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Sharon overheard Grace and Nick talking about how they'd made love. Sharon was hit by a car and later flew back to Genoa City. Ryan left Tricia alone with Phillip. Victor and Diane agreed to end their marriage. Christine learned who had called her from Virginia.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 19, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday October 19, 1998

JACK is in the park waiting for Bradley and he is very angry. As he paces, he murmurs to himself that Brad is nothing but a back stabber; he should have known that he couldn't trust "pretty boy." He calls Jennifer for his messages but no one has called. He calls Brad on his cell phone but there is no answer. Snapping the cell phone closed, Jack says, "I'm dead!"

At Gina's, NIKKI wonders why Brad didn't answer his phone; maybe it is something important, she says. Brad says that he has an idea who it is and he doesn't want anything to interrupt his time with her. Nikki wonders if he really believes that Victor would hire him and Bradley says that there isn't a reason why he shouldn't; he is good at what he does. Nikki reminds him that Victor has a very long memory and she would be shocked if Victor gave him a job. She on the other hand, tends to forgive and forget easily. Brad says that a small part of him wanted to come to town just to see her again. He tells her that there are no hard feelings about what happened. Gina brings over a sparkling water and a glass of champagne and they toast to old times and new times. After drinking, Nikki says that as far as landing the job, she doubts it.

From her hotel room in Denver, SHARON calls home and talks with her mother who reports that Noah is fine; he just misses her a lot. Sharon says that this trip is everything she hoped it would b e. She was never more certain about the strength of her marriage and coming to Denver was the best decision she every made. "I feel on top of the world!" She assures her mother.

NICK has just told Grace that what they did was a mistake, that it was wrong, but Grace insists that it was not wrong. It was beautiful! No, Nick says. I cheated on my wife. Grace says that she knows how he feels, but she thinks that it is best that Sharon find out about them now. Nick says that he loves his wife. "And I love Tony," Grace tells him. "But what we have is so much more. It is so powerful and it has been there for months. Don't tell me you haven't felt it, too. It is there every time we brush up against each other, those hot sultry nights when we worked together. Look at me and deny it!" Nick admits that there was some heat but that isn't a relationship. "We have got to forget about what happened," he tells her. Grace tells him that there is no way in this world that she could ever forget what happened. She cannot forget what happened between them. Nick says that they may have shared something but they have to move on. Grace comes close to him and tells him that there is no way that Sharon could make him feel the way that she does. As she tries to kiss him, he stops her and tells her that it is over. She promises that he would always come first with her; it wouldn't be like with Sharon when she puts him way down on the list. She asks when he has ever lived just for himself; he does for everyone and never thinks about himself. She wants him to feel what has been building between them. If he doesn't, he will be miserable the rest of his life. Nick tells her that he wants to be with his wife and kids for the rest of his life. Accept it, he says as he leaves the room. But Grace says that she can't understand and she won't accept it. CHRIS calls Paul to apologize but he is very cool to her on the phone. NINA is trying to get ready for her trip; she is hurrying and getting all stressed out. The doorbell rings and it is Ryan eager to pick up Phillip. He tells Nina that he had a dream about her the other night and she was a famous writer. She thinks he is making too big a deal about her writing; she is at the bottom of the chain as far as being a writer. Looking at the brochures about the conference, Ryan reads off the other panelists and tells her that he isn't the only person who thinks that she has talent. Phillip rushes into the house with his soccer coach and runs straight to Ryan. He talks about making a goal in the game today. He is ready to go with Ryan and the two of them go to his bedroom for his things. Nina remains with the coach, a handsome man, who tells her that he really enjoys her son. He mentions that Phillip told him that she was on her way to Iowa for the Writer's Corner Symposium. He says that Phillip is really proud of her. He would like to read her stuff some day soon. He tells her that he is does a little writing but nothing up to her talent. She is surprised but he explains that besides being a coach, he is an English teacher. He also asks her to come to his class one day and talk to the students about her writing. All Nina can give him is a maybe. When Ryan and Phillip come back with his bags, the coach tells Ryan that if he needs any help with Phillip during the time that Nina is out of town, just call on him.

Before Nina can get out of the apartment, Chris comes by. She tells Nina that she got another call from the woman in Virginia. However, she thinks that she has handled this whole affair wrong. She shouldn't have kept this a secret from Paul. Even though she was only trying to protect him, it is driving a wedge between them.

PAUL is in his office thinking about the argument with Chris when Lynn comes in. He tells her that Chris has been asking a lot of questions about his father. From the doorway, Mary wonders why Chris is asking about his father. When Paul tells her that she is asking a lot of questions, Mary states that she has also noticed her sudden interest in Carl. Suddenly, Mary thinks she knows why. Chris has finally decided to have a baby! When women decide to have a baby, they want to know all about the family they are married in to.

TRICIA is playing with a soccer ball when Ryan arrives home with Phillip. They exchange friendly hellos and Tricia congratulates him on his soccer games. Ryan tells him that Tricia played soccer in high school. Ryan has to go to the office for a while. After he leaves, Phillip tells Tricia that she can stop acting now; his dad isn't in the room any longer. She tells him that she is being sincere; she isn't playacting with him. Phillip excuses himself; he has homework to do.

MALCOLM isn't exactly receptive as Callie tries to tell him the truth. Callie remarks that he doesn't seem very anxious to hear the truth. She tells him that he has some nerve coming here and demanding the truth then treating her like dirt! He says that he wants to know what really wend down all those years ago. She tells him that she really did love him back then; she loved everything about him. But, she reminds him, my father didn't feel the same way. He went to you and told you that I was only sixteen and he wanted you out of my life. When you wouldn't go on your own, he threatened to have you arrested for statutory rape. She says that she just couldn't do that to him. He reminds her of how cold she was when she told him that it was over. She says that she had to be cold. If she showed any love at all, she would have broken down and clung to him forever. She remembers the last time he went to her house. Her mother was on the porch talking to him. She wanted to go to him so badly. Finally, she decided that she would go to him and face everything with him. But as she was headed for the door, she saw her father sitting in his chair looking at her with that cold hateful stare of his and she just couldn't do it. That is the night that something died inside of her; it was the worse day of her life. Looking at him, she tells him that she really does wish him and his doctor wife the best. She gets up and leaves. With tears running down his face, Malcolm slams his fist down on the table. Getting out his cell phone, he calls Olivia and tells her that he will be out of town on a location shoot for a while; he will be in touch with her.

NICK returns to his empty hotel room wondering what he is going to say to his wife. He notices the message light blinking on the phone and calls the desk. The clerk tells him that his wife was on her way shopping when she remembered that she hadn't left him a note. She just wanted him to know where she was. Hanging up, Nick is relieved to know that he has a while to come up with some story to tell Sharon.

SHARON overhears the desk clerk talking to Nick and guesses that he is out of his meeting. When the desk clerk verifies this, she decides not to go shopping. She would rather go up and be with her husband.

JACK is still berating himself for trusting Brad. He says that Victor and Brad are just going to toy with him, leaving him twisting in the wind until they have their fun. Then they will shoot him down. He is about to leave; he is going to tell them what he thinks of them, when Bradley finally shows up. After exchanging some harsh words, Brad tells him that he didn't say a word to Victor about their plot. He asked for a job; that is all. Jack doesn't know whether to trust him or not. He says that he has half a mind to deal Brad out; Brad says that he has half a mind to walk. They are at a standoff!

NICK goes to the door and Grace is there. He stands in the doorway and tells her that he wants to be alone; enough has been said about their situation. She pushes on in past him. She wants him to look into her eyes and tell her that she wasn't the best; she wants him to admit that they are hot together. Nick tells her that it was a mistake; it was only sex! "No," Grace insists. "It was more than that. It was meant to be. I can still hardly believe it happened, but it did. We made love together, beautiful love." Sharon has just reached the door and overhears what Grace has said. She crumbles, completely devastated.

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

NIKKI and VICTOR are having a private romantic dinner in Victor's office. Nikki mentions that they wouldn't want to go out where they might run into someone and it would get back to Diane that they were an "item." However, that reminds her of running into Brad in Gina's. She asks Victor if he is going to give him a job, and Victor tells her that that isn't likely to happen---not unless he is willing to push a broom at night! The waiter offers to bring a cognac, and Victor thinks that would be good, but Nikki tells the waiter that Mr. Newman will not be having a cognac tonight. She tells Victor, when he objects to her running his life, that he has to be in complete control tonight when he deals with Diane. Victor thinks that she doesn't trust him to resist Diane's charms, but Nikki says that when it comes down to the moment of truth, she knows that he doesn't like to lose. He assures her that Diane will never go all the way with him, but Nikki isn't so sure. Victor is a little annoyed that Nikki could believe that he wouldn't stop before crossing the line. Nikki blows up and says that she can't tolerate the thought that Victor would go all the way with that little gold-digger; neither can she believe that he would let Diane win. As she begins to flounce out of the office, Victor tells her that he needs her support right now, but she walks out anyway.

At the park, JACK and BRAD continue to argue over how to handle the plan to overthrow Victor's company. Brad says that he will not be bossed around by anyone, especially Jack. He says that the opportunity to speak to Victor presented itself and he took advantage of it. And while we are on the subject, Brad says, you are a lousy actor. He says that when Jack walked into that office, he had guilt written all over his face; he might as well have had a neon sign erected saying, "Brad and Jack are taking over Newman Enterprises!" Jack says that is exactly why they need to keep the lines of communication open so that one party isn't caught off guard at the wrong moment. They finally get down to business and begin to work out a plan. Jack wants to get Victor to take a step backward because of his personal problems and let him, as his right-hand man, take over the running of the company. "If I can't do it alone, I hear that Brad Carlton is back in town and available," Jack laughs. Laughing with him, Brad says that there may be hope for Jack yet.

MICHAEL is working in his office when the door opens and Phyllis comes in asking if it is safe for her to come in. When he doesn't answer, she tries again. He tells her that he doesn't hear her; he asks her to leave. Phyllis pleads with him to get over his mad spell; she is hurting here, she says. She tells him that she is sorry for kidnapping him. Then she tells him that she only did it because she loved him. Michael says that he can do without that kind of love. She asks if he thought he could ever prove that she had him kidnapped. Michael tells her that she acts impulsively and in the throes of passion. When a person acts like that, they leave a trail of clues behind and he is an expert of finding clues. He grabs his briefcase and starts out but she stands in his way. She tries to put her arms around him but he picks her up and sets her aside and leaves the office.

PAUL is on the phone when he looks up and there is a white flag being waved through a crack in the door. Hanging up, he asks what is going on. Christine walks in and seeing the smile on Paul's face says that it looks like she doesn't need the truce flag. Paul says that now that he understands why she was asking so many questions and they kiss. After they kiss, Chris wonders what he meant about knowing her reason for asking questions. Paul relates his mother's theory about her deciding it was time for a baby. He tells her that it is normal nesting activity. If she still has doubts that his father might abandoned his family and that he could do that someday in the future, he want to assure her RIGHT NOW that he would never walk out on her.

RUTH is beating herself up for calling that woman, Christine. She should have left it alone; she has opened a can of worms by calling her. What good would come of it? If her Jim is the man she is looking for, she could lose him forever. Jim walks into the room and asks what is wrong with her; he mentions that she has been jumpy and irritable for a while now. She says that she is just tired. She says that maybe they need to get away for a while---take a vacation. He thinks that would be a good idea, even though he doesn't have any vacation time at work yet. He will talk to the boss and see about some time off. She suggests that he could quit his job, but he says that he likes to work. Ruth wonders where he would like to go on the vacation. After thinking about it for a while, Jim decides that he would like to go to Wisconsin. Ruth can't help but wonder why he would choose Wisconsin. He tells her that it should be nice there now with the trees turning color. She asks if he has ever been there but he doesn't remember ever being there. When he leaves the room, Ruth exhales. "Dear Lord in Heaven!" she whispers. "Wisconsin is where that woman is from. Why would you want to go to Wisconsin? Are you the man that she is searching for?"

MARISSA brings coffee to Diane but decides that she is jumpy enough already. She asks her what is wrong and Diane says that living in the situation is wearing her down. Marisa reminds her that it all started with two people in love so she can do it. Diane says that if it were her decision, she could do it. What is bothering her is that she feels like she is a pawn in someone else's game. Whose? Marisa wants to know. Just then the doorman calls to see if he can send Michael up. After she grants permission, Diane tells Marisa that she speaks of the devil and the devil appears! Marisa leaves the room and Michael arrives. He has come to offer encouragement to Diane. Diane begins to rant at him, asking how far she has to go to win this game for him. She says that Michael only wants her to go through with this so that he can get his cut of a huge settlement. Michael says that he is only trying to get her what she deserves, but yes, he wants his share. He tells her that Victor doesn't want to go all the way any more than she does; he is already committed to a life with Nikki. Diane tells him that she will go as far as it takes to win but she doesn't need him coming over and encouraging her or reminding her of what she has to do. MICHAEL returns to his office and sits at his desk. The room is mostly in darkness so when Phyllis steps out of the shadows, he jumps with fright, accusing her of trying to give him a heart attack. She wants to know how long he is going to punish her. Michael tells her that it is her impulsiveness that worries him. He is afraid that it will get them all into trouble. Impulsiveness has its good points, Phyllis tells him as she walks up to him. She kisses him and it is difficult to know if Michael responds in any way or not. When she finishes, she tells him that when he is ready to get off his high horse, she will be home waiting for him and she promises that she will do everything to make him forget. She leaves and Michael just stands there watching her go.

DIANE is dressed and waiting for Victor. Going to the phone, she calls the office and Connie tells her that Mr. Newman has left already. Just then, Victor walks into the room. She smiles and welcomes him home, offering to make supper for him, but he lies and says that he had a large lunch. He would rather go upstairs and take a nap, then later they could go out dancing. Diane would rather talk first and get to know each other better since it has been a while since they were together. She asks if he would like a drink and he says that would be fine. He pours a sherry for both of them, telling her that he remembers how she used to love a good sherry. They exchange a few words and drink their sherry. Finally Victor thinks it is time they went for their nap. Diane thinks that she won't be getting very much sleep and he agrees. As they walk up the stairs, Victor hesitates about halfway up but he continues on.

SHARON walks up to the hotel door just as Grace tells Nick that they make love to each to her last night. Sharon is shattered. She first starts to go into the room but she then turns back and walks down the hallway. Inside, Nick tells Grace that it wasn't love; they were just having sex. He tells her that it will never happen again. Grace can't believe that he means that. She realizes that he has an "arrangement" with Sharon, but he can't spend his life settling for second best. Nick says that Sharon isn't second best; she is his wife and he loves her. Then what about me? Grace wants to know. Nick says that he was angry with Sharon and all stressed out; it is just something that happened. Grace brings up the time he went into the nursery and had sex with her while Sharon was upstairs suffering from a cold. Nick tells her that he didn't know that it was her; he thought it was Sharon. He also reminds her that he was drunk at the time. Grace doesn't believe that he didn't want her the night before. She says that she can feel his eyes on her at the office; she knows that he has wanted her for a long time. Nick admits that he has wondered what it would be like, but he never intended to do anything. Grace says that now that he has done something, how can he go back to Sharon. What they had last night was the most wonderful thing she has ever experienced. She tells him that he can't fight the chemistry that they share but Nick says that that isn't love---it is only sex. Sharon is the love of his life and he is not going to leave her. He loves his wife and children. He wants to get that straight now. He will never leave his family and what happened last night will never, ever, happen again. Grace becomes angry and accuses Nick of using her. Every time you have a fight with your wife or she disappoints you, you come running to me. "I am just a rag to clean up the mess you make," Grace shouts. "Sharon can't be there for you so Grace can pitch hit. Well, I don't know if you have learned in your privileged life so far, but you don't treat women that way! You will regret this day, Nicholas. You will regret the day you did this to me!"

SHARON stumbles down the streets of Denver, crying. People watch as she stumbles into them and they ask her if they can do anything for her, but she doesn't hear. All she hears is the echoing of Grace's words, "we made love together." She hides in an alley and puts her fingers into her ears to try to stop the words but they won't go away. She stumbles back out onto the sidewalk and begins to walk down the street, tears streaming down her face. Suddenly the words get louder and she puts her hands over her ears to stop them. As she starts to cross the street, she walks out in front of a car. There is the sound of brakes and a loud thud. Someone shouts that there has been an accident.

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

VICTOR follows Diane into the bedroom and welcomes her back to their old playground. Diane mentions that he promised her a nap but Victor says that he used that as a ploy to get her there. You didn't need a ploy, Diane tells him with a smile. Victor remembers that she doesn't like to be rushed and he admits that she is well worth the wait. He puts on some music and they begin to dance. He says that dancing with her has always put him in the mood. As they dance close together in a slow dance, Diane doesn't know whether to be happy and give in or to be afraid. After a while, Victor says that he remembers their first time and she says that the plane was always her favorite place. Victor says that they are wearing too many clothes; he suggests that she change into something more comfortable. Saying she won't be long, Diane goes into the next room. When she comes out in her negligee, Victor has changed into a robe. As they come together in dance once again, Victor says that she looks ravishing. As Diane sensually parts his robe and caresses his chest, she tells him that she wants to be ravished. He does the same for her, slipping her negligee off and dropping it to the floor. Victor says that he was going to be gentle but he aims to please. Diane says that as in dancing, she allows him to take the lead. This is what you really want, isn't it? Victor asks. I wouldn't be here otherwise, Diane assures him. Victor grabs her hair on each side of her head and pulls her toward him.

SHARON is cringing in an alleyway sobbing uncontrollably. She is trying to shut out Grace's voice saying over and over that she made love to Nick. Stumbling out, she walks into the street only to be hit by an oncoming car. People gather around and someone calls 911.

NICK is alone in the sitting area of the hotel suite, remembering his last conversation with Grace when she threatened him. Realizing that he could make a bad situation worse, he decides that he shouldn't be blaming Grace; especially when he was the guilty one. Grace comes out of her bedroom for a file and he stops her. He tells her that he shouldn't have been so hard on her and blamed her. He reiterates that he loves his wife and family and this shouldn't have happened, but he was at fault. She guesses that he is afraid of her but she tries to put his mind at ease. When she discovers that he is planning to tell Sharon about them, she advises him to keep it a secret. Right now, they are the only ones who know about it. He may feel better with a clear conscious but how will Sharon feel? As Nick is thinking about what she said, the phone rings. Answering it, Nick finds that it is a doctor calling from the Denver Community Hospital. When he ascertains that he is talking to Nicholas Newman, he tells him that his wife has been in an accident and is now a patient in the emergency room.

JOHN SILVA responds to another of Jill's urgent summons. She says that this is the report from the arson division is the most outrageous piece of garbage she has ever read. She wants something done before Katherine does more damage to HER house. While John is trying to calm her down, he gets a call from the courthouse. Hanging up, he tells her that her emergency hearing has been scheduled for tomorrow morning. Jill is overjoyed.

NIKKI is at Kay's home ranting about Victor and Diane. She can't understand why Diane would want to hang onto a man who clearly does not love her. She wants this over but she is also afraid that Victor will go too far in ending it. Kay tries to calm her down, telling her that she knows that Victor adores her and she is married to him. But nothing Katherine says can get the picture of Victor and Diane "doing it" right now. Shaking her head, she changes the subject and asks how Katherine is doing as far as the Jill problem is concerned. Now it is Kay's turn to rant. "Mark my word," she says. "That evil tramp will never take my home away! Never!"

NEIL is looking at his red wine as he and Vicki enjoy a night out at Gina's. Feeling guilty, he puts the wine down untasted. Vicki tells him to go ahead and enjoy his wine; just because she cannot have any doesn't mean that he shouldn't enjoy himself---even if it does look good. Taking a sip, Neil begins to extol her virtues but tells her that she has one tiny fault---she won't move in with him. Vicki says that now isn't the right time. Her mother is all alone out at the ranch and until her dad gets his divorce problems settled, she has to wait. But, she adds, she is eager to move in with him!

NATE is dressed in his dad's old football uniform when Olivia returns home from New Orleans. After a welcome home from her son and Julia, she learns that Neil has called and invited her to Gina's for dinner with his new fiancée. Since she hasn't eaten, she decides to go.

CALLIE is sitting at the counter, humming, when Gina comes up. Callie wants to know if she has given any thought to her proposal to wait tables. With a sigh, Gina admits that she is a waiter short and she could really use the help tonight. However, it is only for tonight. She can't go against Olivia and Malcolm. Callie says that the sooner she gets enough money to leave town, the better for Olivia and Mal. Gina has an idea as to how she could get bigger tips; what about being a singing waiter? She could only be paid as a waiter, but then, she wouldn't be working as a singer! Callie thinks it is a great idea. Just then, Olivia arrives. While Callie is calling for her piano player, Kip, Olivia and Gina talk. Gina tells Olivia her plan but assures Olivia that if she isn't in agreement, she will stop the whole thing. Olivia sees nothing wrong with it. She leaves as Gina goes to the piano to introduce Callie. Neil and Vicki are happy to see her, finally, and they tell her that they are planning to move in together as soon as it is possible.

GINA introduces Callie and gives the microphone to her. Everyone is enthralled with Callie's voice. After she has finished her song, she gets a lot of applause. Neil turns to Vicki and asks if that isn't the girl that they heard singing at the Crow's Nest a while back. Before Vicki can answer, Olivia speaks up and says that her name is Callie Rogers---Malcolm's Callie. Neil says that he didn't realize that they were the same.

Outside in the lobby, a man picks up the pay phone and dials a number. "She is singing again," he tells Trey. "She is still in Genoa City and she is singing at a place called Gina's." Trey hangs up. "Callie girl, I warned you," he says. "You should have listened to me. No way am I going to let you go but how do I get you to understand that?"

NIKKI is home. Miguel offers to make her some herbal tea and she thinks that would be good; she hasn't been sleeping well lately. Just then, Victor comes bursting through the door. She wonders what he is doing there and he tells her that it is all over. He is there to stay. Nikki wants the details but he says that he will tell her everything after she has her tea.

DOCTOR GREENWOOD is giving orders to Sharon's nurse when Nick arrives in the emergency room. When Nick asks how she is, the doctor tells him that she is stable now, but she has some broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and some cuts and scratches. Nick goes to the bed and takes Sharon's hand. As he calls her name, Sharon wakes up and looks at him. She pulls her hand away and turns away, closing her eyes. Nick tells her how worried he has been. He then tells her that everything is fine; he is fine and the kids are fine. "The kids?" Sharon whispers. The nurse suggests that it is time for him to leave. Nick tells her that he has to leave but he will be back first thing in the morning. He tells her that he loves her and that she and the kids are the most important things in his life---they are his whole world. "You love me?" Whispers Sharon. He assures her that he does. He bends down to kiss her and only manages to kiss her cheek. He leaves a forlorn man. A tear slides slowly down Sharon's cheek.

Returning to the hotel suite, Grace chides Nick for leaving without telling him what was wrong. He tells her that Sharon was in an accident; a car hit her. Grace asks how she is and Nick tells her that she is going to be okay. Grace comes to him and tries to comfort him. Instead, he removes her hands and walks into his own bedroom.

Back at the hospital, the nurse tells Sharon that the medicine she gave her for sleep will be taking effect soon. She notices the tears and asks if Sharon is in pain. When Sharon says that she is, the nurse says that she will get something for that. "No," Sharon says quietly. "It isn't that kind of pain."

Thursday, October 22, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Rosser

GRACE is alone in the suite area when NICK comes out of his bedroom. She asks for information on Sharon and Nick says he's going to call the hospital. Grace tells him she's worried and it's like he's blaming her for this. Nick makes it clear to Grace that he's not even thinking about her. She tells him she'll take Sharon some clothes if he likes, and he tells her to stay away from his wife. Nick calls the hospital only to learn that Sharon has checked herself out. He gives the nurse grief, but the nurse tells him that Dr. Greenwood approved it and tells him his wife was much better.

Meanwhile, SHARON is aboard the private jet. The captain tells her to fasten her seatbelt. They'll be landing in Genoa City shortly. Sharon sits emotionless and fastens her seatbelt.

Nick calls down and talks to the hotel desk clerk. However, no one has seen Sharon. He tells the hotel clerk that if she come in, to call him immediately. Hanging up the phone, he can't believe that Sharon's not back at the hotel yet. He calls Sharon's mom to see if she's talked to her daughter.

Sharon lets herself in and CASSIE and LISA greet her. "You're home Mommy," exclaims Cassie. She becomes concerned when she sees Sharon's bruised face and her arm in a sling. Sharon explains that she has had a little accident. She then asks about Noah. Lisa tells her that Noah's better and his rash is fading. Across the mantle is a banner that says "Welcome Home Mom & Dad." Sharon mentions that it's the first time Cassie has called Nick her dad. Cassie reasons that since he's married to Sharon, she guesses he has to be her dad. Sharon asks if Cassie had a good time with her friend Elizabeth. Cassie tells her that she did, but she couldn't wait to come home so she could be with her family.

NIKKI and VICTOR share passionate kisses and talk about his homecoming. Victor tells Nikki that it brought him much pleasure to be able to come home and tell her that Diane had agreed to the divorce. Victor tells Nikki that as far as he's concerned there's always been just one Mrs. Newman and it's Nikki. Victor gets a bit amorous, but Victoria, who wants to know what her father is doing home, interrupts them.

Victor tells his daughter that Diane finally agreed to the divorce. He's hoping to settle it quickly. Victoria tells him that his being home is good for everyone. He asks if his homecoming is going to affect Victoria's plans in any way. She avoids that question by stating that everyone, her mom, Nick and Sharon, when they return from Denver, as well as herself, are definitely happy to have him home. It's nice to have the family back together, she explains. Victoria can't believe Diane agreed so quickly. Nikki jokes that Diane will have all that settlement money to count; that's why she did it.

A calmer, less nervous DIANE is flipping through a magazine, when she answers her doorbell. It's MICHAEL and Diane wants to know what he's doing there. He wants to know about her night. He bets that she brought the "king of industry" to his knees. He is appalled to learn that Diane and Victor got as far as the bedroom and then they sat down and talked about how ludicrous the whole situation was. Diane informs Michael that she is giving Victor his freedom and plans to work out a settlement.

Michael refuses to accept that from Diane. He tells her that she doesn't know what she's letting slip through her fingers. "I won't allow it," he boldly declares. Diane is outraged and tells him that she is the client. She is not willing to give up her life "for years" in order to settle this in a courtroom. She's ready to settle and tells him to call Christine to set up a meeting, and if he isn't willing to do that, then she will find a lawyer who is.

OLIVIA is getting NATE ready for school. He picks up the necklace with the Aquarius sign. She tells him to put it down because it belongs to Malcolm. Nate knows this; it's good luck charm. "It must be important for him to have kept it this long," reasons Nate. "Or it used to be important and Dad just forgot to throw it away."

Olivia takes the pendant and sends Nate to school. NEIL comes in to visit and finds Olivia holding the pendant. She's thinking about what Nate said. Neil jokingly asks, "What's your sign, baby?" Then he finds out what the significance of the pendant is. He tells Olivia that she's spending too much time worrying about Malcolm's past. He watched her while Callie sang the other night. He's talked to his brother and if there were something going on he's know about it. It bothers Olivia that Malcolm went out of town on this shoot without telling Neil and with hardly any warning to her. Neil tells her that Olivia cannot give this girl Callie power to come in and mess up her marriage. He advises Olivia to trust in Malcolm and not to let Callie worry her so much.

RYAN is leaving on an emergency trip to Denver to help with the Newman convention. He tells Tricia that he'll try not to stay overnight if he doesn't have to. He hates not to say good-bye to Phillip, but it's so early. He asks Tricia if she thinks she'll be all right. She tells him she can take care of his son. He leaves and she starts on breakfast.

Phillip gets up and when he finds out that his dad isn't there, he's not happy. Tricia tells him she's fixing his favorite -- blueberry pancakes. Phillip tells her he's not hungry. She says he has to eat something; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. "You're not my mom," Phillip informs her and then tells her he's going to be late for school. Phillip wants to take a cab and he and Tricia bicker about it, but Tricia finally puts her foot down and says she's driving him to school. Phillip sulks as he leaves.

KATHERINE comes into Nikki's all in a dither. She is incensed that Jill has gotten some judge to call an emergency hearing over this fire investigation. She is in an absolute frenzy. Katherine threatens not to go to the hearing; she is tired of this circus. Nikki warns her that if there is to be an emergency meeting, it must be serious. Katherine is crying and Nikki tries to comfort her. She asks when the hearing is. Katherine tells her it's in an hour.

Katherine just can't understand what there is to talk about. The investigator's report did not put her at fault for the fire. Nikki unfortunately has to remind Katherine that it doesn't exonerate her either. She offers to go with Katherine, but Katherine refuses, saying she won't have Jill thinking she needs to drag Nikki along for moral support. Then Katherine tells Nikki that she is a survivor. She's going to win, Katherine assures Nikki.

CHRISTINE goes to see Victor, who shares with her the news of Diane's agreement to the divorce. He gives her "brilliant legal strategies" all the credit. Chris tells him that it's wonderful that Diane has agreed to this, but Michael is going to be furious. "Let the battle begin," declares Victor. She tells him that the real test is when they go to the bargaining table. She warns him that Michael is going to try to gouge him. Victor knows that Michael Baldwin will use everything within his power to pry open Victor's wallet.

NEIL meets VICKI in her office and she is carrying samples for re-decoration. She tells him she's going to re-do her bedroom. This concerns Neil because he thought that she was only going to stay with her parents until Victor came home to be with Nikki permanently. Victoria informs Neil that Victor is already home and that Diane has agreed to the divorce. Neil is still confused. Victoria smiles and tells him she's not moving in with him until she re-decorates her bedroom -- their bedroom.

Neil is ecstatic. Victoria is going to tell her parents as soon as possible. She tells him she hopes he's that happy when she sees how much closet space she needs. He tells Victoria that for her, he's buy the condo next door and knock down all the walls just to give her the biggest walk-in closet there's ever been. She laughs as he takes her in his arms and tells him she just might hold him to it.

Neil gets serious and asks Victoria if she knows what she's fixing to get herself into. He starts to say something, but Victoria stops him. She tells him that you can't please all people, so you have to do what feels right. Sure, there are going to be those people who don't like it, but it their problem, not hers. She feels his heart, which is pounding. They kiss passionately.

Grace hands Nick some information to look over for the panel discussion this afternoon. He tries to concentrate but ends up throwing the papers across the suite. He decides to call home and is surprised when Sharon answers. He asks her why she didn't call him or come back to the hotel. She says she didn't need to call him or go back to the hotel. She's fine. She just needed to be home. She tells Nick she has to go and hangs up.

Cassie comes in and sits on the couch with her. Sharon asks if she shouldn't be in school. Cassie explains that it was a half-day because of a teacher's conference. "So you've got me all to yourself, Mommy," says Cassie as she snuggles up next to Sharon. Sharon is crying. Cassie wants to know if she's all right. Sharon tells her that she's just happy to be home with her and Noah. She holds Cassie and stares blankly as tears wet her cheeks.

Friday, October 23, 1998

KATHERINE meets MITCHELL at the courthouse and he advises her to stay as calm as possible. Katherine is irate and tells Mitchell that Jill is trying to ruin her life. JILL walks up and Katherine remarks that the "wicked witch" has arrived and asks where Jill's broomstick is. Jill is rather glib and retorts that Katherine shouldn't be cruel. Katherine tells her that it's taking everything she has not to rip Jill's face off. Jill taunts her and tells her to go ahead and try. Katherine moves towards Jill, but Mitchell stops her.

Mitchell tells Katherine not to get riled because Jill wants the judge to see her as an unstable woman. Katherine tells Jill she's glad Phillip didn't live to see her turn into the vile creature she's become, trying to take her home away. Jill asks her what she thinks Phillip would think about Katherine trying to torch the house. Mitchell can barely contain Katherine. Jill tells her she hopes Katherine has her bags packed because she's going to want her out of there when she wins this. John Silva apologizes for his client's behavior, which infuriates Jill. "How dare you apologize for me to her?" Jill asks as John whisks her inside the courtroom. Mitchell asks Katherine if she's ready. Katherine looks scared.

VICTOR calls CHRIS and thanks her again. Chris tells him that there's still a lot of work to be done with the settlement. Victor doesn't think there will be a problem with that and is just glad that this whole matter "blew up in the face of that slimeball."

OLIVIA goes to Gina's looking for CALLIE. She holds the zodiac pendant. She remembers Nate's earlier words. "Did you forget Malcolm? That's what I need to find out," ponders Olivia. Callie greets her and asks her if she's here for an early lunch. Olivia holds up the pendant and by Callie's reaction at seeing the pendant, she says she doesn't need to ask Callie if she's the person who gave it to her husband.

Callie tells her it was a long time ago and she's surprised Malcolm still has it. Olivia tells her that she's not sure whether Malcolm is aware that he still has it. Callie asks Olivia if she's ever going to believe that Callie's not there to mess with her marriage. Olivia says she may not be doing it on purpose. Olivia wanted her husband to help out an old friend. Callie tells her that Olivia wanted Malcolm to think she was this laid-back, non-possessive wife. Olivia says she really wanted to be that for Malcolm but all of this is making her too uncomfortable. She tells Olivia that all she has to do to get rid of her is tell Gina she's uncomfortable and Callie has to leave.

Olivia asks what happened between Callie and Malcolm. Callie tells her they were in love, they broke up, it hurt, and they got over it. "The only person who hasn't gotten over it seems to be you," states Callie. Callie sees customers and she tells Olivia just in case she decides to have Gina throw her out, she needs to go make money. Callie walks away and Gina walks over. Olivia tells her that she appreciates that Gina would let Callie go on either her or Malcolm's word, and it may come to that, but right now, just let things continue as they are. Olivia unhappily walks away.

Callie approaches Gina about giving up the waitress job and just singing full time. Gina is firm with Callie. She waits tables and Gina provides her a chance to showcase her talent. If she doesn't wait tables, Callie doesn't sing. "I just don't want any trouble around here," says Gina. Callie looks at the doorway and there stands Trouble spelled T-R-E-Y.

Gina sees him too and asks Callie if that's who she thinks it is. Trey comes and introduces himself and tells Gina she has a nice place. Gina starts to leave, but Trey asks her to stay. Trey explains that Callie is under contract to him and she can't sing for anyone else. Gina gets really tough and tells Trey that she's going to explain a few things to him. Callie gets paid to waitress. She sings for free, of her own volition. It's a showcase of sorts, and just for Trey's information, Callie's not the only one who sings here. There's no breach of contract going on. She tells him that's how she runs her business. She excuses herself.

Trey tells her he has big plans for her and that everyone has to start at the bottom. Callie tells him that she signed the contract and he made huge promises. She never even made it into the recording studio. He reminds her that he gets 30% of what she makes singing. Callie laughs and tells him that she gets nothing for singing here, so he gets 30% of nothing. Gina checks on them and Trey warns Gina that if he finds out this is anything more than a "singing waitress gig" there's going to be trouble. Callie tells him he's not as tough as he sounds and sends him out of the restaurant.

BRAD meets with JACK in the park, even though Brad says he's not sure why he's there. Jack tells him that they need to stay in touch. He wanted Brad to know that he's flying to Denver for the national convention and he intends to make this trip work for them in a big way.

Brad asks Jack to explain. Jack tells Brad that it gives him a chance to fan the flames about the decisions being made by their "fearless leader." Brad reminds Jack that there is also a lot of loyalty to Victor out there because they know he's responsible for their big paychecks and fancy lifestyles. Jack says that he's discretionary. He says that what they need to do is get Brad back on the Newman payroll. If they don't do that then their plan won't work.

Jack says that they need a plan before Brad meets with Victor. Jack says he'd feel a lot better if Brad wasn't winging it. Brad says that looks can be deceiving. He's heading off to see Victor now. Jack is nervous about Brad going this alone, but Brad lays down the law: it's his way or no way at all. Jack will have to trust him not to raise any red flags with Victor. Jack doesn't look like a happy man after Brad is gone.

Victoria and NEIL are looking at carpet and wallpaper samples. Victoria teases him about doing the bedroom up in pink ruffles and stuffed animals. Neil tells her that he doesn't care if she paints the whole apartment pink, including the kitchen sink, as long as she moves in with him.

Victoria tells Neil she'll keep it tasteful and Neil suddenly remembers they'll need a nursery. He offers Lily's room but Victoria rejects the idea, stating that she wants Lily to feel at home when she visits. Then Neil says there's an extra room that he just keeps junk in. He'll clean it out. Victoria asks for his key because she needs to take measurements, but Neil has already had her a key made. It's on a key chain that's inscribed with "I love you." He tells her it comes from his heart.

GAIL, Chris' secretary, comes in to tell Chris that her contact at the cellular company was able to give Chris the number of the mystery woman who called. Chris says that the area code is for Norfolk. She asks Gail to see if she can get her an address for the number. She leaves Legal Aide.

MARY stops by to see if her instincts about Chris were right. PAUL tells his mother that he has every reason to believe that her instincts are right. He begs Mary not to pressure Chris about this and Mary promises to be the soul of discretion.

Mary is leaving when Chris arrives. Mary just has to open her mouth and tells Chris she looks radiant. She tells Chris she looks like she's taking excellent care of herself. She makes Chris promise that if there's any news she'll be the first to know. Chris promises and Paul sends his mother off "before she can cause any more trouble."

Paul says his mother is probably off to the nearest baby boutique. Chris says she hopes Mary remembers that these things take time. Paul tells Chris his mother is just excited because she figured why Chris was asking all the questions about his father. Paul stops for a minute. Chris asks what's wrong. He tells her that he was thinking what a kick his dad would have gotten out of being a granddad. He says that Chris would have liked Carl and that Carl would have liked her. The phone rings. Chris looks uncomfortable because she's withholding information from Paul that is directly related to his father.

BRAD enters VICTOR'S office and tells him there's something important he'd like to discuss with him. Victor tells him, "Let's hear it." Brad tells Victor that he used to be his right hand man. Victor tells him that was a number of years ago, and Newman Enterprises has gone on without him. Victor tells Brad to stop beating around the bush. If he's so successful in Europe why does he want a job at Newman Enterprises? Brad asks Victor, "Did I say I wanted a job?" Victor tells him to get on with it or stop wasting his time.

Brad asks if Victor thinks he has an agenda. Victor says that with Brad's success in Rome he can't imagine Brad wanting to come back to work for him. Brad tells Victor that he has been toying with the idea of coming back to Newman Enterprises is because of him. He tells Victor that it was because of Victor that he learned what he knows and became success. He's looking to hook his company up with Newman Enterprises, and he could hook up with any conglomerate in the world, but he chose to come to Victor because he was challenged more and learned more working for him than he could ever imagine learning anywhere else. He hands Victor a portfolio and tells Victor that perhaps they'll talk again -- or perhaps they won't. Brad leaves Victor looking at the portfolio.

OLIVIA makes a visit to PAUL, who guesses that she wants information on Callie. He also tells her that he had to tell Malcolm that he was working for her too because he's stretching the rules working for them both anyway. He tells her that Callie has a contract with Trey Stark, who owns a recording company and he's not sure this fellow is legitimate. He has some contacts in the music industry he's called, but it may take them awhile to get back. He does know that Callie is afraid of this man because every time he shows up, she takes off. Olivia tells Paul bluntly that she wants to help Callie out of with her problems so she can move along. "It would be best for all concerned," Olivia says desperately.

Back at Legal Aide, Gail tells Chris that the phone call came from Ruth Perkins and hands Chris a piece of paper with the address on it. Chris ponders, "What do I do?"

Inside the courtroom JACK, ESTHER, and the arson investigator, JEFF COLBY are seated. JUDGE JENNINGS asks if they are ready to proceed. Mitchell asks for more time since he only got the notice last night. John presses that this is a serious matter. The judge agrees and they proceed. Mr. Colby is called to the stand first.

John questions Mr. Colby about the arson investigation. Mr. Colby states the oil was the accelerant in this fire ignited by the cookbook being placed too close to the stove. The judge has to reprimand Jill. It's standard procedure to in do an investigation. Mitchell determines that Esther was one who called the fire department. He also states that when the fire department got there, Mrs. Chancellor was trying to put out the flames. Mr. Colby says it seemed that way and he knows what Mitchell would like him to say, but based upon Mrs. Chancellor's state of mind at losing her home to Ms. Abbott, anything is possible. This time, Judge Jennings has to reprimand Katherine for her outburst.

Katherine tells Judge Jennings there's nothing more infuriating than to be accused of something that you didn't do. He tells her sternly to be seated. He tells her that she will speak only when given the oath on the witness stand. John calls Jack as his next witness and Jack tries to tell the judge something. The judge tells him to respond only to the questions and he is tired of people trying to tell him how to run his courtroom.

John questions Jack and Jack gets to tell a little more than John asks, due to the judge's orders, about the night of the Chancellor party. He tells how Jill crashed the party and how after being asked to leave by Mrs. Chancellor, he and another associate, Ryan McNeil, had to forcibly remove Jill. John asks about the statements that Katherine made, and John asks specifically if Jack heard Katherine say she'd rather burn the house down than for Jill to have it. Jack says she may have said something like that but no one there believed she truly meant it. The judge informs Jack that what he or anyone else thinks is irrelevant. That's why they're having this hearing and he, the judge, will decide if Mrs. Chancellor meant what she said. Jack looks like he could explode with anger and Katherine looks at Mitchell in exasperation.

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