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Olivia told a lie. Chet wanted to keep Victor from returning to Genoa City. Paul and Carl said an emotional goodbye. Cole wondered why Rafael had parted with 'La Senora.' Cassie had a visit from the social worker.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 12, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday April 12


PAUL and CHRIS are at home discussing the situation about his parents and how Paul wishes that they could have found the years that they'd lost. CARL stops by and tells Paul that Mary has asked him to leave and he wonders exactly what he should do. As much as it surprises Paul that Mary is the one who gave up on reconciling with his father, Paul advises that Mary's wishes should be followed. It is an extremely emotional good-bye for Paul and his father. They embrace and Paul asks Carl to keep in touch with him. Later Chris visits MARY at her home and finds her absolutely despondent over the situation. Chris tries to comfort her.

In the morning, MEG has a terrible hangover. TONY fixes her his sure-fire hangover relief remedy but the concoction doesn't help. Tony also doesn't add to her emotional state of mind when he shares the story of a drunken girl that he once took home on his motorcycle. Meg is devastated and tells Tony that she's ruined their getaway and she must be boring him to tears. Tony comforts her and vows that he only wants to be with her, even though he knows that he probably shouldn't. This at least relieves Megan's emotional worries.

VICTORIA finds COLE packing his things up at the tack house. He's decided to finish his book at the Abbott mansion instead. This surprises Victoria but she's absolutely flabbergasted when RAFAEL joins them. While Cole packs, Rafael mentions his hopes that Victoria hasn't forgotten their mutual interest and the plan on which they were working. Victoria tells him he should go back to Madrid because there's nothing for him here in Genoa City. However Rafael insists that he cannot leave now that he's here.

ASHLEY is surprised that Cole is going to work at home instead of finishing up at the tack house. She is curious and questions why Cole would make the move so close to finishing the book. All Cole will say is that he has his reasons for moving his work to the Abbott home at this particular time. A large crate arrives from Spain and it's Cole's turn to be surprised because encased in the box is "La Senora Desconsolada," the painting that belongs to Rafael -- so he thinks.

MALCOLM and NEIL are working out in the gym. Malcolm describes the candlelit apartment, how he and Olivia danced, and how wonderful dinner was -- until he mentioned that he'd seen Callie at Gina's before Olivia called him home. He knows that he blew the whole evening and thinks that he should probably step out of the picture gracefully before Olivia throws in the towel completely. Knowing how the slightest mention of Callie upsets Olivia, Neil suggests that Malcolm just lie by omission. After all, does Olivia need to know everything? In Neil's opinion, Malcolm should just keep any sightings or conversations with Callie to himself.

An unhappy OLIVIA receives a visit from CALLIE. Knowing that she has Olivia between a rock and a hard place, Callie's attitude is predatory. She informs Olivia that she knows Olivia just wasn't "chosen" for her new position as Chief of Residents. In fact, Olivia begged for the job so she could be away from Malcolm. Olivia almost denies Callie's allegations but Callie asks if they need to have a little chat with Dr. Sorenson. Coolly, Olivia wonders why Callie hasn't just taken this information to Malcolm. Callie tells her that she has got to leave for Milwaukee for her singing gig, but promises that she'll be back before long. If Olivia wants Malcolm, then she'd better be prepared to duke it out for him, because when Callie comes back she's going to fight with a vengeance to win Malcolm back.

Tuesday, April 13, 1999

#6604, Directed by Kathryn Foster

CHRIS calls PAUL'S office hoping to find him there but LYNNE tells her that he's not been in all morning. Lynne asks if something is wrong and Chris tells her that she wants to talk to Paul before he sees his mother. Meanwhile, Paul has let himself into his mother's house only to find that she's not there. He finds a picture of his face down on the coffee table. When she doesn't return, he gets worried and calls the church thinking perhaps one of her committees is having a meeting but the secretary at Sacred Heart tells him there are not meeting scheduled at the church today. While Paul is on the phone, Mary arrives and Paul thanks the secretary. Mary lies when Paul asks her where she's been and Paul tells her he knows she's not telling the truth. Paul mentions that his father stopped by and told him what happened between him and Mary. When Paul asks her why she sent him away, she tells him that nothing was working and it was time Carl left. As Paul continues to talk about his father, Mary looks distant. "Is this what you really want?" asks Paul. Mary doesn't speak, but her face is veiled in the deepest hurt she's ever felt. Paul reaches up and massages her shoulder.

MARY apologizes for Carl not remembering, believing she should have done more. She thinks she let Paul down but Paul tells her that he wanted his father to remember for HER more than anything. Why did she give up? Mary tells Paul that she really believed that with all the history they shared he would remember it all. She reached out from her soul and all she saw in return was the blank stare in Carl's eyes. There was no memory of what they shared together. Paul asks if she gave up for herself or for the fact that Carl's been living with Ruth the past ten years. Mary says that it was just time to let go. She wants to know if she did the right thing. Paul tells her that it was for the best. Mary says that she will miss Carl so. Paul comforts her. Later, Chris finds a deeply saddened Paul at home. She asks what she can do to help and Paul tells Chris that she is all that he needs.

COLE can't believe that ASHLEY was able to persuade Rafael to part with "La Senora," the inspiration for his work. Ashley tells Cole she bought it because Rafael was deeply in debt that was passed on to him by his family. Cole wonders if Ashley shouldn't have just lent Rafael the money but Ashley says that wouldn't have been possible. Cole assumes that it's because Rafael is a proud, old-fashioned man, not knowing the situation with Lady Huddleston and Ashley lets that matter go unsaid. Ashley remarks that the men who were collecting the debt were really "rough around the edges," implying that Rafael's life might have been in danger. Curious, Cole asks what she paid for the masterpiece and Ashley dryly remarks that he doesn't want to know. Cole reasons that at least Rafael knows where the painting is and can visit it sometime. Ashley doubts that they'll see him anytime soon. After all, he's been given a new start.

At the tack house, RAFAEL explains to VICTORIA that he can't go back to Madrid because he gave up his studio and packed up all his canvases. He is literally here with the clothes on his back and what little he could pack in a satchel. He reminds her of the ticket she left for him and Victoria says it was just an impulse. Rafael reminds her that impulses sometimes have consequences. Victoria still wants to know why he came and he tells her that it was a nonrefundable ticket and it would be a shame to waste her money. Victoria is amused. She tells him that their "plan" is a moot point because things have changed but Rafael says that things have not changed for him. He wants to wash up so Victoria leaves. Once Victoria's outside the tack house, she stops and wonders if Rafael has a chance with Ashley. On impulse, she turns around and re-enters the tack house and is momentarily startled by a shirtless Rafael. She tells him that he can stay at the tack house for awhile. Rafael is pleased. Later, Rafael is coming inside from the stables and sees Cole packing up the last of his things. He ducks out of sight until Cole leaves. Walking into the tack room, he looks around and smiles. He remarks that this was Cole's place and now he's taking over. Perhaps he'll soon be filling Cole's shoes.

NEIL brings RYAN the quarterly sales report and gruffly tells him that he need to adjust some of the numbers to make it more realistic. Ryan asks him why he has to rush out; after all they work together. Neil coldly asks, "Do we really? I work for Victor Newman!" He proceeds to tell Ryan what a turn-tail he is. As Neil stalks out of the office, Ryan yells, "You could be wrong about Brad and Jack, you know!" When he is alone, he wonders what he's gotten himself into.

CARL surprises RUTH with his return to Norfolk. He is weary and turns down Ruth offer of a piece of his favorite blueberry pie. He tells her that he's back to stay because Mary asked him to leave. But one good thing has come out of all of this. He doesn't have to wonder anymore about the man he was before Ruth found him. He knows that Mary and Carl are wonderful people and that Carl Williams was a decent, honorable man -- but he is in the past. Jim Bradley is the present. He is at peace now. Ruth grabs him and holds him as if she's afraid he will disappear. Tenderly, they kiss.

NICK has his leg propped on the coffee table and SHARON wonders if he should go into work today. Nick says the doctor told him to take it easy, not stay off his broken leg. Sharon admits to him that she nervous about the social worker coming today. Nick tells her that everything will be fine and she has nothing to worry about. She wonders how to approach Cassie about Alice visiting her and Nick offers to do it. However, Sharon believes she should be the one to tell Cassie. A burdened CASSIE greets them both. She wishes Nick didn't have to go to work today but Nick says he has to make the money to pay the bills. Nick asks for a smile and at first it's a very faint one. Nick tells Cassie that she can do better than that. She does smile a little broader, but it's not the genuine Cassie smile she gives when she's carefree. Nick asks for a kiss and Cassie plants one on his cheek. When he stands up, he tells Cassie that they can't leave Sharon out of all this kissing and Nick gives Sharon a tender kiss near the corner of her mouth. Sharon doesn't reciprocate, but she does not flinch away either.

Later at NE, Nick is on the phone with the search team coordinator. There's still no news about Victor and Nick asks the man to keep in touch. GRACE comes in to congratulate him and Sharon on winning temporary custody and asks how he broke his leg. Nick is repulsed by Grace's presence but tells her that he took one of the horses out for a night ride to get some fresh air and the horse stumbled and fell. Grace offers to testify at the permanent custody hearing, telling how much she cares for Cassie, but Nick says she won't be needed. Grace tells him not to close his mind because he just might change it later. Grace leaves his office in an angry snit.

Neil visits Nick and delivers the news that Ryan has taken up business with Jack and Brad. Nick is outraged and wants Ryan fired immediately. Neil tells him that he no power to do that because just as soon as Ryan is fired, he'll go to Jack and Brad and then Neil will get the ax. Neil tells Nick that he doesn't want to lose the job he loves so much. Nick wonders what Ryan's problem is and Neil says that Ryan thinks he's on the winning team. "We'll see about that," Nick declares.

Victoria enters Ryan's office and closes the door. They must find a place to meet away from the office or risk Jack and Brad discovering their plan. Ryan relays the curt meeting with Neil and states that Neil is furious. Victoria says that he must sacrifice his friendship with Neil for now to make his loyalty to Jack and Brad believable. Ryan needs to be in their trust. At that moment, there is a loud banging on Ryan's office door, with Nick yelling that he knows Ryan is in there and demanding to see him now. Ryan and Victoria look at each other wondering what to do.

After Nick leaves for work, Cassie tells Sharon she's afraid of the social worker. Chris visits them and reassures Cassie that she knows the social worker that is coming to talk to her and she's a very nice lady. In fact, they wouldn't let her have this job if she weren't very good with children. All Cassie has to do is tell the truth. While Cassie is out of the room, Chris comments that Sharon is holding it together well. Sharon tells her that she's worried about the questions the social worker might ask about Nick, mentioning that Nick sleeps on the couch and spends a lot of time at his parents' house. She's also worried about Alice's visitation. What if she comes and acts irrationally? Cassie will be scared. Chris tells her that she doubts that will happen but if it does, she and Cassie will have to deal with it because Alice is certainly a wildcard. Chris suggests that if Sharon keeps her anxiety under wraps, Cassie will feel more secure and less scared.

While they anxiously await the social worker's arrival, Sharon and Cassie talk. Sharon calms her daughter by telling her to be herself and answer the questions truthfully. She starts to tell her to answer truthfully about Nick and Sharon's relationship, but Cassie interrupts and says she will tell the social worker that Sharon and Nick love each other a lot because that's the truth. Their talk is interrupted by a knock at the door and Sharon and Cassie's eyes widen. However, when Sharon answers the door, the visitor is Grace. Cassie runs and greets her happily.

Wednesday, April 14, 1999

With NICHOLAS banging on RYAN'S door, VICTORIA answers and pretends that she's been bending Ryan's ear about his actions as Nick has come to do. Nick has his say and Ryan defends his position by telling both Newmans that he has a family to support and doesn't have a trust fund to fall back on. He likes his job and despite the change in management, he wants to keep on doing his job and doing it well. Victoria stands before him and says that she can't believe he would turn his back on her family. They were once married and she loved him. With that she slaps him and stalks out of his office. Nick stands in front of him and tells him that when Victor gets back, Jack and Brad are going to be history and Ryan will be joining them. After Nick leaves, Ryan rubs his jaw in wonderment.

In Nick's office, Victoria looks worried about this situation. Nick says that he suggested that Neil fire Ryan but Neil isn't sure that he has the authority and Ryan would certainly appeal to Jack and Brad causing Neil to get the boot. Victoria is caught off guard when Nick tells her that she is on the Board and she's a Newman so SHE can fire Ryan. She makes some excuse about timing but Nick pleads with her to do this for their father. She relents and says she'll take care of it.

JILL comes to visit NIKKI and expresses her concern for Victor's absence followed by a pitch for her own loyalty in this entire takeover situation. What Jill wants from Nikki is information on Katherine because she's sure Nikki knows where Katherine's is. She reminds Nikki of the day she visited her at the estate and was acting strange. Then after Nikki spoke to Esther, Esther acted more bizarre than usual. Nikki assures Jill that she has nothing to do with how Esther acts and that Jill wants Katherine out so what is the problem. Jill states that she wants some piece of mind. She thinks Nikki is part of some grand conspiracy and questions her unconcern for Katherine's absence. Nikki is angered and tells Jill that her husband is missing as well. Jill rants about the "mystery girl" who keeps showing up but Nikki knows nothing about her. Jill, however, doesn't believe Nikki for a minute.

MAC and KATHERINE are sorting mail at the shelter. BIRDIE is surprised to get a letter. She explains that she wrote several family members to see if they could help her get a job but as she reads the letter, her face falls and she crumples the letter and tosses it in the garbage can. Mac is thinking about abandoning the idea of meeting her grandmother because the woman that keeps answering the door is a bitch (excuse her language) and wonders if the grandmother is like her. Mac shares that her grandmother doesn't even know she exists so she's going to try to visit her one more time. Mac leaves and Katherine picks Birdie's letter out of the trash and finds that no one in the family wants her because she's an alcoholic. Katherine folds the letter and tucks it in her shirt. When she asks Birdie where she's been, Birdie tells her that a fine lady like her doesn't care. Katherine tells her that she knows where Birdie was because she has her ways. Birdie pulls out a pint of whiskey and tells Katherine that sometimes the bottle is the only friend she has. She invites Katherine to join her and makes a joke by introducing her bottle to "Queenie."

When Jill comes home, she explodes with frustration at Nikki for withholding information on Katherine. She continues her rant and SHIRLEY interrupts and asks if she's supposed to understand what Jill is talking about. Jill tells her theory about Katherine, Nikki, and the girl who keeps showing up on the doorstep. Jill laments that she ever let that girl get away. Meanwhile, Mac stands outside the door and is poised to push the button. She hesitates for just a moment then rings the doorbell at the Chancellor/Abbott mansion.

GRACE finds out that a social worker is coming to visit with CASSIE today and that Alice has visitation rights. She doesn't understand why the judge would do that but SHARON tells her it's perfectly normal since legally Alice is the Cassie's mother. Sharon asks Grace to stay out of it. Grace tells her that she'd be willing to corroborate Tony's testimony but Sharon tells her that's up to Christine. Grace tells Sharon that for the sake of Cassie please let her help and when this whole nightmare is over, Sharon can go back to hating her. There is a knock at the door and Sharon is surprised to find a gentleman, Mr. Ted Morgenstern, who is the social worker who will be filling in for Mrs. Rawlston. He allows Sharon to stay for a short time but when Cassie feels comfortable with him, he asks her to go up to the main house so he can talk to Cassie alone. He is gentle with Cassie and speaks to Cassie on her level but isn't condescending. Cassie responds well to all his questions. However when Mr. Morgenstern asks if she spends a lot of time with Grace, Cassie says not as much now. He asks if she'd like to tell him more about her special friend Grace.

With CHET nowhere in sight, VICTOR tries to climb into the truck and drive away. Chet appears and asks if Victor's trying to steal his truck and reminds Victor that he's in charge of the situation and he's not one of Victor's employees. Victor tells him that he could have a refrigerator and other amenities and still live in seclusion but Chet says that those kinds of things cost you, and he isn't talking about monetary loss. Victor, at his wit's end, suggests that Chet is playing games. Chet dryly jokes that Victor has him all figured out -- he's wanted across the whole United States for everything you can thing of and he's living out in the desert to escape the law. Victor states him he's in excruciating pain and he really needs to get back to his family. They both climb into the truck only to find that, thanks to Chet's handiwork on the fuel line, it won't start. "Chet, I've got to get back to Genoa City before it's too late," Victor pleads painfully. "Do whatever you have to do to get it going."

PAUL wants to take CHRIS out to the movies or dinner but Chris can see he's really not in the mood to do either. They talk more about his father and how Paul didn't feel that it was supposed to end this way. Chris blames herself for finding Carl and bringing him back into Paul and Mary's lives but Paul tells her that it was an amazing gift. Fate, destiny, whatever you want to call finding his father -- it was meant to happen. It was part of a great cosmic plan although now it seems like a cosmic joke. It makes Paul wonder if maybe the whole thing isn't over yet but he's not clinging to false hopes. It meant so much seeing his father and knowing he was alive. Chris tells Paul how proud she is of him and this has shown her that family is THE most important thing to him. She thinks it's time they start their own family and wants to start trying tonight. Paul is both astonished and ecstatic. He and Chris kiss passionately.

Thursday, April 15, 1999

Victor and Chet climb into the truck, ready to leave the desert. Victor can't believe his luck when the truck refuses to start. Chet gets out and looks under the hood. Victor leans out the window and smells gasoline. Getting out of the truck he looks at the sand under the truck and finds the ground saturated with gasoline. He rails at Chet for not noticing that the fuel line wasn't connected. Chet says that it must have come loose when he was working from above. Victor orders Chet to put more gasoline in and let's go but Chet tells him that that was the last of the gasoline. He had planned to get more in town today. Did you disconnect that line on purpose? Victor wants to know. Chet laughs at him. Why should I sabotage my own truck? He asks. Victor surmises that he wanted the ransom he could get for him. Chet says that first he was an outlaw, then a saboteur and now he is holding him for ransom. Do I look like I need your money? He asks. Then he wants to know how he could let anyone know that he had him. He has no phone and no working radio. Besides, he doesn't want him hanging around any longer than necessary. Victor still feels that something is wrong and he wants to know what is going on.

Cassie is a little leery of Mr. Morganstern at first but he puts her at ease and they talk. Cassie tells him how happy she is with Sharon and Nick; she says that they are her real parents and she never wants to leave them. She describes her life in Madison and tells him how life changed since coming to GC. He has her draw a picture of her family and then they talk about the picture. Mr. Morganstern notices that there is a fifth character in the upper part of the picture and asks who it is. Cassie says it is Alice Johnson and she is trying to take her away from her family. She begs Mr. Morganstern to let her tell the judge that she wants to stay with Sharon. Mr. Morganstern promises that he will tell the judge for her. With a look of concern on his face, Mr. Morganstern tells her that she can call her mommy now and tell her that she can come back to the house.

Sharon has been talking to Nikki about Cassie and the social worker. She also tells her that Grace just showed up at the door earlier. She would have thrown her out except the social worker showed up at that time and she couldn't show her true feelings in front of him. Nikki suggests that she should think about putting her feelings for Grace aside for the time being for Cassie's sake; she thinks that Grace could be of help to her.

Michael is hard at work when Grace breezes in complaining about the treatment she always gets at the hands of the Newmans. She wants to protect Cassie but she also wants to blow the Newmans out of the water. She also blasts Michael for not being completely up front with her about Alice having visiting rights. Michael tells her that she was the one who wanted him to take on this case. Now that he has, he has to handle it the way he sees best. He more or less dismisses her from his office. As she is going, she mentions that he has been a good friend to her. When he is alone, Michael wonders if she will feel the same way when all of this is over.

Mac arrives at the Chancellor Estate again and hesitates before ringing the bell. This time, Esther opens the door and she is kinder to Mac than Jill or Shirley have been. She asks about Mrs. Chancellor and Esther says that she is not there at the time. Before she can find out any other information, Shirley walks up and tells her that someone wants to see her. She takes her into the living room where Jill again questions her about where Mrs. Chancellor is. She is nicer this time but she still insults Mac by offering to pay her twice what Mrs. Chancellor is paying. Mac thinks that she has just walked through the looking glass. When she starts to leave, Jill stops her. Are you saying that I can't leave? Mac asks. Esther warns Jill that she can't hold her against her will as she could call the police. Mac says that is exactly what she will do if they won't let her leave.

Nick arrives at the ranch house and stays with his mother because he is too angry to go home and face the social worker. He tells her about Ryan's defection to the Jack and Brad camp. He feels that he should be in Arizona looking for his dad but Nikki says no. She tells him that there are enough people searching for Victor already. He needs to stay here and support his wife and children. Before he can leave, the phone rings and it is the woman from the shelter reminding Nikki that she was going to bring down some old clothing. Nikki says she will bring them right down.

At Sharon's house, Mr. Morganstern is about to leave. He says that he wants to have a visit with her and Nick soon. Sharon explains about Nick's father but promises that they will see him as soon as possible. After he leaves, Nick returns home and asks how the interview went. She says that she is worried about what Cassie might have told him about Grace. She is so on edge that she brings up the affair several times. Finally Nick tells her that he doesn't think it will help anything for her to keep throwing that up in his face. She says that she is sorry. She adds that she is afraid to trust Grace with testifying.

Birdie weaves into the house with her bottle and says that she needs it to make the pain go away. Kay tells her that she knows how she feels. Birdie is skeptical but Kay tells her that she is also an alcoholic and has been for a long time. She says that she lost the only man she has ever loved to the bottle. Birdie says that the bottle is her only friend now. She wants Kay to leave her alone. Kay says that she has to get out of there and get some air.

Mac returns and finds Birdie dozing on the couch. She asks where Katherine is but Birdie isn't in a mood to act like her secretary. She asks what is wrong with Mac and she says that the people at the house were acting crazy. Birdie informs her that if you are poor, you are acting crazy but if you are rich, you are eccentric. She makes a disparaging remark about Katherine being eccentric and walks out just as Nikki is walking into the center.

Grace returns to her office and gets a call from Mr. Morganstern. He would like to meet with her and talk about Cassie. Anytime, Grace tells him.

Friday, April 16, 1999

As they bicker about the truck and Victor being stuck in the canyon, Victor demands that Chet walk into town and alert the authorities of where he is. Chet says that it is 50 miles into town and asks if Victor has any idea how long it would talk him to walk 50 miles. Victor says that he will give him a number to call once he is in town and the person on the other end of the phone will authorize him to buy a new truck---hell, he can buy two trucks, if he wants them. Chet once again tells Victor that he isn't interested in Victor's money and it is too dangerous walking across the desert. Besides, he doesn't want the search teams anywhere near his property. Victor insists that his family is worried about him but Chet wonders if they really are. He says that most people would be wondering when he was going to pass on so they could get their hands on the company. Victor says that his family isn't like that and if Chet thinks he has been a thorn in his side so far, he ain't seen anything yet. He then comes up with the idea of Chet climbing the highest ridge and building a signal fire. Then he could carry Victor up to the top of the ridge and leave him there. That way, the search people would have no reason to interrupt Chet's precious solitude. Chet answers that he could do that, but then he might not. Victor says that he seems to have a reason for keeping him around. Chet turns away and thinks to himself, "Why am I keeping you here? I want to take your dream away from you just as you took mine from me."

Ryan has lunch with Tricia. He is late arriving and Tricia complains that they haven't been together much since he got back from his business trip. She suggests that they skip lunch and go home for dessert. Ryan tells her that there is a crises at work. Tricia says that this is Victoria up to her old tricks. She has seen how Victoria looks at him. Ryan says that she is wrong; Victoria is angry with him right now. She thinks that he is a traitor to her father by taking Jack and Brad's side in the takeover. As Ryan is about to leave, Tricia says that she has talked to her dad about the take over and he wants Ryan to be careful. Ryan says that he knows what he is doing.

Megan is still feeling the effects of the hangover. Since Tony isn't in the room with her, she tries to call her sister. When all she gets is the answer machine, she calls Ryan's office. Nina answers the phone. She can tell by Megan's voice that something is wrong and she asks if Tony did something to her. Megan says that she did it to herself. She goes on to tell Nina about getting so drunk that she passed out and now she is feeling terrible from the hangover not to mention she feels like an idiot for letting that happen. She thinks she has blown it with Tony but Nina tells her that if Tony is the guy she thinks he is, she hasn't blown anything. Just then, Tony arrives and Megan hangs up. She tells Tony that she is feeling better but Tony tells her that she is a lousy liar. Megan apologizes for spoiling their night but Tony isn't worried. He gives her flowers and balloons. He also has some ginger ale and a large cup of chicken soup for her stomach. As she eats her chicken soup---the best she has ever had---she tells Tony that she loves him and has never felt this way before. She tells him that she knows that this isn't what Tony wants and it's okay. She also wants to know everything there is to know about him.

Hurricane Jill blows into Ryan's office but finds only Nina there. Nina says she is there to speak to Ryan about Phillip. She then tells Jill that she is dating. Jill wants to know what kind of person she is dating and does Phillip like him. Nina is happy to tell her that Phillip likes him very much; he is his soccer coach. She ten congratulates Jill on getting half of the Chancellor Estate. She thinks it is amazing that the two have lived together all this time and they are both still alive. Jill isn't happy with the way this conversation is going. She is saved when Ryan arrives. Nina thinks that she will talk to Ryan later, but Jill insist she stay and help her talk some sense into Ryan.

Mac is the only one in the center when Nikki arrives. She tells Nikki where to put the clothes then looks through them. Nikki says that there probably isn't anything there appropriate for a young person and kicks herself for not asking her daughter if she had any to contribute. But she promises to bring some younger things the next time. Mac says that she may not be here next time. Nikki asks the girl if they have met before and Mac says that she doesn't know anyone in town. Mac is looking sad and Nikki wonders if she is okay. Mac says she is fine and Nikki comments on her youth. Mac says that she isn't as young as Nikki may think. Confused, Nikki leaves. It isn't long before Kay comes back in and sees the clothes. She recognizes the leather jacket Mac is wearing as well as some of the sweaters. Holding them to her face, she wishes she could see Nikki again but she needs a little more time. She holds up a pink sweater and tells Mac that she would be pretty in pink. Birdie returns weaving her way across the room. Mac wants to know what is wrong with her and Kay tells her that she got bad news and she is drinking to forget. She admits that she knows how that is since she is also an alcoholic. Mac admits that that is the reason she left home. Kay asks if she found her grandmother but Mac admits that if her grandmother is anything like the weird people in her house, she isn't sure she wants to find her. She says that it was only a shot in the dark coming here anyway. She then adds under her breath, "Who needs a family anyway?" Katherine overhears what she says.

Ashley wants Neil to tell her all about the takeover. Neil says that the takeover was a well-planned executed conspiracy. Ashley says that that doesn't explain the hostility since Jack has told her his reasons. Neil reminds her that she wasn't there. He also says that Victor had a right to explain himself. He reminds her of the hatred that Jack has for Victor. Ashley is in the process of saying that she wouldn't support Jack simply because he is family; if she finds out that he can't justify his position, she will not be on his side. Just then, Nikki bursts in and demands to know what "that woman" is doing there---as if Ashley is a trespasser instead of a NE executive. Nikki blasts Ashley for her part in the takeover even though both Neil and Ashley try to tell her that Ashley was out of the country and knew nothing at all about what was going on back in GC. Ashley finally tells her that she cares for Victor also and she will not support him if he didn't have reason for what he did. However, she adds, she will only take so much abuse before she fights back.

Jack and Brad are disappointed that things aren't going as they would like as far as the stock prices are concerned. They are worried because Brooke Logan has been hiding because she knows that they want to end the deal. Jack says that he is going to write her a letter nixing the deal. Brad wants to know where Ashley stands but Jack tells him not to worry about her; she will come around but he has to handle her carefully. Brad says that they have to watch their backs now and when Victor comes back. Jack says he isn't worried about Nick and Victoria; he can handle them. But Neil and Jill are a different story. He adds that they need better numbers or their takeover will be short lived.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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