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Ryan agreed to keep Phillip while Nina was at a symposium. Ruth called Christine, but she hung up without saying a word. Grace seduced Nick. After Noah's fever broke, Sharon headed for a reunion with her husband in Denver.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday October 12, 1998

VICTOR looks up and is both surprised and suspicious to see Bradley standing in his office. "Well, I'll be damned!" He utters. Brad tells him that the last time he saw Victor, he was accusing him of trying to kill him. "I trust that by now you have seen the error of your ways," Brad says. Victor wants to know why he is there and Brad says that he has picked up a little information that he thinks he should share with him. Before they can get into what the information is, Victor has to answer the phone. While Victor is handling business, Brad also gets a call. It is Jack who is anxious that Brad get right over there so that they can come up with a game plan before he meets with Victor. Brad informs him that now is not a good time and hangs up.

JACK hangs up the phone angrily, wondering what Bradley is up to. Jill comes into the office and wants to talk to him about the estate. Jack tells her that he isn't interested in her petty problems and Jill gets upset because he is the only person she can talk to. She reminds him of the fire, fuming that Katherine set the mansion on fire to keep her from getting it. Jack tries to argue her out of this notion, telling her that there is no way that Katherine would set fire to her home just to spite Jill. Jill wonders why everyone automatically takes Katherine's side. She reminds him that he was there when Katherine made the threat and Jack has to reluctantly agree. But, he will not testify for her. Jill tells him that he will do it willingly or by subpoena.

GRACE is packing her bag for the trip back to Genoa City. She wonders if she should call and tell Tony that she is coming or surprise him. She would love to surprise him but she decides to take the safe route and let him know she is coming. She calls the apartment and leaves a message on the machine. After she hangs up she whispers that it would have been so perfect if only Nick hadn't invited Sharon to come.

NICK has prepared everything and now he is wondering when or if Sharon will be arriving. Grace comes in and asks if Sharon has called. He tells her that the plans may be off; Noah is sick and running a fever. Grace seems genuinely concerned and says that Sharon is just worried about her baby; that is only natural. She asks if she can stay with him until Sharon calls.

NIKKI has joined Sharon and Doris and is told that the doctor is in with the baby. Both Doris and Nikki tell her that the baby will be fine and she should just get on that plane and go to Denver. They will look after the baby! Sharon wonders why they are pushing her out of the house; can't they see that her baby needs her? They tell her that Nicholas needs her also, and his need is the most important right now. Sharon blasts her mother and Nikki, telling them that if they were in her place, they wouldn't be in such a hurry to leave their child.

NICHOLAS can't wait any longer so he calls home. Sharon has nothing more to tell him at the moment. Sharon tells Nick that the doctor is still in there with the baby. Nick tells her that since Doris, Nikki and Lisa are there, she isn't needed. Both their moms have raised children so they know what to do. He wants her to get in the limo and head for the airport and Denver. Sharon says she just can't leave her little boy not knowing what is wrong with him. She almost lost him once before and she is afraid she will lose him again. She tells him that she will call just as soon as the doctor tells her anything. Nick is not happy but he has no choice but to wait.

The DOCTOR comes out of the nursery and tells Sharon that the baby's temp is now 104 degrees. He thinks that the baby is coming down with Roseola, a measles-like rash. There is a chance that it could be serious but he doesn't think it will be. When he mentions Scarlet Fever, Sharon almost flips. Hurriedly, the doctor assures her that the chances are slim that this will happen.

NICK is pacing the floor. He says that he really is concerned about Noah, but he needs his wife here. He loves Sharon and he loves that she is dedicated to the family but when does he get his share of her attention?

SHARON calls and tells Nick that she still plans to go to Denver. Before she can say anything else, Nick smiles and gives the thumbs up to Grace. Grace quietly walks into her bedroom. Sharon tells Nick what the doctor has said. As soon as she knows that the baby is okay, she will be on the plane out of GC. Nick can't understand why she is waiting! Come now! Sharon says that she wants this time with him as much as he wants it, but she can't just walk out while the baby is sick.

GRACE looks at her bag and tells herself that she has to put Nick out of her mind. It is time to build a future with Tony. She picks up the bag and walks out into the other room. Nick is beside himself. He says that it isn't going to happen. He doesn't believe that Sharon will leave Noah to come to Denver. "When do I come first?" he shouts. "When do I ever come first?" Quietly, Grace takes her bag back into the bedroom. She calls the concierge and tells him that she can't make her flight. She asks him to check to see if there are any later flights that she can get.

NINA goes by Christine's apartment and announces that she is going to a writer's symposium for a few days. The problem is, her mother is out of town and she needs someone to take care of Phillip. Chris says that she and Paul would be delighted to keep Phillip but shouldn't she ask Ryan? Nina explains that Ryan and Tricia are in the middle of a lover's spat right now and she hates to impose. However, Chris talks her into asking Ryan first. Chris tells Nina that she has to give up on the search for Carl; she has reached a dead end. After Nina leaves, Chris tries to concentrate on work but her mind continually wanders to the picture of Carl that she has put away in the desk drawer.

MICHAEL can't believe his ears! Phyllis is the one who kidnapped him! He demands an explanation from her. She tells him that she did it because she loves him so much. She begins to list all her complaints about him not spending time with her, leaving her alone in the apartment alone for days at the time, all the attention he has been giving Diane; she was so afraid that she was losing him. She thought that spending some time alone would do him good and give him time to think about their relationship. Michael is less than understanding. He reminds her that he was accosted on the street, made unconscious and taken to heaven knows where. He was strapped to a chair and left alone for days. He didn't know if he would live or die. Phyllis grabs him and starts rubbing up against him and kissing him. Tell me you were thinking of me all that time, she begs. Michael pushes her away and steps back. He tells her that all he could think about was whether he would survive or not. Their relationship was the last thing on his mind. Phyllis said that he was never in any danger; she made sure of that and she made sure that he would be returned safely. "And I'm supposed to thank you for that?" Michael demands. Again, Phyllis tries to kiss him. She glues her body to his and tries to get him to love her. She tells him that she now realizes that she went too far. She may have handled things in the wrong way, but she did it to show him how much she loved him. "Love me, Michael!" She begs. However, instead of loving her, Michael shoves her roughly to the couch. He tells her that she is nuts and he is getting out of here.

In Norfolk, Ruth stares at Chris' name and number on the paper that Pete gave her. She wonders why Christine is looking for Jim. When he comes in dressed for work, she tells him that she is curious about this woman but Jim says that he has no desire to find out about his past. He doesn't think that he could stand learning that he had done something terrible. All he wants is to stay here at the farm with her. She tells him that he doesn't have to have been a terrible person; he could have been a wonderful man. However, after Jim leaves, Ruth is still curious and wonders if she should call or not.

MICHAEL is working at his office when Diane comes to see him. She tells him that she can't take this any more. She wants Michael to do something about getting Victor out of her apartment. Michael tells her that he was on his way to talk to her. He tells her that she has nothing to worry about. Diane objects and says she does have something to worry about. She thinks that he is just belittling the situation so that she will go back because of his plan. Michael stops her and tells her that he was wrong about Victor; he isn't the violent man that they thought he was becoming. Victor will not hurt you, he says. She wants to know how he can be so sure. He tells her that he knows who kidnapped him and it was not Victor; however, he refuses to tell her who did it. When she hesitates and wonders if he is lying to her just to get her to go back to the apartment, he reminds her that he took a vow that he would not lie to her ever again. "I am not lying now," he assures her. Thinking about it, she agrees that she will return to the apartment.

JACK is still anxious about Brad and tries to call him again. When he is told that the cell phone is either out of range or not on at the moment, he decides that Brad is up to something. Still, there is business to take care of so he grabs a folder and heads out the door.

VICTOR finishes with the phone call and turns back to Bradley. "Am I to believe that you just flew here from Rome for old times sake?" He asks. Brad accuses Victor if thinking he has something up his sleeve and Victor asks if he blames him for that. "You can never be too careful," Brad agrees. He begins to tell Victor that even in Europe he has heard about his problems. Victor tries to brush it off but Brad continues. Just then, Jack walks up to the office door. Hearing voices, he hesitates before knocking. He is just in time to hear what Bradley has to say. Brad says that he has heard some things on the corporate grapevine about the behavior of some of Victor's key people and thought Victor should know about it. Outside, Jack can't believe what he is hearing. He is sure that Bradley is about to sell him out!

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

GRACE has let her hair down and fluffed it out. She has changed into a short skirt and blouse. Coming into the sitting room, she surprises Nick who thought she had already left for Genoa City. She tells him that her flight was delayed. Nick is drinking a beer as he tells Grace that his wife has decided to stay home and cancel her trip out here to be with him all because her child is ill. "She is blowing this all out of proportion," Nick declares. "Nothing I ever plan with my wife works out." Grace can understand how he feels. As she is being sympathetic with him, there is a knock at the door and when Nick ignores it, Grace answers. It is room service delivering all the things that Nick has ordered: flowers, scented candles, chilled champagne, caviar, chocolates, and strawberries and whipped cream. The waiter needs a signature on the bill; when Nick stares into space and ignores the man, Grace signs and the waiters leave. Grace comes up to Nick and tells him that she is so sorry. "I guess she felt like she had to be somewhere else." CHRISTINE answers the phone and at first there is no one there. Finally, Ruth speaks in a halting voice. "What city is this?" She asks. Christine tells her and Ruth says that she thought she was calling a business. Being helpful, Christine asks who she was calling so that she could try to help her. Ruth tells her she is looking for Johnson Realty. Chris says that she will look it up in the phone book for her. As she is going through the yellow pages, Ruth asks, "What do you do, Christine? Are you in business in Genoa City?" Christine becomes suspicious and tells Ruth that she can't find a Johnson Realty in the book. "Are you calling from Norfolk?" Christine asks. When there is quiet on the line, she goes on. "Please, if you have information about Carl, please, please tell me." Suddenly the phone goes dead. In Virginia, Ruth looks at the phone in panic and wonders what she has done. What if she was talking to the police? If they were, they could be tracing the call right now! What did I do? Why did I do that? Jim comes in from work and Ruth rushes to him. He wonders if anything is wrong and she says she is just happy to have him home. Just then, the phone begins to ring. When Jim starts to answer it, she shouts for him to let it ring. When he continues for the phone she again shouts, "Don't touch the phone!" Although Jim is puzzled at her reaction, he answers the phone and begins to talk to one of their neighbors. When he is finished, he tells her that he doesn't understand her action. She says that she is just jumpy.

At the Ranch, SHARON comes into the room with her mother and Nikki all smiles. She announces that the fever has broken and Noah is now covered in spots. She has never been so happy to see her child with a rash! Now that Noah is better, she thinks it is time to go and see to her husband. Both Doris and Nikki are happy and relieved. While Sharon gets her bags, Nikki calls the plane and tells them that Sharon is on her way!

GRACE tries to cheer up Nick. She says that as long as they have all this good stuff here, they might as well enjoy it. "All I wanted was to be with my wife. Is that too much to ask? I guess it is since she isn't here. I wonder if I still have a marriage!" He says that things can't go on as they have been going. He wants his wife to be there for him; he wants to be first with her. But no, Noah gets a fever and Sharon bails out on us. "Can't we ever be just Nick and Sharon?" Grace tells him that he deserves so much more. She wishes that there was something that she could do to make it hurt less. While she is talking to him, she is holding his hand. When she finishes speaking, Nick looks down at her hand and pulls his away.

TRICIA stops by Ryan's office and tells him that her dad has called and his business trip was extended. So, Meg is staying with them a few more days if that is okay with him. Sure, Ryan tells her. We'll make room.

JACK stands out side Victor's door and hears Brad tell Victor that he has heard some rumors that he feels that Victor should know about. These rumors concern some of his trusted employees. They are so delicate that they might cause a shake up in the company. "That rat bastard!" Jack says in an undertone. "He is going to blow me out of the water!"

CHRISTINE hangs up the phone and thinks that the call had to have been about Carl. Maybe she is on to something after all! Before she can think about it any further, Paul comes home with a little something from Intimate Secrets. He thinks that maybe he can have a little fashions show. As Christine heads to the bedroom, the doorbell rings. Paul tells her he will get rid of whoever is there. Opening the door, Mary and Charlie are giggling like teenagers. They just wanted to stop by for a moment. Charlie had a big surprise today and he wanted to share with Paul and Chris. They come in and Mary announces that today is Charlie's birthday. Charlie says that Mary surprised him with the most wonderful gift. He holds up his arms and shows Paul his sterling silver cuff links. Mary is all excited, saying she had so much fun shopping for them. Just then, Chris announces that the fashion show is about to begin. Paul quickly tells her---just as she steps foot through the door---that Mary and Charlie are there. Quickly, Chris pulls her shortie robe together and comes in and stands behind Paul. Embarrassed, Mary and Charlie make a quick exit but not before inviting them to stop by for cake and ice cream later if they have the time.

TRICIA joins Megan at Crimson Lights, wondering if they shouldn't have met at some other place. Megan says that she is all better now; she has control of herself. Just then, Tony walks up to the counter and orders a coffee to go. Against her sister's advice, Megan joins Tony at the counter. With a smile she greets him and tells him that she is fine. She was a little upset before, but she has things in perspective now. She tells him that she was only hearing what she wanted to hear. Tony tells her that he never meant to hurt her and he is sorry he didn't tell her about Grace. They part as friends. When she returns to the table with her sister, Megan says that she hopes whomever Tony is marrying knows what a great guy he is.

PHILLIP bursts into Ryan's office and very excitedly tells his dad that his name is in the paper. He tells Ryan about his last soccer game in which he was a star. Ryan is so proud of him that he gives him money to go get himself a soda. While Phillip is out of the room, Nina tells Ryan about her invitation to be a panelist on the Writer's Corner Symposium. He is excited for her and offers to keep Phillip while she is gone. She tells him that if things are still tense at his place, Paul and Chris would keep him. But Ryan insists that he wants Phillip to stay with him. Coming back in at this moment, Phillip wonders if "she" will want him there, but Ryan assures him that Tricia will love having him stay with them.

JACK walks in just as Brad is about to tell Victor what his employees are saying behind his back. Jack challenges Brad. "What are you doing here?" he demands. The two make angry conversation until Victor interrupts them and tells Jack to leave the office. Giving Brad a look that should kill, Jack stomps out of the office.

VICTOR says that Jack Abbott's reaction upon seeing Brad is interesting. He is dumbfounded. He then demands to know why Brad is there. Why the sudden visit. Is this a friendly visit or does he have a business proposition. When Brad says that he has plenty to say, Victor interrupts. "If you are here to apologize, spare me!" Victor barks. "I know damn well why you are here. You are here because you need something from me." Brad says that he has a flash for him; he doesn't need anything. He is there because he thought Victor could use an ally. He has become successful in his own right and he is no longer looking backward. He came because he wanted to see what he could do for Victor. Victor doesn't believe a word. "You are here for a job!" Brad says that he is making quite a leap. "Then you are here to pedal your new business, yes or no?" When Brad says that he would consider it, Victor announces that he doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell of that happening!

JACK walks into the bar and orders a double Scotch, neat. This hasn't been his best day, he tells the bartender. As he sits drinking, Phyllis comes in and sits at the bar also. She orders a very dry martini straight up. There is a pack of cigarettes sitting on the bar and she helps herself to one. When her bic won't flic, Jack comes to her rescue. He wonders what she is doing there all alone. They begin to flirt with each other. They both talk around their separate problems and each sympathizes with the other.

PAUL asks Chris what she thinks about his mom and Charlie. Chris says that she has never seen her so happy. Paul agrees and says that he is happy that his mother is happy and moving on with her life; if Charlie is the one to make her happy, then who is he to interfere. Wherever his father is, he knows that he is looking out for her and he is probably happy for her.

TONY returns home and while getting a drink from the refrigerator, he plays the messages on his machine. He hears Grace telling him that she is coming home and he is overjoyed!

GRACE says that she is sorry; she hates to see Nick so alone. Nick says that that is the story of his life these days. Grace begins to massage Nick's neck and shoulders and says that he is too tight---he is all tied up in knots. As she continues to massage, Nick begins to relax. The massage becomes more sensual. Nick turns and looks at her. He gets up and the two of them come together and kiss.

SHARON walks into the hotel lobby and asks for the key to Nicholas Newman's room. "I am very anxious to join my husband," she tells the clerk.

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

SHARON tells the desk clerk that she is there to surprise her husband, Nicholas Newman; she would like the key to his suite.

In the meantime, GRACE raises up on her elbow and looks down at Nick's sleeping face. "It was meant to be, Nicholas," she purrs. "Some people would say that this is wrong but how can it be wrong when it is so perfect?" Nick awakens and looks at himself and Grace. "Oh my God!" he exclaims as he pushes Grace off of him. But she isn't going anywhere. She tells him that they both knew what they were doing. He wanted her just as much as she wanted him. He tells her that he needs to be alone, but Grace tells him that he needs her; she won't leave him. Nick says that he is going to take a shower and she should go to her room. After he leaves for the bathroom, Grace thinks that she just may join him in the shower.

The desk clerk tells SHARON that they don't usually give the keys to rooms out unless the person is listed as a guest, which she is not. She says that her luggage has already been taken up and if he needs it, she can show proof that she is Mrs. Nicholas Newman. She smiles and tells him to break the rules one time. He gives her the key but suggests that he call and let Mr. Newman know that she is coming up. No, she tells him, I want to surprise my husband.

Sharon walks into the sitting area of the suite and sees that it is empty. She goes to the bedroom and peeks in. There is no one there but she hears the shower going. She thinks that she will join Nick in the shower but before she can get completely undressed, Nick comes out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. He is shocked to see Sharon there. She gives him a big hello kiss and tells him that she loves him. Nick is speechless, especially when he sees Grace in the sitting room about to walk into the bedroom. He motions for her to leave. Sharon explains to him that the baby is better so she left him with his loving grandparents. Questioning the look on his face, Nick answers that he is just shocked and surprised to see her. After her call, he thought that she had completely called off the trip. "I am here for you now," Sharon says. "Let me prove it to you." She tells him that she is going to take a shower and when she is finished, he will know that she is really there. After she goes into the bathroom, Nick panics and wonders what he is going to do!

VICTOR is alone in his office when Christine come in. She tells him that she hasn't heard a word from Michael Baldwin. Victor admits that he hasn't heard anything either but Diane has moved out of the penthouse. Chris is not surprised. Victor wonders how much longer they have to continue the charade. Christine explains that they have taken Michael and Diane completely by surprised and now they are scrambling to regroup. Diane's moving out of the apartment is a good sign that now they can expect them to return to the bargaining table. All he has to do is hang in there and force Diane's hand. Just a few more nights should do it. "You had better be right," Victor tells her. Just then, the phone rings and it is Michael Baldwin. He tells Victor that he has some good news for him; Diane is at home, anxiously awaiting his return home from work so that they can resume their marriage. Victor plays along and tells Michael that he can hardly wait. He tells Michael to tell Diane that he is as anxious as she is and he will be home soon. After he hangs up, Christine says that this is the best way to go, but she realizes that he doesn't want to go through with it. She tells him that he can back out if he wants to and she will understand and they will come up with a better plan. "No," Victor says. "Let's forge ahead with the plan and see who outlasts whom."

DIANE pours herself a brandy and asks Michael what Victor said. He tells her that Victor is going to continue the farce for the time being. He tells her that she has to be strong and go along with it. They both know that Victor will only go so far. Diane says that she will only go so far also and Victor had better not try to go any further. Michael tells her to remember that Victor doesn't want this arrangement any more than she does; all he is waiting for is for her to break first.

VICTOR stands at his window and stares outside. The door opens and someone covered by a black hooded coat comes into the room. Victor doesn't know who it is until she takes the coat off. He is surprised. "It is you!" He says. "It sure isn't Little Red Riding Hood," Nikki says as she rushes into his arms. She tells him that she sneaked up on the freight elevator to let him know that she is looking forward to their reunion tonight. She has planned an evening he will never forget. However, Victor has some bad news for her. He tells her that it is going to take a few more nights at the penthouse for their plan to work. Nikki flips out! She can't believe that this woman is still getting away with messing up their lives. HOW MUCH LONGER? She asks. Victor tells her that she has to have a little faith in him; he guarantees her that it will be over soon. Nikki says that it had better get better or she is going to snap!

JILL is yelling at John about doing something. She is afraid that if they waste much more time, Katherine will do something else. As they are talking, Ryan comes to the office at Jill's request. He offers to come back later when he sees that Jill is with her attorney but Jill tells him that she and her attorney want to talk to him. John looks puzzled. Jill tells Ryan that she wants him to testify in court about what he heard Katherine say. When Ryan refuses, she tells him that he will be forced to testify. Ryan objects; he says that Katherine didn't means those words, she was an emotional wreck---he would have been also if she had did that to him---and she was only speaking in anger. He says that she doesn't want him anywhere near that trial if she knows what is good for her. He walks out. John turns on Jill and tells her that he quits. Jill can't believe he means it but he tells her that she doesn't need him because she is running her own show! She has no business talking to a potential witness and all she did was turn Ryan into a hostile witness. She is alienating everyone. As he starts to leave, a chastised Jill begs him to reconsider. She promises that she will stay out of his way from now on. He tells her that he will give her one more chance but if she gets in his way ONE MORE TIME, he will walk; I give you my word on that, he says as he leaves the office.

KATHERINE is on the phone giving Mitchell Sherman a hard time about the arson investigator's report. When the doorbell rings, she tells him she has to go to the door. He wonders why Esther can't get the door and she tells him that as usual she doesn't know where Esther is. She opens the door and Nikki is there. She wants to see how her friend is holding up. She tells her that everything will work out; no one would ever believe that she would set the fire on purpose. Katherine wants to know what it was that she said the night of the party and she wants the truth. Finally Nikki tells her that she threatened to burn the house down before she would let Jill get her hands on it. Katherine is shocked! What if they believe that she really means it? Nikki tells her that no one who knows her would ever believe that she meant it. "But what about the people who don't know me?" Katherine asks. After Nikki leaves, Mitchell Sherman calls back and tells Katherine that the arson report will be available first thing in the morning. Katherine sits with the phone in her hand looking worried. Esther looks on from the doorway.

TONY walks into Crimson Lights and tells Jay that Grace is on her way home for a couple of days. He wonders if he should take her out on the town or plan an intimate dinner in the apartment. He tells Jay that he is busy making all the wedding plans; when Grace gets back, all she will have to do is buy her wedding dress. He takes his coffee and walks over to a table and sits down and studies his plan.

Unnoticed by Tony, Tricia has been sitting at the counter listing to Tony and Jay. She comes over to the table and very sweetly asks if she can sit down. Without waiting for a reply, she sits. She congratulates him on his wedding plans. She wonders if there is another young impressionable girl out there somewhere who needs to be told that he is going to be married. Tony tells her that he has apologized for his mistake but he isn't the kind of guy who chases after every girl he sees; he really liked Megan. With all the niceness gone, Tricia calls him all kinds of names and insults him for the way he has been treating her sister. Finally, she gets up and changes tables, leaving Tony alone with his plans.

Even though TRICIA has changed tables, she continues to give Tony the evil eye until Ryan comes in. He tells her about Nina going away next week and Phillip coming over to stay with them. Tricia is not pleased. She begins to blame Nina. She says that it would have been nice if Nina would have given them a little more warning. "Warning?" Ryan asks. "Since when do we have to be warned that my son is coming over?" Tricia says that that isn't what she meant. She says that they already have a guest and there won't be room. Ryan says that they can have a "camp-out" in the living room with a tent and all. Don't worry, he says, we can do this. She says that she will help him because she love him so much.

DIANE is pouring herself another brandy when the door opens and Victor enters. She welcomes him home, telling him that he is in time for the cocktail hour. Can I fix you something? Victor says he will have something later. He talks as if he is happy to be there with her; he wants to take up where they left off. She answers as though she wants the same thing. Victor announces that he is going upstairs and change into something more comfortable---unless she has plans to go out tonight. Diane tells him that they will just stay home and have a relaxed evening just as they used to do. As he goes up the stairs, Diane takes a deep breath and, trembling, she slides to the floor.

A little later, Victor comes down in his robe and makes himself a drink. He says that he feels so much more comfortable and she will too when she gets out of some of those clothes. He reminds her that she used to wear much less---sometimes nothing at all---when it was just the two of them alone at home. When Diane yawns and says that she is tired and ready for bed, Victor stops her. He wants to refresh her drink a little and then they will go upstairs to bed together to celebrate their reunion.

MICHAEL calls Christine and asks her to accept his humble admiration; her strategy was brilliant. He taught her well, he says. Chris says that she doesn't know what he is talking about and he again says that her plan was a brilliant one but it will not work. He says that her coming on the case has made it much more interesting. "It is a fascinating game of chicken," he says and wonders who will give first. Christine says that it is not a game to her and her client and hangs up on him

GRACE is still in the sitting room in her negligee, just pacing the floor. She is thinking that it is best that Sharon came anyway. This way, she and Nick can tell her the truth together. We will tell her that we are in love---so much in love! There is no sense in hiding it any more." Nick stumbles into the room and is surprised to see Grace. "What are you still doing here?" he asks harshly. "Why are you just standing there? Sharon will be out of the shower any second now. Get back to your room and keep quiet until I have figured out what I am going to do!" Grace obediently goes to her room. Sharon comes out of the bedroom in a teddy and tells him that she loves him so much. They kiss, but Nick can't put his heart into it.

Thursday, October 15, 1998

. NINA tells CHRIS that she asked Ryan about Phillip staying with him but she's sure he'll have to run it by "Miss Teen USA" first. Finally Nina says she wants to forget about "Blondie" and wants to know what's happening with Chris. Chris shares the information about the strange phone call she got from the woman the other day. She's sure the woman was calling from Norfolk and she's just as sure that she probably had information about Paul's father. Nina wonders why Carl has never bothered to contact anyone in all these years.

Later PAUL and Chris are discussing how excited Mary and Charlie seemed to be. They really went all out for Charlie's birthday. Chris asks if Mary's ever been that happy. Paul wastes no time in telling his wife that his mother and father were two of the happiest married people there were. Chris implies that there could have been problems in their marriage. In fact, maybe that's why Carl left. Paul asks why she's asking so many questions. He wants to know if there's something going on that he should know about.

PAUL visits MALCOLM and gives him the information he's found out on Trey. Evidently the guy is clean and the business he runs is legitimate. He also tells Malcolm that OLIVIA asked him to look in on Callie as well. Paul tells Malcolm that Olivia also knows that Malcolm hired him. Malcolm gets upset with Olivia. He's beginning to wonder if he should take out a full-page advertisement in the newspaper, announcing that he hasn't thought about Callie Rogers in years. Malcolm tells Paul he needs to think a few things over and he'll get back to him.

Malcolm is still upset when NEIL pays him a visit. He tells him what Paul found out and then tells Neil that Olivia has also hired Paul. Malcolm vows there is no baggage in his past and he just wants to leave the past in the past. Malcolm wishes everyone would just mind their own business. Neil says that his brother is protesting too much and Malcolm wonders how Neil would handle it if he were the one in the hot seat. He decides it's time to put an end to this whole mess and tells Neil that this is the last conversation the two of them will be having about Callie.

CARL/JIM startles RUTH. He gushes with gratitude, telling her that she's the reason for his happiness. She means everything to him and absolutely nothing and no one will ever change that. Ruth brings up the young woman from the airport again. Carl admits that he has been curious about his past at times, but he only draws a blank. There are no memories, so he prefers just to forget about it. He thanks Ruth for the full life that they have together. She's all that he wants. While Carl/Jim is reading the paper, Ruth remembers the short conversation she had with this "Christine Williams." She remembers Chris pleading for information on "Carl." Ruth turns around, and instead of calling him "Jim" she calls him "Carl" and he answers her.

CALLIE really likes it at GINA'S. "I could get used to this," she says. She's got to find a way to talk Gina into letting her stay around. She goes to Gina and tells her she needs some money and offers to work. Gina looks at Callie squarely and tells her that this is not permanent. Malcolm and Olivia are good friends and she could never betray them like that. Gina tells her that she'll see what she can do. Callie doesn't expect much.

Later MALCOLM drops by and asks Callie what the good news is. When he hits that Callie is sponging off Gina, Callie says that she was invited and that she can't even get Gina to let her work there part-time. Malcolm gives her a lecture about her selfishness and tells her that she doesn't have a clue. She's messing with people's heads. Callie gets angry and asks Malcolm why he just doesn't stay away from her and ignore her. "Why is that so hard to do?" she wants to know.

GRACE is lying in bed thinking about her night with Nicholas. She's convinced that they are perfect for one another. They are so much alike. They even think alike. She has no doubt that he and Sharon are history and now it's just a matter of time until they're together. Suddenly she remembers that she didn't fly home and Tony is probably wondering where she is. She calls and he's not happy. He wants to know where in the hell she was last night. Grace can't even give him a straight answer.

Tony asks about Nick and Sharon. Grace is overwhelmed and tells him she has to go. Tony continues to talk bitterly about what a great time he bets Nick and Sharon are having. He admits he's just jealous, but in two weeks, they will be married. Grace cuts it short and hangs up. Grace figures that in two weeks everyone will know what happened between her and Nick. She is sure that Nick will tell Sharon what happened, since Nick was the one who reached out to Grace last night. "You and I belong together, Nicholas," she purrs and she just knows that Nick will come to this conclusion soon.

The arson report is being delivered to the Chancellor estate because KATHERINE pulls some strings. MITCHELL is not very happy with this. Mr. Colby, the arson investigator, arrives. Katherine wants to see the report but Mr. Colby tells them they are waiting on one other party. When the doorbell rings, Katherine finds JOHN and JILL on her step. She slams the door in their faces. Mr. Colby tells her that he requested that they be here.

An unhappy Mitchell goes to the door and lets them in, apologizing profusely. Mr. Colby says that the report shows that the fire was indeed started at the stove, but they are not sure how it started. That wasn't determined. Jill and Katherine both see this as a victory for their own agendas. In fact, Katherine offers champagne to everyone, except Jill. She insults Jill and asks her to leave. Jill tells her that this is not over by a long shot. Jill and John leave and Jill wants to know what they can do to prevent Katherine from completely burning down the house. John may just have an idea.

RYAN tells NINA that things are squared away for Phillip's visit and he promises to make it work. Nina's not thrilled to learn that Megan, with her current problems, will be staying there. She'd prefer that Phillip stay in a warm, loving environment like Chris and Paul's. Ryan stands firm. Phillip is staying with him while Nina is gone. Tricia overhears part of the conversation in which Nina tells Ryan that she's sure that Tricia will resent Phillip being there. Tricia walks up and tells Nina that she's wrong. Tricia wants Phillip to feel comfortable around her. She promises to take good care of Phillip while Nina's away. Nina warns both Tricia and Ryan that this is an experiment. If this visit doesn't go well, Ryan will be seeing less of his son.

A guilt-ridden NICHOLAS lies in bed beside SHARON, who is still sleeping. Thoughts race through his mind. How could he have cheated on his wife, the woman he loves so much? He knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that it could very well cost him his marriage. Nick is wondering what to do and how to handle things when Sharon wakes up. She tells him how incredible last night was. "Things couldn't have been more perfect," she sighs. She thinks she's feeding his ego by telling him what an incredible lover he was, but the guilt just keeps piling up. The guilt clincher is when she tells him that she's sorry he felt like he never came first with her. She realizes now that he's the most important person in her life and she hasn't been very sensitive to his needs.

Nick tells her that he's the one who should be apologizing. She was being a loving, caring mother. Sharon tells him he has nothing to feel guilty about. She just wants the two of them to focus on each other now. She sees that he's distracted and mentions it. He tells her he's just a little nervous about the panel discussion this morning. She tries to get him to make love, but he tells her he just has too much on his mind right now. She says she understands completely and for him to remember that she's there for him. Nick gets up to shower. In the shower, he wonders how he ever could have betrayed Sharon like this. "What in the hell have I done?" he asks himself.

By Sandy

Friday, October 16, 1998

DIANE comes down and finds that VICTOR is waiting for her. She slept late, she said; she thought that he'd be gone. Victor tries to kiss her, but Diane turns her face so that he kisses her cheek. Victor asks her to sit down for breakfast, but she tells him she has to leave for a meeting. He tells her that there must have been some miscommunication last night because he went to be with her and her bedroom door was locked. She tells him that it was force of habit from having lived her all those months by herself. He tells her that he knocked several times. She makes a lame excuse and said that she was exhausted and just didn't hear him. As she's leaving, Victor says he'll be waiting for her. She tells him that it might be late, so don't wait up. On the contrary, says Victor. He'll be more than happy to wait for his bride. He tells her he wants to fulfill her every desire.

BRAD calls JACK at the office and teases him. Jack demands to know what he and Victor were talking about, but Brad only toys with Jack and tells him that he sounds stressed out. Jack wants to meet with Brad and tells him to be in the park in an hour. Brad hangs up and smiles with self-satisfaction.

PAUL wants to know why CHRIS is asking all these questions about his dad. She tells him that she has no doubt that his father's job was dangerous, but it could be possible that there were problems in Mary and Carl's marriage. This sends Paul into a rage. He turns on his wife and tells her that this was a man who came home from a job every day that could have affected their family life, but he taught his children right from wrong and he was loyal to Mary. His parents loved each other. Chris pushes it a little further and suggests that maybe there were hidden stresses that just caused Carl to walk out one day. Paul can't believe that Chris is saying these things. Carl's family meant everything to him and it's an insult to Carl and an insult to his memory for Chris to say these things. Chris is reduced to tears. She apologizes. He tells her to leave the past alone because it just hurts too much and he storms out of Legal Aide.

GRACE has a fantasy where she and Nick tell Sharon that they are in love. Sharon is devastated in her little dream. Grace sits up in bed and tells herself that it's going to happen -- maybe even today.

Across the suite, NICK is in the shower and when he comes out SHARON tries to entice him back to bed. Riddled with guilt, he doesn't know how to turn her down. He says he hopes she understands. She says she knows exactly what's wrong and for a moment there is panic in Nick's eyes. But Sharon goes on to tell him that she knows it's the pressure of the panel discussion this morning.

Nick is nearly dressed and Sharon tells him not to be too hard on himself. He feels bad because she flew out and now he has to work. She tells him that she does wish they could spend all day in bed without interruption but that this trip is the beginning of something new. She tells him that in these last few months, she has put the kids above him, but all that's going to change. She is going to find time for Nick. Nick tells her she's incredible and leaves.

He goes across to Grace's adjoining suite and knocks. He tells her that they need to talk but not here. Grace agrees and suggests they go down to one of the conference rooms. Sharon comes out in her robe, not realizing that either of them was there. She playfully asks Grace if she's sneaking off with her husband. She tells Grace that at last she gets to see her and thanks her again for taking such good care of Nick. Nick and Grace leave and Sharon tells them not to work too hard.

In the conference room, Grace and Nick talk about what happened. He asks Grace how she is and she tell him she's fine, but she was worried about him. What if Sharon had walked in on them a little earlier? Nick is upset. Grace tells Nick that she believes that things happen for a reason. It may feel like the end of the world to Nick right now, but it's not. Nick says he's afraid he's not going to get through this. Grace tells Nick that she think it's best to be up front with Sharon. She'll have to accept that his feelings have changed. Nick asks Grace what she's talking about. She tells him it's going to be hard to break it off with Sharon, but she'll have no choice but to accept it. Nick looks at Grace like she's a lunatic. "Accept it?" he asks. He tells her that he has no intention of breaking up with his wife. What happened between him and Grace was a terrible mistake. He loves Sharon and now he has to figure out a way to save his marriage. Grace is hurt and dismayed.

MALCOLM tells CALLIE that his life was just fine until she came along. Malcolm reminds her that Callie promised she'd leave if people started getting hurt. Well, it's hurting his wife and his son and Malcolm wants Callie to leave Genoa City. Callie tells him that she's not done anything to him and his "doctor wife." Malcolm tells Callie that he and Olivia are fine and he hates to ask her to go, but she's a part of his past. Callie comes clean and tells him that she knew he was here when she came, but she had no idea that he was married and had a kid. Malcolm tells her she probably figured she could play him for a chump like she did all those years ago. "Callie always gets what Callie wants," he taunts her. Well, he's not going to be played for a chump this time.

He asks her why she came back into his life now. Why did she just up and dump him all those years ago. Callie tells him that he doesn't want to hear the truth. He tells her that he deserves to know why.

CARL/JIM realizes that Ruth called him "Carl." He wants to know what this is all about. Ruth lies and tells him that it's the name of her first husband and it just slipped out. She apologizes. He tells her that he's the only man in her life now and that this "Carl" doesn't exist anymore. He has to leave and says, "I'll see you later beautiful."

Ruth calls CHRIS again. She wants to know why she was looking for this Carl. She tells Chris that she doesn't know anyone by that name. Then she asks if he's in trouble with the law. Chris tells her no, it's personal and it's important that if she has information she tell Chris. Ruth tells Chris to stop snooping around. Chris reminds her that Ruth is the one who picked up the phone and called her. Ruth insists she knows nothing and hangs up.

NIKKI goes to Gina's where she finds BRAD by himself. They get a table and catch up on old times. He tells her he's seen Victor. Brad says he should say, "I told you so." Nikki asks if that's why he left town. He'd rather not discuss the past. He tells her that he's sorry about her marital troubles. He tells her he heard about it in Italy. Nikki suggests they talk about him. She wants to know what he's doing in town.

They discuss their lives. Brad tells her he might be moving. He tells her somewhere he can find a familiar, friendly face. He tells her he wasn't thrilled when he learned that she and Victor had tied the knot. Nikki asks him to tell her why he's really in town. He tells her he's looking for work at Newman Enterprises. Nikki is surprised.

DIANE visits JACK, who is a bear to her. She pleads with him. She needs him now like she's never needed her before. Diane says Victor is making overtures and she can't handle it. She knows that Victor is just trying to goad her. Jack tells her that Victor may not be pretending. He may really want to resume the marriage. Diane is begging for Jack's attention.

Jack snaps and tells her that he's tired of being her "girlfriend." He doesn't care to discuss her personal woes. He's out -- out of advice and out of patience with her. Diane tells him she's sorry that she hurt him and she was hoping that they could put things back together after this mess is over with. Jack has no kind words for Diane. She tells him that she wishes she could change the past and wishes that Jack would quit punishing her for her mistakes. Jack is very blasť about the whole thing. He's not had time to give her troubles any thought. He tells her that they all live in fear of "the great man," why should she be any different. Diane sees that she's burned her bridge with Jack. She tells him that she won't bother him again and leaves. When she's gone, a dark shadow is cast over Jack's face, as if he didn't want to do or say the things he just did to Diane. It's a face full of regret and hurt.

SHARON comes out into the living room area between the two suites and finds the champagne from last night, unopened and sitting in an bucket full of now-melted ice. She finds the roses and reads the card. She says she is so lucky to have a man like Nick.

JACK is pouring himself a brandy when VICTOR comes in with a report that he has found to be shoddy work done by Jack. He wants it done and done correctly. Victor asks him what's on his mind and tells Jack that he's been acting strange ever since he saw Brad Carlton in Victor's office the other day. Victor wants to know what's on his mind. Jack tells Victor that it's interesting that "Golden Boy" has shown up and he reminds Victor that he can't stomach Brad. Victor tells Jack that Brad came to him and made him an offer that would affect Jack greatly. Victor is now wondering what to do with the offer.

Thanks, Sandy Rosser for doing today's update!

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