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Victor moved back in with Diane. Sharon learned that Noah had a high fever. Neil went to Victoria with things Ashley had told him in confidence. Brad met secretly with Jack, and then Victor. Jill wanted Katherine arrested for arson. Olivia hired Paul to investigate Callie.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 5, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday October 5, 1998

Esther was preparing dinner. As she sliced mushrooms, she was so engrossed in her own personal problems that she nicked her finger. She wondered what was going to happen to her if Mrs. Chancellor lost the house. She wondered where she would work. No one else would hire her; only Mrs. Chancellor would put up with her. She put the mushrooms on to sauté, and as she flipped open the cookbook, some pages fell out and got too near the fire. As she decided that she had to go talk with Mrs. C., the cookbook caught fire, unbeknownst to Ether.

Going into the living room, Esther found Katherine at work at her desk. She said that she had to talk to Katherine right away. "What is going to happen to me if Jill kicks you out?" she asked. Exasperated, Katherine said that if Jill were successful in stealing her home, her entire life would go up in flames. Esther said that it was different for Katherine; she had money. She could go to any fancy hotel and live on a grand scale, but Esther had no one and no place to go.

Katherine was surprised and asked, "You haven't saved anything?" Esther said that she had not put any money aside. Katherine said that she hoped Esther had learned her lesson. Life was very unpredictable; one never knew what would happen. About that time, Katherine sniffed the air and asked if Esther smelled smoke. "My dinner!" Esther shouted as she ran to the kitchen. Katherine simply threw up her hands in disgust and returned to her desk.

It wasn't long, however, before Esther returned shouting that the fire was out of control. Katherine told her to call 9-1-1, and she rushed for the kitchen. When Esther tried to stop her, Katherine wondered if she had to call 9-1-1 herself.

It wasn't long before the house was full of firemen. They had to physically hold Esther back from rushing into the kitchen after Katherine. She needed to know what had happened to Katherine. Soon, they led a sooty Katherine to the pool area and gave her oxygen. Esther was thankful that she was okay. She said that she had been thinking about losing Katherine, and she had realized that as long as they were together, they would be okay. The firemen walked up and said that they still couldn't control the fire; the ladies had to move to a safer place.

Jack stopped in Jill's office and found her going over the plans for her estate. He wondered if she was redesigning her office, but she told him that was what she was doing to the Chancellor estate as soon as she could move in. She told him about her coup in court, and Jack was impressed. He wondered why she was going to redesign the house if she loved it so much. He asked why she didn't just leave it like it was. Jill said that she was just making a "few" changes, but she wasn't doing anything to the kitchen. Jack thought that was because she didn't know her way around a kitchen, but she told him that she had once cooked all of Katherine's meals.

"Things are starting to work out for both of us then," Jack murmured. Jill wondered if she was supposed to understand that statement. When Jack didn't answer, she guessed that he was up to something -- cloak and dagger, she guessed. When Jack still didn't answer, she said that she had confided in him, and he should do the same for her. However, Jack didn't want to say any more and left. Jill went back to reading the plans when suddenly there was a news bulletin on the radio about the fire at the Chancellor mansion. "Oh no!" Jill said, "My home! My beautiful home! Katherine has set my home on fire!"

Nina was sitting in Gina's with a book, waiting for dinner, when Cole entered for a chilled bottle of champagne. Seeing Nina, he joined her while waiting for the wine. He told her that he was on his way home from a trip into New York. Nina told him that she had heard a rumor and wanted to know if it was true that Victoria was carrying his baby. Cole said that word really did get around.

Cole confirmed that the rumor was true, and he was planning to be a good father to the child even though he was married to Ashley. Nina reminded him how hard it was to have a relationship with one's child when not living with the child's mother. Regardless, Cole averred that he would make it work. Nina told him not to set his objectives too high; he might not be able to attain them.

Tricia walked out of the bedroom and told Ryan that Megan was doing a little better. Tricia was going over to her dad's to pick up some things for Megan. Ryan asked if it would help if he talked to Megan, and Tricia coldly told him that the one thing Megan didn't need was his take on the guy's point of view. She left. Megan walked in for a drink. They talked for a little while, and Megan went back to the bedroom. Ryan mentioned that he might go out for a while, and she told him that she would be okay.

Ashley arrived home with a suitcase. Walking around the Abbott living room, she said that she'd never thought she'd be moving back in. The doorbell rang, and she opened the door to Cole and welcomed him home. He showed her the champagne and told her that they would celebrate their new home. As they talked, Ashley realized that something was wrong. He said that he had seen Nina at Gina's, and she'd asked him about the rumor that he was going to be a father. He wanted to be a really good father, and Ashley told him that it would be difficult, but he could do it.

Nina was still reading when Ryan walked in and ordered a scotch. Seeing Nina, he joined her. She wondered where Tricia was, and he said that she was home. "Drinking alone?" Nina asked, "Trouble in paradise?"

Ryan explained the situation with Megan, and Nina told him that the problem was he had a teenage wife. Ryan said that she was twenty-one, but Nina said that she was still thinking and acting like a teenager. Ryan wasn't pleased at what she said, but she told him to think back ten years and tell her that his thinking hadn't matured. It was something that he was going to have to face.

Victor went to Legal Aid to talk with Christine some more. He wanted to explain himself and the reason he'd turned her idea down. He despised Diane Jenkins and was afraid of what he would do to her if he moved back in. He sat down and told her his side of the situation, claiming to have given Diane and her feelings a lot of serious thought before he'd told her that he wanted to stay with Nikki.

However, with Michael Baldwin in the picture, things had gotten worse. Victor hated Diane with a passion. He would like to grab her by the rear end and throw her out of the penthouse. "When anyone crosses me, I make them pay dearly for it," he said, explaining, "That is how I have always been." Christine told him that she still thought it was a brilliant idea and hoped he would give it more thought.

A little later, Christine was busy when Michael dropped by. He said that he had heard that she was on Victor's team. He just wanted to warn her about her new client before it was too late. He said that Victor was responsible for him being kidnapped, and that was a federal offense. He didn't want to see her get into something that could cause her to lose her license. Christine didn't believe him.

Paul went to the office, and he didn't believe Michael either. He began to cross-examine Michael about his supposed kidnapping, and between him and Christine, they were doing a good job of making Michael look like a fool. They finally accused him of making the whole thing up because he was afraid of facing Christine and Victor in court. Michael insisted that Victor was out of control, but Paul said that he should quit making ridiculous accusations and get to building a case for his client. Michael started to leave, but at the door, he turned around and told them not to say that he hadn't warned them. Paul and Christine exchanged looks that said, "Can you believe the nerve of that liar?"

Ryan arrived home and found Tricia there. She said that Megan was asleep and asked where he had been. He told her that he had just gone to Gina's for a drink. Tricia said that she would sleep with Megan for the night, and he could sleep in the guestroom. Ryan opined that he didn't seem to have a choice in the matter. He wanted to talk about what had happened earlier, but she said that she was tired. She'd had a long day and wanted to get to bed. She went into the bedroom, leaving Ryan alone.

Diane was getting herself a drink when she heard the front door open. Thinking it was Marissa, she began telling her something that she wanted her to do. As she turned, she was stunned to see Victor standing there. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "You look startled to see me," Victor said, declaring, "Your husband has come home. I am moving back in."

Tuesday, October 6, 1998

Christine and Paul went to Gina's for dinner, but Paul had the bedroom on his mind. She told him that they had to feed the body before they could feed the soul. While they were dancing, she told Paul that she'd advised Victor to move back in with Diane. Paul's mouth dropped open, and he was speechless.

Callie went into Gina's because she had heard that it was the best place to eat. She asked Andy if the food was expensive, and he told her that the best usually was. Since she was going to be on the run and wouldn't eat for a long time, she decided to get a good meal before leaving, no matter what it cost. Looking around, she said that the place was really nice -- and they had music too. Andy said that Gina was a great singer.

Gina was listening as Callie told Andy that she had been singing at another place in town -- though not as nice as Gina's -- but they'd hired another singer. "Oh, well, that's show biz!" she said. Gina approached and introduced herself. She asked if Callie was Malcolm's friend, and Callie was astonished. Gina told her that she had a small room upstairs that Callie could use if she was not on drugs and wouldn't steal anything; it was always available for a hungry singer down on her luck. Callie was very appreciative and promised that she wouldn't make Gina sorry for her generosity.

Olivia went to Neil's office to question him about Malcolm and Callie. Neil said that he couldn't be much help, as he hadn't been around during that time. Besides, he and Malcolm had not been on good terms then. At the time, Malcolm had been a totally different man; he'd been nothing but trouble and hell-bent on self-destruction. Olivia said that one way or the other, she was going to find out, but Neil advised her to let it go.

Olivia returned to the hospital, where Malcolm interrupted her work. After they exchanged kisses, she began to ask him for all the intimate details of his time with Callie. Malcolm didn't want to answer her; it had been years before and didn't have anything to do with the present. When she persisted, he told her that his past with Callie was none of her business. Olivia said that it hadn't been her business until he'd begun going to the Crow's Nest. She said it had become her business, and she wanted to know.

Malcolm asked if Olivia wanted to torment herself, but she said that she wanted to help Callie, but first she needed to know that it was all over between them. Angrily, Malcolm shouted at her that they had been hot. He had been Callie's man, and he'd felt ten feet tall as he'd squired his sexy little woman around town. He went on to tell Olivia that, unknown to him at the time, Callie had been underage. Her father hadn't approve of him; as a matter of fact, he'd hated Malcolm's guts. Things had been going well until suddenly Callie had called it off.

Olivia was surprised, but Malcolm assured her that he had done everything he could to get her back. He'd called her endlessly, he'd gone to her house, he'd thrown rocks at her window -- anything to get her to talk to him -- but she'd refused to have anything to do with him. He'd finally gotten the message and left. Olivia said that meant that he had never finished with Callie. No matter what Malcolm tried to say, Olivia insisted that a part of him still belonged to Callie.

Katherine was covered in soot as she bemoaned the fact that she had almost lost her home to fire. Esther was in shock, and Katherine tried to assure her that the fire wasn't her fault. Nikki rushed up saying that she'd heard about the fire on the radio. Katherine cried on her shoulder until the fire chief approached and began to question her about what had happened. Katherine said that she had been in the living room when it had started, and Esther had been in the kitchen.

The chief wanted to talk to Esther, but every time he asked her anything, Katherine jumped in and did the answering. Esther was too confused to answer coherently anyway. However, the chief was suspicious and told Katherine several times not to answer in Esther's place. Katherine got the idea that the chief was making some kind of accusation. "Do you actually think that I would burn down my own home?" she asked in exasperation. "You bet she would!" Jill said as she walked up.

Nikki yelled at the chief not to listen to "this...this...witch!" The chief had to get between the two of them to break them up. Jill said that Katherine hated her enough to burn down her house. The chief was confused as to who owned the house. When Nikki continued to interfere, Jill ordered her out of the house, but Katherine said that it was her home, and Nikki was invited.

"This is my house, you old fire bug!" Jill said, "I'll see you in jail for this." The chief told both of them that nothing would be done until the morning. An arson investigator would be there to check out the house in the morning. In the meantime, there was crime-scene tape around the scene, and no one was allowed to go past it.

Jill went straight to John Silva's office and barged in, telling him that she had to talk to him "right now." Although he was on the phone with another client, John hung up and asked her what was going on. She told him that Katherine had tried to burn the house down. He had to do something "tonight" to keep her house safe until the investigators went there the next morning. John heard her out and said that the investigators had to make a determination that it was arson before anything could be done. Jill said that if anything happened to her house between then and sunrise, she would hold him personally responsible.

After getting a bath, a clean Katherine went back downstairs to look at the damage. She found Nikki still there. Nikki offered to make her a cup of tea, but Katherine wondered where she would get the hot water. Nikki reminded her that there was a microwave in the pool house, and she would use it to heat the water. Better yet, she wanted Katherine and Esther to go to the ranch as her guests. They could stay as long as they wished. It wouldn't be any intrusion at all; as a matter of fact, she could use the company. It was pretty lonely at the ranch.

Diane was stunned when Victor announced that he was moving back in. "Is this a joke?" she asked. Victor told her that he was moving back into his bedroom. He suggested that Diane relocate her things to the guest room. Saying that, he immediately marched upstairs while Diane tried to get herself under control.

Diane tried to call Michael, but she couldn't reach him. Victor returned downstairs and asked who she was calling. She said she was trying to locate her lawyer. "You mean that sleazebag that broke us up?" Victor asked. Diane informed him that Michael hadn't broken them up; Victor had done that all on his own.

Victor didn't want to get into that. He told her that he'd moved her stuff to the guestroom. Diane told him that it was her place; he couldn't go pushing her around in her own apartment. Victor said that she would stay in the guestroom -- unless she wanted to return and share the bedroom with him. She told him not to be playing those sick games with her.

Victor bellowed that he wasn't the one playing games. For months, she had been playing games. She was the one who had taken their personal life to the tabloids and embarrassed his family. "I tried to settle with you, but you got greedy and wanted revenge. Now I get my revenge on you," he said. Diane was amazed that he would leave Nikki and the ranch to get revenge on her. "I came back to be your husband on the advice of my attorney," Victor informed her. "Well, isn't this what you wanted? You have been telling anyone that would listen that you didn't want money, that you wanted me back. Well, I'm back. Does it make you happy?" he asked.

The look on Diane's face was hard to decipher; she was either happy or afraid -- or a little of both. Victor looked around and noticed that she had been redecorating the apartment. He said he didn't like it. He ordered her to get his things out of storage and put it all back in place. Diane reminded him that he had given her the apartment; he couldn't waltz back in and start giving her orders. "I thought you were desperate to get me back. You didn't want money, you said. Here I am! Your fondest dream just walked through the door," Victor said. He turned and walked back upstairs, leaving Diane speechless.

Wednesday, October 7, 1998

Jack was worried. Brad was supposed have been in Genoa City the day before. Finally, he got a call from Brad and learned that Brad was just on a flight to the states. He said that he'd had business to finish in Rome -- business that couldn't wait. Jack didn't like it, and Brad told him that they were partners in it, and he didn't intend to take orders from Jack. He wanted to get that straight immediately. Suddenly, the connection was gone.

Jack looked at the phone and was livid. "You'd better not have hung up on me," he said. A while later, Brad called again and told Jack he didn't know what had happened to the connection; it could have been turbulence. Jack said that when Brad got into town to call, and they'd meet in the park like before. He didn't think they should be seen together just yet. Brad said he'd take along peanuts, and they could feed the pigeons.

After giving blood, Neil stopped by to see Olivia. Olivia told him about her talk with Malcolm about Callie. She'd learned little. Neil told her maybe it was best that the subject be dropped. Olivia wasn't sure that she could just forget it.

Gina stopped by Olivia's office. She said that she'd overheard Olivia and Malcolm talking about Malcolm's friend, the singer, who'd just lost her job. Later, she said, Callie had gone into the restaurant to eat, and Gina had offered her the room above the restaurant. If it would cause problems, Gina was willing to send Callie away. Olivia said to leave things like they were for the moment. Olivia asked if Gina would just keep an eye on Callie for a few days while she was out of town at a medical seminar. Gina agreed, but she was confused.

Paul was the next person to stop by Olivia's office after giving blood. However, Paul stopped by at Olivia's request. Olivia wanted to hire him to look into the situation with Callie. Reluctantly, Paul told her that Malcolm had hired him to do the same thing. Olivia was surprised but told Paul she thought there was still unfinished business between the Malcolm and Callie.

Olivia told Paul she wanted to know who Callie was. She didn't care how Malcolm felt; she "damn sure" wanted to know more. She told Paul that Callie was supposed to have left town, but instead she was living in the room over Gina's restaurant. When Paul finally agreed to do it for her, Olivia said that he might be saving her marriage.

Grace walked into Nick's room; she found that he was already working on a report that she didn't even know he had started. She asked him if he'd gotten any sleep, and he told her he'd had a couple hours of sleep, but he was working on as much as he could. He didn't want work to get in the way of romance when Sharon arrived. She offered to order room service, but he declined and told her he was not stopping for breakfast. Grace got a little peeved and told him that he wouldn't be up to par for the meetings that day, and if he kept that up, he'd be toast. Nick told her he'd breeze through the meetings and sent her down to the dining room to eat alone.

Sharon was packing for her trip while Doris helped the kids with breakfast. Cassie wanted to know why she and Noah couldn't go. Sharon told her that it was a short trip just for her and Nick but promised a family vacation soon. Cassie began going through the clothing that Sharon was packing and pulled out a red negligee with black lace and asked what it was. Sharon stumbled around for the words but said it was something to sleep in.

Cassie looked at the garment and then at Sharon, confused. "I thought it was cold in Colorado," Cassie said seriously, asking, "Are you sure that's going to be enough to keep you warm?" Sharon started to explain that it was not really for "sleeping" and was thankfully saved when Doris announced that the school bus was there. Sharon kissed Cassie goodbye and said that she'd miss her, but she'd be back in a few days. When Cassie had gone, Doris mentioned that Cassie "sure is something." Sharon said that sometimes she wondered how she'd lived that long without her.

Later, Doris and Sharon were talking about the trip. Sharon remarked that it was something Nick needed. Doris asked if Sharon needed it too. Sharon said yes, but with Nick, it was different. For her, her life revolved around the family. She was not saying that Nick was not great with the kids, because he'd made a lot of progress. But she acknowledged that Nick's life revolved more around his career. To make the marriage work, they both had learned to compromise.

Doris said that was what would make Sharon's marriage strong, and not everyone learned. The phone rang, interrupting the mother-daughter talk, and it was Nick. He said that she had a sexy voice. He wondered if she was packed already, and she told him that she was just about finished. He told her that he could hardly wait to see her.

Neil and Ashley were going over some business reports. When they were finished, Ashley said she was going to broach a very sensitive subject. She told Neil that the closer he was to Victoria's baby, the better off it would be for everyone concerned. Neil asked her to explain. She told him that he'd be a father before he and Victoria were even married, although he and Victoria would probably be living together before then. Hopefully, it wouldn't be long before she and Cole would have a family of their own. Neil was going to be there every day for Victoria's baby, and at best, Cole would be an absentee dad.

Neil asked Ashley if she thought Cole could live with that. Neil told her that he and Cole had already discussed it at length, and Cole had told him he was going to be a father in every way to the child. Ashley said that she hated to admit it, but she thought it would be healthier if Cole distanced himself from the child. She told Neil that if she had things her way, Neil would be the baby's father in every way so that there would be a clean break between Cole and Victoria. Neil said that was what he wanted too.

"Then take charge from the beginning," Ashley advised. She added, "When Cole sees that this baby is being raised by two loving parents, it will be easier for him to let go." Ashley said that otherwise, things could become very complicated for all of them.

Callie was wandering about Gina's, checking the place out, when Gina arrived. She asked what Callie was doing, and Callie said that she was just hanging. She asked if there was anything she could do to help, but Gina said that all she had to do was a little bookkeeping. She told Callie that if anyone entered the restaurant, maybe she could do some card tricks. After Gina left, Callie said, "I don't know any card tricks, but I can sing. I sure can sing."

Callie put her cassette tape in the sound system and began to sing, She did a beautiful rendition of "You've Got Friend." Interestingly, during the last chorus, she sang, "You just call out my name, and you know wherever I am 'Malcolm,' I'll come running to see you again." By that time, Gina had entered the room and was listening with a smile on her face.

When Callie finished singing, she noticed Gina and hoped Gina didn't mind. Gina told her that they were from different backgrounds; she knew what it was like to need to prove oneself. "You can't just tell someone that you can sing -- you have to show them," Gina said wisely. She told Callie that as long as she stayed out of trouble, the room upstairs was hers. Callie was grateful.

Neil and Malcolm were working out at the gym, and Neil said he wanted the whole story on Callie. Malcolm was a little bit ticked off that Olivia had been talking to him. Neil told Malcolm that Olivia felt like she'd gotten nowhere with him. Malcolm finally just said that he hadn't been an altar boy back in those days. His life had been completely different. He hadn't cared about anyone or anything. He'd been on the road to self-destruction. Then, Callie had entered his life, and suddenly he'd known what it was like to live again. He'd known what it was like to love someone other than himself and to care deeply.

Neil commented that basically Callie had saved Malcolm from himself. Malcolm agreed and told Neil that Callie had broken up with him without explanation, and he had moved on. Neil asked if his heart was all healed. Malcolm asked Neil if he had some scars on his heart. Malcolm felt like Callie had saved him, and since she was in trouble, he felt the need to return the favor. Malcolm told Neil he wanted to help Callie, but he didn't want to hurt Olivia. It didn't matter anyway, Malcolm told Neil. Callie had left town, and he was not going to be sitting at the window, waiting for her to return.

Later, Malcolm made a call to the Crow's Nest and talked to Rob. He asked if Callie was gone. Rob said she was gone like a cool breeze, and it was for the best. They hung up, and Malcolm told himself it was all for the best.

Victor was in the master bedroom, unpacking. He told himself that Diane's dreams had "come true." He smiled and gloated about seeing how long she was willing to pay for it. Downstairs, Diane was placing a frantic call to Michael, who at first tried to put her off. When she told him Victor had moved back in, he said he'd be right over.

Michael arrived, and Diane told him Victor had announced to her that he was going to give her what she wanted. She told Michael that Victor had been very cold about the whole thing. Michael told her that it was a clever move and even admitted that he might have underestimated Victor. However, he assured her that it was nothing but a bluff. Victor wanted to scare Diane into a quick settlement. Diane told him it was working, especially after what Victor had done to Michael.

To ease her mind, Michael told her that with all Victor had invested with Nikki, he was sure Victor would "blink" first. Victor walked down and very politely greeted Michael. "Hello, Mr. Baldwin," he said graciously, "I was wondering when you'd be joining us." He inquired as to how Michael was, and Michael was caught so off guard that he answered, "Fine, sir. And you?" Victor stated that he was doing well. "I hear that you were among the missing," Victor said.

Michael was again caught off guard. Victor mentioned that his attorneys had had trouble reaching him the past few days. Michael avoided the subject. Michael asked Victor what "this" was all about. Victor told Michael that he was back with his legal wife. He'd been touted as a bigamist, but no more. He'd listened to what Diane had had to say, and he'd seen the error of his ways. Diane asked, "Just like that?" Victor told her no, that it had taken some time.

Michael wanted to know if Victor planned to be Diane's husband in every way. Victor assured them both that Diane had gone on national television and asked to have her marriage restored. He wondered why they were questioning him. He wondered if he could do anything right. Diane had her wish -- she was Mrs. Victor Newman again. He excused himself and went upstairs, telling Diane that he would expect her to join him soon.

Diane wanted Michael to make Victor leave. Michael said that he couldn't. If they backed down from their position, they'd lose everything. Diane was afraid to stay there. She was scared of Victor and wanted Michael to stay with her. Michael said he wasn't staying there after the man had kidnapped him. However, Michael told her that Phyllis was gone for a while, and he had an extra room, so she could stay with him until they figured out the whole mess. Eager to be gone, she grabbed her purse, and they headed out the door.

Thursday, October 8, 1998

Christine stopped by the penthouse first thing in the morning to see how Victor was settling in. He told her that he was absolutely at his ease; he was very comfortable and was reminded how much he'd always loved living here. Both of them were very smug that their strategy was working. However, Victor gloated that Michael Baldwin was afraid of him.

Christine didn't miss that little comment. Christine asked him what he meant, and Victor said that Michael and Diane had reason to fear him, and they would be wise to lock their doors at night. He said that he thought that Michael and Diane were just beginning to realize the impact of what they had done to him. He was not a man who liked his strings pulled by someone else. Christine had a look of doubt and fear on her face as she listened to Victor.

Michael was working when Diane walked out of the bedroom; she was a total wreck. She demanded that Michael call the police and have Victor thrown out of the apartment. Michael told her that they couldn't do that. To have Victor thrown out would be giving him everything that he wanted -- it would backfire on them big time. To throw Victor out of the house would be to acknowledge that she had not been honest when she'd been on national television. Diane didn't care; she just wanted him gone. If it meant that she wouldn't contest the divorce, then that was what she would do. Michael told her to take some time and think about it. If she gave in, she would lose everything that she deserved, and Victor would once again win.

Jack was in a panic, wondering why he hadn't heard from Brad. Finally, the phone rang, and it was Brad calling from the airport. He reported that it hadn't been a good flight; it had been bumpy all the way, and he was tired. Jack wanted to meet him right away, but Brad said that he was going to his hotel first and would meet Jack in the park in an hour.

Victoria entered the tack room when she saw that it was empty and began to rummage through the drawers. Cole entered and spoke to her. She told him, moodily, that she was looking for something that she'd left behind.

Malcolm took Nate to breakfast at Gina's and was showing him some magic tricks. Ashley also stopped by for breakfast and stood watching Malcolm's interaction with Nate. Malcolm introduced Ashley to Nate then sent him looking for their milkshakes. Ashley joined him at the table and complimented him on his relationship with his stepson. Malcolm called Nate his son, but Ashley corrected him and said that Nate was really his stepson -- the same relationship that Neil would have with Cole's child. Malcolm said that there was a difference; Nate's real father was dead, but Victoria's baby would have two amazing fathers.

Ashley admitted that she was being selfish, but she wanted the children that she gave to Cole to be his priority; she admitted that she didn't want to share him with Victoria's baby. Malcolm suggested that she might just fall in love with Cole and Victoria's baby. That seemed to give Ashley something new to think about. She thanked him then got up to leave, saying that she would skip breakfast to go and see her husband. The waiter walked up to the table, so Malcolm didn't see that Callie had just entered the restaurant.

Diane called her apartment. The phone rang and rang. Marissa was just going in to work, and she got to the phone before the caller hung up. She was surprised that it was Diane. She was both puzzled and surprised when Diane asked her if Victor was there. When she said that he wasn't, Diane told her to look around the apartment. Marissa left the phone on the sofa and looked around downstairs. She returned and said that he wasn't there. Diane said that she was on her way home.

Callie tried to get out of the restaurant before Malcolm saw her, but she was not successful. When he called out to her, she put on a happy face and asked if he was glad to see her. Malcolm was really bummed that Callie was still in town and began to lay into her. She told him that she hadn't stayed around to complicate his life; she just didn't have anywhere else to go. About that time, Nate ran to Malcolm and called him Daddy as he jumped into his arms. Callie was surprised but was pleasant when Malcolm introduced his son to an old friend.

Gina had been observing the way that Malcolm had been talking to Callie, so she walked over and invited Nate to play on the computer some more. Malcolm wanted to know why he hadn't been told that Callie was staying there. Gina said that she'd told Olivia; she asked if Olivia had told Malcolm that she was there. Malcolm said that all his beautiful wife had told him was that she was going to a medical seminar in another doctor's place. Malcolm asked Callie if she would let him speak to Gina privately. He then wanted to know how Olivia had taken the news that Callie was there. Gina said that Olivia had thought it was fine.

Gina suggested that if seeing Callie was a problem, then as much as she would miss him and Olivia, maybe they should go to other restaurants for a couple of weeks until Callie got herself straightened out. After Gina left, Malcolm told Callie that he wanted her to stay away from him and his family. Callie said that she had only gone to Genoa City because she needed a friend; she had no intention of causing him trouble in his new life. He accused her of dumping him and never caring that his heart had been ripped out of his chest. When she said that she was sorry for that, he told her to stay out of his life and not to go anywhere near him. He left. Callie sadly watched him go.

Christine and Paul were kissing when Lynn walked in and interrupted them. She reminded Paul that he'd wanted her to remind him to call his mother that day. Christine wondered if there was a special reason for calling Mary, and he said that the next day was his dad's birthday. It had always been a bad time for Mary. Lynn told him that his mother had looked all over the house and couldn't find the picture that had been lost from the album.

Just then, a sales representative walked into the outer office. Paul told Lynn that he would teach her how to handle pests. When they left, Christine took the picture of Carl out of her purse and opened the album. She slid the picture under another picture. When Lynn and Paul returned to the room, she "accidentally" found the picture. Lynn and Paul were impressed.

Carl/Jim was having coffee in the airport coffee shop when Ruth surprised him. She had to be in town for some things and thought they could have lunch. Jim introduced her to Pete, and Pete told Jim that he was a "lucky dog." After they had finished eating and Jim had to go back to work, Ruth told Pete that Jim had told her about the woman looking for him. She mentioned the name and phone number of the woman, and Pete said that he'd misplaced the number. When he was putting Ruth's money in the cash register, he saw the paper with the name and phone number. He gave it to Ruth, who asked that he keep it between the two of them for the time being.

Jack arrived at the park before Brad and said that Brad had better not stand him up. Brad arrived and asked what the plan was. Jack said that they had to think up something that would get Brad back into the company. Brad was absolutely not going to Victor on his knees, begging for a job. Jack said that that would only arouse Victor's suspicions. He thought that Brad should be in town, putting his Rome company up for sale. Victor would believe anything that had to do with business. He warned Brad that under no circumstances was he to see Victor alone.

Brad said that he was in it with Jack, but he wanted it known right up front that he was not working for Jack, nor would he take orders from Jack. Jack said that they had to be very careful. If they made a wrong move, they would be toast. The phone rang, and Jack answered. It was Michael. Jack tried to put him off, but Michael said that their whole case was unraveling as they spoke. Jack said that he would be right there. He left Brad after telling him once again not to do anything until they'd talked again.

Cole wanted to talk, but all Victoria was interested in was finding her leather coat. When he went to get the coat, he returned and found her holding her tummy with a funny look on her face. He asked if something was wrong, but she said that she was just peachy. Men should experience the joy of blowing up like a balloon for nine months. She explained that the baby was just very active that day, and although it felt wonderful most of the time, sometimes it was painful.

Cole walked up and placed his hand on her stomach. He felt the baby move. Victoria put her hands on his and moved them down a little to where the baby was. She had tears in her eyes as they smiled at each other. At the window, Ashley was about to walk in, but she looked through the window and saw the intimate scene.

Marissa walked into the living room with a teacup. When she saw Victor standing there, she dropped the cup on the floor. He told her that he had been in the shower when the phone had rung earlier. He asked who had called. Marissa said that it had been for her. He said that he was very glad to see her before he had to leave for work. He told her that she needed to clean up that mess. He went back upstairs, and before Marissa could do anything, Diane arrived home.

Victor stepped back into the room and greeted his wife. He kissed her on each cheek and told her that he was glad that she'd returned home before he left. He wanted to make plans for having dinner with "my darling" for that evening. Diane was unable to put two words together coherently, and that seemed to thrill Victor. Diane said that she might have some plans for the evening; she would have to get back to him about dinner. Victor was disappointed and said that he wanted to have a nice evening like they'd had before. He left, and Diane rushed up the stairs.

Later, Diane arrived at Michael's apartment and let herself in with a key. She was struggling with some suitcases. As she entered the living room, she saw someone across the room. "Phyllis?" she asked. "What the hell are you doing in my house?" Phyllis asked.

Friday, October 9, 1998

Nick was working at the couch in the hotel suite, while Grace was half-heartedly working at the desk. Nick asked if she was okay. She reminded him that they were working hard to get all the preparation in so the he could have his free time to spend with Sharon. He thanked her. Grace looked like she'd be sick to her stomach, knowing that her hard work for the itinerary would end up with Sharon in Nick's bed, not her.

Meanwhile, Sharon was waiting for the limousine to take her to the jet. Lisa walked out and told her that Noah's temperature was up to 103 degrees. Sharon was going to call the pediatrician. Doris asked about Sharon's trip. Sharon was adamant and told her mother she'd just have to show up a little later.

Noah's pediatrician was on his way back into the office when he got the call about Noah. He told her that a fever was usually nothing to worry about in an infant. After awhile, Doris told Sharon that the doctor would have been out by then if it were serious. She urged Sharon to go on. Noah felt comfortable with her, and she knew how to handle a sick child. She had Lisa, Miguel, and Nikki to help if she needed them.

Sharon wouldn't budge. She told her mother that Noah was her "little man," and she couldn't leave until she knew something. Doris reminded her that Nick was "her man," too, and he needed her. She asked Sharon what she planned to do. Sharon didn't know. Doris said she prayed that Sharon didn't have to decide.

Back in Denver, Nick laughed about being too tired after all the hard work they'd put into his presentation. Grace bluntly told him she didn't think that was funny. Nick laughed and told her he was just joking. He felt bad that he was going to see Sharon, and Grace would be alone, so he suggested that she fly home for the day. It would be a really romantic surprise for Tony, he assured her. Grace couldn't believe that he'd want her to fly back just for one day.

Nick had called downstairs to the caterer and was ordering champagne, flowers, and food for his suite in anticipation of Sharon's arrival. When he got off the phone, he told Grace he loved that hotel. Grace woefully picked up the phone and had the concierge book her the next available flight to Genoa City.

Alone, later, Nick was planning his time with Sharon. He called the main house to see if she had gotten off okay, and Miguel told him that the limo driver was still down at the house. Nick asked him to transfer the call to their home. Doris answered, and Nick asked what the holdup was. She handed the phone to Sharon, who explained about Noah's illness. She was going to wait and see what the doctor said first.

Nick begged Sharon to go, giving her the same reasoning Doris had. She told him she wanted to be on the plane as much as he wanted her to be on it. He told her he'd call back, or she could call him. After he hung up, he said, "Poor little guy." Then after a second he added, "Damn!"

Jack arrived at Michael's office, and Michael told him he needed help with Diane. Victor had moved back in, which surprised Jack. Michael told him he'd talked to Diane, but he needed Jack to convince her to stick things out and not give in. Jack seemed unconcerned. "So, are you going to help me or not?" asked Michael impatiently.

Jack wanted to know when Michael had gotten the impression that they were together in it. Michael told Jack that Diane was going to throw away her leverage. He pressured Jack about his stake in the divorce. He said he thought the idea was to keep Victor off balance. Michael told Jack that when they went to the bargaining table, he wanted to hold the high cards, not Victor. He reminded Jack of his promise, "You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours."

Michael wanted to know if Jack was really going to throw Diane to the wolves. Jack assured Michael that he was a bright, clever, and persuasive man, and Michael could handle it. "Shall I keep in touch?" Michael asked in anger. "Suit yourself," Jack said casually as he left Michael's office.

Cole felt the baby move and was awed. He said it felt funny. Victoria told him he should feel it from her perspective. Cole said what he meant was, it felt funny calling the baby an "it." They discussed the matter and decided that when the sonogram was done, they both wanted to know the sex of the child. Cole referred to the baby as "he" again. Victoria pointed that out and laughed. "I know you men," she said, "you just can't wait to make more men."

Cole asked if Victoria would be all right. Victoria reminded him that she was not his problem. The baby was just an entanglement. He had remarried, and Victoria was trying to make a new life for herself. Cole asked, not demanded, that Victoria not write him out of the baby's life, because she had the power to do that. Victoria told him he'd always talked a good game, but as he'd pointed out, she was in the driver's seat. She promised to let him know and then left.

Nina stopped by the tack house a little later to thank Cole for what he'd done; she looked great. Cole was confused. She told him that she knew that her invitation to go to the Writer's Symposium was because of his pull. Cole told her that he'd had nothing to do with it but congratulated her. Then he suggested that she was ready to go on to the next level. He thought she was ready to write a novel but told her that short story writing was a respectable field. He just thought she had more in her.

Nin told Cole that she was riddled with fear. He reminded her that if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. She told him she thought everyone was and asked him if he'd looked in the bookstore recently. Besides, her fear was a special fear.

After badgering her, Cole made Nina repeat after him, "I deserve recognition for my work." She told him that she shouldn't have shot her mouth off about Cole being an absentee father the other day. If he and Victoria could work things out, then that would be great. She reminded him to be careful of Ashley's feelings. She wanted Cole and Ashley to learn from her mistakes.

The cleaning woman entered Victor's office. When he noticed her, he got angry and told her that it was supposed to be done after hours. He got even angrier when the woman wouldn't look at him. He told her to look at him when he spoke to her. When she turned around, it was Nikki in disguise. She took off the wig, and they embraced. She asked how it had gone and how far Victor had needed to go. He told her he hadn't needed to do much. She said she had been up half the night with worry. He laughed at her outfit.

Again, Nikki questioned him about his night at the apartment. Victor told her that Diane had left. Nikki said that was not what was supposed to have happened. She expected Victor to be thrown out; he was supposed to call Diane's bluff. Victor said he'd have to do what was necessary. Nikki was worried about just "what is necessary." That was what concerned her about the whole thing, she admitted, doing "what's necessary" with Diane. Victor gave her a look.

Brad went to see Ashley, who was stunned to see him. Brad told her he was there for a visit by the miracle of modern travel. They talked about her new marriage. She told Brad that Cole was a wonderful man. Then she had flashbacks of Cole and Victoria in the tack house. Brad told her he hoped she didn't regret her decision. She asked if he meant marrying Cole. No, Brad told her -- not marrying him, but marrying a man who'd been married to Victoria Newman.

Brad and Ashley discussed Victor's problems. She was surprised that he knew so much. He told her the Italian press loved to pick up stories that had problems with love in them. He was running a small company. He reminded her that Victor had gotten between them. She said that former spouses could make life difficult. Brad looked thoughtful. "Tell me about it, Ashley," he stated. She told him about the baby, and Brad agreed that Victoria would probably cause trouble.

Victoria was standing at the window in her office, hearing Cole say over and over, "I want to be a father to our child." Neil interrupted her thoughts, and she told him what Cole had said. Neil told her that he couldn't disagree. Victoria got upset and asked if Neil didn't want to be the father to her baby. Neil told her of course he did, but the child was going to have two great fathers.

Neil told Victoria that she couldn't just wish Cole away if he wanted to be there. Victoria said Cole's attitude made her angry. Neil told her that everything would work out. Neil was, however, the "happening guy" in her life. He also pointed out that it wasn't a popularity contest. One day, he expected Dru to remarry. He wondered what would happen if he was not so lucky. He asked what might happen if Dru married someone who didn't love Lily as much as Neil loved Victoria's baby.

Victoria told Neil that she knew Ashley wasn't going to "love" her baby. Neil said that was not the case. Victoria asked him how he knew. Neil spilled the beans and told Victoria about his conversation with Ashley and how Ashley didn't want Cole to "play Daddy" to the child. Ashley wanted to start a family of their own. Victoria didn't want Cole involved; Ashley didn't want Cole involved. Neil told her it sounded like she and Ashley were playing on the same team. He had to go to a meeting and would see her later. Victoria found how Ashley felt about it very interesting.

Brad walked into Victor's office. "It's good to see you again," stated Brad. Victor was looking down. When Victor looked up, he said, "Well, I'll be damned. Bradley Carlton." They exchanged fiendish smiles.

Phyllis told Diane that she could have shot her for being an intruder in her home. Diane pleaded with Phyllis. She was distraught and said she couldn't go back to her apartment. Victor had moved back in. Phyllis said that she didn't understand. Diane was finally getting what she wanted. She warned that if Diane tried to move in on Michael again, she'd put her in the hospital for a very long time. She picked up Diane's bags, ready to throw her out, when Michael walked through the door.

Phyllis was raising hell with Michael. Michael told Diane she was supposed to stay in her own apartment. Diane couldn't because she was afraid, especially after what Victor had done to Michael. Phyllis couldn't believe Diane was afraid. Diane told Michael that she refused to live with Victor so she'd be going to a hotel.

Michael tried to tell Diane that she was in no danger. Victor would be a fool to hurt her. He begged her to go back and pretend. Michael told her that Victor was bluffing, and they were bluffing. Whoever blinked first would lose. Diane was frantic and said she didn't care. She was going to a hotel. She took her bags and left. Michael said, "Thanks, Phyllis. A whole hell of a lot."

Phyllis wanted to know why Michael was so upset that Diane was leaving. He'd wanted her to leave. He told her that he had been trying to talk to her with the voice of reason, but Diane couldn't hear him with Phyllis screaming "get out" in her ear. Phyllis mentioned that Diane seemed afraid of her own shadow. Michael told Phyllis that she was not usually that way, but ever since Victor had had him kidnapped, she'd been terrified. Phyllis asked if he really thought Victor Newman had ordered him kidnapped. He asked who else hated him enough. Phyllis suggested that maybe it was somebody that was just very mad with him. Michael said Victor fit that category too.

s Michael said since Victor hadn't been able to just obliterate the competition, he'd pulled off the kidnapping. "So Victor's the only one capable of having strong feelings?" Phyllis asked. Michael asked if she'd been listening to him. He went over his kidnapping step by step. He told her he'd had a lot of time to think in that little room. He was going to make Victor Newman pay for doing that to him.

Phyllis told him that she'd been watching him get closer and closer to his "precious little client," day after day. Michael told her he got the impression that Phyllis didn't think Victor was behind the kidnapping. "Is that a question?" Phyllis asked. Michael asked if she knew or had a theory about who'd had him kidnapped. Laughing, Phyllis said, "I plead the fifth."

Michael told Phyllis it wasn't a court of law. He asked her in disbelief, "Did you do it? Did you have me abducted?" Phyllis looked at Michael, narrowed her eyes, and admitted, "Yes. I'm the one who had you kidnapped."

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