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Jack gave Diane her engagement ring back. Jack and Brad were appointed the new CEOs of the company. Alice showed up on Sharon's doorstep, wanting her child. Esther called the police about Katherine's disappearance. Megan couldn't go through with having sex with Tony.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 22, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, February 22, 1999

#6571, Directed by Kathryn Foster

SHARON is surprised to see NICK because she thought he was leaving for his new job assignment tonight. Nick wonders if something happened to bring Chris all the way to the ranch. Sharon tells him that Millie is out of the hospital and tucked away with relatives, according to Alice, but Paul thinks Alice has Millie hidden so that she won't talk to anyone about Cassie. Trying to comfort her, Nick assures Sharon that no judge would ever let someone like Alice have custody of Cassie because she abandoned her when she was just a baby. Sharon would like to believe that but she worries day and night about what may happen so she's decided to take Chris' advice and file for legal custody. That's the only hope she has of keeping Cassie. Nick believes that the court will see that Cassie belongs with Sharon and he is willing to move back in if it will help, as Chris suggested. Sharon agrees that it's the best thing and Nick tells her that he'll pack up his things tonight and move back in tomorrow morning. CASSIE comes downstairs just in time to hear Nick's last statement and is thrilled with the news. She runs to him and he lifts her in his arms. Just to be sure she heard correctly, Cassie asks if Nick is really moving back in with them and he holds her tightly, telling her that he certainly is. Cassie says, "I'm so happy you're moving back with us, Nick!" Nick tells her that he's happy and so is her mom.

GRACE and MICHAEL meet at Gina's. Grace reveals that she's recently had horrendous dreams of Alice running away with Cassie while Cassie and Sharon scream at Grace for what she's done. She wonders if she should get out of the situation and forget about seeking revenge on the Newmans if there is any real threat that Alice might get custody of Cassie. Michael tells her that the best revenge for Grace would be showing the Newmans that she's not the person they think she is. Besides, Michael assures Grace, Alice and Al have never done an honest day's work in their lives. They're both looking for a free ride in this deal. Tenderly kissing Grace's hand, Michael tells her that she's trying to protect Cassie and Grace apologizes for how she treated him earlier at the coffeehouse. PHYLISS is staring at them from across the room and Michael sees her. Noticing the time, Grace says she must leave and Michael wonders if he should be jealous. Grace tells him that she's meeting a girlfriend at the gym for a workout. Seeing Phyllis, Grace makes sure that they are in full view when she kisses Michael good-bye.

Michael sits down after Grace leaves, but not for long. After a minute or so of staring at each other, he joins Phyllis and wonders why she didn't interrupt him and Grace when she came in. Sipping her martini, Phyllis tells him that she wonders why she stays in Genoa City because it's only brought her bad luck. She's decided she's leaving "as fast as her black-heeled pumps can take her." She's tired of being the town pariah. When Michael asks her where she's going she tells him to guess. "Poughkeepsie," he offers with a grin. Phyllis tells him she's going back to NYC and kick up her heels because it's not like anyone is begging her to stay in GC. Michael wonders if she's sure and Phyllis tells him that she's 100% certain, inviting him to look her up if he should ever come to the Big Apple. As she gets up to leave, Michael comments that they had their bumps along the way, but it was one hell of a ride. Phyllis agrees and seductively asks him if he'd like to have "one last one for the road." After mentioning that he's seen "La Senora," COLE notices ASHLEY'S paleness and asks if everything all right. It takes a moment but Ashley finally gets hold of her emotions and is able to returns to the conversation. Cole rambles on about the painting, telling Ashley that since Rafael wouldn't tell him who the artist was, he's going to look it up when they return to GC and educate himself with that period of art. He wondered if he should offer to buy the painting from Rafael so he could pay his rent but Cole figures that he can't afford it. At any rate, if Rafael hasn't sold the painting by now, he is never going to sell it. Cole reminds Ashley that the painting is Rafael's inspiration to paint and feels it goes even deeper than that, but Cole doesn't want to explore that subject.

RAFAEL joins them in the restaurant. Cole gets up to go to the bar and asks if he can get either of them something but they decline. After he leaves, Ashley rants that Cole told her about "La Senora." Why did Rafael show it to him? Ashley accuses him of not even trying to hide the painting. Rafael explains that he covered it but while he was taking a phone call, Cole found it anyway. He and Cole share much in common, Rafael informs Ashley. Ashley bitterly asks what Cole would think if he knew that Rafael was a forger. She has just reminded Rafael that this could all blow up in their faces when her cell phone rings. BRAD calls to say that he's sent the stock certificates to Mr. Nicole, Ashley's broker, and begs Ashley to tell him what's wrong. Ashley explains that she'll be fine now that Brad has helped her and asks him not to worry. Brad agrees to back off for the present but he expects an explanation when she gets home. Rafael asks just who Brad is and how close Ashley is to him, implying that Ashley and Brad are lovers. Just what is Ashley's plan, Rafael inquires? Now that she has the funds, Ashley proffers, she intends to go to England and buy the painting from Lady Huddleston for $10 million. Then she's going to burn the forgery and she'll never have to see Rafael again. Although Rafael doesn't think it's worth it, Ashley is willing to pay a fortune to keep them out of trouble. When Cole returns, Rafael leaves. Cole wonders if Rafael is embarrassed because of the situation with his landlord. Ashley tells Cole that she must take a short trip in order to finish business and Cole offers to accompany her. Ashley declines his offer without reason, not even telling him where she plans to go. A bit annoyed, Cole replies that this whole operation has been a mystery so he's not surprised that Ashley's going off to the unknown alone.

When she brings in fresh flowers from the nursery, ESTHER finds the broken mirror in the living room and immediately blames Shirley. She then sees the broken glass and the open liquor decanter and assumes that Katherine is drinking again. Blaming Jill and her recent antics, Esther rushes to clean up so that Jill won't find out. JILL and SHIRLEY see the mirror before Esther can remove it. When confronted, Esther takes full responsibility for the mirror, stating that it happened accidentally. Furious, Jill tells her that she's going to dock Esther's pay because she owns half of the mirror. Esther tells her that will be fine and hurries out of the room. Jill immediately tells Shirley that breaking the mirror is Katherine's way of launching an open attack on her. Shirley suggests that they buy a squawking parrot or cook cabbage all day to further needle Katherine, but Jill nixes both ideas. Every time that Jill has done something to annoy her, it's just caused Katherine to dig in her heels. She's so much stronger than Jill imagined. Is Jill throwing in the towel, Shirley wonders? Jill says she's not a quitter but with Katherine on the offensive, it's going to take much longer than she thought. Shirley suggests that Jill and Katherine cut cards for the house but Jill tells her there's too much riding to leave it all to chance. Getting a deck of cards, Shirley shows Jill that with the right dealer, the odds are always in your favor. Jill loses twice to her when Shirley deals. Jill thought that Shirley was an actress but Shirley tells her that she's much more than that.

JACK impatiently wonders where BRAD is. When he comes to Jack's office, Jack jumps on Brad who asks "Grumpy" if they had an appointment. Jack is focused on the NE take-over. Brad tells Jack he has good news -- Victor and Nikki are on a short vacation, a week to ten days. Jack sees a window of opportunity and wants to call a Board of Directors meeting. Brad expresses his doubts, telling Jack he doesn't think they have a majority. He wonders if Victor might have given someone his vote by proxy but Jack tells Brad that Victor is too much of a megalomaniac to do that; Victor doesn't think they can have a Board meeting without him. Brad knows that Victor's strongest supporter is going to be Victoria. Jack says he's talked to Jill and doesn't think she'll vote against Victor. Neil is a toss up and could possibly vote against them because Victor is his future father-in-law. Jack adds that if Ashley were here, she's vote with them, but Brad has his doubts because Ashley is an independent thinker and still has some strange loyalty to Victor. Jack wants to know if Brad has heard from Ashley and Brad's silence causes Jack to infer that he has. What's going on, asks Jack? Brad denies knowledge of anything to do with Ashley and directs the conversation back to the Board votes. Jack will immediately pay Neil a visit to find out where he stands about Victor and leaves to talk to him.

VICTORIA enters Jack's office and informs Brad that she overheard more of his conversation than she let on. She knows he was talking to Ashley and demands information about what's happening in Madrid. Brad chides her for eavesdropping. Victoria knows that Brad is Ashley confidante and wonders if there's trouble between Cole and Ashley. Brad warns Victoria not to go to Spain and interfere. Victoria is concerned about Cole, but Brad asks her to heed his advice for everyone's sake. Victoria leaves and in her wake, Brad crosses his arms and smiles. It doesn't take long for Victoria to return to her office and book a first class round-trip flight to Madrid.

Jack returns because Neil has left for the day. Brad informs Jack that he now thinks they can carry the vote and Jack accuses him of smoking something funny because it's impaired his ability to add. "It's three to three," Jack reminds Brad. "We can't throw Victor out with a deadlock!" Brad tells Jack that he planted a seed that just may send Victoria out of town. Of course, if Victoria doesn't take the bait, then Jack needs to talk to Neil. Jack is determined not to blow this in the eleventh hour!

Tuesday, February 23

Episode #6571

RYAN finds out that VICTORIA is going to Madrid and accuses her of trying to spark a relationship with Cole. Victoria politely tells him his advice is falling on deaf ears. Victoria then informs JACK that she needs some time off for a vacation. Jack hugs her and tells her to take as much time as she needs.

However, Jack does not get the response he'd like from Neil. Neil likes his job at NE and informs Jack that he'd like to keep it. On the personal side, OLIVIA brings Malcolm's clothes by in a suitcase. When Neil goes to the hospital, MALCOLM is attempting to exercise. When Neil tells him that Olivia doesn't want him to come home, Malcolm says that he and Olivia will talk because he intends to leave the hospital with her. Olivia comes in. Neil leaves to give them privacy. Despite all his attempts to get her to change her mind, Olivia stands firm and refuses to allow Malcolm to come home.

PAUL and MARY await CARL'S arrival. When he arrives, Mary goes to put on coffee. Uneasy, Carl suggests to Paul that he is going to leave. This is not going to turn out well. Paul tells Carl that this means a lot to Mary and just as Carl is about to leave, she comes back and asks him to sit down. Reluctantly he does and Paul leaves. She fixes him coffee, and he still takes it will two sugars, but no cream. When he sits down, Mary informs him that he sat in that very same easy chair every day for twenty years, Carl doesn't recall. Mary tells him that he will. She's going to help him get better but she wants him to know that there's no pressure on him.

Paul sees GINA at her restaurant and they talk about his father. She was surprised to see Carl that day and wonders how Mary is. Paul tells her that his mother and father are together as they speak, but Carl still doesn't remember anything of significance.

Jack tells BRAD that Neil's vote would most likely be with Victor. There has to be some place in the company that needs the skills that Neil has to offer, ponders Jack. There have been problems in Seattle with a labor dispute. Brad agrees that this is the perfect assignment. Jack is afraid that if he presents it to Neil so soon after they talked, Neil will see through their plan. Brad decides that he'll present it to Neil, stating that Jack was against the idea. When Brad does talk to Neil, Neil begs off because of family problems but Brad insists that only Neil has the finesse to pull this off. Reluctantly, Neil makes arrangements to meet with the labor personnel in the afternoon. When Ryan stops by, Neil asks him to take his place. Ryan agrees and tells Neil he'll owe him big time.

MEGAN stops by the apartment and finds TRICIA with an early pregnancy test in her hand. Meg asks if Ryan knows and Tricia tells her that Ryan hasn't asked. When Meg tells her that it's deceitful, Tricia tells her that it's what she feels is best and Megan tells Tricia that she's going to remember this the next time Tricia tries to warn her off Tony. Tricia tells her that she's Meg's big sister and it comes with the territory. However, Tricia is NOT pregnant. Meg is comforting her when Ryan arrives, explaining that he has a company emergency. Tricia states that she has special plans for them, but Ryan apologizes, stating that he had tickets for a basketball game with Phillip and he knows how disappointed Phillip is going to be. While he's packing for the trip, Tricia desperately tells Meg that Ryan was more concerned with disappointing Phillip than her. Tricia has to get pregnant, she tells Meg. It's the only way she's ever going to fully get Ryan's attention.

After Brad talks with Neil, he reports to Jack. Sure that they now have the Board votes in their pocket, Jack wants to call a meeting immediately. Victor is not the emperor of Rome, Jack retorts. Brad asks when they are going to attack. Jack tells him soon, very soon. Brad can take off his helmet if he wants, but Jack is going to charge into battle. Brad is ready for the fight.

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

LYNNE brings PAUL some paperwork to complete but he is restless and can't concentrate on anything but his mother and father. He's so afraid that Mary will get hurt because her Faith is like the Rock of Gibraltar. CHRIS stops by to check on Paul because she knew that he was worried. Paul apologizes for his terrible mood. He's so concerned about how his mother will react when she finds out about Ruth. He is also worried about Charlie. Chris tells him that the matter is simply out of their hands now and regardless of what happens, someone is going to get hurt. Paul sees CHARLIE standing in his office doorway and realizes that he overheard some of their conversation. Charlie admits that he couldn't help overhearing and the reason he's there is because of his concern for Mary's well being. He has purposely stayed away so that Mary could absorb the shock of Carl's sudden appearance. In fact, he's on his way over to see Mary now. Paul insists that Charlie not visit now because his father is there. Charlie wonders if Carl has remembered anything else and Paul tells him no. Charlie realizes that Paul wants to see his father and mother together and Paul admits that he does. Chris tries to explain that since she found Carl in Norfolk last year there have been mixed emotions. Having thought that Carl re-appeared on his own, Charlie is furious and accuses Paul and Chris of playing games. Paul encouraged Charlie's relationship with Mary and even accepted their engagement knowing that Carl was alive and living elsewhere. Charlie won't stand by and watch as Mary gets hurt. He feels she's suffered alone for too long and they've found happiness together -- a happiness that he won't even let Carl Williams take away from them. As Charlie turns to leave, Paul begs him not to interfere with Carl and Mary's visit. Charlie looks back at him in anger but promises nothing.

Nothing is familiar to CARL. MARY tells him that she can't believe it's been ten years since he was in this house. She describes how Carl would come home from work tied up in knots over some case and how they would talk about things to calm him down. Then he'd sit in his easy chair, Mary rubbing his taut shoulders, and he's finally begin to relax. It was almost like a ritual between them. Carl remembers nothing that Mary shares with him and explains that for the past ten years he's led an entirely different life as "Jim Bradley." There is so much that Mary doesn't know. Mary won't accept that and goes on to describe the man Carl says is Jim Bradley as a kind, decent man who is generous to his neighbors and loves children. He's the man that comes home from a day of work and turns on the evening news, only to be angered at the injustice that seems to prevail in the world. Carl admits that Mary knows him well but insists that there are still things that Mary needs to know. All that Mary cares to know is that Carl wants to have his life back again but he doesn't answer her immediately which causes Mary to become quite concerned. Finally, Carl has to admit that he's not sure what he wants right now. He has a life with Ruth and they've lived together as husband and wife in every way since she found him nearly beaten to death and nursed him back to health. The force of this statement hits Mary like a bomb and she realizes that she did not exist for Carl all these years. Numbly, she tells him he'd better go. Before she falls apart in front of him, she excuses herself and flees to the solitude of her room. Carl stands in the living room, torn with the reality of what he has and what he once had.

Dressed in tropical garb, NIKKI stands on the patio of the hotel room and listens to the island music in the background. VICTOR joins her with news of his shutout wins over the hotel's tennis pro. They express their love for one another. Victor loves being away from everyone and everything because it gives them time to seduce one another. A while later, they are dressed and sitting by their private pool. Nikki tells Victor that when he talked about "getting away from it all," this was not what she had in mind. Raising an eyebrow, Victor guesses that she was thinking they'd nestle on a secluded beach in a tiny hut. She smiles and tells him that being here with no interruptions is absolutely divine. Victor admits that he's actually felt relieved to have no work and no office that requires his attention. He hasn't thought of much else but Nikki since they arrived but Nikki knows that he's dying to get back and pluck the reins from Jack and Brad. Nikki wonders if Victor isn't too hard on Jack but Victor feels that he's not hard enough on him. Nikki shares that she thinks that Jack doesn't always make wise decisions in his personal life, siting Jack's current revived relationship with Diane, but applauds him for his and Brad's excellent business savvy. Victor has to admit that Jack has kept the company in the black but he felt he needed to hire Brad to keep an eye on Jack's work ethics. Nikki wants Victor's undivided attention for the next several days and Victor promises her that he is all hers, "the rest of the world be damned -- and that goes double for Jack Abbott!" They lose themselves in a hungry kiss.

OLIVIA insists that they need a chance to get their priorities straight and MALCOLM argues that they can't work on this problem if they are in separate apartments. Telling him that he brought all this on himself by wrapping himself in Callie's career and personal life, Olivia says she sees no other alternative since Malcolm decided to lay his life on the line for his ex-girlfriend. Malcolm can't believe that Olivia still thinks that Trey was behind his beating and explains that Trey visited him, tearing Callie's contract up and solving the problem. If that's the case, then Callie should move on. "It's time you asked Callie to leave," states Olivia firmly. "Tell her to go, Malcolm. Please." Malcolm says he can't ask her to leave and angered, Olivia turns to storm out of the room. Catching her by the arm, Malcolm pulls her back. Olivia tells him that it's clear now that his priorities do not lie with his family. Malcolm says that he's going to come home and that's all there is to say about it. Olivia threatens to take Nate and leave if he does because they need time apart.

BRAD paces in his office before picking up the phone and calling JILL, who is meeting with a client at Gina's. He tells her to cancel her appointment and come to the office for a Board meeting. Jill isn't thrilled with this request and asks if Brad has contacted the other Board members. When he tells her that Victoria has gone on a much needed vacation and that Neil is away on company business, she informs him that Neil is sitting across the room from her at Gina's. Stunned, Jill tells him she'll enlighten Neil and they'll be there as soon as possible. After he hangs up, Brad wonders why Neil isn't in Seattle and how they are going to pull this off.

Jill approaches NEIL and informs him of Brad's urgent message. Confused, Neil asks if she knows what this is all about but Jill is in the dark about the agenda. Neil states that before he leaves he has something critical to handle and he'll be at NE shortly. When Jill has gone, Neil asks GINA if she will help him with Callie. He states that Malcolm's marriage and happiness hang in the balance. He hints that Gina should convince Callie to move out now that her contract with Trey has been cancelled. Gina tells him that she'll think on it.

When CALLIE comes in with new sheet music for her repertoire, Gina tells her that they need to talk. Gina feels that Callie's had a whole New World open up for her and that someone with her talent should be in NYC or L. A. where her talents can be showcased. She's even made a few phone calls with Danny's connections. It's obvious to Callie that perhaps someone has asked Gina to send her on her way. Tearfully, Gina tells her that she honestly feels like it's best for everyone if Callie moves on with her life. It's time for Callie to go -- for her own good.

Malcolm's nurse passes Callie on her way to collect his discharge paper. Callie wonders how to say good-bye to him. When she enters the room, she finds Malcolm in a glum stupor. She tells him to cheer up because he'll soon be out of the hospital and home with his family. Malcolm shocks her when he tells Callie that Olivia refuses to let him come home.

Bearing a kiss and an apology, JACK comes to DIANE'S apartment. Diane missed him last night. Jack tells her that a situation came up that kept him at work until well past midnight. Then he warns her that a Board of Director's meeting has been called, although he doesn't think her attendance will be necessary. She asks if there will be a vote on an issue. Jack states that there may be and if he does call, she should hurriedly make her way to Jabot. All she has to do is vote with him. As Jack is leaving, Diane wishes him luck. He looks back at her, smiles, and quips, "Thanks, sugar."

When Jack enters the conference room, Brad tells him that they will need Diane's vote because Neil did not go to Seattle. Infuriated, Jack wants to know why Neil's not there but Brad can't give him the answer. Brad comforts Jack that despite the fact that both Neil and Jill are in attendance, they still have the votes they need with Diane. However, Jack wishes they could sway Jill or Neil because the vote would present itself better. Strutting into the room quite annoyed, Jill tells them that Neil will arrive presently and demands to know what's going on. Neil does arrive on her heels and Brad opens the meeting. He reviews why Victor decided to step down from the company because of tabloid pressure and that he entrusted NE to him and Jack. He also reviews the marvelous job he and Jack have done in repairing client and employee relations with NE. Having said that, he launches into the deal that Forrester Creations presented to them and why he and Jack turned it down. Jill and Neil are aware that Brooke Logan Forrester superceded them and made a deal with Victor. What they don't know is the kind of deal Victor made with her and the type of monetary commitments he's penned for this collaboration without Board approval. Jill reminds them that Victor owns the company and can do whatever he wishes. Neil guesses that Victor pledged $10 to $20 million and Jill adds that this amount is quite reasonable. Brad then passes out the budget printouts for the Newman-Forrester deal. Jill and Neil are outraged when they see that Forrester's line of credit if $200 million. "It's clear that Victor is out of control," states Jack. "He's lost his grip." Neil says that Victor has some serious explaining to do but Brad feels it goes much further than that. NE is in trouble according to Brad. He prefaces his next statement, explaining that he has great respect for Victor and even left a comfortable job in Rome to come back and work for the man. However, he feels that Victor's personal life has been in such upheaval that it has clouded his ability to make sound and critical judgments for this company. The world has seen that NE is a powerful force again in the business world and because of that, Brad can't allow decisions like the one Victor made about Forrester to happen again. Brad puts forth the motion that the Board should vote to replace Victor as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Jill and Neil stand open-mouthed in utter disbelief at what they've just heard.

Thursday, February 25, 1999

Directed by Sally McDonald

GRACE paces restlessly in MICHAEL'S office as they wait for Alice and Al. She is worried about protecting Cassie but Michael asks her to trust him. In the corridor outside, AL warns ALICE not to get dewy-eyed over Cassie because they have to make Grace and Michael believe that all Alice wants is money. Alice knows what is expected of her. When they enter his office, Michael asks Al and Alice to sit wherever they feel comfortable and they occupy the two chairs in front of Michael's desk. Michael begins to summarize Cassie and Alice's situation, but Alice takes umbrage when she thinks that Grace and Michael are implying that she abandoned Cassie. She explains that although Millie may seem like a harmless old woman now, she was a horrible mother who never showed Alice any love. After high school, Alice's life was a mess and she thought that a baby would give her someone to love. A lawyer she knew helped her to adopt Cassie but she found that a baby was a bundle of neediness that she couldn't handle. The best thing she felt she could do for Cassie was to allow Millie to care for her. All she wants now is to make a fresh start for herself and Cassie. Cassie is with people who love her and Alice could make a fresh start with some money. Michael asks her to state her position again for the record and tearfully Alice repeats that even though it sounds awful, all she wants is the money. Michael says he thinks he can help her.

CASSIE eagerly makes a "Welcome Home Daddy" sign for Nicholas. SHARON tries to take this time to explain the situation with Nick to her but Cassie's enthusiasm overflows. She'd like to bake chocolate chip cookies for him and can't wait until they can eat dinner tonight and maybe watch a little television together. While Cassie is upstairs putting the finishing touches on her sign, NICK returns. The air turns tense between him and Sharon and they start to argue. Cassie breaks the anxiety with her exuberance for their reunited family. Before Nick leaves for work, he calls Jack's secretary and finds that he's in the executive boardroom. After he leaves for NE, Sharon brings down pillows, sheets, and blankets to make up the couch for Nick. Cassie doesn't understand so Sharon explains that even though Nick is moving back home, things aren't 100% up to par between her and Nick. This is sort of an experiment, states Sharon. Cassie likes experiments because it's like a surprise or a game where you learn new things. She's sure that they all are going to learn to be a family again.

VICTOR and NIKKI dance to the gentle music of a tropical breeze and the ocean waves. When Nikki looks at Victor she accuses him of thinking about business but Victor is only thinking of their future together. He has a big project for her to embark upon when they return to Genoa City -- Nikki is to plan their wedding. The whole world watched as they lost each other, Victor states, and he wants the whole world to watch as he makes Nikki his wife again -- this time forever. Nikki is overcome with joy but tells Victor that he doesn't have to go to all that trouble. Victor encourages Nikki to plan the "biggest wedding that damn town has ever seen."

CALLIE can't believe that Olivia won't allow MALCOLM to move back home. Malcolm explains that her former husband left Olivia scarred and Olivia suggests that she' making Malcolm pay for Nathan's sins. Malcolm doesn't agree and says that he to what is necessary to save his marriage. For what it's worth, he's glad Callie came to Genoa City because it gave them a chance to put old ghosts in their graves. Callie is talented and deserves to be performing in a place that can showcase her talent, Malcolm tells her. Callie agrees and informs him that, through Danny, Gina is setting up interviews for her. She's come here to finally say good-bye to Malcolm. Malcolm wishes her the best and they embrace. They've finally come clean with each other and are friends, says Malcolm. Before she leaves, she turns around and emotionally tells him if they really can be honest with one another, she must admit that she loves him and she always will. After she leaves, Malcolm's eye fill with tears and his spirit is torn.

NINA answers the door in her gown and robe, finding Chris on the doorstep. Chris enters, confessing that she's been trying to get in touch with her for days now and wonders what Nina is doing in her bedclothes mid-morning. Is Nina slipping back into her depression, inquires Chris? At that moment, BRETT exits Nina's bedroom in his boxers. While everyone is thoroughly embarrassed, Brett re-enters the bedroom and Nina breaks the awkward pause when she quips, "No, I'm definitely not depressed." Brett joins them moments later, wearing only his jeans, and speaks to Chris. Smiling at the happiness her friend seems to be enjoying, Chris watches as Brett and Nina cuddle. He turns down coffee to take a shower. After he departs for his scrub, Chris asks how long this has been going on and Nina says they've only been involved for a short time. She and Brett aren't seeing other people and they are definitely compatible, so does Chris still want to be her chaperone? Chris' cell phone interrupts their chat. Sharon tells Chris that she's at home and she's made a decision. Chris tells Nina to have fun as she leaves to take care of her client. After his shower, Brett re-joins Nina and they share a laugh about Chris' visit. Nina doesn't quite know how this happened, but she's reveling in it. They envelop themselves in each other.

Descending the stairs in DIANE'S apartment, MARISSA tells her boss that she's cleared the decks for her. Diane, who is pacing around the phone, absentmindedly says, "Thanks, Riss." She wonders how the Board meeting is going even though she doesn't know what they are talking about. She loves Jack; therefore she has to trust him to do what's right for her. Diane just hopes that the topic of the meeting doesn't cause more friction between Victor and Jack.

In the Executive Boardroom, a tempest is building. BRAD declares that they have no choice but to oust Victor. He reminds them that Victor has committed $200 million to a deal without bringing it before the Board. JILL rages that Victor isn't even here to pull the knife out of his own back. Brad further reminds them that Victor bought a television production company without Board approval just to fire its star as a vendetta when his personal life was in brought into question by the public. Now Victor has overturned a decision Brad and Jack made just to throw his weight around and embarrass them. Combined with everything else Victor has done to alienate NE from its employees and clients, the Forrester deal is the last straw, according to Brad. NEIL wonders if it could be a typographical error, but JACK tells him that they've checked. Jill is suspicious, but Brad tells her that according to Forrester Creations' financial division, the printouts show the correct amount. Unable to resist the bait, Jill and Neil are reticent to side with them, Brad asks Jack if they should tell them their last bit of information. Jill and Neil demand to know the whole story. Brad then reveals that shortly after they turned Brooke Logan Forrester down, she flew to GC to meet with Victor -- a meeting that Jack and Brad happened to interrupt, finding Brooke parading in front of Victor in only her underwear. Jill finds it hard to believe and Brad warns her that Victor is not thinking with his head, but with another part of his anatomy. When Jack leaves the Boardroom, Jill asks him angrily if they've made him queasy. He returns several minutes later and Jill is brandishing Brad, telling him that she thought he had more integrity than to allow Jack to brainwash him. He assures Jill that no one forced him to make this decision. Diane joins them and Jill tells her this is a private meeting -- for Board members only. When Jack introduces her as the newest Board member, via her recent divorce settlement from Victor, Jill explodes. "You low-down, devious...," Jill begins wailing, but Brad tells her there will be no name-calling. Neil respectfully tells Diane that it would behoove her to sit this vote out, due to the nature of her relationship with Victor. Diane tells Neil that if they'll bring her up to speed, she's sure she can render a valid opinion and vote accordingly. This brings yet another eruption from Jill, who now sees that this is a set up. Neil questions the whereabouts of Victoria. Brad proffers that he spoke with Victoria early today and she's leaving on vacation. "One less supporter for Victor," spouts Jill snidely. Neil suggests they table this ludicrous discussion until Victor is back but Brad objects, siting that Victor would not look at this objectively. "He'd just pull his Mussolini act," states Brad firmly. Brad calls for a vote to remove Victor as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Jack, Jill, and Neil are arguing when an unexpected guest, Nick, joins them. "What's going on?" asks Nick, unaware that he's just asked the $64,000 question.

Friday, February 26

Directed by Kathryn Foster

CHRIS informs SHARON that filing for custody is the best way to fight for Cassie. Paul hasn't found Millie yet but he believes that he will soon. Sharon feels that without Millie's testimony her case will be considerably weaker. Time is critical, Chris urges. Sharon shares that Nicholas has moved back in and Chris wonders if, given time to heal, the Newmans might become a loving family again. Sharon's main concern is Cassie right now because Cassie has such high expectations with Nick here again. She can't very well tell Cassie what happened and it's hard for Cassie to understand that everything isn't automatically fine now that he's home. Chris tells Sharon that perhaps things with Nick will turn out better than she thinks they will but Sharon's unsure. Changing the subject, Sharon is worried about Alice showing up on her doorstep to collect Cassie. Chris has taken this into account and explains that after they file for custody, Alice will have to be served the papers in Madison. In the interim days between filing and being served, Chris will also file a motion for temporary custody, hoping that a judge will see things their way. What has Sharon decided, Chris asks? Sharon decides to sign the custody papers but is surprised when Chris produces the papers for her to sign immediately. Chris tells her that she anticipated Sharon decision and emphasizes that they need to move now. Sharon starts to sign the papers and hesitates, stating that the last time she signed papers where Cassie was concerned, she signed all her rights away as Cassie's biological mother. Tearfully, Sharon signs the paper and begs Chris not to let her lose her daughter.

After MICHAEL tells ALICE that he and GRACE can help her, Grace reminds Michael that Alice only said she wanted money, not that she DIDNOT want Cassie. To please them, Alice states for the record that she doesn't want Cassie -- only the money. This said, she demands to know where Cassie is. When Michael won't tell her, Alice is visibly upset and accuses Michael and Grace of changing the rules. Michael corrects Alice and tells her that he only promised her monetary compensation. Al tries to calm Alice and Grace begins to wonder if this whole meeting has been a put-on. Al is curious how Michael will prove Alice exists if these folks don't believe him but Michael assures Al that Sharon's in-laws won't require him to do that. He suggests that Al and Alice return to Madison and wait for his call. If Michael doesn't come through with a deal for them, Alice is free to resume her search. After they leave, Grace asks Michael the same question Al did. Michael tells her that modern electronics are so handy -- especially since they are so small. He climbs the ladder on one wall of his law library and removes a camcorder from among the books. Grace relaxes as she and Michael discuss how they now have Alice blatantly selling her daughter out for cash, thus insuring Cassie's safety. Alice would want no judge to view this tape. "Smile Alice," Michael fairly sings with a smirk. "You're on candid camera!" Michael tells Grace he doesn't want to use the tape, but he also didn't want to leave anything to chance. He promises to call Grace when he has something to tell her.

Outside Michael's office, Al tells Alice to calm down but Alice tells Al that Sharon's not going to give them any money unless Alice signs away any rights she has to Cassie and then she'll never find "her little girl." At the hotel, Alice spews that all lawyers are slimy and Michael is no different. Al warns her not to blow this deal for them. He also tells her that he believes Alice only thinks she wants Cassie, just like she did when Alice first adopted her. Alice corrects him and says that this is her chance to make things right by showing Cassie that she loves her and she always has. She refuses to go back to Madison because even though she has no proof, she believes that Cassie is living in Genoa City.

RAFAEL paints under the watchful gaze of "La Senora" but is interrupted by a visit from Cole. Cole admires an unfinished painting and remarks that it reminds him of one he saw in a museum. In fact, it's the very same painting! He comments that Rafael is a great reproduction artist and Rafael tells him that copying the great artists helps him refine his techniques. Cole is inspired to go back and work at the hotel but confirms dinner plans with Rafael for later this evening. He tells Rafael that he and Ashley will return when she wraps up the problem for this family. He tells Rafael that he has an open invitation to visit them in Genoa City. After he leaves, Rafael has a fit, throwing down his paints and kicking his unfinished canvas on the floor several times. He looks at Cole and Ashley's wedding announcement and tells himself that he cannot lose Ashley again.

When Cole returns to the hotel, he finds VICTORIA having a drink. He asks what she's doing there and she delivers his disk to him. He thought she'd send it by messenger but she informs him that she needed a vacation so she brought it to him, Madrid being the first stop of several she wants to make as she relaxes in Europe. Cole tells her that she's not acting like an engaged woman -- where's the engagement ring? Victoria tries to make light of the situation when she tells Cole that the engagement has been called off but Cole tells Victoria that she can't fool him; he knows that she's hurting. Victoria asks where Ashley is and Cole tells her that she's off on a side trip. "Then you're free for dinner?" Victoria asks. Cole has to decline, telling her he has previous plans but agrees to meet her in an hour for drinks. After he leaves, she wonders why Ashley would leave Cole alone. Well, reasons Victoria, he's not alone anymore and she smiles with delight.

Just as VICTOR and NIKKI are about to go inside and make love, the phone rings. Victor leaps to answer it and Nikki is furious, even saying that she wishes Victor has nothing more to do with NE. When he finds his brooding wife, he tells her that the call was not about work but about her. Confused, Nikki asks what Victor means but he only tells her to pack a bag for the next leg of their journey and not to bother with a bikini because she won't need it.

Nikki acts like an impatient child as they wing their way across miles of ocean in a one-engine plane. She pouts because Victor won't tell her anything. Pointing into the horizon, Victor shows her a sliver of an island and says that they are going to be all alone with no communication from the outside world. He dubs it Nikki's own "Fantasy Island" and she squeals with delight.

JACK tells NICK that they are in the middle of a Board meeting when JILL blurts out what they are meeting on. Nicholas can't believe what he's heard but BRAD and JACK go into great detail to share Victor's indiscretion with the Forrester deal, even telling Nick about finding Brooke dressed only in her underwear with Victor gawking at her. Nick tells Jack that they need to hear his father's side of this before they vote. Jack says that he's only trying save Nick's birthright from sure failure but Nick asks Jack not to do him any favors. "Where's my sister?" Nick demands and they tell him she's out of the country and don't know when she'll be back. Still not satisfied, he asks when Brad and Jack found this information. When Brad tells him it was discovered about a week ago, Nick explodes, accusing Jack of using him when he remembers that he entered his father's password into Jack's computer. Neil tells them that this is not an action that requires them to remove Victor as CEO of the company, but Jack tells him that even Victor knew that he wasn't doing a good job when he stepped down and allowed him and Brad to run the company. Nick spouts that that this is all a sinister takeover plot on behalf of Jack and Brad. Jill agrees, stating that Jack has tried to get something on Victor since he made Jack his right hand man. At any rate, the vote is going to be a stalemate with the votes tied at 2 - 2, Nick states. Jack tells Nick there will be no tie and introduces Diane as the newest Board member. Nick says that Diane is only doing this to get back at his father. When Jack calls for a vote on the motion to remove Victor, he and Brad vote yes; Jill and Neil vote no. Nicholas turns to Diane and pleads with her. At one time Diane loved his father, he declares, and she knows how much this company means to Victor. He warns her that perhaps she's been tricked into being a part of this like he was. Diane says nothing. All eyes are on her at Diane stares at Jack, her brown eyes pleading with him to make some sense of what's really going on and tell what she should do.

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