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Jill made John an interesting offer. Ruth arranged for her and Carl to show up at Gina's while Mary was there. Megan threw Tony a welcome-home party. Cole and Ashley reunited in Madrid. Olivia distanced herself from Malcolm.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 25, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday January 25, 1999

NOTE: While Gladys cares for her great grandchildren, Sandy will be doing the updates.

RYAN comes to NEIL'S office and finds out about Malcolm's dire situation. Having called the hospital and finding that there's been no improvement, Neil feels like he needs to be with Olivia and his brother. "It doesn't look good," says Neil sadly. He also tells Ryan that the police think that the beating was associated with a robbery, but Neil has serious doubts. Ryan tells Neil to go to the hospital. He'll be glad to cover for Neil because family is important. VICTORIA enters Neil's office. She asks how Malcolm is and Neil brings her up to date on Malcolm's condition. Neil speaks to Victoria in a clipped tone and declines her offer to accompany him to the hospital. Brushing past her as he leaves, it's obvious that Victoria is deeply hurt.

Ryan and Victoria continue to talk. Victoria doesn't understand why Neil won't let her get close to him. It just didn't start with Malcolm's situation -- it started before that. Nothing has been the same since Eve's death. Ryan thinks that Victoria may still have feelings for Cole. At first Victoria denies this, but finally tells him that Cole is on his way to see Ashley in Paris. There's nothing she can do. She just wants to get her life back on track. Ryan embraces her and says she should just give it time.

PAUL and CHRIS are at Crimson Lights and Paul's cell phone rings. It's his detective friend, FRED CAFFEY. Fred informs Paul that Millie is in the hospital and he's going to get more information on the situation. Paul thanks him. Chris is very worried about what Alice is up to since Millie was Chris' only connection to her. She decides she must go to Madison and assess the situation. Paul offers to go, but Chris insists that she needs to go alone. She tells Paul that if Alice gets wind of where Cassie is, then it could be a long, drawn-out court battle. Meanwhile, Cassie would be put in a foster home and Chris just can't allow that to happen. It would be a cruel punishment for a child who finally feels secure. Paul warns her that she is not really acting as Sharon's attorney and by law, she should disclose what she knows about Cassie to Alice. He asks her not to put herself in a situation that could hurt her. Chris admits that she's walking a thin line. One wrong move and all hell could break loose.

COLE and NICK share some coffee at the tack house. Nick tells him how Grace reacted to his suggestion that she transfer. Then he shares that his father is unhappy with him as well. He sees Cole's bags by the door and assumes that Cole is going to Paris. Cole can't get a flight out, so Nick suggests that he ask Victor if he can use the private jet. Cole is desperate and agrees to ask. Nick talks with Cole about how his father suggested that he just whisk Sharon away. Cole tells him it might not be a bad idea for them to get away from everything that's been haunting them. Nick also agrees it may be the answer and leaves to go see Sharon.

Victoria comes by and sees that Cole is leaving for Paris. She alludes to their conversation last night. Cole admits that he will always look at her and tell himself that he really "knows" Victoria and that there aren't too many people you can say that about. He tells Victoria that he's going to surprise Ashley and Victoria tells him she hopes that he gets what he wants. Cole wishes her luck with Neil. Gently, Victoria kisses Cole on the cheek and says good-bye. She watches him leave and complete sadness envelopes her face.

SHARON is fixing CASSIE'S hair before school. Cassie wonders aloud if Tony is coming back. Sharon assures her that Tony would never lie to her. Cassie asks if Nick is coming back. Going to the door, Cassie excitedly calls, "He's here! He's here!" Nick has driven down to see them. Cassie opens the door, jumps into his arms and holds him tightly. Sharon is unsettled by Nick's unplanned visit. Nick tells Cassie that he wants to take the family on a trip someplace warm and sunny during Cassie's winter break from school -- Rio de Janeiro. Sharon sends Cassie to the kitchen, but Cassie listens in anyway. Sharon admonishes Nick for "using Cassie" to get to her. Sharon isn't happy with Nick's suggestion at all. Cassie comes back into the living room and protests that Sharon was excited when Tony asked her to go to Florida. Why isn't she happy about this vacation? After the bus picks Cassie up, Nick angrily asks about Tony's invitation. Sharon tells him that she just couldn't leave the kids. Nick testily remarks that Sharon would consider going with Tony, but won't even entertain the thought of their family taking a trip together. He wants to know if he's just wasting his time trying to earn Sharon's trust.

DIANE is in a complete snit, nearly biting MARISSA'S head off for asking a simple question about breakfast. Diane apologizes to Marissa. The phone rings and it's Jack. Diane signals to Marissa that she doesn't wish to talk to him. Marissa tells Jack that Diane's not in. They discuss Diane's doubts about Jack. Marissa tells Diane that she'd feel lucky if a man like Jack were to look at her the way he looks at Diane. Diane wants to talk to someone objective, so she calls BRAD and he comes to the apartment. Brad boosts Diane's ego and tells her that he really was an idiot for not snagging her when he had the chance. Diane teases him and says he may still have a chance. Brad doesn't think so. Brad tells her that she and Jack have a definite chemistry. Diane wants to know what Brad thinks Jack's motive is about the Board seat at NE. Brad tells her that he doesn't think Jack has a hidden agenda -- he just thinks that Jack is looking out for her best interests. He's sure that Jack is just concerned about Diane's future.

JILL comes to see JACK and tells him about her plan to drive Katherine batty with her "maid from hell." Jack would prefer not to know because he thinks Katherine is a classy lady and she is a close friend. Jill poo-poos his attitude. Jack gets Jill's perspective on women -- particularly Diane. Jill tells Jack that Diane is old news and he shouldn't give her the time of day. She reminds him that they had a brief moment of passion. Jack counter-reminds her that it was a total disaster. Jill is adamant that she and Jack have something special between them and asks if he ever thinks about what they could have. Jack relents and tells Jill that the thought has crossed his mind. Jack sits at his desk and Jill plants herself in a seductive position on top of his desk, facing Jack. Jack tells her that they should just be friends. Jill tells him not to come running back to her when Diane doesn't make him happy. "Is this is a one-time offer?" inquires Jack. "Well, I wouldn't say that," states Jill just before she leaves. Jack is definitely overwhelmed at his sudden draw of women -- first Phyllis, then Diane, and now Jill. He smiles, but declares that Diane is most important to his plan, seeming to imply that he must choose her, even if she's not his first choice.

Later, while Jack is out of the office briefly, Brad comes in and settles in Jack's desk chair to wait. Cole comes in looking for Jack, telling Brad he wanted to get permission to use the company jet. Brad seems reserved about Cole going to Paris. Cole is angered and asks what Brad has against it. Brad doesn't want Cole to interrupt Ashley's business. Cole tells him that he doesn't give a "rat's rear" what Brad thinks and demands to know what Brad knows that Cole doesn't. Brad and Cole stare each other down.

Tuesday, January 26, 1999

Directed by Kathryn Foster

BRAD lies to COLE, telling him that Ashley is trying to smooth over an embezzlement problem in Paris. Cole is certain that Ashley will have time to see him. JACK comes in and Cole asks for permission to use the NE jet. Jack calls, but find the jet is not available. Cole leaves, hoping to hear from his travel agent. Afterwards, Jack wants to know why Brad is so hell-bent on keeping Cole and Ashley apart. Brad shifts gears and tells him that he met with Diane and Jack's not been straight with him. Just as they are arguing, DIANE calls and wants to see Jack. Brad tells Jack that he'd better not screw things up with Diane. Jack assures Brad that Diane wants him back.

Meanwhile, Cole gets a call from his travel agent and they've found a seat on TransGlobal's next flight. Cole is leaving for Paris in 20 minutes. Brad has also placed an urgent call to Ashley's secretary, explaining that she must get this message immediately. It's critical that she calls Brad back.

GRACE comes to see MICHAEL. She tells him that she's sure that Al and Alice are only in this deal for the money. She doesn't want Alice to get custody of Cassie. She also unloads her angry towards the Newmans and how they've been treating her. Michael gives Grace a sketch that he did of her. It's beautiful and Grace is amazed, but Michael changes the subject quickly. Grace tells him that he doesn't like to talk about himself. He just smiles and moves on. Michael tells her that the Newmans are a powerful family and she can't proceed without a plan. He also assures her that she could deal the Newmans a crushing blow, but he's only been advising her as a friend. Grace makes Michael her lawyer officially and they shake on it.

AL and ALICE are discussing Al's trip to Genoa City. Al tells Alice that he made Grace think that they're only in it for the money. Then if something were to transpire, Alice would find out where Cassie was and she could proceed to get her back. Alice declares her love for Cassie, but Al scoffs. He tells her if it came down to the money or "the kid" he thinks she'd choose the money. Alice doesn't deny this.

CHRIS comes to see MILLIE. She knows that Millie can't talk but she tells Millie to blink once for yes, twice for no. Millie keeps looking at her bedside table until Chris sees the letter Millie wrote before she had the stroke. Just as Chris picks it up and starts to question Millie, Alice comes barging in. She is very suspicious of Chris and demands to know "(pardon my French) Who the hell are you?" Chris is thrown off-guard and Alice tells her she'd better have some good answers.

RYAN and NINA meet at Crimson Lights. Nina ask Ryan if he can take Phillip to a movie he's wanted to see. Ryan asks Nina several personal questions, all about Brett. Nina asks him why he's so interested in Brett. Ryan unconvincingly tells Nina that he's concerned about how Brett and Nina's relationship will affect Phillip. Nina tells him that Phillip likes Brett and there will be no problem. They see MEGAN in her leather jacket and she comes to speak to her. Nina compliments her on her jacket and she tells Nina that Tony gave it to her to keep. Ryan starts to "lecture" Meg and Nina tells him not to rain on Meg's parade. She likes a girl who knows her own mind and goes after it. Nina advises her to go for it. Meg thanks her and goes to get her order. Ryan continues his interrogation of Nina. He asks if "the soccer coach" has anything to her new self-confidence. She tells Ryan that yes, he just might.

ASHLEY meet with a painter named RAFAEL. Evidently Ashley has made a deal with Rafael because she's brought "the money" and she expects "the package" Rafael promised. Rafael says he's changed his mind. It would be like giving up part of himself. He's sorry. Ashley gets angry and tells him he'll be even sorrier before she's through with him and storms away. Rafael murmurs, "I love you even more when you're angry with me."

Jack gets to Diane's and she tells him that she's not comfortable with his pushing her to go after a seat on the board. She thinks that he wants an ally on the board. Jack defiantly says that he could care less if she voted for every idea he brings before the board -- in fact, he'd hope she'd think for herself and vote for the welfare of the company. Jack surmises that she's not afraid of the board seat -- she's afraid of a relationship. Jack won't stand for a woman who doubts him -- especially one he's in love with him. He starts to leave, but Diane calls him back. Diane tells him she just doesn't want to be used. Jack reminds her that he was used as well, but that he's moved past that. He asks her how they can both arrive at a point where they can trust each other again.

NICK and SHARON are still talking and Sharon tells him he's pressuring her. He begs her to go on this trip and offers separate rooms. Sharon can't let go of her thoughts of him and Grace. Nick tells her it was entirely physical and there was no heart and soul in it. Sharon tells him it makes her sick to her stomach to think about it. Nick says he feels the same way and begs her to believe that it will never happen again. He continues to grovel, asking Sharon to open the door just a little bit. He's getting the impression that Sharon has come to the conclusion that what they shared is just not worth fighting for. He looks defeated, and tells her that if she doesn't want to try to is not interested in saving their marriage, maybe he should just stop trying as well. He leaves and Sharon cries.


Wednesday, January 27, 1999

Directed by Sally McDonald

CHRIS successfully tucks Millie's letter into her purse without ALICE seeing her. Chris successfully lies to Alice, telling her that she's a hospital volunteer that works with disabled patients in accepting the changes in their lives. Alice accepts this at first, but when Chris keeps staring at Alice, Alice asks Chris why she's really there. Chris sticks with her story and mentions that she could even help make Millie's transition to home easier. Alice tells her that she doesn't have time to look after Millie because something important is going on in her life right now. Chris leaves and Alice sets out a picture of Cassie for Millie to look at. Alice tells Millie to think positive thoughts when she looks at the picture -- she's real close to finding her.

MICHAEL advises GRACE that he will try to do everything he can for her. He makes her promise that if it gets tough, she must defer to him. Both she and the Newmans both want what's best for Cassie. Michael warns that they must play their cards close to their chests, trusting no one. Michael tells Grace he wants her to call Al and set up a meeting between Al, Alice, and her. AL is surprised, but happy to get her call. He tells her that they will both be there tomorrow. Michael tells Grace that he'll be with her, but Al and Alice are not to know that he's a lawyer. As far as Al and Alice will know, he's just a concerned friend. Grace kisses him on the cheek and leaves. After she's gone, Michael picks up his sketch of Grace and looks at it thoughtfully.

AL shares the news of Grace's phone call with Alice when she returns from the hospital. Alice has to admit that she owes Al big time. However, Al lies to Alice, telling her that Grace wants to meet with only him. Alice tells him not to sign anything without her because the law is on her side. Her plan is to get Cassie back and to "make those people pay." Greed overtakes her as she begins to wonder how much they'll be able to get and even fantasizes about how she'll spend the money.

JACK tells DIANE that no relationship can survive without trust. They must set aside their doubts and suspicions. Diane finally admits that she has been taking how Victor treated her out on Jack, and they are entirely different men. Jack has been good to her, she laments, and she's willing to try if he's still willing. They kiss passionately. Diane tells him that she believes he's looking out for her best interests and if he thinks the Board seat is worth holding out for, she'll do it. Obviously, this means a lot to him and Jack tells her that when the time is right, he'll tell her. He wants her to trust him for now. He also tells her that the Board seat is important to her future as well as a constant reminder to Victor that he can't stick it to everyone and get his way. If Victor should balk at the idea, then she shouldn't fight for it as the expense of their relationship. Diane tells Jack that they are back together and together is the way they should be.

MARISSA comes in from the market after Jack leaves. She asks if Diane's chipper mood has anything to do with Jack Abbott. She tells her that's precisely the reason. She and Jack are in love and that's all that matters.

Jack calls Michael and stops by his office. He tells him that Diane is willing to go for the Board seat. He starts to tell Michael how to proceed, but Michael stops him and tells Jack how he plans to proceed. Michael plans to talk around the Board seat as they haggle over other parts of the settlement. He's going to leave the Board seat until last, so that Victor and Christine will assume that the Board seat isn't an issue. Jack warns him that anything that could hold up the proceedings will be blamed on Jack. Michael is sure that by the time they get to the Board seat, Victor will be so tired of the whole situation, he may put up a fuss initially, but ultimately, he'll agree to it. Jack warns Michael that it better go down that way or there'll be hell to pay.

KATHERINE visits NIKKI at the ranch and they discuss Jill interviewing for a maid. Katherine tells her that Jill can't cook and wouldn't know a washing machine from an ironing board. Just as Katherine is leaving, BRAD shows up, telling Nikki that he's here for a meeting with Victor. Nikki tells him that Victor is out of town, but invites him in to chat. Brad has brought Nikki a belated Christmas gift. Nikki figures out that Brad knew that Victor was out of town. Brad confesses this is true. Nikki opens the gift -- a beautiful Italian figurine. Brad tells her that he was thinking about her even when he was halfway around the world. Nikki blushes. Brad tells her he's seeing someone special, but he won't tell her who she is. He even tells her not to try to guess, because she wouldn't in a million years. Brad bids Nikki farewell and leaves her intrigued.

JILL and SHIRLEY, the actress/maid, discuss how Jill wants to handle this. Jill tells Shirley that she's re-thought her strategy. Instead of outright driving Katherine bonkers, she wants Shirley to "kill her with kindness" and do subtle things to drive Katherine crazy. She also tells Shirley that her "kindness" is limited only to Katherine. She can treat Esther like dirt. Esther returns from shopping and is not amused to find a second maid in the house. After Jill introduces them she leaves. Shirley bluntly tells Esther to stay out of her way and she'll stay out of hers. Katherine comes home and Esther begins to whine. Shirley tells Katherine that even though she was hired by Jill, she'll be glad to attend to Katherine as well. Esther tells Shirley that's her job. Katherine announces that she has a headache. Shirley pours a glass of water and she and Esther both try to serve it to her. Shirley lets go of the glass and Katherine is soaked. It looks as if Esther poured the water on Katherine. They both apologize profusely, but Katherine just wants a towel. Jill comes in after the fact and smiles with fiendish glee.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Brad checks on the progress of a report that Grace is finishing. She gets defensive, saying she thought she had until the end of the day. Brad tells her to calm down -- there's no reason to worry. Grace says that she's okay until the Newmans find a way to fire her without a lawsuit. She shares with Brad that she may have figured out a way to secure herself at NE. After Brad goes into his office, Grace thinks to herself that Cassie must stay safe but she will make the Newmans pay.

Chris slips back into Millie's room after she's sure that Alice is gone. Using the blink system (one for yes, two for no), Chris finds that although Alice doesn't know where Cassie is, she does know Sharon is the birth mother. She takes some comfort when she finds out that Alice doesn't know Sharon's married name. Millie is crying pitifully. Before she leaves, Chris promises to keep Cassie safe and wipes the tears from Millie's pale cheeks. Out in the hospital corridor, Chris calls Sharon. LISA answers and tells Chris that Sharon's not home. Chris doesn't leave a message, preferring to tell Sharon what she's found face-to-face.

Thursday, January 28, 1999

Today's episode was directed by Heather H. Hill

NICK is staring out of the bay window. NIKKI comes down, surprised to find him there. She wants to know how things are with Sharon. Nick tells her that he doesn't think that Sharon will ever forgive him. Nikki tells him that Sharon needs time. CASSIE bounds into the main house. She saw Nick's car and she wants to know if he'll talk to Sharon about their vacation. Nick tells her that they won't be going. Cassie asks Nick what he did to make her mom so mad. Nick looks at Nikki. Sensing that it's a grown-up topic, Cassie says she'd better leave. Nick tells Nikki that he's going to ask for a transfer. Nikki nearly explodes. Nick and Sharon can't possibly work on their marriage if Nick goes away, she explains. Nick tells her that he must leave before he hurts Cassie and Noah anymore than he already has. Nick is firm -- he and Sharon either have to decide to stay together and work it out or they need to go their separate ways. Nikki looks at Nick in disbelief.

ESTHER, JILL, and SHIRLEY are arguing over the water incident. Esther leaves to make KATHERINE tea. Jill asks Shirley to look at the label on "Katherine's favorite suit." It reads "Dry Clean Only." Jill tells Shirley to take care of it and Shirley leaves. Esther comes back, she asks where the suit is and Jill tells her that Shirley took it to the laundry room. Esther's eyes widen and she looks sick. Katherine comes back into the room and tells Jill that Shirley is an imbecile. Katherine wants her gone. Jill says that since Esther won't lift a finger to help her (to which Esther replies, "You got that right.") Shirley stays because this is her house too. When Katherine sees that Shirley has washed her beautiful, one-of-a-kind, Forrester Creations original, Katherine cries out in horror. Katherine boldly tells Jill that this is HER house and the fact that she has to share it with Jill is the biggest injustice she's ever known. She takes her ruined suit and throws it at Jill, telling her that since she ruined it, she can wear it. Katherine and Esther stalk out of the living room. Shirley wants to know how she did and what her next scene is. Jill tells her that she wants Shirley to know that this is not fun and games. It's her job to run Katherine out of the house.

Katherine and Esther are in the living room alone. Katherine is livid. Her nerves are so shot that she can't even hold a teacup. She tells Esther that Jill has taken so much from her and now she's trying to steal the rest. In hot anger, Katherine vows to a non-present Jill, "I want to tell you something, you bitch. You are never going to get away with it." Unbeknownst to Katherine, Jill has been eavesdropping on the staircase. When she hears Katherine's words, she leans against the wall, assessing what she needs to do next.

CHRIS calls PAUL from the hospital in Madison and tells him what she learned from Millie. Paul suggests that they use FRED CAFFEY as a contact. Paul is getting family movies ready to take over to Carl's hotel room. He hopes to jog some memories. Chris wishes him luck and tells him she loves him. After they hang up, Mary comes into the living room and wonders why Paul is going through the old 8mm movies. Paul tells her he's taking them to put them on videotape to make them easier to watch. Then Mary hounds him about not putting any effort into finding Ruth. Paul tells her he'll get to it soon.

Later, when CHARLIE comes over, Mary shares her confusion at Paul's attitude. She thinks she should try to find Ruth herself. Charlie says that being an old detective himself, he thinks that together they can do it. Charlie calls every hotel and motel in the phone book, but find no one registered under Perkins. Mary suddenly remembers the Highway Motor Inn and Charlie tells her that he didn't call there. She calls the motel and finds that there is a Perkins party registered. Mary is quite pleased with her detective skills.

At the motel, RUTH calls and gets several flight times for return trips to Norfolk. CARL asks her if she's going home, and she tells him that she's not going without him. She whines that Paul and Chris keep chipping away at his memory. What will happen if they succeed? Carl tells her he's come too far to turn back now. Frustrated, Ruth tells Carl that he's fighting for his past and she's fighting for their future -- if they even have one now. Paul arrives and sets up the film projector. Ruth asks Carl not to watch the movies, but Carl tells her that he has to. In the darkened motel room, the film rolls and Carl watches films of Paul's fifth birthday party and his first little league game. Carl wonders why he's wearing a uniform himself. Paul tells him that he was the coach of his team. Carl continues to watch and comments on what a fine athlete Paul was. Paul says owes it all to Carl. He remembers throwing a baseball through a window once. He thought Carl would be so angry with him so he tried to retrieve it. Carl stopped him from reaching in the broken window to keep Paul from cutting his pitching arm. Carl reached in himself and cut his wrist. Paul shows him the place on his arm and Carl comments that he always wondered how he got that scar. Paul asks if the scar or the movies triggered anything. Carl says nothing. Ruth waits breathlessly for his answer.

While Chris is still with Millie, Millie has the horrible memory of Alice and Al's New Year's Eve visit when Alice told her that Grace is going to help her find Cassie. Chris assures her that she's going to get better. Her testimony is important and will make a big difference because she was there when Alice left Cassie as a baby. Fred comes in and meets Millie, assuring her that they'll get along just fine. He'll come every other day to check on her and they'll use the blink system. Before she leaves, Chris promises to do everything within her power to keep Cassie safe. When Millie is alone, she looks upward, as if she's praying for help.

NEIL goes to the hospital and meets OLIVIA. There has been no change in MALCOLM'S condition. Olivia holds onto the hope that Malcolm did make it through the night. He asks if Nate knows and Olivia tells him that she can't tell him. He's already lost one father and she doesn't think that Nate could handle seeing Malcolm hooked up to all the machines.

GINA and CALLIE talk about Malcolm. Callie feels like she needs to be at the hospital. Gina stops her from going, telling her that's the last place she needs to be. Neil comes in to update Callie about Malcolm's condition. He explains that there's not much they can do until he regains consciousness. Callie wants to see Malcolm. Neil tells her to think of someone other than herself. Malcolm needs his wife right now, not his old girlfriend.

The NEUROLOGIST is talking to Olivia when the nurse calls both of them in. Malcolm seems to be rousing and Olivia talks to him frantically. He slips back into unconsciousness. The doctor no sooner gets the words, "That's a good sign" out of his mouth before Malcolm starts convulsing. Olivia is hysterical.

Friday, January 29, 1999

Directed by Mike Denney

NIKKI is seething because VICTOR is late coming home. In fact, she doesn't even know where he is. When MIGUEL asks about dinner, Nikki angrily says that Victor can eat it cold for all she cares. However her angry demeanor melts when she sees Victor come through the door. He explains that he's been to Los Angeles to talk to Brooke Logan and he's made a deal with her against Jack's wishes. Nikki comments that Jabot is Jack's baby and he'll be mad. Victor tells her that he has to show that man who's still in charge. He also is sure that the settlement will be over soon. Nikki is eager. Victor says that he wants to make love to his beautiful wife. He gathers her in his arms and takes her upstairs.

At Gina's, NEIL reinforces that CALLIE should stay away from the hospital. Callie says he can't keep her from the man she loves. Neil grabs her arms to stop her from going. While he argues with Callie, Neil's cell phone rings and it's OLIVIA. MALCOLM has had seizures and Neil must come right away. Neil rushes out of Gina's. Gina tells Callie to stay put, but Callie rushes out to the hospital too.

MEGAN is getting great compliments on her leather jacket at Crimson Lights. She asks JAY if Tony's back. He hasn't seen him for days. She rationalizes that if he had returned he'd have called. She orders some hot and spicy nachos and Jay comments on her new image. She finds a table and waits for her order. TRICIA comes in complaining about Ryan being Phillip's babysitter. She has some packages with her and tells Meg that she has to go home and set the scene so that she and Ryan can make their own little boy. Meg asks what if it's a girl. Tricia says unenthusiastically that a girl would be fine, but it's obvious she wants a boy to "replace" Phillip. She then gives Tricia the third degree about her leather jacket. She thinks Meg is making a huge mistake by investing her time in Tony. Meg tells her to mind her own business and Tricia leaves for her "romantic evening." Meg ponders just what will happen when Tony returns.

When the DESK CLERK won't give MARY any other information, Mary gives her this "good Samaritan" story and the clerk gives in. The clerk wants to know if she should ring the room and Mary hesitates. She then says no and hangs up. CHARLIE asks why she didn't talk to Ruth. Mary explains that this woman needs more than a voice over the phone -- she needs a face-to-face visit. Charlie says that Ruth and her husband may not like unexpected visitors. Mary tells him if that's the case, she'll just leave.

DIANE and MICHAEL are having dinner and discussing strategy for the settlement. Diane announces that she and Jack are back together. She also tells him that she's willing to go for the Board seat as long as it doesn't drag out the proceedings. Michael tells her they'll start high and let Victor's lawyers chisel them down. Then just as it looks like everything is wrapped up, they'll hit them with the Board seat. It will be the deal breaker. By this time Victor should be so tired of haggling that he just may give in. After all, Michael says, Victor has been pressured from all directions, especially from Nikki and work.

CARL, unfortunately, doesn't have any memories of the things Paul showed him in the home movies. Paul says, "Not yet." Ruth angrily asks if Paul expects Carl to stay in "this God-forsaken town." Then she tells Paul he's selfish. Paul tells her that Carl is his father and Carl owes it to him to try and recall his former life. Ruth then issues Carl an ultimatum and asks if they have a future together. Carl tells her that it's not all black and white. Ruth thinks it is. She tells him he has a choice -- stay here and be brainwashed by strangers or leave it and let it go. Carl says that Paul is his son and he can't just leave it now. Ruth then tells them she thinks it's time that Mary knows. Paul adamantly disagrees. His mother thinks Carl is dead. Ruth argues that this is tearing her soul out. Carl apologizes, but he doesn't know what else to do. Ruth tells Paul if he's so determined to take "Jim" away from her they should lay all their cards on the table. Just then Mary knocks on the door, calling out for Ruth. Paul motions for Ruth to remain silent. Mary continues to knock.

RYAN comes to pick up PHILLIP. He mentions that it feels odd for him to be babysitting for NINA while she's out on a date. Nina admits it does seem strange. Phillip runs out and gives Ryan a long, loving hug. He's really excited about the movie. The doorbell rings and Ryan is thrown. He expected to be gone before Nina's date came. BRETT comes in and compliments Nina. Phillip gives Brett a hug, too. Ryan nonchalantly begins to give them a subtle third degree about their date. Nina teases and asks if he'd like to be their chaperone. Brett asks if Ryan is going to give them a curfew. Ryan assured her that it's just in case he needs to find her in case of an emergency. Nina tells him they'll be at Gina's. Phillip and Ryan leave. Brett tells Nina he's curious about the situation between her and Ryan. Nina tells him that Ryan is happily married to "Miss Teen USA" and she's happily divorced. She assures Brett he has nothing to worry about. Brett and Nina show signs of good chemistry, even though both are a little on the shy side at this point.

JACK and BRAD prepare for their meeting. DANE MICHAELS arrives and Jack introduces him to Brad. Dane tells them everyone is present and ready to get started. Jack introduces Brad to TED PHELPS and CYNTHIA ADAMS. Jack announces that Olsen, one of the big clients that NE lost when Victor's scandal first hit the air, has signed a contract to come back to NE. The group finds this amazing, but Dane owes it all to the brilliance of Jack and Brad. In fact, he suggests that NE doesn't even need Victor. Cynthia is hesitant. She can't imagine NE without Victor at the helm. Brad warns them not to get ahead of themselves. Dane believes that their top talent and clients like having the company run by Brad and Jack. After all, this is a publicly-owned company. Jack tells the group that they need more good quarterly reports under their belt before they discuss something like this. Ted can't believe that Dane is suggesting ousting Victor. Dane informs everyone that he, himself, is a maverick -- like Victor once was. He asks what they think of Brad and Jack running the company permanently and Victor taking an early retirement. Brad and Jack exchange glances.

Olivia tells Malcolm's doctor that she remembers a similar case where the patient died after convulsing. An EEG and MRI are ordered for Malcolm. Neil arrives and Olivia explains what happened. She tells him that there are many variables that will determine Malcolm's survival and she's worried. She says that the MRI is a good test and that it will show them just how much brain damage Malcolm's suffered. Callie watches from the corner of the hallway. A nurse comes to tell Olivia that the tests are finished. Callie follows Neil and Olivia into the room. Olivia sees Callie and starts yelling at her. Neil tells Callie to leave, but she says she can't go and pushes past both of them to stand at the end of Malcolm's bed. Suddenly Malcolm's eyes open and Olivia stands beside him talking to him in a frantic voice, afraid he'll lose consciousness again. The nurse informs them that his vital signs are stable. Malcolm looks at Olivia as if he doesn't recognize her. Then he sees Callie at the end of the bed. Looking straight at Callie, Malcolm asks, "How ya doing, baby?" Olivia is crushed.

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Trevor St. John opens up about return to daytime, Y&R role


Kimberlin Brown's daughter, Alexes Pelzer, returning to B&B
Alley Mills joins General Hospital
DAYS alum to play Johnny Depp in new film
Alley Mills joins General Hospital
Kate Linder's OpportuniTea postponed until spring 2023
Michael Damian reprising role as Y&R's Danny Romalotti
The Young and the Restless' Rory Gibson is engaged
Trevor St. John opens up about return to daytime, Y&R role
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