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Nick decided to give up on his marriage and leave town. Phyllis tried to tell Victor about the takeover attempt, but he threw her out of his office. Carl blasted Ruth for arranging the meeting between him and Mary.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, February 1, 1999

Special thanks to Leah Belknap for her help!

PAUL and RUTH are arguing while MARY continues to knock on the door. He warns Ruth not to do or say anything that will inflict pain on his mother. Mary continues to knock and calls out to let them know she heard voices. CARL interjects that hopefully she'll just go away. Ruth asks Paul what she should do. Paul tells her that since Mary knows she's here, she must answer the door but his eyes reinforce his earlier demand that Mary not be told of the secret that binds them all. He tells her that whatever Ruth may think, his mother is not ready for this. Ruth says she must answer the door, so Paul and Carl depart into another room. When Ruth answers the door, she explains that she must have dosed off. She's invite Mary in, but her husband has the flu. Mary assures her that she's had her flu shot, but Ruth continues to talk to her through the crack in the door. Finally Mary suggest that the two of them go somewhere. Ruth agrees, telling Mary she'll inform "Jim" she's going out and get her coat and purse. Mary looks very confused.

Ruth and Mary end up at Mary's house. Mary offers cake, but Ruth declines. Feeling extremely uncomfortable, Ruth wants to leave, but Mary insists that she stay a minute longer. She has a folder of area businesses and restaurants that have the best service and prices. Mary's sincere kindness unsettles Ruth. When Mary invites Ruth and "Jim" to dinner when he's feeling better, Ruth promises to call. Mary says she has a feeling that she and Ruth have a lot in common.

At the hotel, Carl sits and wrings his hands. Paul asks him what's wrong. He shares with Paul the moment of anticipation he felt when he knew that Mary was on the other side of the door. All he'd have had to do was open it and the woman with whom he'd spent so many years of his life would have been face to face with him. Now that the moment is past, he wonders what it would have been like to see her. Paul asks if he wanted to open the door, but Carl says, "No, no. Not yet." Paul suggests that until Carl has a better idea of what he wants and how he'd react seeing Mary it would be best to keep the door closed. Paul is worried why it's taking so long and wonders if Ruth snapped and told his mother what's going on. Carl sympathizes with Ruth's caginess but Paul wonders if she should be waiting here in GC. Carl tells his son that Ruth has a right to be here and waiting in another city would be even harder. Paul wants to hang out with Carl until Ruth gets back. They decide to order a pizza because they're both starving. Carl warns him that he likes hot green peppers, so Paul can order it on Carl's half of the pizza. Paul smiles and tells him he knows about the peppers because that's just the way he ordered pizza when Paul was a kid. Carl's furrowed brow expression his wonderment at this revelation.

Paul asks if Carl wants to watch more home movies, but he declines. He asks if Paul has told anyone else about discovering that Carl's still alive. When Paul says no, Carl points out that it may be a good thing, since he doesn't want to get Paul's hopes up. Paul tells his father that all he ever wanted for him to try. If Carl doesn't remember then Paul will deal with it. Carl sees that Paul is sincere about this. Paul tells him that "his father" always told him to face your fear, not run from it.

Ruth comes back and Paul asks how things went and she admits everything went well. Paul thanks her for not telling his mother. Obviously bitter, Ruth tells Paul she should thank him because he has everything to gain while she has everything to lose. Paul leaves and asks his father to please watch Ruth. He will not let his mother be hurt and Carl agrees with him.

BRETT and NINA are at Gina's and Brett asks if the table is all right. It is a rather intimate little spot and he wants Nina to feel comfortable. She assures him that the location of the table is just fine. "I'll be safe," she states with an air of humor. "If you can't trust your sons soccer coach who can you trust?" This seems to put them both more at ease. Brett tells Nina how pleased he is that she agreed to have dinner with him. She jokes that he says that to all the soccer moms. Seriously, Brett promises that Nina is his first and crosses his heart to show his sincerity. He compliments Nina on how she handles Phillip, adding that Phillip is a special kid, so Nina must be a special mother. Brett raves about Gina's food. He admits that he wasn't totally honest with Nina about why he was attracted to her. She's a published writer and that's a lifelong dream of his. To write something that others would find worthy of reading seems such a daunting task. How did she get past this, he wants to know? She tells him that she had the support of friends and family. Otherwise, she wouldn't be the woman she is today. Brett says that she's glad she rose above it because he's attracted to her self-assurance and the air of confidence she exudes.

RYAN and PHILLIP are at Crimson Lights after the movie having some hot chocolate. Phillip wants to see another movie, but Ryan tells him that that will put them home way after midnight. Phillip insists that they'll still make it home before his mom and Brett. Ryan curiously inquires if his mother told Phillip that she'd be out late. Phillip reminds him that his mom is on a date, as if that is reason enough to expect that Nina and Brett will be out past midnight.

MEGAN joins Ryan and Phillip at Crimson Lights. She expresses a desire to invite Ryan and Tricia to Tony's welcome home party, but is reluctant because of how her sister feels about Tony. Ryan tells Meg that Tricia is just looking out for her. Meg appreciates that, but tells Ryan that Tricia is NOT her mother. She wants Ryan to help convince Tricia that Tony is a great guy and Ryan promises to do what he can. Meg tells them both good-bye. Ryan finishes his hot chocolate and checks his watch, obviously thinking of Nina's date.

After MALCOLM is awake and recognizes CALLIE, she calls him "Muscles," apparently an old nickname the two of them shared when they were dating. He asks where he is and tells Callie that he's glad that she's there. A smile comes over Callie's face. Olivia insists that Callie leave, but Callie declines, stating that she is the only one that Malcolm recognizes and she's not leaving until that changes. Now is the time for them to leave their difference aside and work together for Malcolm's sake. Olivia again asks her to leave and she tells them she's only leaving to phone Gina and gets coffee. She offers to get them coffee too, but they decline. After Callie leaves, NEIL offers to have Callie thrown out, but Olivia agrees with Callie. If Callie can help Malcolm she doesn't want to get in the way of that. Olivia holds Malcolm's hand and when he squeezes it, she wonders if it's her hand he's squeezing or Callie's. Olivia asks Malcolm if he knows who she is and he asks if she's a doctor. Olivia asks if he recognizes her and he says that he does and calls her by name. He adds that she's his beautiful wife and his sexy lady doctor. Olivia looks relieved. Callie watches this transaction from the hall. Malcolm and Neil talk and Neil jokes that Malcolm should be grateful that it was his hard head that was hit. Olivia begins to question Malcolm about events prior to the attack and he looks confused. Neil suggests that maybe she should wait until later to explore those topics. Olivia agrees and tells him she'll talk to him later. A bit of the old, joking Malcolm shows when he asks if that means that he's going to live, remarking that he has a terrible headache. When Neil and Olivia start to leave, Malcolm grabs Olivia's hand and reminds her that he's the only patient she can kiss.

Malcolm's doctor catches her on her way out of the room and tells her he has the test results. Olivia asks him to "make something up" if it's not good news. He just smiles and nods toward the waiting room area. The doctor brings good news, telling Neil, Olivia, and Callie that the bruising is shallow and the swelling 90% gone. Olivia informs the doctor that Malcolm is fully awake and looks at Callie triumphantly. After the doctor leaves, Callie assures Olivia that she WANTS Malcolm to remember Olivia and their life together. Neil feels that Callie that he thinks it's time for her to leave. She's leaving, Callie says, but only to go to the hospital chapel to say a pray of thankfulness for Malcolm's improved condition.

At NE, DANE continues to express his wishes that JACK and BRAD run the company, phasing Victor out for early retirement. Brad quietly that it could be a possibility. Jack insists that this arrangement is only temporary. TED and CYNTHIA are wary of the entire topic. Ted thinks that Victor is "a bloody genius" and not only is this conversation stupid, it's treasonous. Ted will not betray the trust of Victor. Victor's only crime was poor judgment in his personal life. Dane continues to interject his feeling that NE needs new blood and that Jack and Brad are the ones to step up to the task. Everyone looks uncomfortable. Ted and Cynthia tell Dane that this conversation is premature. Ted bluntly states that if Dane doesn't like how things are run, he's welcome to leave. Jack adjourns the meeting and tells them he'll be in touch with them tomorrow. After everyone is gone, an angry Brad insists that next time Jack is going to have "his lapdog, Dane test the waters," he'd like to know in advance. Brad insists that it was a dangerous move to have Dane so openly pushing for them to run the company. Jack disagrees and tells him that they have to get "their troops" in order. Besides, soon they will have Diane on the board. Brad grounds Jack by telling him that she's not on the board at present.

MEGAN shows up at the garage where Tony works and wants to know when he'll be back. His boss, JOE CONNERS, tells Meg that Tony is supposed to call when he's on his way home. That should be sometime next week, but he's not holding Tony to it since he told him to take his time. Meg tells him she's a close friend of Tony's and she'd like to throw him a welcome home party, but doesn't know where it will be held. Joe asks if he's invited and even suggests holding the party at Tony's. He asks if she's Tony's girlfriend and Meg answers, "Sort of." Joe is pleased for Tony because he knows that Tony suffered a lot of grief with Grace. Suddenly, he acts as if he's made a mistake and wonders if Meg is Grace. She assures him she's not. Joe comments that Meg doesn't seem like Tony's type, but Meg assures him that looks can be deceiving. He instructs Meg to give him a call in a few days and he'll be able to tell her more about Tony's estimated time of arrival in GC.

Ryan and Phillip arrive at Nina's apartment before she and Brett. Phillip confides that he feels strange about his mother dating but hopes she will do it more so that the two of them can have more "guy nights." Brett and Nina arrive. Brett tells Nina that he had a wonderful time and asks permission to kiss her. They kiss and just as the kiss turns more passionate, Ryan comes out of Phillip's room and interrupts them. Ryan comments that he should be going, but hangs around. This prompts Brett to say he must leave as well. Ryan says that Phillip's probably still awake because of the excitement of the evening, which allows him to bring up the subject of Brent and Nina's date. Brent and Nina's eyes are drawn to each other as if they share a secret, and they admit they had a great time too. Ryan stills lingers in the apartment and Nina graciously says goodnight to both of them. She is most pleased with how her evening has ended.

MICHAEL enters the conference room and gives Jack and Brad the update on Diane's intentions about pursuing the board seat. He feels that he should at least know what's going on. Jack is more than cordial with Michael, which make Michael suspicious. Why the red carpet treatment, he wants to know? Michael tells Jack that Jack's worked wonders on Diane because she's willing to go for the Board seat even though she suspects she will not get it. Jack is pleased and wants to know how long the settlement process will take. However, when Michael tells him that it will probably be accomplished within two weeks to a month, Jack panics. He wants Michael to delay the settlement. Michael tells Jack that would not be an unintelligent move for two reasons. For starters, he's had a difficult time getting Diane to go for the Board seat at all, but most importantly, Victor is ready to move now and he might smell a rat. He assumed that Jack and Brad would be elated that Diane and Victor have reached this threshold in the divorce proceedings. He demands to know why the sudden air of thwarted anticipation has manifested itself. Jack says nothing. Michael now demands to know what's going on if they want his help. Jack assures him that they just need a few more weeks. Michael lets them know that he expects to be rewarded and Jack promises he will be -- handsomely. Michael leaves them with these parting words, "Damn right, I will be!"

Brad says that their window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller. Jack agrees and informs Brad that they need some information on Victor that will tip the scales in their favor. "Like what?" Brad asks. Jack just grins devilishly.

Tuesday, February 2, 1999

While NICK and VICTORIA wait for their father at Gina's, Nick wonders what they've done wrong. Victoria asks about Sharon, but Nick would rather not talk about her, sure that there is nothing left for them. VICTOR arrives, greeting both his children, and announces that NE will collaborate with Forrester Creations on a line of lingerie and a signature fragrance. Victor castigates an insolent Nick on the spot, demanding Nick's respect. Suddenly, this collaboration is of great significance to Nick because he sees it as his way out of GC. Victor leaves, telling them both to think about what he's said. Nick confides to Victoria that his father expects them to listen to every word he utters without returning the favor. To Nick, it seems that his father denigrates every proposal Nick makes. If he moves to Los Angeles, perhaps Sharon will miss him and she'll open the door toward reconciliation. Worried, Victoria asks him if he's thought about how his move would affect Cassie and Noah. Nick surmises that it's Sharon's attitude that is confusing because she's so cold to him whenever he and the children are together.

NINA finally allows herself to give in and call BRETT. She tells him that she'd like his literary advice on a story she's written. Initially dumbstruck at Nina's request, he accepts. When he arrives, she offers him coffee and cake and hands him her manuscript. Handing it back to her, Brett tells her that he'd rather have her read to him because he loves the sound of her voice. His compliment leaves her speechless, but she finds her voice and begins reading. Brett settles back and is mesmerized as the magic of the words flow from her lips. When she finishes, he is quiet, leaving Nina to conclude that something is wrong. Brett quietly admires her work and admits that he wishes he could write like she does. "I guess that's why I teach and you create," he says. Touched at his honesty and moved by the longing of Brett's creative soul, she tells him not to give up. She then confesses that the manuscript was only one reason she asked him over. She apologizes for any awkwardness caused by Ryan's presence. Brett admits that it was weird riding the elevator with her ex-husband, but he survived. He mentions their interrupted kiss and Nina moves toward him. Flaming the sparks that were ignited last night, they fan them into a blaze with a hungry, passionate kiss.

Basking alone behind the desk of the "great Victor Newman," Jack is interrupted by Brad, reminding him that he should make room for two. Jack wastes no time in telling Brad that he doesn't think that he's carrying the ball in their battle for the take-over. Brad asks Jack to be cool and trust him. Jack forcefully tells Brad that they need to think dirty -- low down and dirty. While they are trying to find dirt on Victor, Brad suggests that he talk with each Board member. Jack tells him that they will see right through him and advises him not to do anything. Brad insists that he has the gift of subtly, which unfortunately Jack does not possess. Jack angrily says that they must play strategically because this is war. Brad points out that it's only personal between Jack and Victor. Jack completely agrees because he's been a victim of Victor's personal pilfering in his own life. He hits a nerve with Brad when he inquires as to whether Victor has ever taken something personally from him. Saying nothing, Brad broods over the question, possibly remembering Nikki and how Victor completely obliterated his wedding day.

When GRACE and MICHAEL discuss strategy, Grace admits that she wants to be a kink in the Newmans' necks until the end of time. AL arrives and Michael's presence immediately produces attitude problems for Al. Although suspicious, Al is greedy enough to let Michael's presence go and immediately starts talking about a money deal involving Cassie. Grace and Michael's concern is that Alice isn't present, but Al assures them that he's there to speak for both of them. Michael tells him that no deal will be discussed until they've spoken to Alice. Suddenly aware that Michael is a lawyer, Al immediately threatens Grace -- either Michael goes or he does. Michael calms Al down by telling him that this is a deal that means "boat loads" of money for him and Alice, but they have to deal with it the way Michael suggests.

COLE enters the Jabot Paris office and greets Ashley's secretary. Knowing who Cole is, the secretary is nervous. Cole is so demanding that the secretary finally tells him that Ashley is in Madrid. Wondering why his wife is in Madrid, Cole asks her to book him a flight. When the secretary hesitates, he tells her that he'll take care of it himself.

ASHLEY and RAPHAEL meet in Ashley's room. Still angry with him, she tells him she's going back to Paris. Raphael offers to go with her and meet Cole, after all Ashley is his stepsister by her biological father, Brent Davis. All Ashley can concentrate on is how Raphael has allowed her to compromise an old friendship and involve her in a criminal situation. Raphael tries to explain that when his mother and her father were alive, they were drawn into a "get rich quick scheme" and borrowed millions from seedy lenders. His father died, leaving his mother to repay the debt. When his mother died, the lenders came after him and asked him to pay the debt with the only thing he values more than his life -- a painting, which he can't give up. Ashley has no sympathy for him and blames him for having missed her flight. Sarcastically she asks Raphael if he's even worth helping.

ALICE treats MILLIE like dirt underneath her feet. She tells her that Millie never showed any love for her and continues to rant about how she's finally got herself together. Berating Millie's mothering skills, the nurse comes in and is shocked that Alice could talk to Millie that way. Alice threatens to report her to the head nurse and Millie's nurse self-assuredly invites Alice to do just that. When the nurse is gone, Alice tortures Millie with the thought that soon she will have Cassie all to herself and to keep Millie from poisoning Cassie against her, Millie will be shipped off to some home. Returning with Millie's juice, the nurse mentions Alice's rudeness. Alice voices an empty, hollow apology and assures the nurse she didn't mean it. The nurse leaves for good and Alice begins to taunt Millie again, reminding her that "Millie's good friend Grace Turner" is going to help her get Cassie back and Millie will be out to pasture. When Alice flaunts out of the room, Millie musters all her strength and mumbles, "No, no, no, no!"

Wanting time away from the ranch, SHARON and DORIS enjoy coffee at Gina's. Sharon expresses a desire to forgive Nicholas, but she just can't forget what he did. Doris wisely tells Sharon that it's so much easier to hold on to the anger than to search her heart for the strength to decide which pain is worse: the pain of betrayal, which is temporary or losing a family, which is forever. Doris surmises that Nick has made efforts to reach out to Sharon, which she has shunned. She tells Sharon that she's allowed a little anger to get her over the rough spots but warns her that too much anger makes her ugly. Sharon's phone rings and CHRIS tells her that it's urgent that she sees her. Doris leaves Sharon with these parting words: Sharon wants to take Nick back, but she needs a little push and perhaps her children are the push she needs. Cassie and Noah deserve a mom and a dad. As Sharon leaves Gina's, she sees Nick and Victoria. Stopping to speak only, she declines their offer to sit. After she leaves, Nick is sure now that he needs to leave GC. At least Sharon might miss him if he was out of sight. He intends to talk to his father about a transfer and he'll make Victor listen whether he wants to or not.

PAUL is completely baffled that a judge would give Alice custody of Cassie instead of Sharon, but Chris reminds him that Alice is the legal mother. Earlier, Paul had suggested that Sharon needs to know the whole situation and they await her arrival. Chris asks why the situation with Mary is different than this situation and Paul cuts her off. Paul asks Lynne if they've run a Federal check on the "short-eye" (Al). Questioning Paul's terminology, he tells her it's a trade term for people who are child molEsthers. Lynne leaves to start on it and a frantic Sharon arrives about the same time. Chris goes about the unpleasant task of telling Sharon that Alice is now searching for Cassie. Completely unprepared for this, Sharon's expression speaks volumes of fear.

Wednesday, February 3, 1999

#6557 Directed by Heather H. Hill

Informing BRAD and JACK that Brooke Logan made an extremely compelling case, VICTOR tells them that it was an offer that couldn't be refused. Jack walks around the office a bit, but doesn't say anything. Finally, Jack tells Victor that he will be glad to implement the collaboration, stating that you win some and you lose some. After Victor leaves, Brad compliments Jack on his restraint. Jack tells Brad that the Forrester Creations deal was nothing more than a ploy to show them that they may do his bidding, but Victor has the final say. Brad and Jack begin to argue because patience, time, and tempers are short. Interrupted by NEIL, they put the argument aside. They've called Neil in to bring him up to par on the meeting they had with the division heads. Neil is curious as to their thoughts of the fourth quarterly report showing NE growth under Brad and Jack's command. Brad starts to tell Neil some of the comments that were made at the meeting, but Jack cuts Brad off and tells Neil that they'll get back to him. When Neil is gone, Brad wants to know what the hell that was about. Being very secretive, Jack smiles and tells Brad that they may have found their solution. Confused, Brad would like to be privy to Jack's brainstorm. Jack tells him that he will know all in good time, but Victor has just made a huge mistake -- one that will allow Jack to bring Victor down.

MICHAEL worries that Millie may be a problem. She could paint an extremely harmful picture of Alice. AL assures them that Millie won't say a word because she's had a stroke. In fact, Millie's timing couldn't be better. Michael bursts his bubble a bit when he tells Al that if Millie can blink, she can testify in a court of law. Al is adamant that he doesn't want this to end up in court. Setting up what might lie ahead, Michael tells Al that if they have trouble, a little theatrics from Alice would help a great deal. GRACE insists that it is imperative that they speak with Alice and picks up the phone asking Al to call her. Handing them a line about Alice being with her mother now, he promises that he'll talk to Alice when he gets back to Madison. Knowing that Grace and Michael mean business, he warns them that Alice is such a great liar that sometimes she believes her own lies. If Alice were to say that she wanted her little girl back, they should take it with a grain of salt. Michael warns him that if this goes to court the deal is off and there will be no money. Al asks just how much money they're talking about and Grace tells him enough to make him very comfortable. Michael has to go back to the office, but before he leaves Al asks Grace if she'd like to go somewhere for coffee. Michael gives Grace an uneasy look, but she tells Michael that they'll be in a public place and everything will be fine. With an air of definite sexuality, Al tells Grace that the best part of this whole ordeal for him was the pleasure of meeting her.

Surrounded by the trademark lipstick marks of Brash & Sassy tattooed on the walls of VICTORIA'S office, RYAN finds her hard at work. They discuss the new collaboration of NE and Forrester Creations and decide this could definitely be a big project for their division. Ryan wonders what Ashley must think of this and Vicki is quick to tell him that she's out of the country, has been for some time, but now Cole's gone to Europe to be with her. Neil interrupts them briefly to give them an update on Malcolm, but there are no sparks between him and Vicki. Sensing that something is wrong, Ryan asks what's going on. He sees she still wearing Neil's engagement ring, but there was no sense of warmth and affection between them earlier. He asks Victoria if this has anything to do with Cole and Vicki admits that things were intense between them after Eve's death. Urging her to be honest and reminding her that she can tell him anything, Ryan pushes for the central truth. Victoria admits that she and Cole made a deeper connection than ever before and their ability to communicate now is so much easier. Ryan brings her back to reality by stating that Cole is a married man. Ryan sees Neil's ring on Vicki's finger, but he has to wonder if they're still engaged.

What RAPHAEL calls family, ASHLEY explains, is the fact that she and Raphael share the same biological father, a man she barely knew. Now in the name of his so-called family, he's involved Ashley in carrying a forgery across international borders and compromised her friendship with Lady Marjorie Huddleston. Raphael has little concern for any of this because Lady Huddleston has the painting hanging on her wall and she is very happy. Now he has the REAL "La Senora Desconsolada" to love and admire, even though his love for the painting may seem ludicrous. He tells Ashley that while he was growing up, his mother spent most of her time looking for men to marry and spent very little time with him. The painting was his only comfort because he could look into the sad face of the Senora and knew someone understood what he felt. He mentions Cole and Ashley swears he will never meet him. Raphael says that, as a writer, Cole would understand. Ashley tells him that artists value truth and honesty and as far as she can tell, Raphael doesn't have any concept of those two ideals. He tells her that she is beautiful, but also cruel.

When there's a knock on the door later, Ashley mutters that it better not be Raphael. She opens the door to find Cole and she grabs him as if she might never let go. She asks him if he's mad and apologizes for not keeping in touch. His anger seems to have subsided and he just asks that next time she confide in him. When Ashley tells him how much she missed him, Cole provocatively tells her to show him. He goes to the bed and motions with his index finger for her to join him. After they've made passionate love, Ashley cries because it was such a beautiful experience for her. It is so wonderful that he came to Madrid and it's wonderful to be in his arms. Cole tells her he knows she's been under a lot of pressure because he talked to Brad about the situation. Not quite knowing what is in store for her in the next part of the conversation, Ashley turns away from Cole and she is obviously frightened.

ALICE catches MILLIE trying to tell the nurse to warn Cassie, even though the nurse doesn't understand. Alice tells the nurse that she's taking her mother home today and the nurse wants to know if it's under doctor's orders. Not trusting Alice, the nurse leaves the room to check with Millie's doctor. When they are alone, Alice hatefully tells Millie that she's got to get her out of her before she ruins everything.

Later the ambulance attendant brings Millie into her home and Alice tells him just to "put her over there." He also questions Millie's status because he'd been told she was to be transported to the "Angels of Mercy Nursing Home." Alice assures him she can take care of her and rushes him out the door. While Millie sits alone and scared, Alice's first thoughts are not of taking care of her mother, but the whereabouts of Al. She thinks he should have been home by now. Knowing he went to meet with Grace, she decides to call there and find out just what's going on. Seeing that Alice is only worried about keeping her quiet, Millie looks as if she knows her days are numbered unless someone intervenes.

Interrupting his father's workout in the gym, NICK wants to talk to VICTOR about the real possibility of being transferred out of GC. Victor understands Nick's frustration, but tells him that running away is not the answer. Victor knows he wants to go to the L. A. office, but he cannot send him there in all good conscience. Nick tells his father that he has come to believe that Sharon will never trust him again. It's not just that he can't handle the stress, he believes that his presence is not good for Sharon or the kids. It's obvious that Nick and his father will never see eye-to-eye on how Nick wants to proceed with his life. Victor doesn't understand---he's tried time after time to offer Nick solutions. Nick stands up to his father and tells Victor that his "bigger than life" solutions just aren't Nick's style and they certainly won't win Sharon's favor. Very angry over what he considers disrespect from his son, Victor tells Nick that he (Victor) has come a long way doing things his way. He advises Nick to practice patience; after all he hurt Sharon very deeply. The reason that she treats Nick so coldly is that she still loves him and this is the only way she can handle it at the moment. Nick is adamant that the best way to give Sharon the space and time she's asked for is for him to leave GC.

SHARON is outraged to find that CHRIS and PAUL have been in touch with Millie, but Chris tells her that it was a good thing she decided to do it. Millie has let them know that Alice is back in town and she wants Cassie back. Sharon blames Chris for just not staying out of it, but Paul tells her to stop saying what she wants to believe and start listening to the truth. Chris explains that Millie is on their side, but she's had a stroke. Chris went to see her and found out that Alice now knows that Sharon Collins is Cassie's birth mother, but she doesn't know where Sharon is or her married name. Chris wants Sharon to file for custody but Sharon refuses, siting that it would bring Alice right to her front doorstep and she won't allow that to happen. Sharon realizes that the law is on Alice's side and she will do anything to keep her daughter. She storms out of Paul's office and Chris wonders if Sharon will just take the children and leave.

Thursday, February 4, 1999

#6558 Directed by Sally McDonald

SHARON enters the house, calling frantically for Cassie. Afraid that something is wrong, LISA comes out of the nursery to see if she can calm Sharon and tells her that Cassie is in her room reading. Grabbing Lisa, Sharon makes her swear that from this moment on, Lisa will never let Cassie out of her sight. Although she doesn't understand why Sharon insists on this, Lisa assures her she'll do just that. Sharon asks Lisa to leave and when Lisa opens the door to go, CHRIS is waiting on the doorstep. Sharon argues vehemently with Chris about seeking legal custody of Cassie. When Sharon insists they are through talking, Chris tells her that she knows Sharon plans to take the children and run. Chris describes a horrible life of moving from town to town, always one eye over Sharon's shoulder, bringing Sharon to tears. Chris then explains that after running, the police will find her and when they do she will have ruined any chance of ever gaining custody of her daughter. With the wild eyes of a caged animal, Sharon finally agrees not to run, but tells Chris that she's still confused about opening up the case legally. Chris tells her that they must move as soon as possible because it's important for them to fire the first shot and start the proceedings on their terms. When Sharon tells Chris she must have time to think, Chris tells her that they don't have a moment to waste; it's the only way to protect Cassie.

VICTORIA calls Brad to set up a meeting with him, only to find that he's tied up at the moment with overseas business. Meanwhile, BRAD makes a call to Madrid to explain the story he gave Cole about Ashley. When Ashley answers, she pretends it's a business call and tells him that the information has already been passed along. When Brad enters Victoria's office, she wants to know what Brad thinks of the Forrester Creations-Jabot collaboration. Brad explains that he and Jack vetoed the idea, but Brooke Logan took her case to a higher power -- Victor. Finding it hard to believe that Ashley hasn't at least called or faxed about the news, Victoria is more than curious. Brad feeds Victoria the same embezzlement story that he told Cole about Ashley's trip. Victoria remarks that it seems Ashley regards an old family friend above her relatively new husband. Brad questions whether Victoria is more interested in Ashley's business in Europe or Cole's. Looking out the window behind her desk later, Victoria decides she can't swallow Brad's fairytale story and wonders what Ashley is really up to. Sharing coffee at Crimson Lights, AL tries to instill in GRACE an air of trust for him. He assures her that Alice isn't looking to have a kid underfoot. With the instinct of a con man, he tells Grace that he feels that she wants to "screw over her friend Sharon." He uncannily lays Grace's life out before her, stating that at one time she was close enough to Sharon to find Cassie but something must have happened and Grace wants revenge. Too close for comfort, Grace says she must leave and Al follows her to her apartment.

Back in Madison, ALICE is climbing the walls wondering where Al is. She tells MILLIE she's going to take a shower, thinking that Millie's can't get into much trouble. However, Millie is able to call Liberty Hospital and successfully reaches the fourth floor nurses station where she asks for Greta, the kind nurse that was assigned to her. Before Greta can reach the phone, Alice breaks the connections and warns Millie that she will not allow her to ruin her plan, even if it means ripping the phone off the wall. Back at Grace's apartment, Al makes a pass at Grace but before she can say much, she hears the telephone inside. When she answers, it's Alice looking for Al. Al takes the phone and Alice tells him to come home immediately because her mother almost succeeded in making a phone call. "We've got to put a lid on this," states Alice almost criminally.

Picking up a take-out order for Tony's welcome home party later this evening, MEGAN is greeted by TRICIA and RYAN. They question the large order and she tells them that Tony will be home later. Ryan asks if they are invited to the party and Meg says they can come, as long as Tricia leaves her attitude at home and gives Tony a chance. Tricia promises to control herself and waves good-bye as Meg and JAY carry out the food and a cooler of ice. When Tricia sees Tony's address she's appalled, stating that it's in a seedy part of town. She doesn't like where Tony lives, but she intends to go to this party with a smile on her face because she doesn't want to turn Megan away from her.

OLIVIA brings NATE to see MALCOLM, explaining that Malcolm looks different and he'll be tired. In the hospital room, Nate slowly approaches the bed, telling Malcolm that he's not afraid. A tiny spark of the old Malcolm shows through when he tries to joke with Nate, who then breaks down, admitting that he was scared. The nurse comes in at this opportune moment and offers to take Nate with her on a break for hot chocolate. When they are alone, Olivia seems rather cold to Malcolm and he asks what's wrong. She assures him that everything is fine, but a cheery Callie interrupts their visit. Olivia looks at her coldly and to make matters worse, she's paged in the ER. Callie tells Olivia not to worry; she'll not stay long and Olivia tells her that Malcolm does need his rest. Callie informs him that the police think he was robbed and Malcolm tells her that if they wanted money all they had to do was ask. What he really wants to know is if Callie noticed anything awkward between him and Olivia. Callie attributes it to her own presence but Malcolm tells her that Olivia was acting funny before Callie showed up. Malcolm asks if there was anything that happened while he was in the hospital that he needs to know about.

NEIL is waiting for Olivia in her office when she comes in. Neil's not there by coincidence; he wants to know how Olivia felt when Malcolm recognized Callie before any of them. Olivia tells him that she was just glad he had regained consciousness, but Neil doesn't buy her story. Olivia finally admits that she should be honest with Neil because it bothered her a great deal. While she's trying to understand what happened, Neil assures her that Malcolm isn't cheating on her with Callie. Surprising herself more than anyone, she says that some things are worse than cheating. As a matter of self-preservation, ASHLEY asks COLE to fill her in on the details Brad gave him and she'll go from there. Cole tells her what Brad said and asks if things have been settled. Just as Ashley is about to make up another lie, she receives Brad's phone call. After she hangs up, Ashley goes to take a shower and Cole assures her that he'll join her momentarily. Planning to stay on in Europe, Cole is lounging on the bed when there's a knock on the door. Opening the door, RAPHAEL traipses into the room his face hidden by an enormous bouquet of flowers that he says he has spent his last peseta on. He is unaware that Cole is there until he puts the flowers down and turns to face Ashley. Surprised to see Cole instead, he stops talking in mid sentence. Cole is staring at him incredulously and it dawns on him that this is Ashley's husband. "You must be the husband?" he comments. Cole inquires angrily, "Who the hell are you?"

Friday, February 5, 1999

#6559 Directed by Mike Denney

An excited RAFAEL grabs COLE and gives him a vigorous kiss on each cheek. ASHLEY comes out of the bathroom and, flustered to find Rafael there, quickly pulls her robe more tightly around her. Cole doesn't know why Ashley hasn't told him sooner about her other family and she explains that she hasn't told many people because in every way, John Abbott is her father; she barely knew Brent Davis. Cole asks if Rafael helped Ashley solve her big problem and even though Rafael doesn't quite know what to say, he picks up his cue and tells Cole he has. He explains to Cole that, in his country, a family's honor is of utmost importance. Ashley quickly jumps in and says that this is also true in France, trying to turn this lie into something believable. Cole wonders why Rafael is delivering flowers to Ashley and Rafael covers smoothly by telling Cole that he and Ashley had a spat and this is his way of apologizing. Continuing to make conversation, Rafael tells Cole that he loved Hope in a Bottle and as an artist himself, he appreciates fine work when he sees it. Cole thanks him and asks what genre Rafael works in. Rafael says he's a painter and Cole offers to order coffee and croissants to be hospitable. While Cole calls room service, Ashley informs Rafael that Cole will not be staying and Rafael wants to know if Cole is aware of this. Cole is off the phone and offers to show him around Madrid. Suddenly Rafael looks at his watch and conveniently remembers a previous appointment. After Rafael is gone, it's obvious that Cole is impressed with Rafael, but still can't believe that Ashley kept this whole other side of her family with him. After all, Cole is her husband; she should be able to share anything with him.

GRACE drags AL to MICHAEL'S office to deliver the news that not only is Millie home, she is also talking. Upset with this new development, Michael wants to meet with Alice more now than ever. Sensing tension between Grace and Michael, Al assures them that Millie won't be a problem. Enlightening Al to the seriousness of the situation, Michael tells him that if it comes to a court battle over Cassie, Millie could paint an unfavorable picture of Alice and there would be no compensation. Al admits that Alice would back down from a court battle, but he'll see to it personally that Millie doesn't interfere.

NICK interrupts SHARON with a phone call to tell her he needs to talk with her about some important matters and asks if tonight would be a good time. Sharon, who's been crying and staring at Cassie's picture, can't answer him. In fact, Nick has to ask several times if she's still there and takes her non-response as a no, when in actuality, she can't get the words out. He tells her to let him know when she can talk to him. An eavesdropping NIKKI tells Nick if he's thinking about leaving, it's the worst thing he could possibly do. Tearfully, she tells Nick that she doesn't want him and Sharon to endure the heartache that she and Victor went through. She begs him not to give up on his marriage for so many reasons. After Nikki leaves, Nick paces the living room and finally makes a decision to head down and see Sharon.

CALLIE finally confesses to MALCOLM that when he woke up initially, he recognized her before either Olivia or Neil. Now Malcolm knows exactly why Olivia has been cold and distant. Wanting to make Malcolm feel better, Callie tells him that he was coming out of a coma from which they weren't sure he would ever wake up. Not wanting to wear out her welcome, Callie tells Malcolm good-bye and kisses him on the forehead. OLIVIA watches Callie leave from behind the frosted glass double doors of the unit. She enters his room and Malcolm greets her as his "sexy lady doctor," but doesn't get the desired response. Malcolm tells her that he knows why she's upset and sarcastically Olivia asks him if Callie told him. Malcolm assures her that what happened had nothing to do with him and Callie, but Olivia soundly disagrees and says it has everything to do with him and Callie. Reminding him about Detroit, she's sure that Trey or one of his goons had something to do with Malcolm's beating. Malcolm doesn't believe that's what happened, but Olivia cuts to the chase: even after all the warnings about how dangerous this man was, Malcolm was determined to be Callie's hero. It's not what Malcolm said; it's what he did and has been doing since Callie came to Genoa City. In fact, Callie seems to be Malcolm's number one priority. She leaves abruptly and leaves Malcolm to wonder what he can do to make this up to her.

VICTORIA is afraid that Cole may be "walking into something," insinuating that Ashley may be having an affair. However, she needs to stop thinking about Cole and concentrate on her own life. Giving NEIL a call, she tells him she wants some answers and he offers to drop by later on. On the phone when he first enters her office, Victoria finishes her business call. Neil asks which questions she wants answered and she thinks it should be obvious. Neil blames it on Malcolm's brush with death but Victoria says it started long before that. Neil asks her if she still considers herself as engaged or should they just call it all off? She asks if he wants the engagement ring back, but he wonders if that's exactly what she wants him to do -- end it. She tells him that she doesn't play games. Neil wants to know if things have changed between them and Victoria tells him that everything in her life has changed since Eve's death and she doesn't know. "When you figure it out, let me know," Neil replies hotly.

At Gina's,Michael and Grace wonder if Al went back to Madison and Michael asks if Grace extracted any further information from Al when they had coffee. Disgusted, Grace said that Al spent most of his time putting the make on her. Michael says that if Alice comes to town and tells the Newmans that she wants Cassie, they will pay her off and she will probably terminates her parental rights. Grace just wants to make sure that Alice doesn't try to go after Cassie from the very beginning but Michael tells her that until Cassie's legal status changes, nothing is a sure thing. That's why Michael wants to see just how sleazy Alice is. Grace, of course, wants her name kept out of all of this so she can hurt the Newmans yet still appear sympathetic to Sharon. To reward Michael for being such a brilliant lawyer and a good friend, Grace kisses Michael and then the kiss deepens into something more.

JOE, MEGAN, and Tony's co-workers decorate the apartment and wait for Tony's return. TRICIA and RYAN arrive and while Ryan is parking the car downstairs, Joe hits on Tricia. When he finds out that she's married, he promptly apologizes to her and Ryan. Joe hears Tony drive up and everyone gets in place before Meg hits the lights. Coming down the hall, Tony (introducing Jay Bontatibus in the part) thinks that someone has broken into his apartment and he kicks open the door. The lights come on and everyone yells, "Surprise!" Tony is momentarily stunned, but finally gets around to telling Meg that no one has ever done anything like this for him before. Meg says she wanted to be the first and they share a kiss, all under the watchful gaze of Tricia. After a friend hands Tony a cold beer, Tony speaks to Ryan and Tricia, who both welcome him back. The party is well underway and seems to be quite successful when Sharon drops by unannounced. Obviously upset, Tony won't let her leave and she doesn't want to stay. Tony makes a quick announcement, stating he'll be back soon. Tricia looks at her sister knowingly, but Meg simply watches the door, obviously hurt. After an hour, the party breaks up and everyone leaves with the exception of Ryan and Tricia. They offer to help Meg clean up, but she declines, stating that she'll do it and wait for Tony to return. After Ryan and Tricia leave, Meg's exterior facade is broken and the deep disappointment she feels shows. After Tony's apartment is cleaned, she starts to leave but stops to look back at the few decorations she has left up.

Back at Sharon's house on the ranch, Sharon brings Tony up to speed on the situation about Cassie and what Chris has recommended, but she feels that it's just a matter of time before she loses her daughter. Sharon is Cassie's biological mother, but Alice is Cassie's legal mother and the courts will be on Alice's side. Sharon cries that she's lost everything, but Tony tells her that he will testify for her and he's sure that Millie will. Sharon informs him that Millie has had a stroke and can't speak. He promises her that no one will take Cassie away from her and Sharon says that for the first time she feels hope. They embrace and Nick catches a glimpse of them through the window of the front door.

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