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Grace promised to marry Tony in two weeks. Carl discovered that someone was looking for him. Michael's captors released him, but he couldn't prove that Victor had been responsible. Callie lost her job. Nick left for his business trip.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 28, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday September 28, 1998

by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Rosser

BRAD is keeping JACK waiting by having his secretary give him various excuses. Jack finally gets tired of waiting and barges into Brad's office. His secretary tries to warn Brad, but Jack makes his grand entrance. Brad asks him what he wants and Jack tells him he'll get in the time is right. Brad tells Jack that he can say what's on his mind or leave. Jack says he' ll take a chance. He offers Brad a piece something that he's been working on for awhile. Brad tells him a piece of nothing is still nothing. Jack brings him up to par on Victor's dire situation. He tells Brad that Victor' s "not minding the store." In fact Victor is oblivious. Jack has deliberately done some things that would have normally brought on Victor's wrath, and Victor ignored them. He is letting contracts just slip through his fingers, signing them without reading them.

Brad tells Jack he can't possibly be thinking that he and Jack could take over Newman Enterprises. Jack tells him yes. Brad tells him he's out of his mind. "You're deluded," rants Brad. Jack ignores him and tells him if they move quickly they can do it. Brad asks about the risks. Jack tells him to think about the rewards. There will be plenty for the both of them. Brad tells him he won't be pressured. Jack gives him his hotel number. He tells Brad he has 24 hours. After that he's gone and so is the offer.

Victoria is still in bed and admiring her engagement ring. She calls Neil at the office and invites him to the ranch for breakfast. They decide it's time that they made their engagement announcement to Victoria's parents. When Victoria gets up, she slips off her ring, admires it, and places it on her table. MALCOLM comes to see NEIL. He tells him he came clean with Olivia. Neil tells him that he believes Malcolm, but it's his wife that Malcolm is going to have to convince that he's not involved emotionally with this Callie. Neil asks if Malcolm is going to help this girl. Malcolm tells Neil that he thinks Callie may be scamming him. He fills Neil in on Callie's "on the run from her manager" story. Neil says that it doesn't quite sound like Malcolm can turn his back on this girl. Malcolm assures him that he intends to let Callie know that she'll have to find her help elsewhere.

VICTOR is alone in the living room of the ranch. He's thinking about seeing Neil and Dru together and is sure that Neil is going back to her. That's why Victoria was in such a snit last night. NIKKI joins him and tells him that she went to Jack to see if he'd be willing to talk to Diane. This upsets Victor. He doesn't want Jack nosing around in his business. They discuss how worried they are about Victoria when Victoria joins them in an extremely happy mood. Nikki and Victor are totally perplexed.

Victor and Nikki both remark on Victoria's mood. Victor tells her it's much different than last night's mood. Nikki tells her she looks wonderful, and Victoria says that's the way she feels. The doorbell rings and Victoria lets Neil in. Nikki and Victor exchange glances. Victoria announces that Neil is there because they all couldn't get together last night. Nikki apologizes for that again. Victoria asks her mother to sit down. She thanks her parents for putting up with her mood swings, which she admits, were not totally due to hormones. Neil apologizes for not finding the time to talk to them before now. Then Victoria announces that Neil proposed and she accepted. Then, formally, Neil places the engagement ring on Victoria's finger and kisses her. Victor and Nikki say nothing.

Victoria asks if anyone is going to congratulate them. Nikki tells her if this is what she wants, then she's happy for her. She hugs her and welcomes Neil to the family. Victor asks Neil if he's sure about this. He says yes. Then Victor asks about the baby Victoria is carrying. Neil tells Victor he' s going to be the best father he can be. Victoria interrupts and tells Victor that he's going to have an entire lifetime to put Neil under his microscope. Victoria mentions it too early for champagne, but she's sure Miguel can whip something up. Victor states that he'll have to pass and says he has to go to the office. Neil says he has to be getting back too. Victoria sees Neil to the door. Nikki tells Victor evidently they were wrong. "So it appears," says Victor unhappily.

Later, Victoria calls Neil's office. "Neil Winters," he answers in his business-like tone. "Victoria Winters," says Victoria. "Or I will be soon." Neil says not if her father has anything to do with it. Victoria tells him that her mom is cool with it and she has a lot of influence where her father is concerned. She tells him she loves her ring and that soon, everyone will know they're engaged because of her beautiful bauble. "I love you," says Victoria. "I love you more," replies Neil. They make plans to meet at the office later on and then say goodbye.

NICK is packing to go and SHARON and he are sad. CASSIE comes down still on a high about Parent-Teacher night. Cassie tells Nick she'll miss him and they hug. He pulls a $10 bill out of his pocket and asks Cassie to take care of her mom for him. Cassie leaves for the bus. Sharon and Nick embrace.

Sharon says she could kick herself for falling asleep on their last night before his trip. Nick tells her it's just one of the symptoms of their lives. Nick promises they'll have time together in Colorado. He will work on his speech throughout the rest of the trip so he can concentrate on her when he gets to Denver. The limousine arrives and Sharon tells him she wants to go with him so they can spend every moment together until he leaves.

GRACE and TONY are saying goodbye. Grace hopes Tony can join her in Denver. Grace is glad that their relationship is back on track. Tony says that before she goes they have business to attend to. He gets out his calendar and points to a date (which the only Tony and Grace can see). The date is set. Two weeks from the day that Grace gets back from the business trip is what they agree on.

CAL, Tony's boss, calls and tells him there's no way they can spare him, especially since he's also planning a honeymoon. Grace and Tony are disappointed. He says that while he's gone he'll make some wedding plans and they can talk on the phone on make more wedding plans as well. Tony tells Grace that his dream is finally coming true – she is going to be his bride.

GRACE isn't at the jet when Nick and Sharon first arrive but soon she arrives. Nick leaves to take care of business with the pilot. Sharon asks Grace if Tony will be joining them in Denver. Grace explains that Tony can' t get the time off. Sharon tells her that she feels closer to her than she has in a long time. She admits there would have been a time when she'd have been worried about sending her off on a trip with Nick, but it's so obvious that Grace is in love with Tony. Grace tells Sharon that she and Tony have set the wedding date. Sharon is thrilled.

Nick comes back and tells Sharon that it's time for them to go. Sharon and Nick get emotional and he and Sharon share an intimate moment. Grace gets upset. She can't look at them, so she turns away. As soon as Sharon leaves, she buckles up in her seat on the plane. Nick buckles up next to her. He is really psyched but Grace turns her face, her eyes brimming with tears.

CALLIE is pouring herself a cup of coffee when TREY comes in. He asks for a cup. Callie tells Trey she doesn't want to honor her contract. Besides, he wasn't doing anything for her anyway. Trey warns her that she can't run far enough to get away from him. Callie wants to know why he just won't let her go. Trey says he just can't let her go; she's made a commitment to him.

Callie explains that she didn't know what she was doing when she signed that contract. Trey promised to make her a star. "These things take time," states Trey slyly. Callie tells him that time is up. Trey starts advancing toward Cassie and she acts scared. Neither sees MALCOLM in the doorway of The Crow's Nest.

Malcolm wants to know what's going on. Callie tells Malcolm that Trey won't listen to her and she's sorry she got Malcolm involved. Trey looks at Malcolm and wants to know who in the hell he is. "Besides, he's not the one in violation of her contract," Trey states. Rob comes in and Trey tells him that Callie can no longer sing here. "She sings for me, or she doesn't sing at all," Trey explains.

Malcolm asks to speak to Trey. He tells him that if he'll lay off Callie, he might be able to talk to her. Trey warns Callie about singing. Then he leaves. Malcolm asks if she's all right. Callie says she never should have come here.

VICTOR shows up at NEIL'S office door. "So, you and my daughter are engaged. I think we best talk about that," Victor says morosely.

Tuesday, September 29, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Rosser

VICTOR tells NEIL that he doesn't think he's ready to marry Victoria. He saw Drucilla and Neil in an embrace last night. Neil tells him that Dru had just signed the divorce papers and that they were just saying a final goodbye to their marriage. Victor doubts that Neil is over his feelings for Drucilla.

Neil tells Victor, that with all due respect, it's over between him and Dru. Victor believes that Neil has moved too fast. Neil corrects him. He's closed the door on his past with Drucilla. Neil doesn't understand why Victor has such reservations -- unless there's another reason Victor doesn't want Neil to marry his daughter.

Victor tells Neil his only concern is his daughter's happiness. He doesn't want them to rush into marriage. He lays out the scenario for him: Neil has just ended his marriage. Victoria has ended marriage number two and is now pregnant with Cole's child. He's worried that Neil may have unresolved feeling for his wife. Just then, VICTORIA walks in and immediately assesses that they've been talking about the "engagement announcement." She tells her father if there are any problems, she would hope that he would discuss them with both her and Neil. Victor politely tells Victoria that this is between him and his son-in-law-to-be. Victor asks if he's made himself clear. Neil quietly says yes. Victor leaves.

Victoria demands to know what was going on. Neil balks. Victoria tells him she doesn't want to start out this way -- good or bad, she has to know what Neil is keeping from her. Victoria is adamant. Neil tells Victoria what her father saw transpire between him and Dru. Victoria is a bit put-off at first, but when Neil explains, she accepts it for what it was, even though it evident she definitely doesn't like the thoughts of Neil caught in an embrace with Dru.

Victoria tells Neil that her father had no right coming into Neil's office and saying these things. It's obvious to Neil that Victor did not buy his explanation of his and Dru's embrace. But, Neil assures her, if they are strong and secure in their relationship, things will just fall into place and everyone will accept it. Victoria still wants to charge into see her father. Neil gently persuades her that there is a better way. It would be far wiser not to have a confrontation. "I know how you Newmans love a good confrontation, but not this time," he tells her. She agrees and they embrace.

NIKKI comes to VICTOR'S office and he's not there. While she's waiting she looks at a picture of Victoria and her father. "What is bothering you, Victor?" she wonders. "What is it that you know that I don't know?"

Victor finds Nikki looking out of his office window. She asks him how he feels about Victoria and Neil's announcement, since he was out of the house nearly as soon as the announcement was made. Victor tells her about seeing Drucilla and Neil and of his fear that Neil may have unresolved feelings for his wife. He says he's just come from seeing Neil and Neil has assured him that his head and his heart belong only to Victoria.

Still, Victor is not sure of Neil. On the bright side, Neil and Drucilla have just now signed the divorce papers. Nikki picks up on what this means immediately -- there is still the six-month waiting period. "A lot can happen in six months," says Nikki, relief dripping from each word. Victor says if this is a rebound situation, then in six months Victoria and Neil may feel differently. Nikki adds that she's still not sure that Victoria hasn't got unresolved feelings for Cole. Victor says that for once, the odds are in Victoria's favor.

MALCOLM gets a refill on his coffee from ROB. He asks Callie about Trey and how she got hooked up with him. She tells him that she had stars in her eyes and she signed this stupid contract. Malcolm asks her how she plans to handle the situation. Callie tells Malcolm that she's going to be moving on. He asks her to tell him the truth about why she came to Genoa City.

Callie stands up for herself and tells Malcolm that he's not the only one who's changed. Malcolm is still holding a grudge against her that happened years ago. What irks her the most is that when she came to him, looking for help, he thought she was lying. No matter what she's tried to tell Malcolm, her past with him still overshadowed her. Malcolm apologizes. Callie tells him she doesn't want his sympathy. She can handle life on her own and has been doing it for years. Malcolm leaves.

Rob approaches her and tells her they need to talk. Callie says that she's got a feeling that it's not good news. Rob tells her that he's made some mistakes in his own life and now he's got it cleaned up, so he can understand where she's coming from. But he can't go head to head with her manager because it could ruin him. She tells him that she guesses that she's going to have to move out of the room above the bar. As much as Rob hates it, it has to be this way. Callie looks like a lost little girl.

CHRIS calls NINA and brings her up-to-date on her search progress, which has been nil. She has had no leads. Everywhere she's turned, it's been a dead end. She's going to check with the newspaper about "John Doe" stories from around the time Carl disappeared. Nina wishes her luck. "This is one time when I'm going to need all the luck I can get," bemoans Chris.

The editor at the newspaper gives Chris a little hope when he remembers a story on a "John Doe" that they did about ten years ago. He remembers because he'd just been transferred to the newspaper from Charlotte and they were doing a series on amnesiacs. He looks through a box and comes up with the article. He tells her the man didn't know his name or where he was from. Chris' face falls when she sees the picture of the man in the article. It's definitely not Carl, but she thanks the man for his time and help. There's nothing for her to do now, but go home.

PAUL is signing papers redundantly. LYNNE asks him if he wants to start on a stack of contracts. Paul tells her no. A smiling MARY interrupts them. She's brought a gift for Christine. Paul can't believe it. It's one of the family photo albums. Mary reminisces with Paul about his father. She says that awful night changed their lives forever.

Mary gets emotional. She says that Christine wanted to learn more about the family that she's now was a part of, and Mary's giving her this album because Chris doesn't have any family of her own close by. Chris calls and Paul asks if her ears were burning. She tells him no, but wonders what's going on. Paul starts to tell her but says he'll let his mother explain it to her when she gets home. She gives Paul her flight information.

Paul had to leave for a meeting, but Mary sits down to look at the album. Lynne asks if she can look with her. Together they talk about different pictures. There's one of Paul and his first car. She and Lynne talk about how he saved every penny he made back then to buy that car. Suddenly Mary gets very upset. There's a picture of Carl missing from the album.

MALCOLM comes to OLIVIA'S office to tell her that he's been to see Callie. He doesn't want to keep anything from her. At first, Olivia is cold. Then Malcolm explains that Callie came to him in hopes that he could get her out of some contract she signed with a less than legitimate manager. He tells Olivia that he went to The Crow's Nest this morning to tell Callie that she'd have to look elsewhere for help. Olivia softens and says that this girl once meant something special to Malcolm. Malcolm tells her that was another lifetime ago. Now, all that matters is Olivia. She is the only woman he cares about. They agree to meet at Gina's for lunch.

When Malcolm is gone, Olivia wonders just who this Callie really is. She looks up the address for The Crow's Nest in the phone book and tells the receptionist she'll be out of the office for awhile.

Olivia comes into the bar and Callie immediately recognizes her, calling her "Mrs. Malcolm." Olivia tells her the last time they met was under false pretenses, before she knew who Callie really was. Callie asks Olivia who Olivia thinks "Callie" is. Olivia tells her that's what she's here to find out.

CHRIS is getting her boarding pass and as a last-ditch effort, she pulls the picture of Carl out and asks the steward if she knows this man. The flight steward can't help her, but she tells her to ask the captain of security. The man looks at Carl's photo and regretfully tells Chris he can't help her.

At the airport grill, Chris is grabbing a bite to eat. Again she pulls out the picture and asks the grillman if he's ever seen Carl. He hesitates and Chris becomes hopeful. The man says that this picture is pretty old. Chris tells him she knows that, but asks he recognize the man in the photo. While they talk CARL is standing in the background.

JOHN comes to see VICTOR. He says that he hasn't been able to reach Michael in days. Not even his secretary knows where he is. Victor asks John if he thinks this is some kind of tactic because he wouldn't put anything past Michael Baldwin. "I can't stand the obnoxious bastard," Victor mutters.

Victor asks if Michael is married. John tells him he has a live-in: Phyllis Romalotti. Victor equates her with the break-up of Christine's marriage to Danny. John tells him the two are a perfect match. John tells Victor that even Phyllis says she doesn't know where Michael is. "I wouldn't give a damn if that man fell off the face of the earth," states Victor. "That's wishful thinking," offers John. "I don't know," mutters Victor.

MICHAEL is shown tied up. He is trying his best to loosen the ropes that bind him. He calls out for help, but no one answers. The room is gray and looks like basement storage room of some sort -- maybe even a solitary confinement chamber. He is frantic. He calls out again. He wants to know where he's at and what's going on. He has almost grasped hysteria.

Michael tries to remember -- is it night or day? He's lost track of time. Random thoughts pour from his lips: Are the cops looking for him? When are the thugs coming back? "Help! Damn it, help!" he pleads in the emptiness. "Somebody please...H-H-H-E-E-E-L-L-L-P-P-P!"

Regaining his composure and his wits, he tries to think of who would do something like this to him. He sadly admits that he's made numerous enemies in his lifetime. Then Michael's eyes widen. "Could he be behind this?" Michael asks himself. Memories of a conversation with Victor pour into Michael's mind clearly. Victor is in Michael's office. He's telling Michael he's gone too far. Victor tells Michael that he has many friends, in many places. As Victor leaves her turns to Michael and says, "Don't forget that. Don't you EVER forget that!" Michael is sure Victor has his hand in this. He looks around him desperately trying to figure out what to do.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Rosser

VICTOR goes to lunch with PAUL. He wants information on Phyllis. Paul tells him about Phyllis and knowing what he does about Michael Baldwin, he sees that they are definitely made for one another. Paul tells Victor that he doesn't think there's anything substantial that holds the pair together -- they use each other for their own benefits. Victor says he's got some things in mind, and it's time that he started calling the plays.

OLIVIA asks CALLIE about her dilemma. She tells Callie she knows Callie's not a model. Callie accuses her of being insecure in her marriage. She finds that Callie is alone, but she's a strong young woman who can look out for herself. Olivia asks about the contract and her manager, but Callie's decided she's given Malcolm's wife enough information. Callie assures Olivia that she won't be bothering her and that she'll land on her feet -- she always does. Olivia wishes Callie luck. Callie and ROB begin to talk and as Olivia leaves she hears Callie tell Rob that she's ready to move on. Later on, Callie comes downstairs with her bags packed. She's ready to go -- but where?

MALCOLM is waiting for Olivia at Gina's. Olivia comes in. They embrace and kiss. Olivia tells Malcolm that she went to The Crow's Nest to see Callie and she gets the impression that Callie is a young woman who is in a lot of trouble. Malcolm tells Olivia that back in the old days, he and Callie were more than friends. Olivia tells him that doesn't bother her. She's secure with their relationship. She wants Malcolm to feel free to follow what his heart tells him to do concerning Callie. She tells Malcolm that she can look in Callie's eyes and see that she's living in fear and she is alone in this world. There's not another soul to help her. She also tells Malcolm that she overheard Rob and Callie and she gets the feeling Rob's kicking Callie out. Olivia asks Malcolm if he will be able to live with just letting Callie leave. Gina has overheard part of the conversation. She wants to know about this great singer who needs a place to stay.

NINA has called RYAN and they meet. Ryan is extremely interested in Nina's date. "Was he a good kisser?" Ryan asks jokingly. Nina smiles and says she's not the type to kiss and tell. Nina says that what she called him about is Phillip -- he is not doing well in school. Ryan offers to come over, but Nina wants to get Phillip a tutor. Ryan tells her she's "Super Mom," but he will help in any way he can.

Meanwhile, TRICIA is at the Dennison home and tries to tell MEGAN that her approach with Tony is stupid. Megan asks her if she ever listens to herself when she talks. Tricia is telling Megan not to get involved with someone older when Tricia went after Ryan. She tells her again that Tricia is NOT her mother. Then she tells Tricia that she's like to be alone. Tricia threatens to tell their father about Tony. Sparks fly in Meg's eyes and she tells Tricia that if she does, she will never forgive her.

Tony does call Megan a little while later and tells her that he needs to talk to her. Tricia eavesdrops. Tony wants to meet Megan down at the Crimson Lights. Megan suggests they meet in an hour. Tony says, "Let's make it half an hour." When Tony hangs up, he says that he has to tell her that he's engaged. He just he can't risk any misunderstanding with Meg.

Ryan has this obsession with Nina's date and steers the conversation back toward that after they talk about Phillip. Nina finally tells him that it didn't go well. Ryan seems almost relieved that the date wasn't a success and admits that even though he is not entitled to feel this way, he does feel very possessive of her. Nina asks, "So if you don't want me, but no one else can have me either?" He tells her that things will get better. They are interrupted when Ryan gets a call on his cellular phone from Tricia.

CHRIS and NINA get together at the Crimson Lights when Chris returns. Chris wants to know all about Nina's date. Nina gives her minimal detail and manages to skirt the issue by changing the subject. She's interested in what Chris found out in Norfolk. Chris tells Nina about showing Carl's picture to the grillman and that she has the feeling that the he either recognized or possibly knew Carl. Chris definitely feels the man was hiding something from her. Nina suggests that IF this man did recognize Paul's father, and if Chris checked the hospitals and the newspaper archives, then there is a distinct possibility that perhaps Carl doesn't WANT to be found.

MICHAEL is still bound and locked in the room with the naked light bulb dangling from its ceiling. He is rabidly sure that Victor is behind his kidnapping. He figures that this is Victor's way of extracting revenge on him and Victor will probably do something soon. He doesn't plan to wait around for that. He works and twists until he frees his hands and then unties the rest of himself. Just as Michael has freed himself, there's a noise at the door. The knob turns and a man enters the room -- with a knife. The man is covered in shadows, but Michael is frantic to free himself so he will have a fighting chance. Although we cannot see the mystery man's face, his build looks distinctly like Victor's. But unlike Victor, when the light hits the man's hair, it definitely looks blonde.

VICTOR goes to see PHYLLIS, who at first doesn't recognize him. Victor wants to know if Michael is there. Phyllis tells him no. This pleases Victor. He goes on to talk to Phyllis. He tells her he knows that she and Michael are "involved," whatever that might mean. He asks Phyllis about Michael's involvement with Diane's case and plants a seed of doubt in Phyllis' mind about WHY Michael is going to such great lengths to help Diane. Phyllis is transparent. She is highly jealous of Diane and Victor sees this.

Victor tells her he has a proposition for her. He offers to pay Phyllis for information on Michael. "Are you bribing me?" Phyllis asks. Victor is very upfront with her and tells her yes, it's a bribe. Phyllis asks Victor to leave before she loses her temper. Victor reminds her that he's a man that can make things happen. He tells Phyllis to call him if she should change her mind.

Just as Victor opens the door to leave, DIANE is on Phyllis' doorstep. "What are you doing here?" she demands. Victor tells her he's looking for Michael. Diane is, too. Phyllis says there has to be a logical explanation for his disappearance. Diane is frantic with worry. Victor says he wonders if something might have happened to Michael. He reminds them both that Michael was incarcerated and prison is full of unsavory characters. With that last thought, he leaves.

"What's going on?" asks Diane when she and Phyllis are alone. Diane can't believe that Phyllis hasn't report Michael missing to the police yet. Phyllis is not bothered. She tells Diane that he'll show up; that he probably just needed a break from the pressures of this case and Diane. "Or you," spits Diane in fury. Diane asks Phyllis if she knows where Michael is and just isn't going to tell her. Diane then tells Phyllis that if she's not going to call the police she is. She picks up the phone to dial and Phyllis tells her to hang it up. She taunts Diane and tells her that she's nothing but a "bitch in heat." Diane soundly slaps her. Michael, tattered and battered, stumbles into the apartment to the amazement of these two cat-fighting women.

RYAN arrives at the Crimson Lights first and spots TONY. While waiting for Tricia, he takes the spot next to Tony at the counter. They discuss the upcoming wedding, the honeymoon, and how much Tony is going to miss Grace on this trip. MEG walks in and sees Ryan and Tony talking. She looks confused and upset because she hears Ryan mention Tony's wedding. Her mouth falls open in disbelief.

Tricia tells Ryan the situation. Ryan really does not want to get into this, but he agrees to go. She just wants the two of them to go to Crimson Lights and check out this guy for Megan's sake. Ryan tells Nina he needs to go and Nina needs to get going also. Ryan pauses and tells Nina that it was really great to see her.

The grillman wants to know why CHRIS is looking for this man. She tells him it's for personal reasons. He says he's never seen the man, but Chris doesn't believe him. Chris leaves her name and phone number and asks if he can ever help her find this man, to please call. He puts the piece of paper at the cash register, but the paper gets blown away.

Later when CARL comes to the counter and orders his coffee, the grillman tells him about the young blonde woman that was asking questions about him. He even tells him that Chris showed him an old picture of Carl. He goes to retrieve the slip of paper but find that it's gone. Carl tells him not to worry, it's no big deal, but he walks away saying that he probably wouldn't have called her back anyway. .

Thursday, October 1, 1998

PHYLLIS tells Diane that she is a "bitch in heat," and gets slapped hard for her statement. The two begin to fight when the door opens and Michael stumbles in. Diane hurries to him, asking what happened to him, but Phyllis stands back and watches. As Diane gets Michael to the sofa and sits him down, Michael tells her that he has been kidnapped and held prisoner for days! Who could be responsible for doing that? Diane asks. "Only one person," Michael tells her. "Victor Newman!" Diane can't believe that Victor would do something this horrible but Michael tells her that he has already threatened him. Phyllis only sees this as a simple warning and nothing to get all excited about. "Warning?" Michael explodes. "I was attacked and forced into the trunk of my car, blindfolded and driven to a strange place where I was tied to a chair for days!" Phyllis still isn't worried; she tells him that he isn't hurt. He says that he hasn't eaten for days and he has a headache. Diane tells Phyllis that if she cares about Michael, she should be doing something for him. She offers to make him something to eat but Phyllis takes insult from that, telling her that this is her home and her place to cook Michael's food. She asks Diane to leave. Diane protests but Phyllis is adamant. Michael tells Diane that it would be best if she did go home; he will get in touch with her later. Phyllis tells her to get out or she will kick her out. As Diane begins to leave, Michael warns her not to go to Victor with this; he will handle it himself.

Once Diane has gone, Phyllis tells Michael that he should be grateful that he is alive and unhurt. She reminds him that he has a lot of enemies; he needs to give this a lot of soul-searching before he goes to the police half-cocked. Michael tells her that he has a trained mind. He concentrated on everything from the moment those thugs put him back into the trunk of their car, he concentrated on them, their voices, every turn, every stop. He feels that he could retrace his steps and find the place where he was left. He is sure that the police could find a lot of physical evidence there. Phyllis acts afraid. She tells him that it is only natural that he would want revenge but Michael tells her that it isn't revenge he is after. He is after justice and when he gets the proof he will prosecute that megalomaniac to the nth degree!

CHRIS returns home and stops by Paul's office. He is so happy to see her that he locks the door and slides the couch in front of the door.

After they have finished, they get dressed just as Lynn tries to get inside. Once they let Lynn in, she uses the opportunity to tease the couple every chance she gets. She does mention that Mary stopped by and left her a present. As Lynn and Paul excitedly tell her about the family photo album, Chris gets a worried look on her face. As Lynn leaves the office, Chris mentions that she needs to see Victor but first, she wants to touch base with John Silva. She calls John from Paul's office; John is happy to hear from her until she asks him if he has given any thought to how they should handle the case. Is there any particular area that you want me to handle? John doesn't know what she is talking about. Chris tells him that she has been hired to work on the divorce case with him and this comes as news to John. Chris is embarrassed and tells him that she will find out what is going on and get back to him. "Victor Newman strikes again?" Paul wonders. Chris says that she has to talk to him and the sooner the better.

At Crimson Lights, MEGAN arrives just in time to hear Ryan and Tony talk about his marrying Grace. Naturally, she is very upset and wonders what they are talking about. Tony tells her that that is why he wanted to see her today; he wanted to tell her about his engagement. Ryan realizes that this Tony is Megan's Tony. He accuses Tony of playing with Meg's emotions and stringing her along. Tony reminds Megan that he told her that he had a relationship with someone and that they were going through a rough time. He tells her that things have gotten better and now they are going to get married. Megan walks out on the two men. Ryan tells him that he pulled a rotten trick. Tony doesn't deny his responsibility but he also says that he didn't lead Megan on purposely. They were just friends hanging out together; at least that is what he thought. Ryan says that she has been talking about him for weeks now; he is the reason she broke up with Alec. As Tony keeps beating himself up, Ryan tells him that Megan had to learn this lesson. Tony says that he also learned a lesson but that doesn't ease his feelings.

In Rome, BRADLEY paces his office while thinking about Jack. He goes to the phone and almost against his will, he picks up the phone. In his hotel room, Jack packs his bag while watching the phone. As he is walking out of his suite, the phone rings. Picking it up, he finds Brad on the line. Brad tells him to stop by his office on the way to the airport. "This had better be worth it!" Jack tells him.

VICTOR is sitting at his desk remembering his conversation with Phyllis. "Phyllis Romalotti, you could be useful to me," he says aloud. "Perhaps you already have been." Chris arrives at the office and confronts him. Why hasn't he told John Silva that she would be working with him on the case? This was embarrassing to her when she called John and he was totally unaware of the plan. Victor gently tells her to sit down. "I want to explain something to you," he calmly tells her. "I intend to replace John Silva with you!" As Christine objects, Victor goes on to tell her that he is both disappointed and displeased with John Silva's performance. He simply can't or won't grasp the severity of the case; he can't see how dangerous Michael Baldwin is. He isn't active and creative; he can't see that in this situation, they have to fight fire with fire. He ten tells Chris that he has gone to see Phyllis Romalotti and told her that she could be of use to him. Chris objects. If they deal with Phyllis behind Michael's back, they would be walking hand in hand with the devil. "Michael Baldwin IS the devil," Victor says. "He needs to be crushed! I suggest that you deal with Michael Baldwin!" Chris tells him that as his lawyer, she can only advise him what to do and she cannot force him to take her advice. "But, if you don't take my advice, I can still walk. I will not hesitate to walk if I have any reason to question your tactics! I will be right there with John Silva; you can count on that! I will not abandon my ethics!" Victor replies that John Silva has brought him to a dead end. John is an impediment when it comes to handling Michael Baldwin and Michael Baldwin needs to be stopped. He finally agrees that John can stay on the case, but she, Christine, is now the lead attorney. Chris tells him that she will not tolerate any undermining of her ability. If he has plans involving Phyllis or threats to Michael Baldwin, he will do it without her!"

JIM/CARL returns home early and surprises Ruth. She thinks something is wrong and he has to admit that there is something troubling him. He tells her about the woman at the airport who was asking about him. She had an old picture of him. He is worried about why anyone would want to find him after all this time. He admits that he doesn't want to be found. He is afraid that maybe he did something in the past that he is ashamed to face. Ruth assures him that he isn't the kind of person who would do anything wrong.

TRICIA is getting ready to meet Ryan when she finds a broken hearted Megan at the door. Megan tells her that she was right about Tony and she feels like an idiot. She tells Tricia that Tony is getting married and it certainly isn't to her! She gives Tricia the whole story. Tricia is outraged and immediately says that Tony was taking advantage of her and leading her on. Megan has to be honest and tells Tricia that he did try to warn her but she was too blind to see that something was wrong. Tricia insists that she did nothing wrong; it was all Tony's doing.

LYNN tells Paul that while she and Mary were going through the album earlier, they noticed that one of the pictures was missing. Paul is surprised; his mother is like an attack dog when it comes to her family albums. Looking at the place where the picture belongs, Paul says that it just couldn't have fallen out.

MICHAEL has taken something for his headache and is laying on the couch with a cold cloth to his forehead when Phyllis comes by with her suitcases. He asks where she is going and she tells him that she is going to New York to visit her parents. But I need you, Michael objects. "It's too bad you didn't feel that way before I became tired of feeling used like a piece of furniture," Phyllis says. "You come home just long enough to change your clothes and go to see your favorite clients." Michael is confused; he tells her that he needs some help and compassion but all she can do is express her jealousy. Phyllis tells him to take some time and think about what she has said and about how he has been treating her. At the moment, she isn't dripping with sympathy for him. She leaves the apartment.

TRICIA listens to Megan crying her eyes out in the bedroom just as Ryan comes home. Greeting him coolly, she begins to blame Tony for hurting her sister. Ryan tells her that Tony was surprised that Megan had a crush on him but Tricia won't believe it. Ryan insists that it was just as much Megan's fault for building this big romance up in her mind as it was Tony's fault for not seeing what was happening. Tricia says that she should have guessed that he would side with Ryan. After all, he is also used to juggling two different women at the same time!

BRAD wants to hear more about Jack's plan. Jack says that he has looked at the situation from every angle and he can't see any way that this won't work. Right now, they have a small window of opportunity while Victor is distracted with the divorce. Brad admits that he doesn't trust Jack and wonder why he should go into this with him. Jack says that Ol' Vic is no longer fit to run the company---he isn't fit to run a Cub Scout troop. He thinks that Victor is beginning to believe his own press, but soon, he will realize that the big S on his shirt stands for stupid! He reminds Brad that they all know how to play the game; they know there are enormous risks but they are comparative to the rewards if they succeed. Brad wonders why he should give up all that he has earned in Rome to go back to a city where everyone who knew him thought he was capable of murder just to steal the company business. Jack says that they aren't going to steal anything; Victor is going to hand it to them. Their first move is to get him rehired at Newman Enterprises. Brad thinks that will be a good trick if it can be done. "If you come in on this with me, we will be risking everything," Jack tells Bradley. "If we fail, we will have no where to go. We won't be able to work in any of the fifty states. Are you willing to risk everything?" Bradley looks him in the eye and considers all that Jack has said. He smiles. "Count me in!" he says as he puts out his hand. "I already have," Jack says as he grasps the outreached hand and squeezes it firmly.

Friday, October 2, 1998

CHRISTINE reiterates her conditions for handling Victor's case; he cannot pursue his own agenda on the side by using his power and influence to take Michael out of the game. He has to check everything out with her before he does anything. She then strongly recommends that he takes John's advice and move out of the ranch. Victor will not move away from the woman that he loves; other people live together without benefit of marriage. Chris says that if they want to get the media on their side, they have to show them that they are willing to show them that they are not 'thumbing their nose' at public morals. Chris goes even farther and tells Victor that he needs to move back in with Diane. Victor is speechless! He says that her suggestion is appalling. Chris says that this would throw Diane and Michael completely off balance. Victor says that he is paying her to solve his problems, not to give such ludicrous advice. As she leaves, Chris tells him to give it some serious thought.

JACK is in his office catching up on some work when he is told that Michael is there to see him. He begins to complain that Michael wasn't supposed to come to the office when he gets a good look at him. Michael tells him that he has been abducted and held against his will for days. Jack wonders if he can prove it; are there any signs on his body that he was mistreated? Michael says that the people who kidnapped him were very careful not to leave any marks. He knows who did this to him and he wants Jack to help him get this guy. Jack isn't surprised that he thinks it could be Victor and even says that it isn't out of the question that Victor could be the one who did this, but he had better have irrefutable proof before he goes to the police. Without something solid, the news media and the police could come to the conclusion that this was just another publicity stunt! Jack's advice is to hire a private investigator and find the proof that he needs.

In Chicago, NICK AND GRACE have just returned to the hotel room, worn out from the days schedule. A couple of hours of homework and then bed, announces Nick. First he wants to get out of the business suit; Grace waits but when it appears that he won't get undressed until she leaves, she goes to her room to change also. Once they are back at work, Grace has a fantasy where Nick tells her that he loves her. He has loved her since the night that they slept together and, yes, he knew all the time that it was her. He has been going through torment being so near to her and not being able to show it. He has thought so many times of just taking her and running away to Rio with only the clothes on their backs! Grace tells him that she is ready to go any time he says the word! Nick spills his drink on his work papers and curses. This brings Grace out of her daydream. "Damn!" she says as she half heatedly offers to help him clean it up.

SHARON is napping on the couch when Tony comes by; he wants her to help him to plan the wedding. He doesn't want there to be any reason to postpone the wedding again. Since Sharon feels that Grace should have some input, she suggests calling them in Chicago.

The phone rings in the suite and Grace answers. She and Tony talk about the wedding; she tells him that she definitely wants a church wedding and she does want to marry in white. Once they have finished, Sharon wants to talk to Nick. Nick tells her how much he misses her and wants to say something else, but looking around, he sees that Grace is listening so he tells her she knows what he means. He tells her that it is only 78 more hours before she will be flying into Denver and 5 minutes after that, she will be in his arms.

Once they have finished the conversation and hung up, Grace gets a little put out and snippy when Nick can't stop talking about his wonderful wife. She decides to go to her room for some rest. Outside the room, she damns Sharon for spoiling everything.

DIANE is a nervous wreck as she tells Marissa that Michael was kidnapped and he thinks it was Victor that did it. Marissa says that if she is worried, she should get a bodyguard. Diane says she will talk to Michael about it and asks Marissa to find him for her. Marissa is having a hard time tracking Michael down; he isn't at his office and he isn't at home. Just then, the doorbell rings and before she will answer it, Diane demands to know who is there. Hearing Michael's voice she lets him in while demanding that Marissa get in touch with security and have them stop anyone from coming up---no matter who they are! She tells Michael how frightened she is; she is even considering a bodyguard. But mainly she just wants to accept anything that Victor will give her and leave this case behind her. Michael tells her not to give up; they are almost there. He says that this little kidnapping was a message for him and it isn't something that Victor will try again. They are just going to stick to the plan and keep insisting that all she wants is to have Victor back in her life. Diane avers that the LAST thing she wants is Victor Newman back in her life!

JOHN AND JILL talk about the case. Jill can't wait for the bottom to fall out for Katherine. John warns that there is still a lot of work to do but Jill is overeager. Suddenly she wonders what is going on over there. Katherine could be getting rid of all the valuables in that house! She wouldn't put it past her to pillage all the valuable antiques and treasures---she would dump them down the toilet before she would let Jill get her hands on them. She doesn't appreciate it when John laughs at her, telling her that Katherine is just as sure she won't lose the house as Jill is sure she will get the house. She says that they have to move this thing along as fast as they can!

When no one will answer the door, Katherine opens it herself to find Nikki there. Nikki just wants to check on how Katherine is doing. Katherine surprises her by telling her that Jill may end up with her home after all. Nikki wonders about the documents that Jill had and Katherine says that the judge said that they had to treat the documents as if they were the real things. As Katherine is telling Nikki that soon she could be out on the streets pushing a shopping cart full of soda cans, Esther is listening in. Nikki says that in the end, Jill will end up with egg all over her face.

After Katherine sees Nikki out and collapses on the sofa, Esther comes in and asks if all that she overheard was true. She says that she hasn't a place to live except here; she is worried. Katherine shouts at her to go and make them some dinner and stop whining about problems that can't be solved today. Esther goes back to the kitchen but she can't get her mind off her problems. She has no where else to live and no one would tolerate her the way Mrs. Chancellor does. She has to have some better answer from Mrs. Chancellor. She leaves the kitchen in search of Katherine never noticing that the cookbook that was laying near the stove has caught fire.

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