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Katherine promised to help Mac meet her grandmother. Malcolm moved out, and Olivia turned to Neil. Al tried to extort money from Sharon. Victor escaped, but Chet caught him before he could contact Nick.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 3, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday May 3, 1999

While PHILLIP is changing out of his swim trunks, NINA and BRETT enjoy their drinks and a little private moment. Nina asks JILL if this dinner is more than meets the eye and Jill denies any ulterior motive, asking Brett to tell her about himself. Jill and Brett chat but Nina is years away, remembering a time when neither Jill nor Katherine welcomed her in their lives. She specifically recalls them offering her the $1 million payoff for her son. Brett asks Nina if she's all right but she insists that they all must go. Sensing that Jill and Nina need some time alone, Brett and Phillip pull the car around. When Jill wonders what's wrong, Nina vehemently tells her that no matter how hard Jill tries, Nina will never feel comfortable in this house. ESTHER enters while Nina's words seep in and remarks that Jill hasn't even thanked her. Esther leaves and SHIRLEY enters. Jill cries that she will never be able to have her family in her own home because Nina won't allow it. When Shirley inquires as to why, Jill tells her it's a long story.

BIRDIE offers to help MAC sort the food bank donations but they argue. Birdie warns Mac not to judge her. Mac asks about Birdie's daughter and Birdie shares that her daughter is fifteen and has been living with her father since she was twelve because of Birdie's drinking. Mac is surprised to find that she and Birdie's daughter are the same age.

KATHERINE tells STAN that his company should set an example for other food companies by giving generously to food banks and shelters. She hands him a piece of paper with the name of the shelter at which she's been residing, telling him that the cupboard needs filling. She implores him to share because the need is so great.

When Katherine returns to the shelter, she notices that Mackenzie is quiet and guesses that she and Birdie had words. Mac shares with Katherine what she learned about Birdie's daughter. Mac also shares a poignant wish she has about finding her grandmother and being welcomed with opened arms but she's very confused by the way the people at her grandmother's home have been acting. Katherine promises her that next time Mac visits the house she'll go with her.

By coincidence, MALCOLM meets CALLIE at Crimson Lights and tells her that he moved out of the apartment. Callie can't believe that it's come to this but Malcolm explains how Nathan, Olivia's former husband, cheated on Olivia. Callie now understands why everything seems so magnified for Olivia. She realizes that she opened an old wound for Olivia, even though Malcolm had never given Olivia any reason to distrust him -- and never would have. Malcolm rises to leave, stating that he's going to be staying at the studio. Callie will be at the hotel and offers to be a friend to Malcolm if he needs one.

OLIVIA needs a friend and seeks out NEIL at his apartment. Neil explains that he's already seen Malcolm and wishes the two of them could resolve their problems. He offers to make some tea. Olivia assures Neil that she didn't push Malcolm to move out and Neil tells her that perhaps time apart is needed to gain some perspective. The tea kettle whistles and Neil brings Olivia a cup of tea, sitting down on the couch with Olivia, finally admitting that he has feelings for her. He knows it's selfish, but he doesn't want Malcolm and Olivia to reconcile. Neil and Olivia kiss passionately -- but it's all a daydream. When Neil actually does serve her the tea, Olivia is flustered and rushes out of his apartment. In the corridor, she wonders what she could have been thinking!

At Crimson Lights, RYAN and TRICIA continue to discuss Tony and Meg's relationship. Ryan compares Tricia's treatment of Tony to Keith Dennison's treatment of him when he first began seeing Tricia. Ryan is supportive of Tony in many ways but when Tricia gets the call from Meg at the police station, she blames Tony for the horrible situation her sister is in. They immediately leave to rescue Meg.

TONY and MEGAN are arrested for grand theft auto and conspiracy. Tony denies stealing anything but Meg is overwhelmed and faints. The policemen cuff Megan as she lies on the floor of the apartment. Later at the police station, Meg begs the policewoman to allow her to call her sister. They detectives question Meg and Tony separately but both cling to their innocence. Tricia arrives and is both outraged and scared. She and Ryan find that Megan must go before the judge in the morning, which means she has to stay in jail overnight, which Tricia protests.

When they escort Tony to his cell, Tricia hurls insults at him. Megan follows, dazed by the overwhelming predicament and everything begins to grow larger than life for her. The wall clock ticks like a hammer on wood and the detectives' accusations are slurred in her mind. Tricia is hysterically crying out to Megan and Ryan tries to calm her, even physically restraining Tricia at one point. As Meg passes Tony on the way to her cell, she reaches out to him yelling, "I love you, Tony! I love you!" Tony reaches out through the bars to her, but she is far out of his grasp.

Tuesday, May 4

#6619, Directed by Mike Denney

RAFAEL, admiring a fine piece of crystal at the main house, startles NIKKI who thinks that he is a gardener. When Rafael comments that Nikki is so lovely he'd like to paint her, she thinks that he's being forward and calls MIGUEL, who introduces Rafael as Victoria's friend from Spain. Rafael continues to compliment Nikki, stating that she must be Victoria's sister. Nikki melts in his charms and is surprised when Rafael likens her to the beauty in the masterpiece called "Woman with Pearl Necklace." He tells her that legend says the woman in the painting has just received a message from the man that she loves. Perhaps Nikki has received a similar message, asks Rafael? Nikki is amazed and takes this as another sign that Victor is alive and well.

Later, VICTORIA finds Nikki poring over an art book, reading about the painting that Rafael mentioned. She tells Victoria that she had the pleasure of meeting Rafael and Victoria apologizes for not telling her sooner. Thinking that Rafael may be the object of Victoria's affection, Nikki questions the timing but Victoria quickly tells her that Rafael is there for one reason -- there is a connection between Ashley and Rafael which seems troublesome to Ashley. She is sure that Rafael knows something about the Abbotts and intends to find out what it is. Victoria seeks to reek havoc in their lives as the Abbotts have done to the Newmans. In fact, Victoria wants to create a living hell for the Abbotts and believes she can with Rafael's assistance. Nikki believes that perhaps Victoria is still holding on to hope for something between her and Cole but Victoria explains that the Newmans must fight fire with fire and she intends to cause the Abbotts a great deal of pain.

Rafael finds COLE retrieving some of his files from the tack house. Cole is surprised to see him and mentions that Rafael must miss "La Senora" very much. Cole invites him to stop by and visit the painting whenever he feels like it. Rafael is intrigued that Cole used to live in the tack house and speaks of the tension between the Abbott and Newman families. Cole tells him that it's a long story and he really doesn't want to get into it. However, Cole will be glad to give Rafael the grand tour of Genoa City in return for his hospitality in Madrid. Victoria unexpectedly and suggests that she and Cole show Rafael the town together but Cole declines. He warns Rafael that Victoria never does anything without an agenda and he is sure that he knows what the present agenda is. Victoria simply smiles.

VICTOR is checking out all the areas of the truck to see if there anything he might use that would lead the search plane to his rescue. In the glovebox, he finds a flare. Perhaps this will be his ticket out.

CHET and RAMONA lie leisurely in bed. Chet is worried that Victor knows too much and will ruin his work if he allows him to leave now. Ramona is curious as to why Chet refuses to help Victor. She sees the potential for violence in this situation and doesn't like it. Chet abruptly leaves the bed. She tells Chet she isn't angry with him -- only disappointed. Chet apologizes to her but she tells him that he needs to apologize to himself for allowing the fear of Victor to control him. While Ramona takes Victor some food, Chet unlocks the door to his office, sits down at his computer, and says he intend,s to find out exactly why Victor wants to get back home so fast.

After she brings him food, Victor questions Ramona's true concern for him as she examines his leg. Why is she with Chet, Victor asks? She tells of how Chet built a clinic for an indigent town nearby. She is a registered nurse and she is the only source of medical assistance within a hundred miles for these people. Victor wonders if Chet is keeping him prisoner because Chet knows Victor has money. Ramona assures him that Chet has his own money and wonders what Victor is implying. Victor informs her that if a search party finds him there, she and Chet will be arrested for kidnapping. He believes that Ramona knows why Chet is keeping him here but won't tell him. He subtly asks what she thinks will happen to the patients at her clinic when she is arrested. This visibly upsets Ramona.

In the holding cell, MEGAN dreams of Tony's passionate "I love you" before they were interrupted by the police. CRYSTAL, a tattoo-clad, hard-nosed cellmate, wonders what Megan is in jail for. She gives Megan a really hard time until another inmate intervenes. The matron removes Megan from the holding cell because Meg has a visitor. TRICIA hugs Meg and when Meg asks about Tony, Tricia gets aGityated, telling her that Tony got Meg into this mess. Meg can't make Tricia believe that Tony was an unknowing, unwilling participant in the car theft ring. Arriving with RYAN is JOHN SILVA, who will be Meg's lawyer. She begs John to find out how Tony is but John tells her that they must first be concerned with her.

MR. RICHARDS from the D.A.'s office talks to LT. EDMUNDS, who wants Tony's bail set as high as possible so they will be able to use it as a bargaining tool with him. Edmunds doesn't believe that Tony is one of the big players in the theft ring or high-powered lawyers would have already descended on the police station. Still Edmunds wants to keep Viscardi close at hand because he believes that he knows more than he's telling.

In his cell, all TONY can worry about is Megan and how she's doing and declares to anyone who'll listen that she's innocent. He's told that Lt. Edmunds wants to talk to him as soon as his lawyer has seen him. CHRIS is very surprised to find that her client is Tony. He tells her what he knows about Joe's car scam. He really believed he was doing above-board business for his boss. Tony also admits that he does have a prior conviction for disturbing the peace when he was younger. Chris tells him that it won't look good, but she'll do everything she can for him. JOE is being brought into the holding cell area at this time and Tony has the opportunity to reach out and grab him around the neck, choking him as hard as possible. Chris is screaming for Tony to release him as one of the guards intervenes.

Wednesday, May 5, 1999

As a handcuffed Joe is brought past Tony's cell, Tony reaches out and grabs him around the throat all the time yelling that he set him up and he is going to kill him. It takes three guards to separate the two while all the time Christine is yelling at Tony that he is making things worse. After the officers leave the cell, Chris gets down to questioning Tony about Joe and talking about bail. Tony's only asset, his bike, will have to be sold or hocked to come up with the bail requirements. Tony tells her about the first trip he made; he says that he should have guessed something was up but he trusted the dude. Now his Megan is mixed up in this sordid mess! He tried to warn Megan that he was no good for her but she wouldn't listen. But he vows that he won't let Megan go down.

Meanwhile, Tricia and Ryan are with Megan as is her attorney, John Silva. Megan is worried about Tony, thinking that he has to be so frightened. Tricia, on the other hand, complains that Tony is the one who brought her into this business. Meg says that they don't have anything on Tony or her; it was just a mistake. But Tricia tells her that Tony has a record. Meg is surprised and asks what for. Tricia says he was arrested at 18 for disturbing the peace. John has to leave to research the case but Tricia stops him on the way out and talks privately. She wants him to go after Tony with everything he has. Later she tells Megan that it is time she grows up and faces the reality of the situation. Megan only wants to talk to Tony; they love each other and nothing will change that.

Cole retrieves his files and is on his way. Vicki tells him to give his lovely wife her best and Cole recognizes the sarcasm in her voice. Alone, Raphael mentions that Vicki still misses Cole. She reminds him that they were married. "I thought you wanted me to come between Cole and Ashley," Raphael says. Vicki says it is time to go to Plan B; she wants Raphael to tell her the secret that he and Ashley were talking about in Madrid. Raphael refuses; he has no interest in corporate intrigue. He accuses her of wanting to hurt Ashley and he wants to know if she is only out for revenge. In any case, he doesn't want to be involved in any of it.

Jack and Ashley rehash the garage incident during which Ashley reminds him that he needs her vote as well as Diane's. Just then, the phone rings and Ashley answers to find her dad on the line. After talking to him, she accuses Jack of getting their father involved in the dispute over the garage. Jack denies it but she says that it has his smell all over it. She reports that John doesn't want any structural changes made to the garage. She wonders just how far Jack will go to make the takeover look legitimate.

Nikki arrives in Gina's and after telling her that they still haven't heard anything from Victor, she is seated at a table. Not far away, Brad is sitting. Nikki looks around and her eyes fall on him. She stares at him with hatred until he looks her way. As they stare into each other's eyes, Brad has a memory of the day in the hospital when he asks her to go with him to the courthouse and finish the marriage ceremony. He says that he was patient with her while Victor's life was in jeopardy but now he is recovering and they can leave on their honeymoon as planned. When Nikki doesn't answer him, he says that he is tired of Victor running his life; he is leaving today with or without her. Again she looks away instead of answering him and Brad walks away. He gets up and walks over to the table and sits down even though Nikki says that she would rather be alone. She says that because of him, her husband is lost in the desert. Brad says that he didn't make the plane go down; he doesn't want anything to happen to Victor but the takeover was strictly business. She says that he owes everything to Victor. Brad disputes this; he says that all Victor did was give him a job, a job that he did very well. He says that the company take-over was strictly business and the one thing he learned from Victor was to take care of business. Nikki says that when Victor gets back, he will squash Brad and Jack like a bug. She calls him a vindictive treacherous man. She says that she can understand Jack; there was always that antipathy between them, but Victor trusted Brad. When she says he has no reason to hate Victor, Brad asks her if she has forgotten that Brad does indeed have a reason to hate Victor. It takes a while but Nikki finally realizes that Brad is referring to their almost marriage. She gets up to leave and tells him that she is glad that it didn't work out. As she reaches the bar, she sees Jack sitting there. She gives him a hateful look, picks up a glass of wine and pitches it at him. Jack smiles and picks up a napkin and begins to wipe the wine away. He walks over to the table and says that it looks like Nikki got to him. He says that he doesn't have any news to relate. He still hasn't reached Brooke but if she doesn't call soon, he may just have to kill the deal.

Ashley tells Cole about her dad's call. Cole says that he is relieved that the argument over the office is finally over. Ashley asks if he is now sorry that he moved out of the tack room and he says that he wouldn't want to be there with the Abbott/Newman feud going on. And speaking of the tack room, why didn't you tell me that Raphael was not living there?

Victor continues trying to get Ramona to help him. He mentions that Chet has in effect kidnapped him and may even kill him. If that happens, his blood will also be on her hands. Ramona says that Chet will not do anything like that but Victor says that isolation can affect a man's mind. Ramona hears all that she wants to hear and walks away leaving Victor working on the bow and arrow that he is rigging up.

Ramona goes to the room where Chet has his computer. He has just finished finding out about the takeover by searching the Internet. He also finds out about Jack, the name Victor was murmuring when he was first found. Ramona wants to know why he is keeping Victor and Victor replies that he is afraid that Victor will interfere with their project if he is released. She begs him to let Victor leave but when he is adamant that he will not, she says that she is leaving. She goes out to pack up her herbs and he follows. He tries to talk her into staying but it is obvious to Victor, who is listening in, that he was successful in planting seeds of doubt in Ramona's mind. She is my way out, Victor says. I've got to get out of this place.

Thursday, May 6, 1999

#6621, Directed by Sally McDonald

Cole and Ashley are continuing their conversation in the Abbott mansion. Cole has chided Ashley for not being the one to tell him that Rafael was in Genoa City. He seems to be toying with Ashley, enjoying her obvious discomfort at the mention of Rafael. He watches her surreptitiously, glancing at her to gauge her reaction when he further mentions that he told Raf that he could come by and see his painting. Ashley's head pops up and she gives him an inquiring look. Cole tells her that he only wanted to reassure Rafael that they were taking care of his "favorite lady." He asks Ashley if that bothers her, that he asked Rafe to come over. "No, why would it?" she responds. But clearly, it does bother Ashley. As she takes another drink, she stares intently into space before snapping her attention briefly back to Cole. Her smile at him seems distracted.

Victoria and Rafael are deep in conversation. He questions her anger and attitude. "Your attitude makes me very uncomfortable. I had no idea you could be so vindictive," Rafael tells Victoria. Victoria faces him, her voice firm and unwavering. "Let me make one thing clear, Rafael. I'm not out to deliberately hurt Ashley. It's fine with me if your fantasy comes true. If she's the one you want, then go for it. But if you expect me to change my feelings for Ashley Abbott and her family....When it comes to them, this is war and I intend to fight them with everything in me."

Apparently inside the garage at Chet's desert compound, Victor is limping around while Ramona is working with some plants and herbs. Victor asks her how soon she will be leaving. She keeps working, telling him as soon as she's done. Victor keeps his voice casual, non-chalant, as he tries to get her to help him. His eyes never leave her, as he speaks. "I thought perhaps you could take me along. Help me get out of here." Ramona heaves a big sigh. "I'm sorry. I can't." Victor asks if she is afraid of Chet's reaction. Ramona pauses and sighs again, as if swallowing a lifetime of bad memories. "I'm not afraid of any man, including you." Victor asks, "Are you afraid of what he'll do to me once you're gone?" Ramona doesn't answer. Victor asks for the code for the gate so that he might escape on his own. Ramona tells him that at night, Chet turns the power off. Besides, Victor's leg would make escape impossible. She sighs again, obviously full of inner turmoil about the whole situation. She tells Victor emphatically that she cannot get involved. Victor tries another tactic. "I know you're compassionate. I beg you--my wife and children are worried sick about me." He tells her he runs a business and that his employees will be worried too. Ramona tells Victor that it might be too late.

Back at the ranch, Victoria and Rafael continue to talk. Rafael comes over and puts his hands on Victoria's shoulders. "Such anger for such a beautiful woman. it frightens me to see such a vengeful look in your lovely eyes." Victoria tells him that she understands that he is protective of Ashley. Rafael counters that he is that way with is friends. Victoria asks, innocently. "Just friends?" She finally lays all the cards on the table. "If you're concerned about protecting Ashley, then pack your bags and leave. Go back to Madrid. I'm going to go for a ride on my horse. I need the fresh air." Rafael looks puzzled at this turn of events and watches her slam the door before turning back to gaze thoughtfully off to the side.

Paul and Chris are discussing Tony's arrest and how his arrest might complicate matters. Paul is concerned about the custody hearing, since Tony is the star witness. Chris tells Paul that the trouble Tony is in can't be brought into the custody hearing. It is irrelevant. Chris expresses the need to locate Millie's whereabouts. "What about Grace?" Paul asks. "Grace is carrying alot of baggage," Chris responds. "Sharon has made it clear that she doesn't trust her." Paul feels that Sharon may need to get over it if they are unable to locate Millie. Chris agrees. Grace can testify to the conditions in which Cassie was found. Christine looks at Paul.

"We're not going to find Millie, are we?" she asks. Paul sighs. "I've hit a brick wall. I wouldn't count on it."

In Madison, Alice and the social worker are just settling in to their visit. Alice let's Mr. Morgenstern into her home, apologizing for its drabness. "I plan to fix it up" she tells him. After he sits down, he asks her a few questions. "Tell me about the local schools." Alice appears to be trying very hard to make a good impression. She smiles, telling him about the nearby public school that Cassie would attend. She even tells him that she's called the principal (mentioning them by name) and that he'd assured Alice that they would have room for Cassie. The social worker then asks Alice about health care. She appears briefly thrown by this, but recovers quickly, telling him that Cassie would go to Dr. French. He isn't a pediatrician, she says but she doesn't feel Cassie needs one anymore. In regards to health care, she says that she's looking in to one she can afford and assures the social worker that she'd never let Cassie go without medical treatment.

Then, Mr. Morgenstern asks Alice about employment. She reluctantly tells him that no, she doesn't have a job yet. She does tell him that she has put applications in at several local business and that there seems to be alot of openings for clerical and sales positions. She assures him that she'll have something definite before the custody hearing. Mr. Morgenstern asks her to keep him up to date on the status of her employment. He then switches gears and asks her point blank if she's ever been a substance abuser. "Drugs? Never." Alice states emphatically. She admits to the occasional beer but says that is a thing of the past. She wants to have her head clear to focus on raising Cassie. The social worker asks whether or not Alice is a high school graduate. She looks a little flustered and answers honestly. "No, but I've studied alot on my own." she tells him. She also tells him that she reads the newspaper every day and books and watches educational TV. Mr. Morgenstern's face doesn't reveal much emotion. Alice sighs and looks as if she's about to cry. "Look, let's face it," she finally says with a big sigh. "I'm pretending here. I'm nervous, knowing what is at stake." Mr. Morgenstern asks "What do you mean, pretending?" Alice tells him she knows that she has a lot to learn. "Cassie and I have to get used to each other. But I'll be a good mother. I promise you." "Let me ask you something," Mr.. Morgenstern says. "Your visit, with did it go?" Alice clasps her hands, looks down and discomfited.

Victor and Ramona continue talking. He wants to know what she knows about Newman Enterprises. "It's been taken over." Ramona tells him. "What do you mean, taken over?" Victor asks. "How did you know? Is there a radio here, a phone?" Ramona looks stricken. "Oh my god, I should never have said anything." Victor continues to ask her questions. she gets very flustered. "I'm sorry, I can't get in the middle of this!" Victor then asks her if she'll do something for him. He reaches out a piece of paper with Nikki's telephone number on it. He begs Ramona to call her, let her know he's alive. Ramona silently takes the paper, unaware that in the background, Chet is watching.

"I'm going to insist that Raf come over and visit. After all, he is your step-brother." Cole says this as if daring Ashley to contradict him. He isn't disappointed. "Step-brother," Ash says very forcefully. "No blood relation." "Yet you've always insisted that he's almost family," Cole counters. "Almost" Ashley says. "There's a big difference.With family there is an emotional bond." Cole's tone turns chiding again. "Ash, mind if I ask you a there a problem between you and Rafael? Something you haven't told me?"

" It's simple," she tries to cover up. "I have alot going on with jack and the takeover. Having Rafael here is the last thing I need."

Ramona is getting ready to leave when CHET appears. He offers a ready apology to her for their recent quarrel. He tells her that he would never try to stop her from leaving. In fact, he tells her, he's glad she is leaving. She asks why. He responds that Victor is a Virus that infects everything. Ramona tells Chet that he's being very melodramatic. "Am I?" he asks as he reaches behind her and snatches the paper Victor gave her from her pocket. She looks stunned and a little afraid.

Alice and Mr. Morganstern continue their talk. She is obviously very emotional. "I'm not going to lie," she tells him. It was the first time Cassie had seen me in a while." "Was she upset?" he asked. "Well, she didn't run screaming from me, though I'm sure everyone thought she would," Alice responds. "So it went well?" he asks.

"It wasn't easy, sitting there in the Newman home. Made me realize how much far we have to go...But you know what?" Alice brightens. "She still has her Cindy doll. She kept that raggedy thing, after all this time. It took my last dime to get that doll." By now, Alice is openly crying. "I had good instincts as a mother." She stops. "Sometimes I did..." She looks down, then back up at Mr. Morgenstern. "I believe somewhere in her heart, Cassie still has a place for me. She has to...she still has the doll, you know?" Alice seems to be trying to convince herself and Mr... Morganstern, as well as seek reassurance that Cassie having Cindy still meant that Alice had a chance to be a mother to Cassie--that Cassie might still let her, even after all this time.

Mr. Morgenstern tells Alice that he thinks that is enough for today. He gets up to leave. Alice tries to dry her tears. Ask me anything she tells him. I'll answer any question you have. Mr.. Morganstern tells her that she's told him alot today. He wants to see her and Cassie together next. She follows him to the door. "You do believe me?" she asks. Mr. Morgenstern pauses and looks at her. "Yes," he says with the barest hint of a smile. I believe you, Alice." Alice is still at the door crying as he walks away.

Paul and Christine are still discussing the custody hearing issues. "What kind of daughter is Alice who doesn't go and visit her own mother?" Paul says that if she does go, it is on her broom stick late at night. Chris sighs and says that if Paul can't find her, no one can. Paul worries that Nick will want to pay Al for sure when he hears the latest lack of information on Millie. Chris decides to head to the ranch to talk to Sharon and Nick before it is too late.

Back in Madison, Alice goes to answer the knock at the door, shocked to find Al standing there. He ignores her greeting, smiling a lazy smile. "You sure look pretty." he drawls. Alice tells him she doesn't want him around anymore. He tells her to relax. He has just come for a few of this things. He's sorry they parted so badly before and he wants to be friends. Alice just wants him gone. Al and Alice continue to brow beat one another. "You're not going to worm your way back into my life," Alice warns him. He leaves. She yells at him from the door," Stay the hell away from here!"

At the tack house, Ashley is seen running up to the door of the tack house quickly, glancing around as if afraid she'll be seen there. She knocks and enters the house. Rafael looks delighted. "I was hoping you'd come" he tells her, smiling broadly. "I'm only here to ask you to leave." Ashley dashes his hopes quickly. Rafael looks angry. "How can you ask me to leave when its because of you that I'm here? You took my muse when you left Madrid." he says, not saying whether the muse was the painting or Ashley herself. "Is this blackmail?" Ash asks. "Are you implying that if I give you the painting back, you'll leave?"

"How can you believe that all I want from you is the painting?" he pleadingly asks her. Clearly, her coldness tortures him.

Chet has Ramona in a difficult position. He stands there holding the paper with Nikki's phone number on it. "This is exactly what I was afraid of" he tells Ramona. "You've been spying." Her anger is a brave front. "I was never aware we had any secrets before," Chet says very quietly. "His family," Ramona pleads. "they must be frantic..." Chet goes ballistic. He goes over to truck, slamming his hand down in the hood, grabbing some rags and waving them around in the air. He is clearly alittle out of control. "Don't you see what he's doing? Causing friction between us? Divide and conquer. Part of his plan to undermine me!" Chet explodes. "You sound paranoid," Ramona tells him. "The man didn't ask for his plane to crash. Let him go!"

"Not yet," Chet says. Ramona wants to know when. "I don't know," Chet repl ies. "But I won't let Victor Newman destroy me." He tears up the note. He looks at Ramona, asks her not to go. she tells him she must...that it is time. "I love you," Chet tells her. She begins to cry. "Do you?" she asks tearfully. "You know I do," Chet assures her, and they kiss. She leaves. Chet looks menacing.

Ashley and Rafael continue rehashing their past relationship. Ash tells Rafael that all that was in the past. Rafael tells her that the past is what has brought them to the present. They are intertwined. "Remember when we met in Paris?" Rafael asks. "We were both hurting. We helped each other..." Ashley tells him they were friends. Almost family, Rafael counters. "What went on went far beyond the bounds of friendship or family." His voice lowers seductively. Ashley tells him it went too far. She says that he always wanted more and she didn't want to give it. That was why they parted on bad terms. She tells him that she ONLY went to madrid because they had a problem that affected both of them and she wanted it dealt with. She also tells him that when he called he sounded like he was threatening her. Now that the problem is solved, she wants him gone. "Why do you want to ignore what happened in Paris?" Rafael asks. "I'm going to ask something of you, Rafael. I've done what you wanted me to do. I went to Madrid. If you really care for me as you say you do, then leave Genoa City. Rafael looks tortured, clearly upset to hear Ashley ask this of him....

Chris arrives at the ranch. Sharon tells her she was just about to call her. She tells Chris where Nick has gone. Chris has some news for Sharon as well. Chris tells her that Tony is in jail. Sharon and Chris continue to discuss Tony's arrest. Sharon wants to know how he is and feels she should go see him. She asks about whether they will still want to use Tony as a witness in the custody hearing. Chris assures her that they can still use him. She ventures to ask Shar about Grace. Sharon immediately reacts to the mention of her name. "I don't trust her," she tells Chris adamantly. We need Millie."

"Al's deal is extortion," Chris warns. She makes sure Sharon realizes that going through with the deal would seriously hurt their chances to keep Cassie and that should they go through with it, they will need to find a new attorney. Chris refuses to be a part of any extortion. Chris tells Sharon not to do ANYTHING without consulting her. She makes Sharon promise. Sharon gives her word.

Victor is inside the garage again. He mumbles, "You think this is a game? must have a radio or TV. ...I'll find out..." He watches Chet, who is outside, banging his hand on the truck's hood and then rubbing it. He turns around and gives Victor an evil look. "You tried to turn her against me. Didn't work. I wouldn't get too complacent." Chet warns Victor. "What do you mean by that," Victor asks. "You're a smart man, figure it out." Chet tells him. Victor grins, getting a slightly maniacal look himself. "You threatening me?" he asks Chet. ""For every action, there is a consequence. You'll pay for what you've done." Chet tells Victor. "You think you're crazy?" Victor asks. "I'm crazier than you are. You got that?!!??!!!" Victor smiles and glares at Chet. The two men have faced off.

Friday, May 7, 1999

#6422, Directed by Mike Denney

Chet warns the Black Knight that he'll pay for trying to turn Ramona against him. He tells Victor that he hopes Victor is prepares to pay. Victor smiles demonically. Rubbing salt in Chet's wound over Ramona, Victor tells Chet, "Either she loves you or she thinks you're a violent socio-path, as I do."

In the courthouse, Megan is finishing dressing in some clothes Tricia brought for her to wear to her bail hearing. She tells Tricia she barely slept. Tricia tries to comfort her, telling her that the system will work, and that her ordeal will be over soon. An officer comes to take Megan to the hearing, with handcuffs. As Tricia watches her baby sister being led away in handcuffs, she curses Tony yet again, blaming him for her sister's predicament.

At the tack house, Ashley once again asks Rafael to leave if he truly cares for her. Rafael is aghast that she questions his feelings. He tells her that it is those feelings that have brought him and kept him there. Ashley refuses to accept that reasoning, telling Rafael that he imagined what was between them, that there was never anything between them.

"I love my husband! Please go." Ashley rushes out of the Tack house. Rafael yells something as she runs out. Victoria, who has been eavesdropping, hides out of Ashley's sight. After she's gone, Victoria's head emerges from her hiding place, her expression thoughtful as she ponders what she's overheard.

Cole is working at his laptop in the living room at the Abbott mansion. Mamie comes downstairs and asks to speak with him. She wants to know why he and Ashley are hiding the beautiful painting in their bedroom. Cole explains that Ashley is planning on loaning it to a museum. Mamie suggests that in the meantime, why don't they show it off in the living room, where everyone can enjoy it. Cole doesn't feel his position in the household is firm enough to start redecorating. However, Mamie tells him that she does, and that she is taking charge!

After Ashley has gone, Rafael is seen painting. There is a knock at the door. It is Victoria, who has come to apologize to him for their earlier argument. She explains that she's been upset, but realizes that Ashley was out of the country when the takeover occurred and most likely, this is Jack's doing. She tells him that contrary to her earlier actions, she does not have a vendetta against Ashley. He's glad, because he is Ashley's friend. Victoria counters that it seems like they are more than friends. "Victoria, my sweet. I adore you. You are one of a kind. But you won't drag out what is not there." Rafael tells her. She smiles. "Don't leave. I'll behave," she promises. Rafael muses, half to Victoria, half to himself, "I'm not ready to leave--not yet."

Michael Baldwin is sitting at his desk reading the newspaper when a certain story catches his eye. It is the story of Tony's arrest. He reads aloud the headlining information about Joe's, Tony's and Megan's arrest. He muses aloud, seemingly amused by this bit of information, wondering too, how this will affect Christine's case, since her "star witness" has been arrested. Just then, Grace barges into his office and without even so much as a hello, tells him "I'm here for an update on Cassie's case." Michael is obviously put out with Grace. He says sarcastically," Of course. You'd never just drop by for a social reason." Grace bristles at his sarcasm. "Michael, don't go there," she whines. "I'm worried sick." Michael asks if it is because of Tony. Grace obviously hasn't heard. "What about Tony?" Michael delivers the news. Grace can't believe it. She tells Michael that from the way he's acting, he appears to be enjoying this. She asks him if Tony's arrest could affect the custody situation. Michael explains that anything regarding Tony's arrest is inadmissible in court. Grace begins to whine about how she once went to the Newmans and offered her help. She tells Michael that if they came to her now, she isn't sure what she'd do. Michael doesn't appear interested in this tired lament and Grace senses his distraction. She mentions that he seems alittle too on Alice's side. Michael tells her that she thinks too much. His office phone rings and he shoos her out, telling her that he must take the call. After she's gone, he chats briefly with a friend about a golf game and hangs up. Obviously he is up to something.

Cole is working again when this time, Ashley rushes in. She mutters something about needing some slides before she notices the painting. Immediately she goes cold. "What's this? I don't want this here," she states. Cole tries to throw the blame onto Mamie. "It was Mamie's idea. She thought that it was far too magnificent to be hidden upstairs." Ashley is angry that he hung it up without consulting her. Cole doesn't see what the harm is. "I'd think you'd want to display it..." he tells her. Ashley tells Cole she just isn't comfortable with it hanging in the living room. She seems a little hysterical. "I can't talk about this now. I have to work. Take it off the wall. Tell Mamie I said so." As she rushes out, Cole looks the painting over, thinking about Ashley's outburst.

In the courtroom, Ryan is pacing. Tricia enters and the two hug. Ryan tells her that Silva is on his way. He asks where Meg is. Tricia tells him about her visit with her sister, crying about how they led her baby sister away in handcuffs. She tells Ryan that she holds Tony completely responsible. Meg comes into the court room. She smiles weakly at Tricia and Ryan. Tricia tells Ryan that she thinks Meg is going to grow up and forget all about Tony.

Victoria comes into the Abbott house to see Cole. She continues to try to convince him that there is something going on with Ashley and Rafael. Cole continues to tell her he isn't interested and that she should give it up. Victoria is persistent. She tells Cole that this time, she has proof and that when he hears what she overheard today, he will agree that there is something between Ashley and Rafael. Cole appears ready to listen.

Back at the ranch, Rafael is trying to paint. Deep in thought, he suddenly throws his brush down in frustration...

Before his hearing, Tony is brought into a room. One hand is handcuffed to a chair. Sharon is shown in and they begin to talk. She expresses her worry and concern for him, asking him if he's Ok. Tony jokes that he isn't unless she happens to have a cake with a nail file in it for him. Sharon assures him that Christine will get him out of this. Tony tells Sharon he has to play by the rules, and just hope everyone else does. He knows that the cops think that he can lead them to the big dogs in this car theft ring. He worries that Joe might try to shift the blame to Tony to save his hide. He tells Sharon that he feels like a loser. Sharon tells him that he isn't, that he has a clean record. Tony admits to her that he does have a prior conviction of disturbing the peace. She brushes it off, saying its no big deal but Tony knows it is. He doesn't want to hinder Sharon's custody battle for Cassie. She seems convinced it will have blown over by then. Tony tells her, "Don't count on it." He suggests Sharon go to Grace, because she too can testify to the conditions Cassie was found in. Sharon refuses to entertain the idea. As time nears for Tony to go to his bail hearing, Sharon offers to help. Tony gives her a desperate look. "No. Don't have anything to do with me. You don't know me, for Cassie's sake!" he pleads. "Step back, till things die down." He asks her to go ahead and leave, because he doesn't want her to see him led away in handcuffs. Tearfully, she grasps his hands and leaves him, crying. The guard comes and leads him away to his hearing.

Chet and Victor are still throwing testosterone-laced insults at one another. Chet whines that Ramona isn't used to a man like Victor. Victor argues that at least he's been honest. He tells Chet that he knows he lied about not having any way to communicate with the outside world. He knows that his company has been taken over. Chet tells him he is hallucinating, but he knows Victor won't back down. Chet tries to convince Victor that he only got the information from a small transistor radio that barely picks up a signal, but Victor doesn't buy it. Chet warns Victor that he is living in a world he can't control and he'd better learn to accept it.

At the courthouse, the guards lead Tony into the courtroom. He's wearing a suit and his shoulders are slumped. His eyes find Meg's and the two gaze achingly at one another. When the guard releases him from the handcuffs, he goes straight to Meg. They wrap their arms around one another and hold on tight. Tricia looks on disapprovingly.

Chet goes into the cabin, then into the back room, where there is several pieces of equipment and a computer. He sits down in front of the terminal and mumbles aloud,"When I'm through with my work, you'll wish your business was all you lost, Newman. Back off. It was a big mistake to pressure me." As he's working, a meter measuring magnetic fields appears to fluctuate. Chet notices the voltage regulator is running hot. He decides to check on Victor and see if he could get away long enough to check the problem out. Victor limps over to the window, looking outside for Chet. When he sees his captor, he moves quickly to his cot and lies down, feigning sleep. Chet peeps in from outside, musing aloud,"Good, he's napping. Shouldn't take long..." He leaves to go and check on the mechanical problem. After he's gone, Victor raises up and checks again for Chet before going out and heading for the cabin. On his way, he grabs a crow bar. He uses it to break into the cabin/room at the compound. Looking around inside, decides that there might be something in the back room. He glances over his shoulder before breaking into that room too. he has found the computer. Sitting down in front of the screen, he wonders aloud,"How the hell do I make this work?" He sees a magazine open to an article entitled,"Y2K Not a Mirage." Then he notices a satellite uplink modem. Switching it on, we hear the sound of a modem connecting. Victor repeats the litany, "Gotta send an email ...." He begins clicking the mouse, bringing up the window to type his message. he types in Nick's email address at Newman Enterprises. As he's in the middle of the message, Chet bursts into the room. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Chet and Victor begin to fight. Victor is winning by a large margin, his desperation to escape giving him the edge. However, Chet fights dirty. He stomps on Victor's broken leg with all his strength, sending the great man to the floor, moaning in agony. Chet pulls out a gun. "It's time to get rid of you." Victor continues to moan in pain. Chet is obviously hurt too, and has trouble standing, but keeps the gun trained on Victor.

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