finds DRU there. He asks her why she's here. She says she's here to pick up Lily and touch base with him. With a little attitude, Dru tells him she's confused. He couldn't stay with HER because she was too career-oriented, but no he's with "Miss Tootie" who makes Drucilla look like she's never even heard of the word "career." Neil tells Dru that Victoria and he share the same work. Dru's work takes her away at the drop of a hat. He wanted a family life that he never could have had with Dru. Neil tells her that life is too short for him to wait until SHE could be honest with him about what she wanted. She asks about the implications of having a relationship with Victoria, the boss' daughter. Neil tells her he's lost a lot of sleep thinking about that. But the bottom line is, Victoria makes him happy. She makes him feel alive and he is in love with her.

Dru mentions Victoria' pregnancy. Neil says he plans to be a father to the baby as much as possible. She asks him if he's happy. He tells her he gets that special feeling inside that makes him feel fun and romantic with Victoria.

Dru tells him that she's busy modeling. She asks if he wants her to pick up Lily or if he'll drop her off. Neil wants to spend every last moment with her, so he'll drop her off. Dru promises to let him see Lily as much as possible despite the distance. Neil begs her not to let there be too much distance between the two of them. She tells him she'll deliver the divorce papers to his attorney before she leaves. He says they'll just keep it simple.

They embrace. Drucilla's eyes brim with tears. Neil looks awkward. Neither of them is aware that Victor Newman is watching them from the doorway.

Thursday, September 24, 1998

JILL rushes into the courthouse and asks John what is going on. When he tells her that Mitchell Sherman is filing a motion to dismiss her case, she insists on being in the room. John tries his best to talk her out of it; he tells her to go home and get herself under control, but she knows that Katherine will be there and she will not leave! This is much too important to her; hasn't John learned that by now?

KATHERINE is ready to leave for the courthouse when Nikki arrives to find out how she is doing. Kay tells her about the order to dismiss and she feels certain that it will go her way. That twisted tramp, Jill, will rue the day she ever tried to cross her! Nikki tries to get Katherine not to be overly optimistic; if things don't go as she expects, she wants her to remain on an even keel. Katherine isn't worried about that; the judge will see right through that conniving witch.

Later, in court, Katherine and her attorney sit on one side of the table while Jill and John sit on the other side. The Judge takes the head of the table and explains that since this is only a motion, they won't need the court reporter. He has read over all their points of law and seen their precedents. Now he will hear their arguments but he wants them to keep them brief. Mitchell goes first. He makes a reference to Jill as Phillip's paramour and this brings a response from Jill. The judge tells Mitchell that since this is only a hearing and not a trial, there is no need to get into personalities. Mitchell makes the point that the house and estate belonged to Katherine long before she married Phillip; therefore, Phillip had no right to give the house to anyone. He adds that it is callous of Ms. Abbott to even try to bring this into court. Jill speaks up and says that the person who is callous is Katherine. The two women, who are sitting directly across from each other, begin to argue loudly. The Judge shuts them up and is harsh with both of them. When John is asked to present his argument, he says that they have proof that Phillip did have the right to dispose of the property any way that he wished; therefore, Jill does have a legal claim. The Judge leaves the room to check all their precedents and promises that he will return with his ruling.

NICK is on the phone with Sharon. She is telling him that Noah is learning to swim and Cassie is helping to teach him. Nick can't believe it! His son is learning to swim! Grace arrives at the door but Nick doesn't know that she is there and listening to his conversation. He and Sharon beging to talk about the upcoming business trip. He says that it will be a second honeymoon. She thinks that they can find some time to use the pool alone on their trip but Nick doesn't think that they will ever get out of bed! He tells her that it is all thanks to Grace for making all the plans. After he hangs up, he sees Grace and tells her that she has done a fine job. He asks about the accommodations and she shows him a brochure of the finest suite at the resort complete with balcony, kitchen and bar. Nick says that he doesn't know what he would do without his partner. After he leaves, Grace takes out her shopping bag and then pulls out one of the teddies. As she brings it to her face, she begins to cry. "It could have been so wonderful, Nicholas," she weeps. "Now it is all just a beautiful dream."

DIANE paces the floor of her apartment, an obvious basket case. Marissa tells her that this is just what Mr. Newman meant to do to her. Diane says that it isn't what Victor said so much as how he said it but he did frighten her. Marissa says that she has been calling everywhere but no one has seen or heard from Michael. Diane tells her to keep trying; she really needs Michael right now.

PHYLLIS bursts into Michael's office and she is madder than an old wet hen! However, there is no one there except for the secretary who tells Phyllis that she hasn't heard a word from Michael. Phyllis says that she will wait in the office. When the secretary suggests that she should wait outside, Phyllis reminds her that she does live with the man. After the door is closed behind the secretary, Phyllis begins to rifle through the desk. She wants to find out what Michael is up to!

After Phyllis has exhausted every possible place to search and is about to give up, Diane walks in calling for Michael. The two women square off; Phyllis is angry and suspicious but Diane is scared and upset. Phyllis admits that she thought that Michael was with her; even though she was wrong, Phyllis still gives her a serious warning to stay away from Michael. She even tells her that she caught Michael fooling around with a young blond just the other day. Looking her in the eye, Diane says that Phyllis is more jealous than she is worried about Michael. Diane wants to call the police but Phyllis says that a person has to be missing for 48 hours before the police will do anything.

GRACE returns to Intimate Secrets hoping to return the teddies but everyone is busy. As she stands waiting for help, Sharon comes in and begins browsing. When they see each other, Sharon says that she is shopping for something to wear on the trip to Colorado. She tells Grace that it would be good if she took Tony with her to Colorado but Grace doesn't answer one way or the other. Finally a sales lady comes over and remembers that Grace was there before shopping for her honeymoon. Sharon is delighted; so you have set the date! Congratulations, she says.

TONY is taken aback when Ryan tells him that he saw Grace buying lingerie for the honeymoon. He wonders if he could have been wrong about Grace. Ryan says that the groom is always the last to know! Tony decides that he has to leave.

Meanwhile, TRICIA is once again giving Megan a hard time about Tony. Megan can't understand her sister's attitude and eventually walks out on her. Tricia sits there wondering what to do about her sister when Ryan finds her. She tells him that she has a bad feeling about this guy that Megan is seeing. Ryan suggests that they invite the guy and Megan to dinner and he will give the guy a once over. Tricia says that she has tried that but Megan knows that they would gang up on her friend. Ryan says that the next time she runs into Megan and her boyfriend, give him a call and he will "accidentally" drop by and find them.

Back in her office, Grace is talking to herself. Actually she is berating herself for losing Nick and Tony! As she tells herself that it looks like she will end up with nothing or no one, Tony steps through the door and asks if she is talking to herself. She asks what he is doing there and he says that he is showing up like the bad penny. Grace tells him that she doesn't blame him for leaving her; she has been sending some mixed signals recently. Tony tells her that she is quite a girl and she never ceases to amaze him. She is just one surprise after another!

NIKKI goes to Jack's office and tells him that she needs his help. She wants him to talk to Diane and have her stop this insanity. Jack tells her that he doesn't see Diane any more; Nikki is surprised at this. She tells Jack that she is really desperate and miserable; she doesn't know what to do about this situation which is getting way out of hand. She tells him that even their attorneys want Victor to move out of the ranch because it appears that they are "living in sin." The thing that really worries her is that Victor is so upset that she is afraid of what he might do, especially to Michael Baldwin. Jack tells her that Victor will be there for her; if she needs any support, she should turn to her husband. Nikki leaves no more comforted than when she arrived. Jack walks around the room thinking. He observes that Victor is too busy to tend to business. Going to the phone, he calls Bradley. Bradley wants nothing to do with Jack and is about to hang up on him when Jack gets his attention by saying that if he hangs up, he will be sorry. He is about to take a ride on the train to Paradise and he is offering Bradley a free ride. Brad says that nothing is ever free where Jack is concerned. "In plain English so that there is no misunderstanding," Brad says, "I want nothing to do with this so KISS OFF!" Bradley hangs up the phone. Jack smiles as he puts the phone down. He then calls his travel agent and tells her to book him a first class seat on the next available flight to Rome. Hanging up again, Jack says, "You will see me Bradley. Sooner than you think. And you ARE going to listen to me!"

Friday, September 25, 1998

Note from Gladys: Due to Hurricane Georges, there was a weather update every 15 minutes today. So, I can't be sure that I saw everything but the gist of it all is here.

JILL is nervous waiting for the Judge to make his decision. She tries her best to get John to assure her that things will go her way, but John can only tell her that they have a good chance. "You don't understand," Jill finally says. "Judges have never liked me. I'm serious." John gets a call and goes out into the corridor for privacy. As Jill worries, Katherine comes in and asks if a decision has been made yet. Jill tells her that it hasn't been decided yet, but she should start looking for another place to live because the house won't be hers for very long. As the two ladies go after each other, Mitchell comes in and breaks them up. He says that the Judge will be there in a few minutes; he has made his decision.

VICTORIA returns to her darkened office and finds her father waiting for her. He has been wondering if he should tell her about seeing Neil and Dru in each other's arms. Vicki isn't in a good mood and barely bites Victor's head off. He wonders what is wrong with her but she says that it is all hormones; pregnant women are subject to weird moods. Victor wants to talk to her about Neil, but Vicki puts him off. She says that this isn't a good time for a father-daughter chat. Leaving, Victor tells her to take good care of herself and the baby. Then he adds that the next time they talk, she should use a friendlier tone when talking to her father. She apologizes. Outside, Victor looks thoughtful and says, "Just as I thought. There is trouble in that relationship." Back in the office, Vicki wonders why she hasn't heard anything from Neil.

In NEIL'S office, Olivia has stopped by to find out how things are going with Neil and Dru. Neil tells her that Dru has already left; he took Lily to the airport to rejoin her mother. It nearly broke his heart seeing Lily cry and beg him to come with them. He also tells her that Dru signed the divorce papers before she left. He bemoans the fact that he can't be a good father to Lily by nightly calls and visits a couple of times a year. Olivia wonders if he has changed his mind about marrying Vicki so that he could reunite his family. Are you having second thoughts?

NICK comes home from work and sees the bag from Intimate Secrets on the table. Being curious, he looks inside and delightedly pulls out some very skimpy lingerie. As he is admiring them, Sharon comes along and tells him that these are for their trip. He thinks that a preview is in order but Sharon reminds him that tonight is parents night at school and they have a date. However, she does tell him that when they get home, she will give him a little fashion show. Cassie comes in and rushes them to get ready to go. Yawning, Sharon says that they are ready so let's go. Cassie asks if she is okay and Sharon says that she was up with Noah a lot last night; she is just a little tired. On the way out of the house, Nick asks Cassie if she wants to drive and she tells him yes without batting an eye. Nick thinks it is pretty funny---unless she is serious.

TONY tells Grace about his talk with Ryan. He says that he is confused; he is the only one who is talking about getting married or making honeymoon plans then he finds out that she has been shopping for honeymoon apparel. Grace takes the chance to tell him that she has been thinking about the wedding, she just didn't get much chance lately to tell him what she was doing. She says that it is her fault; she is so involved with herself that she hasn't had a chance to talk to him about "us." Tony wonders if there is any need for him to move out now and Grace tells him that she doesn't want him to move out. In fact, she tells him, she wants him to go with her on the trip! She has programmed a couple of days for R&R in Denver and he can join her there. Tony will try, but he thinks that he will be doing a lot of extra work during her trip. A little hesitantly, Tony wants to know if she can give him any idea when they can get married. Grace looks at him and tells him that in two weeks---the day she gets back from her trip---they will get married. Needless to say, Tony is very happy.

Everyone is waiting when the JUDGE arrives in chambers with a court reporter. He tells them that he has made a decision. After looking over all the papers, he has to agree that there is some validity to the claim. Katherine gets up and starts walking to the door. The Judge stops and asks if something is wrong. She tells him that she just has to go outside; if she stay in here, she will end up saying something she doesn't want to say. After she leaves, the Judge says that they will set a date to go to court. Later, Mitchell tries to assure Kay that this is just the first step in a long series. Jill comes out of the courtroom, elated at the win. After she leaves, Kay tells Mitchell that Jill will get her house OVER MY DEAD BODY! "Because, if she gets my home, I may as well be dead," Katherine says.

CASSIE comes flying into the house excited about the way the evening went. She wishes that every night could be family night at school. Nick tells her that if it was, she would get bored with it and it wouldn't be exciting any longer. She tells him that as long as he and Sharon are her parents, it would be exciting. Sharon goes to get Noah ready for bed while Nick tries to calm Cassie down enough to go to sleep.

Later, Nick is turning out all the lights and checking the locks when Cassie comes out of her room. She has something to give to Nick. Opening it, Nick sees a picture that Cassie has painted of the family. With a lump in his throat, Nick thanks her and tells her that it is special to him. Cassie tells him that he is special; he has given her a family for her first time in her life. They hug! Nick kisses her and tells her to go to bed. She gives him one last hug and says, "See you in the morning!" "Thanks for the warning!" Nick answers with a grin. He makes his way up the stairs but when he arrives in the bedroom, Sharon is already asleep.

After CALLIE'S first set, she wonders why Trey wasn't there but she isn't complaining. Rob wonders why she can't get away from Trey unless there is more than she is saying. Callie doesn't answer; she just goes for a short rest before her next set.

Later, as Callie sings, Trey quietly comes into the bar and listens to her. When the song is over, he wants to talk to her but she tells him that she is too tired. He surprises her by letting her go after promising that she will not run away again. He will see her in the morning.

VICTOR is met at the door by Nikki. She is dressed for dinner and the living room is prepared for a long romantic evening with just the two of them. There is just one rule: there will be no mention of that woman or her attorney. Victor tells her that that is something he can live with. He says that he saw Vicki before leaving the office and she was in a terrible mood. He thinks from what he observed and information that he has gathered that it is over between her and Neil.

NEIL finally gets to Vicki's office and she wonders why he kept her waiting all day. She thinks that he is having second thoughts about marrying her and if he is, that is fine with her. She wants to marry a man who will have only her and her child on his mind. Neil is finding it hard to get a word in but he finally tells her that he wants to say something. He reminds her that he is an old-fashioned man. The last time he asked her to marry him, he didn't do it right. The reason he was so late getting here had nothing to do with his old life. "Maybe this will explain it," he says as he hands her a small box. Opening it, he takes out a large square diamond engagement ring and slips it onto her finger. "Vicki, will you marry me?" he asks. With tears in her eyes, Vicki says yes.

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