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Al was overjoyed to learn that Cassie was with a rich family. Katherine and Birdie got acquainted. Alice forced Millie to sign her Social Security checks over to Alice. A young girl named Mac rescued Katherine from a mugger.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 8, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday March 8, 1999

ALICE continues to argue with the POLICE OFFICER when NICK suggests they go up to the main house and wait for CHRIS. Alice will have nothing to do with that but then Chris arrives to handle the situation. Nick steps outside and sees car lights coming up the drive. Inside, Alice begins to mouth off at Chris, who shows Alice the court documents that the process server has been trying to deliver to Alice's home in Madison. Alice and Sharon continue to argue and Alice finally begs the police officer not to make her leave until Cassie returns. Besides, the Newmans have lawyers for everything and the officer suggests that Alice go and find a lawyer for herself. Alice vows she's not going anywhere -- it's been years since she held Cassie in her arms and they have no right to keep her from Cassie. Chris insists that Alice leave and as the officer takes her arm to escort her outside Alice vows that they haven't heard the last from her; no fancy lawyer is going to keep Alice from her kid. To calm Sharon, Chris makes her a cup of tea. Sharon poignantly reminisces about times she's spent with Cassie: Cassie staring out the window, making chocolate chips together, feeding Noah, Cassie as she sleeps, snuggling with Cassie, and Nick, Sharon, and Cassie in better times. Sharon tearfully expresses her fear to Chris that the courts will allow Alice to have custody of Cassie.

In Madrid, VICTORIA comes to visit RAFAEL at his studio and wishes to see something he's painted. Unfortunately, he only has some sketches of nudes that he can show her. He takes a moment and sketches the likeness of Victoria on his sketchpad. She is impressed but still wants to see one of his paintings. Rafael asks her what's keeping her in Madrid. Could it be that she's waiting to see her friend Ashley? Victoria tries to gain some information from Rafael, but he skirts the issue and says that Ashley's work will be done when she returns so he's going to miss Ashley and Cole when they leave. When Victoria leaves, Rafael asks if he'll see her again. Victoria tells him coyly that it depends on whether Rafael wants to see her again and she leaves.

Back at the hotel, COLE is a bit concerned that he's received no communication whatsoever from Ashley. Victoria comes back and Cole is surprised she's not gone. Then he accuses her of snooping in his and Ashley's life trying to cause trouble. Victoria wants to know what's really going on with him and Ashley. What is the real reason Ashley came here? They are interrupted when a bellhop brings Cole a telegram and Victoria immediately wants to know what Ashley has to say.

JILL demands to know what ESTHER isn't telling her when she finds her crying. Esther finally confesses that she didn't break the mirror and she found a broken drinking glass that reeked of alcohol. Jill tells SHIRLEY that she only wanted to drive Katherine out of the house, not to drink. If word gets around, Jill will be ostracized. Shirley thinks that Esther is keeping something from them. Jill doesn't want to call the police because it would only cause Katherine more embarrassment. Jill then comes to believe that Katherine is in some posh hotel in cahoots with Esther to fool her but Jill vows it won't work. Katherine may be getting her jollies now but Jill will have the last laugh.

KATHERINE warms her hands over an open fire inside a barrel. A BAG LADY tells her that she's never seen Katherine before and she doesn't look like she belongs there. Katherine comments that she's only warming her hands. The bag lady tells her this is no place for her and Katherine, nearly catatonic, states that it seems she belong no where. The bag lady asks Katherine not to leave and wants to trade shoes with her. Katherine accepts an old pair of hiking boots and finds out that she can get a hot meal from the homeless shelter. The bag lady turns aggressive and demands that Katherine give up her coat and when she won't, the bag lady pushes Katherine down, causing Katherine to get a nasty gash in her forehead. She finally wanders to the homeless shelter where she takes off her expensive rings and puts them in her pocket. A man named NED is kind to her and tells her that dinner will be ready shortly. Ned cleans up her wound and bandages it but Katherine won't tell him how it happened. She does admit that no one cares about her and she has no place to go.

With Cassie's interest at heart, GRACE and MICHAEL think that it would be wonderful if Alice truly did just walk away, stating how sad Al is going to be that Alice blew his moneymaking scheme. While they munch on Chinese takeout, they discuss what may happen when Victor finally returns. Michael says that Grace's career could soar with him on the Board of Directors but Grace politely tells him that she's like to climb the ladder of success by herself and Michael understands. He didn't mean to offend Grace and she tells him there was no offense taken. Turning back to the subject of Alice, they have just begun a toast when Alice interrupts them saying that she never should have trusted a crummy lawyer. Michael jumps up in Alice's face and tells her to never barge into his office like that again. Alice is more subdued after Michael's outburst as Michael tells her that she can't go around like a loose cannon. Alice admits that she's not happy and Michael says that they'll just forget the whole deal. At first Alice tells him he's bluffing but throwing all caution to the wind, she says that she's not having anything else to do with their sleazy deal and they both can go to hell. After Alice leaves, Grace tells Michael that she doesn't think that Alice has washed her hands of Cassie all together. While Grace is worrying over the outcome of this whole masquerade where Cassie's concerned, Michael tells her that she'd make a good mother -- as well as a delightful dinner partner. Grace turns him down and states that she hopes Alice won't threaten Cassie's happiness ever again.

Having intercepted CASSIE and Lisa, Nick takes Cassie to the main house and tells her that he wants to surprise Sharon. Cassie suggests that they make her a special dinner and they enlist Miguel to help with the preparations. Cassie helps Miguel in the kitchen. In a short while, Sharon comes to the main house with NOAH and tells Nick that she'll be back down to explain everything after she puts Noah to bed. Once she's downstairs again, Nick offers Sharon some water, which she declines. When Sharon starts to tell Nicholas what transpired at the house, Cassie comes out of the kitchen and almost spills the beans about dinner. She stops herself and just tells Sharon that she and Nick are working on a surprise. "By the way, Mommy," Cassie asks innocently. "Why was there a police car in front of our house?" Sharon is wild-eyed with fear, searching for a plausible explanation for her daughter.

Tuesday, March 9, 1999

In Madrid, VICTORIA is present when COLE receives a telegram from Ashley, which makes Victoria extremely curious. When she inquires if Ashley has sent him bad news, Cole tells Victoria that he and Ashley are just fine. Victoria tells him that she was changed when Eve died and it changed the way she felt about Cole. He admits that it was an experience he'll never forget, either. However, he came to Spain to move on with his life and Victoria should too because he's happy with what he's got. Eyes brimming with tears, Victoria wonders just exactly what it is Cole has. Once Victoria has gone he reads Ashley's telegram: "Darling/Unexpected delay/Please forgive me/Be back as planned/So sorry/I love you/I'll make it up to you." Cole wonders if something more is going on than Ashley's led him to believe.

Sad, Victoria finds RAFAEL in the bar and they share sangrias together. Rafael is feeling melancholy and can see that something is wrong with Victoria. At first, Victoria is reluctant, but she finally tells him about losing Eve and how difficult it was for her. She does not reveal that Cole was Eve's father. She also shares that when you suffer a loss in America, you grieve and then move on with your life. Rafael finds that sad. On a brighter note, Victoria states that it's a shame she's sitting with the best-looking man in the place but they aren't dancing. Rafael remedies that by taking Victoria in his arms and they dance slowly at first. When the music changes, it's not quite to Rafael's liking so they twirl about the dance floor with a tango rhythm sans the tango music. Victoria laughs and says that her mother warned her about men like Rafael. It seems that both their spirits have been lifted and there is a definite chemistry between them.

MALCOLM comes out from tucking Nate into bed, telling OLIVIA that Nate wouldn't even allow him to read a chapter in his book because Nate thought they should spend time together. Seeing that Olivia is uncomfortable, Malcolm begins to tell her that it was her voice that he heard when his eyes were swollen shut and it gave him the will to live. He admits that he's taken her medical skills for granted but tells Olivia that it was the knowledge that she was there with him that sparked the desire to become stronger. Olivia begins to cry and Malcolm kisses away her tears, eventually kissing her hungrily with Olivia responding in like fashion. Later in their bedroom, the sheets are rumpled and Malcolm moans in ecstasy, basking in the warm glow of their togetherness. However, in his sublime state, he doesn't notice that Olivia is crying and her tears stream softly onto her pillow.

NED, the male counselor who spoke to KATHERINE when she first came into the shelter, talks to ELLEN, the shelter's female counselor, about their newest arrival. Katherine has eaten an entire meal. When Ellen approaches her she tries to get more information from Katherine, which leads Katherine to tell Ellen to mind her own business. "Isn't there someone we can call for you?" Ellen asks poignantly. "Are you homeless?" Katherine shakes her weary head and mutters that she has no home and there is no one to call. She just wants to be left alone. Ellen leaves her alone and exhaust overcomes Katherine, causing her to fall asleep at the table leaning on one arm. Ned mentions that there are four beds left in the women's dormitory and Ellen asks him to save one for "Kay," the name Katherine has given them. As Ned and Ellen watch "Kay" sleep, Ellen becomes entranced, telling Ned that Kay looks familiar to her but she can't remember where she's seen her. At any rate, Ellen states, when Kay rouses from her nap she'll take her to her bed. The vision of Kay haunts Ellen.

CHRIS and PAUL lounge about in pajamas in their apartment after dinner. Paul can see that Chris has had a harrowing day but is surprised when Chris tells him about the fiasco with Alice. Chris states that it wouldn't have taken her long to find Sharon if she had been served the custody papers but Chris can't figure out how Alice found Sharon when the process server couldn't deliver the court documents. Paul comments that someone is "sleeping with the enemy" but can't fathom who leaked the information to Alice. Chris describes how upset Sharon was and Paul tells her if they find how Alice came across such detailed information then they could trace it back to the culprit and the riddle would be solved. On a related matter they discuss the fact that no one has been able to locate Millie and this worries Paul. Chris wonders if Millie is even still alive, stating that they need her testimony badly to shore up Sharon's case.

Sitting behind Victor's desk, JACK is working on several things when he is interrupted by a visit from Grace who has come to congratulate him. She comments on how comfy Jack looks behind Victor's desk and tells him that it was time for a change in management and she is looking forward to working with him. In fact, she thinks the Newmans got what they deserved since Victor especially like twisting the screws and making her life miserable. Jack states that Grace is certainly a bright young woman and an asset to the company. Grace admits forthrightly that she wants to go as far up the ladder of success as it will take her and Jack has to wonder why she's not having this talk with her own boss, meaning Brad. Grace says that it's not a secret who will be number one around here and she wanted to show her allegiance to the man who went to bat for her when Victor and Nick were pushing to fire her after the little incident in Denver. In fact, if Jack thinks it would reinforce his standing with the company, Grace would be more than happy to resurrect the sexual harassment suit that she dropped against the Newmans -- whatever she can do to help. Jack thanks her for stopping by and offering her support for the new regime. After Grace is gone Jack mutters, "I just may ask you to do that Grace." He smiles because he knows he's just formed another important ally.

SHARON is completely thrown by CASSIE'S question regarding the police but NICHOLAS doesn't miss a beat in explaining that around this time every year the police collect donations for a special fund. This satisfies her curiosity and MIGUEL comes out to the living room looking for his "little helper." Cassie scurries back to the kitchen and Sharon expresses her deep thanks to Nick, explaining that she just froze. She also thanks Nick for interceding and bringing Cassie to the main house so she wouldn't encounter Alice. The last thing she wants is for Cassie to know what's going on. Nick tells Sharon that they need to prepare Cassie for the fact that her adoptive mother is looking for her and wants her back because a court case seems a near certainty. They both are startled with a knock at the door, Sharon nearly hysterical thinking that it might be Alice. Instead it's an insistent JILL, who demands to know where they're hiding Katherine, sure that she's in hiding with Nikki but Nick reminds Jill that his mother is still in the islands. Jill apologizes, explaining that she was sure that Nikki was in cahoots with Katherine to drive Jill insane with worry. She tells Nick that they need to talk as soon as possible because there's going to be a firestorm when Victor returns. Nick says that he'll stop by her office when he returns to Newman Enterprises.

Returning to the Chancellor/Abbott Estate, Jill is still certain that Katherine's disappearance is a hoax. When ESTHER hears Jill enter, she rushes in hoping to find that Katherine has returned. Jill angrily tells her that the gig is up. Esther isn't a good enough actress to pull this off, Jill retorts. When Esther repeats that she knows nothing of Katherine's whereabouts, Jill takes her by the arms and violently shakes her. Esther breaks down, telling Jill she can beat her all she wants but she still doesn't know where Katherine is. When Esther runs out of the room in hysterics, SHIRLEY mentions that Jill was a tad harsh on Esther. Jill thinks it's all a huge charade. Katherine is going to stay away long enough to let Jill get comfortable in thinking that she has the estate to herself and then she's going to come back and shatter Jill's dreams. It's all just an act! Jill spews. "But you're not sure, are you?" Shirley asks. Jill says nothing but her visible anger has been replaced with genuine concern.

Nick has called up the Security Company and hires extra men for the front gate and both houses. He wants Sharon and the children to spend the night here at the main house. Sharon is worried that there's something Nick isn't telling her but he promises that he's only taking special precautions to keep them safe. He hates to have to leave but in light of what Jill has said, he wants to be at the NE when his father returns to brief him on exactly what's happened. Sharon understands and tells him that they'll be fine. Again she thanks Nick for all he's done, saying that she doesn't know what she'd have done without Nick. For a moment, time between them is suspended and they search each other's eyes. They both act as if they want to comfort the other with an embrace but not wanting to push himself on Sharon, Nick tells her that he'll be back from the office soon. Sharon's eyes brim with tears when he leaves and rampant fear engulfs her entire body.

Wednesday, March 10, 1999

In Madrid, COLE finds VICTORIA at the hotel bar and joins her for a white wine. Victoria expounds eloquently on Cole's current situation and Cole suggests that she should be a writer, which leads Victoria to ask when Cole last wrote anything. Trying to change the subject, Cole asks Victoria how long she plans to stay, implying that it would be best for Victoria to be gone when Ashley returns. Victoria picks up on this and states that there's not enough room in Madrid for both her and Ashley. She continues to needle Cole stating that his life lately has consisted of chasing after his wife, always waiting to spend time with her, and further suggests that perhaps Cole has lost his muse. This hits a nerve with Cole and he bids her farewell. Victoria phones the airlines and asks when the next connection to New York is, telling the airline attendant that she will also need a flight to Genoa City. RAFAEL finds her sitting alone and quite despondent. He suggests that he whisk her away on a tour of the city but Victoria tells him she's going home. He begins to describe a thousand-year-old castle and a tiny fishing village he would love to show her. Victoria questions Rafael's motives, hinting that he may be looking for a romantic rendezvous but Rafael tells her that he knows that her heart lies elsewhere and he would never try to interfere. With his picturesque descriptions and his persuasive charm, Victoria agrees to join him for a tour and Rafael helps her into her coat.

NEIL comes to OLIVIA and MALCOLM'S apartment and is surprised to find Malcolm there. He is even more surprised that Olivia allowed Malcolm to spend the night and Malcolm hints that he and Olivia shared a bed. Neil asks about Callie and Malcolm assures his brother that Callie isn't an issue for them. Malcolm bluntly asks if Neil is happy for them because Neil isn't showing support. Neil admits he is worried about Olivia's concerns and Malcolm tells him to put on a smile because everything will be fine. In fact, he's heading out to the studio. Neil reminds Malcolm that he promised to take it slow when he got out of the hospital and Malcolm tells him he'll be fine. Neil tells him he's going to the hospital to give blood because he remember just how much blood Malcolm lost. Malcolm says he gets the picture.

Neil stops by to see Olivia after he gives blood. They discuss Malcolm spending the night at home and Olivia admits that it felt good to be so close to her husband again, but it doesn't erase all their problems. She still has a lot of problems with Callie -- most of those fears being in her imagination. Still, she can't help how she feels. What bothers Olivia the most is that even after the closeness of last night, things just aren't the same.

A perturbed NICHOLAS is on the phone with Connie, Victor's secretary, asking if his father has checked in. Upon finding that Victor has left no messages, Nick furiously instructs her to find out if Victor could have rented a jet and to call him immediately if she hears from Victor. SHARON and CASSIE have come down and MIGUEL tells them that breakfast is ready. Sensing that Nick and Sharon may want to spend some time alone, Miguel asks Cassie to help him in the kitchen. After Cassie leaves, Nick and Sharon are quite civil to each other, with a smiling Sharon sharing her gratitude for all Nick has done. Nick suggests that Cassie stay home from school, just in case Alice has decided to lurk around town. Sharon agrees but is reluctant to tell Cassie what's going on. Wisely, Nick insists that Cassie would be more prepared for what may happen if she was told about Alice. When Sharon agrees, Nick asks her to allow him to be present when Cassie is told so they can face this as a family. He asks Sharon to apologize to Cassie because he must leave early to speak with Jill. For the second time in two days, there are several moments of awkwardness between Nick and Sharon, as if there is something they need to say to each other, yet it remains unspoken. Sharon watches as Nick leaves.

BRAD and JACK discuss the minority shareholders documents being signed and Jack tells Brad that he's sending couriers to expedite the process. In fact, Jack's waiting for his father and Traci's documents now. Brad is worried that Victor will somehow throw a kink into their plans. Jack is not worried and expounds upon the information he'll use to block Victor's accusations. First, he'll say that he ran across the Newman-Forrester Deal while he was cross-referencing another file. To further support his position, he'll add that he couldn't have possibly changed anything in the Forrester deal because Victor uses passwords that only Victor knows. When Brad reminds him that Victor will check with the Forrester accountants, Jack assures him that it would be plausible to assert that Victor and Brooke were having a fling and that Brooke tampered with the numbers on Forrester's end of the deal. With witnesses to the fact that Brooke was found clad in only her underwear in Victor's office, it taints Victor's credibility. Brad admits that either Jack is very brave or crazy and Jack responds that you have to be a little of both.

After the courier arrives, Jack is concerned because there are some documents missing. He receives a surprise visit from TRACI, who has the documents Jack wants. Looking them over, he finds that John has signed his but Traci's is blank. She tells Jack she has reservations concerning the motive for the takeover and says she has a hard time believing that Victor is incompetent to run NE. Frustrated, Jack relates the story that he and Brad concocted for the Board meeting. Traci finds Victor's behavior bizarre but Jack asks, "Knowing Victor, is it really?" Still Traci wonders if the takeover is as much about Victor's incompetence or Jack's hatred of Victor.

Nick meets JILL at the Chancellor/Abbott Estate bound and determined to shore up his father's position before Victor returns. Jill tells him that Jack and Brad must have had their bases covered to pull something like this and Victor just can't come back and fire those two traitors. Nick needs to do something but Jill tells him he already did something -- he let Jack into Victor's files. Nick hangs his head and begs for Jill's help. She promises she will do what she can with one stipulation: if she helps Victor, she'll require support for several projects she wants to start. Nick promises that if Jill offers her support to Victor, her loyalty will be rewarded and he'll be right there with his father to offer Jill the support she needs.

In Madison, AL is placing horseracing bets when ALICE demands to know what he's doing. Alice informs him that she won't shell our any cash for him. Al guesses that Alice found Cassie and bemoans the fact that Alice has blown the deal for them. Now they won't get any money because Alice blew the whole "cha-cha." Alice tells him that she has her own plan and she doesn't care about the money. Al suggests that they retain Michael as their attorney to go against the Newmans but Alice isn't sure what her next move is. She answers a knock at the door and is met by a process server who hands her the court documents. Upon reading the papers she gasps in horror, telling Al that Sharon wants to take Cassie away from her for good. "They're taking me to court," Alice declares with fear.

After breakfast, Sharon tells Cassie that she wants her to stay home from school. Cassie finds this unusual and is excited at first -- until she remembers the big spelling test she's supposed to take. She nearly begs Sharon to let her go to school so she won't get behind in her work but Sharon insists that she can make up the test. Seeing the fear in Sharon's eyes Cassie asks if something is wrong. At first, Sharon denies it but when Cassie insists, she tells her that something is wrong. Cassie tells Sharon she's scared because something's happening and she doesn't know what it is. Sharon admits that there is something she needs to discuss with Cassie and Cassie tells Sharon that she believes that whatever is wrong has something to do with her. Sharon's eyes brim with tears when she tells Cassie that it is about her and someone who knows her. Cassie is confused.

Thursday, March 11, 1999

Due to NCAA "March Madness," The Young and the Restless will not be shown. Broadcasting will resume on Monday and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, March 12, 1999

Due to NCAA "March Madness," The Young and the Restless will not be shown. Broadcasting will resume on Monday and pick up where Wednesday's show concluded.

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