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Alice announced to the court that she and Al were married, but Christine painted Alice as an inattentive mother. Olivia wanted to give her marriage another chance. In New Mexico, Chet learned who Victor really was.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 5, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, April 5, 1999

Directed by Mike Denney

JACK and BRAD talk about how happy the stockholders seem when Brad delivers the strategies that Michael has provided them as requested. When Brad asks about Ashley's support, Jack doesn't jump to say that Ashley will be joining their team, which worries Brad. Jack tells him that he's sure that he can bring her around but this is not what Brad wants to hear. Jack feels that she won't vote against them. Brad morbidly asks if Jack hopes that Victor is dead. Avoiding an answer, Jack says that he just hopes that Victor likes wandering in the desert better than running a company. Brad knowingly says that Victor will be back.

VICTORIA accuses RYAN of only worrying about his position in the company despite the loyalty they've always shared as friends. Ryan admits that he's worried about his job but he remains loyal to the Newmans. When Victor returns, Jack and Brad will be out, Victoria assures Ryan. Ryan tells her that he thinks Victor is going to have quite a battle on his hands. Victoria is tired of being patient and wants to do something. Ryan suddenly has an idea and tells her to trust him. "What choice do I have?" she asks dejectedly.

Ryan greets Brad with feigned surprise and comments that he can't afford to leave town again. In fact, Ryan hopes he's not a casualty of the takeover. Brad looks him squarely in the eye and tells him it all depends on where his loyalty lies.

Stunned by MEGAN'S announcement for a spring break trip with Tony, TRICIA asks her to repeat what she just said. When Tricia begins to lecture Megan on the morality of the situation, Meg tells her that she's a hypocrite and reminds Tricia of her jaunt to Aspen with Ryan. Then Meg realizes that Tricia is comparing Tony to Ryan and Megan tells her that she's sick of her attitude where Tony is concerned. Meg's one final request is that Tricia not tell their father the whole truth -- just that she's gone off with a friend. Tricia agrees and Meg hugs her, saying she'd ask Tricia to wish her a good time but knows that would be futile. When Meg leaves, Tricia is definitely out of sorts.

TONY is finishing up a call to JOE when Meg arrives, bedecked in sunglasses and a new travel outfit. When Tony sees the size of her suitcase he teases her, saying that he thinks that Tricia's inside. Meg admits that Tricia isn't happy with her but she's doing what she wants to do. She tries to explain that Tricia heart is in the right place and Tony can see that -- it's just her mouth that he has trouble with sometimes. Meg and Tony cuddle and Meg suggests that they don't have to go to Florida but Tony says they have to get going so he can stop by the garage and pick up some money from Joe.

ASHLEY looks downcast when COLE joins her in the living room. She tells him that she doesn't want to ever go to bed angry like they did last night. After they kiss and make up, then Ashley discusses her conversation with Jack. Cole gets testy stating that Ashley hasn't heard the facts are they are -- just Jack's presentation. He even tells Ashley that other than Nikki, she knows Victor Newman best of all. Does she think that he deserves this? Ashley tries to tell him that you have to be loyal to family when Jack walks in and suspects something is amiss. The three of them start to discuss the situation and Ashley demands that Jack give her facts so that she can make her decision. She tells him not to sugarcoat anything because she needs answers.

Things are tense in the courtroom when SHARON is testifying. MICHAEL makes several objections, especially when Sharon uses the term "my daughter." Chris mentions that there is some concern to the plaintiff that ALICE only became concerned about "Baby Doe's" whereabouts when she found out that the child was now Victor Newman's granddaughter. Michael further objects. JUDGE JENNINGS tells everyone that they are going to go easy on the semantics of Baby Doe's relationship to each woman due to the personal nature of the situation, but for all intents and purposes, ALICE is "Baby Doe's" mother. The fact that Sharon is the birth mother will have no bearing on his judgment today. The adoption isn't being contested. Chris continues her questioning by having Sharon explain where they live, who is part of the family, and how Cassie has adjusted to living with her. Sharon describes what a lonely, withdrawn little girl Cassie was and how all that has changed, especially how well she and Nicholas get along and how Cassie thinks of him as her father. She testifies that she believed that Cassie's adoptive mother had abandoned her when Grace brought Cassie to her. When Michael cross-examines, he shows records of Cassie's report cards are her elementary school in Madison and tries to contradict the notion that Cassie has been transformed into this magnificent student and child --when in fact, he states, she was already well adjusted with Millie. Sharon gets upset several times and the judge tells her that she must answers Michael's questions, warning her against outbursts. When Michael is finished Sharon sits and Chris tells the judge that they have no more witnesses, meaning that Nick has not appeared and they don't expect him.

When Alice takes the stand, she tells about her rough childhood and the problems that made her leave Cassie with her mother. Even though she states that Millie was not a great mother, Millie and Cassie had a thriving relationship; something in Millie changed when Cassie came to live there. That's why she felt it was safe to leave Cassie with Millie while she got her life together. She admits that she only called sporadically but became concerned when she would call and Millie made continuous excuses for Cassie not to speak with her. Once she came home, she immediately started looking for Cassie. She tells the judge that she and "her husband" want to remodel the garage so that Cassie has her own room and that Millie will continue to stay with the. She introduces Al Fenton as her husband and says that he's here, ready and willing to testify about the loving home they can provide for Cassie. She looks at Sharon as if she's thrown a dagger.

Tuesday, April 6, 1999

In court, Chris cross examines Alice. When she asks her what Cassie's best subject in school is, Alice answers, "Arithmetic." Next she says that Cassie's favorite food is hamburgers. Chris wants to know when she became aware of the report cards that were entered into evidence and Alice has to admit that she saw them for the first time last night. Chris tells her that if she had studied the report cards at all, she would have seen that spelling was Cassie's best subject; also, for the record, Chris tells her that pizza has been Cassie's favorite food for a long time. Alice testifies that Al has always been good to her and he would make a great father for Cassie. Chris questions if the quickie marriage was to look better in court and Alice replies that a child needs a mother and a father.

Joe is talking on the phone with someone in Florida; he tells him that his guy is on his way to Florida but he had to give him a few extra days to spend with his girlfriend. He assures the man that his guy doesn't know what is going on. As he hangs up, Tony and Megan arrive. Joe warns them not to get so carried away that they forget that they are going to Florida on business. He gives them a bundle and tells them that it is cash and they should guard it with their lives. When Tony makes a quip, Joe is quick to remind him that it is his money. Tony and Megan leave the shop walking on air and don't even notice the mysterious man that is following them.

Michael calls Al to the stand and allows him to testify to the exciting future that he is planning with Alice and Cassie. When he testifies that he loves children, Chris doesn't object. Al admits that he has never met Cassie but he feels he knows her because Alice and Millie couldn't stop talking about her. He is looking forward to having a child in the house. As Michael proudly turns him over to Chris for cross, he says that he would like to make a statement. He says that not much good has ever happened to him in his life but since he has been with Alice he has felt that things were changing. When Alice agreed to marry him, he felt that something good was finally happening in his life and he intended to give it all he has to give. Alice beams with pride and pleasure as Al speaks. When Chris gets up to cross, she gets right to the point. First she asks him if he likes little girls. Michael objects and the judge asks if this is going somewhere. Chris admits that it is going somewhere. She then asks him how many children he has been around and Al can't say. He admits that he has no children and no nieces or nephews. The only children he has been exposed to are those of friends and coworkers. Chris then asks him if his name is Allan Fenton; he answers that it is but he answers to Al. She wants to know if he lived in Madison in 1990 and he admits that he did. She asks if he is the same Allan Fenton that was convicted for child enticement when he lured a child into his room with intent to expose himself. Al shouts that this isn't fair. He says that he was set up on that. The judge wants him to answer the question and he finally admits that he was convicted for that crime. He still insists that he was innocent and having Chris throw it in his face after this long is like enduring the trauma all over again. Alice shouts at him to tell her that this isn't true. She shouts that he is to get out of her house and out of her life; she doesn't want to be married to him any longer. The judge rules that all of Al's testimony is to be stricken from the record as if he had never been called. He tells Al to leave this courtroom at once. As he looks imploringly at Alice, she tells him not to come near her. A dejected Al is escorted to the door by the bailiff.

Jack asks Cole to leave so he can talk with his sister. As Cole turns to leave, Ashley says that he is part of the family now and should not be excluded from any discussion that involved her. Jack tells her that he has not lied to her; the decision to take over the company was something that came up rather rapidly. He also reminds Cole that he tried to find Ashley at the time; he even reminds Cole that he was trying to find Ashley himself without much luck. Cole admits that this is true and decides to leave but he warns Jack that Ashley is no fool so he had better not try to pull the wool over her eyes. He also warns Jack that he shouldn't trust too much in Ashley's loyalty.

Brad tells Ryan that he is surprised at Ryan's hostility toward Victor but Ryan reminds him that he has a rocky history with Victor. Victor had him arrested when he married Vicki, reminds Ryan. Brad points out that Victor has also given him a lot of perks along the way. Ryan pledges his loyalty to Jack and Brad. He then goes to Vicki and says that he pulled it off. Vicki is pleased that she has a spy in the enemy camp. She kisses Ryan. The kiss turns passionate for both of them.

As Al leaves the courtroom, Nick walks in. Chris quickly calls him to testify. Michael says that she has already rested her case but the judge says he wants to hear from Nick. As Nick is being sworn in, Michael tells Alice that Al has hurt their case very badly. He wants to know why she didn't tell him about Al. Alice can only say that this was the first that she has heard of this.

Nick testifies that he knew Cassie before he knew that she was Sharon's daughter and he liked her. He thought she was a bright little girl. But when he learned of the relationship between Sharon and Cassie, he didn't like the idea of her living there at first. He worried about whether or not Noah would be neglected in favor of Cassie. But he fell in love with Cassie and Sharon was an exceptional---awesome---mother, able to give both children the attention that they needed. Several times he referred to himself as Cassie's father and each time the judge has to tell him that he wasn't her father. He refers to Cassie so much by name that the judge tells the recorder to substitute "Baby Doe" every time he mentioned her by name. When it is Michael's turn, he is persistent with his questions eliciting from Nick the fact that they didn't legally assume custody of Cassie. He also makes Nick admit that they didn't search for Alice at all to let her know where Cassie was.

Diane is in Jack's office trying to find out from Jennifer where Jack is. Jennifer readily tells her that Jack is home but won't tell her whether or not Jack has planned a surprise for her. As she is leaving, Vicki walks in. Jennifer quickly says that she has to get back to work and leaves. Victoria lays into Diane for what she has done to her father. Diane says that she hates what has happened but Vicki says she only wants Victor to be safe so that she won't have his blood on her hands. Diane says that she understands Vicki's attitude but she is wrong about her. Vicki tells her that when her father gets back Jack and Brad will be ground up and scattered to the wind. Then you will come to my father begging for his forgiveness; you will be groveling at his feet. When that happens, let me know because that is something I'd like to see! Vicki turns and walks out of the office.

The two lawyers are shuffling their papers in preparation for closing when the judge tells them to put the papers away. He says that he has already made his decision and there is no need for closing arguments from either of them. He begins by saying that since no evidence was submitted that would question the legality of the adoption, the court views Alice as Cassie's mother. Alice looks happy but Sharon looks worried. He then adds that he has seen no reason to feel that the child is in any danger where she is now and there is no need to upset her by removing her from the stable home that she enjoys with the Newman's. Michael wants liberal visiting for Alice but Chris objects. The judge agrees with Michael but says that he is ordering reasonable visitation at the ranch; the visits are to be private so that mother and daughter can feel free to bond. He then warns all the adults involved that they are to conduct themselves in a civil fashion. He reminds them that he can put Cassie in a foster home at any time he wishes. When the judge adjourns court, Michael grabs Alice and says that he wants to get out of there now. As Alice begins to leave, she turns and looks at Sharon. Their eyes meet in hatred.

After Cole leaves, Jack is irritated and asks who does he think he is, questioning him like that. Ashley informs him that Cole is her husband and part of the family; he can say anything he wants to say. As they argue, Jack promises that he won't have any other surprises for her. He is about to talk more about the takeover when the door opens and Diane breezes in. She gives jack a big kiss and is friendly with Ashley. But Ashley asks her why she came in without knocking. Jack then tells Ashley that she is moving in today. He quickly sends Diane upstairs to carve out a place for herself. Ashley is furious that Jack has invited Diane into their house, and she noticed that ring on her finger. Isn't that the same ring she threw in your face when she dumped you for Victor? Ashley wants to know. Jack says that both of them have gone through some bad times but they still love each other. Ashley says that he only loves Diane's vote. As Jack wants to get back to the discussion, she says to save it; she is going to work. But before leaving she warns him that he had better take her husband's advice and be straight with her from now on. Don't even try to pull the wool over my eyes again, she warns.

Wednesday, April 7, 1999

After winning temporary custody, NICK comforts SHARON. She's so upset about Al's record and doesn't want him anywhere near Cassie. Sharon was afraid before this trial but now she's absolutely terrified. Sharon questions CHRIS about how Al's background and why she didn't tell Sharon before the trial. Chris tells her that with everything that was going on she didn't feel that Sharon needed anymore stress. Right now they just have to deal with making Cassie's visits with Alice less traumatic but Sharon is concerned that Alice will try to brainwash Cassie against her. Nick reassures her that Cassie won't allow Alice to do that. After Chris leaves, Sharon tearfully turns to Nick and they embrace. When they release each other, Sharon thanks Nick but it's evident that Nick would rather hear the words, "I love you" instead of Sharon simply being grateful for the presentation of a stable homelife.

GINA is surprised when CALLIE shows up and Callie tells Gina that she came to say thanks and to share the good news -- she has a gig at the Cardinal Cabaret in Milwaukee. She's brought some publicity flyers and Gina promises to put one in every menu. Callie sees MALCOLM come in and they chitchat for awhile, Callie sharing her good news and even offering Olivia and him complimentary tickets if he'll call and tell her when they'll be there. She wonders how Malcolm and Olivia are. He admits that they are still working things out but Callie tells him that she thinks their biggest problem is that Malcolm still has feelings for her and those kinds of feelings never really go away.

VICTORIA and RYAN'S passionate kiss is broken by a guilt-ridden Ryan, who reminds Victoria that he's married. Victoria tells him that he's also her ex-husband, as if that gives her lifetime rights to him. She teases him about being "Ryan McNeil, double agent" and how they must find a way to infiltrate Brad and Jack's inner circle. Victoria is leaning over Ryan as he sits at the desk when TRICIA comes to the door. Victoria taunts Tricia with sexual innuendoes about Ryan until Ryan suggests that he take Tricia out to lunch. Tricia seethes at Gina's, telling Ryan that if it's not one ex-wife, it's another. Ryan tells her that he's made his position plain to Victoria and Tricia tells him that he needs to be firmer with her. Ryan makes a weak excuse that Victoria is the boss' daughter and Tricia suddenly loses her appetite, leaving to work at the library.

NEIL confides to OLIVIA his concerns over his job at NE but congratulates Olivia on her new position. Olivia is called away and while she's gone, DR. SORENSON stops by with some information for Olivia and unknowingly tells Olivia's secret about the position to Neil. When Olivia returns, Neil confronts her and tells her that she's been lying to Malcolm and to him.

Outside the courtroom, MICHAEL talks with ALICE and assures her that they will file for an immediate annulment from Al. Alice is disgusted and Michael tells her that he was blind-sided. Is there anything else he needs to know? When Alice rages against Al, Michael reminds her that despite the revelation during the hearing, the judge awarded her visitation and that dumping Al will certainly help her situation. Michael also tells Alice that they need to have a serious talk about the kind of behavior she needs to exhibit around the Newmans. Not all is lost, he tells Alice.

AL comes back around to the courtroom and tries to talk to Alice in the hallway, telling her that his conviction was a mistake. This is the first time he's ever had anything good in his life but Alice won't here of it, telling him that he's sick and while they had him in prison, they should have thrown away the key. Al looks dejected.

GRACE is waiting for MICHAEL when he enters his office and wants to know how things went in court. Michael tells her that Sharon has temporary custody of Cassie and when Grace thanks him for helping Cassie, he allows her to think that he "threw" the case. When she asks what their strategy is for the next trial, Michael says that he can't discuss that with her. Grace seems confused and states that they are partners in this whole thing. Michael diverts her attention by telling her that the court will appoint a psychologist to evaluate the situation. Grace is sure that Callie will "have nothing to worry about with Michael on her side." When Grace asks how she can repay him Michael states that he can think of several ways. Grace smiles and hugs him. As she leaves his office she waves and Michael looks a bit uneasy.

BRAD enters Victor's office and finds Victoria there. She wastes no time telling him that his and Jack's accomplishment will be short-lived. She is sure that when her father returns that they will both be roadkill. Victoria erotically touches Brad's face and then puts her arms around his neck, pulling him close to her. She kisses him and tells him that broad muscles and testosterone are strong aphrodisiacs. Brad tells her that she's a very beautiful woman but Victoria pulls away from him and tells him that he's gone too far. They'll be no mercy for him. When Victoria walks away from him, it's apparent that Victoria's created sexual tension, as well as a healthy dose of curiosity, for Brad.

While CHET and VICTOR fix the truck, Victor tells Chet that he's checked the road and he's ready to leave. Chet hopes that they can make it out of the small canyon. Victor is counting on Chet to get him out of there. Chet mentions the lack of trust issue in his own "other life" and says that he doesn't miss the rat race. After the truck is fixed, Victor is eager to go but Chet stonewalls him, saying that they will leave when HE says it's time to leave -- not Victor.

Thursday, April 8, 1999

Directed by Noel Maxam

MEGAN and TONY playfully enter their hotel room and Tony eats Chinese food for the first time. He share memories from his old neighborhood and his "goombas" (friends). He shares his memory of his first time at the beach and Meg tells him how her parents always took them to the Caribbean during spring break but it wasn't the same after her mother died. They kiss and Megan tells him she doesn't care how crowded the beaches are, she'd like to walk on the beach with him and Tony tells her that if that's what she wants, it's what she shall have.

NINA, dressed-to-the-nines, visits PAUL at his office and learns that Sharon won temporary custody. Nina invites Chris and Paul to "double date" with her and Brett to celebrate. Even though Paul is very proud of Chris, Nina can tell that something is bothering him and he admits that things aren't going well for his parents because Carl isn't remembering anything. In fact, Mary missed their last visit together and doesn't know if she'll meet with his father tonight or not. Nina tells him that it was miracle that his father was found alive and well. Maybe there is a second miracle in store for their family. Paul asks for a rain check on the celebration and Nina understands. Later Paul tell LYNNE to do some research, starting with Raymond Becker's old secretary. He needs to know what Becker why Becker was convicted. Lynne says she'll call Fred and get right on it and agrees to close the office.

CALLIE wonders why it bothers MALCOLM when she expresses her feelings for him. Malcolm says that Olivia has given him self-respect, which Callie challenges, stating that he's moved up in class but self-respect is something inside you. Is Malcolm afraid that he might feel something for Callie now that he knows the truth about why she broke up with him? Malcolm tells her that he loves Olivia for who she is and for who they are together. Callie wonders if he really feels that "fire" for her. Malcolm states that the fire of which she speaks does burn hot but when it's gone, you have a long cold walk home. Callie accuses him of getting old but Malcolm tells her that it's better than living in the past. He admits that he had fun in the old days, but the way things turned out make him grateful for what he says today. Callie states that the past is all she has and Malcolm says she's just feeling sorry for herself. Malcolm's phone rings and Olivia tells him she needs to talk to him and she's on her way home. "I've got to go see my wife," remarks Malcolm. He tells her that she has the whole world by the tail and not to forget it. "I won't forget a lot of things," Callie says ominously.

NEIL castigates OLIVIA for lying to him and Malcolm about this new position she's taking. She tells him that she just needs some space from Malcolm and maybe they can put the pieces together again. He reminds her of how his marriage to Dru ended and states it was because Dru didn't know how to be honest with him. Is this where she and Malcolm are headed? Olivia breaks down, crying and begging forgiveness from Neil for having lost his trust. Neil assures her that she only made a mistake and in a tender moment, Neil almost kisses Olivia but turns away and leaves the office immediately.

Malcolm arrives to a candlelit home with sexy music filling the background. Olivia appears in a spectacular dress. Malcolm is overwhelmed and they share appetizers and wine. Malcolm toasts to them and says if he's dreaming he never wants to wake up. Then he takes Olivia in his arms and they dance.

CARL arrives and is surprised by a passionate kiss from MARY who's hoping it will jog his memory. Unfortunately it sparks nothing for Carl, even though he says it was a nice kiss. Seeing how disappointed she is, he asks for a cup of coffee, this time with cream -- like the old days, and wants to look at the family albums. After looking at several pages in one album, Mary is discouraged and suggests that it's futile to continue this. Tears flow down her cheeks and Carl tries to comfort her. Carl is not ready to give up just yet. Mary just doesn't know if she can do this anymore.

Nina finds a dejected RYAN sitting alone and nursing a drink at Gina's. At first he dismisses the fact that anything is wrong but then tells Nina that Tricia is having problems with Victoria. Intrigued that she's not the "evil ex" anymore, she joins Ryan. She assures him that he will find another job if he gets ousted at NE because he's highly qualified. Ryan wallows in self-pity and Nina keeps zinging him with barbs that sting because they are based in so much truth. Ryan even asks Nina not to refer to Tricia as Barbie. Then Nina asks about the soccer tournament packet and tells Ryan that she interrupted Tony and Megan "somewhere between second and third base." Ryan is shocked to find that Tricia knew about this. Nina tells him if he does lose his job he can write a teen advice column for a magazine. Ryan can't believe that Meg is in Florida with Tony. BRETT shows up and Ryan leaves them. Just for curiosity's sake, Brett asks how Nina would react if Ryan came back and told her that he'd made a huge mistake letting her go. Nina says that it would never happen but if by some chance it did, she's have to tell him that she's moved on. Brett likes her answer.

Ryan visits Neil and they discuss the takeover. Neil is afraid that it may come back to bite him and Ryan wonders if his job is at stake as well. Neil doesn't know if Jack and Brad will get away with what they've done and even if they do, they'll be up against Victor. Then Neil shares with Ryan the troubles that Malcolm and Olivia are having and that he is caught in the middle. He just wants them to settle things and get on with their lives. Ryan sympathizes.

CHET informs VICTOR that the reason they can't leave just yet is because the road is treacherous at night. A stubborn Victor remarks that he'll walk if he has to and Chet tells him to go ahead. In the morning he'll drive out and pick him up after a couple of miles, if Victor hasn't broken his other leg before then. A while later, Chet brings out a bottle of wine and he and Victor share it -- as a peace offering of sorts. Chet asks about why he is so determined to get back and Victor tells him that his family must be worried sick. When Chet asks about the business problem, Victor just tells him that he put his trust in two people and he shouldn't have. Chet asks if he's going to string them up like snakes and skin them alive and Victor tells him it's a correct analysis. When they're getting ready to bed down for the night, Chet finds Victor's wallet and is surprised to find out who his resident guest has been but says nothing to Victor

Friday, April 9, 1999

#6602, Directed by Kathryn Foster

CHET returns VICTOR'S wallet to him and tells him that he knows who Victor is. He recognizes Victor as an internationally renowned businessman and asks Victor if he was afraid that Chet would want money if Victor told him who he was. Victor states that if money would have gotten him out of there any sooner, Chet could have had all the money he wanted. They talk about Victor's fear that Jack has done something to disrupt the company and that Jack will regret it for the rest of his life if he has. Victor tells Chet he must get back and save everything he's built up in his life. Chet mentions that Victor's business has been his whole life and Victor vows that no one will take it away from him. When Victor turns in for the night, Chet cuts the fuel line for reasons unknown just yet and checks to see that the gas is seeping out of the tank underneath the truck.

JACK is enjoying a drink when ASHLEY comes in and wants straight answers. She's spoken to Jill and Neil and thinks that Diane's engagement and moving into the Abbott mansion is payment for her Board vote. Jack can't believe Ashley would say that but Ashley wonders why Jack would wait until Victor was thousands of miles away if everything he did was above board. Ashley tells Jack she could not enjoy a business gain taken unethically anymore than she could drive around in a stolen car. Jack angrily tells Ashley that he and Brad were running the company without a hitch and Victor came back to teach them a lesson when they turned down the Forrester deal. Brooke Logan paraded around in her undies for Victor and he made the deal without any input from the Board to the tune of $200 million. That's misallocation of funds, Jack declares. He asks Ashley if she can look him in the eye and tell him that Victor's deal was in the best interest of the company because he assures her it was not. It seems that Ashley is beginning to seriously rethink her initial opinion but she wants to know how Jack's going to hold on to everything that he's gained once Victor returns. Jack tells Ashley that he's not going to defend himself anymore. Either she is with him or against him. Ashley states that if Jack has acted improperly then she can't promise she'll support him, family or not. Jack tells her that he has a plan and if she can't be for him, then she'd better stay out of his way. When Ashley asks what that means, Jack says that he can't tell her that just yet. Later, Jack called Brooke Logan's office in Los Angeles, but she's not in. He makes sure that her secretary delivers the message as soon as possible -- it's quite urgent, he emphasizes.

RYAN and NEIL continue to discuss Malcolm and Olivia. Then talk turns to Brad and Jack's move on NE, with Ryan stating he's talked to Brad and Jack and they've made some strong points for their decision. Neil is outraged that Ryan would turn tail so quickly to the side of "the enemy" to save his own skin. Ryan tells Neil that he doesn't want to lose a job he loves because there's been a change at the top. Disgusted, Neil reminds Ryan that he owes his career to Victor and now Ryan is ready to throw him to the wolves. He doesn't understand Ryan and stalks angrily out of Victor's office. Ryan stares at Victor's portrait and mutters, "This is going to be tougher than I imagined."

TONY and MEGAN'S romantic walk on the beach has ended in a playful mood -- both having pushed each other into the surf. While Tony is in the shower, Meg brings out a bottle of champagne that she stashed for this momentous night -- the night she and Tony will be together in every way. When Tony comes out of the shower, Meg has poured them both a glass of the champagne, which she took from her dad's "stash." While Tony sips, Meg gulps down most of her first glass and pours another before heading into the bathroom for a shower herself. When she emerges, she's dressed in a black lingerie set and goes to pour herself a third glass of champagne, which she sips heavily, telling Tony that she wants to be with him but she's nervous. She thought the champagne would take the edge off her jitters. Obviously tipsy, she and Tony kiss passionately but Meg must sit down on the bed because she's dizzy, and it's not from the heady kiss she's just shared with Tony. She is in the middle of telling Tony how much she wants him when she lies back on the bed and passes out. Tony smiles at his intoxicated beauty and gently kisses her on the forehead.

PAUL sees CHARLIE at Gina's and asks if he can join him. Charlie isn't thrilled but allows Paul to sit out of courtesy because that's his nature. They discuss how things are going for Charlie and he tells Paul that he was thinking about Mary. Paul asks if anything new is happening in Charlie's life. Charlie tells him that after his first wife died, he was okay with being alone because he figured he'd had more love than most people ever knew. Then the unexpected happened and he fell in love with Mary. Since Carl as not regained any of his memory back, Charlie feels that Mary would be a lot happier if she'd just marry him as planned. "But that's just me speaking," he admits before rising and leaving Paul. "The man she left at the altar." Paul looks sad after Charlie departs.

GINA interrupts CALLIE'S daydreaming and asks if she's like another refill on her drink. Ginaa guesses that she was thinking about her new gig but Callie surprises Gina by telling her that she was actually thinking of Malcolm. Callie asks if Malcolm and Olivia have been in the restaurant together much and Gina abruptly warns her not to broach the topic that she'd hoped Callie had put behind her. Gina reinforces that Malcolm and Olivia are back together. Callie asks Gina to come support her in Milwaukee and Gina answers coolly that her might come and leaves, obviously angry with Callie. Callie tells herself there's one more person she should talk to before leaving GC.

MALCOLM enjoys his wine and OLIVIA comes to tell him that dinner is almost ready. Malcolm asks her to dance with him again and Olivia seems at ease. Malcolm gently kisses her and caresses her face but then their kiss deepens into an explosion of passion. After dinner, Malcolm asks Olivia about her new job but she tells him nothing about how she obtained the job as she and Malcolm hold hands across the table. When she asks where Malcolm was when she phoned him he tells her that he was at Gina's just about to order something to eat. He also mentions that he saw Callie and Olivia removes her hand from Malcolm's as if he had the plague. Malcolm explains that he only told her because he wanted to be honest with her but Olivia wants to hear nothing he says. The Caribbean warmth of the evening has suddenly turned to Arctic cold. Olivia excuses herself to go to bed and leaves Malcolm, hurt and confused, in the glow of the candles.

DR. SORENSON receives an unexpected phone call from Neil who wishes to speak with him immediately. The doctor tells Neil he'll drop by NE on his way home. When he does arrive at NE, Neil pleads with him to revoke Olivia's position as Chief of Residents because Olivia's marriage is in trouble. Right now, she needs to be spending precious time with her family. Dr. Sorenson sympathizes with Neil's worries about the state of Olivia and Malcolm's marriage but says that he can't change anything unless Olivia originates the procedure herself. Neither of them realize that Callie has overhead enough of their conversation from outside Neil's office door to realize that Malcolm and Olivia are still having problems, despite Malcolm's earlier denial and Gina's attempt to cover for them.

MARY absolves CARL of the fact that he just can't remember. She realizes when she kissed him tonight that nothing was there. She realizes that he loves Ruth and that Ruth loves him. When Carl asks how she knows how Ruth feels, she tell Carl that she, more than anyone, empathizes with Ruth's feelings about Carl because they mirror her own. Ever since she first saw him in Gina's that day a few months ago, she's been waiting for the moment when Carl would take her in his arms and tell her how much he loves her, but she realizes now that it's never going to happen. Carl asks if Mary really wants him to go and she firmly tells him yes. They should say their good-byes with dignity and bury a part of their lives that is obviously dead. Carl offers to stop in the morning before he leaves but Mary declines his offer. He kisses her on the forehead. Carl's face shows the pain he feels, mostly for hurting Mary but also for not being able to capture the life that was once his a decade ago. When Carl is gone, Mary murmurs that she'll always love him and sobs bitterly for the dream she so hoped for that will never come true.

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