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Traci signed the documents supporting Jack and Brad's takeover of Newman. Jill filed a missing persons report on Katherine. Carl and Charlie fought over Mary. Mac took Katherine to a homeless shelter. Nick discovered that Victor's plane had never arrived.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 15, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday March 15, 1999

#6583, Directed by Kathryn Foster

TRACI comes to see JACK but she only has John's minority stockholder papers signed but not hers. She is worried that this is all Jack's vendetta against Victor. She's tired and she's going to Gina's to eat and rest. BRAD comes into the office after Traci leave. Jack tells him two things: Grace Turner came to see him and offered to help anyway she can and Traci is at Gina's and Jack wants Brad to go over to Gina's and do whatever he must to convince Traci to sign the documents.

At Gina's Traci is having a daydream about Brad when they were separated and she was seeing Tim Sullivan. Brad waits for her in bed and startles her and Traci accuses him of just wanting to have sex with her. Brad interrupts and acts as if he didn't know she was there. He puts forth a lot of effort convincing Traci that Jack and he are working in the best interests of the company. Traci reminds Brad that Victor came between him and Nikki on their wedding day but Brad assures her that he's moved on. Besides, Victor's never done anything to Brad; he's always been far with him. He explains that he moved to Europe to start over in a new and exciting venture -- not to run away from Victor. He leaves Traci and it seems that Traci is thinking about more than just her stockholder's document.

Jack and Brad are talking when Traci comes back to Jack's office and, still with reservation, she signs the documents and warns that if she finds that this has all been a conspiracy they will both be sorry. However, they are able to collect all the minority stockholder's commitments by the end of the business day and both are quite happy with how things are proceeding. Brad then pays GRACE a visit. He finds Grace talking to herself after she's remembered Alice's last outburst in Michael's office. Grace thinks that Alice has decided just to drop the whole Cassie deal. All he hears her say is "Good riddance." He wants to know who she's glad to be rid of but she manages to keep him at arms' length refuses to divulge any secrets. He needles her about why she went to Jack and not to him. Grace tells Brad that she went to Jack because he went to bat for her when the Newmans were trying to fire her. Brad asks if he allegiance is to Jack. She uncomfortably tells him that her allegiance is to the both of them. He reminds her that she works for him and she shouldn't bypass him next time.

AL freaks in a joyous tirade when he finds that Cassie is with the Newmans of Genoa City and suggests that ALICE retain Michael as her attorney because he knows the Newmans and he's sharp. Alice tells him that he makes her sick. He knew all along that this was more than just about money for her -- she wants Cassie back. Al is giddy with the fact that the two of them are going to be rich. Alice declares, "It's all about the money for you, isn't it Al?" After she stalks off, he smirks and says, "It sure is."

JILL calls JOHN to rant and rave about Katherine's plot and John is offended that Jill is not worried. Jill wants to know what they can do to Katherine legally. ESTHER begs John to find Katherine and Jill barks at her to go away. Esther however stands her ground and won't let Jill push her around. John finally tells Jill that he wishes he'd never come out to the estate. Jill asks if it would be criminal for someone to knowing file a false missing person's report and John tells her yes. In fact, it would be impeding the law and you can't do that frivolously. Later, Jill pretends to be very concerned for Katherine's well-being and urges Esther to file the report that Esther wanted to file a week ago but Jill didn't want her to invade Katherine's privacy. Esther takes Jill's sudden change of heart as genuine concern, but Jill thinks she is setting up Esther and Katherine for Katherine is playing games with both her and the law.

KATHERINE has eaten breakfast at the homeless shelter. She starts to get up from the table and ANOTHER HOMELESS RESIDENT resident tells her she must clean up after herself and tells Katherine she's acting like she had a maid before she came here. Katherine gets a curious look on her face as if she can't quite remember something that she knows she should. NED, the shelter attendant, comes to speak to her but Katherine asks to be left alone. ELLEN, the other shelter attendant, tells Ned there's still something familiar about Katherine as she watches Katherine dispose of her breakfast dishes.

SHARON finally has to explain to CASSIE why she can't go to school. She talks with Cassie about what Cassie remembers about Alice. Then she explains that Cassie is still adopted and in the eyes of the law Alice is still her adoptive mother. Cassie is close to hysterics and tears stream from her eyes. She doesn't want to live with anyone but Sharon and Sharon says she wants the same thing but it may not be as simple as that. Sharon tells her that they have a good lawyer and Nick is going to be there to help make sure that things work out. This causes Cassie to brighten a bit because she thinks that they are all going to be a family again, even though that's not exactly what Sharon said. Sharon does tell her that Nick loves her and wants her to be his daughter. She begs Sharon not to let Alice take her away and they cling to each other in fear.

Tuesday, March 16, 1999

MEGAN worries and paces in the hall outside TONY'S apartment. When she musters up the courage to knock she hears him yell for her to enter but once inside she's surprised that he thought that she was someone named "Sally." Meg is enraged and asks if there is an endless parade of women through his apartment while he showers. Needless to say, she is quite embarrassed when SALLY turns out to be Tony's landlord and she's bringing him a new showerhead. Megan calls Tony a jerk but apologizes. She's tired of being the only one in this relationship and the "tough guy" routine is getting old. Maybe she's been wrong all along. Should Meg just go and forget about him? Tony realizes that Meg may just walk out of his life forever.

AL pays GRACE a visit and drops a bombshell on her: Alice went to the Newman Ranch and found Sharon. Grace is worried about Cassie but Al won't answer any of her questions. She orders him out several times before he actually goes, all the while Al is begging her to work with him on a moneymaking scheme. When he's finally gone, Grace calls Michael and talks to Cynthia, his secretary, who tells her he's not in. Grace begs her to deliver a message that she needs to see him on an urgent matter. "Oh Cassie," wails Grace. "What have I done?"

Meanwhile, ALICE is back in Madison calling lawyers but having no luck. All of them want at least $2000 as a retainer and Alice is frantic. Al comes in and suggests that they stick with Michael because he's sharp and knows what he's doing. Alice wants nothing to do with him because of his connection to Grace and the fact that he may even be involved in some plot with the Newmans. She gathers her coat and some papers and leaves. Al fumes because she won't listen to him and he sees his meal ticket fading fast. In a fit of anger he kicks over the coffee table.

KATHERINE sits and watches as the people in the homeless shelter clean. BIRDIE, a particularly loud and tell-it-like-it-is woman, tells Katherine to get off her behind and start working. She hands her a broom and tells her she'll have calluses on those hands before long. Birdie wants to know what Katherine's story is and Katherine tells her that she was living with someone who forced her out of her home. Birdie assumes Katherine is talking about a man and empathizes with her. While NED has been hanging up coats, Katherine's accidentally falls and out of the pockets tumble her leather gloves and rings. Amazed at what he sees, he goes into the dining area and takes a hard look at Katherine. These are not the belongings of a homeless woman.

JILL badgers ESTHER until she calls OFFICER PENDLETON out to the estate. Esther gives him a recent picture of Katherine and tells him that she was last wearing her chinchilla coat, a pearl gray outfit and black pumps. Katherine has only the clothes on her back so she hasn't taken a trip anywhere. When the officer asks about the possibility of Katherine committing suicide, Esther blanches but Jill curtly tells him that Katherine wouldn't give her the pleasure of committing suicide. When the report is finished, Jill makes sure that Esther signs it. Officer Pendleton tells them that he will check the hospitals and even though he won't purposely try to make a big deal out of this, Katherine Chancellor is high profile and the newspapers and tabloids are going to get wind of it. After he leaves and Esther is in the kitchen, Jill begins to have second thoughts, wondering if she should really be worried about Katherine.

PAUL sits in his office recalling a conversation that his father had with him before he disappeared. Carl wanted very much for Paul to settle down and have children. The memory of that conversation now saddens Paul deeply because he has the love of his life and children are more than likely an eminent part of his and Chris's future but his father will never remember that he wished all these wonderful things for Paul. Carl won't get to experience any of the wonderful things Paul's future holds.

Meanwhile, CARL and MARY are chatting over Carl's favorite: sauerkraut and ribs. Still this meal doesn't jog any memories for Carl, although they seem to be having a nice chat. Mary knows she expected a lot but she's come to understand the reality of the situation now. Carl tells Mary that he never meant to hurt her. She asks if Carl wants her to help him bring back his memory and without hesitating a moment, he tells her yes. They go into the living room and Mary is bringing Carl's favorite dessert -- banana cream pie. The doorbell rings and Carl answers it only to find CHARLIE standing there with a bouquet of flowers. He's there to see Mary and apologizes for not calling. Mary thanks him for the flowers and invites him in. Oddly, Carl steps up beside Charlie as if he's vying for Mary's attentions. She invites Charlie to stay and tells him that she thinks it would be a good thing to reconstruct the events that were happening before Carl disappeared. Upon her insistence, Charlie starts to tell Carl about working with him for 20 years in the Major Crimes Unit of the GCPD but nothing rings familiar to Carl. Carl excuses himself and goes upstairs to the washroom without any instructions -- a washroom he built while Mary used to hold quilting parties for the ladies at church. This gives her great hope and she thinks Carl is making progress. Seeing Charlie's downtrodden face she apologizes. Charlie tells her that he's talked to Paul and realizes that Carl is her number one priority but he hopes that she knows that he can't help her bring back the memory of a man who is responsible for destroying the only happiness he's known in quite a while. Charlie goes on to tell her that Carl doesn't have real feeling for her like he does. How can she ask Charlie to be a part of bringing back Carl's memory?

NICHOLAS comes to see CHRIS, offering to help in anyway he can with Cassie's situation. Chris tells him that he's already done the best thing---moving back into the house. Not only so it will look good in the eyes of the court, she adds, but so he can be there to assure Cassie and perhaps even repair some of the damage in his marriage to Sharon. Nick is outraged that Alice was able to come onto the ranch and tells Chris that he's beefed up security and they've decided to keep Cassie home for several days. Neither of them is aware of the poignant episode Sharon and Cassie have shared. Paul comes in and they tell Nick about Millie, whom Nicholas remembers Cassie referring to as "her other grandmother." They add that even though she's had a stroke her testimony against Alice is still the strongest weapon they have. However, Millie is nowhere to be found; in fact they're beginning to suspect foul play. Nick explodes and accuses "that psycho" of killing her mother but Paul tells him that they can't prove that at this point. Nick reinforces the fact that Christine can have whatever she needs to fight Alice. No one is going to bring harm to his daughter, he declares.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999

MICHAEL is in his office on the phone with a client when GRACE breezes in motioning for him to disengage himself from the conversation. She tells him that Al came to see her to work out a money deal because Alice has somehow tracked Cassie to the Newman's ranch. Michael assures her that Alice has just shot herself in the foot and Al is definitely out of the loop now, but Grace wants some reassurance that Alice will never get Cassie. She is also worried that if the Newmans make a connection between her and Alice she will lose the job she loves so much. Michael tells her that it may have been a coincidence that Sharon filed custody papers, since Chris would have advised her to do that. Michael tells Grace that now Alice will get a lawyer and the courts will decide. That isn't good enough for Grace. She wants Michael to persuade Alice to let him represent her in the custody battle, assuring that she will lose and Sharon will retain custody of Cassie. Michael says it's a long shot given how Alice feels about him.

An unstable MILLIE knocks over several books just as ALICE comes in the room to see her. Alice gingerly asks how Millie is and in her stilted speech, Millie informs Alice that she wants to go home, she wants to use the phone, and she's locked into her room every night. Alice tells her that she should be happy that she's being cared for and reminds her that it's her turn to take care of Millie just like Millie took care of her when she was a little girl. Most important on Alice's list is getting Millie's signature on several Social Security checks but Millie refuses to sign and asks about Cassie. Alice gives her no information but tells her that if she doesn't sign those checks over to her that she will have Millie committed to an institution and then no one will believe her when she babbles about what a bad mother Alice is for Cassie. Reluctantly Millie scrawls her name on each check.

In Madison, AL is complaining about Alice "going maternal" on him. PAUL com es to the door and AL thinks that he's from the nursing home. Paul insists that he must see Millie to finish out his file. Al tells him that he doesn't know where Millie is; she got better so she just took off, Al explains. Paul tells him how ludicrous that explanation is and hints that perhaps Millie has been a victim of foul play. Paul may even file a missing person's report. As Al is defending himself, Alice comes in and joins the argument. Alice tells her that she just saw her mother and she's alive because she signed her Social Security checks for her. Paul tells Alice that forging Social Security checks is a crime. Alice tells him Millie signed the checks herself but he's acting like it's a federal case. "It is," Paul states. "Did you get rid of her?" Alice tells Paul that if he doesn't leave, she'll have Al throw him out. Paul has a comical look on his face because Al is, at that moment, swilling down beer, not paying attention to a word that Alice has just said. Paul leaves to keep Alice from calling the police. After he's gone, Alice tells Al that she has enough money now to get a good lawyer to fight for Cassie.

MEGAN informs TONY that she's tired of being the only one who cares in their relationship. He tells her that she's not ready for such an involved relationship but Meg says she's never felt this way about anyone before. Meg concludes that Tony is afraid of her and that he cares a great deal for her but then "commitment" rears its ugly head and he's off like a shot. She tells him that if she leaves the apartment, this time it's for good but Tony stops her and they kiss passionately. The only problem is that it's time for Tony to be back at the garage and as he rushes out, leaving an unhappy Megan behind, he tells her to lock the place up.

At the garage, JOE receives a phone call, saying that there's another "piece" for him. Joe tells the caller that he has just the man for the job and when Tony comes in, Joe tells him he needs Tony to make another run down to Florida. Now that Tony has things on an even keel with Meg, he doesn't want to leave but Joe is almost hostile. Tony asks him for time to think it over and Joe is angry.

MARY and CHARLIE are continuing their conversation when CARL sees them and stops at the top of the stairs. He sits so he can listen. Charlie is professing his love for Mary and how hurt he is that she's reaching out to Carl. He tells her that that "Jim, Carl, or whoever he is" is a different person than the man who left them ten years ago. Mary vehemently disagrees. She sees Charlie noticing the calendar and realizes that they were to be wed this Saturday. "The wedding's still on as far as I'm concerned," says Charlie hopefully. Mary tearfully tells him that she can't marry him now because of Carl. Sadly, Charlie tells her that at least she didn't leave him at the altar. Carl comes downstairs and asks Mary to put on a fresh pot of coffee -- he needs to speak to Charlie alone. When Mary has gone, Carl tells Charlie that he overheard their conversation and he wants Charlie to stop putting Mary on a guilt trip. Charlie tells him to mind his own business. Charlie further tells Carl how selfish he is to hang on when Carl doesn't even remember who Mary is. Carl says that he may not remember but he's never met a sweeter, kinder woman than Mary in his whole life. "You're just...," Charlie falters for words. "You're just a ghost." Carl promises that he's never going to turn his back on Mary again. Charlie tells Carl that he mourned his death years ago but wishes now that Carl had never returned to Genoa City. Mary gasps from behind them. As Charlie leaves, he tells Carl that despite what's happened, he was a damn fine cop and a good friend. When Carl asks Mary about Charlie, she tells him that she never loved Charlie like she loved him. Mary wants to know about Ruth, but Carl is hesitant. She tells Carl it was a bit different for him because Carl moved on because he didn't remember that he had any other life. Mary guesses that it's over between Carl and Ruth but gets upset when Carl can't admit that he's not in love with Ruth anymore. With nothing else to say for the time being, he lifts his coat off the rack and leaves. Mary weeps.

NED and ELLEN discuss his discovery of the expensive rings from KATHERINE'S coat and they think they have a thief in the shelter. Wondering if they should call the police, they continue to talk and Katherine watches them fearing that something is up. She takes her coat, where Ned has so honestly returned her rings, puts it on and flees into the cold Genoa City night air. She finds herself at the same barrel fire warming her hands, as she was several nights before when she was first attacked. A homeless pair, one of them the woman who attacked her, discusses mugging her and taking her coat. When they approach her, Katherine's eyes grow wide with fear. Suddenly a fight ensues between the three of them, the thieves ordering Katherine to hand over her coat and Katherine screaming, "No! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" They push her down into the dirty street snow and continue to fight for her fur jacket.

Thursday, March 18, 1999

While KATHERINE scuffles with the two muggers, a young girl comes to her rescue calling out for the "officer" to come quickly. This sends the would-be thieves running and the girl tells Katherine that there is no policeman; she used it as a ruse to scare those people away. She's very worried about Katherine and although Katherine resists, the young girl, MAC, short for Mackenzie she tells Katherine, takes her back to the shelter. At the shelter, Katherine collapses but refuses to see a doctor or go to the hospital. Mac continues to be protective of Katherine. Katherine tells NED and ELLEN that she overheard them discussing whether she was a thief or not. Ned explains that they can't harbor criminals but Katherine assures him her late husband gave the rings he found to her. Afraid that they might call the police, Mac asks them to leave "Kay" alone and suggests they get her some hot soup. When they are alone, Katherine mentions that Mac has now saved her life twice and wonders where Mac's parents are. Mac is defensive so Katherine knowingly suggests that they both respect each other's privacy. Mac smiles and nods. When Mac walks away, Katherine pulls her coat around her and gives a small smile herself.

JACK and DIANE dine at Gina's and Jack welcomes her to the "eye of the storm," meaning that Victor hasn't descended upon them yet. Diane expresses her concern for Jack -- she doesn't want him to turn into another Victor Newman. Jack warns her that when Victor does return things will happen fast and furious and she can't hesitate like she did at the Board meeting. Diane wonders if their marriage hinges upon her voting with him. Jack doesn't answer her directly but states that he won't be the easiest person to live with if her hesitations cause problems in the future. He asks if she's willing to ride this deal together until the wheels fall off and he needs to know now.

NICHOLAS and JILL are up in arms because Victor hasn't returned and there have been no messages from him. PAUL enters the office and Jill senses that he and Nick have something personal to discuss so she excuses herself to talk with Connie. Paul tells Nick that he didn't find Millie when he went to Madison but he believes that she's still alive because Alice alluded to the fact that Millie's condition was improving. Nick wants Paul to go back to Madison and grill Alice and Al until they tell him where Millie is but Paul knows that it would tip their hand. Jill comes back in with no news and they tell Paul what's happening with NE and the fact that Victor seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Paul offers to contact his friend in international air traffic control. If Victor took a flight anywhere, his friend will know. Nick thanks Paul for his generous offer. Infuriated, Nick states that when his father returns Jack and Brad will pay dearly.

COLE has dashed off several chapters and confidently states, "I've not lost my muse, Victoria!" He calls STEVE CONNELLY in New York and tells him that he's going to send him the chapters so he can show them to Cole's impatient editor. Steven mentions that Traci is in Genoa City handling some company crisis and says that Jack is looking for Ashley. Dryly, Cole tells Steve that Jack is going to have to get in line with his request.

In the hotel bar, RAFAEL drinks his beer and expresses his extreme unhappiness with a stream of words in his native tongue. VICTORIA tells him not to worry but Rafael is embarrassed that his car broke down ten miles outside of town. Victoria tells him they did get to see Cervantes' home and regales him with the wonders she encountered as they rode in the back of a pick up truck in order to make it back to Madrid. Victoria tells him that usually one drink is her limit, but she orders a second round for them both. Rafael thinks that Victoria is an enigma and tells her that he believes she came to Madrid looking for love. He'd like to paint he so that he could get to know her but Victoria sloughs it off. Rafael tells her that his mother had "the gift," referring to seeing into the future, and trying his hand at telling Victoria's fate, he states that the object of her affection is here in Madrid. He playfully points to one, two, three men and then points to Cole, who walks into the bar as if on cue. When he sees them, he joins them but grills Victoria about her plans to leave Madrid, telling her it's best if she goes soon. Victoria and Rafael flirt outrageously in front of Cole. Victoria tells Cole that he should be upstairs writing instead of worrying about her holiday in Spain. She leans across the table and tells him that she remembers the days when the pages used to flow out of him like wine. Standing, she kisses Rafael and tells them both she's going to shower and then book a flight to Genoa City. After she leaves, Rafael suggests that they drink all night but Cole declines, saying he must go back to work. "If you don't live," Rafael warns him. "You have no fire to put in your work!" Rafael even offers to entice Victoria to join them but Cole asks Rafael not to encourage Victoria to stay in Spain. Rafael wonders what secret Cole and Victoria share.

CALLIE calls GINA from Chicago and tells her that she's had several auditions and feels good about them. She's waiting to hear from the producers and she just wanted to thank Gina for making the connections. She loves what she's doing. However, she does ask about Malcolm and Olivia. When she left, Olivia didn't even want him to move back home. Although Gina hasn't seen them, she tells Callie that she knows that Olivia and Malcolm are together. She warns Callie to leave those thoughts behind and concentrate on her future. Gina tearfully tells Callie she misses her and the conversation ends. Callie wonders if what Gina said about Malcolm and Olivia is true -- or if she's just saying it to put her off.

NEIL stops by OLIVIA'S office. He parallels the situations between him and Victoria to the situation between Olivia and Malcolm, saying it's his turn to offer advice now. Olivia asks if she should just pretend because she can't get over the fact that that although she knows that nothing happened between Callie and Malcolm on a physical level, but she knows that he still has a great emotional attachment to her. She doesn't know if she can get past that. Neil urges her not to be so hard on Malcolm. He's a wonderful father for Nate and Malcolm loves her. Olivia's problem has little to do with Malcolm and everything to do with her own fears.

MALCOLM prepares for a photo shoot and Neil drops by for a visit. He asks how things are at home and Malcolm tells him that he and Olivia are fine. Neil suggests that perhaps Olivia isn't as satisfied with their reunion as Malcolm is. Malcolm tells Neil he's wrong and asks if there's some reason Neil wants to cause problems in his marriage. Neil tells him that he's just concerned for the two of them. In fact, Neil believes that Malcolm needs to take a sensitive approach with Olivia. Malcolm bluntly tells Neil that he's a sensitive kind of guy and Neil leaves. At first, Malcolm rolls his eyes at the thought of what Neil said, but then he becomes thoughtful, almost unsure.

A male and a female model are the subjects of a very steamy, sexy photo shoot in an island setting. Malcolm finds that Olivia is standing behind him, watching him work. Malcolm tells the models to take a break. He and Olivia share a seemingly romantic moment but when Malcolm suggests going home for an intimate dinner, Olivia insists they keep their reservations at Gina's and won't be persuaded otherwise. When the models and Malcolm go back to work, Olivia continues to watch. She becomes uncomfortable and imagines that the two models who are holding each other in sensual positions are not the models, but Callie and Malcolm. In her mind, she sees them kiss and then they look at her as if to mock her. The vision leaves her but a single tear trickles down her check. Will she ever be able to forget about the past Callie and Malcolm shared?

Friday, March 19, 1999

Concerned for his father's well being, NICK allows PAUL to check on the international flights that Victor may have taken but to no avail. Paul wonders about private flights but is ominous, telling Nick they'll cross that bridge when they come to it. Nick calls the hotel and although Nikki hasn't checked out he's not able to reach her. His next plan is to call Wally but to do that he needs to go to Victor's office. JILL warns him that Brad and Jack have already set up shop in there so perhaps it's not a good idea if he goes.

In the bar at his hotel in Madrid, COLE drinks alone until VICTORIA joins him. He rudely tells her that she ought to be winging her way out of here by now but Victoria alludes to the fact that Rafael has intrigued her and perhaps she will be staying after all. Cole scoffs that she hardly knows Rafael and Victoria asks bluntly Cole if it really matters that she might be falling for another man. Cole is sullen, implying that Victoria is dreaming. Victoria tells him that despite this "mission of mercy" that Ashley has been on for ages, she thinks there's something else going on between Cole and Ashley. There's a story there; she just doesn't know what it is yet.

At MALCOLM'S studio, the visions of the models turning into the faces of Malcolm and Callie appear again in OLIVIA'S mind. She picks up her beeper and turns it off and then on again so that it appears she has a message from the hospital. Malcolm can tells something is wrong but Olivia promises to meet him at Gina's.

GINA meets Malcolm at the restaurant and asks how things are. He tells her that he and Olivia are back together and things are fine. Gina leaves to answer a phone call and it's CALLIE, in Chicago, stating that she is hopeful that several of the auditions are going to prove fruitful. She thanks Gina and Gina jokes that there'll always be a waitressing job for her but Callie says her days of waiting tables are through if things work out. She just asks that Gina tell Malcolm that things are going well. Gina delivers the message before Olivia arrives late for dinner. She is cool and distant. Malcolm can't seem to start a conversation with her about the models, asking if the girl reminded Olivia of someone. Olivia begins to get angry but then Malcolm mentions the name of one of their former neighbors and Olivia lies, saying she thought so too. Uncomfortable, she tells him she must cover for one of the doctors tonight and wastes no time in getting out of Gina's. Worry engulfs Malcolm's rugged face.

Gina answers another phone call from Callie -- this time, Callie wants Gina to know that a legitimate manager has taken her under contract. She is tearful and tells Gina that she owes this all to her. Gina wishes her the best of luck and gets emotional. When Gina says that Malcolm and Olivia were in earlier tonight and that they are a happy couple again, Callie's demeanor changes, even though Gina cannot see it. Callie's tears are not so much of happiness for her new manager as they are for sadness for a dream that she must finally let go. She tells Gina that she will keep in touch.

Also seated at Gina's are DIANE and JACK. She wonders if they will ever get past the fact that she didn't immediately vote with him in the takeover. Jack tells her that many important issues will be coming up over a short matter of time and he must know that he has her support. She tells him that she is her own woman and can make up her own mind. She loves Jack but she can't just check her conscience or her intelligence at the door when the Board is called into session. She admits that she feels insecure, having entered the Boardroom on the first day in the middle of a war zone. She asks Jack just one thing -- does he love her? Jack tells her that he will show her and cups her face with his hands, kissing her lovingly. He says that he would love to take the matter a whole lot further but duty calls. He'll stop over later at the apartment for a nightcap. Diane stares at her engagement ring after Jack leaves, never having heard the words, "I love you."

MICHAEL and BRAD discuss the fact that Victor has yet to grace them with his presence. Perhaps he's in Los Angeles with the Forresters, shoring up his allegiance there. Jack joins them and tells them that Victor would do just that kind of thing and likens Victor to a snake in the grass ready to strike at a time unknown to his victims. That's why they must anticipate every move that Victor will make on the offensive and be ready with a counter-defensive attack. Jack however doesn't believe that Victor has the clout to overturn their power now that they have involved the minority stockholders. Jack just wishes that Ashley would return from Europe. As if on cue, Jack gets a call from STEVE, Traci's husband and Cole's editor. He passes on the message that Cole hasn't talked to Ashley in awhile himself and seems quite anxious for her to return. Jack asks for a number but unfortunately Cole called him. He does offer to email Cole with an urgent message. After the phone call, Michael agrees with Jack that they have enough reinforcements to make their power stick. Brad still thinks they don't need to rest on their laurels. They must be alert at every moment for an unexpected attack from Victor. He's not going to take this lying down.

RAFAEL has his arms full of groceries when he comes into the studio. As is his ritual, he goes over to "La Senora" but something is wrong. He sees that this is the forgery he painted. ASHLEY (now played by EILEEN DAVIDSON) steps out of the shadows and tells him that she now has the real "La Senora." Rafael begs her to leave the painting with him but Ashley tells him how she had to beg Lady Huddleston to even sell it back to her. Besides, she now has a bill of sale and it makes it their conversation non-negotiable. Two men have come to prepare the painting for shipping to Genoa City where Ashley plans to take it home. Surely Rafael didn't think she was going to pay $10 million dollars and then just give him the painting. Ashley has the men to wait a moment. Rafael searches for leverage and mentions that he would hate to see the scandal concerning John Abbott spread in the tabloids. Ashley raises her voices and declares, "Rafael, give me my life back." Little does either of them know that Victoria is listening from the outside door of the studio, intrigued by what she hears.

NIKKI pouts as she waits in the hotel room for Victor's return. Her masseuse waits for her but Nikki fidgets about like a child. Seeing the call light on the phone blinking she finally gets the message from Nicholas and return the call. However, she is so angry that Victor's "precious business" has ruined their perfect little rendezvous. Nikki won't let Nick get in word in edgewise, although she does manage to give him the information that Victor took a small plane back to the main island in order to catch a commercial flight. Nikki is perturbed that she'd been expecting Victor back by now and he hasn't even arrived in Genoa City. She seethes with anger. Nick apologizes for bothering his mother and hangs up. Paul tells him it's best not to worry Nikki now. In her hotel room, Nikki continues to sulk and even tells the masseuse that she doesn't know if she has a reason to stay on the island anymore.

Now that Paul, Nick, and Jill know that Victor took a shuttle plan to the mail island, and that there were reports of bad weather in the same vacinity of the island where Victor and Nikki were staying, Paul tells Nick that they must be prepared for every conceivable situation. Nick stares into mutely space and mutters that it means that there's a possibility that his father's plane could have very well gone down.

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