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Trey tore up Callie's contract. Trey revealed that he and Callie had been married. Victoria wanted to move in with Neil, but Neil wasn't ready. Phyllis made plays for both Jack and Michael.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 8, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, February 8, 1999

Directed by Kathryn Foster

Only the ping of silverware against china can be heard at the breakfast table until NIKKI mentions to VICTOR that she knows that Nicholas has been badgering him for a transfer. Victor assures her that a transfer isn't going to happen; it would be the worst possible thing for Nick's situation. NICHOLAS bounds down the stairs but doesn't speak to his parents. Nikki asks if he intends to speak and he tells her that he nothing to say. Victor promptly tells him that it's not a matter of whether Nick wants to speak to them but that they intend to speak to him.

Nick is quite insolent as he tells his parents that he's not going to rehash anything. He doesn't know why they just won't accept that Sharon wants nothing to do with him and that she's never going to forgive him. He further states that they, as parents, have spent most of their lives married to other people (in fact his father is currently married to another woman), so they aren't really good role models for him.

When Nicholas is gone, a tearful Nikki agrees with Nick, saying that they haven't been the best examples. Victor angrily asks if she thinks that they are the source of Nick's problems. Nikki tells Victor that they are advising Nick not to run from his problems when they spent a great deal of their lives doing just that. Nikki believes she should have done more, but Victor won't take any part of the blame and tells Nikki she shouldn't either. Nikki tells him that the whole family just seems to be falling apart but most of all she wonders if they'll ever be rid of Diane. Victor tells her that he is going to put an end to all of this and calls Chris, who is not in. He leaves a message with her secretary saying that it's urgent that he sees her ASAP.

KATHERINE and JILL are arguing while reading the morning paper, when ESTHER brings in a tray of coffee and toast for Katherine. Picking up a piece of toast and taking a bite, Jill asks where her tea is. Esther protests that she made the toast for Katherine and Jill graciously offers the toast back with a smile. An irate Esther proceeds to tell Jill that she should have her own maid bring her breakfast. Jill looks at her watch and says that she sent Shirley on a very important errand. No sooner are the words out of her mouth, than SHIRLEY comes in with Jill's new pet -- a Doberman Pinscher named "Ralph." Katherine is terrified; you know I am terrified of dogs since being attacked as a young child, she tells Jill. Jill tells both Esther and Katherine that she bought Ralph for security purposes only, with the four of them being alone out in the country. Katherine sends Esther to get her coat and makes a hasty retreat out the back door.

Offering Esther extra money, Jill asks her to go upstairs and clean her room. Esther remarks that Jill should have her own maid do it and Shirley responds by telling Jill that she doesn't think that Esther likes her very much. Esther says, "You got that right," and stalks out of the room. Now that Katherine is gone and Esther is out of the way, Shirley and Jill talk about the success of purchasing Ralph. Still, frightening Katherine to death is not exactly what Jill had in mind. Shirley remarks that Katherine doesn't warm to strangers in the house too well. Jill is suddenly struck with an idea, which she considers absolute genius, and leaves to start stirring troubled waters.

A distressed Katherine visits MICHAEL and tells him he must get her out of this terrible situation. Katherine explains what Jill has done, but Michael explains that the courts have spoken and Jill has every right to live at the house and have whatever pets and people she chooses to live there with her. Michael's suggestion is for Katherine and Jill to sell the estate and split the profits, which Katherine finds preposterous. In fact, she'd rather die first so it's not even an option. Michael explains that Phillip is dead and she must think about herself. Clearly, Katherine is miserable and Michael is sure that Phillip would want her to be happy. Katherine tells him that she believes that Phillip would have wanted her to fight to keep the house and property. Michael then advises Katherine to let her feelings for Jill go because she's certainly not causing Jill any harm by bottling up her anger. Katherine assures him that Jill wants to drive her out of her home and out of her mind. "Jill Foster Abbott," Katherine murmurs. "Is an evil, evil woman."

RUTH comes into the motel room with some snacks and finds that Paul is coming over to show CARL some more home movies. She wants to go home so badly but Carl tells her that he's come too far to stop now. Paul arrives and is greeted by an un-welcoming Ruth. He wants to show Carl the last reel of home movies that he could find of a fishing trip they took where Paul lands a huge bass. Paul tells Ruth that she doesn't have to stay and watch, but she says she'd rather not leave. At the end of the reel, unfortunately, nothing he's seen brings light to any of Carl's buried memories. He tells Paul he has tried to find some connection between the people he's seen on the screen but all he sees are strangers. Paul acknowledges that Carl has tried and thanks him for not giving up. Ruth asks Paul how much longer this has to go on and Paul tells her that he'll try to help his father as long as his father wants to keep trying. Upset, she leaves the motel room to get some coffee.

Paul tells his father that he's talked to Mary and it's evident that Ruth can be trusted because Ruth didn't betray them by telling Mary anything. Knowing Ruth as thinks he does, this does not surprise Carl. Paul continues to tell Carl that he doesn't want to see Carl hurt in any way, but Paul would be lying if he said that he didn't want his father to remember. At one time, they were as close as any father and son could ever be.

Jill meets JOHN at Gina's and he comments that it's too early for a crisis but she tells him that she loves a good crisis. Jill reminds him that he once told her that if not for their client-attorney relationship, they could have something special and he tells Jill that he doesn't mix business and pleasure. Jill asks John his thoughts on the Chancellor mansion and he thinks it's a wonderful house. Jill leaves him completely and totally speechless when she asks John to move into the Chancellor Mansion with her.

Wanting to make some wedding plans with their input, CHARLIE and MARY stop by PAUL'S office to see if he and Chris can join them for lunch at Gina's. Paul accepts but tells his mother that he'll have to check with Chris and see if she's free. Paul informs his mother that he's ready to start looking for the woman who came to see her. To his surprise, Mary tells Paul she's already found her. When Paul asks if she plans to meet with Ruth again, she tells him she doesn't know and she and Charlie leave his office. Shutting the door behind him, Charlie wonders why Mary didn't tell Paul more about Ruth; Mary concludes that Paul isn't interested in the details of her church work.

When Charlie and Mary are gone, LYNNE asks Paul if he can allow his mother and Charlie to get married in all good conscience, knowing that his father is still alive. Later, at Mary's house before she and Charlie leave for Gina's, the phone rings and it's Ruth, calling from the local diner. Ruth invites Mary and "her man friend" out to lunch as their guests. Mary suggests that Ruth and "Jim" join her and Charlie at Gina's because they already have reservations. She happily gives Ruth the address.

In his office at NE, DIANE, who covers his eyes and tells him he has three guesses, surprises JACK. He teases her, but finally gives her the pleasure of hearing him coo, "The lovely Diane." She's brought him fresh Danish and another surprise as well -- herself. She tells him she was disappointed earlier when she awoke and found him gone from her bed. Propping herself on the desk directly in front of Jack's chair, she bares her thigh. Jack protests at first but Diane ends up in his arms. Just as she suggests that he lock the door, BRAD bursts in upon their little love feast and Diane tells Brad his timing couldn't be more terrible.

While Jack eats a Danish, Brad lectures him on "making out" at the office, especially when Victor could walk in. Jack dismisses that and asks him what he's really there for. Brad asks what Jack meant when he stated Victor had made a mistake that just might push him over the top. Jack tells him that Victor promised company money to the Forrester deal without going before the Board of Directors but Brad doesn't see this as a problem. Jack wonders just how much money he's committed to the deal and Brad admits that Victor's actions might be questionable. However, Brad surmises, Victor more than likely made a smart deal. Jack suggests that if they could get access to Victor's files, perhaps they could make it look like he misappropriated the company's funds in this deal, which would put the Board up in arms.

Brad suggests hiring a computer hacker, but Jack tells him that would be one person too many who knows too much. Jack knows that if Michael makes a play for Diane's Board seat too soon that it could be a red flag to Victor. Brad tells him if Victor figures it out, Jack will be gone but Jack reminds Brad that they are in this together. Jack asks Brad to go to Michael and try to buy them some time with the divorce proceedings and Jack will work on getting Victor's personal access code. When Brad is gone, Jack turns to his computer screen, mumbling that the "keys to the kingdom" are right there, but wonders how he's going to acquire Victor's code. Nicholas comes in, telling Jack he needs his help. Jack replies that he, too, has a problem and perhaps they could help each other.

Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Gladys is writing the update today due to Sandy's son having a severe case of the chicken pox!

"You have a problem and I have a problem," Jack says to Nick. "Maybe we can help each other." Nick laments that there is no way his father will let him be transferred out of GC, so he may as well resign. Jack tells him that he shouldn't burn any bridges; transferring out is better than resigning, he tells Nick but Nick replies that all his father would have to do is snap the whip and he would be right back here. Jack tells him that he has a friend that he could ask to personally ask for Nick to work at his firm. That way, Victor couldn't object for fear of losing a valuable client. Nick reminds him that his head would be on the block and Jack asks what else is new. Nick is happy with this plan and says that he owes Jack a favor. Jack says that one of these days he will call on him for that favor but for now, Nick needs to go back to his office and get some work done. Just as Nick reaches the door to Jack's office, Jack remembers that there is something that he needs at this time. He reminds Nick of an acquisition that he worked on about a year ago but Victor turned it down flat. Now there are some real possibilities that he might be able to open up talks with the company again. But to do so, he needs to get into Victor's personal records and find a letter that was written "for Victor Newman's eyes only." Nick is reluctant to give Jack Victor's password but when Jack says that he doesn't need the password, just to get into the files, Nick goes to the computer and types the password in. Leaving, Nick reminds Jack to shut down the system when he has finished. When Nick has left the office, Jack sits in front of the computer and with a satisfied smirk on his face says, "I'm in!"

John Silva turns Jill's proposition down because of the client-attorney relationship. He explains that at any time they could be back in court in the matter of the estate. Also, he says that it wouldn't look right; this is a small town and people would talk. Jill then tells him that he can move his practice to the estate; he can have an entire wing. He says that Katherine would never allow that but Jill says that the house is half hers and she can have anyone there that she wants. He invites her to move into his place instead but she thinks that having him at the mansion day in and day out would be just the thing to throw into Katherine's face on a daily basis. John now understands that this is not a true invitation but just a ploy to irritate Katherine. He tells her that he really thought that one day they could have a real relationship but this changes things; he will not be used like this. Getting up, Jill tells him that he just blew the best chance he ever had and she flounces out of the restaruant.

Lynn is busy rearranging appointments for Paul so that he can get away for the luncheon with his mother and Charlie when Christine arrives. Chris goes into the office and they begin to make love. Paul goes to the door and tells Lynn that they aren't to be disturbed for anything and then he locks the door. Just as they are getting into it again, Lynn buzzes through and tells them that Chris has an urgent message from her office. Calling the office, Chris learns that Victor wants to see her at the ranch right away.

Victor is on the phone again to Christine's office wondering what is keeping her. He tells the office personnel to let her know that he is eager to see her. As he hangs up, there is a knock at the door. After admitting Chris, he wants to know how the divorce and settlement talks are going. She feels that they are coming along just fine. Each side has its advantages but Michael is working from the strongest position. Victor want to know why that is and Chris says that he knows just how eager Victor is to get this over; he knows that he can stall and make matters worse. Victor wants none of that; he wants her to get after him and get this thing settled. Christine says that she will do her best but she reminds him that he can't go around invading other people's workspace at his every whim. Smiling, he says that she is probably the only person who could say that to him and get away with it. Chris then tells him that they may have the settlement worked out by this time next week.

Michael is on the phone with Grace when his secretary tells him that Bradley Carlton is there to see him. Since he doesn't have an appointment, Michael tells his secretary to tell him to make one. However, as he is talking with Grace, Bradley bursts in saying that he needs to talk with Michael. Hanging up the phone, Michael coldly asks what it is that he has to talk to him about. Brad says that it is critical that he and Jack know where they stand as far as the board seat; it is really critical that Michael delay the negotiations until he and Jack have their plans in place. Michael tells Brad that he was a fool to come here in the daylight where anyone could see him and report back to Victor. They are taking a lot of chances even at their office; what if Victor has the place bugged? He wants to know what Jack and Brad have up their sleeves and what they are working on but Brad tells him that it is better if he doesn't know; after all, he is handling a legal matter involving Victor Newman. What if questions should arise as to how much he knew before hand? Michael agrees that that would be safer and is about to cave in to Brad's demands when he gets another phone call. It is Christine reminding him that they have a meeting next week and she advises him not to postpone the meeting or the other lawyers would get suspicious. Hanging up, Michael tells Brad that he and Jack had better speed up whatever plans that they have.

Megan is at Crimson Lights looking very low when her friend Marnie comes up to the table. They haven't seen each other since they registered for college; Marnie says that she transferred to pre-med and that is why they haven't seen each other. Marnie remarks that Megan seems very down and Megan tells her that it is man trouble. She wonders how a man can be so sweet and understanding one minute then the next minute he is an unfeeling brute. Just then the "unfeeling brute" walks in and Megan sees him. Marnie tells her not to let him see her hurting. They begin an animated conversation remembering some old high school boyfriends. Even when Tony comes over to the table, they ignore him and keep talking. He rudely interrupts their conversation; Marnie quickly gets u to leave, telling him to be nice to her friend. Tony sits down and guesses that she is ticked off because he left the party the other night with Sharon. He tells her that it wasn't his party in the first place; it was her party. She says that she threw the party for him; it was her way of trying to do something nice for him. Then as soon as Sharon showed up, he abandons her and his guests. Tony says that Sharon and her problems were more important to him than a bunch of people at a party. She says that she is sure that Sharon is having a hard time right now and really needs a friend, but there is such a thing as good manners and good etiquette. You can't just go through life doing only what you want to do and when you want to do it, Megan tells him. There are times when you have to think of other people's feelings. When Megan says that at this moment she feels like punching him out, Tony smiles and says that she must still care. However, Megan tells him not to count on it. He tells her those before she walks out on him, he wants to say something in his own defense.

Carl/Jim tells Ruth that he was afraid that she was going to confront Mary; he reasons that she is a passionate woman and that is why she would do it. She begs him to go back to Virginia but he says that he has to see this thing out to the end. Ruth gives up and asks him to take her out; she is tired of staying in this small room. He asks her where she would like to go and, after thinking about it, she says she would like to go to Gina's. Carl/Jim is reluctant; he would rather have something delivered and eat in bed but he finally gives in and goes to get ready.

Paul is ready to leave for his lunch with Mary and Charlie but before he goes, he tells Lynn to get in touch with Fred, the detective in Madison. He would like to see a psychiatric report on Al. He then tells Lynn that he will be at Gina's if she needs him. Lynn remembers that Mary called earlier and called off lunch saying that she and Charlie were meeting someone else. Paul says that he will run over to Gina's anyway.

Ralph erupts in violent barking as Katherine arrives home from Michael's office. When Shirley gets the dog quiet, Katherine comes into the living room and tells Esther that they are stuck with Jill's maid and the dog for as long as Jill wants them there. Esther remarks that the "maid" never does any work. Katherine says that it is all part of Jill's plan to destroy her. Esther says that she is driving up to Kate's school and wants Katherine to come with her; it is a lovely drive, she says. Katherine says that she would rather stay home and reminds Esther not to tell Kate that she is paying the tuition for the school.

After Esther leaves, Katherine dozes in her chair. Ralph rudely awakens her as Nikki is admitted to the house. Nikki is horrified by the dog and thinks that Jill has gone too far. As Katherine admits that she is about at the end of her rope, she also admits that she is closer to having a drink than she has been in a long time. Nikki can see how upset her friend is and tells her that it is time to take the path of least resistance---she should let Jill have the house and just walk away while she still can!

At Gina's, Mary and Charlie are waiting for their guests to arrive. However, it is Paul who arrives first. He sits at the table and asks whom they are meeting for lunch. When he finds out that they are meeting Ruth and Jim Perkins, Paul panics. At first he can not say a word and Mary wonders if something is wrong with him. Paul says that they have to get up and leave RIGHT NOW! Mary is not about to leave; she has a lunch date with her new friends. Paul is insistent and grabs her arm and begins pulling her out of her seat. Charlie says that if it is that important to Paul, maybe they should do as he says but Mary pushes Paul away and says that she is not going anywhere. Paul pulls Mary to her feet telling her that he doesn't have time to explain but she has to leave right away. Just then, Ruth and Jim walk into Gina's and Mary sees Carl full face. "Oh, my God!" This is all that Mary can say, over and over.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

Directed by Mike Denney MEGAN is angry with TONY about the party -- not because he left with Sharon, but because he didn't come back. Tony explains that Sharon is his good friend and he couldn't just tell her to go away. Meg asks if they couldn't have talked later or even in the hallway and Tony explains that they needed privacy. Sharon is going through something extremely difficult and he didn't think he could tell her to "wait to have her breakdown until later." Megan asks if he spent the night with her and Tony angrily tells her that he certainly doesn't have to explain himself. He wonders if Meg has ever noticed the ring on Sharon's left hand. Sharon's married and they are just good friends. Besides, if Tony had a relationship with Sharon, she'd be sitting at Crimson Lights with him instead of Meg. He takes her hand and entwines his fingers with hers. Smiling at him, she wonders what he's trying to tell her but Tony begins talking about the fact that they're from two different worlds. Tired of hearing this same subject, she tells him that if he really took notice, he'd see that they were more alike than he thinks they are and she gets up to leave. Tony goes after her and kisses her passionately. Breathlessly, he invites her to back to his place later and asks if she's coming. She smiles and tells him that she thinks she can manage to squeeze him in. After she leaves the coffeehouse, Tony sits back at their table and smiles broadly.

JILL blows into JACK'S office disgruntled with John for not accepting her proposal to live at the estate with her. Jack tells her that if he were John he'd have been suspicious of her motives as well and feigns hurt that Jill didn't come to him with the invitation. Jack reminds Jill that he told her that Katherine was a tough cookie and Jill's finding out that it's not as easy to drive her from the mansion as Jill thought it would be. Jill agrees and admits that Katherine and Esther are nearly driving her out of her mind. Despondent, Jill whines that she has worked her entire life to get what she was rightfully hers and in the end, she only ended up with half. Telling Jack that she felt he would understand where she's coming from since the Abbott's lost control of Jabot to Victor, Jack advises her that she should just bide her time and wait. Jill asks if he's talking about Jabot and Jack says that he's talking about life in general. If you feel strongly about something, he continues, then you should keep plugging away and scratching until you have it within your possession because there is always hope.

NIKKI tells KATHERINE that the mansion is just a house and Katherine is outraged, stating that Nikki doesn't understand. Trying to bring Katherine to a less emotional plane, Nikki tells her she's romanticizing the house because at one time, it was her prison. This is where she embraced the bottle, which led to Katherine's self-destruction and ultimately cost her the man that she loved. "You are capable of living without this house," Nikki declares. She is afraid that after Katherine's earlier comment, remaining there in the turmoil might cause Katherine to drink again and she emphasizes that staying in this house isn't worth risking Katherine's health. Katherine is disappointed in Nikki, thinking that she was the one friend who would understand. Nikki continues to tell Katherine that the house is just a place and that Katherine is so close to the problem she can't see what she's doing to herself. Katherine reminisces, telling Nikki that she came to this house as a new bride; Brock was born here and she married Phillip here. Is Nikki asking her to give this up? Nikki explains to Katherine that those memories aren't in this house -- they are in Katherine's heart and no one can ever take them away from her because that is where they live; not in a building with walls and a roof. Katherine vehemently disagrees and adds that every artifact in this house tells the story of her life. She wants Nikki to stop referring to it as "just a house" and Nikki begs her to remember the times when Katherine's life was hell and begs her not to let the house become her prison again.

VICTORIA finds NICK staring out the window in his office. He shares that he's going to work onsite for Jeff Goodman, a valued NE customer, and he thinks that the timing is great. Victoria wishes she could be happy for him and Nick tells her that his leaving is not the end of the world. "But it could be the end of your marriage," Victoria states. "I hope you know what you're doing. You never really know about these things until it's too late sometimes." Nick tells her it sounds as if she could be talking about her situation with Neil, but Victoria doesn't elaborate. He'd hoped that perhaps Sharon would see him in a different light if he were gone for awhile, but Victoria wonders if he's running from something. Nick tells her that he went to see Sharon last night only to find her and Tony in an embrace. Victoria says that Sharon and Tony are friends and that a hug doesn't necessarily mean anything. Nick is sure that it wasn't just a friendly hug and he's not staying in town so a budding relationship between Sharon and Tony can be rubbed in his face. Since Nick's at the end of his rope, Victoria agrees that maybe he should go away, put some distance between them, and perhaps Sharon will come to realize that she misses Nick. Nick doesn't see this happening because he truly thinks that his marriage is over.

After MARY faints, CARL hisses at RUTH, "What have you done?" and pulls her over to a more secluded section of the restaurant. Carl tells her that what she did was very selfish and Ruth tells him it may have been, but she has a lot to lose. He accuses her of toying with people's lives and Ruth asks if he's decided that he wants to be "Carl" again. He tells her that he honestly doesn't know. Ruth tries to defend herself by telling Carl that she saved his life, spent the last ten years with him, and she feels like she had the right to interfere. "Well, you were wrong," says Carl. Gina approaches them and says that Mary is lying in her office and seems to be fine, but she's having trouble processing things at the moment.

SHARON waits for CHRIS at Legal Aid. When Chris enters, Sharon apologizes for how she treated her out at the ranch the other day. Sharon is scared that Alice is going to show up on her doorstep and whisk Cassie away. She has a different perspective now that she's talked to Tony because Tony thinks they could win the case. Chris' first priority is to go ahead and make the first move before Alice has a chance to because they will be in a better position. Chris is sure that Alice is eventually going to track Sharon and Cassie down. Offering some middle ground, Chris tells Sharon that she could draw up the papers and get ready to present Sharon's case and then just put the file on hold until they see what Alice is going to do. She does advise Sharon to reconcile with Nicholas for the sake of making a stronger claim in court. Even though Sharon tells Chris that she doesn't know if she and Nick will ever be ready for that, Chris warns her that their separation makes Sharon's case weaker and she has to resolve this for the sake of Cassie's future.

In Gina's office, PAUL and CHARLIE are attending to Mary and Charlie demands to know how Carl could be alive. When he figures out that Paul knew that Carl was alive and didn't tell them, Charlie is incensed. Paul assures Charlie that he never meant for his mother to find out about his father this way. "What does this mean?" asks Charlie. He wonders if his good friend and former fellow police officer is now going to be his competition.

While Paul and Charlie talk, Mary is having a dream where she and Carl are talking. She thinks that she's dead and she's in Heaven with him. Slowly, Mary rouses and when she's able, she tells Paul about "her dream." Dreading the task before him, Paul tells Charlie that he needs to speak with his mother and Charlie assures Mary that he'll be waiting for her downstairs. Mary tells Paul that in her dream his father was older but seemed to be at peace. In fact, it was just like Heaven and she knows that's how it will seem when she joins Carl there one day. Paul carefully tells her that it wasn't a dream and Mary doesn't understand. "No Mary. I'm not dead," says Carl as he steps into Mary's vision. "I'm not dead."

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Directed by David Shaughnessy

Thoroughly frustrated, JACK is searching Victor's personal files but can't find any record of the Forrester deal. BRAD arrives and tells Jack that the news from Michael isn't good. The lawyers are meeting tomorrow to finalize the divorce settlement. Michael is going to try to avoid bringing up the Board seat, but it may not be possible. Jack knows that Victor will figure out his involvement if it's discussed before they can bring the Board of Directors together. Jack asks Brad to find a way to put the lawyers on ice while he searches for something that will put Victor's head in the noose. Knowing that time if of the essence, Brad sarcastically tells Jack that perhaps he'd better book Brad a flight back to Rome since it seems that Jack's not having any luck furthering their plan.

NEIL can see that OLIVIA is still upset when he comes into her office. He asks if she's talked to Malcolm and Olivia admits that she really let Malcolm have it about Callie. Neil reassures her that nothing is going on between Malcolm and Callie. Olivia says that she's sure that nothing adulterous has occurred, but there is a great deal going on between them. Neil wonders why she's not just happy that Malcolm is on the mend. Olivia tells him she would be if it weren't for the fact that Malcolm's beating was senseless. It would never have happened if Malcolm hadn't put Callie first. DETECTIVE EDMONDS enters the office and Olivia introduces him to Neil. Det. Edmonds tells Olivia that none of the credit cards that were stolen from Malcolm have been used for attempted purchases or cash withdrawals, which is unusual. Olivia asks if the police have ruled out Malcolm's attack as a simple robbery. Det. Edmonds tells her they're still investigating and needs to know if Malcolm has any real enemies; people that might want to see him dead. Olivia tells him about Trey and that Malcolm and Trey have a mutual interest in Callie Rogers. Det. Edmonds asks Olivia what the connection is and Olivia coolly states that the detective should ask her husband.

MALCOLM has been moved into a regular room and is sleeping. His face has started to heal and many of the bandages have been removed and replaced with adhesive strips. CALLIE tries to sneak into his room without disturbing him, but the sound of the door closing rouses Malcolm. She asks if everything is okay and Malcolm says nothing. Callie remarks that he must still be having problems with Olivia. Malcolm shares Olivia's theory about Trey having him beaten and is surprised when Callie agrees with her. Malcolm tells her that Trey is a lot of talk and hot air. Callie feels responsible for putting Malcolm in this situation but Malcolm assures her that he and Olivia love each other too much not to patch things up. In a reflective moment, Callie calls Malcolm "Honey" and says she remembers that he was especially good at "making up" because she could never stay mad at him for more than five minutes. Det. Edmonds opens the door and asks to speak with Malcolm about the attack. Callie starts to leave and when Malcolm mentions her name, Det. Edmonds asks her to stay because he has some questions for her as well.

Returning from Katherine's, NIKKI is still saddened for her friend. She tells VICTOR she wishes she could spend more time with her because she feels that Katherine is on the brink of a breakdown. Victor brightens Nikki's day by telling her that the lawyers are meeting tomorrow to draft the final divorce settlement. Nikki asks if that means he'll be a free man and Victor tells her that he plans to be happily married to her -- unless she has other ideas. Victor suggests they have a toast, but Nikki wants to go upstairs and freshen up for him. She plans to take a long bath and she'll come back down in a bit. When she is gone, Victor makes a call and summons PHYLLIS to the ranch.

When Phyllis arrives, he asks if she has any other information on Michael or Jack. Unfortunately she does not. He tells her that the divorce settlement is moving along and if she doesn't find out something soon, her services will no longer be needed and there will be no compensation. In her low, sultry voice, Phyllis assures him that she will come through for him. Victor pulls her up short when he tells her that she may be amply endowed but not to try to seduce him; just get him the information or it will be too late.

Nikki comes down from her bath in a beautiful black gown. Victor tells her how ravishing she looks and that soon they will legally be husband and wife. "I want to make love to you," Victor says huskily.

At Crimson Lights, SHARON tells herself she must go back to Nicholas. Surprisingly, NICK walks into the coffeehouse and sees Sharon. He tells her that he needs to talk to her and joins her at a table and she tells him she was coming to see him. Nick begins defensively and tells Sharon that he wanted to talk to her last night but she couldn't fit him into her schedule, so he got the message. He informs her that he'll be leaving town and Sharon wonders if it's business. Nick remarks that it's almost as if she cares but before she can say anything more, he tells her that he's given her space and she's made it clear to him that she wants nothing to do with him. Sharon raises her voice and nearly shouts, "That wasn't what I was going to say!" Nick asks her if they can take this outside since people are beginning to stare at them.

Outside, Nick wants to know why Sharon wanted to see him. Still on the defensive he asks if she was going to throw his mistakes in his face again. Sharon asks why Nick is so hostile. He explains that he's tried to make up for what he did, but Sharon's made it clear that there's nothing he can do, so he's going to get out of her life. She asks if he can leave Noah. Nick reasons that Noah is young; besides, he hardly ever gets to see him as it is. Sharon's eyes fill with tears and she asks Nick if it's that easy for him. Angrily, Nick says, "If you think it's easy then I'm not the biggest jerk in this family -- YOU are!" He leaves her standing on the terrace of the coffeehouse, crying in the cold.

Disgusted that Jack has run into a brick wall, Brad goes to Victor's office and starts rummaging through his office drawers to see if he can find anything. He happens upon a locked drawer and mutters that Victor truly trusts no one. MICHAEL interrupts his search and asks for a moment of Brad's time. He explains that he's gone to battle for Brad and Jack in this divorce settlement despite the fact that he's been kept in the dark most of the time. Now he feels that he's earned the right to demand that Brad and Jack appoint him as corporate counsel to NE when this is over and done with. Brad asks Michael why he's coming to him and not Jack. Michael tells him if anyone is going to survive this coup it's going to be Brad and Michael wants to stick with a winner. Brad wonders if he's had this same conversation with Jack and Michael tells Brad that he's going with his instincts. Brad assures Michael that as long as he and Jack are happy, Michael will be happy as well. This seems to be sufficient for Michael. Phyllis is snooping around NE when she sees Brad and Michael talking in Victor's office. She is amazed that they are standing in Victor's own office, obviously striking a deal of some sort, sealed with a handshake. She thinks Victor will find this extremely interesting.

Jack has finally come across what he's been looking for -- Victor has been storing his personal files off-site and Jack refers to Victor as a sneaky rat. When he is finally into the section of the files that he needs, he comes up against another password-protected junction. The screen instructs the user to enter the password in thirty seconds or be shut out of the system. Jack frantically racks his brain, wondering what Victor would possibly use as his password.

MARY can hardly accept CARL'S presence and she's frightened. PAUL sits his mother down and she cries quietly. In moments she is on her feet again, touching Carl's face, and repeating, "It's you. You're really alive," over and over. She grabs Carl and embraces him, clinging to him as if he might vanish from her again. Mary asks where he's been all this time. Paul explains that his father was abducted, most likely by someone he'd dealt with as a police officer, and was severely beaten, suffering a head injury. Then Paul tells Mary how Chris first found Carl and at that moment, Chris bursts into Gina's office. She can hardly believe what she sees before her and explains to Paul that Lynne told her where she could find him. Paul tells her that his mother and father came face to face in the restaurant earlier. Mary thanks Chris for what she's done for Paul and her by finding Carl. Paul makes Mary sit down and listen to the whole story. He tells her that Carl has been in Norfolk for the past ten years and he remembered nothing about his life in Genoa City. When Mary finds out that Chris and Paul found Carl last Thanksgiving, she asks why it took them so long to bring him home. Paul tells her that he's been reacquainting his father with his old life by showing him pictures and home movies. Mary says that Carl could have come to her and she would have shown him all those things. Then she realizes that Carl must know about Charlie and Carl says that Paul has told him. Everyone is quite emotional and Paul mentions that both his mother and his father must be tired. When Paul offers to take Carl back to his motel room, Mary insists that Carl come to "their" home. In the silence it dawns on Mary -- Carl doesn't remember their home or where they live and he doesn't remember her. When she asks him if he remembers her, Carl shakes his head sadly and says, "Dear God, I'm so sorry." Mary puts her hand to her mouth as if to stifle a cry.

Friday, February 12

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