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Jill and Katherine bickered over the house. Phyllis went to Victor with things that she knew about Jack and Brad. Victoria was ready to move in with Neil, but he was hesitant. Jill hired her own maid. Olivia blamed Callie for Malcolm's injuries.
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Monday January 18, 1999

Victor was desperately trying to find Christine Williams when Nick entered the office. He told the party on the other end of the phone to have Christine call him as soon as they found her. Nick said that he had to tell his father something. He had approached Grace with the proposal of a promotion and transfer to Los Angeles, but she hadn't gone for it. He told his father that he'd really thought he could get through to her, but Victor said emphatically that one couldn't have a conversation with a woman like that.

Victor said that he was beginning to seriously question Nick's judgment. Victor asked Nick about his marriage and wondered if Nick had taken Victor's advice and started being more aggressive with Sharon. Nick maintained that he would like nothing more than to make love to his wife and put their troubles behind them, but he repulsed her, and he couldn't change that. "I suppose that if it were you, you'd be with her, talk to her, and then make love to her whether she wanted you to or not?" Nick asked his father. Victor said that that was exactly what he would do.

Jill was rearranging the living room when Esther entered and said that she didn't have the right to do that. When Jill picked up another knick-knack and shoved it into a drawer, it broke. Esther called Mrs. Chancellor and reported that Jill was breaking all her antiques. They were arguing about what Jill could and could not do when Michael and John arrived. They had been collaborating and thought that they had developed some plans that both Jill and Katherine could live with.

John began by showing the plans of the house and how it could be altered to give separate entrances. Both ladies said that would ruin the architecture. Michael offered another set of plans with half of the house in red and the rest in green; the red was Jill's half, and the green belonged to Katherine. Both ladies once again shot down the plan. The men suggested that they tear down the house and build two houses on the estate, one for each of the ladies. No way would that happen, both the ladies cried out in exasperation.

John and Michael suggested joint custody for the estate. For six months, Katherine would live there, and for the next six months, it would belong to Jill. Jill said that during Katherine's time, she would burn the house down. Katherine said that when she returned after Jill's tenure in the house, it would have been turned into a brothel. Finally, John and Michael gave up. They said the women were on their own and to give them a call when the ladies reached some sort of agreement.

After a few words, Katherine said that she had a headache and was going upstairs to lie down. Jill told her not to get too comfortable because it just might not be her bedroom much longer. Esther told Jill that she should be ashamed of herself for treating Katherine that way, but Jill was not moved. As Esther walked by a table, she accidentally on purpose knocked one of Jill's pieces to the floor, where it broke. Jill was livid, but Esther just walked away.

Christine stopped by Nina's, complaining that her cell phone battery was dead. Nina had several extras, so she gave Christine one. Nina excitedly said Brent, the soccer coach, had invited her out, and the best part was that Ryan had been there to witness the invitation. Christine said Nina seemed to still have feelings for Ryan if she was getting so much pleasure out of making him jealous. Nina said that she had a right to a little revenge.

Christine told Nina that Carl Williams was in town. She was worried about how Paul was reacting to the situation. Since she had put a new battery in her cell phone, Christine got a call. It was Victor, asking how the settlement talks were going. She said that she was getting a lot of mixed signals from Michael, but she believed that they were making progress. Victor assumed that his ex-wife and her attorney were still playing games, but Christine thought that it was Michael who was doing the game-playing.

Paul rushed into the office while Lynn explained that she had gotten a frantic call from Olivia and Callie saying that they needed his help at once. Paul was confused as to why the two women would be together in Detroit. At that moment, Callie and Olivia rushed into the office. They needed Paul's help in finding Malcolm. They explained that when Malcolm hadn't returned home the night before, they had put it together and felt that he had gone to Detroit to see Trey.

Callie and Olivia recounted their visit with Trey and how the secretary had revealed that Malcolm had indeed been there the day before. Paul got Lynne to check with the airport, and she reported that Malcolm had flown to Chicago, but had also flown back. Paul told her to call the taxi companies and find out what she could. Before things went any further, Olivia was called back to the hospital. Once Olivia left, Paul interrogated Callie about Trey and what the real story was between them. Callie did her best to not reveal anything, instantly getting defensive, but Paul told her that whether or not she spilled the beans could mean the difference between life and death to Malcolm.

Marissa and Diane were together at the lodge. Marissa wished that she had men chasing after her the way Diane did. Diane guessed that Marissa had a crush on Brad and encouraged her to do something about it. She handed Marissa the cell phone and told her to call him. Marissa laughingly pretended to call Brad and tell him that she had a crush on him. As the two ladies laughed, Jack walked up and began to tease Marissa about Brad. Embarrassed, Marissa left the two alone.

Jack tried to discuss Victor with Diane, but she insisted on a Victor Newman-free conversation; all she wanted was a fun evening. As the two talked intimately, Jack stood up, leaned across the table, and kissed Diane. When he stopped and she called him scandalous, he did it again. At that moment, Phyllis walked in. She interrupted their date and began to talk French to Diane. When Diane answered back, Phyllis told Jack that Diane had just called her a child.

Phyllis said that she was shocked to find Jack there, kissing Diane, when they had been having their own intimate moment not long before. Jack tried to get her to stop talking, but Phyllis continued. When Jack told Diane that he wanted to take Phyllis for a private talk, Phyllis began to talk about the cute little birthmark Jack had on his inner, upper thigh that resembled an upside-down teddy bear. On that note, Jack got her to leave then admitted to Diane that he had slept with Phyllis.

Diane was shocked, mainly because she couldn't believe that he would sleep with someone like Phyllis, who was a joke. "Hey, I'm a man. She's sexy. I couldn't stay on the shelf forever, you know," Jack said with a shrug. Diane admitted that putting him on the shelf might have been the biggest mistake of her life. "What would you say if I asked if we could skip dinner?" Diane asked. "Your place or mine?" Jack wanted to know.

Tricia waited for Ryan in Crimson Lights. When he arrived, it was obvious that he was angry about something. When she questioned him, he told her about Phillip's soccer coach asking Nina for a date. Tricia assumed he was upset at the thought of another man taking his place, either with Phillip or with Nina. Ryan took umbrage at that, and they had a mini-quarrel about it. Tricia told him that the way she saw it, he was jealous of Nina and her possible involvement with another man.

Victor was at his computer when Phyllis walked in unannounced. He pointed out to her that it was the second time she had entered his office without notice. She told him that what she had to tell him was way more important than surfing the net. Victor ignored her, telling her to get on with whatever she was there for and then leave. She told him that she had news for him that he was going to find very interesting.

Victor reminded her that he had sent her to get some pillow talk from Michael Baldwin but she had been unable to get him into her bed. "Forget Michael," Phyllis scoffed, "You've got a bigger dog than that in your yard to worry about." She told him that he had his back to the ropes, and there was someone waiting to take advantage of that fact -- and she had the information he needed. Finally, she got Victor's attention. He looked up and told her to start talking. "Let's discuss this over some wine, shall we?" Phyllis drawled as she made herself comfortable.

Olivia arrived in the emergency room, where one of her colleagues met her and told her that they had a situation. "We had a man brought in that looks like the victim of a beating," her co-worker said hesitantly. It took a moment for it to register, but then Olivia gasped, "Is it... is he... is it Malcolm?" To her horror, the doctor said that it was.

"We're doing all we can for him," the doctor quickly assured Olivia. However, he warned that she probably shouldn't see him just yet. Olivia pushed past him and then stopped in her tracks, stunned at how terribly Malcolm had been beaten. He was obviously in very serious condition.

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

Due to CBS News coverage of the impeachment trial, The Young and the Restless did not air. The episodes scheduled for Tuesday will air Wednesday, so there will be no "lost" episodes.

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Victor grew tired of Phyllis' games, so she finally told him that Diane and Jack had been making a public spectacle of themselves at the Lodge. Victor asked if she thought there was a smoldering romance between his ex-wife and Jack. Phyllis laughed and said it was more like "an active volcano." Victor said that if the information was true, he'd put a value on it, and she'd be compensated. As Phyllis walked out the door, Victor called Brad. Outside Victor's office, Phyllis murmured that she would teach Jack to drop her for "that little bimbo."

Diane and Jack had finished making love, and Jack told her that they were back together in every way. They'd have to keep it under wraps until she was divorced, for obvious reasons. Diane said that she'd been pushing Michael to settle, even if she had to give up some of the amenities she'd previously asked for. Jack told her to not let "old moneybags" off so easily. Diane asked if he was talking about the seat on the board of directors.

Diane was offended. She asked if the only reason he had taken her back was to get back at Victor. Jack acted shocked and hurt. He tried to convince Diane that he only wanted her. Diane said that since a man had used her for a year and a half, she had to make sure that she was not being used again.

Paul demanded the truth from Callie, and she finally admitted that she and Trey had been involved when she first signed with him. Trey was bigger than life, and she had put all her trust in him. However, they had broken up. Paul wanted to know how Trey would react if he knew that Callie and Malcolm had once been an item.

Callie told Paul that she had just been getting over Malcolm when she had met Trey, and she had confided in him. Trey had told her that if he ever found the guy who had hurt her, he'd kill him. Callie was sure that Trey had just been trying to impress her, but Paul was not so sure. "How dangerous is this guy?" Paul demanded.

Nina and Christine were still talking about why she had accepted Brett's invitation to dinner. Christine wondered if she would have accepted the invitation if Ryan hadn't been present. Nina said she wasn't sure and admitted there were a few unresolved issues with Ryan. She insisted that she was not in love with him.

Nina told Christine that she could chalk up her hesitancy to insecurity because she was back out in "the dating war." Christine asked Nina what would happen if Brett turned out to be more than a "cheap thrill," using Nina's words. Nina wasn't sure. Brett was much different than anyone she had ever dated before, but she was going to give it a try.

Tricia told Ryan that she shouldn't have insinuated that Ryan was jealous of Nina. He told her that she couldn't possibly know his fears about being replaced by another man in Phillip's life because she'd never had a child. Tricia reminded him that Phillip wasn't even his biological son. Ryan told her that it made no difference. Tricia said that Nina was a young woman, and Ryan had to have known that one day she'd want to remarry. Ryan was going to have to be prepared for that.

Worried about Katherine, Esther called Nikki over to cheer her up. She asked Nikki not to tell Mrs. Chancellor that Esther had called, and Nikki understood. Katherine was thrilled to see Nikki, and Nikki said she could see how stressed Katherine was. Katherine at first denied it but then admitted that she didn't know how much longer she'd be able to stand Jill's presence.

Jill interrupted them, not realizing Nikki was there. Nikki warned Jill that she'd try to be civil, but she did have her limits. In fact, she and Katherine had planned to dine together, but they were instead going out so they could be alone. Although it was not true, Katherine played along, and they left.

Esther appeared with a tray of tea, and Jill asked if it was for her. Esther firmly told her that she might own half of the house, but Jill didn't own half of her. Jill requested that Esther make her something to eat. Esther said that the food in the refrigerator belonged to Katherine and that if Jill wanted something to eat then she should buy some and fix it herself. After Esther left, Jill called a theatrical agency and hired an actress to play "the housekeeper from hell." She wanted to drive Katherine out of her mind.

Victoria visited Neil and wanted to know why Neil hadn't called. He apologized for not keeping in touch. Victoria said she was ready to move out and wanted to know why Neil had such reservations. Neil admitted that the ball was in his court. Victoria told him that something had to give.

Victoria wondered if Neil was waiting for some sign that they should take their relationship to the next level. Olivia called, interrupting Victoria and Neil. She told Neil to get to the emergency room. Malcolm was in trouble. Victoria offered to go with him.

Beside Malcolm's bed, Olivia was hysterical. She discovered that Malcolm's pupils were fixed and dilated. The emergency room doctor told her that she needed to wait outside so they could work on Malcolm. When the radiology report arrived, the doctor showed the x-rays to Olivia. The cranium seemed to be intact, but there was massive brain swelling. The situation was very dangerous.

The doctor told Olivia that Malcolm's condition was like walking on a razor blade, and the next few hours were critical. The police arrived and told her that it looked like a classic robbery. Malcolm's wallet and jewelry had been taken. Someone had heard the blaring horn and decided to investigate, which was lucky for Malcolm.

Neil and Victoria arrived, and Olivia maintained her calm while she told Neil what had happened to Malcolm. However, she collapsed into Neil's arms, sobbing hysterically. A worried but helpless Victoria looked on.

Thursday, January 21, 1999

Brad waited for Victor in Victor's office. He pulled a column from the society page out of his wallet -- it was the announcement for Brad and Nikki's engagement. It appeared that he had carried it for years. He fingered the slip of paper thoughtfully then slipped it back into its place just as Victor walked in. Victor demanded to know why he'd had to hear that Jack and Diane were an item second hand. Brad told Victor he hadn't realized that spying on Jack included his personal life.

Brad reasoned that if Jack and Diane were romantically involved, it might mean that Victor's settlement would go more smoothly and more quickly. Victor simply didn't trust Jack and wanted to know why Brad seemed to be defending him. Brad reminded Victor that he had demanded that he and Jack put away their personal differences and work together for the good of the company. Brad didn't know what Victor wanted. He didn't like Jack any more than Victor did, but he did have to work with him. Brad reassured Victor of his loyalty and asked Victor to let him know when or if he had passed the test.

Diane and Jack were still talking in bed. It was clear that Diane had reservations about Jack's motives. Jack assured her she was wrong, but admitted that a board seat at Newman Enterprises would ensure that she could mess with Victor's life indefinitely. Diane was unsettled and told Jack that he couldn't spend the night because there were things she needed to work out on her own. She got out of bed, leaving Jack perplexed.

Later, in his office, Jack wondered what he could do to make Diane trust him completely. Brad dropped by for a progress report. Jack said he didn't kiss and tell, but things were going according to plan. Brad wanted to know if Jack had Diane secure in fighting for a board seat in the divorce settlement. Jack told Brad to let him handle it -- he and Diane were closer than ever. He reminded Brad that they were up to their ears in the plan together.

Jill got a call from the talent agency, saying that the actress was heading over early. Meanwhile, Nikki and Katherine returned home and gloated about their dinner at the Lodge. Jill told them she was expecting someone. She asked them to leave her alone. Nikki and Katherine told her that they'd like to have some privacy. She could leave.

Jill stalked out of the room. Katherine and Nikki had a good laugh. Nikki encouraged Katherine not to let Jill get the best of her. Katherine agreed and said she also promised not to kill Jill -- unless she absolutely had to. They shared another laugh.

After Nikki left, Jill told Katherine that Esther was insolent, so Jill would be interviewing for her own maid. The actress entered, and Katherine introduced herself. Jill escorted her into the living room and closed the double doors. Jill said the woman didn't look the part of "the maid from hell." The actress assured her that it was called "casting against type," and she could draw her audience in.

Jill explained that she wanted the actress to drive Katherine crazy. There would be a bonus for her if she could turn Katherine into a "raw, twitching bundle of nerve endings." The actress was unsure if she understood the job -- much less wanted it. Jill handed her a bundle of cash, and suddenly, it was a job she definitely wanted. Jill found that the actress had worked in horror/slasher movies and thought it was perfect.

Jill warned the actress that she could never break character, as she would be living and working there. Jill told her she could pretend to work or not do anything at all. Jill would give the actress several scenarios, and her main purpose was to drive Katherine nuts.

Mary and Charlie were eating at Gina's, and Mary worried that she hadn't done enough for Ruth; she felt like she had failed her. Charlie told her that if Ruth wanted to talk more, she'd get in touch with Mary. Mary was not so sure. Charlie recommended that she ask Paul to locate this Ruth Perkins, and Charlie would do some nosing around. He'd do anything to see his Mary more at ease.

Callie and Gina talked about the visit to Detroit. Callie said that Malcolm was missing, and she had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. A waiter stopped by and told Gina that he'd heard on the news that a fashion photographer from Genoa City had been rushed to the hospital. Callie rushed out of the restaurant.

In Malcolm's hospital room, Neil stood vigil. Victoria watched uncomfortably. Neil realized that being at the hospital had to be tough for her. She wanted to stay for him. She reminded him that he had been there for her, and she wanted to be there for him. However, he urged her to go. She asked him to call if he needed her.

Victoria headed back to the ranch and went to see Cole, who had just finished a hot conversation with the people at the European branch of Jabot. He had told them to find his wife, or heads would roll. Victoria was upset and told Cole she felt like something had changed between her and Neil. They both commiserated about the people they loved not being there for them.

Olivia entered Malcolm's room and told Neil that Dr. Walker and another radiologist were waiting for the CT scan results. She couldn't stand to see the images, so she had left. She broke down in tears. Even though the police thought it was a robbery, she didn't. She was sure it had something to do with Trey. Neil found that a little hard to believe, but Olivia was adamant.

An unseen Callie overheard Olivia ranting that Callie had gone to Genoa City specifically to take Malcolm away from her. She just might have succeeded, Olivia cried. Not only did had Callie possibly succeed in taking him from Olivia, she might have taken Malcolm from everyone. Callie stood in the doorway, speechless.

Carl interrupted Paul and Christine. He said he hadn't been able to wait for Paul to call. He needed to know if he should stay in Genoa City or go back to Norfolk. Ruth interrupted them, and Carl admonished her for not waiting outside. She told Paul that it was very unfair. It would be best if Carl just stayed "Jim Bradley" and everyone went about their lives.

Paul told her that no matter what decision he made, someone was going to get hurt. He needed more time. Carl asked if he could stay in Genoa City until Paul made up his mind. Paul agreed but said that under no circumstances could his mother find out he was alive. It would devastate her.

In the outer office Mary entered and greeted Lynne. She'd like to see her son, she said. Lynne knew who was in Paul's office, and she didn't know what to do.

Friday, January 22, 1999

Paul listened as Mary told him about Ruth Perkins. Mary wanted him to try to locate her. He told her that he was in conference, but he'd call her later. He entered his office and blasted Ruth, wondering what she was trying to prove. Ruth told him that she wanted to see where things stood.

Carl was surprised to find that Mary and Charlie were engaged. Paul asked his father if he cared. Carl turned his back to Paul, Christine, and Ruth. Ruth told them that if Carl proceeded with it, everyone had a lot to lose. Paul adamantly told her that he had a lot to gain.

Ruth asked Carl if they could just go home. Carl told everyone that he couldn't leave yet -- not until he knew more. Ruth wanted to know if Carl would leave her if he got his memory back. They embraced.

Jack was brooding and got a call from Michael, who wanted to know how Diane's stance on the board seat looked. He reminded Jack that if things went south with Diane, then she wouldn't be so quick to settle with Victor. After Michael's call, Victor called and summoned Jack to his office. Jack entered Victor's office, defending his stance about "Brooke's Bedroom."

Victor, however, asked about the possible romance between Diane and Jack. Jack said he hadn't thought Victor would mind. If Diane had other aspirations then she might settle the divorce more quickly. Victor wished them well, which surprised Jack. However, Victor warned that if Jack had an agenda in his relationship with Diane concerning Newman Enterprises, Victor would hold Jack personally responsible. Jack said that the sooner Victor settled with Diane, the better.

When Jack left, Victor called Los Angeles and spoke with Brooke Logan's secretary. He left the message that he'd be out to see Brooke the following day.

Victoria and Cole shared a cup of chamomile tea. Victoria recalled them sitting in front of a fire, sipping the same tea. Cole reminisced, as well, but told her that "life goes on." Victoria told him that she thought that they were back where they had started. Cole asked her not to get nostalgic. They agreed that they'd had great times together.

Victoria wondered how much they'd see each other when Cole moved his office out of the tack house. She asked him if he had trouble working amongst their memories. He told her that he thought that the memories inspired him. She wondered if they'd just see each other socially and never again have talks like the one they were having. He told her that they both knew what they wanted -- they just didn't have it yet.

Still reminiscing, Victoria told Cole that if she were a writer, she'd sit down and type about how things had been before and how they were in that moment -- what she'd learned from it and her regrets. Cole said that life was weird. Victoria told him that sometimes people had what they wanted right in front of them, and they looked elsewhere. Then when they lost what they wanted the most, they'd do anything to get it back. Cole received a call. Ashley would be returning to Paris the next day. Victoria looked saddened.

Olivia confronted Callie and told her it was all her fault. Callie told Olivia that she had never meant for it to happen. Olivia called Callie a "selfish bitch." Callie left but begged Neil to call her if there was any change. After Callie left, Olivia explained to Neil that there was a great chance that Malcolm would die.

Olivia explained more to Neil. She said that if Malcolm survived, he might have any of a number of disabilities. It was too soon to tell. Olivia kept a bedside vigil as she tearfully talked to Malcolm, telling him to hang on. She reminded him how much joy he'd given to all of them and that it was not time for him to go yet. Neil joined Olivia at Malcolm's bedside, putting his hands on Olivia's shoulders.

Sam updated Trey on Malcolm. He was alive but in critical condition. Trey made it clear that he hadn't asked Sam to do that. Sam said that it was his job to know what Trey wanted and get it done. Trey replied that Sam was on his own this time. Sam was the one who had blood on his hands. If anyone went down, it would be Sam, and Sam alone.

Trey's phone rang. It was Callie on the other end of the line, and she was hysterical. She told him that she knew he was behind Malcolm's beating. Trey lied and told her he hadn't seen Malcolm in weeks. Callie didn't believe him and told him that she'd have every policeman she could after him. She'd take Trey down if it was the last thing she did.

Michael went to Diane's to show her the new settlement package. She was happy with everything Michael showed her, but she was wary of going after the board seat. She asked Michael if he was working Jack's agenda for him. Michael said that he tried to see Jack as little as possible. Then he reminded Diane that Nikki was probably nagging Victor to get the divorce over with, and he knew that Victor's absence from the office had to be driving him crazy.

Michael tried to tell Diane that if Jack suggested she go after a board seat, he had only been looking out for her best interests. Diane just didn't want that one thing to bog down the whole settlement process. Michael advised her that it would be wise if Victor didn't get a whiff of the fact the Diane and Jack had rekindled their relationship. That definitely might prompt Victor to be difficult, since Diane was no longer out for revenge. Michael told her that he was just looking out for her future.

Megan arrived with a bag of groceries, but Tony was getting ready to leave for Florida. Megan was surprised, but she wanted to go with him. Tony asked her about her dad's reaction to that or Tricia's attitude toward him if she went. Megan didn't care. Tony contemplated Megan going with him.

Tony told Megan she'd definitely need another coat and gave her a leather jacket to put on. He liked what he saw. He told her it'd be 20 hours straight to Florida except for "potty breaks and chow." Megan suggested an overnight stay at a motel. Tony asked her if she was ready for that but didn't say no.

Megan finally stated that she was worried about how her dad would react and that missing school would be a problem. She made an unspoken decision not to go, telling Tony to have a good time. She tearfully asked if he was going for good. Tony told her he'd never do that to her.

Tony and Megan shared a passionate kiss goodbye. She asked if she could stick around in his apartment for a while. Tony left. His motorcycle engine revved outside, then he pulled away. Megan stood by the window and cried.

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