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Neil and Olivia passionately kissed. Malcolm found Olivia asleep in Neil's bed the next morning, and he assumed the worst. Ramona anonymously called Victoria to assure her that Victor was alive and well. Al was arrested for extortion.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 10, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, May 10, 1999

#6623, Directed by Sally McDonald

COLE informs VICTORIA that the only reason for her visit is to cause trouble in his marriage. Victoria continues to tell Cole that there is something more between Ashley and Rafael than a deep and abiding friendship. After her ride yesterday, she overheard the two of them in the tack house. Rafael was pleading with Ashley to remember their "moment in time" that was shared in Paris a few years back. It's a rendezvous that Rafael can't seem to get out of his mind or his heart. Cole asks Victoria how his wife responded to this plea and Victoria says that Ashley didn't deny anything that Rafael intimated but told Rafael that he had to let this "memory" he has of "them" go. Victoria doesn't know what Cole thinks but it doesn't sound to Victoria like Rafael and Ashley were talking about sharing a bottle of wine and an evening of dinner and dancing. She wonders if Ashley would even be back in Genoa City had Cole not gone after her in Madrid. Cole angrily says that Victoria has a fertile imagination and he will not allow her to plant seeds of doubt when there is nothing to base them on. Victoria humbly admits that, in the past, she has done some outlandish things to gain Cole's attention, but this time she came to him with this information because she truly believes that Cole deserves better than Ashley is giving him. After she leaves, Cole stews over his newfound information.

For the second time, ASHLEY calls Forrester Creations from the lab at Jabot to speak with Brooke Logan but leaves another message when she finds she still isn't in. Standing in the doorway to the lab, JACK overhears her and tells his sister that Brooke isn't returning his phone calls either and he's stopped counting the times that he's called. Ashley isn't thrilled to see Jack and tells him that she's trying to get some answers. Still trying to validate the takeover, Jack surmises that if the deal Brooke and Victor made had truly been on the up and up, Brooke would be returning both their phone calls because that's how a savvy businesswoman operates. Ashley still wants to talk to her. Jack states that he feels like there's something else bothering Ashley. Ashley admits that there are some personal problems that she'd like to discuss with Jack but unfortunately she doesn't trust her brother because of the strain in their relationship.

Later, Cole interrupts Ashley's work and tells her he must see her immediately because there's something he'd like to discuss with her. Ashley abruptly tells him that she's just begun the first stage of an experiment and can't leave now. Cole emphasizes that this is something he feels cannot wait but Ashley puts him off. When she hangs up the phone, Ashley wonders what's behind Cole's urgency but nevertheless returns to her work. At the Abbott mansion, Cole sits at the desk and stews over his wife's response to his request.

NICHOLAS phones SHARON as he and one of the search team pilots fly over the New Mexican terrain. He tells her he now realizes why it's taking so long to locate his father -- the geography of the area is complicated. He warns her that they may lose connection on the phone because of dead zones. Sharon tells him that she came down to talk to him last night and was surprised to find a note from him stating that he was gone. Nick apologizes for the abruptness of his departure but says that he got the impression she wanted to sleep last night. Sharon says that the reason she wanted to talk to him was because she had been thinking about him -- about them. Suddenly, she's not sure that she has a connection with him anymore and unfortunately there is nothing but dead air at the other end of the line. Sharon holds a picture of Nick close to her heart. CASSIE comes downstairs and asks if Nick was on the phone and Sharon explains that Nick called from an airplane where they are looking for Victor. Cassie is concerned for Nick and says knowingly that she bets Nick is afraid of losing one of his parents. Realizing that Cassie's words mean more than the fact that Cassie is concerned for Victor's whereabouts, Sharon suggests that they go upstairs and study for Cassie's spelling test. Just then the phone rings. Cassie hopes that it's Nick but instead Sharon finds an anxious AL on the line. He wants to speak to Nick but Sharon asks if they can call him back in the morning. Al tells her that if they're jerking him around he won't call back. Sharon begs him to wait, saying that she and Nick are definitely interested in the information he's offering them.

Inside the plane, Nick points to an area of the desert and asks the pilot to fly over it. The pilot says that particular site has already been searched. Did Nick see something? Nick didn't see anything, he tells the pilot, but he wants to fly over it anyway just on a hunch.

ALICE visits MICHAEL and tells him she feels like Mr. Morgenstern really believed her when she told him she wanted Cassie back and wanted to give her the things that she failed to give to her when she first adopted her. She talks about how at ease Mr. Morgenstern made her feel and Michael comments that she simply spoke from her heart so it was easy for Mr. Morgenstern to believe her. Alice comments again on how much she likes the way Michael puts her at ease and that she owes him a great deal. She was hoping to find out something about her annulment from Al, but Michael reminds her that he has 30 days to respond to her petition. Alice tells him about Al's most recent visit but that this time he didn't beg or plead with her to take him back. Michael asks if he could be with someone else so soon but Alice doesn't think so. She wonders if he could be up to something. It's as if Al doesn't need Alice anymore. Michael tells Alice to stay in touch. After she leaves, he sits at his desk and ponders just WHAT Al could be up to.

CHET holds the gun on VICTOR and tells him that he will shoot Victor if he has to. Victor tries to convince Chet to allow him to send an email to his family but Chet can't risk anyone finding out where Victor is located. When Chet calms down, Victor says Chet's attitude toward him had changed ever since Chet found out who he was. Is Chet holding him for ransom? Chet laughs and informs Victor that he was born into a wealthy family. In fact, his father reminds him a lot of Victor -- a power-hungry industrialist whose life is run by the corporate system. He intended not to be like his father and majored in the sciences in college -- biology, botany, and genetics. Chet was determined to make the world a better place than his father had. Hoping to eventually wear Chet down, his father talked him into running a research department in the family company, no doubt hoping to add Chet's name to the company letterhead one day. However, his father was offered a buy-out and took his millions and settled on a small tropical island. Chet's not spoken to him since. The new company found his research division not to be profitable enough to continue so it was dropped. Chet asks Victor if he'd care to guess which company bought his father's company out and Victor correctly guesses that it was Newman Enterprises. Now Victor understands why Chet has such hostility toward him. Victor leaves Chet's compound feeling like a beaten man in more ways than one. Will he ever get out of here? Outside the shed, he hears the distant buzz of a twin engine plane. It's the search party! Victor rushes inside and grabs the homemade bow and arrow to which he's attached the flare he found in the truck. Valiantly, he tries to strike the flint so that it will throw a spark. Time and time again he strikes it to no avail.

Tuesday, May 11, 1999

A drunken AL calls SHARON and demands his money. Sharon states that Nicholas wants to deal with him personally and asks if Nick can get back to him tomorrow but Al issues an ultimatum: if Nick doesn't call him to make arrangements for their little "exchange" in an hour the whole deal is off. Sharon frantically dials NICK'S cell phone and successfully reaches him. However, the mountains in the canyon area prevent a good connection and the pilot must change his flight pattern so that Nick can return Sharon's call. Through the static, Sharon tells him their dilemma and Nick promises to take care of it. After talking with Sharon, Nick reaches Al who demands that they take care of matters tomorrow. Nick asks for a time extension but Al warns Nick not to jerk him around or he'll pull the plug on the entire deal. Nick states that he'll return to Genoa City immediately. Nick informs the pilot that he must return home to deal with a family situation. They discuss covering the mesa again but the pilot warns that they are low on fuel. Nick decides to return to the rescue base and the pilot turns the plane around before they reach the mesa.

In the canyon, VICTOR finally gets a spark from the flint that lights the flare and he launches the arrow into the sky while CHET watches curiously from a distance. Much to Victor's dismay, the plane turns and heads back before the flare can be seen. Thumbing the gun he has tucked into his waistline, Chet tells Victor that he was very clever. Victor asks Chet exactly what kind of research he was doing when his father sold the company to Newman Enterprises. Chet tells of taking trips with his father through desert areas in Africa when he was a child. The hunger plight of the people there touched something in Chet and it was his desire to work with hybrid plants that could withstand the draught of the desert and provide food for the starving people. Chet is certain his research would have changed the world except that it was cut short by the conglomerate merger of the two companies. He tells Victor that subsistence farmers stricken with poverty couldn't afford to buy NE products so the research was squashed. Victor bargains with Chet -- his freedom for funding from NE to further Chet's research. Chet doesn't understand why Victor would offer to do that and Victor tells him that perhaps it will be a chance to right a wrong in which he had no idea he'd played a part.

BRAD enters JACK'S office. Jack tells him about the encounter in the lab with Ashley. Brad realizes that if Ashley contacts Brooke Logan, there's a good chance that she'll find out that Victor only allocated Forrester Creations $20 million instead of $200 million. Jack's calls to Brooke remain unreturned, so he's drafted a letter to Brooke telling her that the deal is no longer an option for NE. As Jack calls JENNIFER, his secretary, in to have the letter delivered to Brooke by courier BROOKE enters his office. She is eager to get the collaboration between NE and Forrester Creations started and is livid when Jack tells her that the deal is off. She threatens to take NE to court since she and Victor signed a contract but Jack and Brad try to dissuade her, telling her that Victor is no longer in charge. They also point out that the deal was "86-ed" by them first and the Newman Enterprises Board of Directors never approved the deal. Brooke tells them Victor didn't need Board approval since he "is" NE. They remind her that Victor is missing and they don't have to uphold any contract he made with her, especially since Victor wasn't acting CEO when the deal was made. Brooke angrily tells them that when Victor gets back things will change.

CALLIE visits MALCOLM at the studio and brings him Chinese food for dinner. She tells him that she stopped by the Crow's Nest to see Rob about getting her old gig back but he'd just hired someone for a six-week run. Malcolm tells her that she should be advancing her career but Callie says she has other priorities now. She's even combed the classified ads for apartments so he won't have to sleep at the studio anymore. Later, Malcolm calls Olivia and gets the answering machine. The message indicates that Nate is at a sleepover and Olivia is visiting Neil. Malcolm decides that it's a good time to go and move some of his things out of the apartment. Callie offers to help him. At first, Malcolm tells her it wouldn't be a good idea but Callie tells him that they can work twice as fast and promises that Olivia will never see her. Finally, Malcolm relents and agrees for her to accompany him. Malcolm decides to stop by Neil's apartment and give Olivia the courtesy of letting her know that he's going to be there. Callie tells him to do whatever makes him feel comfortable.

NEIL greets a solemn OLIVIA and invites her into the apartment. She asks for a glass of wine and suggests that Neil join her. Pouring her heart out to Neil, she tells him that she would be devastated if something were to happen to their friendship. Neil has been her rock and she desperately needs him now. Neil tells her that they've both been under a great deal of pressure but that things haven't changed between them. Olivia begins to cry and Neil comforts her at first. Then their closeness dissolves into passionate kisses.

ASHLEY receives a surprise visit from Brooke. Brooke accuses Ashley of letting her ego get in the way of the Newman-Forrester deal. Ashley has no idea what Brooke is talking about. Brooke goes on to explain that she feels that Ashley is siding with Jack because he's family and that her ego was bruised because Brooke went to Victor with this idea first instead of Ashley. Brooke also reminds Ashley that she was out of the country at the time. Ashley admits that as President of Jabot Cosmetics the deal should have been seen by her but that is not her biggest problem with it. Jabot has never aligned itself with a fashion house or promotional campaigns but Ashley's biggest complaint is the large allocation of funds Victor gave the collaboration. She wonders how Brooke got Victor to agree to the $200 million. Brooke tells her that she's mistaken. Victor agreed to $20 million and it was a line of credit, not a cash outlay. Stunned, Ashley tells Brooke that she must speak to her brother about this. Brooke shares her concern for the future of NE with Ashley and hopes that Victor will return soon, for the sake of his family AND his company. She advises Ashley to get off Jack and Brad's ship because when Victor returns, it's going to sink like lead.

RAMONA enters a bustling diner and speaks to the owner. The woman is excited because business has been booming ever since the search for Victor Newman began. Ramona is stunned that all these people would be involved in the search but she's even more surprised to find that no one from Victor's family has been there. She contemplates calling Victor's family from the payphone outside but decides against it. Nick and the pilot enter the diner. The pilot tells Nick he can wait there until he's picked up by the company jet and recommends the food at the diner. Nick offers to buy him dinner but the pilot is leaving to turn in for the night since the team will resume their search at the crack of dawn. Ramona is intrigued when she hears the pilot call Nicholas "Mr. Newman" and wonders what she should do now that she knows Victor's family is actively searching for him.

Wednesday, May 12

#6625, Directed by Kathryn Foster

Inside Victoria's office at Newman Enterprises, Victoria is working when her mother enters. Nikki looks tired. Victoria is glad that her mother went out for dinner and got out of the house. Nikki comments on how strange it felt to walk into Newman Enterprises, knowing everything that is happening. "It's like walking into an armed camp, isn't it?" Victoria says. One of the things that bothers Nikki is not knowing which of the NE employees have sided with Jack and Brad. She is amazed at how Victoria can continue coming to work here, with the atmosphere and the air of conspiracy. Victoria's answer is to avoid Jack and Brad. She tells Nikki that she cannot accept that her father won't come back and make them pay for what they've done.

In New Mexico, Nick is ensconced within a booth, looking over the menu when he notices that Ramona, who is seated at the bar, is staring at him. He gets up and goes over to where she is seated. "Do I know you?" he asks her. She apologizes for staring, explaining that she only overheard his name and asks if he is with the group searching for the missing man. Nick tells her that the missing man is his father. Ramona looks stricken.

Still trapped in Chet's compound, Victor has just made his offer to Chet to fund his research in exchange for freedom. Victor explains to Chet that this is a once in a lifetime chance to regain his dream. Chet is skeptical, telling Victor that his offer comes down to trust and that frankly, he doesn't trust Victor not to call the cops on Chet once he's free. "You don't strike me as a man who turns the other cheek" quips Chet. Victor offers Chet his hand. "Ask anyone," Victor says," I'm offering you my hand. It is ironclad." Chet still hesitates. "I'll think about it," he says before heading off. Victor talks to himself after Chet has left. He mumbles about how he isn't going to wait for Chet to make up his mind He is going to do something about getting out of there himself. He goes into the shed where his cot is. As he is pulling the sheet, he appears to get an idea. He spreads the sheet out over the bed and begins foraging around the room, looking for something. He finds a bottle of spray paint. Testing it to make sure it still contains some paint, he goes over to the sheet and begins to spray a giant "V" for Victor. He thinks that if he positions this just right, the search team will be able to spot it. He then puts some crates in his cot, and covers them, adjusting it to look as if someone is sleeping in the cot. He then takes the sheet and after checking to see if the coast is clear, he limps outside, searching for someplace to put the sheet so that it might be seen...

Malcolm lets himself into his and Olivia's apartment. He calls out for his wife, but she isn't here. As Malcolm enters, Callie follows. She questions Malcolm about what they'll do if Olivia comes home, but Malcolm isn't worried about that anymore. Malcolm sifts through the mail on the desk. Callie suggests that he tell Olivia he's there. The message Malcolm got said she'd be at Neil's. Malcolm tells her that he just wants to pack up some of his things and get out of there.

Downstairs in Neil's apartment, he and Olivia are kissing passionately. They break apart. Olivia is panting like she's just run a marathon. Neil watches her, his face unreadable. "Liv, you okay?" he asks. Olivia is still breathing heavy. Between gasps of air, she manages to smile and squeal out "Oooh!" She seems rather pleased with herself. Neil is taking another sip of wine and Olivia grabs the glass from him, saying, "I think I need a drink." Neil looks uncomfortable. He starts to speak, "Liv, I ..." Olivia cuts him off mid-sentence. "Please don't apologize," she tells him. "Surely this doesn't come as a surprise to either of us," she purrs. Neil's face is blank. "It surprises me," Neil states. Olivia watches him from the corner of her eyes. "The kiss or your feelings?" she asks. "Both," Neil says.

At their apartment, Paul comes over to Chris as she is hanging up the phone bearing two glasses of wine. She takes one, telling him that she just got off the phone with Ted Morgenstern. She decides to call Sharon and tell her of the change in plans for Alice's visit with Cassie. On the phone with Sharon, Chris tells her that Cassie has to go to Madison to visit with Alice tomorrow. Ted Morgenstern wants to see Cassie and Alice interact at her old home. This upsets Sharon but Chris tells her they shouldn't push on this issue. She explains to Sharon that they should pick their battles with this case and this is one to let slide. Sharon doesn't like it but will do her best. After they've hung up, Chris laments to Paul that she is concerned about Sharon. Paul assures her that she did her best and leveled with Sharon.

Ramona is still quizzing Nick for information. Nick tells her they still haven't found his father and worries that he is hurt and suffering somewhere. Ramona asks Nick about his family, discovering that Victor has grandchildren and a wife who misses him greatly. Nick tells Ramona that Victor is his mother's whole world. Ramona digests this information thoughtfully, looking worried herself. Nick's cell phone rings. It's Sharon.

Back at Newman Enterprises, Nikki is relating a "bizarre" encounter she had with Brad to Victoria. She tells Victoria that Brad apparently has a vendetta against Victor as well, claiming Victor "derailed" Nikki and Brad's wedding. Victoria wonders if Brad is still in love with Nikki. Nikki doesn't care either way. Victoria wants to change the subject, so Nikki asks her what is new with the Cole/Ashley/Rafael situation. Victoria tells her mother that she overheard a conversation that hints that Rafael and Ashley may be embroiled in an affair. Nikki asks if she told Cole and Victoria tells her "of course. I ran to Cole like a good little snitch." She does admit to being uncomfortable because it is just a rumor and she isn't sure of the facts around it. Nikki is incredulous that Victoria would worry about hurting Ashley. Victoria assures her that there is no love lost there. She shares her "anti-Abbott" scheme with her mother, vowing that she wants to be prepared with any inside information when her father gets back.

While she is packing, Callie finds some drawings that little Nate did of his parents and him. Malcolm muses over them, wondering at the innocence of a child, remembering when he and Olivia were happy. Callie asks if there is anything else she can do. Malcolm asks her to get his sports bag from the closet, and give the football to Nate. Inside the bag, Callie finds the necklace with the sign symbol that she'd given him so long ago. She thinks, "What do you know? He's kept this all this time. Must have meant something after all." Meanwhile, Malcolm looks at his wedding picture, rubbing his fingers over the faces. Callie comes in and he tells her that he's just going to finish up there. She leaves. After she's gone, Malcolm sits with the picture, looking as if he's ready to cry.

Olivia pours some more wine for herself. Neil is still sitting on the couch, looking stunned and consternated. Olivia slinks over to him on the couch. "Did one of my kisses put that look on your face?" she asks. He mutters, "No." She tells him that it really isn't a big deal. Neil seems to warm to the idea of not making much of the incident. "No, it isn't like we're strangers," he says. He turns to her, smiling. "We've been friends for a long time," he tells her. They both agree that neither could have made it through some of the things they've gone through without the other one. Neil tells Olivia that sometimes, friendship can confuse two people into thinking there is more going on than there actually is.

Nick is still on his cell phone with Sharon. She tells him about the change in plans with Cassie's visit to Madison. Nick asks how Cassie has taken the news and Sharon admits she hasn't told her. Nick urges Sharon to do so immediately. It's necessary, he tells her. Sharon admits she can't take much more. Nick tells her that he's meeting with Al tomorrow and they'll have all the information they'll need to ensure that Cassie stays with them forever. Sharon laments that she just wants the nightmare to be over. She hangs up with Nick. Cassie lurks in the background, having overheard the last part of the conversation. Behind Nick, Ramona sits, thoughtful....

Paul and Chris are sitting together on their couch, eating bowls of ice cream. Paul muses aloud. "Ever feel sorry for those who don't have what we have?" Chris tells him that she mostly feels lucky. Paul agrees, grinning with his mouth full of ice cream. Paul wonders if she's having second thoughts about having children. He worries that the trouble Sharon is going through might scare her off of having her own child. Christine tells him that they have a great marriage and they are happy. A baby, she tells him, would only add to their lives. Paul keeps smiling and they kiss.

Cassie comes over to Sharon, telling her that she overheard. Sharon decides to tell Cassie about going to Madison tomorrow. Cassie seems to retreat, shutting down almost at this news. She is obviously afraid she won't get to come back. Sharon tries to reassure her that she will only be there for about an hour, then the social worker will bring her back. Cassie just wants to go to bed. Sharon offers to make her milk but Cassie tells her she's okay. Clearly, she isn't. After she's gone, Sharon prays to God that the entire mess would end soon.

Victoria and Nikki's conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Victoria's secretary. She tells Victoria that there is a woman on the phone who claims to have information about Victor. Victoria asks that they put her through right away. Ramona is on the other end and after a pause, she speaks. She tells Vicki that her father is alive and doing well. Victoria tries to ask questions, wanting to know whom it is. Ramona mentions Victor's horse, Blue Smoke and the injury on his left flank. Victoria's eyes widen as she realizes this is for real. She scrambles to keep the woman on the phone but Ramona hangs up. Victoria embraces her mother, telling Nikki that Victor is alive and well. The two women comfort each other with this new knowledge.

Chet is pacing outside the shed, occasionally glancing inside to watch the "man" sleeping on the cot. He thinks to himself "Don't know if he'd keep up his end of the bargain," referring to Victor's offer. He goes closer to peer inside the cabin. Victor is in the background, back from his trip to lay his sheet out for the search party. Victor gets a big rock. He doesn't want to hurt Chet but he vows to leave and vows not to let anyone stop him. Chet approaches the window again, watching the cot. He pulls out a gun, then puts it away, stalking off. Victor comes out of hiding, congratulating himself on completing his "job." He is sure the next search plane will see it.

Malcolm is openly crying as he gazes at his wedding pictures. "I'm not giving up this easy, Olivia," he vows. "We've shared too much." He wants his marriage back and promises himself that he will not leave until Olivia has at least talked to him.

Downstairs, Neil tells Olivia that he thinks they are confusing their close friendship for more. Olivia counters that their kiss was a need born of an emotion. Neil admits that perhaps it was. She shakes her head. "You think that's all this is, Neil?" she asks. Neil tells her that he hears her, but isn't sure where she's going with it. Olivia sighs, and tells him that he doesn't have to say. "It's late," Neil tells her. "I've got to get to sleep. I'll walk you to the elevator," he promises. Olivia looks desperate. "Neil," she pleads."I don't want to leave. I don't want to be alone tonight." Neil looks very troubled by this invitation.

Thursday, May 13, 1999

#6626, Directed by Kathryn Foster

SHARON finds NICK on the couch when she comes downstairs and they talk about the search for Victor. Sharon is confident that he'll be found. Nick asks about Cassie and Sharon tells him that Cassie's nervous. Nick tells Sharon that he'll be meeting Al at Gina's in a while. Sharon reminds him that Chris doesn't want them to compromise themselves ethically. Nick hates dealing with scum like Al but is adamant about going through with the payoff because they need the information about Millie to help them win custody of Cassie. MR. MORGENSTERN arrives to collect CASSIE, who asks if her mother can come with them. He agrees for Sharon to ride with them to Madison but insists she must not interfere with Alice's visit.

CHRIS and PAUL have spent the morning cuddling after a passionate night of lovemaking. They talk about trying to start their family and Paul suggests that they take some time before their busy day begins for some extra "conception insurance." Afterwards, they are both dressed and Paul finds Chris poring over paperwork. He asks if she's thinking about Cassie and she admits that she can't help it. What has Nick decided to do? Chris can't say but Paul tells her that Nick is aware of Chris' duty to warn the court if he should be involved in a payoff to Al. Chris wishes for one day when she didn't have to worry about anything but spending time with Paul, who suggests that Chris call Sharon and check on Cassie. Nick answers the phone, explaining that Cassie has already left with Mr. Morgenstern. She tries to remind Nick that aligning himself with Al would be detrimental to their case but Nick doesn't want to listen. Chris begs him to listen but he hangs up on her.

MICHAEL arrives to bolster ALICE'S spirit before Cassie and the social worker arrive. He reminds Alice to watch what she says and does. She must handle herself extremely well and Alice assures him that she's going to be "mother of the year" material. Michael can tell that something is bothering Alice and she admits that she's worried about Al because he's not the type to pass up the opportunity to make a bundle of money because he's a gambler and is always running scams. Alice has got to figure out what he's up to. When Mr. Morgenstern and Cassie arrive, Alice is surprised to find that Sharon has accompanied them from Genoa City and is anything but subtle in her show of annoyance at Sharon's presence there. Mr. Morgenstern assures her that Sharon will not be a part of their visit. However, Cassie begs Sharon to come inside. Sharon tells Cassie that decision is up to Alice and Michael states that his client, as Cassie's legal adoptive mother, would like to see Cassie alone since most of Cassie's time is spent with the Newmans. Michael thanks Sharon for coming with Cassie and Sharon tells Cassie that she won't be far away. Both Sharon and Michael excuse themselves. Inside, Alice explains her less than gracious reaction to Sharon's presence and Mr. Morgenstern apologizes, saying he should have phoned ahead so Alice would have been prepared. Cassie asks about Millie and Alice says she still hasn't heard from her but promises to let Cassie know when she does. Alice then asks if Cassie would like to see her old room and Cassie unenthusiastically agrees to look around the house.

MALCOLM wakes to find himself alone on the couch in his and Olivia's apartment. When Olivia doesn't answer when he calls out, he phones the hospital only to find that she's not at work either. He goes down to Neil's and lets himself in with his key. He calls out for his brother but again there's no answer. He makes his way back to Neil's bedroom and is floored when he sees his wife curled up in his brother's bed. It's as if he can't wake himself from a nightmare and he quickly leaves without waking Olivia. When he arrives back in their apartment, Malcolm is shell-shocked at his discovery. He picks up their family portrait and begins to cry over his lost dream but has to cover his feelings from NATE when JULIA brings him home from the sleepover. It's obvious to Julia that something is wrong but Malcolm shrugs it off. Nate wants to go out for breakfast but Malcolm tells him that he has work to do today but tomorrow is all his.

OLIVIA awakens and remembers how passionate things became her and NEIL. Neil allowed her to sleep in the apartment last night but he spent the night on the couch. Neil finds Olivia dressed and in the living room. Olivia begins to apologize but Neil tells her to forget about it because they were both highly emotional and tired. Besides, they both had a bit to drink but Olivia refuses to hide her feelings any longer and she knows that it's not one-sided. Neil tells her that not only is she a married woman, she's his brother's wife. He may have feelings but he doesn't act on every feeling that he has. Olivia points out their obvious closeness and compatibility but Neil only sees pain at the end of an impossible situation. Olivia tells him that all beautiful things are a result of pain and to be afraid of pain is to be afraid of life. When Neil tells Olivia to go home and they'll forget last night ever happened, she gets angry and tells him she can't live a fake life. Her marriage to Malcolm wasn't strong and on the most basic levels, there was something wrong. Neil reminds her that every couple has problems and no matter what he feels, he's not going to add another problem to her already complicated life. Livid, she tells Neil that his mind is obviously made up and stalks out of the apartment. Neil stares after her as she leaves and shakes his head.

Olivia returns to her own apartment after Nate and Julia have left and finds Malcolm's things packed. At first, she chides him for breaking their agreement to come when Nate isn't there. She tells him he should have called first. Malcolm doesn't tell her that he did call or that he found her in Neil's bed but promises her coldly that she can rest assured that it will never happen again. Olivia is unnerved by Malcolm's attitude.

MAMIE apologizes to ASHLEY for hanging "La Senora" without asking for her input. She has known Jack and Ashley since they were children and she realizes that she overstepped the boundaries of their friendship. Ashley tells her not to think another thing about it and asks if Mamie has seen Jack. Jack and Diane came in late and then out again early according to Mamie but Ashley wonders if Jack is really trying to avoid her. At breakfast, COLE wants to speak to Ashley about his call to the lab yesterday. He's really perturbed with her for putting him off and tells her that Victoria raised some interesting questions about Ashley and Rafael's relationship. Ashley is intrigued and wonders what her favorite person has had to say. Cole demands to know just what the connection is between Ashley and Rafael and he wants facts. Just then, Mamie lets RAFAEL in and he is bubbling with excitement. He realizes that he must have interrupted something between Cole and Ashley and Ashley tells him about Victoria's visit to Cole. Rafael immediately suggests that they tell Cole the entire story and Ashley's eyes widen with surprise...or fear.

JACK and DIANE are dining at Gina's for breakfast. Jack comments that he needed to escape the war zone and he's tired of plucking bullets out of his oatmeal. They both agree that it would be nice not to have to face the unpleasantness that Diane and Ashley's living under the same roof has caused. Jack tells her that his father had the right to nix the redecoration of the garage space since it is his home and Diane quietly agrees. She tells Jack that working on the sketches for the garage space got her creative juices flowing and she tells him that she wants to design their home -- the one they'll live in once they're married. The plans will be her wedding gift to him. She is ecstatic and this will be her best work to date because it will be a true labor of love. She embraces Jack and his facial expression doesn't profess the same enthusiasm as Diane's does.

GINA sees Nick and asks about the search for his father. She wishes him well and Nick tells her that he has some business to take care of and points to Al. Gina is shocked but shows them to a table for two and wishes Nick well. Al wants his money but Nick tells him he'll get it when Al takes him to Millie. Al says that Nick will bail on him once he shows him where Millie is and he's not taking that chance. Nick warns Al that he's going to keep it up until they both walk away with nothing and asks if that's what Al wants. They finally agree to slide Al's information for Nick's money across the table and make the exchange simultaneously. When Al has his money, he stands to leave, remarking that it was a pleasure doing business with Nick but is met by Paul and Chris, followed by the police. He vows he knew he should never have trusted Nicholas and begs Nick to tell everyone that this is all a big misunderstanding. The police read Al his rights.

Friday, May 14, 1999

AL is arrested for extortion but tries to pass off his and Nick's transaction as a loan. However, Nick was wearing a wire and the police have it all on tape. CHRIS asks Al several questions but he refuses to cooperate. Chris apologizes to GINA for the interruption. Gina asks her guests to continue with their meals. PAUL takes the name, address, and phone number from NICK and has Fred Caffey check out the information. When Paul tells Chris and Nick that the name and address are legitimate, Nick wants to go to Madison immediately but Chris warns that she must take this information before Judge Jennings and get a search warrant. While Paul and Nick wait at Gina's for word from Chris, SHARON calls from a pay phone booth in Madison and is ecstatic when she hears the news. Chris calls soon afterward and tells them that the judge was very helpful and by the time they get to Madison, everything should be in order.

RAFAEL tells COLE the whole dirty story about how he forged a copy of "La Senora" and then got ASHLEY unknowingly to help him sell the forgery to Lady Huddleston. Cole hits the roof and tells Rafael that he's a selfish S.O.B. and that he manipulated Ashley. Rafael plays the wounded dog but Cole doesn't buy it. Rafael hopes that in time Cole will forgive him and Cole tells him not to bother apologizing. Talk is cheap and Rafael can just save his breath. When Rafael is gone, Ashley tries to tells Cole that she expected to wrap the matter up in a few days when she went to Europe at Christmas but then Cole came to Madrid. She chose not to keep it from Cole, not because she didn't trust him but because she was trying to keep the press from finding out about any scandal and hurting her father. She admits that she should have told Cole from the beginning and apologizes. Cole says that even though Victoria's notions about Rafael and Ashley being involved romantically were off, she was dead-on right about one thing -- this certainly is a web of intrigue. Ashley apologizes again and Cole tells her that he has a lot to think about.

TRICIA is sorting clothes when she finds the letter Victoria wrote firing Ryan in a suit. When she confronts RYAN, he says he didn't tell her because Jack and Brad reversed Victoria's decision and he didn't want to worry her anymore than she already was with Meg's situation. Tricia is glad that Ryan won't be having anything else to do with Victoria and is glad she's out of their lives. MEGAN emerges from the bedroom and Tricia guesses that Meg is on her way to see Tony. Megan tells her it's none of her business but Ryan tells Megan that it might be best to distance herself from Tony at this point. His advice falls on deaf ears. Besides, Ryan adds that the investigation may still prove that Tony's innocent. Without a word, Meg leaves the apartment and Tricia says that she could just strangle Tony.

GRACE visits TONY, who is none too thrilled to see his ex-fiancé. She tells him she's concerned but sarcastically asks where all Tony's rich friends are. Won't Sharon help him? And what about his rich girlfriend? Tony tells her to leave Sharon and Megan out of the conversation. He remembers now just how low Grace can stoop -- he learned the hard way. Grace tells him that she's concerned that this will affect Tony's ability to testify in Cassie's custody hearing but Tony tells her that he won't be any good for Sharon now. Grace offered to testify but they don't trust her. If Tony wants, Grace thinks together they can scrape together his bail between the two of them. He promises to think about it but isn't enthusiastic. Doesn't Tony want to get out? Tony tells Grace that it would just be better for Meg if he stayed in jail because he got her into this mess. For what it's worth, Grace believes Tony is innocent because she knows the kind of person he is. Tony offers his thanks and Grace passes Meg on her way in to see Tony.

NINA runs into VICTORIA at Yves' and invites herself to join Victoria. She wants to speak to Victoria about what happened with Ryan. Victoria is curious as to why Nina is concerned. At any rate, states Victoria, Ryan is a selfish, utter ingrate turned traitor. Nina just thought that given Victoria and Ryan's history, Victoria would have cut him some slack. Why not fire everyone who still reports to work everyday at NE? After all, aren't they still Victoria's colleagues as well? Why single Ryan out? Victoria flatly tells Nina that it's absolutely none of her business but when Nina tells her that there's more to things than meets the eye and she intends to find out if her suspicions are true. Whatever Nina figures out, Victoria asks quite humbly, she wishes Nina wouldn't discuss her speculations with anyone. This piques Nina's curiosity to no end.

In Madison, CASSIE doesn't remember her room and wants to go home. ALICE sends her to the kitchen to get some homemade cookies and milk. When Cassie is out of the room, Alice asks if MR. MORGENSTERN thinks the visit is going well. He throws the question back at Alice and Alice speaks positively. The one thing that's given her hope is the fact that Cassie has chosen to cling to her doll, Cindy, instead of any of the expensive gifts the Newmans could have given her. Mr. Morgenstern asks if the money differential bothers her but Alice tells him no because what she has is a real home that depicts how real people live. Money may be tight and Cassie won't be attending private school, but there will be a lot of love for Cassie here. Cassie joins Mr. Morgenstern and Alice and once again inquires about Millie, saying that the cookies tasted like the ones Millie used to make for her. Alice tells her that Millie got sick and sometimes people need a change of scenery to get better. Suddenly, Cassie remembers that she left Cindy in the kitchen. While she's gone, Mr. Morgenstern asks Alice if she's sure that Millie is out of town or if Alice is keeping her away for some reason. He also asks if Millie would be a part of the family should Alice gain custody of Cassie and Alice assures him that when Millie returns, she'll most definitely be living with them. There's a knock at the door and it's SHARON signaling that the visit time is over. Cassie calls out, "Mommy?" When Alice answers her, Cassie makes it plain that she's speaking of Sharon and not Alice. Cassie tells "Alice" good-bye and thanks her for the cookies and shows Sharon a picture of Millie before Sharon walks her out to the car. Alice asks Mr. Morgenstern that if Millie were to come back and live with them, would she have a better chance of getting custody. Mr. Morgenstern won't commit to anything but says that Cassie would certainly feel more comfortable with Millie present in the home. When MICHAEL enters after the visit he asks Alice what's wrong and she tells him that Cassie had a lot of good memories but they were all of Millie and that's what really hurts. Alice never thought she'd be jealous of her own mother. Suddenly, Alice realizes that Al can still make his money because he has the information on where Millie is. Michael says he must help Alice before Al has a chance to sell this information to the Newmans.

MARIS, Millie's "nurse," brings MILLIE the art supplies she requested and a magazine to read. She comments that she's heard art therapy can be good and tells Millie to have fun. When Maris is gone, Millie sarcastically says that she intends to have "fun" all right and proceeds to write a note telling Chris that she's being held against her will and copies Maris' address, 4409 Patterson Street, from the magazine address label that Maris left with her. When Millie hears Maris coming with her meal, she stuffs the letter under her mattress.

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