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Megan tried to bail out Tony, but he rejected her help. Ashley confronted Jack about the bogus contract he had used to take over Newman. Jill arrived at the shelter, looking for Katherine. Tricia caught Ryan and Victoria leaving a hotel together.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 17, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, May 17, 1999

Today's Recap was Written by Judy Hanna

#6628, Directed by Sally McDonald

Ashley walks up to Rafael's table at Gina's. Rafael thanks her for responding to his message; he is curious what happened after he left. Cole is still furious with him. Ashley could have been in deep trouble professionally, personally, not to mention legally (this is the order Ash used!). Rafael is sorry for everything. Ashley is just glad that now everything is out in the open. With a smirk on his face, Rafael reminds her not quite everything is out in the open. Ashley starts to get mad and demands to know just what Rafael wants from her. Rafael claims to not know what she means, and is saved by the cell phone. Ashley is off to see Jack.

Brad is once again cooling his heels in Jack's office. He remembers being at the Colonnade Room with Nikki and presenting her with an engagement ring. Then he remembers waiting around the hospital after Victor was shot. He gave Nikki an ultimatum, either leave on their honeymoon now or else. Victor was out of danger, but Nikki couldn't tear herself away to marry Brad. Brad thinks to himself, Victor is gone, but I'm here . . . when Jack walks in. Jack tells Brad that by the look on his face, it's been too long since Brad had a woman. You ought to work on that. It's not good for your health. Jack has improved revenue reports, but they need to solidify their position. Maybe a promotion, such as Ryan, would help neutralize Vicki, Jill, and Neil. Brad is not so sure about Ryan's loyalty, Jack says it's been years since Ryan was connected to the Newmans. Brad replies that sometimes feelings survive over time. Brad thinks they should wait a little longer, he would rather be cautious than wind up with a knife in his back. Jack and Brad have not come to an agreement when Ash shows up. Brad leaves, then Ash lets Jack know that neither one of them is leaving until Jack tells her what is really going on.

Victoria has her back to the door when Tricia walks in. She tells Victoria she hopes she's not interrupting. Victoria replies, "Would it matter if you were?" Tricia inquires if Vicki is busy figuring out whom to fire next. Tricia thinks all this shows Victoria's true colors -- she's a shallow, self-absorbed woman. Victoria just grins at Tricia's tirade, then asks one question. Is Tricia feeling a little insecure about Ryan and Victoria? Tricia tries to bluff by telling Vicki she knows whom Ryan loves, and it isn't Victoria. Tricia stomps out, almost running over Nikki. Outside Victoria's office, the look on Tricia's face says that Victoria's words hit close to home.

Nikki wonders what was going on and reminds Victoria that now is not a good time to alienate an ally or his wife. Vicki responds that Tricia is just such an easy target. Nikki is there to find out if the mysterious woman called again. Nikki gives Victoria the third degree about the call, but she can't really tell her mother much more. Victoria is just trying to pave the way for Victor's return. Nikki wishes that there were something she could do. Victoria calls Ryan and plans to meet.

Tricia tells Ryan she just happened to be passing Victoria's office and she gave Victoria a piece of her mind. Ryan looks like he has a headache. Tricia berates Ryan for defending Victoria, but the real reason she is there is to do something about Meg and Tony. Now. Today. Tricia wants to go on a trip. Ryan tells Tricia to drop it because there's no way he could leave now. Ryan is saved by the phone. Tricia walks out, but listens at the door. Ryan has his back to the door and doesn't see Tricia lurking. Genoa City Hotel, room 336 she hears him say. Ryan is putting some reports in his briefcase when Tricia comes back in. Now she wants to go to her grandmother's cabin with Meg and Ryan can join them on the weekends. Ryan tells Tricia he can't talk now because he has to get to a business meeting. Tricia wonders to herself why Ryan would attend a business meeting in a hotel room.

Two Madison deputies, Nick, and Paul arrive at Maris' house. Maris plays dumb but then they show her the warrant. The deputies walk in and Nick and Paul try to follow. Maris asks who they are. Paul and Nick are soon in the house looking at Millie's room. The deputies and Maris leave and Paul searches the room. Paul finds the postcard Millie was writing to Chris. In another room, Maris is on the phone with Alice telling her that she was right about Millie. She warns Alice that she won't go to jail for her. Alice tells Michael that Maris is freaking out. Michael instructs Alice to tell Maris to keep quiet, so Alice says that Maris she will get a big bonus if she doesn't say anything. Alice tells Michael that was a close call. Paul shows the postcard to the deputies and tells them Millie was going to write Chris if she needed help. Maris plays dumb again and says she's going to call her lawyer. One deputy tells her to go ahead, and then both deputies do a more thorough search. Meanwhile, Alice is on the phone with the nursing home. When she hangs up, she tells Michael they promised to keep Millie incommunicado, but it's going to cost more. She starts to tell Michael how grateful she is, but Michael tells Alice that as on officer of the court, there are some things he cannot know or he would be ethically obliged to report them. The search for her daughter cost a great deal of time and money. Michael loaned her some money during this difficult period. That's all that happened. Frankly it would be best if Alice forgot he ever made that loan. Alice asks, "What loan?" Paul calls Fred and find out Michael is in Madison. If Baldwin was involved in Millie's disappearance, Paul intends to prove it. Alice is telling Michael he's the first man in a long time that has done right by her. Michael says that's because they both want the same thing, to win, which he is determined to do. Alice hugs Michael. After he leaves, Alice says to herself she just might have a chance of winning this thing thanks to you, Michael Baldwin.

At the Genoa City jail, the guard reminds Megan no physical contact, then lets her in the visitation room with Tony. Meg asks why Grace was there so Tony tells her Grace offered to help post his bail. Apparently Meg offered to do the same, because Tony tells Meg he isn't going to take money from anyone. Meg begs Tony to accept help. Tony doesn't want Meg's help or to have her worrying about him. Go home. Tony tells Meg if she sticks around him, she'll end up doing time; he wants her to stay away. They should end it right here, right now. It's the best thing for both of them. Meg cannot believe Tony means it. Tony tells Meg (with increasing volume) what they have is not working; he wants out. They were kidding themselves to think this would work out. He also calls Meg a girl instead of a woman. It wasn't meant to be. Just leave him alone. Tony yells for the guard to get him out of there. Tony doesn't look at Meg as he leaves. All the while Meg is begging Tony not to go like this. The door slams leaving Meg alone with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999

#6629, Directed by Sally McDonald

ASHLEY breezes into JACK'S office and announces that she needs to talk with him. BRAD senses that Ashley is perturbed and excuses himself. Once he's gone, Ashley wastes no time in telling Jack that she just had an interesting conversation with Brooke Logan and mentions the discrepancies in the contract Brooke says she and Victor signed and the contract that Brad and Jack brought before the Board of Directors. Jack explains that Brooke had just left his office and he's hurt that Ashley would take the word of a mere acquaintance than that of her own brother. What has happened to them? Ashley says, "Oh, give me a break!" Jack continues to evade her by answering Ashley's questions with questions of his own. Finally, Ashley demands answers to her questions or she intends to go public with her concerns about the takeover. Was the coup about revenge? Jack assures her that it was not, but it was about restitution. Ashley seems surprised when he reveals that his ultimate goal is to return Jabot to its rightful owner -- their father.

In his own office, Brad calls MR. MULLINS who is heading up the search and rescue team in New Mexico. He learns that Victoria received an interesting phone call from a mystery woman who stated that Victor was alive and well. Looking for Victoria, Brad goes to her office but runs into NIKKI instead. He says that's he's glad to hear the news about Victor but Nikki doesn't believe him. Brad tells Nikki that despite what she may think, the takeover was simply about business. Victor wasn't doing a good job and he and Jack did what they had to for the good of the company. Angrily, Nikki comments that men have been using the "It's only business" line to redeem various brutalities throughout the years. Perhaps it's how they can live with themselves afterward. However, from a female perspective it's all about turf, ego, and who gets to be the boss. She will never be convinced that her husband was making bad business decisions for his own company. Jack and Brad simply waited for the most opportune moment and then they took Victor's company from him because they could. Maybe one day Brad will be able to admit that but Nikki tells him she's not holding her breath.

JILL downs martinis at Gina's and gets defensive when GINA asks if she has the afternoon off since Jill's drinking and alone. Paranoid, Jill accuses Gina of being "in on it" (meaning the conspiracy she suspects Katherine has concocted) and Gina walks away, clearly puzzled with Jill's seemingly insane statement. STAN KINSEY comes in and Jill insists that Gina usher him by her table so she can speak. Since he's alone, Jill invites him to sit and talk. Jill compliments him and tells him she doesn't understand why an attractive man like him is still single and says that she's "single as hell" herself. His cell phone rings and he conducts a brief conversation with KATHERINE, who thanks him for his generosity. Jill is livid when she overhears Stan make reference to Katherine and asks if she was on the phone. Stan tells her that he and Katherine met for a bite to eat and Jill immediately wants to know when and where Stan saw her last.

NINA is late meeting BRETT at Gina's and explains that she got caught up in her writing. Before they can begin a conversation, Jill joins them and wants to talk with Nina about Phillip. She'd like to spend as much time as possible with him this summer. When Nina tells her that he's going to soccer camp for the entire summer, Jill tells her that she can offer Phillip the pool, the horses, the game room, and the wide-screen television in the den. Can Jill at least talk to him? Nina agrees that she can but only on the condition that Jill not pressure Phillip. She warns Jill that Phillip has his heart on going to camp so Jill shouldn't be upset when Phillip turns her down. Nina will be glad to make sure they spend time together before he leaves for camp and Jill dejectedly says she'll have to accept that if it's all she can have. After Jill leaves the table, Brett remarks that Jill is one lonely woman and although Nina never thought she'd ever hear herself say it, she really feels sorry for Jill. During dessert, Brett teases Nina, saying that he sees that his true competition is chocolate. Nina tells him that it depends on what kind of mood she's in and what time of day it is. Brett says that he'd like to see them take their relationship to the next level. When he tells Nina he thinks it's time that they moved in together she is so stunned that she drops her dessert fork.

TRICIA recalls RYAN'S conversation and the words he spoke, "Genoa City Hotel, room 336." She surmises that it could be a business luncheon and perhaps they're meeting in the hotel restaurant but that bothers her because she clearly understood him when he was on the phone. How many people could he possibly be meeting with in a hotel room? Her paranoia getting the best of her, she heads out of Ryan's office and over to the hotel to check things out.

VICTORIA and Ryan are enjoying a private lunch. She shares with Ryan the information from the mysterious phone call and Ryan is worried that it was a crank call. Victoria assures him that she and her mother are positive the call was legitimate because the woman mentioned her father's horse, Blue Smoke, and a recent injury the horse had that was healing. This is only information that the woman could have gotten from her father. Ryan wonders why Victor didn't call himself and Victoria says that she's not sure but he will soon and then he'll explain everything. Ryan complains that he hates being touted a traitor to the Newmans and Victoria tells him they need him now more than ever. With her father's imminent return, they need to gather all the information they can so Victor will be prepared to fight back. Does Ryan have anything to report? He tells her not yet, but he thinks Brad and Jack bought his loyalty act and he's sure they'll say or do something that will be useful to them soon. Victoria sentimentally tells Ryan that he's her very best friend. Ryan puts on his coat and leaves the hotel room, narrowly missing Tricia who ducks into a small alcove in the hallway to watch through the fronds of a palm plant. She hears Victoria call out for Ryan to wait and then watches, horrified, as Victoria gives Ryan a sweet, loving kiss.

ELLEN and MATT are worried because the pantry at the shelter has never been this low and there isn't another scheduled donation for several weeks. In their bleakest moment, a deliveryman comes inside and says he needs some help unloading a large supply of food. MAC and the others bring in box after box of food. Katherine sneaks away to call and thank Stan for his generous donation and he promises that it will be just one of many more to come. Later, Mac and Katherine discuss the miracle of the food delivery. Mac doesn't know if there's anything so miraculous about it. Today was just another day. Katherine tells her that she's too young to have such a sour attitude toward life. Mac admits that the only people she knows are losers so it's what she's come to expect. Katherine tells her that's why this shelter and the work they do there is so important. Where would they be without this shelter? Mac states that she'd be freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer. Katherine is sure she'd have been found dead in the alley where Mac rescued her. Mac says that Katherine hasn't always been poor but Katherine tells her that although she did enjoy the things that money could afford, in love and relationships she was in extreme poverty. Now that she has a new friend in Mac, she feels much richer today than she ever has.

VICTOR has taken off his splint when CHET finds him and warns him to wait for Ramona. Trying to get a rise out of Chet, Victoria intimates that there might be more to his and Ramona's relationship than Chet realizes but Chet tells Victor he knows Ramona better than that. He also knows that Victor wants to get out but he'll never make it on that leg. Victor wants to take his chances. He promises to forget about Chet after he leaves but Chet believes that once Victor is gone, he'll send back an army to wipe him out and he can't let that happen. Victor knows that plant research is not Chet's main concern because if it were, he'd have jumped at the chance for funding. If Chet still wants to talk to him about that after Victor leaves, he should come talk to him at Newman Enterprises. In fact, Victor would like to introduce Ramona to some pharmaceutical manufacturers but Chet tells him that Ramona is not for sale. Still trying to get through to Chet, Victor appeals to Chet's ego and would like to hear all about Chet's areas of expertise. He invites Chet to impress him with his knowledge but Chet declines. After Chet leaves, Ramona enters the compound and finds Victor alone. He tells her that Chet is a psychopath and he must escape before Chet harms him. Ramona doesn't believe that but she is going to give Victor the gate code at the right time and then she'll distract Chet so Victor can leave. Chet returns and watches the two interact. When Ramona and Victor are aware of Chet's presence, they all stare awkwardly at each other.

Wednesday, May 19, 1999

The show opens in the desert. Chet spies Ramona talking with Victor. This feeds on his growing paranoia concerning Victor and Ramona. He goes to Ramona, kissing her in welcome, holding her close. He is obviously staking his claim on her. He and Victor exchange comments about Ramona. She doesn't want them arguing over her. Chet continues to imply that Victor has a thing for Ramona. Ramona tries to ignore Chet's attempts to bait them. Ramona asks how Victor's leg is. Victor tells her not to worry. Chet seconds that, telling Ramona that Victor is his problem. Victor smarts off, "You got that right." Victor goes off leaving Ramona looking at Chet. Chet wonders what Victor meant by that. He tries to turn on the charm for Ramona. "My healer has returned," he says to her. Ramona won't be placated. "I can't heal what's wrong with you, Chet. Victor is a sickness that has come between us." Chet hears only what he wants to hear, accusing Ramona of letting Victor come between them. He is convinced that she wants Victor. Ramona tells Chet that she loves him, but that Victor's presence has affected the two of them. Chet is still pretty paranoid about Victor and Ramona and tells her that he must deal with Victor. Ramona wants to know how. Chet tells her that he doesn't know, but blames victor for ruining everything he's worked for, for the second time. Ramona wants to know more about his work, wants to know why it is a secret? Why it is so important.... Chet tells her that she knows all she needs to know. She asks Chet,"How long are you going to keep Victor here?" Chet tells her that he needs more time. He stalks off. Victor, who has been hiding, comes over to Ramona and asks, "Now are you going to help me?"

Jack has just told Ashley the reasons behind his actions at Newman Enterprises--that he is trying to get Jabot back for their father. Jack tells her that he is trying to give Jabot back to its rightful owner. Jack tells Ash," Now you see why this is so important to me. Say you're with me. Victor stole this company from Dad." Ashley is still unsure. She isn't sure how they intend to pull it off. She also wants to know if Brad is a part of this. Jack tells her that Brad doesn't know a thing. Ashley takes affront at this. "So you're just going to blindside him with this?" she asks her brother. Jack tells her that Brad doesn't know anything. He then explains that they are going to buy Jabot back from Newman Enterprises. Ashley tells her brother that she still has misgivings. She has questions about the takeover. Jack gets frustrated. He tells her angrily "The takeover was legit!" Ashley tries to calm him down. "I hear you, Jack. I need time, though." Jack tells her that he doesn't have time. He is clearly passionate about this subject. "I need to know if you are with me. I'm the fool who lost the company in the first place. Do you have any idea how that has eaten at me for years?" Jack has tears in his eyes at this point. "I have to do this. I need your help to redeem myself. Please" he pleads with his sister. Ashley hugs him, but her face shows that she is still unsure...

Chris has arrived at Sharon and Nick's. Sharon questions her for news about Millie. Chris doesn't have any, and cautions Sharon about getting her hopes up. Sharon hears her but she is hoping for good news. Nick comes in and Sharon launches herself in his arms, happy to see him, anxious for news. Nick finds Christine's eyes and the look on his faces tells us that the news isn't good. Sharon wants to know where Millie is. Nick tells her that things didn't go as planned. He explains that things didn't go as planned, that she wasn't there. He does produce the card that Millie had written but since it wasn't signed, it isn't much help. Sharon is clearly crushed and goes up to sit with her daughter, needing to just be with her. While she's gone, Nick and Christine discuss their only real option right now: Grace Turner.

At the Genoa City Hotel, Tricia is seen wandering the halls. A door opens and she leaps quickly behind a large potted plant. She watches as Ryan and Victoria emerge from a hotel room. Victoria thanks Ryan and gives him a lingering kiss on the lips. She tells him to leave quickly so that no one sees them together. Tricia watches all this in tears. "Why Ryan? How could you do this to me?"

At Gina's, Nina is still reeling from Brett's proposal that they live together. Brett tells her that he cares very much for her. He wants to take the relationship to the next level. He asks Nina if she wants to think about it. She jokes, "I want to be able to breathe!." She is smiling and clearly overwhelmed by the suggestion. She tells him that she's still stunned. Brett assures her that he doesn't take this lightly, that it means a commitment to him. Nina admits she is still gun-shy. Brett tells her that he isn't Ryan. Nina knows this but feels that their relationship has gone so well and doesn't want to mess it up. She also expresses her concerns about Phillip and his reaction. Brett reassures her that Phillip's needs will always come first. He suggests that they try a trial run while Phillip is away at camp. He jokes that one plus would be that Nina wouldn't have to pick Phillip up from soccer practice any more. He tells her not to answer right away, to think about it. He leans over and they share a soft, tender kiss. Brett raises his glass, "Here's to hoping for a trial run." The two smile at each other.

Also at Gina's, Jill and Stan are still talking about Katherine. Stan tells Jill that he saw her recently and needed his help with her new project...the downtown homeless shelter. He then has to leave to join his date. Jill muses over this info.

Cole is wandering around Ashley's lab, waiting for his wife. Victoria has just returned from her meeting with Ryan. She is walking by and sees Cole. She goes into the lab, telling Cole that he is just the man she's looking for. Cole is very short with her, telling her that he is busy. Victoria is relentless. "So did you talk to your wife? What's going on between her and Rafael?" Cole tells her that he isn't in the mood. Victoria accuses him of burying his head in the sand. Cole tells her that it isn't any of her business but that he did talk to his wife and there are some things they need to work out. She assumes this is news of an affair between Rafe and Ash and tells Cole she's sorry. Cole counters that he is sorry that he forgot how malicious she could be, meaning Victoria. She looks as if he's slapped her. She tells him that she didn't enjoy this. Cole lets her have it with both barrels. "Victoria, you have a problem. Everywhere you turn you set out to destroy people's lives. You have so much. You should be happy." Victoria is flustered by all this. Cole continues his onslaught. He tells her that she is wasting her time. He marvels that she actually seems to enjoy the trouble she causes. He tells her that is pathetic. Victoria tells him that she was just trying to help. Cole tells her "Help me? Help yourself. You need it. You should be worried about the other things going on in your life--the takeover, her father...instead you spend your time on this." He tells her her negativity and maliciousness are the reasons she is still alone. He finishes by telling her that he once loved her, but that there is a mean-spirited, malicious side of her that is out of control and that he wants nothing to do with her. Victoria leaves crying.

Ryan has also returned from his hotel meeting with Victoria. He finds Brad in his office. They begin to talk about the takeover. Brad shares news of Victor's well being. He tells Ryan that the time has come for he and Jack to put people they trust in key, strategic positions, so that if Victor returns, they have control. Ryan tries to convince Brad of his trustworthiness. Just then, Tricia barges into Ryan's office. She doesn't see Brad sitting there, but goes straight to Ryan, crying, "I love you, Ryan, you're my husband but I have to know what you were doing in a hotel room with Victoria Newman?" Ryan tells her that she is mistaken, but she tells him that she SAW him. What were you doing?" she asks. Brad rises from his chair. "Yes, Ryan, enlighten us. What were you doing?" Ryan doesn't answer. Brad tells him "Nevermind. I have my answer." He heads for the door, pausing only to tell him, "By the way, you're fired. And this time, slick, it's for real." Tricia looks confused and her mouth hangs open.

At the shelter, Mac and Kay are talking about the generous food donation. Mac tells Kay that she knows that Kay was responsible. Kay doesn't want anyone to know, even as Mac wants to tell everyone. Kay tells Mac that she really wants to help her. They talk about going to see Mac's grandmother together. Mac will think about it. Mac leaves and Kay heads for a back room. Just then, she hears a familiar voice screaming out "Hello, anyone here?" It is Jill, who has come to see what news she can uncover about kay. She finds the man who helps run the shelter, questioning him about Kay Chancellor. He has heard of Kay but doesn't' know her. Jill accuses him of being in on the "conspiracy." Kay overhears all this and laughs, thinking about how her disappearance must be eating away at Jill.

Thursday, May 20, 1999

It is a new day as Ryan pulls himself up off the couch and begins to get dressed. Tricia comes out of the bedroom and asks when he got home the night before. He says it was late so he just slept on the couch. He then blasts her for not trusting him. She asks how she was supposed to know that he was playing the spy when he didn't tell her. He says that he was afraid of the secret getting out and she asks if he thinks she would have shouted it to all of GC. She says that she is sorry but he still blames her for costing him his job.

Ramona finds Victor alone and tells him that she contacted his daughter and told her that he was alive. She knows that Victoria believed her since she revealed the name of his horse and the scar. She tells him that she is sorry, however, when he asks if she told his family where he was. He is disappointed when she says she couldn't do that but he accepts it and thanks her for her efforts. Chet sees them talking and asks if Victor is trying to turn Ramona's head with his pretty words. He then boasts that his work is going to change the world. Victor tries again to get him to say what his work is but Chet says that he will be the first to know when he is ready. Chet grabs Ramona around the waist and says it is time to give her a real welcome back. After they have left, Victor says that Chet is a dangerous man and he must be dealt with.

Chris goes to see Tony in jail and him why he won't allow Sharon to bail him out of jail. He says that he is bad news and it would be bad luck for him to testify for Sharon. He doesn't want to be the one who screws up Cassie's life. No matter what she says, Chris can't convince him any differently.

The social worker, Ted, visits with Nick, Sharon and Cassie. Everything seems to be going well. As he says that the visit has come to an end, Nick says that he has to get back to work. Ted asks if he could talk with Cassie alone and both Cassie and Sharon agree.

Olivia meets with Neil. She tells him that she is going to San Francisco for a conference. She says that she is leaving Nate with Julia and she would like for Neil to check in on him from time to time. Neil suggests that she should have Malcolm take care of Nate while she is away. The two are cold to each other as they discuss the strange behavior that Malcolm is exhibiting lately.

Callie goes to Malcolm's studio but he doesn't want to talk to her. He asks her to just go away and let him work through things alone. She asks if that is really what he wants and when he answers yes, she agrees to leave. As she heads for the door, Olivia walks in and says she doesn't want to interrupt. Callie leaves without saying anything to Olivia.

Ryan goes to the ranch to see Victoria. He tells her about Tricia overhearing him make the date with her and then following them. He says that she witnessed the kiss outside the hotel room. Victoria angrily says that it was only a platonic kiss but he tells her that from Tricia's point of view, it was more. He angrily tells her than he has been fired and he is worried about his future and his family. She assures him that once her father returns he will be reinstated in his job.

Nina drops by to give Ryan a copy of Phillip's itinerary for summer camp but only finds Megan at home. She can tell right away that Megan is down in the dumps. She asks if she would like to talk and Megan says that she might as well since she can't talk to her sister. She tells Nina all about the problems she has with the law and with Tony. Nina comforts her. They are interrupted when Ryan comes home. He thanks Nina for trying to help Megan. Nina tells him why she is there and points out the dates that visitors are allowed. She encourages him to visit as often as possible if he can get the time off from work. He says that he just might have more time than either of them could believe but he won't explain what he means.

Friday, May 21, 1999

When Ramona sees Victor shadow boxing, she thinks that he is planning a fight with Chet. Instead, Victor tells her that he has to get away before Chet kills him. He asks her again for the code to the gate and asks if she will distract Chet long enough for him to escape.

While sleeping, Chet experiences a nightmare in which he sees Victor and Ramona kissing. He arises and goes out to where Victor and Ramona are talking. They banter again and Victor leaves. Ramona asks Chet once again to let Victor go but Chet insists that Victor is out to destroy him. As Chet walks away from her, she sees the gun in his belt at the small of his back.

Nick learns that all the phone calls going into Victor's office is being recorded. Neil also tells him that he is keeping a record of everything that jack and Brad are doing.

Victoria confides to her mother that maybe the things that Cole said to her were true. There are some things that she has done that she isn't all that proud of. Nikki tells her daughter that she is being too hard on herself. Nikki then tells Vicki that she is planning on using Brad's feelings for her to get between Jack and Brad. Vicki isn't too happy with that plan, saying that Brad will see through it right away, especially after all that has happened between them. Later, she tells Raphael that she is going to New Mexico to help in the search for her father. She invites him to go with her. He says that he would love to see the American west and Georgia O'Keefe is his favorite painter, but he doesn't think that he should leave Genoa City at this time. Vicki warns him that if he is still hoping for Ashley, he is hoping in vain.

The social worker has Cassie play family with her dollhouse and a doll to represent each of the family members. She starts off in the morning when everyone gets up out of bed and ends the day with everyone getting into his or her bed. Unfortunately, she puts Nick on the couch. When Ted asks her if Nick sleeps on the couch, she realizes her mistake and tries to correct it by saying that he only sleeps on the couch when he has been working late at the office. However, she knows that Ted doesn't believe her. After Ted leaves, Sharon asks why she looks so sad. Cassie says that she is tired and wants to go up to her room.

Grace is worried about Tony and asks Michael if he can help him. Michael wonders why she is so concerned about Tony. She tells him about their past together. Michael then tells her that she has allowed the men in her life to treat her badly. He kisses her and tells her that she deserves to be loved.

Nick calls Grace to his office and tells her that her help is needed in the custody hearing. Grace takes the opportunity to rub in the fact that she offered and the door was slammed in her face. Nick says that this is not about the three adults but about what is best for Cassie. He tells her that Cassie is drained after a session with the social worker or visits with Alice. Grace still wants to drag up the past and throw it into Nick's face. It isn't until he says that it is all Michael Baldwin's fault that Cassie has to deal with Alice. Grace asks what he is talking about and he says that the judge had already ruled in their favor when Baldwin stood up and pleaded with the judge to allow Alice to have visitation rights. Grace is shocked and doesn't know what to say.

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