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Tony and Megan got closer. Grace went to visit Alice and Al. Mary wanted to set a wedding date. Cole disappointed Victoria when he went to Paris to find Ashley. Brooke Logan arrived in Genoa City to see Victor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 4, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday January 4, 1999

At the Colonnade Room, things are at their peak. However, Katherine says that it is getting late and she wants to go home. Nikki and Victor are accommodating to her, but Nikki knows that she only wants to go home and enjoy the peace and quiet before Hurricane Jill comes breezing in. They get up and are headed out just as Diane and Marissa come in. Victor and Nikki just stare at them, but Diane wishes all three of them a happy New Year. Katherine wishes her one back but Nikki and Victor leave. After they are seated, Diane says that she is totally mortified to be seen without a date on New Year's and by Victor and Nikki of all people. Marissa isn't interested in hearing about Victor and Nikki; she wants to know if Jack ever came by for his gift. Diane says that he hasn't even called. But she has an idea. She tells Marissa that there has been a change in plans. She tells Marissa to have dinner on her but she is has things to do.

At the entrance to the dining room, Megan and Tony are finally finishing their kiss. Since he refuses to wear a necktie, Megan suggests that she leave with him. He asks if she thinks she can get on his motorcycle with that dress on and she tells him to just watch her! At their table, Tricia is greatly annoyed to see her sister leaving with Tony. She tells Ryan that Megan is going to be hurt but Ryan says that Megan is a big girl and she can take care of herself.

Nina and Kyle arrive and are shown to their table. He apologizes for not calling sooner but she admits that she was only a second away from calling him. They laugh at that, saying that that is what friends are for. Nina catches sight of her ex-husband a few tables away and freezes. Kyle asks if she will be okay and she says that she will. Then let's give them a show, he says. He leads her out onto the dance floor. As they dance, Ryan sees them and waves at them. Tricia isn't happy; she says that he would have to draw attention to them. Nina and Kyle go over to Ryan's table to say hello before going back to their own table. Ryan pours champagne and proposes a toast to the four of them getting what they want for the New Year. As they touch glasses, Kyle bends down and gives Nina a kiss. As they leave for their table, Kyle whispers that he hopes he didn't go too far with the kiss. She laughs and tells him that it was a great touch.

Jack and Jill are enjoying a second brandy as Jack says that perhaps his father will have a reason to come home again soon. Now Jill is certain that he is up to something and she is going to find out, one way or the other. Jack tries to evade her questions, which only makes her more certain that he is hatching some kind of plan. She says that he is trying too hard to hide it and maybe she could help him if he would only tell her about it. He says that the last person he would trust is Jill. She reminds him that if one isn't with you, he/she is against you. When he looks worried, she says, "Got you with that one, Jack!" She laughs at him and tells him that she loves a challenge. About that time, the door bell rings and Jack wonders who that could be at this time of night. Going to the door, Jack is surprised to find Diane there. When she comes in, saying that since he didn't come to see her, she has taken the bull by the horns and come to him, she sees Jill and guesses that she has interrupted something. Jill tells her not to worry; Jack was about to tell her something but it can wait. She says that what Diane is there for probably takes top priority. Grabbing her fur, she leaves. Diane tells Jack that now that he and Brad are running Newman, would it hurt their plans if he started seeing her again? She has missed him so much. She tells him that she wishes she had listened to him when he warned her about Victor. She wishes that she could erase the entire year and be with him again. Jack says that he isn't sure that he can after all that happened; he isn't even sure if he would want to take her back. As she gets closer and gives him a few little kisses, he relents and puts his arms around her. She is smiling, thinking that she has won, but the look on Jack's face says that HE is the one who has won!

Megan is now wearing Tony's leather jacket as she shivers from the cold; her hair is windblown but mainly still in place. Tony opens the door to his "humble home," a very messy bachelor pad, and tells her that the maid hasn't been there for a few days. It doesn't bother Megan and when asked, she says that she would like a soda. As they sit on the sofa drinking the sofa, Megan offers to get out of her gown, which Tony has said is too classy for such a cheap date. He says that he doesn't have a bathrobe. (Megan says something, which I didn't catch). Tony leans in and kisses her. As the kiss becomes longer and more serious, he asks if she is ready for this. She tells him that she is---or at least she is willing to find out. They kiss again. After that kiss, he tells her that it is time for her to go. She tells him that she is not a kid, but she will leave---for now. She asks for one for the road and tells him that there will be another time.

Alice invites Grace into her home and introduces her to Al. Al offers her a beer but Grace declines. She will take some coffee---it is cold out there---so Alice sends Al to make it. Grace begins to tell Alice that she is there because she is curious about Alice and her relationship with her daughter. Alice says that she adopted the little girl when she was only just born. She was a darned good mother to her until she had a hard time and got all stressed out. She then asks Grace is she is there to find out how much she will pay for information about Sharon. Grace is insulted and says that she would never do that. Alice accuses her of hearing from Sharon, but Grace denies it. Grace wonders if Alice herself isn't looking for some compensation when she finds Cassie. Alice strongly insists that all she wants is her daughter back and to hell with compensation. She will find her daughter one way or the other. Grace says that she has to go; it is a long way to Genoa City. As she is getting ready to leave, she asks where Millie is. Alice perks up. You've been here before? No, Grace tells her, I just thought this was her house. She explains that she looked the address up in the phone book. As she turns to leave, she sees Victor's picture, which is taped to the mirror. Her eyes grow wide and her mouth drops open but she is able to cover her surprise and rush out of the house. "Oh God," she says on the porch. "What is she doing with a picture of Victor?" In side, Alice says that Grace was there on a fishing expedition. "I've hit it big time, Al!" She says. "I'm gonna get my Cassie back and it won't be long---not long at all."

Nick looks at all the pictures on the mantel as Sharon settles the kids down in bed. When she comes back, she says that Cassie is changing into her pajamas. Nick says that he would like to tuck her in when she is ready. Sharon says that she doesn't know what to say. (Duh!) He says that she could say yes. He kisses Sharon again and she responds. As he holds her close, she suddenly sees pictures in her mind of Nick and Grace in a passionate kiss. She quickly shoves him away, saying that she can't do that. He professes his love for her and for his family. He says that he is sorry for what happened. If he could undo it, he would. But since he can't undo it, they need to try to get past it. As he touches her again, she says that for him it is all about sex; sex won't cure everything. She says that he is like his father, always pushing and pushing until he gets what he wants. Nick says that that isn't it at all. She tells him that every time she feels his arms around her, she can't help but remember what he has done. She says that it is time for him to leave. He tells her to kiss Cassie goodnight for him and tell his son that he loves him. He leaves. Standing outside the door, he looks as if he is about to break down and cry. Inside, Sharon looks at the family picture and tears slide down her face.

A little later, Cassie comes in dressed in her pajamas. She wonders where Nick is and Sharon tells her that he has gone back to the big house. Cassie is disappointed. Sharon invites her to hop up on the couch next to her for a while. As she holds her daughter close, Sharon begins to sing "Hush Little Baby."

Jill is having one last drink when Katherine enters the room. They argue in a civilized way about what the house means to each of them. Katherine says that she has 35 years under this roof compared to Jill's one. She has the rights to the house and she feels sorry for Jill if this house is the most important thing in her life. Katherine gets up and leaves. Jill only smiles. She can't wait for Katherine to see the plans she has for this house---starting tomorrow bright and early.

At the ranch, Nikki and Victor snuggle up close. The only thing that ruined the evening was running into Diane. Victor assures her that the divorce will be settle soon and she will be out of their lives. They kiss and Nikki goes up stairs. Nick comes in and tells Victor that he had had hopes for the evening with Sharon but it didn't work out. His wife can't stand to be in the same room with him and he has to wonder if it is all over for them. Victor tells him that he believes that Sharon still love him. He says that from the beginning he felt that Sharon was the one and only one for Nick; they were destined to be together---just like him and Nikki. It will work out, he says.

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Victoria remembers the night in the Tack room with Cole. The camera goes in on her face until it is only a blur. As the camera pulls back, it is Cole remembering that night. He shakes his head, shaking the memory away, then goes to the phone and calls Paris. He is only able to get Ashley's secretary on the line and she tells him that she doesn't know where Ashley is or when she will be back in the office. Cole becomes very loud and insistent with the secretary and demands that she find Ashley. She tells him that she has no way of getting in touch with Ashley and Cole really blows his top. He tells her to give her the message that her husband is trying to reach her and he wants her to call him back.

Esther is all atwitter as she races around the house calling for Mrs. Chancellor. When she does find her, she is so excited that she can hardly get the words out of her mouth. She drags Katherine to the kitchen and shows her the mess that is in there. Katherine asks what this means and Jill walks in and informs her that she is redoing the kitchen and these men are her workers. Even though Jill tells her that she is restoring the burned out kitchen to better than before---she is dragging this old mausoleum back into the 21st century---, Katherine tells the workmen that if they touch one thing she will put them out of business for the next three lifetimes!

Callie is counting her tips---she has made $20.00 and breakfast isn't even over---when Gina comes up to her and begins talking about her big break. She says that when the show hits Chicago, she is going to be front and center cheering her on. She goes on and on about what a big break Callie has. After she leaves and when Callie thinks she is alone, she gets the phone book out and looks up the number of the local bus station. She calls and asks them how far she can get away from GC on $50; she says that the ticket will be one-way. During this time, Gina has come up behind her and overhears the entire conversation.

Michael is on the phone when Diane comes into his office. She tells him that she wants him to get on the ball and get her divorce hearing scheduled. She says that she wants to get on with her life. He says that he has been talking to the court and they are already working on scheduling it for just a few weeks from now. Meanwhile, he is working with John Silva and he thinks that they are going to have a good settlement before it goes to court. She tells him that she isn't happy with Victor having to step down from his position. He says that it wasn't her that did it; he made the decision all by himself. Victor knows that he has a company image problem so now he has a new position; he gets to sit in front of the TV all day and lick his wounds. Because of this, Michael even thinks that they have a chance of getting that seat on the board. Just then the phone rings. Answering, Katherine tells him to get over there right now before she commits homicide. Michael grabs his things and tells Diane that she can stay as long as she likes; she can even use the phone to call one of her boyfriends. I just may do that, she says. After Michael has left, she calls Jack's office and speaks to Jennifer. She learns that Jack is working from home this morning.

Victor is working out in the company gym and he is working out with a passion. Take pity on the person that punching bag represents! Victoria comes into the gym and tells her father that he could be heard all the way down the hall. He asks what she is doing there and she says that she brought him the new projections for Brash and Sassy. He tells her to give it to Jack; Jack is in charge now. All he wants, he says, is a blind copy. She is ready to leave when he asks her if she is okay. She tries to convince him that she is but he says that she looks troubled. He wants to know if they are doing all they can for her at the ranch. She tells him that they are; she has no option but to stay there and get pampered because for some reason, Neil doesn't want them to move in together. She says that she is confused because he seems to think that she needs more time. He tells her that anytime that she wants to talk or has any problems, he is always there for her. After she leaves, he picks up the phone and calls Neil's office. Since Neil is out, he leaves a message for him to get in touch as soon as he gets back to the office.

Michael and John are trying to play referee to Jill and Katherine. While Jill has the right to redecorate, they think that she should be reasonable about it and limit it to ordinary repairs. The two women should come to a consensus before plans are put into effect. John and Michael believe that it can be worked out but Jill and Katherine are at complete odds. Katherine forces Michael to the corner of the room and tells him that she hasn't lived in this house for 35 years just to have it changed into something she doesn't even recognize. She wonders if Michael can even begin to understand what she is talking about. He admits that he doesn't; he has never cared for places and things that much. She says that maybe he should and he tells her that it is only making you vulnerable to being hurt. He tries to talk her into letting Jill spend her money on redoing the kitchen since it is something that is needed anyway but Katherine says absolutely not. Michael says that the only other way to settle this is to sell the estate and divide the proceeds. Katherine says that Jill is trying to kill her; she is trying to irritate her to death, but she isn't going to let her turn "MY HOUSE" into someone else's home. THAT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

Malcolm is treating Olivia to breakfast at Gina's after her night on the graveyard shift. Things are going very amicably until he begins to tell her about his disagreement with Neil. He gives her all the details about Neil changing his mind about Victoria moving in. Olivia looks surprised, however, she agrees with Neil. She says that he is being sensitive to Victoria's needs and feelings. Malcolm gives her his thoughts on how moving in with Neil would be good for Victoria. Olivia says that he doesn't know what he is talking about. She says that she had a conversation with Neil and she told him that it takes years to get over something like this. Malcolm is angry with Olivia for interfering but she snaps at him not to be so hostile with her. Malcolm says that he only wants Neil to be happy and Olivia says that that is all she wants. She says that she has to leave. He helps her on with her jacket but he remains behind.

When Gina sees him alone at his table she comes over and tells him about the conversation that she overheard Callie having with the Bus Company. Malcolm says that nothing is ever as it seems with that girl but he is going to get the real story out of her even if he has to choke it out of her.

Brad tells Jack that he talked to Kelly; he was dead set against doing business with NE ever again, but after explaining that Victor wasn't in charge, he changed his mind. Jack says that their first step---doing damage control---is almost over. Now they can get on to step two: working on the board of directors. His immediate goal there is to get Diane on the board if at all possible. Once they do that, then they can go about making some of the changes that he has waited years to make. Brad says that he is still worried about his turning down Brooke Forrester. He says that there is a lot of money riding on that one deal. Jack says it is a done deal and goes to the phone. He calls Brooke and tells her that he has thought it over and he isn't going with the deal. He explains that they are a conservative company and Brooke's Bedroom is to provocative for them---you know, too out there. After hanging up, he tells Brad that he will not take a chance with Jabot. He did it once and got burned. Brad is surprised that after all this time Jack is still holding that grudge. No, he says, I'm not mad any longer, I am just starting to get even---in spades. Brad is worried that Jack has his own agenda but before Jack can answer, Cole bursts in. He says that he is upset because he can't find Ashley. He tells Jack that all he gets from the Paris office is a runaround. Jack says that he will find out what is going on. Cole says that if he doesn't learn something soon, he is going to catch a plane and go find out for himself. Quickly Brad tries to change his mind. Both Cole and Jack are confused that Brad would discourage Cole from going to see what is wrong in Paris. After Cole leaves with Jack's assurance that he will do all he can, Jack wants to know what is going on with Brad. Brad tries to explain but Jack isn't buying his explanations. He wants to know what is going on but the doorbell rings. Jack answers to find Diane there. She swirls into the room, removing her fur, which covers only her underwear. Seeing Brad there, she quickly covers herself. Brad excuses himself and leaves. Diane goes into Jack's arms and says that she hopes that they can pick up from where they left off last night.

Callie is busy busing tables when Malcolm steps out of the shadows. He goes on and on about what her plans are and asking lots of questions about what she will be doing. As she answers and agrees with him, he suddenly turns on her and asks what it is going to take to get her to be straight with him. He wants to know what is going on with her.

Cole is trying to work but he can't keep his mind on what he is doing. He has to find out what has happened to Ash! He gets his coat and is about to go out when the door opens and Victoria walks in. She tells him that she has been thinking about what happened on Christmas Eve---that kiss---and she wonders if he had been thinking about it also.

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

In Paul's office, he and his lovely wife are about to get the New Year started off right when Lynn comes in. She senses that she did something and the way she says it reminds Paul that he has been hard to work for lately. He calls her in to share the wonderful news with her. After telling her the story about his father being alive, Lynn is amazed. She asks if his mother know but Paul says that it would devastate her to find out; especially now that she has finally gotten on with her life. He says that his father is also happy living with this woman, Ruth, who helped him through his ordeal. He doesn't want to come back to Genoa City and he doesn't want anything to do with his past life.

In their motel room, Ruth panics when she can't find Jim. She is relieved when he returns and tells her that he only went out for the paper. He says that the paper didn't help him with his memory. She says that she wants to go home; they can't keep living in a motel and wandering the streets. Jim realizes how she feels but he feels that he has to find out what his life was before he can get on with the present. He tells her that he loves her and realizes that she is afraid of losing him but this is something that he has to do. He says that he wants to get into Mary's house; he feels that this may be just what he needs to jar his brain into remembering.

Charlie is walking around Mary's living room waiting for her. When she comes in, he asks her if she goes to Mass every day. She tells him that it is the Feast of the Epiphany! Of course they are going to this important event. She surprises him by suggesting that while they are there, they should have a look at the church calendar and pick out a wedding date. He is delighted and you can see it in his face. "Did I hear you right?" he asks. "You want to set a wedding date?" Mary assures him that he heard her correctly. The phone rings; it is Paul. He says that he and Chris would like to treat her and Charlie to lunch at Gina's after she is finished at church. Mary is pleased. Charlie wants to be sure that she is ready for this next step. He can't believe that at his age, he is waking up every morning feeling the pounding of his heart like a teenager with his first love. Mary tells him that she will always love Carl and carry him in her heart but she has a new love. She is about to start a whole new life with him and she can't wait to get started. They grab their coats and leave the house.

Sitting outside in their car, Jim and Ruth watch Mary's house. Ruth is afraid that they will get caught and Jim will go to prison. He tells her that he is already in prison; perhaps once he is in that house, he will find something that will unlock this trap that he is in. Seeing Mary and Charlie leave the house, they get out of their car and carefully walk to the front door. It is locked, of course, and this pleases Ruth because now they can forget this crazy plan. However, as Jim looks around, his hand seems to automatically reach up to the top of the door and he finds the hidden key.

Malcolm confronts Callie with his knowledge that she is planning to run away and he demands to know what is going on. For once in her life, he wants her to tell the truth. She finally admits that she turned the gig down. He can 't believe that she is telling the truth; why would anyone in their right mind turn down a tour with Aretha Franklin? She tells him that there were too many strings attached and she doesn't trust Trey. Malcolm asks if she at least brought a copy of the contract for Christine to look at. She says that she didn't but he allowed her to look at it and it is firm; she has no alternative. She will just wait it out even if it takes ten years and then she will start her career. Malcolm tells her that she doesn't have to leave GC; she has a job here. She says that it might be okay with him but it isn' t okay with the lady doc. He tells her that his marriage is solid and he will take care of his wife.

After Callie leaves, Malcolm finds Gina and tells her what has happened. He asks her not to mention to Callie that he told her that she didn't take the job. He also tells Gina that he wants her to make sure that Callie doesn't leave.

A little later, Callie comes out with her bags. Gina ignores the bags as if she has not seen them and tells Callie that she really needs her tonight. She has three private parties going on beside the regular café crowd. On top of that, one of the waitresses called in sick. She tells her to run and change and get ready. Callie says that she can't; she is sorry but she is leaving tonight. Gina asks if she can't wait until tomorrow. Callie agrees to stay for the night but she is leaving as soon as the restaurant closes. Somewhere in there, she finds out that Gina knows that she didn't take the job with Aretha Franklin. Gina says that she would have died to have a gig like that, but she knows that Callie must have her reasons so she won't judge her. Callie asks her if she has ever known someone who touches her down deep; someone who will always be there and will always affect you in that same way. She says that Malcolm affects her that way. Emotionally it is very difficult for her to be anywhere near Malcolm. She says that Malcolm has always touched her in that way; that once it was always and forever with them. Gina reminds her that Malcolm has a new life with someone else and that marriage is solid. Callie says that she knows that; that is the reason she has to get away. After Gina leaves with a troubled but sympathetic look on her face, Callie whispers, "God help me, but I don't trust myself to be near him!"

In Detroit, Trey's man Sam tells Trey that he has to stop "mooning" over Callie and get back to business. Trey says that Callie is his business; he can't understand her giving up the best deal he ever put together for anyone. This is a big financial loss. And it is all because Callie is afraid of success. Sam disagrees and tells him that it is Trey that she is afraid of; she wants him to keep his distance. Trey says that is because of this Malcolm character and he is going to put a stop to it. When he wonders why this married man would risk everything for someone he has just met, Sam says that they have done a little more checking on Malcolm and it turns out that he and Callie are from the same town. Trey remembers that Callie used to talk about someone she was trying to get over; he just bets that Malcolm is that chump. He promises that he is going to get Malcolm out of Callie's life for good.

Victor is still pounding away at the bag when Neil arrives saying that he got the message that he wanted to see him. Victor gets right down to business. He thought that Neil and his daughter were going to move in together. Now he hears that they aren't. He reminds Neil that his daughter has been through a tragic loss and he doesn't want her spending too much time with Cole and being steered in a wrong direction. Neil says that this is Victoria's call, now his. He says that Vicki needs someone to talk to. Victor agrees that she does but it should be Neil. "Is that clear?" Victor asks.

After Neil leaves, Victor returns to his pounding of some invisible enemy. The phone rings---and rings---and rings. Finally Victor stops his workout to answer it. It is Brooke Logan calling from Los Angeles. She tells him that she has already talked to Jack about developing a perfume to go along with their product but he has turned her down. Victor says that she should not be calling him since he isn't involved with business right now. She insists that he listen to her concept. Victor rudely tells her to write the proposal up and send it to him and he will get back to her. Abruptly he tells her goodbye and hangs up. In LA, Brooke looks at the phone in disappointment. She smiles as she says that this project is too important for the written word. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words but a live model is priceless.

At the ranch, Vicki asks Cole if he is still thinking about the kiss they shared on Christmas Eve. She says that it affected her deeply and she could feel her heart begin to open. He says that the kiss was nice but he is married and in love with his wife. He also tells her that he is going to Paris to be with Ashley. Vicki realizes that this is the end for them and agrees with him that the connection that she felt was only about Eve. She tells him to find Ashley and have a happy life. She leaves the tack room and once outside, she whispers, "I still love you Cole and I always---always will!" As she walks away, Cole pushes aside the curtains and watches her leave.

Diane, in her fur and teddy, shows Jack the bottle of bubbly that she has brought over. She feels like 1999 is going to be a whole New Year; they are back at the starting gate again. Jack says that he is still hurting from her rejection of the past year. She says that she is sorry but she can't change what happened; since he is now in charge of NE, he thought it would change the way he thinks of her. Jack says that he has never held what happened against her. She asks if that means that he can now see some light at the end of the tunnel and he says that all he can see is a beautiful woman standing in front of him and she hasn't even taken off her coat. She invites him to take it off for her but also reminds him that sometimes the hands see more than the eyes. As he kisses and caresses her, the doorbell rings. He begins to pull away but she tells him to ignore it. He does but the doorbell continues to ring insistently. He goes to the door and opens it. Victor is standing there. He wonders why it took so long for him to answer the door. Jack looks back into the room. Diane is in a panic as she pulls her coat back around herself. Victor wants to know if something is wrong. He needs to talk to Jack about something.

Thursday, January 7, 1999

VICTOR comes to see JACK because he's concerned about Ashley being away. He finds it interesting that Cole was here asking about how he could contact his wife. DIANE, in her teddy and fur coat, listens from the dining room. Jack tells Victor that Cole misses Ashley. Victor asks if those were Cole's exact words. Jack assures him it is so. Then Jack asks why Victor seems so relieved. He tells Jack that he should encourage Cole to go see Ashley. In fact, Jack should make the arrangements for Cole and to inform Ashley to make some time for her husband. He tells Jack to have a nice day and leaves. Diane comes out and they are both curious to what Victor's visit and concerns are really about.

Jack pours himself a brandy after Victor's visit. He can't imagine what Victor would have done if Diane hadn't hid. Diane still doesn't know why Victor was there. Jack says, "Oh it's Victor being Victor. He's not happy unless he's meddling in someone's life." Diane asks not to be reminded that she's still married to Victor. Jack and Diane get all steamed up again. Between kisses, she whispers that she wants Jack to be there for her during the settlement proceedings, giving her advice. She misses Jack and wants to be with him again. Jack tells her to forgive him if he's not as trusting. Diane suggests that they resume their activities before Victor's interference. He also asks what's between her and Brad. Diane assures him that she was just lonely for company. They shared nothing. It was a distraction. She tells Jack that he's her type. She wants desperately to regain his trust -- she wants a second chance, although for now, she'll keep it quite because of the divorce. Jack tells her he'll be there for her every step of the way. Jack and Diane kiss passionately and then embrace. Diane seems so satisfied and Jack is grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

OLIVIA visits NEIL and he wittily says, "Well, well! A rarity; a doctor who makes offices calls." She tells him that Malcolm told her about Vicki not moving in. "Well, I'll survive," he quips. "Malcolm thinks I'm crazy, of course." Then Olivia tells Neil that Victoria visited her and accused her of interfering. Neil looks uncertain but lets it pass. Neil realizes that he became Vicki's lifeline when Cole wasn't there for her. Olivia tells Neil that she thinks she's still in love with Cole. Neil says he's not concerned how Vicki feels about Cole. "I was there for Vicki when she needed someone. We became as close as two people could be," he declares. He wonders if Victoria will love him in the way that she loved Cole. Olivia tells him that Vicki will have to go through the grieving process and only he will be able to tell if there's something to be worried about between the two of them. Olivia tells him that if the relationship has changed, he should step back until he can decide what to do.

A brusque Cole interrupts their talk. Olivia leaves and the two men look at each other. "Is there something I can do for you Cole?" ask Neil coldly. Cole inquires about Ashley and tells Neil that Ashley can't be found but he's going to visit her in Paris to make up for some lost time. "That's a good idea, Cole," Neil says impatiently. Cole says, "Vicki's been pretty needy lately." Neil flies off the handle because Cole is trying to tell him how to handle his woman. Cole tells him he only wants what's best for Neil and Vicki. "Is that right?" inquires Neil sarcastically. Neil questions the solidity of Cole marriage and Cole won't even dignify him with any answer except it would be fine if he could find Ashley. He tells Neil they both want the same things. "I wonder," says Neil. "Do we?" Cole and Neil continue to snip at each other. Cole thinks Neil's holding out on him about Ashley and Neil thinks that Cole is influencing Vicki. Cole says its time for him to go. He's almost out the door when Neil calls out, "You know, you shouldn't worry so much about Victoria and me. Seems to me you got problems of your own -- like finding your wife." Cole walks out without dignifying Neil's catty remark with an answer.

CHRIS and PAUL ask Gina for a table for four and Gina is surprised that Mary and Charlie are engaged. Chris starts talking about china and wedding presents. Paul is uncomfortable and asks if they could drop the subject. Paul admits to Chris that he wants to tell his mother about his dad since she's making all these plans with Charlie. He doesn't want it to become a surprise later should his father remember his life. Chris tells him they can talk about it. It's not like they have to decide right now. Mary and Charlie greet Gina in the background and she leads them to Chris and Paul. Charlie and Mary tell Chris and Paul that they've set a date for the wedding: the first day of spring.

RUTH gets upset because CARL knew exactly where the outside key was. He thinks it was just a guess and they use the key to enter the house. Once inside, there are a couple of times that Carl has faint flashbacks of children calling out for dad to come out sledding with him. He even remembers the names Chris and Patty. Ruth complains the entire time they are in the house. Carl hears a mish-mash of voices that run together. He's confused and he admits it was a bad idea coming here. He wants to leave. Ruth tells him that she doesn't want to leave until it's all behind them. Carl goes upstairs to look around. When he comes down, he wants to leave. He looks back at the room and his eyes fall on a figurine on the mantle. He goes to it and picks it up. In his head, he hears Mary telling him that she can't believe he bought it for her. He says that he remembered her looking at it in the store. In his mind, Carl remembers telling Mary that he saw how much she loved that Madonna and Child figurine and he knew he had to get it for her anniversary present. Ruth is asking what's wrong as tears stream down Carl's face, lost in his memories.

CALLIE and Gina talk. Gina wants to know the real reason Callie didn't go for the gig. She tells Callie that this is a career-maker. Gina tells her that after the tour, she can fire her manager. Callie explains it's not that simple. Gina reminds her that Callie told her Trey wasn't dangerous. What Callie actually said was that Trey wouldn't hurt her. Knowing that Malcolm is headed to Detroit, Gina gets upset. She asks if Malcolm is in trouble. Callie tells her that as long as he stays away from Trey he'll be fine.

TREY and SAM discuss his relationship with Callie. Sam says he'll take care of Malcolm if necessary. Trey gets ticked and tells Sam he's not in the mood for his mess today. Malcolm enters and Trey isn't happy to see him, but Malcolm tells him he's come here to make a deal and be a peacemaker. He wants Trey to drop Callie's original contract and he could take 10% of what Callie makes on the Aretha Franklin. Trey wants nothing to do with it and calls Malcolm stupid. Malcolm admonishes Trey for not taking care of Callie and Trey accuses him of being Callie's lover. Malcolm tells Trey he's going to be small time. Trey shows him the door because he believes that Malcolm has influenced Callie not to take the gig. Malcolm asks if he's interested in the 10% offer, call, otherwise, Callie will never work for him again. Trey tells Malcolm not to mess with him. "I'll see you when I see you, Mr. Big-Time," sneers Malcolm and he leaves. With a nod of his head, Trey sends Sam after Malcolm.

Olivia runs into Callie, who tells Olivia that she turned down the gig. She does tell Olivia she's leaving. Olivia looks devastated. Then she lights into Callie, insinuating that she just made the dumbest mistake of her life. She assures "Miss Doctor-Lady" that she's leaving but Olivia is doubtful. Callie tells her to stop stressing over things Malcolm did before he even knew her. Olivia tells her that she wants Callie to leave and leave for good!

A very coy BROOKE LOGAN greets Victor and tells him about Jack stonewalling her. She tells him that she feels strongly that this venture will benefit both companies. She and Victor share drinks, both choosing Old-Fashions. Victor seems taken with Brooke's charm and agrees to talk to her. "Brooke's Bedroom" intrigues Victor. Brooke tells her that Jack turned her down and she only wants Jabot to do the signature fragrance. Brooke tells Victor that he can visualize things that Jack can't; she's sure of it. Victor wants to know why she went to Jack. She tells him that John and Eric Forrester are good friends. She thought that Jack would give her a fair shake. She says that Jack's "image" consideration was an insult. Victor promises to give her proposal serious consideration. She tells him that she believes it's the perfect merger between Jabot and Forrester and she'll do whatever it takes to convince Victor. Victor is being wooed. He and Brooke exchange smiles.

Friday, January 8

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